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                      CIVIL WAR VETERANS  
Amos Davis, four of his sons, three sons-in-law and four brothers-in-law and perhaps other relatives, all fought in the Civil War on the Union side. Amos and his sons Martin Van Buren & Orville enlisted in Winchester, NH where they were residing at the time.  

On 11 May 1861 Winchester adopted the following resolutions presented by Marshall Kingman:1

“Resolved, that the present crisis of our country’s history calls for the united efforts of every loyal  and patriotic citizen to sustain our State and National governments in their most active and energetic efforts to suppress treason, now existing in a portion of the
United States.2

“Resolved, That we hail with joy the alacrity with which some of our young men have responded to the call of our Governor, for the enlistment of a military force to assist in the maintenance of our National Government.3

“Resolved, That the Selectmen of this town be instructed to furnish each soldier now enlisted or that may hereafter enlist in the military service of the State, who are citizens of
this town, with such a complete outfit as they shall deem necessary, and furnish each with such  an amount of ready money as they may deem necessary , not exceeding ten dollars.4

“Resolved, That all soldiers that are citizens of this town, who have already enlisted or who may hereafter enlist in the service of the Government, shall be paid eight dollars  per month  during their time of service, and that this town will support  and maintain the
families of all such as may enlist in the Country’s military service, during their absence on duty.5

“Resolved, That the selectmen are hereby authorized to borrow, for the use of the town, such sum or sums of money as shall be necessary to carry out fully the above resolutions.”6 

The resolution was unanimously adopted.7

On 9 Aug. 1862  the town adopted the following resolution:8

“Resolved, That the town of Winchester pay to each Volunteer the sum of two hundred dollars when mustered into service, that may enlist to fill up our quota for the first call for 300,000 and one hundred and twenty-five dollars when mustered into service to each Volunteer that may enlist to fill up our quota for the second call for 300,000 men and provide that there is a company formed for one year so as to prevent a draft, each Volunteer shall receive two hundred dollars when mustered into the service of the United States.”9   

A committee consisting of George W. Pierce, Ellery Albee, Theodore Ripley, H.A.Murdock and Ira W. Russell was formed to solicit enlistments.10

Increases to bounty and other changes to these resolutions were made during the course of the War  By 1 Sept. 1864 it was voted that the town pay three hundred dollars for one years’ men, six hundred dollars for two years’ men, and nine hundred dollars for three
years’ men (citizens) to fill the quota of the town  on the last call of the President.11  

Amos, Martin V.B. & Orville Davis served in the Second Regiment,  New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry. This regiment took part in the Battle of Bull Run Aug. 30, 1862 and Battle of Williamsburgh May 1, 1861 as well as other battles.  Orville Davis also fought in the 9th Infantry of Vermont under the name of George Turner.  The 9th fought at
Harper’s Ferry in Sept. of 1862 as well as other places. 

Ceylon S. Davis joined the 14th Volunteer Infantry Regiment of New Hampshire  The 14th fought at the  Battle of Winchester,VA 17 Aug. 1864, Battle of Cedar Creek 19 Oct. 1864 among other engagements.

Charles Davis was a member of the 15th Vermont Infantry Regiment that fought, among other places, at Fairfax, VA (repulse of Stewart’s Raid) 28 Dec. 1862 and Battle of Gettysburg (Companies H & K) July 1-3 1863...

Charles Gilbert  Amos Davis’ daughter Jane’s  first husband  lost his life in the Battle of the Wilderness. He was a member of the 36th Regiment of Massachusets . Among this regiment’s  military credits are Spotsylvania Court House VA 12-15 May 1864, Petersburgh June-July 1864 & Apr. 1865, Battle of Wilderness  6 May 1864, & Poplar Springs Church Sept.-Oct. 1864.   Jane Gilbert’s second husband Caswell Hale  served in the 5th Infantry Regiment of NH.  This regiment took part in the siege of Yorktown, VA 5 Apr 5 Mar 4 1862, Battle of Gettysburgh June 13 - July 24  1863, among other engagements.  

Dauphin Warren Kendall husband of Amos Davis’ daughter Sophia E. Davis saw action in 108th Illlinois Infantry.  This Regiment’s engagements involved battles at Tupelo MS 14 July 1864, Spanish Fort AL 07 Apr 1865 & Guntown MS 10 June 1864.

Cynthia (Combs) Davis, wife of Amos, had three brothers  in the War of the Rebellion: namely Amos D., William & Reuben H. Combs. Cynthia’s sister Ruth married Oliver Nash who served in the 6th Regt. of NH.

Amos D. Combs was in the 6th Infantry Regiment of New Hampshire and  the 14th NH Infantry Regiment ..  The 6th Regiment  served at the Battle of Bull Run Aug. 29-30 1862, seige of Vicksburg MI 14 June - 4 July 1863 and Poplar Springs Church 30 Sept.- 1 Oct. 1864, among other engagements.
William & Reuben H. Combs served in the 14th NH Infantry Regiment. . See Combs Family Genealogy by compiler for more on Civil War service of  the brothers and brother-in-law of Cynthia Combs Davis.  

 Information on the various regiments was taken from Civil War Data Base on line. 

The following is a genealogy of Amos Davis and his family.
                         First Generation


The father of Amos Davis Jr. of Cheshire Co. NH is very illusive. According to Abby Hemingway. Lillian Davis born 1859 & Francilia Davis, born 1861, granddaughters of Amos jr. and daughters of his son Charles E. Davis of Vernon, Windham Co. Vermont had six living grandfathers viz  Amos Davis & I.W. Johnson Jr. and great-grandfathers I.W. Johnson, Taylor Briggs, Amos Davis and Anthony

The 1832 marriage record of Amos Davis Jr. to Cynthia Combs says he was of Keene, NH. The 1830 Keene census for household of one Amos Davis  reflects l male 20-30, l male 40-50, 1 female 15-20, 1 female 59-60. Amos jr. could be the Amos between age 20 & 30 who married Cynthia Combs in 1832.     

There is an Amos S. Davis with wife Elvira in Windham Co. Vermont who may beAmos' father but I have not been able to prove this. Amos S. died 8 May 1877 in Wardsboro, VT,  of Newfane. 13  There is no probate record for him in Marlboro Probate District, Brattleboro,VT. There are numerous men by the name of Amos Davis in the New England states and beyond in the correct time period to be Amos Jr's father.  
AMOS and his spouse had the following child:

+	2	M	i.   AMOS DAVIS was born on 22 Nov 1808 and died 13 Sep 1886 AE 77-9-22.

                        Second Generation

	2.	AMOS DAVIS (AMOS) was born on 22 Nov 1808 in Eastport, Washington Co., Maine.14 He died 13 Sep 1886 AE 77-9-22 in Westmoreland, Cheshire Co., NH and was buried in Rixford Cem., Winchester, NH.15

Amos Davis lived in many places.  At the time of his marriage in 1832 he resided in Keene, NH.The towns where his children were born reflect his residences for various years. In 1833 he was in Westmoreland, NH. In 1835 Windhall, VT was his home and
back to Westmoreland in 1839.  The Davis family lived in Pompey, Onondaga Co. NY in 1840 and during the Years 1843-1850 they resided in Otisco, Onondaga Co., NY. The Year 1852 finds them in Walpole, NH and in 1857 they were in Westport, NH. Amos is listed in the 1860 NH census as a resident of Winchester and land records place
him in the neighboring town of Swanzey 1860-1866.  Amos resided in Marlborough,VT in 1870, in Putney, Vt in 1880  and by 1886, at the time of his death, he was back in Westmoreland.

The following are land records recorded for Amos in the Cheshire County Courthouse Registry of Deeds located at Keene, NH.  There were no land records for Amos recorded at the Onondaga County, New York Registry of Deeds located in Syracuse.

On 14 Mar. 1853  Alexander & Julia B. MILLIKEN of Keene, NH sold land in Walpole to AMOS DAVIS for the sum of $100, land containing one acre

On 23 June 1852 Lewis & Caroline DUNSHEE of Walpole sold land to AMOS
DAVIS of the same place for $100, six acres of land in Walpole (Bk. 174:252).

On 23 June 1852 AMOS & CYNTHIA DAVIS of Walpole borrowed $60 from Lewis H.DUNSHEE of Walpole (Mortgage Bk. 177:131).

On 10 Mar 1853 AMOS & CYNTHIA DAVIS of Walpole sold 6 acres of land in
Walpole to William WELLINGTON of Walpole (Bk. 177:271).

On 17 Dec. 1853 AMOS DAVIS of Walpole borrowed $600 from Francis COOK of Winchester, signed by both AMOS and CYNTHIA DAVIS, his wife (Mortgage Vol. 178:500).

On 25 May 1861 Charles WHITE of Westmoreland and Deputy Sheriff George
WHITE recovered judgement against AMOS DAVIS of Winchester in the amount of $250;land sold to Cyrus CHURCH in Walpole (Bk. 202:175).

On 15 Oct. 1866 Obadiah SPRAGUE of Swanzey sold AMOS DAVIS of Swanzey
12 acres of land in Swanzey for $100 (Bk. 220:198).

