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5 Dec 2005	
              John Green Sr. & Abraham Warren of Salem, 

                            First Generation

	1.	JOHN GREEN was born about 1630/1631. He died on 11 Jan 1690/1691, AE 60  in
Beverly Essex, Co. MA.1

John Green was in Salem, MA as early as June of 1650 when he was involved in a court
case with Francis Ingolls for detaining a bullock.2 In 1659 John's house stood on the
easterly side of Bridge Street near the bridge.3  This area was called the Rial side of
Salem and is now part  of Beverly, MA  In 1661 John was granted two acres of land
where Abraham Warren lived 4 On 13 May 1672 Warren sold to his son-in-law  John
Green his ten acre house lot .5 On 1 Feb. 1677 John Green among others leased town
common land  on the Ryall side for a thousand years and a day6  In Jan 1669 one John
Green  was appointed to bury a drowning victim.7

On 23 Mar 1684 John Green was given liberty to bury thenceforward his dead
in Beverly burial place.8

John Green died intestate. His estate was divided 28 Feb. 1690/91.9On 8 Aug. 1693 the
following agreement was made  "Be it known unto all men by these present; that
whereas John Green formerly a liver in the bounds of Salem...on the land that is near
and adjoining to ye land commonly called by ye name of  Royal Side and having a part
of the said Royal Side land as it is hired of ye town of Salem; but ye above John Green
being by ye providence of God lately removed out of this world by death and not having
ye opportunity  in his time of sickness to set his house in order so as to dispose of 
 and settle his estate to his wife and children.......both married and unmarried......those
parties above said jointly meeting together in ye serious considerations of a good
agreement and settlement in ye distributing of whole estate........

Widow Mary Green was assigned one end of the dwelling house which she
should chose, the back leanto of said house and one-half of the barn; the best bed in the
house; 1/3 part of the whole estate of the land excepting the land at Burch Plain and the
10 acres of land at Salthouse Point in the Ryall Side and two acres of land in the Ryall
side commonly called by the name of Rockwell. Abigail, wife of Nicholas Rich,
received four pounds in money and four acres of land upon which they lived.  Elizabeth
Green received four pounds in money and four acres of land at Salt House Point, and
Mary, wife of Tobias Trow was given money and  land.  John Green Jr. received that
part of land on Ryall Side which his father hyred of the Town of Salem and that part of
said land which hath been laid out upon said land by his father.

The inventory of the estate was taken by Nehemiah Grover and Alexander
Osburn on 21 Mar 1690/91, showed three acres of land, an orchard, a dwelling
house, five pounds, 15 acres of land, 30 acres of land at Burch Plain, two
acres of land at Ryall Side; ten acres at the Salt House Point in Ryall Side.
The value of the estate was 476 pounds and 4 shillings.10

John Green is buried in the Green Family Burying Ground in Beverly, MA  located at
the corner of Livingston and Carver Streets in Beverly his tombstone reading "HERE
LYETH BURIED ye BODY of JOHN GREEN AGED about 60 years deceased ye 11
DAY of JANUARY 1690/91".11

on 7 Oct 1659 in Salem, Essex Co., MA.12 Mary survived her husband.

They had the following children:13
+	2	F	i.  ABIGAIL GREEN was born on 20 Feb 1660/1661 and died after 1697.

+	3	F	ii. MARY GREEN was born in Mar 1663/1664 and died 8 Sep 1748 AE

	4	F	iii. SARAH GREEN was born in Aug 1666 in Salem, Essex Co., MA. She
died before 1691.

+	5	F	iv. ELIZABETH GREEN was born on 20 Feb 1667/1668.

+	6	M	v. JOHN Jr. GREEN was born on 28 Jun 1671 and died in 1697.

	7	F	vi. HANNAH GREEN was born say 1673.

                            Second Generation

	2.	ABIGAIL GREEN (JOHN) was born on 20 Feb 1660/1661 in Salem, Essex Co., MA.
She died after 1697.

ABIGAIL married NICHOLAS RICH. Nicholas was born about 1660. He died in
1720/1726 in Preston, New London Co., CT. SEE RICH FAMILY BY COMPILER
NICHOLAS and ABIGAIL had the following children:

	8	M	i.  SAMUEL RICH was born about 1683/1684 in Wenham, Essex Co.,

	9	F	ii. ABIGAIL RICH was born on 2 Oct 1687 in Wenham, Essex Co., MA. 

	10	M	iii. DAVID RICH was born on 18 Jul 1695 in Wenham,
Essex Co., CT.

	11	F	iv.  SARAH RICH.

	12	F	  v. MARY RICH 


	3.	MARY GREEN (JOHN) was born in Mar 1663/1664 in Salem, Essex Co., MA. She
died 8 Sep 1748 AE 85 in Wenham, MA 14

MARY married TOBIAS TROW. Tobias died in 1718 in Wenham, MA.15

TOBIAS and MARY had the following children:16
	14	F	i.  MARY TROW was born on 14 Sep 1685 in Beverly, MA.

