Troy, NY


                           First Generation

The parents of Abner Harris 1 of Charlestown & Medfield, Massachusetts have yet to be 
identified.  Many theories have been put forth as to who they were but as far as I know from 
my own research and that of others nothing conclusive has been found. It is still unproven that 
Abner Harris 2 who settled in Woodstock, CT and later Chesterfield, NH was the son of Abner 
Harris 1 of Medfield, MA.  The following is a probable genealogy for the three Abner Harris' in 

	1.	ABNER I HARRIS was born in May 1689 (calculated VR). He died on 12 Oct 1745 ae  56 yrs
& about 5 mos. in Charlestown, Suffolk Co., MA.1

Abner Harris was in Charlestown, MA during the years 1715-1716.2  There is 
 no  probate record for Abner in the indices at the Middlesex County Courthouse.

Abner lived in Medford, MA 1710-1715 where four children were born to him.

SARAH MORSE, on 15 Dec 1709 in Boston, Suffolk Co., MA.3  She was born say 1690.  They
had the following children:4

	2	F	i.	           ELIZABETH HARRIS was born on 15 Mar 1710 in Medford, MA.

+	3	M	ii.	ABNER Sr HARRIS was born on 30 May 1711 and died in 1798.

	4	M	iii.	LAWRENCE JACKSON HARRIS was born on 9 Jan
1713 in Medford, MA. He died on 10 Nov 1784 in Lewiston, ME.5 Lawrence
married (1) RUTH RUSSELL in Jan 1739 in Dracut, MA.6 
Lawremce also married (2) LYDIA BARRON on 31 Oct 1753 in Dracut, MA.7

	5	M	iv.	THOMAS HARRIS was born on 9 Mar 1715 in Medford, MA.

                            Second Generation

	3.	ABNER Sr HARRIS (ABNER I) was probably born on 30 May 1711 in Medford, Middlesex
Co., MA. He died 3 Aug. 1798, ae 88  in Chesterfield, Cheshire Co., NH.8

Abner Harris was admitted to the church in Woodstock, CT in 1738 and his wife
Deborah was admitted 5 Sept. 1742.9 In 1756 a new church was incorporated in
Woodstock under Mr. Stiles and a list of the names of the anti-Stiles party
with the amount of their tax was made -- Abner's name was on this list with a
tax of 81 pounds.10

On 28 Apr 1777 Abner Harris of Woodstock purchased from Simion Davis of
Chesterfield, NH 150 acres of land with house and barn in the western part of
Chesterfield, NH 11

Abner and his wife were admitted to the Chesterfield NH Church in 1777.12

In Apr of 1782 Abner Harris of Chesterfield was involved in a court case with Josiah
Hastings in Keene, NH.  Hastings claimed that Harris owed him 10-13-4 in a
complicated rental exchange 13 This is probably Abner Sr but could be Abner Jr.

On 23 Aug 1781 Abner signed a petition against uniting the Town of Chesterfield, NH with the 
State of Vermont.14

1790 NH cn, Cheshire Co., Chesterfield, 13: 1 male over 16 and 5 females 

Abner's last will and testament was dated 7 Sept. 1781 and probated 23
Aug. 1798 and mentions Deborah "my loving wife" and sons Abner, Thomas, &
Pearley Harris; daughters Elizabeth, Experience, Esther, Tamar, Deborah, Sarah, Lidia &
Mercy.  Abner Harris Jr. was executor and witnesses to the document were Daniel Gould,
Eleazer Jackson & Samuel Fairbank.

An accounting of Abner's estate dated 27 June 1798 distributes money as

      Thomas Harris            58.pounds
      Benjamen Wheeler      58.   �
      Zaccheus Gates           58.    �
      Jonathan Cobley           58.     �      
      John Bishop                  30.      �
      Levi Hastings                30      �
      Ezra Day                       2.      �
      Eleazer Jackson            ?
      Michael CREASEY      ?
      John Bishop                  22.pounds
      John Cobley                 38.    �
      Jonathan Farr               ? 
      Samuel Davis Converse ?
      Solomon Harvey           4.00 pounds
      Sally Bishop                 9.26 pounds

An inventory of Abner's estate amounted to 731:3:2 pounds  and included a bond
signed by John Harris and five acres of land in Chesterfield joining Capt. Bishop�s land15

Abner & Deborah (Marcy) Harris received ten acres & 39 rods of land in Woodstock, CT as 
well as 19 pounds 11 shillings & 8 pence of movable estate as their portion in the settlement of 
Deborah's father John Marcy's estate. Abner was referred to as a potter in the settlement 

COLBURN, on 20 Aug 1736 in Woodstock, Windham Co., CT17 Deborah was born on 23 Jan
1719 in Woodstock, Windham Co., CT.18  She was living in 1781 when her husband wrote his

ABNER Sr and DEBORAH had the following children:19

	6	M	i.     THOMAS HARRIS was born on 20 Aug 1737 in Woodstock, CT. He
died  young.

+	7	F	ii.	ELIZABETH HARRIS was born on 5 Aug 1739.

+	8	M	iii.	ABNER Jr. HARRIS was born on 21 Feb 1742 and died 29 Jan 1824 ae
84 Years.

+	9	F	iv.	EXPERIENCE HARRIS was born on 5 Aug 1739 and died before

	10	F	v.	ESTHER HARRIS was born on 21 Mar 1745/1746. She was living

 	11	M	vi.	THOMAS HARRIS was christened on 24 Apr
1748 in Woodstock, CT. He was living 1820 in the Town of Chesterfield,
Cheshire Co  with a household of 1 male over 45, 1 female to age 16 and one
female over 45. 21 Thomas was in Chesterfield by the Year 1776 when he
signed the Declaration opposing the hostile British activities.22 On 23 Aug.
1781 he signed a petition against making Chesterfield a part of Vermont.23 He
probably died about 1825 and probably had no children that lived to

1790 NH cn Cheshire Co.Chesterfield,13  1-1-2

Thomas supposedly married a CUNNINGHAM25

+	12	F	vii.	TAMAR HARRIS was born on 24 Mar 1749 and was living 1820.

+	13	F	viii.	DEBORAH HARRIS was born on 27 Aug 1752 and died 13 Mar 1836
ae 82 Yrs.

+	14	M	ix.	JOHN HARRIS was born on 21 Oct 1755 and died 18 Jul 1828 ae 73

+	15	F	x.	SARAH HARRIS was born on 5 Mar 1758 and died 9 Nov 1821 ae 63.

+	16	M	xi.	PERLEY HARRIS was born on 8 May 1760 and died on 19 Apr. 1828

+	17	F	xii.	LYDIA HARRIS was born on 10 Nov 1762.

+	18	F	xiii.	MERCY HARRIS was born on 15 Apr 1766 and died on 15 Feb 1847.

                             Third Generation

	7.	ELIZABETH HARRIS (ABNER Sr ABNER I) was born on 5 Aug 1739 in Woodstock, CT.

MARY DAVIS. Samuel was christened on 17 Feb 1742 in CT.26 He died about 1820 in
Worthington, MA27

      Samuel D. lived Chesterfield, NH until 1782 than removed to Dummerston, VT 28 Samuel
was one of 13 inhabitants of Chesterfield who refused to sign the Association Test. 12 June
1776. 29

He was a private in Col.Ashly's Regiment, Lt. James Robertson, marched to Fort Ticonderoga
29 June 1777.30  He served Capt. Kimball Carlton's Regiment in Battle of Bennington 
1777 31

1810 cn MA Hampshire Co. Worthington, 115: 1 male & 1 female over 45 

SAMUEL and ELIZABETH had the following children:32

	19	F	i.      WILLARD CONVERSE was born about 1764 in Chesterfield, NH.


	21	M	iii.	WALTER CONVERSE was born on 19 Jul 1767 in Chesterfield, NH.

	22	M	iv.	JOHN CONVERSE was born on 5 Mar 1772 in Chesterfield, NH.

	23	M	v.	ELISHA CONVERSE was born about 1774 in Chesterfield, NH.

	24	F	vi.	POLLY CONVERSE was born about 1776 in Chesterfield, NH.

	8.	ABNER Jr. HARRIS (ABNER Sr, ABNER I) was born on 21 Feb 1742 in Woodstock,
Windham Co., CT. He died 29 Jan 1824 ae 84 Years in Chesterfield, Cheshire Co., NH and was
buried Vernon, Windham Co., VT in South or Miller Cem.33

Abner Harris served as private in the 7th Co. 3rd Regiment of Connecticut 
.in the Revolutionary War.  He enlisted on 15 May 1775 and was discharged 15 Dec. 1775 34

 In the Year 1778 Capt. Matthew Bowen paid Abner 2/8 for digging a grave.35 

Abner probably removed to Chesterfield, NH about the same time as his

In 1790 Abner Jr. was probably the one living in Richmond, NH with a household of 4-2-5.36 

In the Year 1800  the town of Vernon, VT was part of what is now the Town
of Hinsdale, NH  and  Abner Harris  Jr. resided there with one male and one
female both over 45 years of age in his household 37

Abner Harris (3) lived on Ames Hill in Brattleboro and kept a tavern on the
old stage road for emigrants going west to New York State.38

Abner Harris was probably the Abner Harris who placed the following notices in the Brattleboro
Galaxy unless it was his son Abner although the notices are not signed Abner Harrris Jr. who
was in the area at the same time.

Brattleboro Galaxy 21 April 1797 Abner Harris Post DOES not collect money sufficient to bear
his necessary expenses. He justifies that the Printer threatens to fire him.

Galaxy  29 Sept. 1798 All persons indebted to the subscriber, on note, due bill or account, are
desired to settle the same by the lst of October next; otherwise they will be put in a way of 
collection.  Although those who have not paid  for the first six months of the GALAXY, are
desired to settle with the Printer, or the Poll, by the 15 October next (special contracts excepted) 
ABNER HARRIS, Brattleboro Sept 21, 1798

Galaxy 15 Jan. 1799 - All persons indebted to the subscriber for the last year�s Galaxy are
earnestly requested  to make immediate payment.  The subscriber well knowing the scarcity of
Cash, will accommodate and make payment as early as possible for his customers, take the
following articles, viz, good Butter, Tallow, Flax,  Salts of Lye, and Rags, if delivered  at Mr
Theodore Forbes�, in Wilmington, at the subscriber�s house, in Brattleborough, or at the Printing
Office, by the 15th of January.  As he always has been as punctual  as possible in delivering the
papers and always solicitous finding out the easiest method for his subscribers to pay, he falters
himself that no one will think him a hard master, but will all with one accord bring in their
produce and settle up their accounts. ABNER HARRIS, Brattleborough Jan. 1, 1799

Abner eventually removed to Vernon, VT where he served three years as a justice of the peace
beginning in 1803.39

Abner Harris  Jr. died intestate.  On 4 Feb. 1824 Abner's son Stephen
and wife Abial refused administration of the estate and Cyrus Washborn was
appointed administrator.  On 6 Apr 1825 the estate was settled and Abner's
heirs were ASA HARRIS; MOLLY, the wife of ABRAM FARR; VIAH, the wife of
They all received $35.07 each.  The inventory of the personal estate taken 11 Mar 1824
amounted to $18.74.  The entire estate amounted to $1036.32 less expenses.  One of the debts
due on the estate was to Stephen Harris for bringing Abner's corpse from Chesterfield, NH to
Vernon, VT for  burial.40 

All of Abner Jr�s children are listed in a Bible Record found in DAR Bible
Records Vol. B60 at the New York State Library.  This Bible was in possession
of the STRYKER Family of Tribes Hill, NY.  It was published at Hartford, CT in 1848 by 
Andrus & Sons and the name ALVIN HARRIS is imprinted on fly leaf.

ABNER Jr. married (1) JERUSHA ROSS, daughter of JOSEPH ROSS and SARAH UTLEY,
on 7 Jan 1762 in Woodstock, Windham Co., CT.41 Jerusha was christened on 13 Apr 1740 in
Scotland, Windham Co., CT.42  She died 2 Feb. 1803, AE 62 Yrs in Vernon, Windham Co, VT and
was buried in South or Miller Cem.43

They had the following children:44

+	25	M	i.      ASA HARRIS was born on 26 Jan 1763 and died on 17 Mar 1835.

+	26	F	ii.	MARY (MOLLY) HARRIS was born on 3 Aug 1764 and died on 15
Dec 1863.

+	27	F	iii.	ZERVIAH HARRIS was born on 1 Mar 1766 and died on 6 Mar 1851.

+	28	M	iv.	WILLIAM HARRIS was born on 19 Nov 1767.

+	29	M	v.	ABNER HARRIS was born on 15 Oct 1769 and died on 13 Jun 1853.

+	30	F	vi.	SYBIL HARRIS was born on 19 Jan 1771.

+	31	M	vii.	STEPHEN HARRIS was born on 14 Jun 1773 and died on 21 Apr

+	32	M	viii.	ALVIN HARRIS was born on 2 Mar 1775 and died on 29 Apr 1860.

+	33	F	ix.	LUCY HARRIS was born on 12 Oct 1776 and died 19 Feb 1849 ae 74
Yrs 4 Mos..

