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                         First Generation

	1.	    JOHN ABBE  was born  c1613. He died  c1689 in Wenham, Essex  Co., MA.  John married (1) MARY LORING? (1)  Mary was born say 1615/1620 in England,  She died on 9 Sep 1672 in Wenham, Essex Co., MA. )(2) 
John  married (2) MARY GOLDSMITH  on 25 Nov 1674 in Wenham, MA.(3)  She was probably the widow of RICHARD GOLDSMITH who died 18 May 1674 Wenham (struck by lightning).(4)   Mary was living in 1683.

The first mention of Jo: Abbe, ae 22 seems to be on s register of passengers  from London on the ship  Bonaventure, James Ricrofte, Mr. bound for Virginia -Christmas 1635.(5) 

On 2 Jan. 1636/7 John Abe was received as an inhabitant of Salem, MA and given  "one acre lot for a  house next beyond the Gun smiths and three acres of planting ground where the Towne hath appointed beyond Castle Hill.(6)   John lived in the part of  Salem which was incorporated as Wenham in 1643.(7)

John was a prominent man in Wenham serving as constable   in 1669,  1671 & l672 and he served on the grand jury 26 Nov. 1678 & 24 June 1679. (8)

The will (Deed of Trust)  of John Abbe of Wenham was dated  3 Aug. 1683.  His son John received the  real estate  and John was to make payment  to the other children viz SAMUEL, SARAH, MARAH, REBECCA, OBIADIAH, & THOMAS.  John Jr. was to care for John Sr. & his wife.  The court did not probate this document and declared John died intestate.  In December of 1702, Thomas Abbe was appointed administrator  and John's children settled the estate among themselves. Thomas Abbe, Richard Kimball and his wife Rebecca and Mary Kllham were given 32 pounds for several things for which their father was indebted to  them before his death. The other children were not mentioned in this latter document.   (9)

JOHN and MARY LORING? had the following children:

	2	M	i.	JOHN ABBE  was born c1636 in England. He died on 22 Dec 1700 in Windham, CT. (10)
John  married (1) UNKNOWN .  JOHN married (2)  HANNAH, perhaps widow of RICHARD GOLDSMITH, ?? (11) He  died on 8 Mar 1724 in Windham, CT.(12)  Hannah married (3) JOHN JENNINGS in Windham, CT 6 Nov. 1703.(13) John was born c1653 and died in Windham 27 June 1733, ae 80.(14)   John married (1) SUSANNAH  died Windham 28 Nov. 1700. (15) He married  (2) MARY HOWARD in Windham 2 May  1701.(16)  Mary died Windham 16 Dec. 1702. (17) 

 3	F	ii.	SARAH ABBE  was born  c1639. 

	4	F	iii.	MARAH or MARY ABBE  was born  c1643. She died on 2 May 1721 in Wenham, MA, ae 78. (18) 
MARAH married (1) ALEXANDER MAXY  c1660.  Alexander was born c1634.(19) He died in 1684 in Wenham, MA. 

An inventory of the estate of Alexander Maxy was  taken on 21 4 m. 1684 by Richard Hutton & Walter Fayerfield and allowed  24 June 1684 by Mary the  widow who was appointed administratrix ,   The estate was settled on 30 June 1684 - to David Maxey, eldest son 6li,  to Mary, Margaret,  Alexander, John, William, Sarah, Elisabeth & Benjamin, all  children of Alexander,. 3l i and  the  remainder to  the widow for bringing up the children.(20) 

