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Doris Sheridan
Troy, NY 12180
United States

                   ANCESTRY OF DORCAS CHASE WIFE OF   
                     ABEL GROUT OF  STRATTON, VERMONT        

                          First Generation

	1.	AQUILA CHASE was born about 1618 in Hundrich, Chesham, England. He died on 27 Dec 1670 in Newbury, Essex Co., MA.

For information on Aquila CHASE and his children see the following:

Dean Crawford Smith, The Ancestry of Samuel Blanchard Ordway 1844-1916 (Chelsea MI, Bookcrafters, 1990} Page 165

John C. Chase, Seven Generations of the Descendants of Aquila and Thonmas Chase {Haverhill, MA Record Pub. Co, 1928}

AQUILA married ANN WHEELER, daughter of JOHN WHEELER and ANN
YEOMAN. ANN was born about 1620/1630 in England. She died on 21 Apr 1687 in Newbury, Essex Co., MA.

They had the following children:

	2	F	i.	SARAH CHASE was born about 1645 in Hampton, NH.

	3	F	ii.ANNE CHASE was born about 6 Jul 1647 in Newbury, MA.

	4	F	iii.PRISCILLA CHASE was born on 14 Mar 1648 in Newbury, MA.

	5	F	iv.MARY CHASE was born on 3 Feb 1650/1651 in Newbury, MA.

	6	M	v.AQUILA Jr. CHASE was born on 26 Sep 1652 in Newbury, MA.

	7	M	vi.THOMAS CHASE was born on 25 Jul 1654 in Newbury, MA.

	8	M	vii.JOHN CHASE was born on 2 Nov 1655 in Newbury, MA.

	9	F	viii.ELIZABETH CHASE was born on 13 Sep 1657 in Newbury, MA.

	10	F	ix.RUTH CHASE was born on 18 Mar 1659/1660 in Newbury, MA.

+	11	M	x.DANIEL CHASE was born in Nov 1661 and died on 8 Feb 1707.

	12	M	xi.MOSES CHASE was born on 24 Dec 1663 in Newbury, MA.

                           Second Generation

	11.	DANIEL CHASE (AQUILA) was born in Nov 1661 in Newbury, Essex Co., MA. He died on 8 Feb 1707 in Newbury, Essex Co., MA.1

Daniel was a wheelwright and lived in that section of Newbury, MA which is now West Newbury. 2 He took the oath of allegiance at Newbury in 1678. 3 He was a snowshoe man in Capt. Hugh MARSH's Co. about 1705 and was a soldier under command of Thomas NOYES training in 1688.4

Daniel CHASE died intestate.  On 1 May 1707 widow Martha CHASE was appointed  administratrix of her husband's estate.  Daniel's named children were Isaac CHASE (eldest son),Martha CHASE, Sarah CHASE, Dorothy CHASE, Lydia CHASE, Mehitable CHASE,Judith CHASE, Abner CHASE,Daniel CHASE & Enoch CHASE 5

RIDDLESDALE, on 25 Aug 1683 in Newbury, Essex Co., MA6  MARTHA dau of
HENRY KIMBALL  & MARY RIDDLESDALE, was born on 18 Aug 1664 in Wenham,
Essex Co., MA.7 She died before 27 Dec 1728.8 MARTHA CHASE m2 JOSIAH HEATH 9 May 1713 Newbury, MA9

DANIEL & MARTHA had the following children10

	13	F	i.	MARTHA CHASE was born on 18 Aug 1684 in Newbury, MA. MARTHA married DAVID LAWSON on 3 Aug 1716 in Newbury,

	14	F	ii.SARAH CHASE was born on 18 Jul 1686 in Newbury, MA. SARAH married FRANCIS DANFORTH on 17 Nov 1714 in Newbury,

	15	F	iii.DOROTHY CHASE was born on 24 Jan 1688/1689 in Newbury, MA.

+	16	M	iv.ISAAC CHASE was born on 19 Jan 1690/1691 and died on 27 Feb 1786.

