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                        (And Variant Spellings)

                         First Generation

Bygod Eggleston may have arrived in America on the ship Mary & John in 1630 and extensive research has been done on him including his English background. See Bygod Eggleston: Englishman & Colonist and Some of His Descendants by Dr. Rosalie Eggleston & Linda Eggleston McBroom  {The Mary & John Clearinghouse Toledo, Ohio, 1991 hereinafter Eggleston  & The Great Migration Begins -
Immigrants to New England 1620-1633 by Robert Charles Anderson {Boston 1995 NEH&G) Page 620-624) hereinafter Anderson

                Some of the following information on Bygod  was taken from these two sources.  

	1.	BYGOD EGGLESTON son JAMES & MARGARET  (HARKER) EGGLESTON was born in 1586/1587 and was christened on 20 Feb 1586/1587 in Settrington, Yorkshire, England.1  He died on 1 Sep 1674 in Windsor, Hartford Co., CT.2  He had at least ten children by 
two wives whose names are not known.  The first three children are by first marriage, numbers 2 & 3 baptized in St. Margaretís , Norwich, Norfolk, England.3 The other children (6-12) by second  marriage were probably born Windsor,CT 4

BYGOD and his spouse had the following children5

	2	M	i.	JAMES EGGLESTON was born in England and was christened on 14 Apr 1612 in St. Margaret, Norwich, England, bur there 20 Aug. 1613.

	3	M	ii.  MARY EGGLESTON was christened on 19 Jan 1613/1614 in St. Margaret's, Norwich, England.

	4	M	iii. JAMES EGGLESTON was born say 1620.

	5	M	iv. SAMUEL EGGLESTON was born about 1634 in England.

	6	M	v.  THOMAS EGGLESTON was born on 26 Aug 1638 in Windsor, CT.

	7	F	vi.  MERCY EGGLESTON was born on 29 May 1641 in Windsor, CT.

	8	F	vii.  SARAH EGGLESTON was born on 28 Mar 1643 in Windsor, CT.

	9	F	viii.  REBECCA EGGLESTON was born on 9 Dec 1644 in Windsor, CT.

	10	F	ix.    ABIGAIL EGGLESTON was born on 12 Jun 1648 in Windsor, CT.

+	11	M	x.   JOSEPH EGGLESTON was christened on 20 Mar 1651.

	12	M	xi.   BENJAMIN EGGLESTON was born on 18 Dec 1653 in Windsor, CT.

                        Second Generation

	11.	JOSEPH EGGLESTON (BYGOD) was born in Windsor, Hartford Co., CT and was christened on 20 Mar 1651 in Windsor, CT.6

Little is known of Joseph Eggleston. He supposedly moved to Stonington, CT about 1670.  His father, in his will, left him 40s should he come and demand a portion indicating that he  lived at a distance.7

On 6 Sept 1767 Joseph, David & Ichabod Eggleston of North Stonington, CT executed a series of quitclaim deeds in which each pair renounced his rights in "land which our honored father  Joseph Eggleston late of Stonington died possessed of."8  An article  was written by
Edwin D. Ritter, Jr. Dec 1988 who feels that these three Egglestons are grandsons  of Joseph 2 and sons of Joseph Eggelston 39 and  it is most likely that the following three men are grandchildren of Joseph 2 but this is not proven.  


        15	M       iii. ICHABOD EGGLESTON/ECCLESTON.

                       Third Generation


On 28 June 1723 Joseph Egolston of South Kingston,RI purchased 100 acres of land in  Stonington,CT from Francis & Elizabeth Robinson.10  Joseph was a weaver in  Stonington. The preceding and following same three men may be his children but again all  supposition. Sarah Eggleston who married David Nichols through land records is a proven 
daughter of this Joseph according to Mr. Ritter

JOSEPH married Miss MOTT, daughter of GERSHOM MOTT and MARY, in 1720.11

They had the following children:?????????



