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                     Descendants of

1. ANTHONY1 ASHBY, born abt. 1630; died abt. 1708 in Groton, New London Co., CT. He married (1)  UNKNOWN (---). He married (2) bef. Dec 1670, ABIGAIL HUTCHINSON, born 25 Dec 1636 in Salem, MA1; died 1704/10, daughter of RICHARD HUTCHINSON and ALICE BOSWORTH.  He married (3)  ELIZABETH (---). Elizabeth ASHBY was admitted to the First Church of Stonington, CT from the Church at Groton
on 21 June 1710. She was dismissed and recommended to Christ Church in North  Stonington Church on 22 Oct. 1727 and Elizabeth ASHBY, a church member in Stonington as of 27 Dec. 1732.2
	Anthony ASHBY resided in several towns in Essex County, MA before removing to the State of Conn.  He was in Salem 1663-1670; Haverhill 1671; Bradford 1672-4; Rowley 1677; New London, CT in 1690 where he served on a jury of the County Court3  and finally in Groton, CT where he died.
	Anthony came to Salem, MA in 1663 and lived at the Juniper House on Salem Neck where he was an innkeeper.  He served in several town offices in Salem - juryman 1663/4 & 1670; grand juryman 1665 & 1669; 1670; overseer of highways between the causeway and winter Island and as clerk-of the-market on 7 Oct. 1669. In Oct. 1665 the Town of Salem voted that Anthony ASHBEE should have a lot where Goodman Bavedg lived4 In the Year 1677 Anthony was on Abel Langley's
tithingman's district in Rowley.5
	On 5 July 1670 the Salem selectmen allowed Anthony to keep a house of entertainment for a trial period of one year.  In September of 1670 when the Court was requested to grant ASHBY a license, poor Anthony ran into difficulty. A petition was sent to the court asking  that this license be denied.  In November of the same year a Mr. Higginson of Salem wrote  the Court "And m Ashby hath kept an
ordinary here in ye town without license & sold frequently for 3 pence a quart, both wth to be contrary to regard of his temper being so much addicted to Companionship y his ordinary keeping may be a snare to ye looser sort of people in this place & a means to increase drunkenness & prophanes (profanity?) here." The
following March, another person was chosen to keep the ordinary.6  Alas, poor Anthony's tavern keeping days were of short duration.
	Ashby's name is often found in the Essex Quarterly Court Records.  The following are among the cases Anthony was involved in:
	24 June 1668, Samuel SYMNONDS v Anthony ASHBY for withholding about 201i due for four years rent for a dwelling house.  The defendant's house and land were attached by Marshall SKERRY of Salem.7
	2 Nov. 1670 - Anthony ASHBY was issued a summons for selling beer at 3d per quart without license.8
	8 Mar 1671/2 - A writ - Mr. Anthony ASHBY of Haverhill v Daniel ELA of Haverhill; for not delivering 158 bushels of Indian corn, which was received by said ELA their master, aboard of the ketch Patient Betty in Merrimack River at Haverhill, to be
delivered at Boston or Salem.9
	June 1667 - Court Session - A case involving a dispute between Anthony ASHBY and Abraham HAZELTINE, Constable of Bradford, involving the distraining of two cattle upon pretence of his proportion of ten rates imposed by the General Court on 3 May 1676, which rates the constable of Rowley had testified that
said ASHBY had paid at Rowley where he lived and had lived for some time before said rates were granted.  HAZELTINE could not say that ASHBY had any estate in Bradford when the assessment was made.  The Court ordered the cattle to be returned to ASHBY.  Jeremiah ELLSWORTH, Constable of Rowley, certified that the ten war
rates demanded by the treasurer Capt. John HULL for the Year 1676 were made upon the inhabitants of Rowley on 30:4:1676, Mr. Anthony ASHBYE being one of them.
	On 13 July 1708 Elizabeth ASHBY, administratix, and Samuel UTLEY, administrator, to the estate of Anthony ASHBY deceased, gave bond in the amount of l300.  John CULVER of Groton and Thomas SHAW of Westerly were sureties. There was apparently some friction among Anthony's heirs as on 4th day of August 1708, "Edward ASHBY, Dorothy his wife; Anthony ASHBY and David TIMSON were ordered to appear before the Court concerning Anthony sr's estate.  They were all of Groton, CT and were suspected of "conseling the estate of Mr. Anthony ASHBY of Groton, now deceased."  Anthony jr was asked by the Court if his father died possessed of any property.  Anthony jr's reply was "He was possessed not of one farthing."  He went on
to say that his father had given his sons Anthony & Edward "by deed of gift", the land he had owned before his death.  In exchange for this land, Edward & Anthony jr "were to allow our father a comfortable maintenance during his life and our mother a
comfortable maintenance during her life and widowhood.  There were no other documents in the file on this case 10
ABIGAIL ASHBY married first 14 May 1662 Rowley, MA11 JOHN LAMBERT died 6 Nov. 1667 Rowley, MA.12  Documents relating to the estate of John Lambert can be found in the Essex Quarterly Court records one of which reads - Court Session Mar 1676 “Ens. Thomas Chandler vs Anthony Ashbie and Abigail his wife administratrtix of the estate 13of her late husband Jo Lambert, debt, forfeiture of a bond - verdict for the
plaintiff. Children surname Lambert i. Gershom b. 29 July 1664, ii. Abigail b. Dec 1665 The Lambert  children were baptized in the Salem First Church on 12 June 1670 as children of Mrs. Ashby14