	17	F	v.LYDIA CHASE was born on 19 Jan 1692/1693 in Newbury, MA. LYDIA married WILLIAM EVANS on 30 Jan 1715/1716 in Newbury,MA.13

	18	F	vi.	MEHITABLE CHASE was born on 19 Jan 1694/1695 in Newbury, MA. MEHITABLE married TIMOTHY OSGOOD on 29 Nov 1713 in Newbury, MA14

	19	F	vii.	JUDITH CHASE was born on 19 Feb 1696/1697 in Newbury, MA. JUDITH married JOHN TUTTLE on 21 Jan 1713/1714 in Newbury, MA.15

	20	M	viii.	ABNER CHASE was born on 15 Oct
1699 in Newbury, MA. He died about 1780 in Amesbury, MA.16 ABNER married ELIZABETH WHITTIER on 24 Nov 1721 in Haverhill, MA.17

	21	M	ix.	DANIEL CHASE was born on 15 Oct 1702 in Newbury, MA.

In the Essex Co. Court of 24 Sept. 1723 Daniel CHASE of Newbury
& now wife  Mary CARPENTER were fined 40 shillings each for

DANIEL married (1) MARY CARPENTER on 3 Jan 1723 in Newbury,
MA.19 DANIEL also married (2) ELIZABETH COLLINS.12 Feb. 1725
Salisbury, MA20

	22	M	x.	ENOCH CHASE was born about 1704 in Newbury, MA. ENOCH married JUDITH COLBY on 3 Jan 1723 in Newbury, MA.21

                       Third Generation

	16.	ISAAC CHASE (DANIEL, AQUILA) was born on 19 Jan 1690/1691 in Newbury, Essex Co., MA. He died on 27 Feb 1786 AE about 98 in Sutton, Worcester Co., MA.22

Isaac CHASE was a farmer and wheelwright.  He removed from Newbury to
Sutton about 1722 and lived in that part of the old town which is now Grafton.

According to tradition Isaac purchased 600 acres of land from the Indians for 40 shillings and a gallon of rum. On 4 Oct 1728 Jonathan WHIPPLE was chosen to set ye psalm and Isaac CHASE to set it in his absence.23

Isaac CHASE was a member of The First  Congregational Church in Sutton in 1736 .24 Hannah, wife of Isaac CHASE, was a member of the First Congregational Church in 1729.25

(Connecticut Journal  Worcester Feb. 10, 1785 - The 20th of January ult was born to Mr. Amariah Chase of Sutton, a son of the fifth generation from Mr. Isaac Chase, of that town, now ninety-seven years of age --There is someting very peculiar respecting this child , as he has now living , six grandfathers, seven grandmothers, fifty-seven
uncles and fifty-three aunts.    

On 7 Mar 1786 Administration of  the estate of Isaac Chase, late of Sutton, Massachusetts was granted to David WADSWORTH of Grafton, Mass. On the 20th Mar 1786  Seth CHASE & Mark BATCHELLOR of Sutton and Moses HOLBROOK of Grafton took an inventory of Isaac's estate which amounted to l22:18.8-1/4 26

ISAAC married (1) HANNAH BERRY, daughter of AMBROSE III BERRY and
HANNAH, on 29 Oct 1710 in Newbury, Essex Co., MA.27 HANNAH was born on 30 Jul 1686 in Boston, Suffolk Co., MA28  She died on 6 or 8  May 1771 in Sutton, Worcester Co., MA (6 (8) May 1771, Hannah, wife of Isaac She lived with her husband above 60 years and have left of her posterity above 90 children and grand-children and great
grandchildren, of the last about 25. She died with a cancer, AE about 83  29

Hannah, wife of Isaac CHASE a member of the First Congregational Church in  Sutton MA in 1729 30

ISAAC and HANNAH had the following children:31

	23	M	i.	AMBROSE CHASE was born on 2 Dec 1713 in Sutton, MA. He died on 4 Aug 1799 in Sutton, MA.32 AMBROSE married THANKFUL ROBBINS on 25 Jul 1734 in Sutton, MA.33 THANKFUL dau. of THOMAS & LYDIA (ADAMS) ROBBINS   born Grafton 21 Apr 1714 and died in Townsend, VT34

	24	M	ii.	DANIEL CHASE was born on 5 Mar 1716 in Sutton, MA. DANIEL married MARGARET SAMPSON on 17 Feb 1742/1743 in
Grafton,  MA.35

	25	M	iii.	TIMOTHY CHASE was born on 12 Jan 1719 in Sutton, MA. He died about 1809 in Royalston, MA.36

On 1 Nov. 1763 Timothy CHASE, wife Leah, children Jacob, Moses,
Timothy & Abigail were warned out of Sutton, MA.37 TIMOTHY married LEAH ROBBINS about 1740.38

+	26	M	iv.	HENRY CHASE was born on 2 Mar 1722 and died before 5 Apr 1778.