	34	M	x.	PERLEY HARRIS was born on 30 Mar 1778 in Woodstock, CT.

+	35	F	xi.	SARAH HARRIS was born on 30 Apr 1779 and died 21 Sep 1883 ae

+	36	M	xii.	LEONARD HARRIS was born on 14 Nov 1781 and died on 26 Feb

ABNER Jr. also married (2) ABIAL HIGGINS JOHNSON, daughter of ELISHA HIGGINS 
& HANNAH (DOANE) ATWOOD  17 Aug.1803.45 Abial was born on 29 Dec 1740 in
Eastham, Barnstable Co., MA.46  She died on 15 Jan 1826 and was buried in West Burying
Ground, Chesterfield, NH.47 Abial m1 EBENEZER SAFFORD  24 Nov. 1759 Hardwick,
MA.48 He died before 29 Dec 1761 when she m2 ISRAEL JOHNSON  Hardwick, MA.49
Israel Johnson is bur 16 May 1802, ae 64 yrs West Burying Ground, Chesterfield, NH.50

	9.	EXPERIENCE HARRIS (ABNER Sr ABNER I) was born on 5 Aug 1739 in Woodstock, CT.
She died before 1790 when her husband remarried.
was born on 11 Sept 1733 in Woodstock, CT. 51  He died on 16 Aug 1828 in Henderson,
Jefferson Co NY.52 

                In 1768 John Bishop purchased land consisting of Lot 12 in the 12th range in
Chesterfield, NH53 

John served both in the French & Indian War & the War of the Revolution. He settled in
Jefferson Co. before 1805.54 

1790 NH cn, Cheshire Co., Chesterfield, 12: 1 male above 16, 3 males under 16,1 female

1800 NH cn,Cheshire Co.,  Chesterfield, 13:  1 male under 10, 1 male 10-under 16, 1 male of 16
under 26, 1 male of 45 or over  -- 2 females under 10, 1 female of 10 & under 16, 1 female of
16 & under 26, 1 female of 26 & under 45

JOHN and EXPERIENCE had the following children55

	37	F	i.	OLIVE BISHOP was born on 23 Sep 1764 in Chesterfield, NH.

	38	F	ii.	MOLLY BISHOP was born on 14 Jun 1768 in Chesterfield, NH.

	39	F	iii.	ESTHER BISHOP was born on 14 Apr 1770 in Chesterfield, NH.

	40	M	iv.	JOHN FITCH BISHOP was born on 13 Jul 1772 in Chesterfield, NH.

	41	M	v.	ABNER HARRIS BISHOP was born in 1774.

	42	M	vi.	CALVIN BISHOP was born on 9 Feb 1782 in Chesterfield, NH.

	43	M	vii.	LUTHER BISHOP was born on 27 May 1783 in Chesterfield, NH.

	44	M	viii.	ASA BISHOP.was born 7 Nov. 1785 in Chesterfield, NH

	45	F	ix.	CLARISSA BISHOP was born about 1786.
                                                married ROSWELL DAVIS

               45-a                x.           SALLY BISHOP
                                                 married SILAS WHEELER 

       JOHN BISHOP m2 Mrs. SOPHIA/SERVIAH (Kellogg?) AMIDON 23 Nov 1790 Chesterfield,
NH56 Children:57  i. Sylvester  Bishop 17 Apr 1792  Chesterfield., ii. Lucy Bishop
b 29 Apr 1794, iii. Emily Bishop b 11 July 1798

	12.	TAMAR HARRIS (ABNER sr, ABNER I) was born on 24 Mar 1749 in Woodstock, CT. She   
was living 1820.58

TAMAR married THOMAS HOLMES on 15 Jan 1771 in Woodstock, CT.59 Thomas, son of
THOMAS HOLMES & ABIGAIL PIKE was probably born c1746 in Woodstock, Ct and died
after 1790 when he was in census & before 1800 when his wife Tamar was head of the house.

1790 NH cn, Cheshire Co., Chesterfield,13: l male above 16, 4 females 

1800 NH cn, Cheshire Co., Chesterfield,14: Tamar HARRIS 1 male under 10,2 fem. 16-26, 1
fem. 45 & up

THOMAS and TAMAR had the following children:60

	46	F	i.	SARAH HOLMES was born on 20 Oct 1771 in Woodstock, CT.

	47	F	ii.	LUCY HOLMES was born on 28 Apr 1773 in Chesterfield, NH.

	48	F	iii.	MARY HOLMES was born about 1775.

	49	F	iv.	RACHEL HOLMES was born about 1776. She died in Feb 1860 in
Chesterfield, NH.

	50	M	v.	JOHN HOLMES was born in 1778 in Woodstock, CT.

	51	F	vi.	LYDIA HOLMES was born about 1779.

	52	F	vii.	SUSAN HOLMES was born about 1781 in Chesterfield, NH.

	53	F	viii.	ABIGAIL HOLMES was born on 5 Jan 1784 in Chesterfield, NH.

	13.	DEBORAH HARRIS (ABNER Sr, ABNER I) was born on 27 Aug 1752 in Woodstock, CT.
She died 13 Mar 1836 ae 82 Yrs in Chesterfield, NH and was buried in West Burying Ground
Chesterfield NH.61

DEBORAH married JOHN COBLEIGH.  John was born about 1752 (cal. gs) He died 8 Jun 1825
ae 73 in Chesterfield, NH and was buried in West Burying Ground, Chesterfield, NH.62

A patriot of the Revolution63

1790 NH cn, Cheshire Co., Chesterfield, 14: 1-8-1

JOHN and DEBORAH had the following children:64

	54	M	i.      JOHN COBLEIGH was born on 10 Apr 1777 in Chesterfield, NH.

	55	F	ii.	POLLY COBLEIGH was born on 11 Mar 1779 in Chesterfield, NH.

	56	M	iii.	LEVI WARD COBLEIGH was born on 13 Feb 1781 in Chesterfield,

	57	M	iv.	SAMPSON COBLEIGH was born on 15 Feb 1783 in Chesterfield, NH.

	58	F	v.	LYDIA COBLEIGH was born on 19 Jun 1785 in Chesterfield, NH.

	59	F	vi.	DEBORAH MERCY COBLEIGH was born on 13 Oct 1787 in
Chesterfield, NH.

	60	M	vii.	ABNER HARRIS COBLEIGH was born on 18 Nov 1789 in
Chesterfield, NH.

	61	M	viii.	ERASTUS COBLEIGH was born on 17 Feb 1791 in Chesterfield, NH.
He died 3 July 1821, ae 31 in Chesterfield, NH and was buried in West Burying

	62	M	ix.	JOSHUA COBLEIGH was born on 7 May 1793.

	63	M	x.	JONATHAN COBLEIGH was born in Jul 1795 in Chesterfield, NH.
He died 22 Apr 1859, ae 63 Yrs 9 Mos in West Cem. Chesterfield, Nh.66

	14.	JOHN HARRIS (ABNER Sr, ABNER I) was born on 21 Oct 1755 in
Woodstock, CT. He died 18 Jul 1828 ae 73 Yrs in Chesterfield, NH and was buried in West
Burying Ground, Chesterfield, NH.67

1790 cn Chesterfield, Cheshire Co. 13:  1-4-3

CORBIN, on 1 May 1783 in Chesterfield, NH.68 Hannah was born 29 Jan. 1762 Dudley, MA.69
She died 9 Apr 1839 ae 77 Yrs in Chesterfield, NH and was buried in West Burying
Ground, Chesterfield, NH.70

They had the following children:71

	64	F	i.	THEDA HARRIS was born on 21 Aug 1783.

	65	M	ii.	JOHN HARRIS was born on 8 Feb 1785. He died 27 Feb.1856, ae 71
Yrs in Noyes-Robertson-Coolidge Cem. Chesterfield, NH.72

	66	M	iii.	EZEKIEL HARRIS was born on 14 Mar 1787. He died 7 Feb. 1859, ae
72 in West Cem. Chesterfield, NH.73

	67	M	iv.	ERASTRUS HARRIS was born on 3 Mar 1789. He died on 21 Mar
1859 in Brattleboro, VT.74

	68	M	v.	JASON HARRIS was born on 11 Mar 1791. He died on 23 Feb 1861 in
Worcester, VT.75

	69	M	vi.	CLARK HARRIS was born on 14 May 1793. He died on 18 Mar 1867
in Stukely P.Q.Canada.76

	70	F	vii.	HANNAH HARRIS was born on 20 Jun 1795.

	71	M	viii.	WILDER HARRIS was born on 11 May 1797. He died on 30 Mar 1887
in Brattleboro, VT and was buried in Noyes, Robertson, Coolidge
Cem.Chesterfield, NH77

	72	M	ix.	NORMAN HARRIS was born on 17 Oct 1803. He died on 22 Jul 1875
in Bellows Falls, VT.78

	73	M	x.	ARAD HARRIS was born on 9 Jun 1802.

	74	F	xi.	DEBORAH HARRIS was born on 3 May 1799. She died 20 May 1885,
Ae 87 & is bur in West Cem. Chesterfield, NH as wife of Norman Hastings.79

	15.	SARAH HARRIS (ABNER Sr, ABNER I) was born on 5 Mar 1758 in Woodstock, CT. She died
9 Nov 1821 ae 63 in Chesterfield, NH and was buried in West Burying  Ground, Chesterfield,

SARAH married BENJAMIN WHEELER, son of JOSEPH WHEELER . Benjamin died 16
Nov 1844 ae 88 in Chesterfield, NH and was buried in West Burying Ground, Chesterfield, NH.81

1790 NH cn, Cheshire co. Chesterfield, 13: 2-2-4

A Soldier of the Revolution.  Benjamin applied for a pension as a resident of Chesterfield, NH in
1820.  He was age 62 in Oct of 1819 82

BENJAMIN and SARAH had the following children:83

	75	M	i.	ISAAC WHEELER was born on 12 Apr 1780.

	76	F	ii.	POLLY WHEELER was born on 9 Jan 1782.

	77	M	iii.	JOSEPH WHEELER was born on 18 Jan 1784. He died 12 Mar 1787, 
bur ae 3-1-24 in West Burying Gr. Chesterfield, NH.84

	78	M	iv.	ASHBEL WHEELER was born on 26 Nov 1785.

	79	F	v.	SALLY WHEELER was born on 29 Aug 1787. She died 29 Mar 1795,
ae 7 Yrs 7 Mos West Burying Ground  Chesterfield, NH.85

	80		vi.	INFANT WHEELER died on 4 Jan 1790 in West Bury Gr. Chesterfield,

	81		vii.	INFANT WHEELER died on 16 Jan 1790, West Bury Gr.
Chesterfield, NH.87

	82		viii.	INFANT WHEELER died on 22 Dec 1790, bur. in West Bury Gr.
Chesterfield, NH.88

	83	F	ix.	CLARISSA WHEELER was born on 28 May 1792.

	84	F	x.	SALOME WHEELER was born on 22 Apr 1794.

	85	M	xi.	CHANCEY WHEELER was born on 27 Feb 1796.

	16.	PERLEY HARRIS (ABNER Sr, ABNER I) was born on 8 May 1760 in Woodstock, CT. He
died on 19  Apr 1828 in St. Johnsbury, VT.89

                1790 NH cn, Cheshire co. Chesterfield, 13: 1-1-3

A Soldier of the Revolution. Perley had enlisted at Woodstock, CT and
applied for a pension 29 Apr. 1819 in Cheshire Co. NH, aged 59. He had married Abby Snow 
1783 in Chesterfield, NH. 90

He served in the CT line as a private and was placed on the pension roll 22 Dec. 1827, AE 68
from Caledonia, County, VT Co.,died 19 Apr 182891  Abby was living 2 Oct. 1838, age 74 in
Grafton Co. New Hampshire when she applied for pension 92

PERLEY married ABI SNOW, daughter of WARREN SNOW and AMY HARVEY, on 25 Mar
1783 in Chesterfield, NH.93 Abi was born on 13 Dec 1763 in Princeton, MA94 She died Nov 1849
AE 86 in Caledonia Co. VT.95

PERLEY and ABI had the following children:96

	86	F	i.      SARAH HARRIS was born on 20 Sep 1784 in Chesterfield, NH.

	87	M	ii.	PERLEY Jr. HARRIS was born on 22 Sep 1786 in Chesterfield, NH.

	88	F	iii.	ABI HARRIS was born on 12 Sep 1788 in Chesterfield, NH.

	89	M	iv.	WALDO CHENEY HARRIS was born on 5 Nov 1790 in Chesterfield,

	90	F	v.	ROXANNA HARRIS. bc 180197


	92	F	vii.	SALOME HARRIS was born on 5 Nov 1796 in Chesterfield, NH.

	93	M	viii.	ABSOLAM HARRIS was born about 1800.

	94	M	ix.	THEOPHILUS HARRIS died in Nov 1865 in Chesterfield, NH.


	17.	LYDIA HARRIS (ABNER Sr, ABNER I) was born on 10 Nov 1762 in Woodstock, CT.

LYDIA married JOSEPH HIGGINS on 21 Feb 1782 in Chesterfield, NH.98 This family probably removed to Canada.

Joseph marched to Ticonderoga in May 1777, Col. Ashley's NH regiment, Lt. Oliver 

1790 NH cn, Cheshire co. Chesterfield, 13: 1-2-3

JOSEPH and LYDIA had the following children:100
	96	M	i.	DARIUS HIGGINS was born on 2 Aug 1782 in Chesterfield, Nh.

	97	F	ii.	HANNAH HIGGINS was born on 4 Jun 1784 in Chesterfield, Nh.

	98	M	iii.	BENJAMIN HIGGINS was born on 18 Jul 1786 in Chesterfield, Nh.

	99	M	iv.	JOSEPH HIGGINS was born on 28 Sep 1788 in Chesterfield, Nh.

	100	F	v.	DOROTHY HIGGINS was born on 16 Feb 1791 in Chesterfield, Nh.
	18.	MERCY HARRIS (ABNER Sr, ABNER I) was born on 15 Apr 1766 in Woodstock, CT. She
died on 13 Feb 1847 in Antwerp, Jefferson Co., NY and is buried Hillside Cem. 15 Feb101

on 6 Oct 1785 in Chesterfield, NH.102 Zaccheus was born say 1764 and was christened 5 Jun 1774
in Ashburnham, MA103 He probably died before  1810 as he is not mentioned in census.

