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1. HENRY1 CUNLIFFE, born 1620 in England; died 14 Sep 1673 in Northampton,
Hampshire Co., MA1. He married  SUSANNA (---), died 19 Nov 1675 in Northampton,
Hampshire Co., MA2. 
	Henry & Elizabeth Cunliffe were members of the Dorchester MA Church in 1636.3
Elizabeth may be a mistake for wife Susannah or perhaps she was a first wife. In 1643
Susan Cunliffe dismissed to church at Northampton.4  Henry was present at a church
meeting in Northampton on 17 Dec 1653.5  On 28 Apr 1661 Henry & Susannah were
dismissed to the church at Northampton.6 Henry was a freeman in Massachusetts in
	Henry Cunliffe was a resident of Dorchester prior to 17008. He was a founder of the
First Church of Northampton where he signed the covenant 4 Sept 1661. He was
ranked as one among the "seven pillars of the church". Henry served in the town
offices of selectman and commissioner to end small causes.9 
	An action of defamation was brought against Henry by Francis Hacklinton who "in
Sayinge he is a man of noe good report" at a Springfield Court of 1660.10
	Henry Cunliffe's will was dated 29 July 1669. He left his house and lands to his wife
Susan Cunliffe. After her death the property was to be equally divided between his
grandsons John & Henry Webb, sons of his daughter Susan Webb. He bequeathed to
Warham Mather
 the son of Mr. Eleazer Mather, Pastor of the church in Northampton, in testimony of his
profound respect for his progenitors and in particular his grandfather Mr. Richard
Mather, a legacy of five pounds. He also left money for a free school in Northampton.
On 10 Oct. 1673 Mehad Pomeroy took an inventory of Henry's estate which amounted
to 96-01-00.11
	Susan Cunliffe willed her estate to her son-in-law John Webb, his wife Susan &
their children.12  
 	 	Child of HENRY CUNLIFFE and SUSANNA (---) 13
+	2	i	SUSANNA2 CUNLIFFE, born 15 Mar 1644/45 in Dorchester, Suffolk
Co., MA. She married (2) JOHN II WEBB. She married (1)

                            Generation 2

2. SUSANNA2 CUNLIFFE (HENRY1), born 15 Mar 1644/45 in Dorchester, Suffolk Co.,
MA; died 30 Oct. 1735, ae 90 in Northampton, Hampshire Co., MA14. She married (2)
on 12 Dec 1665 in Northampton, Hampshire Co., MA15, JOHN II WEBB, born abt. 1642
in Boston, Suffolk Co., MA; died 3 Apr 1720 in Northampton, Hampshire Co., MA, son
of JOHN I WEBB and ANN BASSETT16.  She married (1)  on 16 Jul 1663 in
Northampton, Ma, MATTHEW COLE17, died 28 Apr 1665 "killed by lightning" in
Northampton, Ma. 
	Prior to her marriage to Matthew Cole Susannah Cunliffe was engaged to ELDAD
POMEROY who died 22 May 1662 in Northampton, MA and willed her part of his
property.18 Eldad was born Feb. 1630 in Plymouth, Co. Devon, England son of
Eltweed Pomeroy. He died 22 May 1662 in Northampton, MA19  
At a court held at Springfield on 30 Sept. 1662, Susannah Cunliffe, daughter of Henry
Cunliffe of Northampton complained against Medad Pomeroy, executor of the last will
and testament of Eldad Pomeroy late of Northampton, saying that she did not receive
what was bequeathed to her to the value of twenty pounds or thereabout. She withdrew
the action Pomeroy agreeing to put the matter to reference.20

	On 27 Mar 1665 John & Susannah Webb made an agreement with her parents
regarding the estate of Matthew Cole and his small daughter Lydia.21

	3	i	JOHN III3 WEBB, born 8 Jan 1667 in Northampton, Hampshire, MA

      4         ii.     HENRY WEBB, born 27 Nov 1668 in Northampton, MA; died
	5	iii	ANNA3 WEBB, born 24 Feb 1670/71 in Northampton, MA
	6	iv	EBENEZER3 WEBB, born 8 May 1673 in Northampton, MA
	7	v	SARAH3 WEBB, born 28 Dec 1675 in Northampton, MA. 
	8	vi	MINDWELL3 WEBB, born 31 May 1678 in Northampton, MA. 
	9	vii	MARY3 WEBB, born 20 Aug 1681 in Northampton, MA. 
	10	viii	THANKFUL3 WEBB, born 21 Apr 1684 in Northampton, MA

	11	i	Lydia3 Cole, born 22 Jul 1664 in Northampton, MA. 

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