	27	F	v.	ABIGAIL CHASE was born on 6 Mar 1725 in Sutton, MA.

	28	M	vi.	ELISHA CHASE was born about 1728 in Sutton, MA. He died about 1757 in Waterford, NY.

A Soldier in the French & Indian War who died in Half Moon, NY on
his way home from serving in 1757.  He served in Capt. Ingersoll's Co.
of Col. Jonathan Bagley's Regiment in an expedition against  Crown
Point. He served from 18 28 Oct. 1756 and reported dead 14
Feb. 1757.39

ELISHA married MARY WHEELER on 8 Apr 1748 in Petersham, MA40

	29	F	vii.	CHILD CHASE.

	30	F	viii.	HANNAH CHASE.HANNAH married JOSHUA KNAPP 26 Sept. 1732 Uxbridge, MA41 

ISAAC also married (2) HANNAH WHITNEY TENNEY on 3 Nov 1772 in Mendon,
MA.42 HANNAH was living 4 Apr 1787.43  HANNAH WHITNEY m1 MOSES
TENNEY 6 Mar 1738/39 Uxbridge, MA44 MOSES TENNEY died 2 June 1770
Mendon, MA.45

Hannah, second wife of Isaac Chase, a member of the First Congregational Church in Sutton in 1773.46

                          Fourth Generation

	26.	HENRY CHASE (ISAAC, DANIEL, AQUILA) was born on 2 Mar 1722 in Sutton, Worcester Co., MA. He died before 5 Apr 1778 in Petersham, Worcester Co., MA.47

Henry CHASE of Sutton, MA served in the Revolutionary War as a private in Capt. David BATCHELOR's Company, Col. Joseph READ's 20th Regiment of Massachusetts, muster roll dated 1 Aug. 1775.  He enlisted 1 May 1775 serving three months and eight days; he applied for a bounty coat or its equivalent in money dated Roxbury 24 Oct. 1776.48

In the name of God amen this nineteenth day of August 1776 I HENRY CHASE of Petersham in the County of Worcester late of the Massachusetts Bay........being in health and perfect mind and memory thanks be given to God therefor but yet mind the mortality of my body & knowing it is appointed for all men once to die do make and ordain this my last will and testament that is to say principally & first of all I give and recommend my soul into the hands of God ...gave it & my body I recommend to the earth to be buried in
a decent the defination  of my executors and as ......worldly estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me in this life I give, demise & dispose of in the following manner or form viz I will that all my just debts be well & truly paid by my
executors hereafter to be named -Item I give and bequeath unto my two sons HENRY CHASE Jun and ELISHA CHASE all my estate real & personal of which name or nature forever excepting only the lands in Warwick herein otherwise bequeathed to be held by them in equal....on their paying out for dower and legacies three hundred forty
six pounds five shillings & four pence in the following proportion viz HENRY to pay one hundred forty nine pounds  fourteen shillings and ELISHA to pay  one  hundred and ninety six pounds  nine shillings and four pence. I esteem HENRY's service to the money he hath paid since he was of age for  purchase of my land to be equal to twenty six pounds thirteen shillings & four pence and as follows viz to my well beloved wife one hundred thirty & three pounds six shillings and eight pence in full for her dower and thirds and unto my two sons JAMES CHASE & CALEB CHASE thirty five pounds nine shillings & four pence in three years after my decease to be equally divided between them and unto my other two sons STEPHEN & PETER seventy five pounds nine shillings and four pence to be equally divided &  paid to each of them at the time of their arriving to the age of twenty one years
respectively & likewise paying unto my seven daughters unto my daughters HANNAH BERRY ELLIS 40 shillings having already given her in part portion twenty pounds and to my daughters DEBORAH, DORCAS, PHEBE, MOLLY, BETTY & LOIS one hundred and twenty pounds to be equally divided among them being ......twenty pounds for each of them to be severally paid as they & each of them come to the age of
twenty one years old and if sooner married then on the day of marriage - Item I give and bequeath unto my son JAMES CHASE fifty acres of land which he now possess in Warwick and I do by these presents constitute & appoint my well-beloved wife ABIGAIL CHASE & my beloved son HENRY CHASE sole executors of this my last will and testament and I hereby revoke and make void all other wills by me 
heretofore made ratyifying this and no other as my last will and testament in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year first above written s/HENRY CHASE Witnessed by: TIMOTHY WHITNEY, SARAH GROUT, JONATHAN GROUT
Worcester MA49