MARAH married (2) DANIEL KILLHAM  son of AUSTIN KILLHAM and ALICE GORBALL. (21) Daniel was bapt  in Dennington,Suffolk Co. England. 15 or 25 Mar. 1620 (22)   He died on 2 Mar 1699/1700 in Wenham, MA.(23)  Daniel married (1) MARY SAFFORD, dau. of THOMAS SAFFORD & ELIZABETH SUTTON Oct. 1648 (24)  Daniel married (2) ELIZABETH (BLACK) KIMBALL.  Elizabeth, dau. of JOHN BLACK was born about 1631 &  was living 1686.  She married (1) HUMPHREY GILBERT about 1655.  Humphrey was born c1616 and died  Ipswich, MA 13 Feb. 1657.(25)  Elizabeth married  (2) WILLIAM RAYNOR in Ipswch, MA on 24 Sept. 1658.(26) He died  in Ipswich, MA 16 Oct.1672.(27)  Elizabeth married  ((3) HENRY KIMBALL  by 1675.  Henry, son of RICHARD KIMBALL & URSULA SCOTT was baptized Rattlesden, Suffolk Eng. 12 Aug. 1615 ,(28) died bef 16 4th mo 1676, the date of  the inventory of his estate. (29)   
	5	F	iv.	REBECCA ABBE  was born  c1647. She died in Wenham, Jun 1704.(30)  Rebecca married RICHARD KIMBALL  son of HENRY KIMBALL and MARY WYATT in Wenham, MA on 23 May 1667.(31) Richard was born in Watertown, MA on 13 Oct 1643. (32) He died on 2 Aug 1713 in Wenham, MA.(33)  Richard married (2) in Ipswich, MA Mrs. (widow) FORD o 30 9m 1706 Ints).(34)
+	6	M	v.	SAMUEL ABBE  was born c1650.  
	7	M	vi.	OBADIAH ABBE  was born  c1653. He died in Enfield, CT on  28 Oct 1732.(35)  Obadiah married SARAH TIBBALS  WARRINER  daughter of THOMAS TIBBALS & SARAH  bapt. Milford CT on 29 Nov. 1654.(36)  Sarah married (1)  DANIEL COLLINS in Derby, CT on 3 June 1677.(37)  Daniel, son of EDWARD COLLINS & MARTHA BAYLIS was born  c1641, died Enfield, CT 3 May 1690.(38)  Sarah married (2) JOSEPH WARRINER in Springfield, MA on 15 July 1691.(39) 	Joseph, son of  WILLIAM WARRINER & JOANNA SEARLE was born  in Springfield, MA 6 Feb. 1645 (40) , died Enfield ,MA 21 Apr 1697.(41)  Joseph married (1) MARY MONTAGUE 25 Nov.1668.(42)  Mary, daughter of RICHARD MONTAGUE & ABIGAIL DOWNING was born c1649 in Hadley, MA. She died in Enfield, CT 22 July 1689.(43)

	8	M	vii.	THOMAS ABBE  was born  c1655. He died on 16 May 1728 in Enfield CT. (44) Thomas married SARAH FAIRFIELD NEEDHAM `daughter of WALTER FAIRFIELD and SARAH SKIPPER on 17 Dec 1683 in Marblehead, MA.(45)  Sarah  was born in Reading, MA  on 24 Dec 1655 .(46)  She died between 12 Dec 1728 when her husband Thomas Abbe wrote is will in which she was named  and 6 Jan. 1725/6 Enfield when her children signed a receipt for their share  of their grandfather Walter Fairfield’s estate (signed by Philip Parsons, Thomas Abby, John Abby, Sarah Gears, Tabitha Warmer) . (47)    Sarah married (1) ____NEEDHAM. (48)

                       Second Generation

	6.	SAMUEL ABBE  (JOHN) was born  c1650 in Salem, Essex Co., MA. He died in Mar 1698 in Windham, Windham Co., CT.S(49) 

Samuel received a grant of land from his parents John & Mary Abby on 3 Apr. 1675,  his brethren to have  the refusal of the place if  he should sell.(50) Samuel & Mary were  communicants of the Church in Wenham in 1674.(51)  On  1 Nov. 1682 Samuel  Abbey of Wenham  purchased 6 acres of land in Salem from Lott Killam & wife Hannah of Salem .(52)  Samuel purchased land from James & Priscilla (Goodell) Simpson in 1684. (53)   On 3 Apr 1697 Samuel & Mary sold these lands  described as a dwelling house , two orchards & 17 acres in Salem and other lands  to Zachariah White of Lynn, MA for 130 pounds.(54) 

Samuel was admitted freeman of Salem Village on 22 Mar. 1684/5.(55)  Samuel & his wife were dismissed from the Wenham Church 15 Sept. 1689 to unite with a church formed at Salem Village (Danvers) (56) He was freeman there 22 Mar 1690.(57)  Samuel purchased from Benjamin Howard of Windham CT. for 22 pounds 10 shillings 500 acres of land in Windham (58) He was admitted as an inhabitant of Windham 23 Dec. 1697.(59) Samuel & consort were on a list of members of the First Church in Windham dated 9 May 1698. (60)   

Samuel Abbe was living in Salem during  the witchcraft delusion of 1692 and his name can be found in the original Records o Salem Witchcraft papers and are copied in the Abbe-Abby Genealogy.