On 8 Dec. 1870 George CUTTER of Swanzey, physician, purchased property
recovered against AMOS DAVIS in the amount of $35.50 with costs of $6.66 on land near Westport in Swanzey containing five acres (Bk. 235:399).

On 27 Jan. 1877 AMOS DAVIS of Keene, sold land to LAURA A. RICH of  Keene, a married woman, being the wife of Charles A. RICH, for $100, 12 acres of land in Swanzey (Vol.255:553).

On 9 June 1877 AMOS DAVIS of Keene leased to SOPHIA E. KENDALL, wife of D.W.KENDALL, of West Swanzey land in Westport in Swanzey containing five acres, for the sum of $10.00 (Bk. 257:335).

Abstracts of Census records for AMOS DAVIS:

1840 NY cn Onondaga Co., Pompey, 182 AMOS DAVIS: 3 males under 5, 2 males 5-10, 1 male 20-30, 1 female under 5, 1 female 20-30 

1850 NY cn.Onondaga Co.,  Otisco,186 - DAVIS: Amos, ae 40 b NH, Cynthia ae 38 b NH,Ceylon (male) ae 18 b NH, Charles E. ae 16, b NH, school, Jane ae 13, b NH, school, Martin ae 12, b NH, school, Laura ae 9 b NY school, Sophia, ae 7, b NY school, Orville ae 04, b NY, Byron, ae 02 b NY, Infant (male) ae 01 b NY 
1860 cn NH,Cheshire Co. Winchester, 255 DAVIS: Amos ae 49, laborer, b Maine, $250/$150; Cynthia, ae 45, b NH; Laura Anne, ae 18 b NH, John ae 09 b NH, Ella M., ae 07, b NH, Wallace H. ae 05, b NH; Harvey ae 3/12 b NH
1870 VT cn, Windham Co,  Marlborough,53: BROWN, Timothy 48, farmer b VT; Mary, ae 43, b Vt; George A. ae 21 at home, b VT; Alice J. ae 19 b VT, Addie M. ae 16, b VT; William M. ae 14, b VT; Ada M. age 11, b VT, Phialal? (female) age 73, b VT; DAVIS: Amos ae 66 boarder, b MA

1880 VT cn Windham Co, Putney, 453A: PIERCE: Leroy, ae 75, farmer b VT, parents b VT; Fanny, wife ae 70, b MA, father b VT mother b MA; Martha J. dau. ae 39 b VT, VT, M; DARBY: Clark, boarder, ae 16, farm laborer, VT NH, VT; DAVIS, Amos boarder, ae 65, miller b. ME, MA NH 
During the Civil War Amos Davis served in the New Hampshire Vols., 2d Regiment,  Company D. with the rank of private.  He enlisted in Winchester, NH on 14 Sept. 1861 and was mustered in 17 Sept. 1861.  His Army career was short lived because of ill health.  He was discharged on 1 May 1862 at Budds Ferry, Maryland for medical
reasons being afflicted with rheumatism and deafness.16   His Certificate of Disability Discharge says that he was 44 years old in 1862.  He must have fibbed about his age to join the Army, a not uncommon occurrence during the War of the Rebellion.  This
document describes  Amos as being 5'9" high, brown hair, blue eyes and a florid complexion, a carpenter by occupation, born in Eastport, Maine. 

There is no probate for Amos Davis at Cheshire Co. NH Probate Court nor is there a death record for him in New Hampshire records.  A death notice in the Vernon, VT column of the Brattleboro Phoenix & Record dated 17 Sept. 1886 reads, "Last Monday, Charles E. Davis  was called to Westport, NH to attend the funeral of his  father Amos
A. Davis, aged 77 who died of dropsey.  He had been suffering from the disease  for a long time."

The family of Amos Davis  had yearly family unions as reported in Brattleboro Newspapers.  The first reunion apparently took place about 1875/76.  I did not find mention  of this in the Brattleboro, VT Phoenix of these years. The 1906 reunion is copied verbatim from the Brattleboro Phoenix.  News of the other reunions are abstracted from same.

 Vernon - The  surviving members of AMOS & CYNTHIA (Combs) DAVIS, formerly of Westport, Keene & Richmond, N.H. met for the first time in 30 years at the home of Mrs. SOPHIA E. KENDALL, of Richardson Court, Keene, Thursday of last week.  Dinner was served and the group was photographed at Wheelock Park. Next year's reunion will be in September with John W. DAVIS, Elmwood Station, Pawtucket, RI. 
The family originally numbered 14 children, two of whom twin boys, died young, and two daughters Mrs. Jane GILBERT and Mrs. Laura RICH,  died more recently, leaving children and grandchildren.  The remaining ten children present with their families were Ceylon S. of Melrose, Mass., Charles E. of Vernon, VT, Martin V.B. of
Gardner, Mass., Mrs. Sophia KENDALL of Keene, Byron V. of Kents Hill, ME., John W. of Pawtucket, RI, Mrs. Ellen M. CASS. of Bradford, Mass., Wallace H. of Tully, Mass. and George W. of White River Junction, VT.  Ten grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren were present, - Mrs. B.F. ALLEN of Vernon, Mr. & Mrs. Herbert DAVIS of Gardner, Mass., Mrs. & Mrs. C.F. ALLIS, Melrose, Mass., Mr. & Mrs. Nelson CASTAW, East Sullivan, NH, Mrs. Laura May CHASE,
Munsonville, NH, Mrs. Nettie R. CRAM & Mrs. Mertie WEEKS of Westport, N.H. Mrs. Grace WORSLEY & Mr. & Mrs. Albert SPAULDING of Keene.  Other
guests were Mr. & Mrs. C.I. HALE of Keene and Sumner BAKER of Westmoreland, N.H.  Amos Davis and his 4 sons served in the Civil War.17

A Family Reunion - A reunion of the survivors of the family of the late Amos Davis, formerly of Westport, Keene and Richmond, took place Thursday at the home of Mrs. Sophia Kendall, Richardson court, where a gathering of thirty-seven  descendants including children, grandchildren and those of  their immediate families took place.

For the first time in twenty years all the living children of Amos Davis were together,namely Mrs. Kendall, the hostess, whose maiden name was Sophia Davis, Charles E. Davis and wife of Dummer, VT, B.V. Davis of Kent’s Hill, ME, O.F. Davis and wife of Philadelphia, Martin Davis , wife and daughter of Gardner, Mass., Ceylon S. Davis of Melrose, Mass.  and  two daughters, John W. Davis and wife of Pawtuxet, R.I, Wallace Davis, wife and daughter of Tully, Mass., George W. Davis, wife and son  of White River Junction, VT and Mrs. E.M. Davis Cass of Bradford, Mass. There were three other children in the family who are dead, one of whom was the wife of  C.I. Hill of Keene, who was present, and the mother of Mrs. Albert W. Spaulding, late of Keene.Mr. Spaulding was also at the reunion

A feature of the day was the family dinner served at Mrs. Kendall’s which was bountiful, delicious and most enjoyable of itself, to say nothing of the pleasure experienced by the brothers and sisters in gathering together once more around the table.  After dinner all went to Wheelock park where group pictures of the family were taken.
Several  of the brothers and sisters will remain in Keene for a few days.18     

The third reunion of the AMOS DAVIS family took place at Pawtucket, RI  on Thursday 5 Sept. 1907; Mr. & Mrs. John W. DAVIS as hosts.  The article mentions a large family of 15 children, 10 still living consisting of 8 sons and 2 daughters.  All were present except O.F. DAVIS of Philadelphia, PA and George W. DAVIS of Windsor, VT; 31 persons present including son-in-law C.I. HALE of Keene, NH. Present were Ceylon S. DAVIS of Melrose, MA; Martin V.B. DAVIS of Gardner, Mass.; Charles E. DAVIS of Vernon, VT, Byron V. DAVIS of Kents Hill, ME; Mrs. Sophia KENDALL of Keene, N.H., Mrs. Ella CASS of Bradford, Mass. & Wallace H. DAVIS of W. Royalston Mass. 19

The fourth reunion of the family took place at Gardner, Mass. at home of Martin V.B. DAVIS  Sept. 1908- of the family of 15, 6 sons and one daughter were present among the 45 who were there including 13 great-grandchildren 20

The fifth reunion was held at Pawtucket, RI at home of John W. DAVIS 7 Sept. 1909 - thirty persons present including Mr. & Mrs. John W. DAVIS & son; Mr. & Mrs. M.V.B. DAVIS & Herbert DAVIS of Gardner, Mass.; Mr. & Mrs. O.P. DAVIS of  Philadelphia, PA; Mr. & Mrs. C.E. DAVIS of Vernon; Mr. & Mrs. G.W. DAVIS and son of Hartford, VT; C.S. DAVIS of Somerville; Mrs. Ella CASS of Bradford,Mass.; Mr. & Mrs. B.V. DAVIS and daughter Mrs. W.H. Greaton of Kents Hill,Maine, Mrs. A.B. DAVIS of Worcester; Mr. & Mrs. A.H. SPAULDING of Keene, Mr. & Mrs. E.N. CARPENTER of Cranston, R.I., G.G. ELWELL and family; and Mr. & Mrs. A.H. SEAVER of Providence, R.I.  Seven brothers & one
sister survive. The next reunion will be in Gardner, Mass with M.V.B.Davis about August 15,1910.21