DEBORAH RAND, on 29 Dec 1764 in Petersham, Worcester Co., MA.50 Abigail was born say 1722/23 probably Athol, MA. She died after 1790 and before 11 Apr 1792.51

  1790 MA cn Worcester Co.Petersham - ABIGAIL CHASE 1 male over 16, l male under 16 and 4 females

On 11 Apr. 1792 Hannah Berry ELLISON requested that the Court appoint Joel GROUT of Gerry to be administrator of the estate of Abigail CHASE, late of Petersham deceased who was one of the executors of the Last will and testament of Henry CHASE late of Petersham, deceased.  Henry CHASE was the other executor and "has removed out of the Government and the estate of said Henry deceased was never fully administered.52

On 5 June 1792 Joel GROUT & Peter CHASE were appointed administrators of Abigail's estate.53

On 11 June 1792 Ephraim STERNES, John PARMETER & Joseph NEGAS took an
inventory ofAbigail's estate which amounted to L32:10:00 .54 The settlement of Abigail's estate was made on 21  Oct. 1794.  Money was paid to Henry CHASE,James CHASE, Elisha CHASE, Caleb CHASE, Stephen CHASE, Peter CHASE, Deborah CHASE, Hannah ELLISON, wife of Jacob ELLISON, Dorcas GROUT, wife of Abel GROUT, Phebe MAHAN, wife of John MAHAN, Molly DORRY, wife of William DORREY and Betty HORSLEY, wife of David HORSLEY, children of Abigail CHASE.  Each of them received L0:17:9.55

HENRY and ABIGAIL had the following children:56

	31	M	i.	HENRY Jr. CHASE was born on 4 Nov 1748 in Petersham, MA. He died in 1855 in Hartland, VT.57
HENRY Jr. married (1) RACHEL LINCOLN on 11 Jul 1771 in New
Braintree, MA58 RACHEL died about 178159 HENRY Jr. also married (2) SUSAN SHAUTTUCK on 12 Sep 1782 in Petersham, MA.60 SUSAN, dau, of Silas & Sarah (Jackson) SHATTUCK was born on 16 Dec Hartford, VT61 and christened 27 July 1766 in Templeton, MA62 She died in 1838.63

	32	M	ii.	JAMES CHASE was born on 26 Feb 1750 in Petersham, MA. Lived in Floyd, Oneida Co. NY64 JAMES married OLIVE FARNHAM.65

	33	F	iii.	HANNAH BERRY CHASE was born on 14 Mar 1752 in Petersham, MA. She died on 9 Nov 1845 in Herkimer, NY and was buried in Oak Hill Cem., Herkimer, NY66 HANNAH married (1) JACOB ELLISON. JACOB, son of JOHN &  HANNAH ELLISON, was born Uxbridge, MA on 5 Jul 1746.67 Jacob, a private in the War of the Revolution, died after 1790.68 Jacob was living in Northbridge, MA in 1790 but not in 1800 census of Massachusetts or New York.
HANNAH also married (2) Mr. LUTHER.69

	34	M	iv.	CALEB CHASE was born on 15 Nov 1753 in Petersham, MA. He died on 23 Mar 1833 in Fort Ann, NY and was buried in Haskens Cem., Fort Ann, NY70. CALEB married HANNAH ELLISON. HANNAH, dau of JOHN &  HANNAH ELLISON was born Uxbridge, MA on 14 Jul 1749.71She died on 27 Mar 1835 in Fort Ann, NY and was buried in Haskens Cem., Fort Ann, NY.72

	35	F	v.	DEBORAH CHASE was born on 15 Sep 1755 in Petersham, MA. DEBORAH married SETH RIDER on 23 Mar 1776 in Petersham, MA.73

+	36	F	vi.	DORCAS CHASE was born on 27 Apr 1757 and died on 26 Sep 1839.

	37	M	vii.	ELISHA CHASE was born on 16 Jan 1759 in Petersham, MA. He died on 20 Nov 1828 in Jamaica, VT74

A Soldier of the Revolution - A private in Capt. Peter Woodbury's Co. 
Col.Job CUSHING's Regiment in 1777 and Capt. Jotham
HOUGHTON's Co. in 1779.75 Elisha & Stephen Chase were
subscribers to the Baptist Society of Jamaica, VT on 27 June 180376

ELISHA married PRUDENCE CURTIS 4 Jan. 1782 in Petersham, Ma.77
Prudence, dau. of DAVID & SARAH CURTIS was born  2 Feb.1765 78
Prudence died 12 Feb. 1790 Jamaica,VT.79

