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                     DORIS R.SHERIDAN
                          Troy, NY


             DESCENDANTS of REUBEN COMBS and MARY (---)

1. REUBEN1 COMBS, born say 1720; died abt. 1770 in Douglas, Worcester Co., MA. He married (1) abt. 1740/41, MARY (---),  died abt. 1744/47. He married (2) on 31 May 1746 in Tiverton, Newport Co., RI, INTENTIONS (VR Bk 2:173 both of Tiverton), THANKFUL BORDEN , died bef. 24 Aug 1786 when her widow's share of Reuben's estate was divided in Douglas, Worcester Co., MA (Worcester PR Series A. #13506). 
	According to THE STORY OF ANTHONY COMBS AND HIS DESCENDANTS by William Cary COOMBS published in 1913, Pages 79-83 Reuben may be the son of Anthony & Mercy COOMBS of Rochester, Mass. and Newmeadow, Maine.  This couple were married in Gloucester, Mass. on 27 Oct. 1722.  Their first recorded child was
Hannah born 27 Aug. 1727 in Gloucester. Since there is a five year hiatus
between the marriage and birth of Hannah, Mr. Coombs feels Reuben and perhaps
others could be placed here.  He also states that the Town of Douglas, Mass.
where Reuben lived is only about 50 miles northwest of Rochester, Mass. where
Anthony lived for many years. Anthony's family is the only COMBS family in Mr.COOMES opinion, that Reuben could fit into. Much more work should be done in the records of the towns where the COMBS resided to verify Reuben
COMBS' parentage. In any case this genealogy deals only with my direct line
deriving from Reuben COMBS of Douglas, Mass.
	On 25 May 1752, Reuben COOMES, cooper, of Freetown, MA purchased land in
Gloucester, RI from John ROSS of Gloucester (Gloucester LR Bk. 5:92). On 26 May 1753 Reuben COOMBES of Gloucester, RI, cooper, purchased more land in that place from Joseph EDDY of Gloucester (ibid Bk. 5:216).  On 13 May 1755 Reuben COOMBES late of Gloucester but now of Douglas, Mass., sold land in Gloucester to Joseph JEPHERSON.  This included the dwelling house in which JEPHERSON was residing (ibid Bk. 6:14).  This same day Reuben sold land in Gloucester to Rufus McINTIRE of the same place (ibid Bk 7:97)
	There are many deeds and land records for Reuben COMBS of Douglas, MA
filed at Registry of Deeds of Worcester County, Mass. in City of Worcester. A
sketch with notations of the property Reuben owned at the time of his death was included in his probate papers.  A copy of this can be found within.
	On 8 Jan. 1762 Reuben COMBS of Douglas, MA petitioned the Mass. General
Court for reimbursement of funds Reuben spent in the care of his son Joshua
COMBS when he was taken sick while serving in the Army (Mass. Archives).  See within
On 21 Nov. 1770 widow Thankful Combs declined administration of her
husband's estate and gave permission to her eldest son Joshua Combs to replace her. The estate was inventoried 22 Nov. 1770 in the amount of L309:16:4 by John                                                       
 EMERSON, Samuel BALKCOM & Nathaniel SNOW.  Reuben's estate was divided in April of 1773.  It was ordered by a Commission established by the Court to settle the estate, that if Reuben's real estate was broken up and divided among the heirs, the whole estate would be spoiled.  The widow stated that her husband in his lifetime had paid their daughter Hannah TURTELOTT deceased, L8:10:2 and their daughter Mary HILL L6:12:5 toward their portions of the future estate. When the estate was settled Joseph COMBS, son of Reuben COMBS, late of Douglas, received all that piece and parcel of land with buildings and appurtenances thereon thereunto belonging, containing forty seven acres and ninety eight rods of land scituate in Douglas aforesaid with corn house, standing except widow's third & a log house & grist mill....."Joshua COMBS received L16-10s-3p& half penny; Mary HILL rec'd 32s 8 p. 3 farthings; Comfort, Anthony, Susannah, Rosella, Barnabus, Thankful, Peter, Reuben & Ithamar all received L8:5s:1 p & 3 farthings. The latter heirs were to be paid their sums by their brother Joseph COMBS who received the whole of the real estate excepting the widow's third (Worcester Probate Series A -Docket #13506).
	On 1 Apr. 1772 Samuel BALCOMB was appointed as guardian for Anthony COMBS, an 18 year old minor (Worcester Docket #13488A). See Worcester Probate Records for guardianship records of Reuben's other children: Barnabus #13489; Reuben Jr. #13507; Rosilla #13508; Thankful #13514; Susannah #13513).
	On 27 Sept. 1786 Thankful COMBS' widow's share of her husband's estate
consisting of 16 acres of land was divided among the following: heirs of Hannah Turtelott, Ithamar Combs, Peter Combs, Thankful Vinton, Barnabus Combs, Rhoda (probably same as Rosella) Hill.  Each received 1-1/4 acres of land.  Susannah (Combs) Peters was given 2-1/2 acres.  The other six acres belonging to other heirs were assigned to William Jepherson Jr. (Worcester Probate 13506).
	On 12 Oct. 1786 Anthony Combs & Rhoda Hill, wife of Jonathan Hill of
Winchester, Cheshire Co. NH & Barney Combs of Chesterfield, NH sold their
three lots of land to William Jepherson Jr. of Douglas, MA (Worcester Co. Mass. Deeds Bk. 115:304).

	Children of REUBEN COMBS and MARY (---) (Douglas MA VRS)
+	2	i	JOSHUA2 COMBS , born 15 Feb 1742  He married ELIZABETH JEPHERSON . 
+	3	ii	HANNAH2 COMBS, born 12 Apr 1744  She married ABRAHAM TOURTELOTT. 

	4	i	MARY2 COMBS, born 25 Apr 1747  She married on 31 Jul 1769 in Douglas, MA,(VR)  DAVID HILL, born 3 Oct 1745 in Cumberland, Providence Co., RI, son of ROGER HILL and LYDIA PETERS (VR). 
	5	ii	JOSEPH2 COMBS, born 16 Sep 1749 in Freetown, Worcester Co., MA; died 23 Feb 1835 in Douglas, Worcester Co., MA. He married on 25 Jul 1766 in Douglas, MA, AME BROWN daughter of Joseph Brown. Joseph may have m2 Mrs. ZILPHAR WHITE 13 Jan 1801
                              Dudley, MA (VR).   Joseph Combs was a Soldier of the Revolution.  There is a file relating to his pension in Worcester Co. Mass. Probate Court (Case #13499) which includes an affidavit made by Reuben Combs of Holden, MA dated 14 Mar 1836.  Reuben swore that his brother Joseph Combs died at Douglas, Mass. on 23 Feb. 1835 leaving no widow or legitimate child.  He stated that Joseph's only heirs were two brothers Reuben himself and Ithamar Combs "supposed to be now living in the State of Connecticut."  This statement was untrue as at least three sisters were alive at this time. Reuben Combs was granted administration of his brother's estate on 9 Mar. 1836 with John Cheney & Lyman Rice as sureties (Worcester PR #13500).  Joseph applied for a Revolutionary War Pension in Worcester, MA 7 Sept. 1832.  He stated he was age 83 and born in Freetown, MA and resided in Worcester, MA and had removed to town of Douglas, Mass. when he was four years old (S19944).
+	6	iii	COMFORT2 COMBS, born 9 Apr 1751 in Douglas, Worcester Co., MA. She married WILLIAM HARRINGTON. 
+	7	iv	ANTHONY Sr2 COMBS, born 7 Jul 1753 in Douglas, Worcester Co., MA. He married LYDIA HILL. 
+	8	v	SUSANNAH2 COMBS, born 26 Nov 1755 in Douglas, Worcester Co., MA. She married JAMES PETERS. 
+	9	vi	ROSILAH2 COMBS, born 8 Apr 1757 in Douglas, Worcester Co., MA. She married JONATHAN HILL. 
+	10	vii	BARNABUS2 COMBS, born 8 Oct 1759 in Douglas, Worcester Co., MA. He married (1) DEZIAH (---). He married (2) Matilda PARRY. 
+	11	viii	THANKFUL2 COMBS, born 23 May 1762 in Douglas, Worcester Co., MA. She married WILLIAM VINTON. 
	12	ix	PETER2 COMBS, born 23 Aug 1764 in Douglas, Worcester Co., MA; died abt. 1790 in Gloucester, Providence Co., RI. He married on 18 Sep 1787 in Dudley, MA, MARTHA BROWN daughter of Obadiah Brown .   Peter's will is dated 10th day of second month 1790 and recorded 5 Apr. 1790.  Peter was of Gloucester, RI and left his great coat to his loving brother Joseph Combs, his newest hat to his loving brother Reuben COMBS and his broadcloth coat to his loving brother Ithamar Combs.  His loving friend Olney Brown received his velvet jacket and breeches, thread stockings & cambrick stock.  His loving wife (given name not mentioned) inherited the remainder of the estate and "my much esteemed Uncle Elisha Brown" was the sole executor. The document was witnessed by Esek & Jesse Brown & Stephen Steere (Gloucester, RI Probate 2:142).
	13	x	STEPHEN2 COMBS, born 12 Nov 1765 in Douglas, Worcester Co., MA.   Probably died young as he is not mentioned in father's estate papers.
+	14	xi	REUBEN Jr2 COMBS, born 20 May 1767 in Douglas, Worcester Co., MA. He married (1) NANCY BASSETT. He married (2) MARY (Ballou) CALLAM. 
+	15	xii	ITHAMAR2 COMBS, born 28 Oct 1769 in Douglas, Worcester Co., MA. He married JOANNA CHAMBERLAIN. 