An inventory of Samuel's estate taken 9 May 1698 by Joseph Cary, & Jeremiah Ripley names his legatees as wife Mary, dau. Mary ae  25, son Samuel, ae 23, son Thomas ae 20, Elizabeth, ae 18, Ebenezer, ae 16, Mercy, ae 14, Sarah, ae 13, Hephzibah, age 10, Abigail, ae 08, John ae 07, Benjamin ae 06, Jonathan, ae 02 .  Abraham Mitchell was appointed administrator of the estate.  He had married Samuel’s widow Mary.(61) SAMUEL married MARY KNOWLTON  daughter of WILLIAM KNOWLTON and ELIZABETH in Wenham, MA on 12 Oct 1672.(62)  Mary was born c1653. She was living on 14 Sept 1701 when she was dismissed from Salem Village Church to Windham CT. (63)   Mary married (2) ABRAHAM MITCHELL in Windham, CT on 22 Apr 1699.(64)  The last mention of Abraham Mitchell was a conveyance dated 10 June 1735 which he made for love to his grandson David Pike of Windham.65)  Abraham & Mary had one son Daniel born & died 10 Dec. 1700.(66)  
SAMUEL and MARY had the following children: (67)

	9	F	i.	MARY ABBE  was born  c1674. Mary married ISAAC GOODALE Jr  son of ISAAC GOODALE and PATIENCE COOK 31 Oct. 1692 in Salem, MA.(68)  Isaac was born on 29 Mar 1670 in Salem, MA.(69)  He died in 1738/1739.(70) 
	10	M	ii.	SAMUEL ABBE  was born  c1676. He died on 15 Jan 1736/1737 in Windham, CT. (71) Samuel married HANNAH SILSBY  daughter of JONATHAN SILSBY and BETHIA MARSH  in Windham, CT on 15 Mar 1710.(72) Hannah was born in Lynn, MA on 3 Oct 1687.(73)  She died on 22 Nov 1758 in Windham, CT. (74)
	11	M	iii.	THOMAS ABBE  was born  c1679.  He died in Windham, CT probably single on  1 Apr 1700.(75) 

In a deed dated 1722 William Slate, Jonathan Ormsby,  Sarah Abbe, Ebenezer Abbe, Jonathan Abbe,   John & Samuel Abbe speak of our loving brother Thomas Abbe deceased. (76)

	12	F	iv.	ELIZABETH ABBE  was born about 1680/1681. She died after 30 Nov 1721. (77)  Elizabeth married WILLIAM SLATE  on 23 Sep 1702 in Salem, Essex Co., MA.(78) William was born  c1675. He died about 1722/1726. 

William SLATE appeared in Salem, MA when he married Elizabeth Abby in 1702. Soon after their marriage the Slates removed to Windham, CT where their first child was born in 1703.  On 28 May 1705 for the consideration of a yoke oxen, Jonathan Gennings Jr of Windham, CT sold land to William Slate, also of Windham.  This land consisted of Lot #1 in Windham bounded by John Fitch's land.  The deed was witnessed by John Fitch and Joseph Gennings.(79)   On 3 Dec 1708 the Town of Windham proprietors granted William Slate six more acres of common land due to his "disappointment by reason of his mistake of  building of his house upon land that is not his one (own) and he having no convenient place for building.......".(80).  On 30 Oct 1711. Ebenezer ABBE sold 19 acres of land in Windham to William Slate, all parties of Windham. The deed was witnessed by John Fitch & Samuel More. (81) On 17 June 1720, William Slate of Windham sold all of his land in that town to Thomas Fitch of Boston.  This land  included the 80 acres of land originally purchased from Jonathan Gennings Jr, Benoni  Phillips, Ebenezer Abbe and land given to the proprietors of Windham, deed  witnessed by Joseph Huntington Jr & Humphrey Bailey. (82)   On 3 Nov  1721 Elizabeth Slate relinquished her right of dower in her husband's land to Thomas  Fitch of Boston - witnesses John Fitch & Richard Abbe.(83)

Although there are no land records for William and/or Elizabeth Slate  in the Mansfield, CT land records, several of their children resided there.  It is very possible that the Slates resided in Mansfield with one of their children after they sold out in Windham in 1720. If William did die c1722-1726, his widow may have remarried.  On 16 June 1734, Ann Slate, a young woman was admitted to the Mansfield Congregational Church.  This may have been
Elizabeth's daughter who a few months later married Joseph Whitmore.