The seventh family reunion was held at the home of Charles E. DAVIS in Vernon, VT on 20 Sept. 1911.The reunion  of the Davis Family at the home of Charles E. DAVIS Wednesday had the advantage of perfect September weather and proved one of the most enjoyable gatherings ever held by this family.  Early in the day greetings were received
by letter from Mrs. W.H. CORSER of Schenectady, NY and by telegram as follows from F.N. BROOKS of Seattle, Washington "Greetings from the Evergreen to the Green Mountain State on this occasion.  May the bonds of relationship strengthen as the years of life lengthen and the name of DAVIS be found on the role of American citizenship as long as the republic stands." Two brothers and a sister of Mr. DAVIS
were present.  One brother Martin V.B. of Gardner, Mass. has died during the past year but his four children, three of his four grandchildren and two of his three great-grandchildren  were present. Several photographs of the party were taken on the lawn in the morning and at noon a bountiful dinner was heartily enjoyed.  In the
afternoon watermelon, grapes, cake and ice cream were served.  The visitors many of whom were from a distance, made a visit to the dam of the Connecticut River Power Company and were shown through the power house.  In the evening very pleasant readings were given by Rev. Byron V. DAVIS of Kents Hill, ME including the verses
"When the Minister Comes to Tea." Others present from out-of-town were  Charles I. DAVIS and Mrs. F.N. BROOKS of Seattle, Wash., Ceylon S. DAVIS of Somerville, Mass. Mrs. S.F. SHELDON of Keene, N.H., Mrs. Eliza DAVIS, Miss Lottie DAVIS and Mr. & Mrs. Herbert DAVIS of Gardner, Mass., Miss Violette REYNOLDS of New York City, Capt. & Mrs. B.R. ALLEN, Mrs. A.D. REYNOLDS, Mr. & Mrs. William HEARD and daughter Blanche and Mr. & Mrs. Edmund HEARD and daughter Louise of Brattleboro.22 

AMOS DAVIS jr. married CYNTHIA ANN COMBS, daughter of ANTHONY Jr.
COMBS and ABIGAIL ALDRICH, on 5 Apr 1832 in Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH.23 CYNTHIA was born on 28 Jul 1814 in Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH.24 She died 19 Jan 1870 AE 55-6-7 in Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH and was buried in Rixford Cem., Winchester, NH.25

They had the following children. I find the given names of Amos’ children interesting.  John W. is probably named after the founder of the Methodist religion  John Wesley. Two sons are named after U.S. Presidents George Washington & Martin Van Buren,  Ceylon Davis,
the eldest son is probably named after the East Indies country Ceylon and Bryon may be named after the English poet Lord Byron. This rather indicates that either Amos or his wife were well read as well as  patriotic.  Of course these names, on the Davis side, may be
family ones.

+	3	M	i.	          CEYLON S. DAVIS was born on 12 Mar 1833 and died on 16 Mar 1913.

+	4	M	ii.	CHARLES E. DAVIS was born on 5 Jan 1835 and died on 15 Nov 1917.

+	5	F	iii.	JANE ELIZABETH DAVIS was born about 1837 and died 19 Apr 1896 AE 59.

+	6	M	iv.	MARTIN VAN BUREN DAVIS was born on 6 Jan 1839 and died on 2 Jun 1911.

+	7	F	v.	SOPHIA ELECTA DAVIS was born on 30 Oct 1843/1844 and died 25 Apr 1923, AE 79-5-26.

+	8	F	vi.	LAURA ANN DAVIS was born on 5 Sep 1843 and died on 16 Jul 1903.

	9	M	vii.	ORVILLE FRANCIS DAVIS was born on 21 Nov 1845 in , Onondaga Co., NY. He was living in 1920 according to census of Pleasantville, NJ but his wife was called widow in 1930 census of the same place.

Orville F. Davis served in the Civil War under two names, his own and
that of George Turner.  The following affidavits are part of Orville's
Pension application.

"Orville F. Davis  being duly sworn according to law upon his oath
saith that he was a member of Company D, 9th VT Volunteer Infantry
and as his claim for pension number 441892, he was enrolled as
GEORGE TURNER, that he is unable to furnish a record as to his
birth either family or public record having  found the old family Bible and the same contains no records of birth or deaths, that he was born on 21st day of November 1845, that he is now 65 years of age  and served in the Civil War in Co. D, 9th Vermont Volunteer Infantry from December 1863 to December 1865 and was discharged at Burlington, Vermont December 1865. I have no claim as to being disabled by wounds in the service  only a slight wound in leg at Second Battle of Bull Run in 1862.  I have no communication from James B. O'Neill of Philadelphia, PA etc. (O'Neill was his lawyer)" 18 Apr1911.

"To the honorable commissioner of Pensions - having made application
for a pension under an assumed name, I will give you my reason for the
same in the first place.  I will state that I, Orville F. DAVIS, enlisted about the 16th Day of September 1861 at Winchester, NH in Co. D, 2nd NH Volunteers, Infantry, served with that Company until the
Spring of 1863, was with my company in every battle from the time we
landed at Yorktown, VA until after the second Bull Run Battle, was
wounded and went to hospital at Washington and Philadelphia and from
there to the convalescent camp at Alexandria, VA -- while there my
company went home to recruit - I was sent to join my company 
at  Concord, New Hampshire and was given a furlough to go home,
when my company went back to the front I failed to go and then after
dodging about until I was afraid of arrest I made up my mind to enlist
and go back to the front and I did so - enlisted under the name of
GEORGE TURNER in Company D, 9th Vermont Volunteer Infantry -
joyned my company in camp near Newberne, NC; from there we went
to VA at the Battle of Chapins Farm, VA and went into Richmond on
the 5th day of May 1865; was transferred to Co. B., 9th Vermont 
and went to Portsmouth, VA, from there to Burlington, VT and
mustered out; now you can see the reason why I gave the name of
GEORGE TURNER in applying for a pension after 40 years from the
time the war closed and the fact that I served three years all together and I feel as though I am entitled to a pension; at the time of my first enlistment I was only 16 years of age but she called me 18, the recruiting officer.  My father AMOS DAVIS, also my brother
MARTIN V.B. DAVIS enlisted at the same time and all three of us
served in Company D, 2nd NH Vols.  I also had two other brothers
in the War - CEYLON S. DAVIS in the 14th NH Volunteers and CHARLES E. DAVIS in the 15th VT Volunteers.  CHARLES GILBERT, brother-in-law, wounded and died at Winchester, VA - do not remember his regiment. Now knowing that I could not get a pension under my own name ORVILLE F. DAVIS as I did not get  a discharge from Company D., 2d Regiment NH, I have applied under the name  of GEORGE TURNER. I have an honorable discharge from Co. B, 9th VT and I know ask for a pension under the name of GEORGE TURNER.  I am 65 years old, am not able to work any more and considering the service rendered, I feel that my request ought to be granted."

Orville's pension request was rejected "on the ground that said
disabilities were incurred in the service from which you deserted May
25, 1863 and from which you were never discharged."

On March 9, 1911 Orville filled out a questionnaire which said he was
an ex police officer, was 5'8-1/2" tall weighing 200 pounds, dark hair, gray eyes, and dark complexion. He stated that after his discharge from the service he lived in Athol, Mass. in 1869, in Brighton, Mass. in 1882 and then to Philadelphia, PA

After 9 Mar 1911 Orville resided in Pleasentville, NJ but there is no
death record for him there.  His pension application states he had no
living children in 191126 

1870 MA cn Worcester Co., Athol, 316: DAVIS: Orville F. ae 24
husband, b NY; L. Anna, ae 22 keeping house, b MA

1870 MA cn Middlesex Co., Hudson, 283 TAKEN 30 Aug.1870 
DAVIS: Orville F., ae 25: works in shoe factory, b MA, Anna, ae 21,
keeping house, b MA

1880 MA cn Franklin Co. Gill, p.110D - DAVIS: Orvill  ae 34 b NY,
father b NY,mother b CT, works in saw mill, Anna, wife ae 32,b
MA,parents b MA, housekeeping, HAYDEN, Frank, relationship not
given, ae 07 b WI, father b Iowa?, mother b MA,  in school

1890 Philadelphia PA, City Directory  DAVIS, Orville F., police, h
1503 Montrose

1910 PA cn Philadelphia Co. & City ED1172:26 DAVIS: Orville, 
ae 64 mar 2, mar.2 years, b NY, father b Eng. mother b. NH private
officer in city, Catherine M. wife, mar 1, mar 2 years, b PA, father b
PA, mother b Ireland

1920 NJ cn Atlantic Co Pleasantville, ED24:627, 120 3rd St., DAVIS:
Orville F. ae 73 b NY, owns house, father b NY, mother b NH, no
occupation, Kathyrn, wife,ae 43, b PA, father b PA, mother b Ireland,
practical nurse

1930 NJ cn, Atantic Co.Pleasantville, ED 63:17A 114 No. Third St.
DAVIS: Catherine M., ae 52, widow, owns house $6000, b PA, father
b PA, mother b Ireland, no occupation  
ORVILLE married (1) ANNA L. PEELER, daughter of GEORGE W.
PEELER and MARIA L., on 20 Feb 1869.27 ANNA was born about 1848
in MA.