                           Generation 2

2. JOSHUA2 COMBS (REUBEN1), born 15 Feb 1742 in Douglas, MA. He married on 28 May 1761 in Douglas, MA, ELIZABETH JEPHERSON (VR).. 
     Joshua was a Soldier of the Revolution.  He was a private in Capt. Thomas
Grover's Company of Minutemen and marched on the alarm of 19 Apr. 1775 (Mass.
Soldiers & Sailors in the Revolutionary War {Secretary of State, Boston, Mass.
{1904} Vol. 3:855). He applied for a pension 9 Apr. 1818 in Warren Co. NY, aged
about 54, born in  Douglas, Mass. In 1820 his wife was age 53 and he had six children, 5 boys, the oldest age 19, and one girl age 7. A 26 year old daughter and 22 year old son resided with him and also his 79 year old mother (S43357). (Note:  mother was probably his mother-in-law).

	16	i	Caleb3 Combs, born 20 Jan 1762 in Douglas, MA. 

3. HANNAH2 COMBS (REUBEN1), born 12 Apr 1744 in Douglas, MA; died bef. Apr 1773 when she was called deceased in the division of her father's estate.. She married on 3 Apr 1764 in Douglas, MA, ABRAHAM TOURTELOTT, (VR) Abraham was born 1744 RI & died 6 Dec 1820 in Oreno, Maine (Pension WV23044). Abraham m2 Mallason Walling (DAR Patriot Index #3:2959), Abraham m3 Leah Mansell 15 Oct. 1781 Cantine, ME (Pension) 
	Abraham was a Soldier of the Revolution.  He was placed on the Pension
Roll of Penobscot County, Maine in 1818  for service as Lt. in Rhode Island Line (Ibid).   

	17	i	Reuben3 Tourtelot, born 10 Nov 1765 in RI; died Sep 1825 in Passadumkeag, Penobscot, Maine. He married  Lucy Mansell, born 11 Jun 1766 in Scituate, Plymouth Co., MA; died abt. 1837 in Passadumkeag, Penobscot, ME.   Reuben served in Revolution in RI line - applied 22 Apr 1818 at Oreno, Penobscot Co Maine and by 1820 had moved to Passadumkeag, ae 54, wife Lucy, ae 53 and children at home Rebecca ae 16, Reuben ae 12, Coombs, ae 10 (Pension S35669)

6. COMFORT2 COMBS (REUBEN1), born 9 Apr 1751 in Douglas, Worcester Co., MA; buried 10 Dec 1846, Ae 94-8-8 in Evergreen Cem., Hanover, Chautauqua Co., NY. She married on 12 Sep 1766 in Douglas, MA, WILLIAM HARRINGTON (VR), b. 21 Feb 1745 RI, son of William & Ann (Hamon) HARRINGTON,  died Luzerne, NY 14 Mar 1820 (Pension W16596) William was a Soldier of the Revolution.. 

	Children of COMFORT COMBS and WILLIAM HARRINGTON (Pension Record) 
	18	i	Luna3 Harrington, born 6 Jan 1768. 
	19	ii	Jane3 Harrington 
	20	iii	Hannah3 Harrington 