1790 NH cn, Cheshire Co.Walpole,26:  1-2-2

1800 cn Chesterfield, NH under Zachariah 2 m under 10, 2 m 10-16; 1 m. 26-45; 1 f  under 10,
1 f 10-16; 1 f  26-45104

ZACCHEUS and MERCY had the following children:105

	101	F	i.	CHARLOTTE GATES was born about 1786 (cal. gs)  in MA. She died 15 Mar
1860, ae 74 in Antwerp, Jefferson Co. NY and was buried in Hillside Cem..106

ESTHER CLARK. Nathan was born on 30 Sep 1781 in Haadam, Middlesex Co.
CT.107 He died 25 Mar. 1857, ae 77 Yrs in Antwerp, NY and was buried in
Hillside Cem..108

1850 NY cn Jefferson Co., Antwerp, 202 CROOK: Nathan ae 67 farmer b
MA,Erastus ae 27 NY, Alonzo ae 26 NY, Charlotte ae 62 MA, Harriet ae 22 NY

	102	M	ii.	AFRICA GATES was born about 1788 probably in Walpole, NH. He
died on 11 May 1860 in Brockville, Leeds, Ontario Canada and was buried in Old
Protestant Cem.109

AFRICA married LYDIA GATES. Lydia was born c1793/1794.(
 She died 27 Dec 1872 ae 79 in Brockville, Leeds, Ontario, Canada and was buried
in Old Protestant Cem.110

1850 NY cn Rossie St. Lawrence Co. 220 Gates: Africa ae 61 farmer b NH,
Lydia ae 56 b CT, Henry ae 24, Anastasia ae 15, Robie, ae 13, Zacheus ae 37 
      Innkeeper, b NH, Abba, ae 22, Henry, ae l all born NY some employees,

	103	M	iii.	EUROPE GATES was born c18 Jul 1790 in
Walpole, NH. He died 25 Apr. 1863, ae 73 Yrs in Antwerp, Jefferson Co.NY
and was buried in Hillside Cem.111

EUROPE married AMY THOMAS. Amy was born on 17 Sep 1795112  She died
29 Sep 1881, ae 86 Yrs in Antwerp, NY and was buried in Hillside Cem.113

1850 NY cn Jefferson Co. Antwerp, 213 GATES: Europe ae 50 farmer b NH,
Africa  ae 27, Hannah ae 14, Amy, ae 35, Helen ae 09, Jura?? ae 16 all born NY 

	104	F	iv.	POLLY GATES was born on 17 Oct 1793 in Walpole, Nh. She died on
25 Apr 1865, ae 71-6-8 in Champion, Jefferson Co. NY and is buried in Hillside
ESTHER CLARK. Daniel was born on 4 Nov 1787 in Haadam, CT115 He died
on 5 Nov  1860, ae 70 yrs in Champion, Ny.and is buried in Hillside Cem.116

1850 NY cn Jefferson Co. Champion, 379 CROK: Daniel C. ae 59, farmer, b NY
Mary ae 57 b NH, Royal R. ae 23 laborer b NY Esther ae 18 NY, Ambrose ae 10 b
	105	M	v.	AMERICA GATES was born in 1795 probably in Chesterfield, Nh. He
died on 12 Sep 1854 in Aurora, Kane Co., Ill.117

America Gates  worked, in Antwerp, Jefferson Co. NY,   as a blacksmith 
making drills and tempered tools for workman building the Erie Canal. About 
1838 he removed from Antwerp  to Aurora, Kane Co. Illinois.118

and SALLY BELKNAP, on 29 Apr 1833 in Antwerp, NY.119 Caroline was born
on 20 Mar 1812.120 She was living 1860 Aurora, IL

1850 IL cn Kane Co. Aurora, 196 GATES: America ae 49 ,NH, Caroline ae
38,Wilder, ae 16, Oscar, ae 12,Bruce ae 04 all born NY
1860 IL cn, Kane Co.Aurora, 445  GATES: Caroline ae 48 widow b NY, Wilder,
ae 26 NY, Oscar ae 24, Bruce R. 13 IL,  LOROLE: Delphine ae 13 Sherman ae
15, b. IL 

	106	M	vi.	JONATHAN GATES was born on 9 Apr 1800 in Chesterfield, NH. He
died on 19 Nov 1882 in Antwerp, NY and was buried in Hillside Cem.121

Jonathan's will was dated 5 Nov. 1882 and probated 6 June 1883. Jonathan�s 
 grandson Jonathan Gates, granddaughter Lucrettia Gates dau of son
Calvin C. Gates each received $100, son W. Wallace  Gates  rec'd $200; after
assets were sold  son John C Gates received balance of estate. If he died with
heirs they were to inherit after his death, If he died without issue estate was to
go to Jonathan's other sons James J.,Calvin C & S. Girard Gates; executor
John C. Trolan,witnesses James G. & Abbie P. Gill of Antwerp. 122

1850 NY cn, Jefferson Co., Antwerp, 214 GATES:: Jonathan ae 50 farmer b
NH, Wallace ae 18, John ae 15, James ae 18,Girard ae 10,Calvin ae 1,
Lucrettia ae 40, Catherine ae 16 all born NY

HANNAH CONCKLIN. Lucretia was born on 17 Apr 1810.123  She died on 17
Dec 1875 in Antwerp, NY and was buried in Hillside Cem.124

	107	M	vii.	ASIA GATES was born c1802 in Chesterfield, NH. He died 2 Mar 1863
Ae 61 in Antwerp, NY and was buried in Hillside Cem.125

and MIRANDA KNIGHT. Dolly was born on 20 Jun 1800 in Weathersfield,
Windsor Co. VT.126 She died 7 Dec. 1872 72 Yrs 5 Mos in Antwerp, Ny and was
buried in Hillside Cem.127

1850 NY cn Antwerp p.213/4 GATES: Asia ae 45 farmer b NH, Lewis ae 21,
Charles ae 18, John ae 14, Pearl,ae 12, Jerome ae 10, Harry ae 08, Dolly ae 49,
Lucinda ae  17 all born NY

	108	F	viii.	THANKFUL GATES was born c1805/1806 in NY State. She died 1
May 1854 Ae 49 in Antwerp, NY and was buried in Hillside Cem.128

THANKFUL married JAMES WHITMORE on 22 Oct 1829 in Antwerp, NY.129
James was born on 6 Apr 1795 in Middletown, CT son of  JEHIEL
WHITMORE.130 He died 12 Apr 1872, Ae 77 in Antwerp, NY and was buried in
Hillside Cem.131

	109	M	ix.	NAPOLEON BONAPARTE GATES was born in Dec 1807 in
Jefferson Co. NY. He died 12 Apr 1876, 68-4-0 in Theresa, Jefferson Co. Ny and
was buried in Oakwood Cem.132

Napoleon B's will is dated 11 Jan. 1875 and was proved 8  May 1876.  His 
widow Catherine was executrix and received use of the estate until her death 
when the remainder of the estate was to be equally divided among Julia M. 
Carr of Lowell, Kent Co. Michigan, Lydia A. Brown and Emma M.Hunt of 
Ames Story Co. Iowa. 133
NAPOLEON married CATHERINE SMITH on 5 Mar 1835 in Hammond, St.
Lawrence Co. NY.134 Catherine was born in 1812. She died  19 Nov 1902 in
Theresa, Jefferson Co. Ny and was buried in Oakwood Cem.135

1850 NY cn Jefferson Co.  Alexandria 26 GATES: Napoleon B. ae 44 farmer,
Catherine ae 38, Juliann ae 14, Lydiann ae 5 all born NY 

Mercy Gates married 2 JOSEPH CROOK say 1817. Joseph
son of SHUBAEL CROOK & HANNAH was born 1758 and
died 2 June 1835, AE 77 and is buried Hillside Cem.,
Champion, NY. 136 Joseph married 1 ESTHER CLARK died
11 Feb. 1816, AE 55 and is buried Hillside Cem., Champion,

                         Fourth Generation

	25.	ASA HARRIS (ABNER Jr., ABNER Sr, ABNER I) was born on 26 Jan 1763 in Woodstock,
CT. He died on 17 Mar 1835 in Champion, Jefferson Co., NY and was buried in Hillside Cem.,
Champion, NY138

1790 VT cn Windham Co, Marlboro, 51c: 1-2-2
1810 NY cn Jefferson Co, Champion,50: 2-0-3-1-0--0-2-2-1-1
1830 NY cn Jefferson Co., Champion, 138: 1 male  10-15; 1 male 15-20; 1 male 40-50; 1 male
60-70; 1 fem. 5-10; 1 fem 15-20

In 1779 at the age of 16 Asa Harris of Woodstock, CT enlisted in the Army serving under Capt. 
Durkes, Col. Wells.139  He worked on the Fort in Groton, CT and later in New 
London and Fairfield,CT.140  He later served as a marine on board the gunship Dean, a 
priveteer.141 Soon after this he removed to Chesterfield, NH and in 1782 he enlisted again 
and marched to Castleton, VT.142   After the Revolution he lived in the State of Vermont, 
Hebron, Washington Co. NY, Herkimer, Herkimer Co. NY and Champion, Jefferson Co NY.143 

Asa came to Champion, Jefferson Co. NY about 1803 and settled in School District #6, west of 
Champion Village on a tract of 200 acres of land which he purchased on the Champion estate.
144 Asa Harris was the first steward for the Champion Masonic Lodge No. 146 opened 26 Mar

Asa Harris served as a Colonel in the War of 1812 in the 76th Regiment under Vice A.
Tucker.146 In 1813 he commanded a regiment at the Battle of Sacket's Harbour training the
local militia at his farm.147     

Asa�s will was dated 17 Jan. 1835 and was presented for probate 24 Mar 1835. His wife Rachel
Harris received $100 in cash, use of apples in apple orchard, use of front rooms in house where
Asa resided and household stuff and a comfortable living.  At her decease the household stuff
was to be divided among Asa�s five daughters except for a bureau which was to go to daughter
Deborah Colburn. Riley Andrus and wife Amanda were left the use of farm and farm
buildings where Asa lived and were to see to the comfort of wife Rachel.  Riley Andrus and
Amanda, his wife, for her dower were left 40 acres of land on the south side of the said farm.
Riley was to see that a decent set of gravestones were provided at grave of Rachel  upon her
burial.  Eldest son Fosket Harris & son Arnold Harris received the old farm of 100 2-/2 acres
known by name of Old Tavern Stand divided equally between them. Second son Asa Harris
received the 60 acres of land he was now living on consisting of 40 acres by Phillips Farm and
20 acres by James Thompson�s farm  Fourth son Arnold Harris received the farm where he
now lives in Diana, Lewis Co. and one yoke of oxen and one cow now in his possession and all
the property previously given to him.  Youngest son Lewis received the Newton Farm of 50
acres. Eldest daughter Deborah Colburn received $200. Rachel Loomis, 2d daughter received
$200 and 3d daughter Phila Loomis also received $200. 4th  daughter Melinda Clintsman also
received  $200 Fosket Harris also received a writing desk.  After the decease of wife the
furniture  was to be divided among Asa�s five daughters and his wearing clothes to be divided
among his sons.Asa appointed his son Fosket Harris and Otis Loomis to administer the

ASA married RACHEL FARR, probable daughter of ABRAHAM FARR and RACHEL
FOSKET, on 20 Nov 1784 in Chesterfield, NH.149Rachel was born c1762 and died on 4 Jul 1848,
ae 82 of old age in Champion, NY and was buried in Hillside Cem., Champion, NY.150

They had the following children:151

	110	M	i   FOSKET HARRIS was born about 1786.  He died 17 Dec 1842, age abt
56 Diana, NY152 He married PENELOPE AUSTIN born 1794 and buried
Harrisville Cem., Diana, NY 1863.153 Children surname HARRIS 154 i. Rachel bc
Sept. 1813, died  13 Feb. 1911 in 99th year155,mar 1 Obed Pierce156, m2 as 2d
wife Sherman Blanchard 17 Dec 17  1852157 Sherman was born 16 Apr 1803
Foster, RI & died 25 Feb. 1856 Diana, NY158 ii. Austen bc 26 Sept 1814, died 6
May 1914159, m1 HANNAH MUNGER born 1824, died 1859160 m2 MARIA
born 1847, d 1911161, iii. Emma D. b 1 Sept. 1820 ,Champion, NY162 died  26
Apr 1911163, married  JOHN T. WAIT died 11 Oct. 1879164, iv. Russett J. bc
1831, died 5 Sept 1904165mar. SARAH BLOOD b. 1837, died 16 Jan. 1912 , ae 74 (166), v. Jane bc 1832 others 

                                  Fosket Harris was the founder of Harrisville, Lewis Co. NY. In 1833, Foskett of
the town of Champion, Jefferson Co. NY, under a promise of two acres of land and
a waterfall on the Oswegatchie, with other inducements from Judge Boyer, agent of
Bonaparte, hired several men, and on September 25 1833  pushed three miles
beyond settlement, and began the erection of mills  at the present village of
Harrisville.167 After his death Mr. LaFarge presented 50 acres of land to his

                                  1830 NY cn Jefferson Co., Champion, 145 FOSKET HARRIS: 1 male under 5, 1
male 5-10, 1 male 15-20, 1 male 40-50; 1 female 5-10, 3 females 10-15, 1 female
15-20, 1 female 30-40

                                  1840 NY cn Lewis Co., Diana, 20 FOSKET HARRIS: 1 male 5-10, 1 male 10-15,
1 male 15-20, 1 male 20-30, 1 male 50-60 1 female 10-15, 2 females 20-30, 1
female 40-50  :             

	111	F	ii.	DEBORAH HARRIS was born on 27 Dec 1786.  She died  12 May
1876, ae 79-4-15 Champion, Jefferson Co., NY and is buried Hillside Cem .169 She
DODGE, born 10 Nov. 1780, died 30 Dec. 1863, ae 83-1-20, Champion, NY and
buried Hillside Cem,170  Children: 171 i. Diana, ii. Otis, iii. Harris, iv. Marietta, v.
Clarissa b 05 Jan. 1811 vi.Lucinda b 04 Apr 1813, vii. Otis Loomis, viii. Chester
C. bc1827  ix. Alpheus, x. Elizabeth b 1826, xi. Chester J. b 07 Aug. 1829.