ORVILLE also married (2) LOUISA A. COOPER on 2 May 1889.28
LOUISA died in Jun 1907.29

ORVILLE also married (3) CATHERINE MARY BAKER on 9 Jun
1908.30 CATHERINE was born about 1878.

+	10	M	viii.	BYRON V. DAVIS was born on 7 Sep 1847 and died on 9 Jun 1938.

+	11	M	ix.	JOHN WESLEY DAVIS was born in Feb 1852 and died 27 Dec 1920 Ae 68.

+	12	F	x.	ELLA MARIA DAVIS was born on 2 Nov 1853 and died on 8 Nov 1924.

+	13	M	xi.	WALLACE HERBERT DAVIS was born on 6 Mar 1857 and died on 6 Feb 1933.

	14	M	xii.	HARVEY ROBERT DAVIS was born about 1860/1861 in Swanzey, NH. He probably died before 1906 as hIs name is not mentioned in family reunion articles.  HARVEY married LILLA ELIZABETH (MUNDAL) CLOUGH on 12 Sep 1890 in Brattleboro, VT.31Lilla E. was born Jamaica, Windham Co. VT 3 Dec. 1870, dau. of CLARK MUNDAL & ELLEN EDWARDS.32

	15	M	xiii.	GEORGE W. DAVIS was born about 1860. He is probably the one below who was living in Hartford, Vt in 1910.

1910 VT cn Windsor Co. Hartford, ED:276:15/16 DAVIS: George W.
ae 50, mar 10 years, b NH father b US, mother b NH odd jobs, rents,
Almira?, wife, ae 34, mar 10 years, mother of 9? children 5 living, b
MA, father b NY, mother b MA, Earl M.son, ae 13, born NH father b
NH, mother b NY, Henry, son, ae 11, b NH NH MA, Eudora,
daughter, ae 9, NH NH MA, George W., son, ae 05, VT NH MA  


Frederic J. was on a list of Amos Davis' children from the mother of
Mrs.Georgia Grebenstein of Reading, Mass., now deceased.  No other 
information on Frederic.

	17	M	xv.	CHILD DAVIS.

AMOS & CYNTHIA DAVIS were supposed to have been the parents
of 15 children. I have found records of 14 but there may have been
another child who died young or as an infant.

                           Third Generation

	3.	CEYLON S. DAVIS (AMOS, AMOS) was born on 12 Mar 1833 in Westmoreland, Cheshire Co., NH.33 He died on 16 Mar 1913, AE 80 yrs, 4 days, in Somerville, Middlesex Co., MA34

During the Civil War Ceylon served in the NH Volunteers, 14th Regiment, Co. C. with the rank of sergeant.  He enlisted 29 Aug. 1862 at Concord, NH, was mustered in as corporal 22 Sept. 1862 and was promoted to sgt. 17 Jan. 1864. His regiment saw action near Winchester, VA Sept. 1864. Ceylon was mustered out of
the service 8 July 1865 at Concord, NH.35 

In his pension record Ceylon is described as being 5'6" tall, light complexion,blue eyes, & brown hair.  His occupation was that of farmer and he received a pension of $30.00 per month.

After leaving the Army Ceylon resided in Marlborough, VT from 1867 to 1873 then Brattleboro,VT, Melrose, Somerville & Boston, Mass.36

1870 VT cn Windham Co., Marlboro, DAVIS: Celon, ae 40 farmer, b VT, $1600/$100, Almira ae 34, Edgar ae 12. Eldora ae 14 all born VT 

Ceylon S. Davis died at his late residence 7 Brook St., Sunday, March 16 of heart disease.  He was born in Westmoreland, New Hampshire March 12, 1833.  His wife died several years ago. Mr. Davis had made his home in Somerville for the last four years coming from Melrose.  He was a Civil War Veteran having served from 1862 to 1865 and was a member of  US Grant Post GAR of Melrose.  Two daughters and a son
survive him, Mrs. C.F. ALLIS of Malden and Miss Leola DAVIS of Somerville and Edward L. DAVIS who resides in Winthrop.  There are three grandchildren Miss Bertha M. ALLIS of Malden and Mrs. Frank JOHNSON of Vancover, B.C. and Edward L. ALLIS of Melrose and one great-grandchild. He also leaves six brothers and two sisters. Funeral services will be held at his late residence Wednesday at 2:00
P.M. Rev. H.D. Maxwell of the First Universalist Church officiated and the GAR service was conducted by U.S. GRANT of Melrose.  The burial was a Wyoming Cemetery in Melrose.37

Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Davis of Vernon were at the funeral at Melrose, Mass. yesterday of Ceylon S.Davis, eldest brother of Mr.Davis who died March 16.  The family of Amos Davis, father of the above have held reunions in Vernon, the last in 1911.  Of the family
of 16 members the father and three sons were in the Civil War. Charles E. the last of the veterans survive but 5 brothers and 2 sisters are also living. The deceased was uncle of Mrs. A.B Reynolds of Brattleboro.38    

CEYLON married ALMIRA F. FIELDS, daughter of ERASTUS FIELD.39  on 12 Oct 1852 in Keene, Cheshire Co., NH.40 ALMIRA died on 21 Apr 1904, ae 77 yrs 6 mos. in Melrose, MA and was buried in Wyoming Cem., Melrose, MA.41

They had the following children:42

	18	F	i.      DORA ELEANOR DAVIS was born on 6 Nov 1853. She died on 21 Jan 1937, ae 83-2-15 in Melrose, MA and was buried in Wyoming Cem, Melrose, MA.43 DORA married CHARLES F. ALLIS. CHARLES died on 30 Dec 1920, AE 72 yrs 10 mos. and was buried in Wyoming Cem., Melrose, MA.44

	19	M	ii.	EDWARD C. DAVIS was born on 6 Oct 1856.

	20	F	iii.	LEOLA J. DAVIS was born on 16 Oct 1870. She died on 11 Jan 1918, AE 44 yrs and was buried in Wyoming Cem., Melrose, MA.45

	4.	CHARLES E. DAVIS (AMOS, AMOS) was born on 5 Jan 1835 in Winhall, VT. He died on 15 Nov 1917 in Vernon, Windham Co., VT.46

CHARLES E. DAVIS served in  the Civil War enlisting at St. Johnsbury, VT 28 Aug. 1862 as a private in Co. K. 15th Vermont Regiment. Charles served as a cook in his regiment.  He was discharged 5 Aug. 1863 at Brattleboro, VT. His physical description contained in his military records say he was 5'4-3/4" tall, dark complexion, dark eyes and black hair.  His occupation was given as farmer.47

Charles lived most of his adult life in Vernon, VT arriving there about 1853. In 1884 he owned 33 acres of land in Vernon and was a carpenter, farmer and wagon repairer.48

Census abstracts for CHARLES E. DAVIS:

1860 VT cn, Windham Co. Vernon, 451: JOHNSON: Isaiah W., ae 45, farmer, $3000/$615, b VT; Sophia ae 39, b RI, Fanny S. ae 21 b. VT; Francilla A., ae 17, b VT; Webster F. ae 08, b. VT; DAVIS: Charles E. ae 24, laborer, b MA;  Lillian E. ae 01, b VT, BRIGGS, Taylor, ae 66, farmer, $1000/$1000 b. RI

1870 VT cn Windham Co.,Vernon, 148 DAVIS: Charles E. ae 35, farmer, $1300/ b VT; Fanny S. ae 30, keeping house, b VT; Lillian E. ae 11, school, b VT;  Adalaide F. ae 09, school, b VT; Charles I. ae 07, school, b VT; Alice J. ae 05, school,b VT;  

1880 VT cn, Windham Co. Vernon, 522a DAVIS: Charles E. ae 44, farmer, b VT; parents b. VT; Fanny L. ae 40, wife, keeps house, b VT father b VT, mother b.RI; Francina A. ae 19, dau. at home, b VT, VT,RI; Charles I. ae 19; son, farmer, b. VT,VT, RI; Alice J. ae 14, dau.School, b VT, VT, RI.                        