	15	M	ii. JOHN TROW was born on 1 Dec 1686 in Beverly, MA.

	16	M	iii. SOLOMON TROW was born on 11 Sep 1688 in Beverly, MA.

	17	F	 iv.    MARY TROW was born on 25 Mar 1692/1693 in Beverly, MA. She
died on 19 Feb 1697/1698 in Wenham, MA.17

	18	M	   v.   JOHN TROW was born on 8 Oct 1695 in Wenham, MA.

	19	M	   vi.  RICHARD TROW was born in 1697 in Wenham, MA. He died in
1697 in Wenham, MA18.

	20	M	   vii. JOSEPH TROW was born on 3 Nov 1698 in Wenham, MA.

	21	M	  viii. ISRAEL TROW was born in Feb 1701/1702 in Wenham, MA.

	22	F	    ix. MARY TROW was born on 15 Jul 1703 in Wenham, MA.

	23	M	     x. BENJAMIN TROW was born 18 Ma. 1704/5 in Wenham, MA.

	5.	ELIZABETH GREEN (JOHN) was born on 20 Feb 1667/1668 in Salem, Essex Co.,
ELIZABETH married JACOB READ in Dec 1693 in Salem, MA.19

JACOB and ELIZABETH had the following children:20
	24	M	i.  AARON READ was born in Jan 1693/1694 in Salem, MA.

	25	M	ii. JOHN READ was born on 6 Jan 1694/1695 in Salem, MA.

	26	F	iii. MARY READ was born on 9 Mar 1697/1698 in Salem, MA

	27	M	iv. JACOB READ was born on 12 Feb 1699/1700 in Salem, MA.

	28	M	v. JONATHAN READ was born on 12 Jan 1700/1701 in Salem, MA.

	29	F	vi. SARAH READ was born on 15 May 1703 in Salem, MA.

	30	F	vii. ELIZABETH READ was born on 13 Mar 1703/1704 in Salem, MA.

	6.	JOHN Jr. GREEN (JOHN) was born on 28 Jun 1671 in Salem, Essex Co., MA. He died
in 1697 in Salem, MA.21

JOHN married HANNAH DODGE on 24 Jan 1692 in Salem, MA.22

They had the following children:23

	31	M	i.  JONATHAN GREEN was born on 19 Dec 1693 and was christened on
19 Sep 1697 in Beverly, MA.

	32	M	ii. JOHN GREEN was born on 12 Sep 1695 and was christened on 19 Sep
1697 in Beverly, MA.

	33	M iii. WILLIAM GREEN was born on 18 May 1698 in Beverly, MA.

	Abraham Warren of Salem Massachusetts  

                         First Generation

	1.	ABRAHAM WARREN died in 1682 in Salem, Essex Co., MA.24

Abraham Warren was in Salem, MA on 28 Dec. 1635 when he was granted a
house lot and a two acre lot 25  Abraham sold the land he was granted in 1635 to his
son-in-law John Green on 18 Sept. 1661.26 In 1658 Warren was involved
in a difference of opinion with John Bachelor which was eventually settled in a court
action.  Abraham complained about Bachelor's cattle feeding on his land .27  Abraham
Warren of Salem presented for violently withstanding John Bachelor in the latherís
grounds attempting to drive back the cattle feeding there.  Abraham went to his 
own house and returned with naked sword in his hand saying that he would then stop
them." 28

On 21 Sept. 1682 Peter Woodbury & Nehemiah Grover inventoried the estate
of Abraham Warren which amounted to L31:70:09 before debts. John Green was the 
administrator and the Court ordered him to pay the widow & relict (not named) the
remainder of the estate cleared after debts were paid, for her support and

ABRAHAM married (1) ISABEL. Isabel died on 5 Apr 1672 in Salem, Essex Co., MA.30

They had the following child (May not be complete)

	2	F	i.	MARY WARREN died after Jan 1690/1691.

ABRAHAM also married (2) UNKNOWN after 1672.31

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