	112	M	iii.	ASA Jr HARRIS was born about 1790.172 He died 29 July 1876 
Watertown, NY and is buried Brookside, Cem.173 Asa married1 RELIEF MIX
probably the daughter of JOEL MIX & ELEANOR MERRILL. Joel  Mix  from 
Vermont and his family were early settlers of Jefferson County NY. Relief was
probably born c1793 in Vermont and was buried in Brookside Cem. Watertown 9
Oct 1857, ae 64.174  Children175  i. Clark b. c1816, prob mar RHODA
LAMPHERE,176 ii. Pearleyette  bc 1818,  d 3 Apr 1911 as Mrs. Jones177 iii.
Arnold M. b 26 Mar 1821, d.8  Oct 1903178  mar LUCY A b c 1825 MA,not
buried in Brookside Cem. in husband� s lot.179 iv. Zebediah H. born  10 May
1823 & died  6 Nov. 1913 Rochester, NY,180 married MARTHA A. STALEY,
dau of DAVID & SUSAN STALEY. 181 Martha was born c1840 in Ohio and is
probably the Martha Staley living in Miamisburg, Montgomery Co. Ohio census, ae
20, residing with the Peter Gephart family.182 She was living in 1919 at Highland
St. in Rochester with John & Lille Hall who in 1920 removed to Detroit, Michigan.
Martha is not listed in 1920 Rochester City Directory and may have gone to Detroit
with the Halls,183 iv. George B. , bc1826 , prob. died 19 Aug. 1906 Russell,
NY,184 married Cassandra P. Palmer died 12 Jan. 1910, Russell, St.Lawrence
Co.NY185 v. Mary J. b 1831, d.17 Aug.  1918 Carthage, Jefferson Co. NY186 
married JAMES PRINGLE187 born 8 June 1833 Napanee, Ontario Canada
188died 6 Nov.  1911 Carthage,NY189 vi.Julia Ann bc 1832 (calculated
gravestone), died single  19 Nov. 1863, AE  30190 vii Oscar Milo bc 1836,living
1893, Aurora, Kane Co. IL,191mar. ELLEN C. BREWSTER  ix.. Caroline bc
1839, ix.Adelia bc 1842. mar GEORGE FREEMAN192  x. Selecta??193 Asa m2
LYDIA who was born c1789 Herkimer Co. NY194She died after15 June 1865
when the state census was taken and before 15 Dec. 1866 when Asa jr married Mrs.
MINERVA M. DICKINSON.195  Child Asa A. bc1868.196 Minerva was born
cFeb 1830197 She died 5 Aug. 1901 Madison, Madison Co. NY198 Minerva
married3 CARLOS YORK 1 Jan. 1880 Watertown, NY 199 Carlos was born
cApr 1828 VT and was living in 1900.200

	113	M	iv.	LEONARD HARRIS was born on 15 Aug 1792 in Herkimer Co.
Ny.201 Leonard died 24 Jan. 1873 AE 80-5-9 Watertown, NY.202 Leonard m
                                  c1812203 LUCINDA THOMPSON daughter of  JAMES THOMPSON &
MARGARET ROBERTSON born 7 Mar 1796 probably Chesterfield, Cheshire
Co. NH.204 Lucinda died 4 Aug. 1830, AE 31 Champion, Jefferson Co. NY205
                                  Children206 i. Rowena b 1817, died 5 May 1895.207 Rowena married JOHN
WOOD  b 1813, died 26 Aug.1888.208, ii. Alfred bc 1820, d. 7 June 1860, ae
40209, iii. Rachel bc 1822, mar WHEATON  BURRINGTON210, iv. Clarissa bc
1823, m. FREDERICK DORWIN211, v. Guilford bc 1824,212, mar Ambrosia
McNitt 4 Oct.1849 Champion, NH,who died 20 Oct 1911, ae 85 213 vi. Lovica bc1827, d. 1876214, mar IRA T.
CURTIS b. 1829, d. 1905215, vii. Erastus bc 1827216 mar. Helen Barr 1 Jan.
1857217viii. Chester bc 1829, d 9 Oct. 1895 Champion, NY.218 Leonard m2
EUNICE FREEMAN b. c1803219, died Copenhagan, Lewis Co. NY 1 Apr
1888.& bur Hillside Cem. Champion NY220 Child i. Jane S. b 1839, d. 27 Jan.1926221, mar BENJAMIN STANTON, son of John Stanton 12 Sept. 1860.222. Benjamin Stanton died 3 Oct. 1895 Copenhagen,NY (Watertown Herald  4 Oct. 1895)

              114	F	v.	RACHEL HARRIS was born on 10 Aug 1794 (calculated gravestone), died  6
Jan. 1890, ae 95-4-27, Champion, NY223  Rachel married 06 Sept. 1811 OTIS
born 07 Mar. 1790 Pittsfield, Berkshire, MA.225 Otis died  21 Nov. 1868 , ae 75-5-14. and
is buried Hillside Cem. Champion, NY226  Children227 {probably all born Champion, NY)
i. Chauncey H. b 21 June 1813, ii.Leonard H. b 24 Apr 1815, iii. Charles b 18 July  1817, 
iv. Asa  b. 18 Dec. 1819, v. Egbert b 14 July 1822, vi. Harriet b 23 Sept. 1824, vii.
Mariette b. 5 Apr 1827, viii. Sylvester b 15 Sept. 1829,  ix. Almira b 19 Jan. 1832, d. 3
Feb. 1849, ae 17 yrs. 15 Days228 , x. Martha b 27  Dec. 1833, xi. Rachel b 02 June 1837

	115	F	vi.	PHILA HARRIS was born 1796229, died 2 July 1876230 Phila married
13 Apr 1817  HORACE LOOMIS231 son of  JONATHAN LOOMIS &
MARTHA BLACKMAN. Horace was born 23 May 1794232 He died 7 July 1880  
Champion, NY233 Children (prob born Champion, NY)234 i.  Eber b 20 Sept.
1816, ii. Ashley b 15 July 1820, iii. Lewis H. b 6 Mar 1823, iv. Fosket b 26 July
1825, v. Ward b. 22 June 1828, vi. Wesley b. 21 Jan 1831, vii. Clark b 14 Jan.

	116	F	vii.	MELINDA HARRIS was born 1799 and died 1873 235 She married 
                                   ELIZABETH FARRINGTON  was born 18 July, bapt 14 Aug. 1791 Kinderhook
Reform Church, Kinderhook, Columbia Co. NY236  John died 1861.237
Children238 i. Amanda b 1819, d 1909239 m. Sumner Morse b 1818, d 1871240 ii.
Lavinia bc 1823, iii. Alzina bc 1825, iv. Melvinia bc 1826, v. Elijah P. b 09 Aug.
1827, vi. Adaline bc 1830, vii. Caroline b 1832, viii. Jane be 1835, ix. Rachel bc
1837, x. Asa Harris b 01 May 1838, xi. Lousia bc 1842, xii. Lorenzo b Dec 1844

	117	M	viii.	ARNOLD HARRIS was born about 1802 and died 1885 Smith Co.,
Cedar, Kansas where he is buried Cedar Cem.241 ARNOLD HARRIS married 
LUCINDA GRANGER daughter of Elihu Granger & Chloe Sage born
Sandisfield, Berkshire Co, MA 24 Feb. 1804. 242 Lucinda died 04 Nov. 1880
probably Elmore , Ottawa Co. Ohio243  Children244 i. Julius C. b 1829, mar. 24
Aug. 1851 Rebecca Lowndes, Sandusky Co.245, died 25 Sept. 1869, ae 36-4-2,
wife of J.C. Harris,246 ii. Elizabeth C. bc 1831, iii. Asa bc 1833, iv. Orrin S.
bc1835, v. Sarah bc1842, mar.12 Dec. 1866 William R. Lattimore, Ottawa
Co.247vi. Rachel bc 1846, mar John Seamon Ottawa, Ohio 29 Feb. 1864.248
+         118            M  vix. M0RGAN LEWIS HARRIS was born 28 Apr1804

            119           F   x. AMANDA HARRIS  was born cMay 1811 and was living in 1900 in Fort
Worth,  Tarrant Co. TX.249 Amanda mar RILEY ANDRUS/ANDREWS. Riley was born
c1808.250 He was living in 1880.251Children:252 i.Rachel  bc 1832 mar. Gilbert Hubbard 25 Dec.
1849 Champion, Jefferson Co. NY.253 .ii. Harriet bc 1834,  iii. Elijah Danford bc July 1840

       26.  MARY (MOLLY) HARRIS (ABNER Jr., ABNER Sr, ABNER I) was born on 3 Aug 1764 in
Woodstock,CT. She died on 15 Dec 1863 in Windham, VT.254 

1784. Abraham was born say 1760 and died on 19 Apr 1840 in Windham, VT.255

1850 VT cn Windham Co. , Windham, 359 FARR, Ira AE 53 farmer, Florinda ae 50, William ae
28, Mary ae 16, Lora ae 9, Mary, ae 86, born MA BENSON, Marshall ae 22 laborer, all born VT
except Mary 

They had the following children:256

	120	M	i.	RUFUS FARR was born on 23 Mar 1783/1784 in Chesterfield, NH.

	121	F	ii.	ANNA FARR was born on 15 Jun 1785 in Windham, Windham Co. VT.

	122	F	iii.	JERUSHA FARR was born on 7 Dec 1787 in Windham, VT.

	123	F	iv.	POLLY FARR was born on 7 Jul 1790 in Windham, VT.

	124	F	v.	CLARA FARR was born on 21 Jan 1794 in Windham, VT.

	125	F	vi.	SALLY FARR was born on 8 Aug 1796 in Dummerston, VT.

	126	M	vii.	IRA FARR was born on 1 Dec 1797 in Dummerston, VT.

	127	F	viii.	PHILA FARR was born on 22 Aug 1801 in Windham, VT.

	128	F	ix.	RACHEL FARR was born on 28 Jan 1803 in Windham, VT.

	27.	ZERVIAH HARRIS (ABNER Jr., ABNER Sr, ABNER I) was born on 1 Mar 1766 in
Woodstock, CT. She died 10 Apr 1854, ae 88 and is bur Market Street Cem. Cape Vincent,
Jefferson  Co. NY257             
Zerviah  married JONATHAN GATES, son of JONATHAN GATES and MARY SHEDD, on
11 Dec 1783 in Chesterfield, NH.258 Jonathan was born on 27 Sep 1762 in Harvard, MA.259 and
was christened on 5 Jun 1774 in Ashburnham, MA.260 He died 4 Aug 1835 Ae 73 Yrs in
Champion, NY and was buried in Sunnyside Cem.Champion, NY.261

Jonathan Gates was a soldier of the Revolution. Jonathan enlisted Apr 1775 and served eight
months as a private in Capt. Wilder�s company., Jonathan Gates, sr Lt.  Col. Whitcomb�s regt.
stationed mainly at Prospect Hill. He served there approximately three months until arrival
 of  new recruits. He enlisted again Sept. 1777, served  one month as private in Lt. Jonathan
Gates sr�s , Col. Bellows Mass. regt, during which he marched from Ashburnham to the vicinity
of Bemus Heights. Later in 1777 he served three months as private in Capt. Whiting�s
Massachusetts Co. guarding prisoners from Col.Burgoyne�s army and were confined at Castle
Williams, Massachusetts. He enlisted in 1778 or 1779 serving three months as private under
Capt. Jonathan Gates Sr in Col. Whitney�s Massachusetts regt, during which he marched from
Asbunham to Bound Brook, NJ. He enlisted in 1790 serving about two months as private in
Capt. Fish�s Massachusetts company, stationed at Providence, after which he served on board a
prision ship, laying at Fox Point., He received a bad wound on his hand  when some of the
prisoners revolted, barely escaping with his life. He also served at Bristol engaged at procuring
supplies for the horses.  He lived at Ashburnham during the the Revolution.In 1781 he moved to
Chesterfield, Cheshire Co. NH In 1798 he moved to Salisbury, Montgomery Co. NY, in 1815 he
moved to Antwerp, Jefferson Co. NY and in 1818 he moved to Champion, Jefferson Co. NY
where he applied Sept. 11 1832 for a pension.  Widow applied for her pension rights 6 Apr 1839
a resident of Pamalia, Jefferson Co. NY age 73.A Sally Watson mentioned in pension

1790 NH cn,Cheshire Co., Walpole 2-2-3   

1850 NY cn Jefferson Co. Champion, 186 SMITH: Mary, ae 42 b NY, GATES: Sophia, ae
83, b MA, SMITH: Mary J. ae 26 b NY

JONATHAN and ZERVIAH had the following children:263

	129	M	i.	JOSIAH R GATES died 1789 Chesterfield, NH264


	131	M	iii.	CHARLES GATES.

	132	M	iv.	ROSWELL GATES was born on 28 May 1786 in Walpole, NH. He
died on 16 Jun 1854 in Parmelia, NY and was buried in Old Burying Ground.265