1910 VT cn Windham Co. Vernon, 288 DAVIS: Charles E. ae 75 m2? mar 10 years, b VT, parents b NH, farmer, Mary A. wife ae 64, m1, mar 10 years b VT father b MA, mother b VT FAIRMAN, George C. brother-in-law, ae 58 single, VT,MA, VT farm laborer
 Vernon - Celebration of the 70th birthday anniversary of Charles E. Davis at his new home on River Road.  His daughter Mrs. Adalaide Davis Reynolds  of Brattleboro wrote a poem which was read by her daughter Violet.49 

CHARLES E. DAVIS died at 6:30 P.M. Nov. 15, after an illness of only about four hours of heart trouble.  He would have been 83 years old January 5 next.  Mr. Davis had lived nearly all his life in Vernon and for many years owned and occupied the farm in the center of the town now owned by Joseph Woodard -- married when about 21 years old Fanny S. Johnson daughter of Isaiah W. Johnson a well known farmer of
Vernon.  She died in 1893.  They had four children all now living - Mrs.B.R. Allen of Washington, D.C., Mrs. A.D. Reynolds of Brattleboro, Charles I.Davis and Mrs. E.M. Brooks of Seattle, Washington.  There are also three grandchildren and four
great-grandchildren.  On October 5, 1900 Mr. Davis married Mary A. Fairman of Vernon who survives.  When he sold his farm after the death of his first wife he built a house on the back road near the north end of the town which he has rented, living with his wife in her home near the station.  He was a member of the H.H. Johnson 
Post of Northfield, Mass. He served in the 15th Vermont Regiment Volunteers in the Civil War.  He was a Methodist in religious belief and had been a member of the Brattleboro Church but had left to join the Adventist Church of So. Vernon on account of convenience in attending services.  Mr. Davis was one of the fifteen children of Amos
& Cynthia (Combs) Davis of whom five sons and two daughters survive.  Amos Davis  and four of his sons served in the Civil War.  Mr. Davis was a man of strong convictions and courage, an earnest patriot, a good citizen, husband and father.  The funeral was held at the Union Church Sunday at 1:30 PM, Rev. D.E.Trout of Brattleboro officiating, assisted by the Rev. F.H. Levitt of So.Vernon.  A special service
was also held by the H.H. Johnson Post, GAR of Northfield, Mass. which attended in a body.  Several appropriate musical selections were rendered by Mrs. J.H. Frost & Miss Etta Stebbins from Vernon. The bearers were George K. Stebbens Henry Brown, Henry Fairman and Benjamin Streeter.  Burial was in the family lot in Tyler Cemetery. Relatives from out-of-town attending were Mr. & Mrs. Wallace H. Davis and Mr. & Mrs. C.E. Richardson of Tully, Mass., Mrs. M.V.B. Davis & Miss Lottie Davis of Gardner, Mass. & Mrs. Ella Cass of Malden, Mass. 
and C.M. Heard of Washington, D.C. A large number of choice floral tributes testified to the respect and esteem felt for Mr. Davis who lived so long a citizen of this town.  Among those sending flowers were the GAR Post, Women's Relief Corps and Sons of Veterans of Northfield, Mass., the Union Church Association and Ladies Circle of
Vernon, Holstein Friesian Register, & office associates of Mrs. Reynolds of Brattleboro, besides individuals.50

CHARLES married (1) FANNY JOHNSON, daughter of ISAIAH W. JOHNSON and
SOPHIA BRIGGS, about 1858. Fanny died on 17 Apr 1893 in Vernon, VT and was buried in Tyler Cem., Vernon, VT.51

They had the following children:52

	21	F	i.	LILLIAN E DAVIS was born on 4 Jan 1859 in St. Johnsbury, VT. LILLIAN married (1) EDMUND M. HEARD. LILLIAN also married (2) B. R. ALLEN.

	22	F	ii.	ADALAIDE FRANCILIA DAVIS was born on 20 Dec 1861 in St. Johnsbury, VT. She died in 27 Nov., 1921 in Brattleboro, VT.53 ADALAIDE married STEPHEN REYNOLDS of Meridan, CT  10 Jul 1884.54 See Appendix, page 31

	23	M	iii.	CHARLES I. DAVIS was born on 24 Jan 1863. He died on 25 Dec 1940 in Seattle, Washington and was buried in Tyler Cem., Vernon, VT.55 CHARLES married (1) LENA L.. LENA was born in 1866. She died in 1888 and was buried in Tyler Cem., Vernon, VT.56 no children CHARLES also married (2) LOUELLA BUGBEE in 1912 in Winthrop, MA.57 LOUELLA was born in 1868. She died on 12 Mar 1915 in Seattle, Washington and was buried in Tyler Cem., Vernon, VT.58 no children

CHARLES also married (3) JESSIE M. HANSON in Apr 1925 in
Brattleboro, VT.59 JESSIE was born on 21 Apr 1882 in North Dana, MA
dau of George R. & Ella E. (Stacy) Hanson.60 She died on 14 Apr 1972 in Brattleboro, VT, AE 89.61 no children

	24	F	iv.	ALICE J. DAVIS was born on 18 Aug 1865 in Vernon, VT. She died on 19 Feb 1941 in Seattle, Washington and was buried in Tyler Cem., Vernon, VT.62 ALICE married ELI N. BROOKS who predeceased her.63

CHARLES also married (2) MARY BROOKS  on 1 May 1894 in Fitchburgh, MA. who he divorced in 1900.64

CHARLES also married (3) MARY ANGELINE FAIRMAN, daughter of EDWARD
FAIRMAN and MARY A. BROOKS, on 5 Oct 1900.65 Mary was born on 12 Dec 1845 in Vernon, Vt.66 She was  living 1920 in Vernon, VT, age 74  with brother George Fairman, AE 68.67.

	5.	JANE ELIZABETH DAVIS (AMOS, AMOS) was born about 1837. She died 19 Apr 1896 AE 59 in Providence, Providence Co., RI.68

Mrs. C.I. Hale died Providence, Rhode Island Saturday morning after an illness of fourteen weeks with stomach trouble at the age of 59 years. Besides her husband she leaves two daughters Mrs. A.W Spalding of Keene and Mrs. George G. Elwell of Providence and an adopted son Fred G. Hale. The body will be brought to Keene that evening and the funeral will be held at the house of A.W. Spalding, 49 Douglas
2:00 this afternoon.  Friends are invited without further notice.69      

1870 NH cn Cheshire Co. Keene, 597 HALE: Caswell I ae 26/36 carpenter
$2000/$200, b NH, Lizzie J. ae 33 keeping house, b NH, GILBERT: Addie J. ae 16 b MA, Emma H. ae 12, b MA, HALE: Fred G. ar 4 b NH

1880 NH cn Cheshire Co. Marlborough, 180b HALE Caswell ae 38 b NH, Elizabeth J. wife,ae 43, b NH, GILBERT: Emma H. dau. ae 22, HALL, George, ae 22, NH,HALE, Fred G.son  ae 2 b MA 

HOWARD, on 9 Oct 1853 in Walpole, Cheshire Co., NH.70 CHARLES was born on 1 May 1830.71 He died on 9 Jul 1864 in Washington, DC.72

Charles was a soldier in the Civil War. He died in hospital from wounds received in Petersburgh Trenches at Battle of the Wilderness. He was a  corporal in Co. H. Capt. Sawyer in 36th Regiment of Massachusetts. He enlisted at Gardner, MA  in 2 Aug. 1862, ae 32, a mechanic  He was mustered into service on 27 Aug. 1862 at Worcester, MA.  On 19 July 1864 Jane E. Gilbert of Walpole, NH applied
for a pension. Jane stated she married Charles Gilbert 9 Oct. 1853 at Walpole, NH and that her maiden name was Jane E. Davis.  She said she  had two daughters by Charles namely Addie Jane Gilbert born 10 Aug.1854 and Emma Helen Gilbert born 15 Feb. 1858 both residing with her.73  

CHARLES and JANE had the following children:74

	25	F	i.	ADDIE JANE GILBERT was born on 10 Aug 1854.ADDIE married ALBERT W. SPAULDING.

	26	F	ii.	EMMA HELEN GILBERT was born on 10 Feb 1858. EMMA married GEORGE ELWELL.

JANE also married (2) CASWELL ISRAEL HALE, son of ISRAEL HALE and MILLIE AUSTIN, on 3 Nov 1864 in Winchester, NH.75 Caswell was born about 1842. He died 10 May 1909 Ae 67 in Keene, NH and was buried in Woodland Cem., Keene, NH.76

Caswell J. HALE was a soldier in the Civil War. He served in 5th Regiment, Co.I. NH,  substitute, born Richmond, NH, age 20, resided Winchester, NH, credited Winchester, enlisted 6 Oct. 1863, mustered in 6 Oct. as private, wounded 3 June 1864 at Cold Harbour, VA and discharged 29 May 1865 in Washington, D.C.77

Caswell I HALE died at the Elliot City Hospital this morning of bladder and kidney trouble at the age of 67 years.  He had been in poor health for a long time. He leaves a son who resides out of town but no other near relatives. The funeral arrangements have not yet been made.78

CASWELL and JANE had the following children:

	27	M	iii.	FRED HALE was born about 1866. He died 1870 AE 4 Yrs and was buried in Woodlawn Cem. Keene, Nh.79

	28	M	iv.	FRED GEORGE (Adopted) HALE was born about 1878.

            CASWELL HALE m2 JULIA A. (HOUGHTON) FULLAM 30 Oct. 1896 80 Julia was born c31 Dec. 1842 (calculated dvr) Bridgewater, VT daughter of ERASMUS D. HOUGHTON & ANN TOWNSEND  She died Keene, NH 28 Aug.1908, AE 65-7-28 and is buried Woodlawn Cem. 81 Julia’s first husband was probably ELROY FULLAM of Reading, VT.82

	6.	MARTIN VAN BUREN DAVIS (AMOS, AMOS) was born on 6 Jan 1839 in Westmoreland, Cheshire Co., NH. He died on 2 Jun 1911,ae 72-4-27 in Gardner, Worcester Co., MA and was buried in New Cemetery.83