+	18	M	iii  ICHABOD EGGLESTON was born about 1715 and died about 1793.


                          Fourth Generation

	18.	ICHABOD ECCLESTON (???), JOSEPH, BYGOD) was born  say 1715. He died about 1793 in Stonington, New London Co., CT. He supposedly was the son of either Joseph, Ichabod or David Eccleston. Nothing definite has ever been proven as to which of these three men was Ichabod's father. Ichabod could not have  been the son of Joseph & Miss Mott since they were married in 1720 unless this was a second
marriage or Ichabod  was born later than 1715???????

He is probably the Ichabod Eggleston who was taxed at the rate of 34-1-3 in the North Society Road Church Town of Stonington, CT in 1787.12 

The following is the Last will & testament of ICHABOD ECCLESTON of
Stonington, CT:13

I ICHABOD ECCLESTON of Stonington in the County of New London, State of Connecticut being in perfect health and sound and disposing mind and memory for which I have  great reason of thankfulness to my maker being advanced in years & knowing that it is  appointed for all men once to die do make and ordain this my last Will and testament 
recommending my soul to God that gave it & my body to the dust to be buried decently, and as  to my worldly estate I give & dispose of it in the following manner (viz) -- I give to my loving  wife THANKFUL one third part of my real estate to improve during her life and also one third  part of my moveable estate to be her own property forever -- I give to my loving son Ichabod  ECCLESTON thirty pounds lawful money to be paid him by my son JOSEPH within one year 
after my decease and I also give to my said son ICHABOD all my wearing apparel which with  what he has already received is to be his whole portion of my estate -- I give to my loving son  BENEDICT ECCLESTON  & to his heirs and assigns all my land which lies west of the  highway being about five acres.  I also give to my said son BENEDICT  thirty pounds lawful  money to be paid him by my son DAVID within one year after my decease which with what he  has heretofore had in the whole of his portion of my estate - I give to my loving son WINLOCK  ECCLESTON and to his heirs & assigns forever the tract of land  on which he now lives lying  partly in Stonington & partly in Preston and also I give to my said son WINLOCK & to his 
heirs & assigns the south part of my home farm to be set off to him by a line from west to east  drawn through my sd home farm parallel with the south line of of sd home farm so that his part 
shall be twenty rods wide the whole way from the Road on the west to the east end of sd farm  joining to Tifts? land and my will is that one quarter of an acre of land with the house where the  widow DELIVERANCE JONES now lives in the first tract  therein given to my sd son  WINLOCK be reserved for the use of sd Widow JONES during her life -- I give to my loving  son JOSEPH ECCLESTON the east end of my home farm to be sett off by a line drawn from  north to south so as to contain the one half of the number of acres except what is herein given to  WINLOCK - the sd east part so set off to JOSEPH containing the land where his dwelling house now stands and the said east part to be & remain to him the sd JOSEPH and his heirs and 
assigns forever.  I give to my loving son DAVID ECCLESTON and to his heirs and assigns  forever all that part of my homestead farm which is not herein otherwise given away viz the west  end of the sd home farm including a small corner or strip of the land which I bought of 
Thomas Main and extending from the highway on the west to the lot or part given to  JOSEPH on the east & including all my buildings & my orchard the north part adjoining on the land of BENEDICT ECCLESTON and on the south by the strip of the home farm therein given to WINLOCK  & this with about seventeen acres & half of land lying in Preston which I bought of THOMAS MAIN & have a deed of sale for the same dated 30th Day of May A.D. 1781 and is on record in 10th Book of Record Page 151 -- I give to my four daughters SARAH,  REBECCA, DELIVERANCE & THANKFUL all my household goods excepting what is
herein  otherwise given away to be equally divided amongst them & it is always to be understood that the legacies herein given in land to my sons JOSEPH & DAVID is on condition that they pay out the legacies herein given for them to pay to ICHABOD and BENEDICT and my 
will is that all my just debts and funeral charges shall be paid by my executors out of my  moveable estate as nearly as may be to be out of that part of estate which is not specially herein 
given away and I do by this presents constitute and appoint my two sons ICHABOD  ECCLESON & BENEDICT ECCLESTON to be executors to this my Last will and testament wholly disapproving & renouncing any will which as here before been made by me and declaring  this & this only to be my last will in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand
and seal this 19th Day of May Anno Domin 1784                   s/Ichabod X  ECCLESTON (seal) his mark
Witnesses:  Abraham UTTER, Abigail MOTT, Dolly KILLAM