7. ANTHONY Sr2 COMBS (REUBEN1), born 7 Jul 1753 in Douglas, Worcester Co., MA; died 15 Apr 1817 in Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH; buried  in Rixford Cem., Winchester, NH (gravestone, AE 65). He married in Jul 1775 in Douglas, Worcester Co., MA, LYDIA HILL (VR) , born 15 Mar 1754 in Cumberland, Providence Co., RI (VR)  died 2 Mar 1842 in Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH; buried  in Rixford Cem., Winchester, NH, (gs ae 89)  daughter of ROGER HILL and LYDIA PETERS. 
	On 1 Apr. 1772 Samuel BALCOMB was appointed as guardian to Anthony COMBS,
a minor, aged eighteen years, son of Reuben COMBS (Worcester Co. MA PR
	In the Year 1783 Anthony COMBS and his family were warned out of
Winchester, NH  Newcomers in town were warned out when it was suspected that
they could not support themselves and might eventually become a town charge.
Anthony, probably not a landowner in 1783 purchased his first piece of property the following year.  Anthony's warning out letter reads as follows:
	State of New Hampshire, Cheshire, S.S. - To Jason FRANKLIN, one of the
Constables of the Town of Winchester greeting: In the name of this State you
are hereby required forthwith to warn out ROGER HILL, JONATHAN HILL, ANTHONY
COMBS, LYDIA COMBS, DANIEL COMBS, GEORGE HILL, JOSEPH HILL, BARNABUS HILL, STEPHEN COMBS, LYDIA HILL, ROSILLA HILL, PHEBE COMBS, PRUDENCE COMBS, ROSILLLA EDMONDS and the widow ANNA FASSETT, to Depart out of this Town within fourteen days, or otherwise they will be Dealt with as the Law Directs; and see that you make Return of this Warrant to the Clerk of the Court of the Quarter Sessions.
	Given under our hands and Seal this tenth Day of Feb. A.D. 1783
	s/Reuben ALEXANDER, Samuel WRIGHT, Simon WILLARD - Selectmen
	Winchester March 11, 1783 - This may certify that I have warned out all the
persons in the Warrant herewith committed to me - James FRANKLIN, Constable
(D. Hamilton Hurd, History of Cheshire & Sullivan Counties  {Philadelphia, J.W.Lewis Co., 1886} Page 568)
	In the Year 1804 the Congregational Church was the established church in
Winchester.  Its minister was Rev. Experience PORTER who had been called and
was supported by the town.  Anthony COMBS, among others, signed a petition
protesting their tax money being used for Rev. Porter's support as they had
other religious beliefs or sentiments (ibid Page 571/572).
	The following are some early census listings for Anthony & his family:
Cheshire County New Hampshire, Town of Winchester
	1790 - Page 28:  Males 16 & up   : 2
                 Males Under 16  : 2
                 Females         : 5
	1800 - Page 47:  Males Under 10  : 1
                 Males 10-16     : 1
                 Males 45 & up   : 1
                 Females 16-26   : 1
                 Females 26-45   : 1
                 Females 45 & up : 1
	1810 - Page 121: Males 16-26     : 1
                 Males over 45   : 1
                 Females under 10: 1
                 Females 16-26   : 1
                 Females under 45: 1
	Anthony served in the Revolutionary War as a private in the Mass. 20th
Regiment commanded by Col. Read, Company Commander Capt. Edward Seagraves. His widow received a pension of $24.88 for her husband's war service (W16000)
	Lydia COMBS wife of Anthony COMBS - declaration:  On the sixth day of June
A.D. 1839, Lydia Combs, a resident of Winchester, the County of Cheshire, aged eighty- six years who being first duly sworn according to law doth on her oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the act of Congress passed July 7th 1838 entitled An Act Granting Half Pay and Pensions to Certain Widows -- that she is the widow of Anthony COMBS who was a private in Capt. SEAGRAVES Company in the Massachusetts service of Douglas - that he served the first eight months - that she was married to the said Combs sometime in the month of July 1775 - that the said Combs was at that time a soldier and came home on a furlow and after the marriage returned to Roxbury where he was stationed - that her husband the said Anthony Combs died on the fifteenth day of April 1817 - that she has not since married but remains his widow. LYDIA COMBS (her mark) WITNESSES: Elias Marble/Abigail Combs
	The above applicant being feeble and blind is the cause of this declaration
being taken out of court.
	DECLARATION:  (State of New Hampshire - Cheshire Co.) Be it known that before
me Horace CHAPIN, a Justice of the Peace within and for the County of
Cheshire, aforesaid personally appeared Lydia COMBS and made oath in due form
of law that she is the widow of Anthony COMBS named in her declaration, that
she has not intermarried but continues the widow of the said Anthony COMBS -
that she now resides in Winchester, NH and has resided there for the space of
fifty seven years past and that previous thento she lived in Douglas, Mass. -
that her husband Anthony COMBS died at Winchester aforesaid on the fifteenth
day of April eighteen hundred and seventeen.
                                  Lydia Combs/her mark
	WITNESSES: Elias Marble/Abigail Combs
	Sworn and subscribed this sixth day of June 1839
	DEPOSITION:  I Phebe TURTELOT of Winchester in the county of Cheshire & State of New Hampshire of lawful age to testify do testify and say that I am the
daughter of Anthony & Lydia COMBS & the oldest child except one of the said
Anthony & Lydia  -- I was born as I am informed on the twenty-third day of
April seventeen hundred & seventy eight & that I the said Phebe TURTELOT have a brother by the name of Stephen COMBS older than myself whome I was informed was born in the month of November seventeen hundred and seventy-five & that the said Anthony & Lydia COMBS my father and mother lived together as husband and wife until my father died.
Witness: Henry BAXTER                s/Phebe TURTELOT (her mark)
	Lydia PRENTISS also deposed that she was the daughter of Anthony and Lydia
COMBS being the fourth child born April 6th 1784.  Lydia's deposition with the exception of her birth date was identical to her sister Phebe' deposition above.
	The following land transactions are recorded for Anthony COMBS Sr at
Cheshire Co. Registry of Deeds at Keene, NH:
	(1)  On 10 Sept. 1784 Anthony COMBS of Winchester, Yeoman, purchased for
L30, 20 acres of land (which was part of the farm on which grantor lived) from Roger HILL (recorded 4 Mar 180, Vol. 43:103).
	(2)  On 1 Nov. 1795 Anthony COMBS of Winchester, Yeoman, purchased 40
acres of land in Winchester from Roger HILLS of Winchester for L60 (recorded 6 June 1796, Vol. 30:128).
	(3)  On 14 Apr. 1796 David BENNETT of Richmond, yeoman, sold land in
Winchester for $150 to David TURTELOT, Anthony COMBS & Stephen COMBS, all of
Winchester who were called husbandmen.  This land contained two parcels - one
consisting of 23-1/4 acres and the other 3-3/4 acres and 19 rods.  Lydia COOMES signed as a witness and deed was not signed or acknowledged (Vol. 30:343).
	(4)  On 16 Mar. 1798 Anthony COMBS of Winchester, husbandman, for the sum
of $75.00 sold 40 acres of land in Winchester to Nathaniel LAWRENCE of
Winchester, husbandman, recorded 25 June 1798 (Vol. 30:127).
	(5)  On 25 Feb. 1800 Anthony COMBS of Winchester, yeoman, sold 20 acres of
land, being part of the farm that COMBS lived on to Elisha GUNN of Winchester, yeoman, for $60, recorded 14 Mar 1800 (Vol. 33:531).
	(6)  On 13 Feb. 1806 Anthony COMBS of Winchester, yeoman, for the sum of
$100 purchased land from Nathaniel LAWRENCE of Winchester containing 26 acres, recorded 18 Apr. 1810 (Vol. 58:136).
	(7)  On 25 Sept. 1815 Anthony COMBS, yeoman, of Winchester sold land in
Winchester for the sum of $25.00 to Anthony COMBS Jr.  Land located on the Road near Combs Bridge.  Lydia COMBS signed as Anthony's wife and document
witnessed by Lydia COMBS (Vol. 108:256).
	The Last Will & Testament of Anthony Combs Sr.  is dated 15 Apr. 1817 and
the administration of his estate was granted to his widow Lydia COMBS 26 May 1817 (Cheshire PR C-261):
	In the name of God Amen....I Anthony Combs of Winchester in the County of
Cheshire and State of New Hampshire; being in a week and low state of health
and am sensible it is appointed unto Man once to die tho of a perfict mind and Memory do ordain constitute and appoint this my Last Will and Testament in Manner following---First of all I give my body to be buried and my spirit to God who gave it -- and as to what little property God hath seen fit to bestow upon me I will and order to be disposed of in the manner following-- firstly I give to my son Stephen one dollar - secondly I give to my son David one dollar- thirdly I give to my son Anthony one dollar - fourthly I give to my daughter Phebe one dollar - fifthly I give to my daughter Lydia one dollar - all of said legates to be paid within one year after my decease and sixthly I give and bequeth to my beloved wife Lydia Combs all the residue and remainder of my property after my just debts are paid.  I furthermore will and order that one cow be paid to my granddaughter Lucy Sibley  after she arrives of age - and lastly I appoint my beloved wife  Lydia Combs to be executor of this my last will & testament - witness I have hearunto set my hand and seal this fifteenth day of April in the year of Ano Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventeen
	Signed in the presents of us witnesses: Ivory Snow - Luther Lawrence
	Lydia is probably the female ae 80-90 living in household of David Turtolot, husband of Lydia's daughter Phebe in the 1830 cn of Winchester, NH (p.30).

	Children of ANTHONY Sr COMBS and LYDIA HILL (Douglas MA VRS)
	21	i	STEPHEN3 COMBS, born 12 Nov 1775 in Douglas, Worcester Co., MA. He married on 5 May 1799  in Hinsdale, NH, MOLLY VERY (VR). 
	22	ii	PHEBE3 COMBS, born 23 Apr 1777/78 in Douglas, Worcester Co., MA;living 1860 (NH cn Cheshire Co. Swanzey, AE 81,  490) She married (1) say 1797 , DAVID TURTELOT, born abt. 1774; died 23 Aug 1835  in Winchester, NH; buried  in Rixford Cem., Winchester, NH (gs, AE 61). She married (2) on 14 Nov 1844 in Swanzey, NH (VR) (Capt.) , JEDUTHUN EATON  He was  born abt. 1772; buried 27 Feb 1850  in Rixford Cem., Winchester, NH (gs ae 78).   On  26 Apr. 1854 Phebe sold her homestead lot or widow's third of the Turtelot farm containing 18 acres to Anthony COMBS, recorded 19 June 1854 (Cheshire LR 180:110). The Turtolotts probably had children.  In 1810 cn of Winchester their household consists of 1 male ae 10-16 1 male 26-45 (David), l female under 10, 1 female 26-45 (Phebe) (p124). In the 1820 cn their household consisted of 1 male over 45 (David), 1 female 10-16, 1 female 16-26 and l female over 45 (Phebe) (Winchester, p474). In 1830 the household consisted of 1 male 5-10, 1 male 50-60 (David), 1 female under 5, 1 female 50 to 60 (Phebe) (Winchester cn 30).
	23	iii	PRUDENCE3 COMBS, born bef. 1783.   In Anthony COMBS' warning-out letter there was a Prudence COMBS listed among the other Combs names and she may be another daughter of Anthony Combs who died young.  In the 1790 census there were five females living in Anthony's household.  His wife Lydia and daughters Phebe & Lydia would account for three.
	24	iv	DAVID3 COMBS   David COMBS is mentioned in his father's will and may be the Daniel in warning out letter.  The given names David & Daniel are often confused in early records.
+	25	v	LYDIA3 COMBS, born 6 Apr 1784 in Douglas, Worcester Co., MA. She married (1) JOEL SIBLEY. She married (2)  ROBERT. PRENTICE. 
+	26	vi	ANTHONY Jr3 COMBS, born 6 Nov 1791 in Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH. He married (1) ABIGAIL ALDRICH. He married (2) MARTHA COY BATES. 