M.V.B. DAVIS served in the Civil War as a private in 2d Regiment, New Hampshire  Volunteers, Co. D.  He enlisted 9 Sept. 1861 and was mustered in 17 Sept at Concord, NH.  He was discharged  disabled  19 June 1863 at Concord.Martin had contacted malaria at Yorktown, VA and received a pension as a result of this illness 84

1870 MA cn, Middlesex Co. Hudson, 284 DAVIS: Martin, ae 40, works in shoe factory, b MA, Sarah C. ae 38, keeping house,  b MA, Herbert ae 04 born MA, Arthur ae 01 b MA
1880 MA cn Worcester Co. Ashburnham, 4A DAVIS: M.V. ae 40 b NH, parents b NH, works in chair factory, Eliza E. wife ae 28b MA, parents b MA keeping house, Herbert F. son ae 13 b MA, Arthur L. son ae 10 at school b MA,Lottie M. dau ae 05 b MA, Emma Jane dau,.ae 01 b MA

Martin V.B. DAVIS' funeral notice reads "The funeral services of MARTIN VAN BUREN DAVIS were held at his home, 115 Maple Street yesterday afternoon at 1 o'clock. Rev. Burton Gilman of the First Congregational Church officiated.  Miss Rose Raymond and Miss Sarah M. Storey sang several selections.  Delegations were present
from the Sergeant Plunket Post GAR, and Naukeag Lodge 100F of Ashburnham. The body was taken to Ashburnham where it was met by members Sergeant Plunket Post and Naukeag Lodge and at the cemetery the Grand Army burial service was held. The bearers were four brothers of Mr. DAVIS; Ceylon DAVIS, Charles DAVIS, George DAVIS and Wallace DAVIS.85

MARTIN married (1) SARAH M. CLARK, daughter of LUTHER CLARK and MARY
COREY, 31 Dec. 1863 in Ashburnham, MA.86 SARAH was born on 15 Feb 1844 in Ashburham, Ma.87  She died on 19 Aug 1870, AE 26-6-6 in Ashburnham, MA and was buried in New Cemetery.88

They had the following children:89

	29	M	i.	HERBERT F. DAVIS was born on 29 Jun 1866.

	30	M	ii.	ARTHUR L. DAVIS was born on 23 Jun 1869.

MARTIN also married (2) ELIZA E. CLARK, daughter of LUTHER CLARK and
MARY COREY, on 4 Jan 1872 in Ashburnham, MA.90 ELIZA was born on 10 Jun 1852 in Mass.91 She died on 30 Aug 1920 in Gardner, MA and was buried in New Cemetery.92

MARTIN and ELIZA had the following children:93

	31	F	iii.	LOTTIE M. DAVIS was born on 6 Dec 1876. She died in 1939 and was buried in New Cemetery, Asburnham, Ma.

	32	F	iv.	EMMA J. DAVIS was born on 14 May 1879 in Ashburnham, Ma., died  04 May 1966 Gardner, MA and bur Crystal Lake Cemetery94 Emma married HUGH CLARK HUNTER 27 June 1900 Gardner, MA.95 Hugh was born 10 Nov. 1878  Barnsley, Yorkshire, England son of HUGH HUNTER & CHARLOTTE MOULTON.96

	7.	SOPHIA ELECTA DAVIS (AMOS, AMOS) was born on 30 Oct 1843/1844 in Onondaga Co. Ny. She died 25 Apr 1923, AE 79-5-26 in Keene, Nh.97

Sophia's probate record lists Mertie Weeks of Swanzey, NH, daughter as her only heir.98  

Sophia applied for a remarried widow's pension on the Civil War Service of her first husband Dauphin Kendall.  Her claim was rejected on 12 Feb 1918 as she was divorced from  John Sheldon, he instituting the divorce..  She had no title to pension as the former widow of Dauphin Kendall.  Married 11 Aug 1866 to Kendall; was remarried 11 Oct
1908 to Sheldon, divorced 1 Apr 1911.  The following two affidavits were in the file:99

Gardner C. Hill, age 58 dtd 25 May 1887 "I am well acquainted with the said Electra E. Kendall and was well acquainted with said Dauphin W. Kendall at the time of his death in March 1886 and have known both well since June 1867.  I am a physician and surgeon and I attended professionally the birth of their second child Nov 3, 1869 and the
birth of their third child April 8, 1871.  I made no report of these births to any officer for registration.  The children then born were both girls and are now living.  At the time of the birth of the second child the first child of said parents had died.100

I Mertie E. Weeks of Swanzey in the County of Cheshire and State of New Hampshire on oath depose and say that Sophia E. Sheldon of said Swanzey, is my mother, that I amfully acquainted with and have full knowledge of my mother's marriage to John Sheldon and the circumstances existing at the time said John Sheldon obtained his divorce from Sophia E. Sheldon, that said Sophia E. Sheldon had a complete defense to the divorce proceedings which John Sheldon instituted and if she had seen fit to do so, could have instituted divorce proceedings against said John Sheldon and undoubtedly  have obtained a divorce from him, as the trouble between them was due, in my opinion, to the fault of said John Sheldon, that my mother could not live with him any longer because of his actions, and when he instituted divorce proceedings she thought it best to let him obtain
a divorce (8 Oct 1920). 101          

and MERVA DODGE, on 11 Aug 1866 in Troy, Nh 102. DAUPHIN was born on 30 Jun 1833 in Sullivan, Nh.103 He died on 15 Mar 1886 in Swanzey, Nh.104

Dauphin W. Kendall was a sergeant in 108th Illinois Infantry in the Civil War. He enlisted 13 Aug. 1862, a resident of Elmwood, IL.105

1870 NH cn Cheshire Co. Keene, 598 KENDALL: Warren D. ae 34 brick mason, $200. b NH, Sophia E. ae 20, keeping house, NH, Nettie M. ae 7 NH, Mertie ae 2 NH

1880 NH cn Cheshire Co., Swanzey, 232, KENDALL, Dauphin W. ae 45 Brick
Mason, b NH,parents b NH,  Sophia E., wife, ae 35, b NY, father b (blank), mother b NY, Myrtle E, 10 NH NH NY, Grace E. dau. ae 9, NH NH NY

1910 NH cn Cheshire Co. Keene, Ward #2, p.160 WORSLEY: George, ae 52, mar2?, mar 10 years, b NH, parents b NH, occupation:? works Pail Factory, Grace   E., wife,
ae 40, mar 1, mar 10 years, b NH, father b MA, mother b NY, toy painter, SHELDON, Sophie E. mother-in-law, ae 65, m2, mar 2 years b NY,parents b NH, own income

1920 NH cn Cheshire, Swanzey, ED 21:19A:  SHELDON, Sophie, ae 75, b NY, parents born NH, boarder in the household of Harry Emerson       

DAUPHIN and SOPHIA had the following children:106

	33	F	i.	NETTIE M. KENDALL??107 was born on 18 Jun 1865 in Swanzey, Nh. NETTIE married MARTIN G. CRAM on 25 May 1885.108

	34	M	ii.	CHARLES W. KENDALL was born on 2 Dec 1867. He died on 12 Aug 1868.

	35	F	iii.	MERTIE E. KENDALL was born on 3 Nov 1869. She died on 3 Mar 1924 in Swanzey, NH and was buried in Westport Cem., Swanzey, NH.109 MERTIE married CHARLES R. WEEKS. CHARLES was born on 25 Oct 1847. 110He died on 25 Feb 1929 in Swanzey, NH and was buried in Westport Cem., Swanzey, NH.111

	36	F	iv.	GRACE E. KENDALL was born on 8 Apr 1871. She died in 1916 in Keene, NH.and is buried in Woodlawn Cem. 112

SOPHIA also married (2) JOHN SHELDON on 11 Oct 1908.113

	8.	LAURA ANN DAVIS (AMOS, AMOS) was born on 5 Sep 1843 in Syracuse, Onondaga Co., NY. She died on 16 Jul 1903 in E.Sullivan, Cheshire Co., NH.114

Laura A. (DAVIS) RICH was the original owner of the Rich Family Bible
which is now in possession of compiler. A tax notice was found in this Bible dated Oct. 1881 for property located in Keene apparently owned by Laura. This notice advised Laura that her taxes were delinquent in the amount of $6.65 which included $6.50 State, County, City & Highway Taxes and .15 cents School Tax.  Laura was listed in the 1883-1884 Keene City Directory as RICH, Laura A.,widow, residence Court St. Corner North.  This was the only Keene CD she was
listed in.  She probably called herself widow as divorced women were not considered respectable in 1880.

It is said that LAURA enjoyed painting china vases and dishes which is
probably so as this was a common hobby for women in this era.  The compiler owns a couple of pieces of hand painted china which may be Laura's work.

