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Doris Sheridan
Troy, NY 12180
United States


                        First Generation

	1.	SAMUEL BATES born say 1680, died on 9 Apr 1746 in Scituate, Providence Co., RI.1

Samuel BATES was in Providence, RI as early as 13 July 1706 when he purchased land from Nathaniel MOWREY for the sum of L6, document witnessed by Eliezer & Joseph ARNOLD.  This land originally belonged
to Richard PRAY one of Providence's original settlers.2 Two years later Samuel was made a freeman in Providence3 In November of 1708 Samuel served on a jury in Providence.4  On 13 Apr. 1717 Joseph DALIE, a servant of William DALIE filed a complaint with the Providence Town Council against his master for want of shelter & clothing.  Joseph had been living with Samuel BATES at the time of the complaint and the court ordered that he should remain with BATES until his master provided the proper clothing.5

On 9 Dec. 1725 Samuel BATES gave notice that he had "Taken vp a stray hiffer of A Red Culler with sum white vpon the Rump; being one year and Vantage Old; and Eare marked with a  fork in the Left Eare and a slit in the top of the Right Eare and a half penney in the vpper side of the same."6  On 28 Apr. 1729  Samuel gave notice that he had taken in a stray horse because of a damaged fence: "A stray mear of a sorrild Culler supposed to be about nine years old; and about thirteene hands ye; branded on the neere shoulder with   7

In 1730/31 the Town of Scituate, RI was set off from Providence as a separate town.  The first town meeting was held at the Angell Tavern in South Scituate for the purpose of electing town officers.  Samuel BATES was appointed overseer of the poor.8 Samuel served several times as town surveyor to lay out roads and on the town council in 1735 & 1737.9

On 18 July 1732 Samuel BATES purchased land in Scituate from Moses LIPPITT.10  ON 26 May 1741 Samuel deeded 72-1/2 acres of land to his son John BATES.11

The Last Will & Testament of Samuel BATES was dated 6 Feb. 1744 and proved 15 May 1746.  It mentions wife MARY BATES; sons JOHN & NATHAN BATES, the latter being appointed  executor; daughter MARGARET BATES; granddaughter MARY KING who received 40 shillings when she 
attains the age of eighteen years; granddaughter ELIZABETH KING the same amount; grandson SAMUEL KING  received three pounds when he reaches 21 years and granddaughter MERCY KING, 40 shillings. 
NATHAN BATES was to provide for the widow MARY BATES.  Samuel's inventory amounted to L826-16-612

SAMUEL married MARY CORPE, daughter of JOHN CORPE and DELIVERANCE BROWN, on 23 Jan 1711 in Bristol, Bristol Co., RI. MARY was born on 2 Nov 1685 in Bristol, Bristol Co., RI13. She died on 5 Jul 1764 in Scituate, Providence Co., RI.14

MARY BATES will was dated 26 Mar. 1753 and proved 3 Sept. 1764.  It
mentions sons JOHN & NATHAN BATES (who was executor); daughter MARGARET BATES and granddaughter ELIZABETH KING.15


	2	M	i.  JOHN BATES died on 26 May 1777 in Scituate, RI.17 JOHN married EXPERIENCE BRAGG on 9 Dec 1739 in Scituate, RI.18

	3	M	ii.  NATHAN BATES. Nathan was living 21 Mar 1778 when he was appointed guardian for his brother's sons REUBEN & JAMES BATES.19 NATHAN married ISABEL EDWARDS on 24 Dec 1743 in Scituate, RI.20

	4	F	iii. MARGARET BATES died about 1785/1786.

MARGARET's will was written 16 Dec. 1785 and proved 16 Jan. 1786. Her
heirs were MARY SARLE, wife of Edward SARLE; Comfort GRAVES, wife of Constant GRAVES; Margaret SARLE daughter of Edward SARLE; Esther BATES, daughter of Oliver BATES; Mary & Lydia SARLE, daughters of Edward SARLE; Mary & Barbary GRAVES, children of the Graves. Margaret stated "Mary SARLE and sister Comfort are  equally related and nigh to me.....Comfort cared for me.......21..


Compiled by Doris R. Sheridan, Troy, NY 12180, EMAIL: Dody11@

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