8. SUSANNAH2 COMBS (REUBEN1), born 26 Nov 1755 in Douglas, Worcester Co., MA;died Alstead. NH,(Farmers Cabinet 1 Sept. 1855 - In Alstead, Mrs.Susannah Peters, aged 100 yrs, 8 mos.) buried 14 Aug 1855 in Rixford Cem., Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH (gs, ae 100 yrs). She married  JAMES PETERS, bc 1748, buried 6 Oct 1825 in Rixford Cem., Winchester, NH (gs, ae 67).. 
	James PETERS served in the Revolutionary War as a drummer in Mass. 6th
Regiment (Mass. Soldiers & Sailors Vol. 12:242).  James Peters was a soldier of the Revolution - Entered the Continental Army at the age of 17 in 1776 - continued during the war and at the close of which he was honorably discharged with the commendations of a faithful soldier (plaque on gravestone). In 1790 he was living in Adams, Berkshire Co., MA.  There were l male over 16, 3 males under 16 and 2 females in his household (cn 23). 

	Children of SUSANNAH COMBS and JAMES PETERS (Pension)
	27	i	Japtha3 Peters, born 14 Dec 1784 in Douglas, Ma. 
	28	ii	Reuben3 Peters, born 2 Aug 1786 in Gloucester, RI. 
	29	iii	James Jr3 Peters, born 2 Jun 1788 in Gloucester, RI. 
	30	iv	Thankful3 Peters, born 16 Jul 1790 in Adams, MA; died 1 Mar 1869 in Swanzey, NH; buried  in Old Cem West Swanzey, NH (gs, ae 78). She married  David Taylor (---), born abt. 1786; died 28 Apr 1869 in Swanzey, NH(gs,Op Cit  AE 83). 
	31	v	John3 Peters, born 18 Sep 1792 in Adams, MA. 
	32	vi	Jesse3 Peters, born 16 Jun 1795 in Adams, MA. 
	33	vii	Barnabus3 Peters, born 1 Feb 1797 in Adams, MA. 

9. ROSILAH2 COMBS (REUBEN1), born 8 Apr 1757 in Douglas, Worcester Co., MA; living 1840, ae 83, in Swanzey, NH in household of David Hill (Census of 1840 Pensioners, 22). She married on 15 Jul 1776 in Douglas, MA, JONATHAN HILL (VR), born 8 Apr 1756 in Cumberland, Providence Co., RI (VR); buried 6 Nov 1830 in Rixford  Cem., Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH, son of ROGER HILL and LYDIA PETERS. 
	Jonathan HILL served in the Revolutionary War in the 20th Mass. Regiment
with the rank of private. His widow received a pension for Jonathan's service
(Pension W16291).
	On 5 Apr. 1831 Rosella HILL, widow of Jonathan HILL, requested that her
son Jonathan HILL Jr. be appointed administrator of her husband's estate.  an
inventory of Jonathan's personal property was taken on 18 Apr. 1831 by Luke
Bennett,  Paul S. Wriight & Nathaniel Prime.  It amounted to $37.08 (Cheshire
PR 1:25 & 2:64).

	Children of ROSILAH COMBS and JONATHAN HILL (Benjamin Read, History of Swanzey New Hampshire {Salem, MA, Salem Press & Print. Co, 1892} 368/9)

	34	i	GEORGE3 HILL, born abt. 1777; died 1852. He married  LONA ALDRICH, born abt. 1781; died 6 Sep 1849. 
	35	ii	REUBEN3 HILL 
	36	iii	JOSEPH3 HILL, born Oct 1781; died Aug 1867. He married on 30 Apr 1808, MARY POMEROY, died 17 Jul 1870. 
	37	iv	SARAH3 HILL, born 2 Apr 1787; died 23 Apr 1877 in W. Swanzey, NH; buried  in Old Cem., Swanzey, NH (gs  ae 89). She married  SETH LEONARD, died 2 Mar 1853 in Swanzey, NH (gs Op Cit ae 89) 
	39	vi	JONATHAN3 HILL, born 14 Oct 1792. He married on 25 Nov 1812, MALINDA ASHLEY, died Feb 1877. 
	40	vii	DAVID3 HILL, born 14 Feb 1794; died 14 Jul 1882  buried  in Old Cem.,West Swanzey (gs ae 88-5-0)  He married  KEZIAH FRANKLIN, died 6 Dec 1870 in Swanzey, NH.(gs Op Cit  AE 73-3-25) 
	41	viii	ELISHA3 HILL, born 12 Apr 1800; died 22 Jan 1875 in Chesterfield, NH; buried  in Taylor-Black B.G, Chesterfield, NH (Gs. se 75-9-10. He married  HARRIET TAYLOR, died 13 Aug 1876  (Gs. Op Cit ae  75-9-10)
      42	ix	BETSEY3 HILL, born abt. 1785; died 7 Dec 1861 in Chesterfield, NH; buried  in Spoffard Cem, Chesterfield, NH(Gs. ae 76 yrs). She married  JOHN SANDERSON. 
	44	xi	MARY3 HILL married  SETH POMEROY. 

10. BARNABUS2 COMBS (REUBEN1), born 8 Oct 1759 in Douglas, Worcester Co., MA; died abt. 1792 in Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH. He married (1)  DEZIAH (---), died abt. 1784. He married (2) on 17 Oct 1785, MATILDA PARRY. 
	On 25 June 1792 Matilda COOMBS & Enoch STOWELL, both of Winchester and
Levi ALDRICH of Richmond gave bond for the estate of Barnabus COOMBS late of
Winchester.  The estate was inventoried by Dan CAHOON, Eleazer RIPLEY & Jeriah
HAWKINS on ? June 1792 and amounted to L10:7:6.  On 22 June 1792 widow Matilda
COOMBS was given an allowance out of the estate of her late husband for "the
upholding of the lives of herself & children" not named (Cheshire PR
#77). On 9 Aug. 1791 Barnabus COMBS of Chesterfield, NH had sold land in
Chesterfield to Ebenezer SCOTT 3rd of that town. The land consisted of 50 acres
and was l/2 of the lot of Lot #1 4th range where Barnabus lived, recorded 15
Aug (Cheshire LR 17:498).

	Children of BARNABUS COMBS and DEZIAH (---) (Winchester VRS)
	45	i	DEZIAH3 COMBS, born 16 Jul 1783 in Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH.m Thomas Howard 1803 Winchester, NH (VR) 
	46	ii	BARNABUS3 COMBS, born 16 Jul 1783 in Winchester, NH. 

11. THANKFUL2 COMBS (REUBEN1), born 23 May 1762 in Douglas, Worcester Co., MA; died abt. 1797/98 in Dudley, Worcester Co., MA. She married on 31 May 1781 in WARD, MA, WILLIAM VINTON (VR), born 5 Aug 1760 in Dudley, MA; son of Joseph & Hannah Vinton,  died 19 Dec 1835, ae 75 in Dudley, MA (VR). William Vinton m2 6 Mar 1799 in Dudley, MA (VR)   DOLLY SABIN born 24 June 1776 Dudley, MA  daughter of Joseph  & Susannah Sabin, d Dudley, MA 29 Sept 1847 ae 71-3-5  (Dudley VR born & bur Southbridge)  Children  (Dudley, MA VRS) i. Rhoda b 16 Oct 1799, ii. Charles b 16 Mar 1802, iii. Hannah b 22 Feb 1805, iv. David b 1813 

	47	i	Tryphena3 Vinton, born 6 Aug 1782 in Dudley, Ma; died 28 Jul 1844. 
	48	ii	Thankful3 Vinton, born 23 May 1786 in Dudley, Ma. 
	49	iii	William3 Vinton, born 23 Aug 1788 in Dudley, Ma. 
	50	iv	Ezra3 Vinton, born 23 Feb 1791 in Dudley, Ma. 
	51	v	Ithamar3 Vinton, born 25 Apr 1793 in Dudley, Ma. 
	52	vi	Leonard3 Vinton, born 15 Jul 1795 in Dudley, Ma. 