Laura's obit reads as follows:  "Mrs. Laura A. MILES, widow of the late Wesley T. MILES of Cabot, VT died from the result of a fall at the house of her daughter Mrs. Nelson Castow, East Sullivan, Sunday, aged 60 years.  She leaves three children Frank A. Rich of Phillipston, Mass., Bert C. Rich  of East Whitman, Mass. and Mrs. Nelson Caston  of East Sullivan, all by her first husband.  The funeral services will be held at the home of Mrs.CASTON Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock.  Friends are invited.115

ADAMS, on 28 Mar 1861 in Winchester, NH.116 The marriage ended in divorce on 22 Oct.1882 in Keene, NH.117 CHARLES was born on 28 Jun 1837 in Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH.118 He died 7 May 1911 Ae 73 Yrs 11 Mos in Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH and was buried in Winchester, NH, Evergreen Cem.119

Census abstracts for Charles A. and Laura Rich:

1870 NH cn Cheshire Co. Richmond,04 RICH: Charles H., farmer, $400/$300 b NH, Laura A. ae 28, keeping house, b NY, Charles A. ae 07 b NH, Frank A. ae 04 b NH, Laura M. ae 02 NH

1880 NH cn Cheshire, Keene,Ward #4: RICH: Charles A., ae 42, huckster, b NH, parents b NH, Laura A., wife, ae 37,keeping house, b NY, father b NH, mother b.MA, Bertia A. (male) son, ae 17 b. MA,NH, NY, works on farm, Frank A., son, ae 14, NH,NH,NY,Mabel L. dau., ae 12, school, NH NH NY

1900 NH cn Cheshire, Winchester, Fam. #186 RICH: Charles A., b June 1837, ae 42, mar 1 year, b. NH, father b NH, mother b. NH, hardware dealer, Martha E, wife, b Aug. 1852, ae 47, b VT, parents b VT, housework

1910 NH cn Cheshire, Winchester, 101 RICH: Charles A. ae 72, mar2?, mar 10 years b NH, father b MA, mother b NH own income; Martha E.b VT, parents b VT, own income; LOVEJOY, Harriet, mother-in-law, ae 89, widow, mother of 4 children , 3 living, b VT, father b VT, mother b MA, own income   

1900 VT cn, Washington Co., Cabot,14 CUTLER: Laura A. Head, b Sept. 1843, ae 51?, widow, 0 children, b NY,father b MA, mother b. NH, MILES: Wesley, servant, b Jan. 1849, ae 51., b VT, father b England, mother b ?, farmer     

CHARLES ADAMS RICH sold land in Winchester, NH to the Keene Savings Bank on 27 Sept. 1909, deed signed by Charles A. & Martha E. RICH which mentions land that was formerly conveyed to Mary Jane RICH  by Amos A. TUCKER 120 On May 2 1911 MARTHA E. RICH conveyed land to BERT C. RICH, FRANK A. RICH & MABEL CASTAW all of them heirs of CHARLES A. RICH's estate." She is referred to as the widow of  CHARLES A. RICH, late of Winchester, deceased..121 MABEL CASTAW sold her 1/3 portion of this land to her brothers BERT & FRANK RICH on 28 Oct. 1911 122

 CHARLES A. RICH's obituary: "Charles A. RICH died last Sunday morning  at his home on Aschuelot Street.  He had been ill for eight days with uremia.  He was 73 years of age.Mr. RICH was born in this town, a son of CHARLES & LUCY (Adams) RICH and practically all of his life he made his home in this town.  In his early life he was a peddler of small wares, termed yankee notions which in those days was quite an industry.  He also ran a saw mill more or less.  In recent years he had conducted a hardware store on Elm Street.  He was a member of no fraternal order or church but was a great student of the Bible and a regular attendant at church and Sunday School.

Mr. RICH was three times married, first to LAURA DAVIS of this town, by whom he had three children, B.C. RICH of Whitman, Mass. FRANK A. RICH of Phillipston, Mass. and Mrs. NELSON CASTOR of East Sullivan.  His second wife was Lucy LYON of Winchester and his third wife who survives him was Mrs. MARTHA HASKELL, also of this town.  He leaves, besides those mentioned, a brother J.D. RICH of Chicopee Falls, Mass., a half-sister Mrs. HELENA EATON of Winchester, a step-daughter Mrs. JOHN SUTPHEN of So. Dakota, 10 grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

The funeral will be held Wednesday afternoon at three o'clock at the
Congregational Church.  Rev. C.E. GOULD of the Methodist Church officiating. The burial will be in Evergreen Cemetery.

CHARLES and LAURA had the following children:123

	37	M	i.	SON (Stillborn) RICH was born on 3 Jun 1861 in Winchester, NH.

+	38	M	ii.	CHARLES BERTON RICH was born on 6 Jul 1862 and died on 6 Jul 1936.

+	39	M	iii.	FRANK A. RICH was born on 24 Feb 1866 and died on 27 Feb 1941.

+	40	F	iv.	LUCY MABEL RICH was born on 24 Jul 1868 and died in 1951.

LAURA also married (2) ERASMUS CUTLER after 1884. ERASMUS was born about 1810. He died on 18 Sep 1899 in No. Cabot, VT.124

LAURA also married (3) WESLEY F. MILES on 7 Feb 1902 in No. Cabot, VT.125


	10.	BYRON V. DAVIS (AMOS, AMOS) was born on 7 Sep 1847 in , Onondaga Co., NY. He died on 9 Jun 1938 in Kents Hill, Maine.126

Byron V. DAVIS was a minister of the Church.

Byron's obit reads as follows: "The death of Rev. B.D. DAVIS, retired minister, occurred yesterday at the home of his daughter Mrs. Cyrus SNELL in this town following a heart attack.  He was born Sept. 6, 1847, the son of AMOS & CYNTHIA(Coombs) DAVIS and had resided here for the past 45 years.  He was a member of Torsey Memorial Church and was a great reader of the Bible and history. Besides the daughter with whom he resided, survivors are another daughter Mrs. W.H. GRATON
of Farmington; three sons Royal of Farmington, Albert B. of Hollywood,California and Frank DAVIS of Turner and several grandchildren. Funeral services will be held at the home Sunday at 10 A.M.127 

1880 ME cn Androscoggin,Turner, 462D DAVIS: Byron V ae 32 b NH butcher, Georgia A. wife, ae 33 b ME, Albert B.son, ae 05 ME, Mertie M. dau ae 4 ME, Francis V., son, ae 2 ME  

1920 ME cn Kennebec Co. Readfield, ED 70:5A DAVIS:Byron ae 72 b NY, parents b NH clergyman in church, Georgia,wife ae 72 b ME parents b ME 

Vernon - Byron V. Davis of Kent's Hill Maine was a guest of his brother, C.E.Davis last week.  Mrs. Myrtle Weeks of Walpole, niece of Mr. Davis visited him Saturday and Sunday.128 

BYRON married GEORGIA A. STEVENS, daughter of SMITH W.C. STEVENS and
JOANAH S. BEDELL, on 25 Sept  1872 in HUDSON, MA.129 Georgia was born on 7 Dec 1847 in Parsonfield, Me.130 She died on 9 Jul 1931 in Kents Hill Me.131

BYRON and GEORGIA had the following children:132

	41	M	i.	ALBERT B. DAVIS was born on 28 Dec 1874. He died on 22 June 1943 Los Angeles, CA133

	42	F	ii.	MYRTLE MAY DAVIS was born on 21 Apr 1876. She died on 31 Mar 1948.134 MYRTLE married W. H. GREATON on 4 Jan 1898.135

	43	M	iii.	FRANCIS G. DAVIS was born on 27 Nov 1877.

	44	M	iv.	HENRY DAVIS was born on 16 Mar 1879.

	45	F	v.	EMMA JANE DAVIS was born on 16 Aug 1881. She died on 11 Dec 1950.136 EMMA married CYRUS SNELL in 8 Aug 1907.137 He died 9 July 1965 AE 95 Manchester, ME138.

	46	M	vi.	ROYAL V. DAVIS was born on 14 Feb 1886. He died in Jun 1971 in Wilton, Franklin Co. Me.139 Royal married  ETHEL M. CRAIG 12 Jan, 1919140

	11.	JOHN WESLEY DAVIS (AMOS, AMOS) was born in Feb 1852 in Walpole, Cheshire Co., NH. He died 27 Dec 1920 Ae 68 in Cranston, Ri and was buried in Oakland Cem.141

1880 MA cn Royalston, Worcester Co.494a BLISS: Andrew J. ae 69 farmer b MA parents b MA, Phebe A. wife ae 51 b VT, keeping house, father b VT, mother b  MA, Andrew E. son ae 15 at School MA MA VT, Ora H. dau., ae 9  School, MA,MA, VT, DAVIS, Ada C. gdau,ae 4  NH, NH MA, BLISS*(Davis) Ernest gson, ae 3 NH NH MA

NOTE:  Ada, ae 04  & Ernest Davis, ae 03 were also listed as living in household of George W. & Maria L Peeler, in Athol,Worcester Co. MA in 1880, 208C  The Peelers were parents of Anna, first wife of John W. Davis’ brother Orville F.Davis.  .   