Codicil:  I ICHABOD ECCLESTON subscriber to the foregoing will fully approve & am contented with the devices, bequests and dispositions contained in the said will and do recognize  and ratify the same in all the disposition thereof as my Last will and testament but since in the  said will a particular disposition is not made of my cattle & other live stock nor of my farming  tools nor of any money at interest therefore being by the blessing of God still continued in life &  in tolerable health & of sound mind & memory I do declare, will & direct that after my loving  wife THANKFUL has got her part of my stock, farming tools, & money at interest according to 
the direction in the sd forgoing will & after my just debts and funeral charges are paid, all the  remainder of my live stock, farming tools & money at interest shall be equally divided among my 
five sons (viz) ICHABOD, BENEDICT, WINLOCK, JOSEPH & DAVID and I do declare that this disposition mentioned in this codicil is made in addition to the forgoing will in witness  whereof I here unto set my hand and seal this 21st day of June A.D. 1788..........Witnesses: 
Elizar ?/Abigail MOTT

The will was proved 26 Oct. A.D. 1793 in Preston, New London Co. Conn.

ICHABOD married THANKFUL HADSALL, daughter of JOSEPH HADSALL and RACHEL CRUMB, on 27 Jun 1735/1736 in Westerly, Washington Co., RI.14 Thankful was born on 23 Jul 1716 in Westerly, Washington Co., RI.15  She died after 21 Jun 1788 when she is mentioned in the codicil of her husbandís will. 


	20	M	i.	ICHABOD Jr ECCLESTON was born on 10 Oct 1737.17 He died on 11 Oct 1816, AE 80, in No. Stonington, CT and was buried in Eccleston Cem., No. Stonington, CT.18

The estate of Ichabod ECCLESTON Jr was probated 5 Nov. 1816 -
distribution to his siblings was made Dec. 1817 - his siblings were brothers: Benedict, Joseph, Winlock & David; sisters Sarah (wife of Ebenezer Reynolds of Griswold, CT), Rebecca WORDEN, Deliverance (Delia) (wife of Elijah ROCKWELL of  Pittsfield, MA; heirs of sister Thankful, wife of Nathaniel PARK, deceased.   Receipts dated 24 Dec. 1817 - Rebecca Worden, residence Halifax, VT;  Winlock, David & other sons signed receipts in North Stonington, CT - land  was distributed among all siblings.19

Probably the Ichabod Egleston Jr taxed at the rate of 91-18-6 in North Society  Road Church in 1787.20 

ICHABOD married ABIGAIL WOODWARD. 21 Abigail was born about 1737.
She died on 5 Mar 1816, AE 79  in No. Stonington, CT and was buried in Eccleston Cem., No. Stonington, CT.22

	21	F	ii.	SARAH ECCLESTON was born about 1736 (calculated gs). She died on 26 Aug 1823 AE 87,  in No. Stonington, CT and was buried in Eccleston Cem., No. Stonington, CT.23 Sarah married EBENEZER REYNOLDS on 27 Dec 1759 in Preston, CT.24 Ebenezer was born c1737 (calculated gs) and died on 16 Dec 1819, AE 82 in No. Stonington, CT and was buried in Eccleston Cem., No. Stonington, CT.25