	The will of Richard Hutchinson of Salem, MA proved Sept. 1682 mentiions "son-in-law Anthony Ashby and my daughter Abigail his wife.15
	On 16 June 1704 Deliverance Walcott, widow and her brother Joseph Putnam, both of Salem, Massachusetts purchased of Anthony Ashby jun of New London,CT, 20 acres of land given him by his father and mother-in-law on account of the will of Richard Hutchinson dated 19 Jan. 1679.16
	Children of ANTHONY ASHBY and UNKNOWN (---)
+	2	i	BENJAMIN2 ASHBY, born abt. 1655. He married JOHANNA HILL. 
	3	ii	ANTHONY Jr 2 ASHBY, born abt. 1657; died 14 Dec 1712 in Groton, CT17.   The nuncupative will of Anthony Jr reads -Anthony ASHBEE being very sick and worn of body but being in his right mind at ye house of Nathaniel GOVE in Groton in ye Colony of Conn., Marcy CULVER being at ye house of ye said Gove on ye 14th Day of November 1712, ye said Mercy CULVER inquired of ye above said
Anthony ASHBEE whether or not he had left his house in order by
way of will,concerning his worldly estate, the said ASHBEE replyed
that all ye estate that I have I do give and bequeath unto my brother
Edward ASHBEE and his children if it would please God to take me
out of this world, to ye above writtor ye can truly? testify to ye truth hereof Signed by Nathaniel GOVE (his mark); Edward FANNING (his
mark) Mercy CULLVER (her mark).  Nathaniel GOVE swore that he
wrote this document within 12 hours after the words were spoken by
Anthony jr18

	4	iii	EDWARD2 ASHBY, born abt. 1660. He married  DOROTHY (---).   An Edward ASHBY was freeman in Beverly, Mass. in 1683.19  Edward Ashby of Groton, New London CT, husbandman vs Ichabod Potter of South Kingston, husbandman for 17:10:0 due by note dated 13 Feb 1722 for a horse bought from him that day with promise to pay 1 May next, s/Ichabod Potter jun,Witnesses David Dodge, James Ashby writ
dated 29 Dec. 1725.20 The following are deeds for Edward Ashby of
the Town of Groton, New London Co. CT  On 14 Feb. 1722/23
Edward Ashby of Groton sold land for a road to the Town of Groton
(Nawionk Neck) 21On 13 Nov. 1733 Edward Ashby of Groton sold 30
acres of  land to Christopher Stark of Groton for $1200.22On 28 Oct.
1736 Edward & James Ashby both of Groton sold 8 acres of land to
James Morgan of Groton for $50.23 Child i. James

	5	i	ELIZABETH2 ASHBY, born abt. 1668. She married  DAVID TIMESON.   In March of 1683, Elizsabeth Ashby, dau of Anthony deposed in a court case age about 15 years24   Although this age is slightly off this Elizabeth may have been the daughter of Anthony Ashby by his second marriage.

+	6	ii	SARAH2 ASHBY, born 16 Dec 1672 in Bradford, Essex Co., MA. She married SAMUEL II UTLEY.
	7	iii	MARY2 ASHBY, born 20 Dec 1674 in Bradford, MA. She married  JOHN CULVER.
	8	iv	HANNAH2 ASHBY married  THOMAS SHAW.   Hannah & Mary, children of Mr. ASHBY, professed the faith, owned the covenant & were baptized 18 Feb. 1693/94 at the New London Conn. First

                         Generation 2

2. BENJAMIN2 ASHBY (ANTHONY1), born abt. 1655; died 14 Dec 1713 in Salem, MA26. He married abt. 1679, JOHANNA HILL, christened 27 Apr 1662 in Salem, Essex Co., MA, died bef. 29 Mar 1699 the date of her father's will in which she is not mentioned but her children Benjamin & Elizabeth Ashby are among the legatees27  daughter of ZEBULON HILL and ELIZABETH DIKE. 

6. SARAH2 ASHBY (ANTHONY1), born 16 Dec 1672 in Bradford, Essex Co., MA; christened 27 Jun 1692 in First Church, Stonington, CT; died Apr 1740 in Stonington, New London Co., CT; buried  in Great Plains Cem, No. Stonington, CT. She married on 9 Apr 1691 in Stonington, CT, SAMUEL II UTLEY, born abt. 1662 in Scituate, Plymouth Co., MA; died 9 Feb 1722/23 in Stonington, New London Co., CT; buried  in Great

	11	i	ABIGAIL3 UTLEY, born 13 Jan 1692/93 in Stonington, CT   
	12	ii	SAMUEL3 UTLEY, born 6 Mar 1694/95 in Stonington, CT;  
	13	iii	JAMES3 UTLEY (Capt.), born 24 Sep 1694/95 in Stonington, CT; . 
	14	iv	SARAH3 UTLEY, born 15 Sep 1697 in Stonington, New London Co.,
	15	v	MARY3 UTLEY, born 18 Nov 1698 in Stonington, CT.  	
       16       vi	JEREMIAH3 UTLEY, born 20 May 1701 in Stonington, CT; died 
       17	vii	LYDIA3 UTLEY, born 1707; christened 30 Aug 1707 in
        18	viii	JAPHET3 UTLEY,    The Barbour Collection at CSL gives the birth date of Japhet as 31 July 1717.  The article in Sons of the Revolution Bulletin says 31 July 1707

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