14. REUBEN Jr2 COMBS (REUBEN1), born 20 May 1767 in Douglas, Worcester Co., MA; died abt. 1837 (Worcester PR 13505). He married (1) on 26 Aug 1788 in Northbridge, MA, NANCY BASSETT (VR), died 16 Jul 1820, ae 52 in HOLDEN, MA (VR). He married (2) on 12 Dec 1821 in HOLDEN, MA, MARY (Ballou) CALLAM, (VR) born abt. 1786 (calculated 1850 MA cn Worcester Co. Holden, ae 64, 284 with Lyman Callam);  Living 1850 (ibid). 
	Reuben served in the War of 1812 as a private  in Page's Command, Mass. Militia (War of 1812 Muster Rolls Vol. 44:602)
	On 7 Nov 1837 Mary Combs widow of Reuben applied for her dower rights. She requested that Samuel DAMON, Charles CHAFFIN & Samuel D. GREENWOOD be appraisers of the land.  Paul DAVIS was appointed administrator of the estate which consisted of real property consisting of a pew in the Congregational Meetinghouse, a part of a dwelling house and barn, mowing pasture and tillage land in Holden, MA.  His real estate was valued at $1825,personal estate $515.74. Debts and widow's allowance with administration charges amounted to $167.53 (Worcester PR 13505).  
	In one of  Reubens probate papers  there is a very faint notation as follows: "I take note of the above (document refers to Mary's dower rights) as guardian of four? five? minors.s/ William J. Callam  Worcester Co. Probate Index gives under date of 1837 the following all of the Town of Holden: Guardianship records for Ezra Combs #13492, Nancy #13502, Royal #13509, Simeon E. #13511   Mary had at least four children by her first husband Royal Callum i. Lyman bc 1806, ii. William J. bc 1808, iii. Mary A. bc 1810, Hannah b 8 Feb. 1817 Northbridge, MA (VR).

	Children of REUBEN Jr. COMBS and NANCY BASSETT (Holden, MA VRS)
	53	i	CARREL3 COMBS, born 12 Feb 1789 in Sutton, MA. He married  CHLOE (---). See Holden MA births
	54	ii	REUBEN second3 COMBS, born 8 Apr 1794 in Northbridge, MA; buried 28 Oct 1874 ae 80-6-20 in Plainville Cem. Plainville, MA.(gs) He married on 1 Jun 1816 in Holden, MA, PERMELIA KYES (VR),Permelia was  buried 26 Mar 1859, ae 67 Yrs in Plainville Cem Plainville MA (gs). 
	55	iii	OBED3 COMBS, born 10 Aug 1798 in Northbridge, MA; died 14 Mar 1813, ae 14 in Holden, MA (VR) 
	56	iv	NANCY  B.3 COMBS, born 16 Jan 1801 in Northbridge, MA; died 28 Apr 1823, ae 22 in Holden, MA (VR). She married on 2 Feb 1823 in Holden, MA, ENOCH GROVER (VR). 

	Children of REUBEN Jr. COMBS and MARY (Ballou) CALLAM (Worcester PR Guardianship Records #13492, #13509, #13511, #13502
	57	i	EZRA3 Combs, born abt. 1822; died 21 Dec 1902 in RI., ae 74 yrs (Rhode Island Deaths on line). He married on 5 Apr 1843 in Holden, MA, NANCY GREENLEAF (VR). 
	58	ii	Royal3 Combs, born abt. 1824(1850 cn MA Worcester 2d Ward,ae 26, 121)  
	59	iii	SIMION E.3 COMBS, born abt. 1826.(Ibid, ae 24, 119) 
	60	iv	NANCY3 COMBS 

15. ITHAMAR2 COMBS (REUBEN1), born 28 Oct 1769 in Douglas, Worcester Co., MA; died 06 Oct 1848, ae 78 in Woodstock, CT (VR). He married on 28 Mar 1793 in Woodstock, CT, JOANNA CHAMBERLAIN (VR), born 19 Feb 1770 in Woodstock, CT (VR), died 30 May 1846 (Clarence Winthrop Bowen, The History of Woodstock Connecticut, {Norwood,MA, Plymton Press, 1932} 4:51), daughter of Abiel & Grace (Ainsworth) Chamberlain  . 

	61	i	RENSSELAER CHAMBERLAIN3 COMBS, born 19 Mar 1794 in Woodstock, Ct. 
	62	ii	POLLY3 COMBS, born 28 Nov 1795 in Woodstock, Ct. 
	63	iii	WILLIAM3 COMBS, born 13 Jan 1798 in Woodstock, Ct. 
	64	iv	ABIEL3 COMBS, born 29 Auy 18?? in Woodstock, Ct. 
	65	v	HULDAH3 COMBS, born 19 Apr 1803 in Woodstock, Ct. 
	66	vi	WILLIAM3 COMBS, born 7 Jun 1806 in Woodstock, Ct. 
	67	vii	PAMELA GROVES3 COMBS, born 24 Oct 1809 in Woodstock, Ct. 

Generation 3

25. LYDIA3 COMBS (ANTHONY sr2, REUBEN1), born 6 Apr 1784 in Douglas, Worcester Co., MA; living 1850 with family of David Trask (1850 NH cn Cheshire Co., Winchester, ae 66, 28). She is probably buried in Rixford Cem. as her name without dates is on a plaque with her father and sister Phebe.  She married (1)  JOEL SIBLEY. (Frank Munsell, A Genealogy of the  Munsell Family {Albany, NY, Joel Munsell & Sons, 1884} 238 She married (2)  probably between before 1820  ROBERT  PRENTISS.  A notice dated 6 June 1837  was placed in the Keene Sentinel for anyone wih claims to the estate of Robert Prentiss late of Winchester to come forward and meet at the dwelling house of  Lydia Prentiss in Winchester. (Keene Sentinel 14 Aug. 1837).   Robert was  born 13 Oct 1770 (C. J. F. Binney, The  History & Genealogy of  the Prentice or Prentiss Family in New England {Boston, Binney. 1862} 339).  He died  Winchester, NH 5 July 1836, ae 65 (Keene Sentinel,  14 Aug. 1836).  Robert married (1) SUSAN WRIGHT in Winchester, NH 30 Jan. 1792 (NEHG, VRS of Winchester, NH 37:397) She was born 27 Feb. 1774 (Binney, 339) and probably died before 1820. There were children by  this marrage. 
          ROBERT PRENTISS  1820 NH cn Winchester 1 male under 10, 1 male 45 & upwards,1 female 10-16 (step-dau. Lucy C. Sibley?), 1 female 26 - 45 (wife Lydia Prentiss?) , l female 45 & upwards (motherL  Lydia Combs?)

           ROBERT PRENTISS  1830 NH cn Winchester 1 male 50 - 60, 2 females 5 -10, 1 female 20-30. 1 female 40 - 50, 1 female 70 - 80                                                 

             LYDIA PRENTISS 1840 NH cn Winchester, 2 females 15 - 26, 1 female  50 - 60

	68	i	LUCY COMBS4 SIBLEY, born Winchester,NH c20 Aug. 805 ; died Keene, NH 20 Dec.1889, ae 84 yrs, 4 mos.(Death record - Keene Public Lib.) She is buried  in Rixford Cem..(gravestone) She married as second wiie ELISHA MUNSELL in Swanzey, NH 8 Sept. 1834 (Munsell, 238)   He was son of HEZEKIAH MUNSELL & IRENE BISSELL, born East Windsor, CT 11 Mar. 1792 & died 22 June 1869 (Ibid & gravestone, Rixford Cem.) 