	22	F	iii.	REBEKAH EGGLESTON was born about
1739 (calculated gs)  She died on 6 Nov 1827, AE 88 in Halifax, Windham Co., VT and was buried in Worden Cem., Halifax, VT. In Dec. of 1817.26 REBEKAH married SYLVESTER WORDEN, son of PETER IV WORDEN
and REBECCA RICHMOND, say 1757.  Sylvester was born about 1732 in
Westerly, Washington Co., RI. He died on 30 Mar 1814, AE 82 in Halifax, Windham Co., VT and was buried in Worden Cem., Halifax, VT.27

.Children born Stonington, Conn.28 i. Sylvester jr., b 3 Oct.. 1758,  ii. Ichabod, b. 24 Jan. 1761,  iii. Thankful b. 15 Nov.1763., iv. Peter b. 10 Feb. 1766, v. Asa b. 12 Nov. 1768, vi. Elisha b 3 June 1773, vii.James bc 1777, viii.Samuel  b.1781, ix. Lucy,  x. Anne,  xi. Child, xii. Child   SEE WORDEN FAMILY BY COMPILER

	23	M	iv.	BENEDICT ECCLESTON was born about 1740 (calculated gs).  He died on 29 Aug 1834, AE 94 in No. Groton CT and was buried in Eccleston Cem., No. Stonington, CT.29

The Will of BENEDICT ECCLESTON of Groton, CT was dated 11 Aug
1829, no wife mentioned, daughters Phebe WELLS, Eunice A. ANTRIM,
Mary HADLEY, Abigail  BURROWS.30

Benedict was a private in the War of the Revolution serving from

BENEDICT married ABIGAIL WOODWARD on 8 Feb 1764 in Stonington,
CT.32  Abigail died on 14 Feb 1802, AE 55 in No. Stonington, CT and was buried in Eccleston Cem., No. Stonington, CT.33


Winlock was an early settler of Pharsalia, NY34  He was  living there in 1820 according to census of that year.

M	vi.	JOSEPH ECCLESTON was born about 1747. He died on 6 Jul
1838 in No. Stonington, CT.35

The will of JOSEPH ECCLESTON of North Stonington is dated 21 Mar
1828 and was proved 16 July 1838 - mentions wife Elizabeth, sons Joseph, Gardner, Tracy, Caleb (executor); daughters. Sabey CAMPBELL, Anne ALDRIDGE, Thankful LAW; grandson Ichabod L. ECCLESTON;
daughter Cynthia ECCLESTON unmarried.36

Joseph applied for a pension in No. Stonington, CT 8 Aug. 1832.  He served as  a private at various times in CT from 1775 to 1778.  On 8 Sept.1838  Elizabeth Egelston, widow of Joseph, applied for her widow's pension.  She stated she had married Joseph 17 Jan. 1769 at Exeter, RI and their children  were: i. Ichabod b 6 May 1770, ii. Caleb b 27 Apr 1772, iii. Joseph b 12 Oct  1773, iv. Thankful b 10 Oct. 1775, v. Gardner b 17 Dec 1778, vi. Olive b 23  Aug. 1781, vii. Sabry b. 7 July 1783, viii. Lucindy b. 8 June 1785, ix.Nanny b 
4 July 1787, x. Truchy (a son)  b. 15 Feb. 1789.37

JOSEPH married ELIZABETH ROBBINS on 17 Jan 1769 in Exeter, RI.38
She was the daughter of Caleb & Jemima ROBBINS and was living in 1838 when her husband applied for his pension.  

Children:39   i. Ichabod b 6 May 1770, ii. Caleb b 27 Apr 1772, iii. Joseph b 12 Oct 1773, iv. Thankful b 10 Oct. 1775, v. Gardner b 17 Dec 1778, vi. Olive b 23Aug. 1781, vii. Sabry b. 7 July 1783, viii. Lucindy b. 8 June 1785, ix. Nanny b 4 July 1787, x. Truchy (a son)  b. 15 Feb. 1789.