ROSWELL married HANNAH TAYLOR. Hannah  died 23 Apr 1866 AE 72 Yrs
9 Mos in Parmelia, NY and was buried in Old Burying Ground.266

1850 cn NY Jefferson Co., Parmelia , 259 GATES: Roswell ae 62 farmer, b MA,
Hannah ae 53 b NY, Roswell, ae 26 NY,Laura ae 21 NY Hamilton A. ae 19 NY,
Henry ae 17 NY,Harriet ae 13 DONOVAN? Cornelius  b Ireland

	133	F	v.	ZERVIAH GATES was born about 1800. She died on 25 Nov 1881 in  .    
                                   Watertown, NY.267

                                  1850 NY cn Jefferson Co. Pamelia, 231: BAGLEY: Bernard ae 60 lawyer b NY, 
                                  Zerviah ae 50 b NY,George ae 24 b NY, JENKS, Eliza , ae 23 b. Germany 

1855 NY cn Jefferson Co. Watertown, 1 ED, 44 BAGLEY:Bernard, ae 63,
lawyer, b Mass 30 yrs. in town, Zurah, wife, ae 55, b. Montgomery Co.28 yrs in
town, George A., child, ae 28, b. Jefferson Co  furnace,WRIGHT: Charles, ae 37,
boarder, b Jefferson Co. Lawyer, 28 yrs in town, Pamela B. ae 37, boarder, b
Jefferson Co., Edward, ae 05,boarder, b Jefferson Co. O�CONNOR, Mary, ae 22,
b Ireland, servant, COFFEEN: Moses, ae 13 b Jefferson Co., servant

ZERVIAH married (1) CHARLES WRIGHT who was born say 1795 and died 
probably about 1820.  Child i. Charles David Wright b 29 Aug 1817 and died 9
July 1905 Watertown, NY268 He married PAMELIA B. SHIELDS, dau.of
JAMES SHIELDS  12 Oct. 1842.269 

 ZERVIAH also married (2) BERNARD BAGLEY. in 1823 or 1824.270
 Bernard was born on 5 Nov 1791 in Durham, Greene Co. Ny, son of CUTTING
BAGLEY& CHRISTINA BARKER .271 He died on 26 Jun 1878 in Watertown,
NY and is buried Brookside Cem. Watertown, NY272 Child:ren: i. Bernard, ii
George Augustus b 22 July 1826 Watertown, NY, died 12 May 1915 & bur
Brookside Cem. Watertown, NY273

	134	M	vi.	JOHN GATES.

	135	F	vii.	SALLY GATES.

	28.	WILLIAM HARRIS (ABNER Jr., ABNER Sr, ABNER I) was born on 19 Nov 1767 in
Woodstock, CT.

WILLIAM married MERCY NICHOLS about 1788.275 Mercy (Marcy) was born 14 Sept.1770
Ashburnham, MA daughter of SAMUEL NICHOLS & LYDIA WILLARD.276 Mercy�s father
Samuel Nichols lived in Chesterfield, NH but removed from there to Palatine, Montgonery Co. NY
about 1790.277

1790 NYcn, Montgomery Co., Palatine,115: 1-0-2
1810 NY cn, Jefferson Co.,LeRay, 56: 1-1-0-1-0  2-1-0-1-0

They had the following children278:

	136	F	i.	           LYDIA HARRIS was born on 12 May 1789. Lydia HALL , relict of
Roland died 16 Dec. 1865, ae 76 yrs and is bur Hillside Cem., Champion, NY279
                                                  Lydia married Capt. ROLAND HALL born c1773 (cal. gs), died 20 Jan.
1837 ae 54 yrs and is bur. Hillside Cem. Champion, NY280

                                                 The William Harris record calls Lydia grandmother of  Roswell Hall.
There is one William R. Hall, grandson of Roland & Lydia Hall died Feb. 2,1853,
ae 18-11-13 bur in Hillside Cem. with Lydia & Roland.

                                                 1850 NY cn Jefferson Co., Champion HALL: Lydia, ae 60, farmer $2600
real estate, b NY, Rowland, ae 17, laborer, b NY, Stephen, ae 30 NY, Sarah, ae 30

                                                   1855 NY cn, Jefferson Co. Champion, 14 HALL: Rowland, ae 21 b
Jefferson 21 yrs in town,  farmer, Lydia, ae 66, mother, b Montgomery Co., 

	137	F	ii.	JERUSHA HARRIS was born on 13 Jul 1793.
                                                 Jerusha married NATHANIEL HOLDER281

 	138	M	iii.	STEPHEN HARRIS was born on 16 Mar 1793/1794.

	139	F	iv.	LEMIRA HARRIS was born on 27 Apr 1796, died 7 Jan. 1866282 
She, married WALTER CHENEY 6 Nov. 1816283

	140	F	v.	FLAVILLA HARRIS was born on 15 Jul 1798.

	141	F	vi.	MERCY HARRIS was born on 17 Mar 1801 in NY State. She died 27
Apr 1868, ae 67 Yrs 1 Mo. and was buried in North Watertown Cem.Watertown,
Jefferson Co.NY.284
MERCY married RICHARD PHILIPS in 1817.285 Richard was born on 1 Jun
1775 in England.and  28 Jan. 1859, ae 74-8-0 and was buried North Cem
Watertown, Jefferson Co.NY.286

Richard Philips served in the War of 1812 as a Captain.  He served a seven 
year apprentice in the carpenter's trade He had 13 children, 10 of which

1850 NY cn Jefferson Co. Parmelia, 236 PHILIPS: Richard ae 67, carpenter,
b. England, Mercy ae 49 b NY, Susan ae 26 NY, Sarah ae 24 NY, Orpha ae 22
NY. Favilla ae 16 NY, William ae 14 NY, Charles ae 08 NY, Dexter ae 04
NY BABCOCK: Mary, ae 31 NY, Wesley, ae 6 NY Next household
PHILIPS: Richard H. ae 33

142	M	vii.	ALVIN HARRIS was born on 4 Jun 1804                                      

	143F	viii.	MATILDA L. HARRIS was born on 2 Sep 1806.
born about 1805.288  Matilda & Laurence were both living in 1870 in St. Lawrence
Co., Town of Edwards289

144  F. ix.  ORPHA HARRIS was born 7 Nov. 1810. Orpha m1 DANIEL
FOSTER291. He was son of BENJAMIN FOSTER & ANN DUNHAM, born 1
May 1791  Tisbury, MA.292 Franklin  died 1 Feb. 1852 Fulton, NY.293

145. F.   x.  DIERA HARRIS was born 24 Feb. 1813

	29.	ABNER HARRIS (ABNER Jr., ABNER Sr, ABNER I) was born on 15 Oct 1769 in Woodstock,
CT. He died on 13 Jun 1853 in Hounsfield, Jefferson Co., NY and was buried in Sackets Harbour
Cem., Hounsfield, NY.294

Abner resided in Marlboro, VT in 1790 where his household consisted of one male over age of 
16, one male under age of 16 and one female.295

He is probably the  Abner Harris who signed the Freeman's Oath in Marlboro VT 2 Jan.
1787.296  Abner Harris of Marlboro signed a petition for a tax on land to build roads and
bridges 2 Oct.1792.297  

On 31 Jan. 1795 Moses Tute of Brattleboro,VT sold 59 acres, 113 rods of land to Abner
Harris of Marlboro for the sum of 200 pounds. The land was located in Brattleboro near the
Marlboro town line. 298  Abner sold this land to Stephen Harris 15 Mar 1798 for 400 pounds,
witnesses Leonard Harris & Jonas Whitney.299 

1800 VT cn Windham Co. Marlboro: 3 males under 10, one male 26-44, one female under 10,
one female 26-44

1810 NY cn St. Lawrence Co. Parishville,20: 2 males under 10, 1 male 10-15,1 male 16-26, 1
male 26-45, 2 females under 10, 2 females 10-16, 1 female 26-45

1820 NY cn St. Lawrence Co.,Parishville, 155: 1 male under 10, 1 male 45 or over, 2 females
under 10, 1 fem. 10-15, 2 fems. 16-26, 1 fem. 26-45 

1830 NY cn, Jefferson Co., Brownsville,299 1 male 10-15, 1 male 20-30, 1 male 45-50, 1 fem.
5-10; 1 fem. 10-15, 1 fem. 15-20, 1 fem.20-30, 1 fem. 40-50 

1840 NYcn Jefferson Co.Hounsfield,261   1 male 15-20; 1 male 60-70, 1 fem. 60-70

1850 NY cn Jefferson Co;Hounsfield,140 HARRIS, Abner, ae 78, Sylvia, ae 68 both b VT
ABNER married (1) ISABELL,  died about 1798/1799.

ABNER and ISABELL had the following children:300

	146 	M 	i       SIMON/LIMON HARRIS was born on 22 Jan 1793 in Marlboro, VT.

	147	M	ii.	ABNER HARRIS was born on 15 Mar 1794 in Marlboro, VT.

            148  M      iii.    ALVIN HARRIS, was born 4 Mar 1797 in Marlboro, VT. He died 13 or 
         19 Apr. 1873 Solon, O301 Alvin is buried in Roselawn Cem. Solon, Ohio 
          ae 78.302He married BETSY SAWYER dau of 
          BENJAMIN SAWYER & CHARLOTTE MILLS.303 She died 26 
           Mar 1871 Solon, Ohio304 

1850 Ohio cn Cuyahoga Co. Solon, 411 HARRIS, Alvin, AE 54,
farmer, b. VT, Betsey ae  45, Lorenzo ae 20, Dennis  ae 16, Frederick,
ae 08 all born VT

1860 Ohio cn, Cuyahoga Co Solon, 641 HARRIS: Alvin, ae 64
farmer,$5200/$1000 bVT, Betsey, ae 54 b NY,Lorenzo, ae 29,
carpenter, b NY, Frederick, ae 17 farmer,b Ohio  

1870 Ohio cn Cuyahoga Co., Solon,605b HARRIS: Alvin, ae 76, farmer
$2500/$200 born VT, Betsey, ae 65 keeping house, born VT

	149	F	iv.	 VINEY HARRIS was born on 5 Jan 1798 in Marlboro, Vt.

ABNER also married (2) SYLVIA HIGHLEY, daughter of DANIEL HIGHLEY and RUTH, on
3 Oct 1799 in Marlboro, VT.305 Sylvia was born about 1782 and died on 5 Mar 1859 in
Hounsfield, NY and was buried in Sackets Harbour.Cemetery, Hounsfield, NY.306

They had the following children:307

	150	M	v.	ROSWELL HARRIS was born on 7 Jul 1804 in Marlboro, Vt.

	151	F	vi.	GRATIA HARRIS was born on 28 Oct 1805 in Marlboro, Vt.

	152	M	vii.	GEORGE HARRIS . 

	153	M	viii.	JOHN HARRIS.

            154            M  ix.           ORANGE H. HARRIS, was born about 1812 in Canada and died 26
Sept. 1897 Oshkosh, WI.308 Orange married (1) ELIZABETH A. ROBBINS in
the fall of 1838 Jefferson Co. NY.309 Elizabeth was born c1815.310 and died
1870311 Orange H. m2 MARY H. KILLMER in 1872312  Mary was born c1837
NY State313 Mary survived her husband.

 155  x.	LUCINDA HARRIS born 16 May 1818 Madrid St. Lawrence Co.NY
died 6 Oct 1899, ae 81-4-20 Sacket�s Harbor NY.314 She   married EDWARD

156	          F    xi         SYLVIA A. HARRIS.born c1825, m MR.
HOLBROOK316 Sylvia was living 1867/68 in Carthage, Jefferson Co. NY317. 

30.	   SYBIL HARRIS (ABNER Jr., ABNER Sr, ABNER I) was born on 19 Jan 1771 in Woodstock,
Windham Co., CT.

SYBIL married ASA PRATT, son of ALPHEUS PRATT and LYDIA MIXER, about 1789. Asa
was christened on 24 May 1764 in Shrewsbury, Worcester Co., MA.318

ASA and SYBIL had the following children:319

	157	F	i.	SYBIL PRATT was born about 1790 in Marlboro, Windham Co., VT. She died
19 May 1858, AE 69 in Brattleboro, Windham Co., VT.320
COOK, on 19 May 1809 in Dummerston, Windham Co., VT.321 Josiah IV was
born on 10 Mar 1787 in Brattleboro, Windham Co., VT.322 He died on 14 Feb
1850 in W. Brattleboro, Windham Co., VT.323 SEE WARD FAMILY BY
	158	M	ii.	ALPHEUS PRATT was born about 1791. He died on 6 May 1822 in
Brattleboro, VT and was buried in W. Brattleboro Cem., Brattleboro, VT.324

ALPHEUS married ANNA KATHAN, on 21 May 1812 in Dummerston, VT.325
She was born Dummerston, Windham Co. VT  7 Feb. 1795 daughter of DANIEL
KATHAN and OLIVE LAMB,326  Anna died in 1827 in Brattleboro, VT327

	159	F	iii.	LYDIA PRATT was born about 1793. She died on 27 Nov 1830 in
Chester, VT, ae 37 and was buried in Brookside Cem.,Chester, VT.328

LYDIA married PHILIP PADDLEFORD on 1 Jan 1812 in Dummerston, VT.329
Philip was born on 10 Apr 1790 in Chesterfield, Cheshire Co NH.330 He died on 5
Feb 1874 in Chester, VT and was buried in Brookside Cem, Chester, VT.331