On 1 March 1725/1726 the Hartford Court appointed Thomas Welles of Hartford to be guardian unto one Daniel Slate of Windsor, a minor 18 years of age and Samuel Slate of Hartford, a minor 15 years of age.  This document probably refers to to the sons of William Slate of Windham and would imply that William had  died between 30 Nov. 1721, the date of Deed E:270 and 1 Mar 1725/26, the date of  the court record.(84) 


	13	M	v.	EBENEZER ABBE  was born on 31 Jul 1683 in Danvers,  MA. He died in Windham, CT on 5 Dec 1758.(85)   Ebenezer married MARY ALLEN  daughter of JOSHUA ALLEN and MARY on 28 Oct 1707 in Windham,CT.(86)   Mary was living in 1766.(87) 

	vi.	MERCY ABBE  was born in Salem, MA on 1 Mar 1684 MA. She died in Rehoboth, MA on 12 Feb 1741/1742 (88)   Mercy married JONATHAN ORMSBY  son of JOHN ORMSBY and GRACE MARTIN in Windham, CT on 8 Jun 1703.(89)  Jonathan was born in Rehoboth  on 26 Aug 1678 .(90)  He died there on 22 Jun 1728 (91) 
	15	F	vii.	SARAH ABBE  was born in Salem on 4 Jul 1686.  She died in Lebanon, CT on 14 Jan 1774,ae 88 .(92) 
Sarah married JOHN FOWLER  son of MARK FOWLER and MARY.  John was born in New Haven, CT on 1 Mar 1680/1681.(93)  He died  in Lebanon, CT  on 8 May 1751.(94)
	16	F	viii.	HEPZIBAH ABBE  was born in Wenham, MA on 14 Feb 1689. 
Hepzibah  married SAMUEL PALMER  probably son of SAMUEL PALMER and ELI ZABETH KINGSLEY in Windham, CT on 8 Apr 1707.(95)  Samuel  was born  in Rehoboth, MA  4 Jun 1683.(96)
	17	F	ix.	ABIGAIL ABBE  was born in Danvers, MA on 19 Nov 1690. 
ABIGAIL married JOSEPH ORMSBY  son of JOHN ORMSBY and GRACE MARTIN  in Rehoboth, MS on 10 May 1711.(97)   Joseph  was born there on 8 Jul 1684.)(98) 
	18	M	x.	JOHN ABBE  was born in Danvers, MA on 4 Jun 1692. He died in East Hartford, CT on 30 Oct 1790. )(99)  John married (1) UNKNOWN. (100) John married (2) MARTHA SPARKS daughter of JOHN SPARKS and DOROTHY COLT in East Hartford on Jan 1725/1726.(101)  Martha was christened in Hartford, CT on 1 May 1698. 
John married (3) NAOMI KILBOURN  daughter of THOMAS KILBOURN and HANAH HILLS. Naomi was christened on 4 Jun 1693 in Hartford, CT.(102)  
	19	M	xi.	BENJAMIN ABBE  was born in Danvers, MA on 4 Jun 1694 in MA. He died in 1765.(103)   Benjamin married MARY TRYON  daughter of JOSEPH TRYON and LYDIA BIRD in Glastonbury, CT on 24 Jan 1716.(104)  Mary was born there on 5 Oct 1694.(105)   She was living in 1754.(106) 
	20	M	xii.	JONATHAN ABBE  was born  c1696. He died in Willington, CT on 13 May 1757.(107)  Jonathan married (1) MARY JOHNSON . Mary died in Willington, CT on 19 Jan 1742.(108)  Jonathan married (2) REBECCA WEDGE  in Willington, CT on 29 Sep 1745 (109)  Rebecca died there on 20 Nov 1754. (110)

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