1900 RI cn Providence Co., Cranston: DAVIS: John W. b. Feb. 1852, ae 48 b NH, father b NY, mother b NH; restaurant keeper,  Mary wife, b. July 1851 ae 48, b CT, parents b CT, no children, mar 11 years 

1910 RI cn, Providence Co Cranston,Ward #1, Lockwood ave.ED79:21A, DAVIS: John ae 58, m2, mar 20 years, b NH, parents b NH, Dairyman, Mary A. wife, ae 58, mar 20 years, 0 children, b CT, parents b CT

1920 RI cn Providence Co. Cranston,28 Lockwood ED86:7A: DAVIS: John W. ae 67 rents,b NH parents b USA, farmer general farm, Mary A. wife, ae 68 b CT, parents b CT

1930 RI cn Providence Co. Cranston, 28 Lockwood, ED: 175:4A: DAVIS, Mary A. ae 78, widow, ae 39 yrs at time of mar, b. CT, parents b CT, KENTON: Harry M., boarder, ae 52, ae 38 at time of marriage,  b RI, father b VT, fisherman,fishing industry  
BLISS and PHEBE ANN STREETER, on 1 Jun 1873 in Vernon, VT.142

They had the following children:143

	47	F	i.	ADA C. DAVIS was born in 1876.

	48	M	ii.	ERNEST T. DAVIS was born in 1877 in New Hampshire.

            AMANDA m2 ROSCOE PUTNAM144

JOHN also married (2) MARY REED145 about 1889. MARY was born about 1852. She was living in  1930 according to census of that year...

	12.	ELLA MARIA DAVIS (AMOS, AMOS) was born on 2 Nov 1853. She died on 8 Nov 1924 in Melrose, Middlesex Co., MA and was buried in Wyoming Cem., Melrose, MA.146

1870 NH cn, Cheshire Co.Marlborough, 60 Ella M. Davis, ae 17, b NH, works in blanket factory living with family of Willard C. Mason

1920 MA cn Middlesex Co. Malden 34 Holyoke St.ED 286:2b MAYO, William R. ae 63 b MA parents b US Shoemaker CASS: Ella M. ae 64 servant, b NH parents b NH, housekeeper 

was born on 30 Apr 1852 in Richmond, Nh.147

1880 MA cn Norfolk, Town of Franklin,539b CASS: Lewis E., ae 28 b MA works in ?? shop Ella M., wife, ae 27 b NH, parents born NH, Willie E. son, ae 05 b MA, father b MA, mother NH 
LEWIS and ELLA had the following children:

	49	M	i.	WILLIAM E. (WILLIE) CASS was born about 1875.

	13.	WALLACE HERBERT DAVIS (AMOS, AMOS) was born on 6 Mar 1857 in Westport, Cheshire Co., NH. He died on 6 Feb 1933 in Tully, Franklin Co., MA.148

WALLACE's obit reads "Wallace H. DAVIS passed away very peacefully at the home of his daughter Mrs. Charles E. RICHARDSON, at Tully, Monday afternoon February 6, 1933. Mr. DAVIS was son of AMOS and Cinthia DAVIS of Westport, NH.  Mr.DAVIS lived for more than fifty years on a farm in West Royalston with his wife Sophia (BLISS) DAVIS who passed away nearly three years ago at the home of the
daughter, Mrs. RICHARDSON, in Tully.

Mr. DAVIS, aside from carrying on his farm was also active in the teaming business for many years.  He was one of fifteen children, all of whom have passed away, except one brother Byron V. Davis of Kents Hill, Maine, a retired minister.  Mr. DAVIS passed away in his 76th year.  One daughter Mrs. Charles Richardson survives him.Funeral services were held at the home, Rev. Mr. McInnis officiating.Burial was at Tully.  The floral offerings were many and very beautiful.149

1880 MA cn Worcester Co. Royalston 494b DAVIS: Wallace H ae 24 b NH father b NY, mother b NH, farmer, Sophia wife,  ae 20 b MA, father b MA, mother b VT, keeping house, Florence E., dau. ae 02, b MA NH MA 

1920 MA cn Worcester Co. Princeton, 18 DAVIS: Wallace H. ae 69 b NH father b NY,  mother b NH farmer, Sophia L. wife, ae 60 b MA parents b MA

1930 MA cn Franklin Co. Orange, MA ED 36:17A,RICHARDSON, Charles E. ae 46, 26 yrs old when married, b VT,father b MA, mother b NH, Bessie, wife, ae 45,26 yrs old when married,b MA, father b NH, mother b MA, DAVIS, Wallis H. boarder, ae 73, ae 20 when married, b NH, father b NH, mother b MA,Sophia L. boarder, ae 69, ae 19
when married, b MA, parents b MA  

PHEBE ANN STREETER, on 10 Dec 1876 in Royalston, MA.150 SOPHIA was born in 1859.151 She died about 1930.152

They had the following children:153

	50	F	i.      FLORENCE E. DAVIS was born in 1878. She died young.

	51	F	ii.	BESSIE MAEBELLE DAVIS.born c1885



DEATH OF MRS. A.D. REYNOLDS (Brattleboro Vermont Phoenix 1 Dec. 1921

Mrs. Adalaide Reynolds, 60, for the past eleven years  Associate Editor of the Holstein-Friesian Register, formerly on the editorial staff of  the Reformer, died at six o’clock Sunday morning at her home at 82 Hugh Street after an illness of more than two months with a cancerous trouble. She had not been well for some time and received
treatments in New York  three or four times in the past year or more. She continued her editorial work for the Register until September 14th. She had been confined to her bed since failing steadily.

Although she was in critical condition and suffered intense pain she maintained her usual cheerful disposition to a remarkable degree and took much pleasure in the company of her sisters  Mrs. Lillian E. Allen of Patterson, NJ, Mrs. E.N. Brooks of Seattle, Washington, her brother Charles I. Davis, also of Seattle who came  here to be with
her during her illness and Mrs. Brooks who had been here since early in October. Francilia Adalaide Davis Reynolds was born in St. Johnsbury December 21, 1860 one of four children of  Charles E. Davis and Fanny S. Johnson  Davis.  She attended schools of Vernon and Powers Institute of Bernardston, Massachusetts At the age of 14
years began teaching school in her hometown. In 1880 she began work as assistant editor for the Reformer, then owned by the late Charles H. Davenport.  On July 10, 1884 she married Stephen Reynolds of Meridan, Connecticut. They lived in Meridan, Dover, DE and Easton, PA.

Mrs. Reynolds returned to Brattleboro to take an editorial position on the Reformer the summer of 1901 when J.G. Ullery bought the paper of Mr. Davenport, and remained on its staff during Mr. Ullery’s ownership and for several years after it was purchased by E.H.
Crane in August  of 1903.  Later she was employed for a time on the New England Farmer and in November of 1910 became Associate Editor of  the Holstein-Friesian Register, a position she held up to the time of her death. Mrs. Reynolds was an exceptionally capable newspaperwoman. Her ability as a writer was supplemented by a
wide knowledge of affairs gained through years of exchanged reading  and her judgement in handling topics was almost unerring. For a number of years after she returned to this town in 1901, she was practically in sole charge of the Reformer’s editorial page and
succeeded in making it one of the most widely copied in the State.  Aside from her ability as a writer of prose, Mrs. Reynolds wrote a good deal of verse which had more than ordinary merit.  As an associate she was most helpful and congenial , never too busy to
assist those less experienced than herself, never too tired to carry her share of the burden, always courteous and obliging and quick to see the humorous side of any incident that had one. By those who worked with her in the old days and found pleasure as well as profit
from the association, as well as by her business companions of later years, her death will be sincerely mourned.  She was a charter member of Brattleboro Business and Professional Woman’s Club.

Besides her sisters and brother mentioned above, Mrs. Reynolds leaves one daughter Violette A. Reynolds, Secretary to Dr. Frederick Lynch, Editor and Publisher of  Christian Work in New York. Miss Reynolds is editor of the children’s page in the magazine and is a contributor to other magazines. She has been with her mother the past ten days. A son died in 1893 at the age of six months.

The funeral was held at 1 o’clock Wednesday afternoon in Mitchell’s Undertaking Parlors. The entire working force of the Holstein-Friesian Register of which Mrs. Reynolds  was  Associate Editor attended in a body. Dr. Herbert P. Woodin, pastor of the Centre
Congregational  Church officiated. There were many beautiful flowers.  The body was placed in the mausoleum in Morningside Cemetery  to await burial in the family lot in Vernon in the spring. The bearers were E.H. Chapman, W.L. Donnelly, L.B. Rounds and
Houghton Severance

Aside from the immediate family who were with Mrs. Reynolds during her illness those who were here for the funeral were Dr. Frederick Lynch of New York, Mrs. Hattie Johnson of Greenfield, MA, Miss Etta Stebbens, Miss Alice Heard, and Mrs. H.A. Staten of Vernon. E.N. Brooks who left Saturday for his home in Seattle, Washington returned
her last night. Mrs. Julia Haley who had been here with Mrs. Reynolds the past ten daysleft for her home in Boston yesterday. Her friend Miss Adaline Francis of New York was with her over Sunday.
NOTE: Adalaide Reynolds daughter is buried in Tyler Cem. Vernon VT with her mother: Violette Reynolds b July 21 1899 died July 12 1933

1920 VT cn Windham Co.Brattleboro, ED111:13b REYNOLDS: Adalaide D. Head,  ae 59 Divorced, born VT, father born NH, mother born VT,  Editor, farm registry  

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