	160	F	iv.	NANCY PRATT.
NANCY married DANIEL B. BUCK on 2 Feb 1825 in Dummerston, VT.332

	161	M	v.	ASA Jr. PRATT was born about 1803. He died on 27 Jan 1860 ae 57 in
Newfane, VT and was buried in Village Cem, Newfane, VT.333
ASA married (1) HANNAH MILLER, daughter of CHARLES MILLER and
LUCY, on 14 Feb 1827 in Dummerston, VT.334 Hannah was born on 9 Sep 1809
(calculated gs). She died on 14 Nov 1835 in Newfane, VT ae 26-2-5.335
ASA also married (2) LORETTA SAUNDERS on 4 Nov 1838 in Dummerston,
VT.336 Loretta was born on 12 Jan 1816(cal. gs). She died on 18 Jan 1848 in
Newfane, VT and was buried in Village Cem, Newfane, VT ae 32-0-6.337
ASA also married (3) MARY JOHNSON on 3 Sep 1848 in Newfane, VT.338
Mary was born about 1827 (cal. gs). She died on 20 Jun 1892 in Newfane, VT and
was buried in Village Cem., Newfane, VT ae 68.339

	162	F	vi.	LORETTA SARAH PRATT was born about 1808. She died on 16 Oct
1855 in Chester, VT and was buried in Brookside Cem., Chester, VT, ae 46.340

LORETTA married JOSEPH DUNCAN on 2 Dec 1830 in Dummerston VT.341
Joseph, son of JOSEPH DUNCAN & MIRINDA was born on 14 Nov 1798 in
Dummerston, Windham Co., Vt.342 He was living 1860.343

	163	F	vii.	ELECTA PRATT was born 15 Feb. 1809. She died on 19 May 1881 in
Brattleboro, VT.344
Electa married HENRY H. HARDING, son of HENRY HARDING and MARY
POOL, on 22 Dec 1831 in Dummerston, VT.345 Henry was born on 7 Feb 1809 in
Putney, VT.346 He died on 11 May 1885 in Brattleboro, VT ae 76-3-4.347

	164	M	viii.	EDWARD M. PRATT was born on 25 Feb 1812 in Dummerston,
VT.348 He died on 19 Jun 1893 in Manchester, VT.349

BETHIA ROBBINS, on 5 Nov 1839 in Stratton,Windham Co. VT.350 Fanny was
born Northfield, Franklin Co. MA on 17 May 1817.351

	165	M	ix.	MAJOR PRATT.

	166	F	x.	MARIA PRATT.

	31.	STEPHEN HARRIS (ABNER Jr., ABNER Sr, ABNER I) was born on 14 Jun 1773 in
Woodstock, CT. He died on 21 Apr 1860 in So. Canaan, VT and was buried in So.Canaan Cem,

STEPHEN married ELIZABETH JOHNSON. who was born about 1776 and died 4 Aug 1853353

STEPHEN and ELIZABETH had the following children:354

	167	F	i.	CLARISSA HARRIS was born on 5 Aug 1796 in Vernon, Vt.

	168	M	ii.	WILLIAM HARRIS was born on 17 Jan 1798 in Vernon, Vt.

	169	M	iii.	LYMAN HARRIS was born on 22 Jan 1800 in Vernon, Vt.

	170	M	iv.	LEONARD HARRIS was born on 13 Mar 1803 in Vernon, Vt.

	171	F	v.	DOLLY HARRIS was born on 7 May 1805 in Vernon, Vt.

	172	F	vi.	ELIZA HARRIS was born on 9 Apr 1807 in Vernon, Vt.

	173	M	vii.	STEPHEN HARRIS was born on 27 Mar 1809 in Vernon, Vt.

	174	M	viii.	JOHN HARRIS was born on 20 Jan 1812 in Vernon, Vt.

	175	F	ix.	MARTHA HARRIS was born about 1814.

	176	F	x.	JERUSHA HARRIS was born on 12 Apr 1815 in Vernon, Vt.

	177	M	xi.	ABNER HARRIS was born on 25 Mar 1817 in Vernon, Vt.

	32.	ALVIN HARRIS (ABNER Jr., ABNER Sr, ABNER I) was born on 2 Mar 1775 in Woodstock,
CT. He died on 29 Apr 1860, age 85, in Tribes Hill, NY.and is buried Pine Grove Cem.355

1850 NY cn Montgomery Co. Mohawk,.356 HARRIS: Alvin  ae 75 b Ma., Lavinia ae 76 b.
NY,Lavinia ae 30, b NY

ALVIN married LAVINA FONDA on 29 Jun 1797 in DRC Fonda, NY.356 Lavina was born on 23
May 1768 in Johnstown, NY357 She died on 4 Dec 1851, ae 84, in Tribes Hill, NY.and is buried in
Pine Grove Cem.358

They had the following children:359

	178	F	i.	ALVIAH HARRIS was born on 25 Jan 1798. She died on 10 Aug

	179	F	ii.	ELEANOR HARRIS was born on 2 Jul 1800. She died on 5 Mar 1874
and is buried Pine Grove Cem. Tribes Hill, NY.361
NELLY married CHARLES. STILES  born abt 1797, died  17 Dec. 1867 in his
70th year and bur  Pine Grove Cem. Tribes Hill, NY362

	180	F	iii.	JERUSHA HARRIS was born on 11 Mar 1802. She died 7 Oct. 1887,
ae 84363
JERUSHA married DAVID DEFOREST bc 1801, living 1880364

	181	M	iv.	ABNER  A. HARRIS was born on 17 Mar 1805. He died on 22 Aug
1851 in 46th year and is buried Pine Grove Cem. Tribes Hill. NY365
                                  ABNER married HELENA AMANDA NEWTON 14 Dec. 1836 Johnstown,
NY366 She died 5 Apr 1885 in 72d year and is buried Pine Grove Cem. Tribes Hill

                                   1850 NY cn Schenectady Co. Schenectady, 4th Ward, 181 HARRIS: Abner ae 45
Clothier? , Eleanor ae 36, Anna ae 09, Hester ae 03 all b NY several unrelated
persons in household
	182	F	v.	MORIAH HARRIS was born on 15 Feb 1807. She died in Jun 1807.368

	183	F	vi.	LAVINIA HARRIS was born on 9 Feb 1809. She died on 21 Jun

	184	F	vii.	SARAH MARIA HARRIS was born on 19 Jan 1812. She died on 1 Sep
SARAH married JOHN  HORN STRIKER on 27 Jun 1838  Amsterdam, NY371
John son of James Stryker & Maria Horn  born 29 Sept. 1795 Bloomingdale,
NY372, died 7 Sept. 1861 Tribes Hill, NY373

1860 NY cn Montgomery Co. Mohawk, 150 STRYKER: John, ae 60, Sarah ae 48, Margaret ae
17, James ae 16, Alvin ae 14, Sarah ae 12, John ae 10, Charles H. ae 08, William ae 06, Jemima
ae 04, CLARK: Rosa ae 20 Servant b Ireland all others b NY

	33.	LUCY HARRIS (ABNER Jr., ABNER Sr ABNER I) was born on 12 Oct 1776 in Woodstock,
CT. She died 19 Feb 1849 ae 74 Yrs 4 Mos. in Brattleboro, VT and was buried in Robertson Cem.,
West Brattleboro, VT.374
Oct 1795 in Brattleboro, VT.375 ASAPH was born on 4 Aug 1771 in Marlborough, VT376 He died
27 Aug 1856 AE 85-23-0 in Brattleboro, VT and was buried in Robertson Cem., Brattleboro,
VT.377 Asaph m2 LYDIA BAKER ROBERTS 26 Sept. 1849 Brattleboro, VT.378 Lydia,
daughter of  BENJAMIN BAKER born  27 Apr 1779 Brattleboro,VT.379 Lydia died  29 Apr.
1864, ae 84-10.380  

          1850 VT cn Windham Co. Brattleboro, 136 STOCKWELL: Asaph ae 74 b. VT, Lydia ae

Asaph & Lucy had the following children:381

	185	F	i.	HARRIET STOCKWELL was born on 13 Mar 1796 in Marlboro, Vt.

	186	F	ii.	JERUSHA STOCKWELL was born on 9 Apr 1798 in Marlboro, Vt.

	187	M	iii.	HORACE STOCKWELL was born on 9 Sep 1800 in Marlboro, Vt.

	188	F	iv.	TIRZAH STOCKWELL was born on 25 Sep 1803 in Marlboro, Vt.

	189	M	v.	ENOS STOCKWELL was born on 6 Apr 1805 in Marlboro, Vt.

	190	F	vi.	DIANA STOCKWELL was born on 16 Sep 1807 in Marlboro, Vt.

	191	F	vii.	GRATIA STOCKWELL was born 20 Sep 1810 in Marlboro,VT

	192	F	viii.	ASAPH STOCKWELL was born on 1 Apr 1812 in Marlboro, Vt.

	193	F	ix.	IRA STOCKWELL died young.

	194	M	x.	IRA STOCKWELL was born on 24 June 1816  Marlboro, Vt.

	195	M	xi.	LUCY SOPHIA was born 6 Apr 1818 Marlboro,VT

	196	M	xii.	HENRIETTA STOCKWELL was born 19 Oct. 1820 Marlboro,VT

	35.	SARAH HARRIS (ABNER Jr., ABNER sr, ABNER I) was born on 30 Apr 1779 in Woodstock,
CT. She died 21 Sep 1883 Ae 104-5-11 in Brattleboro, VT and was buried in West Brattleboro

1860 VT cn Windham Co. Brattleboro, 203 MILLER: John B. ae 42 farmer $1600/$250 b.NH, 
Sabrina F. ae 39 bVT, PATTERSON: Anna, ae 16, student , VT  STOCKWELL : Sarah ae
81, $1000, NH

1870 VT cn Windham Co. Brattleboro, 369 MILLER: John B. ae 50, farmer, b NH
Sabrina, ae 45, keeping house, VT STOCKWELL: Sarah, ae 91, b NH, MILLER: Eddie 
ae 20, farm laborer, VT

1880 VT cn Windham Co. Brattleboro, 309a STOCKWELL:Sally, 101, b NH, parents b NH,
MILLER:Sobrina P., ae 60, dau. b VT, father b VT, mother b NH, GOULD: Cynthia  A.  
ae 62, dau., VT, father b VT, mother b NH



1 Jun 1797 in Brattleboro, VT.383 ARAD was born on 18 May 1773 in Marlboro, VT.384 He died
1 Feb 1856 Ae 82-3-13 in Brattleboro, VT and was buried in W Brattleboro Cm, VT.385

They had the following children:386

	197	F	i.	EMILY STOCKWELL was born about 1803.

	198	F	ii.	CALISTA R. STOCKWELL was born on 8 Mar 1807.

	199	M	iii.	BENJAMIN FRANKLIN STOCKWELL was born on 13 Jul 1809.

	200	M	iv.	ARAD HARRIS STOCKWELL was born on 30 Nov 1811.

	201	F	v.	SARAH MARIA STOCKWELL was born about 1814/1815.

	202	F	vi.	CYNTHIA ABIAL STOCKWELL was born on 23 Mar 1818.

	203	F	vii.	SABRINA P. STOCKWELL was born on 20 Dec 1820.

	204	M	viii.	JOHN STOCKWELL.

	36.	LEONARD HARRIS (ABNER Jr., ABNER Sr, ABNER I) was born on 14 Nov 1781(calculated
obit) probably  in Chesterfield, NH.   He died on 26 Feb 1870 ae 88-3-12 in Cohasset, MA387

born c1792 Newton, MA, died 14 June 1879 Boston MA388 Nancy was living with her daughters in

They had the following children:390

	205	M	i.	CHARLES L. HARRIS was born about 1821.

	206	F	ii.	EVELINE /EMMALINE HARRIS was born about 1825, bur 17 Jan
	207	F	iii.	ADALINE F. HARRIS was born about 1830, died  single 20 Aug.1898,
ae 68, Brookline, MA392See page 53  for probate record

	208	M	iv.	WILLIAM H. HARRIS was born on 12 Dec 1828. He died 12 Oct.
1861 Ae 32-10-0 in Cohasset, MA.393

	209	F	v.	CAROLINE HARRIS was born about 1832, died 29 Oct. 1895 in
Boston MA and bur Forest Hills Cem. 394 She married George L. Randidge son of
LORENZO RANDIDGE born c1820 New Brunswick, Canada per death
certificate & 1830 per 1880 census.395 George died 4 Aug. 1890 Boston MA and
bur 7 Aug. 1890 Forest Hills Cem.396

             118  MORGAN LEWIS HARRIS (ASA, ABNER, ABNER, ABNER) was born 28
Apr 1804 and died New York City, New York 24 Jan. 1892, AE 87.397  MORGAN L.
VROOMAN on 5 Feb. 1833.  She was born 20 Dec. 1814  and died Canajoharie, NY 25 Sept.
1852, ae 37.398

                      In  1843 Morgan L. Harris was a legislative representative from Montgomery
County, NY.399 Morgan L., among others signed a request to form the Episcopal Church in
Canajoharie, NY in 1852.400  John Roof kept a inn in Canajoharie as early as 1777.  A modern
house was erected in front of the old stone inn  kept by John Roof and his son after him and
eventually was taken over by Elisha Kane Roof and then George B. Murray who was
succeeded by Morgan L. Harris who ran it for about 10 years.401  Morgan L. also kept a hotel
in Schenectady.402 He removed to NY City about 1854 where he kept the Chaumont House.403
He was US weigher and assessor for several years and in 1856 was a NY City Alderman  serving
four years.404  He was collector of internal revenue for 8th district in 1865.405 