	26	M	vii.	DAVID ECCLESTON was born on 18 Jun 1755 in No. Stonington, 4 0CT.  He died on 20 Aug 1843 in Preston, Chenango Co. NY.41

David Eccleston came to Preston, NY from Stonington, CT in the spring 
of 1797 and settled on 200 acres two miles south of Preston Corners at Preston Center, Chenango Co. NY. He died there in 1845 while sitting in his chair at the age of  88 years. His wife died in Norwich, NY a few years late at the age of 90.42

David was a Soldier of the Revolution.  He applied for a pension 12 Aug.1832  as a resident of Preston, Chenango Co.NY where he had lived since 1788 (probably   should be 1798). He said he was born in No. Stonington CT 18 June 1755 and  married Catherine Fanning in Stonington 28 May 1780. David died 20 Aug. 1843 and his widow Catherine applied for a widow's pension  24 Jan. 1844.  In 1845 she was 84 years old, living Norwich,NY.  Her children were i. Hannah  (m.Marsh) b 28 June 1782, ii. David Jr  b. 15 Sept. 1785,  iii.
Jehabed b. 6 Dec. 1786, iv. W. Frederick b 22 Mar 1787, v. Katherine b. 1 Aug.1790, vi. G. Washington b. 15 July 1793, vii. Charles b 13 Sept. 179543

David's will was dated 21 Aug 1832 and was probated 14 Nov. 1843.  It names  his wife Catherine, daughters Hannah Marsh & Catherine Fagan, sons David, Charles, George W. & William Frederick Eccleston. William
Eccleston's wife Catherine is included in his share of the estate and her share eventually to Hosea & Uriah Eccleston, Uri's two youngest sons. David and Charles Eccleston were named executors and Henry Mygott & Henry R. Mygott both of Oxford, NY  were witnesses to the will.  A codicil was added 19 Nov. 1835 witnessed by Henry R. Mygott & John Donnelly both of Oxford, NY.44         
DAVID married CATHERINE FANNING on 20 May 1780.45  She was the
daughter  of Richard & Hannah Fanning. Children46  i. Hannah 
(m.Marsh) b 28 June 1782, ii. David Jr  b. 15 Sept. 1785, iii. Jehabed b. 6 Dec. 1786, iv. W. Frederick  b 22 Mar 1787, v. Katherine b. 1 Aug.1790,  vi. G. Washington b. 15 July 1793, vii. Charles b 13 Sept. 1795.

	27	F	viii.	DELIVERANCE ECCLESTON. m1 BENJAMIN JONES , 24 Sept 1764 Westerly, RI.47  Benjaman was deceased by 1788 when Deliverance was called widow in her fatherís will.  She m2 ELIJAH ROCKWELL  Lanesboro, Berkshire Co.  Ma 22 Apr 1796 as Della (bride of Hancock, MA, groom of Lanesboro.)48

The Rockwells were living in Pittsfield, MA in 1817 when her brother
Ichabodís estate was settled.  There are no vital or probate records in Pittsfield for Delia or Elijah. In 1810 the Rockwells are living in Pittsfield with a household consisting of l male 26-45, l male over 45 and 1 female over 45.49

	28	F	ix.	THANKFUL ECCLESTON died before 27 July 1805 when her husband wrote his will.

THANKFUL married NATHANIEL PARK. who died about 1815 

Nathaniel was a private in the CT. 10th Co., 6th Regiment in the War of the Revolution serving May - Oct 1781.50 

The will of Nathaniel Park was dated 27 July 1805 and probated 4 July 1815  and did not mention a wife. He named a number of children including sons Samuel & Nathaniel and a daughter Thankful Eccleston who was a widow and living with her father at the time of his death51.   She is probably the Thankful Eccleston who is buried in Eccleston Cem. in North Stonington as widow of Ichabod Eccleston  who  died 24 Dec. 1853, AE 75.52 She is probably the Thankful  residing with an Ichabod Eccleston ( probably her son) in 1850 census of North Stonington, AE 70.53 

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