ELISHA married SALLY BOLTON. SALLY was born 15 Apr 1777.80
She died on 26 Jan 1850 in Jamaica, VT.81

	38	F	viii.	PHEBE CHASE was born on 3 Apr 1761 in Petersham, MA. PHEBE married JOHN MAHON on 18 Dec 1780 in Petersham, MA82

	39	F	ix.	MOLLY CHASE was born on 9 Feb 1763 in Petersham, MA. MOLLY married WILLIAM DORRAL on 23 Nov 1779 in Petersham, MA.83

	40	F	x.	BETTY CHASE was born on 8 Dec 1764 in Petersham, MA. She died on 11 May 1805.Hancock, NH84
BETTY married DAVID HORSLEY on 16 Apr 1789 in Petersham,

	41	M	xi.	STEPHEN CHASE was born on 23 Aug 1766 in Petersham, MA. He died on 13 Jun 1824.86

His pension record says he was born 17 Aug. 1765 and Betsey was
born 19 Mar.1768.  Stephen applied for his pension from Windham
County Vermont 1 Mar. 1819, a resident of Jamacia, VT, aged 54. 
Betsey applied 7 Aug. 1838, age 70 from Windham Co. Vermont.87

STEPHEN married BETSEY SKINNER. BETSEY was born 19 Mar
1768 and died on 21 Jun 185188

	42	M	xii.	PETER CHASE was born on 12 Aug 1768 in Petersham, MA. He died  young.

	43	M	xiii.	PETER II CHASE was born on 24 Feb 1770 in Petersham, MA. He died on 16 Aug 1851 in Jamaica, VT.89
PETER II married (1) MARY HOLT on 15 Mar 1798 in Petersham,
MA90 MARY died on 13 May 1829 in Jamaica, VT.91 PETER II also married (2) SALLY LAWTON on 20 Jun 1832 in Jamaica, VT.92 SALLY died on 28 Jul 1844 in Jamaica, VT.93

1850 VT cn Windham Co., Jamaica, CHASE: Daniel,  ae 44 $2400 b VT,
Mary A, ae 33, b VT, Ossian F. ae 15, VT, Fanny A., ae 13 VT, Daniel F., ae 11 VT, George A., ae 08 VT PETER, ae 80 b MA

	44	F	xiv.	LOIS CHASE was born on 27 Aug 1771 in Petersham, MA. LOIS married SAMUEL STONE on 22 Apr 1791 in Petersham, MA.94

                        Fifth Generation

	36.	DORCAS CHASE (HENRY, ISAAC, DANIEL, AQUILA) was born on 27 Apr 1757  in Petersham, Worcester Co., MA. She died on 26 Sep 1839 in Stratton, Windham Co.,VT.95 SEE GROUT FAMILY GENEALOGY BY COMPILER

By the Last Will & Testament of her father Henry Chase, Dorcas was to share the sum of L120 with her sisters.96

Feb 1779 in Templeton, Worcester Co., MA(Intentions) 97 ABEL was born on 19 Feb 1758 in Petersham, Worcester, MA.98 He died on 1 Jan 1841 in Stratton, Windham Co., VT and was buried in Grout Cem., Stratton, VT.99

ABEL and DORCAS had the following children:(SEE GROUT FAMILY BY

	45	M	i.	GEORGE GROUT was born about 1781.

	46	M	ii.	STEPHEN GROUT was born on 23 Dec 1782
in Brattleboro, Windham Co., VT.

	47	F	iii.	FANNY GROUT was born about 1785 in Brattleboro, Windham Co., VT.

	48	M	iv.	ABEL Jr. GROUT was born about 1786/1787 in Brattleboro, Windham Co., VT. .

	49	M	v.	JOEL GROUT was born about 1788/1789 in
Brattleboro, Windham Co., VT. 

	50	F	vi.	SOPHIA GROUT was born on 13 Apr 1790 in Brattleboro, Windham Co., VT.

	51	M	vii.	HARRY GROUT was born on 10 Feb 1792 in Brattleboro, Windham Co., VT.

	52	M	viii.	DARIUS GROUT was born about 1794 in Brattleboro, Windham Co., VT.

	53	M	ix.	JAMES GROUT was born about 1794.

	54	M	x.	HUDSON GROUT was born on 27 Apr 1800
in Brattleboro, Windham Co., VT. 

Doris R. Sheridan,  Troy NY 12180 EMAIL

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