                       Regarding Morgan L.�s collector of internal revenue duties the following was
found in the New York Times:  �Assistant District Attorney Emerson instituted a suit yesterday
against Augustus Schell, Charles Devlin,Edwin Crosswell, Stephen P. Russell and A., Mills
to render $200,000 on a bond given by them  for Morgan L. Harris,Ex-collector of the eighth
revenue district. It is alleged that Mr. Harris accepted worthless bonds for the removal of 
120.017 gallons of whiskey from his district in 1868 causing a loss of  $240,006 to the
                       1840 NY cn Montgomery Co., Canajoharie, 408 -HARRIS, MORGAN l male
under 5, 3 males 15-20 8 males 20-30, 1 male 30-40, 3 males 40-50; 3 females under 5, 1 female
5-10, 1 female 15-20;3 females 20-30, 1 female 40-50

                       1850 NY cn Montgomery Co. Canajoharie, 190 HARRIS:; Morgan L. ae 42
Stage proprietor $9700, b NY, Jane A., ae 35, NY, Mary L. ae 15, NY, Francis W., ae 13, NY,
Anna E. ae 09 NY, Morgan L. ae 7 NY, Pauline, ae 05, Horatio S. ae 03, NY, ROOF:Jane ae
55, NY, John J., ae 28, clerk, NY, ANTHONY, Phillis, black, ae 50 NY,  Deliah, ae 18, black,
NY, WILSON: Abm., ae 25, black, NY

                          1860 NY cn New York, New York, 21st Ward, 4th District, 1061 HARRIS:
Morgan, ae 52, US weigher, $3000/$1000, b NY, Elizabeth, ae 27, b NY, Annie, ae 17, NY,
Pauline, ae 15, NY, Horatio, ae 13, NY Jenny ae 08 NY; ANTHONY: Philis, ae 40, servant

                            1870 NY cn Richmond Co. Southfield, 302 HARRIS: Morgan L. ae 64,
banker$30,000/$5000, b NY, Elizabeth ae 33 NY, Horatio, ae 23 NY, Jane ae 20 NY,
ANTHONY: Susan, ae 53, black, domestic, NY JOHNSON: Jane, ae 21 black, domestic, NY

                            1880 NY cn New York Census, greater Manhatten, 302a, Penitentiary FOX:
John ae 54 b.VT, Warden, parents b VT, Mary, wife ae 40 b NY, parents b NY, William, son, ae
21, b NY, parents b VT, NY, HARRIS: Morgan ae 68, b NY  widowed, no occupation, NY
NY, SCHAFFER: Jennie ae 25, married, relationship other, NY NY NY, Morgan ae 04, NY
NY NY Victor ae 02 NY NY NY (other not related persons including prisioners)

                             The following is an article published in the Watertown Daily Times of 13 Aug.
1887, page 5 in which Morgan L. Harris gave some recollections of early days in Jefferson
County New York upon the occasion of the 94th birthday of his sister Rachel Loomis: �Among
Watertown�s summer visitors this year is one who lived in Northern New York during the War of
1812. He has been accustomed to a trip to visit relatives here almost yearly. Although past the
allotted years of man he is enjoying excellent health, and mentally he is clear and strong as ever.�

                             �Morgan Lewis Harris, age 83 years came to this city from New York, where
he now resides, in order to attend the party given in honor of his sister Grandmother Rachel
Loomis�s ninety-fourth birthday, which was held August 9, at the residence of her son  Sylvestor
Loomis, of the town of Champion. He is the father of Frank Harris, of this city, and great-uncle
of Erwin Harris of the Globe Hotel  where he is at present stopping. Rachel Loomis is a sister
of  Morgan L. Harris and is eleven years his senior. Their father was Asa Harris, and Rachel
married Otis Loomis. Asa Harris resided in the central part of the state, and decided to come to
the northern part in 1803.  The whole section was at that time a veritable wilderness, and of the
trip to their new home, Mrs. Rachel Loomis, being the elder, is enabled to remember more
distinctly, both being equally in good health at the present time.  As early as Morgan L. can
remember, his father was engaged in the hotel business at Champion, which at that time was quite
a thriving village, bidding fair to equal in importance to the then village of Watertown. When he
arrived at the age of 18, he was actively engaged in assisting his father. The traffic over the State
road at that time was immense. From Sackets Harbor, to Utica in 1820, to 1824, there was a
continual stream of  teams, three-horse, two-horse, four-horse and even six-horse teams. The
hotels were crowded nightly. At Sacket�s Harbor, which was quite a village, John McDowall
ran the hotel and Solomon White built the large store building after the War of 1812. Landlord
Symonds kept a hotel in Watertown where the entrance to the Paddock Arcade is now. Tucker
kept a hotel at Rutland, which received its share of the patronage. Mark Blodgett was engaged in
the business at Denmark.  Landlord Graves kept a public inn at Boonville, but sold out in 1824 to
Richard Hurlburt.�

                      �Now, I tell you,� Mr. Harris  said, �everybody who kept a hotel in those days
made money. The Harrisses were always hotel men  from as long ago as there is any knowledge
of the family. The people traveled entirely by team, and Utica was the only market. Four horse
coaches similar somewhat to the tally-ho were driven. I was down to Sacket�s Harbor yesterday,
and I  found not the stirring , thriving village it was expected to become in 1824. There seems to
be a lack of push among the residents. I worked with my father until I became of age.  A few
miles from father�s hotel was that managed by Judge Hubbard, sr father of Ward and Hiram
Hubbard. Everybody did well at that business in those days.�
                       �Mr. Harris has a very good political record. He has been a delegate to fifteen
democratic state conventions of the democratic party. �

                        �In 1836 he removed to Montgomery county and was elected to the legislature
from that county while residing in Canajoharie , in 1844. When he went to New York, he was
nominated for the assembly, but refused to accept. In 1856 he was elected an alderman, and a
member of the Board of Supervisors in New York county in 1858. He was a United States
weigher, one of three assessors of New York, internal revenue collector for the district, one of the
most important of the state, and disbursing agent  of the general government. He was sent to
Washington as chairman of the committee to sell the site of the present post office in New York ,
and  was given several important commissions by the general government.�

                          �After he left Jefferson county, he bought a packet and ran it on the Erie Canal
between Albany and Utica. People thought it a great thing if 75 or 100 persons could take
passage on one boat at that time. Later he removed to Schenectady, and was residing there when
the first railroad in the country was being laid from Schenectady to Albany . He rode on the first
train together with a number  of state officials of prominence at the time. The cars were all
platform cars, with the body of a stage coach set upon them. Thus a few could sit outside on the
driver�s seat. The engine was imported from England.�
                  Mr. Harris remembers well the horseback express which daily traveled  from Utica to
Sacket�s  Harbor with government dispatches for the military post at the Harbor. That was in
1814. There was a relay every ten miles and as the horses neared the relay station, the drivers
would fire a pistol shot  to notify those who were to go on  to be ready too make the change.
There were two drivers and the horses were kept going at a lively rate.�

                               New York Herald, Monday, 25 Jan. 1892: Morgan L. Harris died of old age
yesterday at the residence of his daughter in West 123d Street.  He was eighty-seven years old. 
He was born in Champion, Jefferson county N.Y. and was an intimate friend and associate  of
Horatio Seymour, Erastus Corning, Edward Crosswell and John Kelly. Mr. Harris was the
first democrat elected to the Assembly from Montgomery co. He moved to this city in 1853 and
conducted the Clairmont  Hotel at the corner of College place and Murray street.  He was elected
Alderman of the Third ward  in 1856 and was the first democrat ever elected from that ward. He
was a member of Tammany Hall and was appointed City Assessor by Governor Seymour and
collector of Internal Revenue by President Johnson   He was chairman of the committee in
charge  of the erection of  the Worth Monument  in 1856 opposite the Hoffman House. Mr.
Harris leaves three sons and three daughters.  Horatio S. Harris the present Alderman of the
Nineteenth district is the youngest son.

Watertown Herald 30 Jan. 1892 - After a very long active and  useful life, Hon. Morgan Lewis Harris died at his residence in New York City, Sunday  Jan. 24th aged  89 years, 8 months and 26 days. Though passing most of his life outside this county, he has been considered a native for his father was one of the earliest settlers of Champion who removed there with his family when Morgan was a mere lad.  He removed sometime afterwards  to Montgomery county, f rom which he was returned as assemblyman two terms.  He was always a consistent democrat, and from this time onward  until very recent years he has been active and prominent in the democratic councils  of the metropolis, this state and the nation.  He served numerous terms as alderman, and was Internal revenue collector during the war of the rebellion when $5,000,000 was required .  Always thoroughly informed on political questions,always maintaining a character for integrity for all  his transactions in every sphere of  life,  it is no wonder that he exercised  a vast influence in democratic councils and movements.  For a number of years he has passed his summers in Watertown with is son Frank and other relations and has always been a welcome guest. The funeral took place Tuesday afternoon at Canajoharie.

     They had the following children407

      210     f   i.   MARY LOUISE  HARRIS, born 03 Jan. 1834, died 25 Mar 1916 NYC.408
      married say 1860 JOHN M. FOX409 bc 1826 Vermont, died 11 Apr 1901 NYC in the 76th
year of his age.410

        211    m   ii.   FRANK W. HARRIS, born 13 Dec. 1835, liviing Watertown, NY 1880 and
died 5 Feb. 1921 Newport News, VA.411 

                              Frank married ELIZA T. WHITE born July 1849 and died 22 March 1909
Newport News, VA.412  

In 1861 Frank W. was assistant superintendent of the  street cleaning  department of  New York
City and was special deputy sheriff of NYC in 1863.413 He was a clerk in Surrogate office for a
number of years and in 1865 was deputy collector of internal revenue. 414 He kept a hotel at
Greenwood Lake for one year and with I..E. White he built the Wallabout docks in Brooklyn.415 
He was a contractor and builder in NYC until 1873 when he removed to Watertown, Jefferson
Co. NY where he purchased the Fred Schram livery stables  which were established in 1844.416  
He kept from 12 to 14 horses.417 In 1900 Frank  lived in  Newport News, VA.418

       212    f       iii.  GEORGIANA HARRIS, born 12 July 1838, died 1838

       213     f       iv   ANNA E.HARRIS, born 12 May 1840, died 20 Mar 1916 Bayonne, NJ,
74th year419 Anna married WINFIELD S. FERDON  18 Oct. 1865 NYC.420Winfield S. son of
ROBERT L. FERDON & MARGARET L. LAWSON bc 1839, died 31 July 1911, AE 72
Richmond Borough.421 In 1910 Winfield was an inmate in the Almshouse in Northfield,
Richmond Borough, AE 69.422

       214     m      v.  MORGAN LEWIS HARRIS Jr., born 14 Feb. 1843, died 22 Feb. 1902
NYC423 married MEDORA F. RUSSELL 29 Aug.  1867 NYC.424 Medora was born Jan., 1850
New Hampshire and was living in 1900, NYC, ae 50.425

        215     f      vi.  PAULINE HARRIS, born 04 July 1845,died  25 June 1926 Utica, NY.426
She married ESAIAS FOX 18 Mar 1869 NYC427 Esaias,son of JULIUS FOX & CAROLINE 
who was born 17 July 1848 in Fuerstenberg, Germany and  died Utica NY d 26 Jan. 1920428

         216    m    vii.  HORATIO SEYMOUR, born 25 Dec. 1847. He was living 1930, AE 82 in 
Washington D.C.429  Horatio married  1875430 JANE ANN ROWE who was born c1847

         217    f     viii.   JANE HARRIS, born 07 Oct. 1851 and was living in 1930, AE 78, East
Orange, Essex Co. NJ.432  Jane married BENJAMIN JOHNSON LOWE  SHAFER 14 Sept.
1874 NYC. 433Benjamin was  son of ROBERT TURNER SHAFER & CATHERINE
HAZEN born Centerville, Sussex Co. New Jersey 11 Apr 1846.434

            MORGAN L. HARRIS married (2) ELIZABETH (LIZZIE) say  1853. Lizzie was
born c1833-37.435  Lizzie was living in 1870 per census and died prior to 1880  when Morgan L.
was called widower in census of that year.


: (Watertown NY Daily Times 27 June 1878 - Hon. Bernard Bagley, so well known to most of
our citizens, and whose illness has been frequently referred to in these columns during the last two
or three months, expired at his residence on Benedict-st. at about 6 o�clock last evening.  Mr.
Bagley was born in Durham, Green County, Nov. 5, 1791. His father was a native of New
Hampshire and his mother of Connecticut. He came to this county in 1812 first settling in the
town of Antwerp where he taught school and took contracts for building roads in the then new
country. He came to Watertown in 1815 or 1816. He studied law with Charles E. Clark and was
admitted to practice in 1836. From the time he came here  till about 1850 he resided in the town
of Pamelia (within what is now city limits) and represented  that town on the board of supervisors
a good share of the time that he lived there. He was a member of the legislature in 1849 and
chairman of the judiciary committee. He never had any political ambition and was free from
averse. He was one of a family of eight children, six sons and two daughters, all of whom were
living up to the year 1875 when one brother died at the age of  75. Two died last year  one of
them aged 88 and the other 90. The subject of this sketch died  in his 87th year. The rest of the
family , four in number, are still living, the youngest in his 77th year.  He practiced law in this
county more than 50 years; and though  never what would be called a well-read lawyer, his good
sense and extraordinary  memory rendered him a strong man at the bar and a successful
practitioner . He never kept an account  with clients, but relied entirely upon his memory for
names and dates He was the poor man�s advocate, enlisting in his cause quite as readily as he
would in the service of one possessing abundant means, and it has been remarked  of him that the
poorer  the client the harder he worked. With Orville Hungerford he was instrumental in getting
the county poor house removed from LeRay to its present location. Though not a religious man,  
in the ordinary acceptation of that term, he was one of the active men  in building the first  Trinity
church building and also the one now standing.  Mr. Bagley was only once married the event
occurred either in 1823 or 1824, we are unable to state which--and the lady he chose for a partner
was Mrs. Wright, a young widow and mother of Judge Wright of this city. By this union there
were born two children, Bernard and George A.  Bernard died a few years since. George A.
resides in Watertown and is our representative in Congress. Mrs. Bagley is still living. It would
be difficult at any attempt at furnishing the biography of a man like Mr. Bagley, to give a
connected line of events, or fill it up with incidents. His life was one of  sets, that though ever so
important  and honorable while transpiring, seldom get a place on public records. There have been
many demonstrations of his remarkable power of forensic reasoning, of his utterance of pithy
truths, of his  exceedingly adroit management  of cases in court, and his ample readiness as
forcible, apt or brilliant repartee whenever and wherever opportunities  were presented. He was
keen and clear in his preceptions, sound in his judgment, and to a remarkable extent united natural
shrewdness  with the lessons of experience in the conduct of all business reposed in his hands. He
was  above and beyond all affectation and noted for his directness and bluntness of expression on
all occasions. He was intuitively true to his convictions peculiarly brief and cogent in their
expression and fearless in their maintenance   He was unostentatious in whatever position he was
placed, simple in his habits and  manners, but kindly in his nature to that extent that he lent his
ready sympathies and aid to the needy and lowly. He made no invidious distinctions in his
associations  with men, eschewed  politics as a rule, and kept himself aloof from political 
manipulation and intrigue.His characteristics are those which belong to men of humble aspirations,
but worthy motives and generous actions. He has for over a half century been identified with  the
enterprises and progress of the city, participated in its improvements , and largely contributed to
its prosperity and renown. His associations have been numerous,his influence extensive, his
acquaintance boundless in this section, and his attachments have been deep and lasting. His genial
society, quaint conversation and wise counsel  are lost forever, but there are a thousand memories
of him that will be long and fondly cherished.       