26. ANTHONY Jr3 COMBS (ANTHONY Sr2, REUBEN1), born 6 Nov 1791 in Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH; died 6 Apr 1872 in Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH; (Keene Sentinel 18 Apr 1872, AE 81).  He married (1) on 12 Apr 1812 in Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH, ABIGAIL ALDRICH,(VR)  born c2 Oct 1791/92 in Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH (calculated gs); died 27 Jan 1840 in Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH; buried  in Rixford  Cem., Winchester, NH (gs 48-8-25). He married (2)  MARTHA COY BATES (Mrs. Daniel Hehoux of Hubbardston, MA) Martha was alive on 20 Oct. 1851 when she and Anthony COMBS of Winchester, NH sold land in Winchester containing 1/2 piece of 30 acres to Jeroini? FIELD of Winchester, recorded 30 Oct.  (Cheshire Deeds 172:59).  Martha is not shown in Anthony's household in the 1860 Census of Winchester, NH, Page 247, Family #55/57.  Anthony is listed as head of the household with Martha age 18 and Ruth age 16.
	On 5 Feb. 1812 Anthony COMBS of Winchester, Yeoman, for the sum of $30.00
purchased land in the west part of the town of Swansey containing 7-3/4 acres
from David TWITCHELL of Swanzey, recorded 15 June 1820 (Cheshire LRS  83:336).
	On 11 July 1817 Anthony COMBS of Winchester purchased land in that town from
Stephen FRANKLIN of Winchester containing 16-3/4 acres, recorded 13 Apr. 1828
(Cheshire Deeds 111:130).  These are but two of the many land transactions in
which Anthony COMBS was involved. On 27 Apr. 1833 Anthony of Winchester
mortgaged land in Winchester which was on the road near Combs Bridge being land Anthony then occupied.  There was a dwelling house, barn and cooper's shop on the premises.  The mortgage was held by James WILSON of Keene, NH and was paid off 23 Oct. 1838 (Cheshire Mort. 121:123).  This was the first of Anthony's several mortgage proceedings.
	Anthony COMBS Jr's Last will and Testament is dated 13 May 1867.  The
document was never proved as the witnesses claimed they were not present when
the testator signed the document.  Anthony's probate file consists of several
documents but when the case was finally settled the estate was declared
insolvent.  The second item in Anthony's will reads "to my children Lucy A.
PAUL, Cynthia DAVIS, George W. COMBS, Reuben H. COMBS, Amos D. COMBS, William J. COMBS, Almira A. BAKER, Martha SMITH & Ruth R. NASH I give nothing." Anthony Jr. appointed Ellery ALBIE & George W. COMBS executors of his estate and his will directed them to keep all property he died seized of in their hands for the term of ten years after which time the said property was to be divided among his living grandchildren including VanBuren COMBS and Ida COMBS children of Mrs. STEVENS and said to be the children of my son Amos D. COMBS. His executors were also to provide a suitable gravestone for Anthony's last wife now deceased.  Witnesses to the will were Lockhart RIPLEY, William LEONARD & Charles GOLDSBURY (Cheshire PR, File C-887).

	Children of ANTHONY Jr. COMBS and ABIGAIL ALDRICH (Winchester VRS):
+	69	i	LUCY A.4 COMBS, born 16 Sep 1812 in Winche`ster, Cheshire Co., NH. She married NATHAN L. PAUL. 
+	70	ii	CYNTHIA ANN4 COMBS, born 28 Jul 1814 in Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH. She married AMOS DAVIS. 
+	71	iii	GEORGE Washington4 COMBS, born 24 Nov 1815 in Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH. He married (1) ABIGAIL BAKER. He married (2) MARY DANFORTH. He married (3) SARAH F. FRINK. 
+	72	iv	CALVIN4 COMBS, born 14 Aug 1816 in Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH. He married DELIA TAYLOR. 
+	73	v	AMOS DAVID4 COMBS, born 20 Oct 1821 in Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH. He married MARY LAWS. 
	74	vi	HARRIET4 COMBS, born 22 Mar 1824 in Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH. 
+	75	vii	REUBEN H.4 COMBS, born 28 Apr 1825 in Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH. He married (1) HANNAH W. GUELLOW. He married (2) MARTHA (---). 
	76	viii	HARRIET M.4 COMBS, born 19 May 1827 in Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH; buried 21 Apr 1846 in Rixford Cem., Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH. 
+	77	ix	WILLIAM4 COMBS, born 11 Nov 1828 in Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH. He married ELIZA ANN DOOLITTLE. 
	78	x	LYDIA4 COMBS, born 4 Jun 1830 in Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH.   Lydia was not mentioned in her father's will.
	79	xi	ELMIRA4 COMBS, born 21 Jul 1833 in Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH. She married  SUMNER BAKER, buried 1911 in Woodland Cem., Keene, NH. 

	Children of ANTHONY Jr. COMBS and MARTHA COY BATES (Winchester VRS)
	80	i	MARTHA4 COMBS, born 6 Mar 1842 in Winchester, NH; died 5 Nov 1876 in Winchester, NH (VRS). She married (1) Mr.  SMITH. She married (2)  NELSON B. NORCROSS.   Martha's death certificate #730, Concord NH VR, gives  father's name as Anthony COMBS,  mother's name not given.  She was born Winchester, married,  housekeeper, died as a result of an abortion Had son Charles by SMITH, son Frank by NORCROSS (1870 NH Cn Winchester,809, ae 7,ae 6)
	81	ii	CHILD4 COMBS, born 2 May 1843 in Winchester, NH;  prob. died young. 
+	82	iii	RUTH4 COMBS, born 10 Mar 1844 in Winchester, NH. She married OLIVER L. NASH. 
	83	iv	CHILD4 COMBS, born 24 Jun 1845 in Winchester, NH;  d young. 

                     Generation 4

69. LUCY A.4 COMBS (ANTHONY jr3, ANTHONY sr2, REUBEN1), born 16 Sep 1812 in Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH; died 19 May 1865 & buried Rixford Cem.)  in Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH (gs). She married  NATHAN L. PAUL,born 12 June 1812  died 31 Mar 1864 in Winchester, NH, buried  in Rixford Cem., Winchester, NH (gs). 

	Children of LUCY A. COMBS and NATHAN L. PAUL A (Martha McDanolds Frizzel, History of Walpole New Hampshire, Walpole Hist. Society, Walpole, 1963, 2:225)  & 1850 NH Cheshire Co. Walpole, ):

	84	i	MARY E.5 PAUL, born abt. 1833. 
	85	ii	LUCY M.5 PAUL, born 25 Jul 1836; died 28 Nov 1865; buried  in 
                              Rixford  Cem. Winchester, NH (gs). 
	86	iii	LAURA5 PAUL, born abt. 1839. 
	87	iv	JAMES M.5 PAUL, born abt. 1842. 
	88	v	HENRY P.5 PAUL, born abt. 1845. 
	89	vi	JULIA P.5 PAUL, born abt. 1848. 

70. CYNTHIA ANN4 COMBS (ANTHONY jr3, ANTHONY sr2, REUBEN1), born 28 Jul 1814 in Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH; died 19 Jan 1870 in Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH; buried  in Rixford  Cem., Winchester, NH (gs ae 55-6-7). She married on 5 Apr 1832 in Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH, AMOS DAVIS, born 22 Nov 1808 in Eastport, Washington Co., Maine; died 13 Sep 1886 in Westport, Cheshire Co., NH; buried  in Rixford  Cem., Winchester, NH (gs ae 77-9-22).  SEE DAVIS FAMILY BY COMPILER 

	Children of CYNTHIA ANN COMBS and AMOS DAVIS were as follows:
	90	i	CEYLON S.5 DAVIS, born 12 Mar 1833 in Westmoreland, Cheshire  
	91	ii	CHARLES E.5 DAVIS, born 5 Jan 1835 in Winhall, VT 
	92	iii	JANE ELIZABETH5 DAVIS, born abt. 1837
	93	iv	MARTIN VAN BUREN5 DAVIS, born 6 Jan 1839 in Westmoreland, 
	94	v	GEORGE W.5 DAVIS, born abt. 1860; . 
	95	vi	SOPHIA ELECTRA5 DAVIS, born 30 Oct 1844/45 in Walpole, Cheshire Co., NH; 
	96	vii	LAURA ANN5 DAVIS, born 5 Sep 1843 in Syracuse, Onondaga Co.,.
	97	viii	ORVILLE FRANCIS5 DAVIS, born 21 Nov 1845 in , Onondaga Co., 
	98	ix	BYRON V.5 DAVIS, born 7 Sep 1847 in , Onondaga Co., NY
	99	x	JOHN WESLEY5 DAVIS, born abt. 1851 in Walpole, Cheshire Co., NH; died aft. 1900. 
	100	xi	ELLA MARIA5 DAVIS, born 2 Nov 1853;  
	101	xii	WALLACE HERBERT5 DAVIS, born 6 Mar 1857 in Westport, Cheshire Co., NH.
	102	xiii	HARVEY ROBERT5 DAVIS, born abt. 1860/61 in Swanzey, NH. 
	103	xiv	FREDERIC J.5 DAVIS   Frederic J. was on a list of AMOS DAVIS' children from the mother of Mrs. Georgia GREBENSTEIN of Reading, MA, now deceased.  No other information on Frederic.
	104	xv	CHILD5 DAVIS   AMOS & CYNTHIA DAVIS were supposed to have been the parents of 15 children. I have found records of 14 but there may have been another child who died young or as an infant.

