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                       First Generation

	1.	JOHN CORPE may be the John Corpe born 2 Mar. 1654 Pitcombe, Somersret, England to
JOHN & MARGARET CORPE.1 He died on 1 Nov 1691 in Bristol, Bristol Co., RI.2

John Corpe served in several jobs for the Town of Bristol.  On 18 Nov. 1680 "John Corps was chosen
pound-keeper, and digger of graves, likewise he is chosen Sweeper of Meetinghouse and Ringer of the Bell, and
the Selectmen are to agree with him by the year."3   After John's death his wife evidently took over some of her
husband's duties for on 18 Jan. 1692, it was voted at a Bristol Town Meeting that Widow Corps "shall have three
pounds for this year, it being for ringing the bell for Sabbath days and Town meetings and also for sweeping the
meeting house; the year beginning Nov 18th 1691.4

On 7 Nov. 1683 an ear mark for swine was registered for John Corps.5

A census was taken of "All the Families in New Bristol and children and servants" in the Year 1689, 11 Feb.,
when it was in the State of Massachusetts and part of Plymouth County.  Goodman Corpeís household consisted of
one wife, three children and zero servants.6

On 12 March 1702 the inventory of John Corpeís real estate was taken and amounted to L95 for house and
adjoining land, to acres & orchard (L45); 10 acres lot (L40); and commonage (L5).  On 13 Apr. 1702 an agreement
was made between John Corpe Jr.  & John Corpe Sr's widow Deliverance, the now wife of John Gereardy of 
Warwick, RI whereby she was to have L35 for life, for her portion and L7 now as her due for four years to come.7

JOHN married DELIVERANCE BROWN, daughter of WILLIAM BROWN  about 1678.
Deliverance died after 1702. SEE BROWN FAMILY WITHIN

Deliverance m2 JOHN GEREARDY  say 1694.  John was probably the son of JAN and
RENEWED GEREARDY8 Children9 i. John b 22 Dec 1695/6, ii. Sweet b Warwick, RI 15 May


	2	M	i.	JOHN Jr. CORPE was born on 18 Mar 1679 in
Boston, Ma11 and was christened on 24 Apr 1691 in Church of Christ, Bristol,
RI. He died about 1757. when an inventory was taken of his estate 27 Sept. 1757.12

JOHN Jr. married PATIENCE GORTON on 18 Oct 1711.13

	3	M	ii	HOPE CORPE was born on 8 Nov 1681 in Bristol, RI. He died after 4 Dec.
1762 when he made his will and 20 Sept. 1765 when the will was proved
MADELINE HAWKINS. Madeline died before 176215 Children16 i. John, ii.
Jeremiah, iii. William, iv. Joseph, v. Phoebe,  vi. Deliverance

	4	F	iii.ANNE CORPE was born on 23 Feb 1683/1684 in Bristol, RI and was
christened on 24 Apr 1691 in Church of Christ, Bristol, RI.

	5	F	iv.MARY CORPE was born on 2 Nov 1685 in Bristol, Bristol Co., RI. She died
on 5 Jul 1764 in Scituate, Providence Co., RI.

MARY married SAMUEL BATES on 23 Jan 1711 in Bristol, Bristol Co., RI.
Samuel died on 9 Apr 1746 in Scituate, Providence Co., RI. SEE BATES

	6	F	v.	ELIZABETH CORPE was born on 14 Mar 1688 in Bristol, RI and was
christened on 24 Apr 1691 in Church of Christ, Bristol, RI.

	7	F	vi.	SARAH CORPE was born on 30 Nov 1690 in Bristol, RI and was
christened on 24 Apr 1691 in Church of Christ, Bristol, RI.


                           First Generation

	1.	WILLIAM BROWN died in Aug 1689 in Bristol, RI.17

William Brown was an early member of the First Congregational Church of
Bristol, RI where he was received as a member before 12 June 1695 and removed 3 Dec. 1683 .18

In the 1688/89 Census of Bristol G (Goodman) Browne had in his household, 0 wife; 3 children and 0
servants.19Perhaps Jemima was his second wife.

He may be the William Brown who had an ear mark for swine in Bristol, RI on 16 Mar 1682/83.20   

William BROWN'S last will and testament was dated 6 Aug. 1689 in the Colony of New plimouth & County of Bristol.  He
was called husbandman.  To "the widow Jinnine 40/-; to my daughter Hannah Maishfield; to Mary Backaway two acres lot
of land at Bristol to be delivered on the day of her marriage, or when she is 21 years old, also one half of share of commonage;
to Susanna HAMMOND all my swine, and the corn on the land of William Thorpe planted by said Brown and one bushel of
English corn; to Deliverance Corps a great Cubbard now standing in my dwelling house".  John Corps was appointed executor
and the document was witnessed by John Cary, John Smith and Richard Smith.  Inventory of the estate was taken 8 Aug. 1689
by George Waldron and Richard  Smith amounted to L31.5s and sworn to by John Corps21

            WILLIAM married (1) LYDIA PARCHMENT  11 Apr. 1656 Boston, MA  ???????22

WILLIAM married (2)  JEMIMA WILLIAMS23.(surmised)



	3	F	ii.MARY BROWN. married Mr. BACKAWAY 26

	4	F	iii.SUSANNA BROWN died on 17 Jan 1731 in Bristol, RI.27
Sosanna married (1) Mr. BRADLEY before 1683.28
Susanna also married (2) EDWARD HAMMOND on 5 Jan 1683/1684 in Bristol,
RI.29  Edward died in Jan 1717 in Bristol, RI.30 Children: i. William b. 31 Dec.
1685, ii. Edward b. 31 Dec. 1687 iii. Margaret b. 24 June 1690, iv. Martha b 10
Mar. 1694/9531

	5	F	iv.	DELIVERANCE BROWN died after 1702.32
DELIVERANCE married (1) JOHN CORPE about 1678. John died on 1 Nov
1691 in Bristol, Bristol Co., RI. She m2 JOHN GEREARDY 

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