71. GEORGE Washington4 COMBS (ANTHONY Jr3, ANTHONY Sr2, REUBEN1), born 24 Nov 1815 in Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH; died 17 Feb 1890 and is bur Evergreen Cem. Winchester,NH (gs. ae 74-2-21) He married (1) in 1839, ABIGAIL BAKER, died 18 Mar 1846 in Winchester, NH, (gs Op Cit ae 37).  He married (2)  MARY DANFORTH, 4 Jan. 1847 in Brattleboro, VT (Keene Sentinel 20 Jan. 1847- In Brattleboro,Jan.4 Mr. George  W. Combs of Winchester  to Miss Mary Danforth of Swanzey) died 9 Jan. 1861 i (gs Op Cit ae 42 yrs) He married (3)  SARAH F. FRINK, died 15 Nov 1908,  (gs Op Cit ae 72-4-16). 
	George W. COMBS' will was dated 18 Dec. 1885 and proved 3 Feb. 1890. He
lived in Winchester, NH and his will mentions that he had previously provided
for his sons George W. Jr., Stephen B. & Lewis C. COMBS.  His estate was
bequeathed to his sons Charles H. & Earl A. COMBS who were to maintain &
support his wife and their mother Sarah F. COMBS.  They were also to support
George W.'s daughter Clara A. COMBS during her minority or until her
marriage. William HAMMOND was executor of the estate and the will was witnessed
by George K. SNOW, Webster L. RIXFORD & J.M. FORBES.

	Children of GEORGE Washington COMBS and ABIGAIL BAKER  (Family Records       of Robert M. Coombs of Tempe, AZ):
	105	i	GEORGE WASHINGTON Jr5 COMBS, born abt. 1842. 
	106	ii	STEPHEN B.5 COMBS, born abt. 1844. 
	107	iii	LEWIS CARROLL COMBS, born 17 Jun 1846 in Winchester, Cheshire Co. NH; died 19 May 1899 in West Dummerston, Vt. 

	Children of GEORGE Washington COMBS and SARAH F. FRINK were as follows:
	109	ii	EARL A.5 COMBS 
	110	iii	CLARA .5 COMBS 

72. CALVIN4 COMBS (ANTHONY jr3, ANTHONY sr2, REUBEN1), born 14 Aug 1816 in Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH; buried 2 Aug 1856 in Rixford Cem., Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH (gs ae 39). He married  DELIA TAYLOR,  (death certificate of Ella M.Combs Baldwin, his dau. gives Delia's maiden name (Death VR  Arlington, WA  8 Mar 1925) Delia died 1876 & bur Middletown  Cem. Richmond,  NH.  Delia m2 Mr. Handy.   

      1850 MA cn, Worcester Co. Dana, .329a COMBS, Calvin ae 33, farmer,  b NH, Delia ae 31, b NH, Lucius ae 5 NH, Lomira, ae 05 NH, Edwin, ae 6/12 b VT 
       1860 cn  Cheshire,  Richmond, Page 41 HANDY:  Delia HANDY, age 41 COMBS - Frederick E., age 7, Lomira,  age 13, and Ella M., age 5.

	Children of CALVIN COMBS and DELIA TAYLOR were as follows:
	111	i	LUCIUS5 COMBS, born abt. 1845
.     112	ii	LOMIRA COMBS  born abt 1847
	113	iii	FREDERICK E5 COMBS, born abt. 1850. 
	114	iv	ELLA M5 COMBS, born 15 Feb 1855 in Swanzey, Nh; died 8 Mar 1925 in Arlington, WA.married John R. Baldwin Winchester, NH 4 July 1883 (Mar.Certificate)  
73. AMOS DAVID4 COMBS (ANTHONY jr3, ANTHONY sr2, REUBEN1), born 20 Oct 1821 in Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH; died 23 Mar 1903 in Chester Howard Co. Iowa. He married on 6 Jun 1859 in Vernon Springs, Iowa,(Pension)  MARY LAWS, daughter of JOSIAH LAWS & ELLEN  born England Apr 1844 (1900 NH cn, Cheshire Co., Winchester,17).   
Amos David Combs took his wife Mary Laws west by train to Chicago, IL. She was but 14 years old at the time of their marriage. He held her in his lap so that she could go half fare on the train. He was in the insurance business in Chicago and was ruined by the Chicago fire.  They returned to Winchester after the fire and purchased the old Forbes house which was on the corner of Warwick & South Main St.  They lived there about one year when the house burned because of a defective chimney.  Mary Combs was at the creamery at the time and escaped the flames.  The house with the exception of the L and the barn was completely destroyed.  The property was purchased by Edward Bent who in the 1900s sold it to Irwin Walter Combs.  After the house was burned, Amos & Mary returned to the west (family records of Nadine(Combs)  Hogan of Binghamton, NY  

Anthony Combs jr mentioned in his willl, his grandchildren VanBuren & Ida Combs reputed  to be children of his son Amos David Combs and Mrs.Stephens.  In the 1850 census of Winchester, Cheshire Co. NH, Family #13, page 28 Amos D. Combs, ae 29, farmer is residing with Seraph Stevens, ae 35 and four of her children Rosanna, ae 17, Sarah, ae 14; George ae 11, and Martha, ae 9.  Van Buren Stephens, ae 01 also resides in the household with others.  In the 1880 cn of Howard  Co.Town of Chester Iowa Van Buren Combs ae 30 and his family resided with Amos D. Combs (page 13).

	Amos D. COMBS served in the Civil War in the Union forces.  He enlisted in NH
6th Regiment, Co. F. on 30 Nov. 1861 in Winchester, a resident of Swanzey, NH,
age 40, with the rank of First Lt. He was appointed Captain 29 Apr. 1862 and
discharged at Newport News, VA 2 Aug. 1862 by reason of disability due to a
fall while attempting to cross a rail fence and suffering an injury to his left
testicle.  Amos re-enlisted in the New Hampshire 14th Regiment , Co. C. on 27
Aug. 1862, age 41 as a private. His enlistment was credited to the Town of
Swanzey.  He was appointed Captain on the 9th of October 1862 and dismissed
from service 14 Nov. 1863.  Amos applied for a pension in Des Moines, Iowa on
13 May 1880.  He stated that he was 67 years old, 5'8" tall, light complexion,
dark hair and blue eyes.  He further stated he was injured in the line of duty
at the Battle of Camden, NC.  He said that he was a merchant and that at the
time of his enlistment in the service he was a farmer.  He also said he had ten
living children (Pension Record #496068).
	The following is a letter Amos David COMBS written  to his father in 1841 and was
given to me by Mrs. Nadine Hogan of Binghamton, NY.:
	Townshend, VT June 19, 1841
	Honored Father
	The busy senes of the day haveing closed, the laborers haveing gathered
under the roofs of their employers and the birds haveing betook themselves to places
of retirement, and the shades of night haveing spread itself over our
landscape, I find myself seated at my stand with all the impliments of writing
before me, and on account of my fathers unexpected departure from home at the
time of my last visit I had thought it expedient to hold communication by use
of pen, the subject of which I am about to address my father is that of my age
because in my candied opinion as well as that of my master my term of service
is soon to close.  I had intended to have conversed with my father about this
subject when down but upon my return from Richmond he being absent from home
I finally hit upon another plan whitch I considered would put an end to all
further difficulty, that was to purchace the remainder of my time which I
attempted to do soon after my return, for which I offered 12$ per month from
that to the 20th of Oct next being about 7-1/2 months and amounting to 90$
being within 10$ of what he was to pay for my services yet he prefered to have
me stay which I have concluded to do until the above mentioned time.  When I
consider myself a free man and when my father can receive 100$ for my services,
and that to without a murmer or complaint.  I apprehend on the part of my
master that I have not earned it and under such circumstances will any father
be so ungreatful and so blind to his own interest, as well as to the interest
of the whole family as to take from his pennyless son who has never as yet
refused to obey him in any respect, the profits of a years toil and throw it
into the pocket of him who is worth his thousands, and not only that but in
consequence of the unfavorable rumors whitch it will cause to rise eventually
yea immediately destroy my reputation which I have so long labored and used so
much precaution to establish and restrained myself from all riotous gangs,
which would have a tendency either directly or indirectly to place a stain upon
my character, and had my father become so cold and indifferent towards his
children that he is willing to acknowledge himself the perpretrator of such a
deed and so deaf to my interest as to strike the horrid blow which will
evidently prostrate my character and can my father expect me to remain friendly
under such circumstances or can he think me so imprudent as to ingage in
warfare with him, things that my firmly fixed resolution will make the
deficiency of experience as did our noble ancestors sucessfully ingage with
their mother country, thier superior courage compensating for their inferior
number but I forbear and in the language of the inspired apostle paul I count
not to have apprehended such awful calamities to await me, but hope for better
things and trust I shall witness them, yet if my father should make the
ungeous? and ungodly attempt to prostrate my character, fancy was already flown
to some lofty eminance to its many? butifying seenes? such as the sunny south
with her extensive plantations of waveing corn her forests of cane her ___ ___
of cotton and luxurient ___ of rice fields and also the Atlantic ocean seams
to bid me come with a promice to safely convey me to any desired port in the
known world, or provide for me a grave in its bosom whose tomb stones are the
salt rock of the mighty deep and whose winding sheets are the in salt and
towering waves theirof, whitch would be far preferable to remaining here to
engage in warfare with my father.
	Morever I am convinced that the business I am now engaged in is harder than my
slender constitution will bear for the reason that my health has already become
very much impared and I am confident that another year of the like service
will wind up my hard labor for the present and I shall be obliged to launch out
upon the world without means of subsistance and unable to procure it, and
without friends to render any  assistance under a strain of adverse circumstances
brought upon me as I shall be obliged to demonstrate them wholoy? by my father,
but sufficient has already been said to express my feelings upon this important
subject and it only remains for my father to candidly consider all the facts
pertaining thereto and write to me that information which shall cause my heart
to leap with joy and exclaim my father yet__  , or to curse the roof under
which I was born and the day and hour which gave birth to my existance. I do not
wish, neither should I assume a threatning attitude and in the language of
menace attempt to frighten or drive my father into compliance with my wishes.
No father - upon the other hand, I speak to you with sincere and earnest
intreaty and in the language of our blessed saviour when in the garden of
gethseminie say O my father if this cup may not pass from me lest I drink it,
thy will be done.
	(With this saying)I draw the subject to a close, the clock haveing told the
hour of midnight and my eyes being weary I close by a request that my respects
may be given to all with whonm I have associated in my early childhood
especially those to whom I am endeared by relationship & good night Most
respectfully - I subscribe myself your obedient son David.

	Children of AMOS DAVID COMBS and MARY LAWS were as follows (pension)
	115	i	ELLA E.5 COMBS, born 1 May 1860. 
	116	ii	DAVID J.5 COMBS, born 11 Jan 1862. 
	117	iii	WILLIS S.5 COMBS, born 10 Oct 1867. 
	118	iv	ROSE A.5 COMBS, born 29 Jul 1864; died bef. 1899. 
	119	v	LEE A.5 COMBS, born 3 Sep 1869. 
	120	vi	ALMA5 COMBS, born 12 Nov 1870. 
	121	vii	MAUD L.5 COMBS, born 25 Dec 1872. 
	122	viii	MYRTLE E.5 COMBS, born 9 Jun 1875. 
	123	ix	ELMER S.5 COMBS, born 29 Jul 1877. 
	124	x	FRANK5 COMBS, born 14 Jul 1879. 

75. REUBEN H.4 COMBS (ANTHONY Jr3, ANTHONY sr2, REUBEN1), born 28 Apr 1825 in Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH; buried 29 Nov 1903, AE 78 in Middletown Cem., RICHMOND, Cheshire Co., NH. He married (1) on 7 Oct 1845 in Winchester, NH, HANNAH W. GUELLOW, born 1 Feb 1818 in Attleboro, MA; buried 1893, se 75 in Middletown Cem., Richmond, NH. He perhaps married (2)  MARTHA (---), buried 16 Jul 1896, ae 71 in Middletown Cem., Richmond,  NH. 
	Reuben H. COMBS served in the Civil War in the NH 14th Regiment, enlisted
19 Aug. 1862, mustered in 22 Sept. 1862 as a corporal being appointed Sgt. 1
Nov. 1864.  He was discharged 8 July 1865 and lived in Richmond.  He was age 36
at the time of his enlistment, born in Winchester, NH (Revised Registers of the
Soldiers & Sailors of New Hampshire in the War of the Rebellion 1861 - 1866,
New Hampshire Adj. General's Offfice 1866, Page 703).
	Children of REUBEN H. COMBS and HANNAH W. GUELLOW (VRS & Bible                                                                                                              Record owned by Rollin Harris of Springfield, MA in  1948):

	125	i	ROLAND M.5 COMBS, born 10 Aug 1846 in Winchester, NH. 
	126	ii	HENRY F.5 COMBS, born 28 Jan 1848 in Winchester, Nh. 
	127	iii	ISABELLE E.5 COMBS, born 26 Jan 1850 in Winchester, NH. 
	128	iv	ALMA.5 COMBS, born 22 Jan 1852 in Winchester, NH; died 15 Dec 1862 in Winchester, NH. 
	129	v	LUCY W.5 COMBS, born 17 May 1854 in Winchester, NH. 
	130	vi	FLORENCE A.5 COMBS, born 30 Dec 1862 in Winchester, NH. 

77. WILLIAM4 COMBS (ANTHONY jr3, ANTHONY sr2, REUBEN1), born 11 Nov 1828 in Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH; buried 17 Feb 1904 in So. Parish Cem., Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH. (Family Records of Nadine Combs Hogan of Bingamton, NY)  He married on 8 Jun 1847 in Brattleboro, VT, ELIZA ANN DOOLITTLE, born 14 Aug 1831 in Hinsdale, NH; died 1 Feb 1910 in Brattleboro, VT. 
	William served in the Civil War in the same Regiment & Company as his
brother Reuben H.  He enlisted in Winchester at the age of 33 and was mustered
in 22 Sept. 1862 as private.  He was mustered out of the service on 8 July 1865
and was a resident of W. Dummerston, VT (NH Soldiers & Sailors, 703).

	Children of WILLIAM COMBS and ELIZA ANN DOOLITTLE  (VRS & Nadine Hogan)
	131	i	ELLEN AUGUSTA5 COMBS, born 18 May 1848 in Winchester, NH; died 26 Aug 1849 in Swanzey, NH. 
	132	ii	ALVIN HENRY5 COMBS, born 17 Sep 1849 in Winchester, Cheshire Co. NH. 
	133	iii	WALTER WILLIAM COMBS, born 29 Nov 1850 in Winchester, NH. 
	134	iv	HERBERT IRWIN5 COMBS, born 9 May 1855 in Hinsdale, NH. 
	135	v	WILSON ELIPHALET5 COMBS, born 17 Sep 1858 in Hinsdale, NH. 
	136	vi	CARRIE ELIZA5 COMBS, born 10 Oct 1860 in Winchester, NH. 

82. RUTH4 COMBS (ANTHONY jr3, ANTHONY sr2, REUBEN1), born 10 Mar 1844 in Winchester, NH; died 17 Mar 1882 in Winchester, NH. She married on 1 Feb 1865 in Brattleboro, VT (VR), OLIVER L. NASH, died 11 Jul 1904  Troy, NH (Pension #18007). 
	Oliver served in the Civil War in NH 6th Regiment, Co. F.  He served at
Bull Run where he was shot in the right hand which caused the loss of his
thumb for which he received a pension (Pension Record #18007)
     Children of RUTH COMBS and OLIVER L. NASH were as follows (ibid):
	137	i	ALICE M.5 NASH, born 17 Jun 1866. 
	138	ii	HENRY J.5 NASH, born 2 Mar 1867. 
	139	iii	CALVIN A.5 NASH