Obit Utica NY Observor Monday 26 Jan. 1920: Esaias T.Fox , one of the best known merchant 
tailors in this section of the country, died suddenly at 9:30 o�clock this morning at his home 15
Faxton St. He had been in business on Genesse street since 1882 and was active at the present
store , 88 Genesee street, at the time of his death. Mr Fox�s father was one of the leaders of the
German revolution in 1848 and fled to this country during the thick of the fighting. He was
lieutenant commander in the king�s guards - the 2d  Regiment Dragoons- at the time he went over
to the side of the revolutionists. Mr. Fox was born at Fuerstenberg, Germany July 17, 1848, a son
of Julius  and Caroline Fox. He came to this country  with his parents at the age of three. The
family located at first in Canajoharie and in 1873 removed to Utica.  It was in 1882 that Mr. Fox
began a tailoring establishment for himself.  His place of business was at Genesee and Catharine
streets where the First National Bank now stands. For 20 years he continued in business at that
location and then moved to the Butterfield House. The name of �Fox , the tailor� was widely
known in Utica and vicinity and he had established many friendships through his satisfied
customers  From the Butterfield House he moved his place of business to the Second National
Bank Building and then changed over to the present location 88 Genesee St. Altogether he had
been engaged  in the tailoring business 59 years. Mr. Fox had not been in the best of health  for
the last two years and while he was not confined to his bed with sickness he had been troubled
with illness at various times. His death came suddenly and it proved a shock to his many friends.
Mr. Fox attended St. Andrew�s Church  and always took an interest in its welfare.He was a
member of Imperial Council , No.70 Royal Areanum, and was  one of the oldest members of
Oriental Lodge No. 224 F & A.M. He was a trustee of the Corn Hill Building & Loan Association
for many years. In 1868  Mr. Fox was married to Pauline Harris, who survives with one son
William J. Fox. He also leaves a brother Henry  W  Fox of Albion, Orleans county; and two
sisters  Mrs. John Colerick and Mrs. Theresia  Fielder. Politically Mr. Fox was a Democrat
but he never held public office   For the last 22 years he had resided on Faxon street. The death of 
Mr. Fox removes a man of many sterling qualities whose friends were legion. He was skilled in
his work and conducted his business most successfully. Socially, he was of a geniel disposition 
and was held in the highest esteem by all who knew him. 

Norfolk Co.MA PR33,764 The Last will & testament of Adaline F. Harris is dated  13 Feb.
1897 and was probated 14 Sept. 1898. Adaline bequeathed  $5000  to her sister Emeline L.
Harris and other property remaining after the following bequests: To Kate O�Brien $400 & the
dining room furniture, to friend Edward Charles Wright $300, to Mary E. Curtis $300, to
Carrie Davis $200, to  Charles L.R. Harris $10..00, to Eliza C. Tower, wife of  Benjamin M.
Tower $50, to George Homer Tower, Benjamin Curtis Tower, Eliza Kneeland Tower, &
Adaline Lane Tower, children of Benjamin L.M. Tower the sum of $50 each, to Julia M.
Battles $50, to Mrs. McKensie, Caroline White & Dora White $50 each, to  Benjamin L.M.
Tower �my silver laddle�, to George Seeley the ten portraits of Mr. & Mrs. Randidge in the
back chamber, to William Lewis the mirror in the bathroom and two leather bottom chairs, to
Mary Shellnut the long whatnot in the parlor, to Eva Shellnut $300 and the whatnot  stand in
the corner of the parlor, to Albert White $50, to Dora White two blue velvet chairs and one
large velvet chair in the parlor, to Sabrina Miller $100, the residue of the estate after the death
of sister Emeline were to be equally divided and shared  alike,to Kate A. O�Brien and  Eliza C.
Tower, wife of Benjamin L.M. Tower or if any of them are deceased to their issue. Henry C.
Jackson & Benjamin L.M. Tower were appointed executors and the document was witnessed
by Edward Talbot, Esther J. Billings & Edna J. Talbot. A document in the file dated 29 Oct
1898 says that Adaline�s only heirs at law were Eveline Harris of Brookline, MA, sister and
Charles L.R. Harris of Wheaton, MN, nephew, son of Leonard Harris deceased. 

Note: According to 1880 MA cn, Suffolk Co. Boston, 74a, Kate O�Brien was a seamstress
servant, age 21, born MA, single,living in Adaline�s boarding house HARRIS: Adeline ae  45 b
MA, Emeline ae 42, b MA  

 Memorial to the Pioneer Woman of the Western Reserve - Town of Solon )
:Alvin Harris and wife Betsy Sawyer from Howardsville, N.Y.436 crossed Tinker�s Creek on a
floating bridge, and hastily constructed a shanty, in which two families lived until they could build
their log house.  The dedication of this was to be a happy event. Mrs. Sawyer promising her
family a genuine wheat short cake in honor of it . Placing her oven - and,by the way, that was a
prize - on newly made hearth, and putting her cake into bake, she was horror-stricken to see cake,
hearth, oven  and all blown to atoms, while the family had to flee for their lives.

Mr. Harris being very homesick, his wife did all she could do to cheer him.  She helped him to
his work-making black salts - that being the only available means of making a living.

During the sugar season she assisted in the arduous labors connected with the work. Feeling the
importance of religious instruction, her daughters  Elvira and Jane were sent to the first Sunday
school taught in the woods of Solon.

She was untiring  in her efforts to relieve the sick and at her death in 1892437 left a goodley
inheritance to her five children, who were all married and living here at that time. The daughters
already mentioned are respectively Mrs. E.C. Rhoades and Mrs. Augustus  Pettibone, worthy
and honored residents of this place.

Watertown Daily Times 9 Oct. 1903 DEATH OF ARNOLD M. HARRIS: Arnold M.
Harris one of the best known of the older residents of  Watertown and for many years a
prominent citizen, died at 11:30 last night at his home, 44 Orchard street, in his 83rd year. He had
been in failing health for about a year and had been confined to his bed  for five weeks.. Mr.
Harris was born in the town of Champion March 26, 1821 the son of  Asa and Relief (Meeks)
Harris. He spent his youth on the farm and in the lumber woods, his family  founding  in the
wilderness the now thriving village of Harrisville. Later he spent some years driving stage on the
stage routes of northern New York before any railroads traversed  this section, For a number of
years he dealt in horses and cattle, buying most of them in Canada and for a few years was
proprietor of  a hotel  at Napanee. Ontario.  When still a young man he came to Watertown  and
entered the hotel business, being the first proprietor of the Harris House the oldest hotel  in the
city. He with other business men of the village set out the shade trees that formerly adorned
Public Square  and were destroyed to make way for the pavement. Later he was for many years
the proprietor of  the old American hotel  located in the building now known as the American
block and then the principal hotel in the city. Later, he and his son the late Erwin L. Harris,
conducted for  a number of years the old Kirby house , where the Hotel Hardiman now stands.
Since leaving the hotel business, Mr. Harris has dealt in horses and was acknowledged one of the
best judges of carriage horses in this part of the state. He was a man of rugged honesty , firm
convictions, strong and unalterable in either his friendships or his prejudices and withal
commanded the respect and liking of nearly all  who knew him. Mr. Harris is survived by three
sisters Mrs. Perleyette Jones of this city, Mrs. James Pringle of Carthage and Mrs. A.E.
Freeman of Antwerp and two brothers Zebedee Harris of Rochester and George Harris of
Edwards, NY; also two grandsons George A. and Joseph U. Harris  of this city.  The funeral
will be held privately from the late residence of the deceased tomorrow afternoon at 2 and the
interment will be in Brookside cemetery.  .

The Weekly Northwestern 2 Oct. 1897 - DEATH OF ORANGE H,. HARRIS CLOSES AN
EVENTFUL LIFE - Orange H. Harrris, who since 1866 has been a prominent figure in this
city died Sunday morning at his home, 93 Merritt street. Mr. Harris  had been a sufferer from
kidney  trouble for years, which trouble gradually grew worse and for the past two weeks has
confined  him to his home, with occasionally a day when he could walk out. He is survived by a
wife, an adopted daughter, Helen Harris of Chicago, a sister Mrs. Burr of  Sackett�s harbor,
N.Y., and a nephew W.A. Holbrook of Milwaukee.  The last named is expected to arrive in the
city today.  Mr. Harris� life extending nearly eighty-five years of time, has been very eventful.
The events of the first three-score years and ten are best told  in the following autobiography 
which was written by Mr. Harris  in 1882 with the request  that after his death  it be published in
the Northwestern, which paper was the object  of his first care after his removal to this city:
My parents were natives of New England, and but for several years anterior to my birth, were
residents of St. Lawrence county, New York.   Soon after the breaking out of the War of 1812
they were on a brief sojourn in Canada, near Kingston, where I was born. Thus I had my birth on
British soil.   Soon after they returned to their former home at Parishville, St. Lawrence county.
Then were the first rudiments of common schooling received, through the weary walk of  two
miles to school, through cold and heat, for the childhood period  of twelve years. At the age of
fourteen years my parents removed to Jefferson county  and there I experienced another period of
early toil as a farmer boy, with but poor advantages of even a common school education. From
persistent fireside reading, was formed an early desire  for general information. I longed for the
opportunities for an education which did not come save through personal efforts and the eager
application of every opportunity to that end.
At the age of  eighteen I left my father�s house and to attain to that great object of my youth�s 
desires, I prepared myself as best  I could for school  teaching by working  at almost anything that
held out any prospect of success.  I attended Union academy two terms, the only claim I had to an
�alma mater� and that short time even forms a pleasant reminiscence of my early life. I then
engaged as a clerk in a country store where I remained five years, except the several winters I was
engaged in teaching common school. The time  of my clerkship in this store brings down �to this
late day� one impressive recollection. In this store was sold  every kind of merchandise, even
spirituous liquors of all kinds  In the midst of this temptation , through the inculcations of a good
mother, was formed the inflexible  purpose to abstain wholly  from the use of intoxicating drinks.
As an abstainer I have passed through a long life and to that fixed determination I owe the general
good health and preservation I have long enjoyed.
In the fall of 1833, during my clerkship as before stated, I went to Vermont and engaged for the
fourth time in teaching school. In the following spring at the earnest wish of my former employer,
I returned to the �old store� in Jefferson county as a general clerk. On my way I visited New
York city for the first time passing over the old flat rails in a car driven by  horse power on the
railroad between Saratoga Springs and Schenectady. During this last part of my clerkship the
routine of a country store became monotonous and in 1836 I again broke away  from home and
friends and all early associations, for what was then �the west,� and became engaged in the
forwarding and commission business  on the Maumee river in western Ohio.  
In the fall of 1838 I returned to New York State  and married Eliza A. Robbins, the sister of my
former employer. On account of the sickly climate of the Maumee valley, I resolved to return to
New York, the place of my former life and engaged in the mercantile business at Smithville, a
little town near Sacketts Harbor. Taking active part in the stirring campaign of �Tippecanoe and
Tyler too� in 1840, I was rewarded by the appointment of postmaster of that village; which office
I held  three years and then resigned because of reverses in business in consequence of the
financial panic of 1837, my mercantile career was suspended for a time and in the winter of 1844 I
was engaged for the fifth and last time in teaching a graded school.  Soon after that I removed to
Sacketts Harbor and engaged in selling books and stationery up to 1846 when I commenced the
publication of  The Sacketts Harbor Observer, which I continued for six years.   
Again taking an active interest with pen and press in the election of General Taylor to the
presidency I was again rewarded with the office of postmaster which I resigned after four years
The business of publishing a country newspaper being slow, I discontinued  the paper, packed up
the office and shipped it west, following it myself  the next spring 1855. After prospecting
through the western states for a year and a half as a correspondent of several eastern papers, I
arrived at Burlington, Iowa in May 1856 and the next day took the editorial charge of The Iowa
Farmer, a monthly publication, and in thirty days thereafter became the associate editor of The
Dailey and Weekly Hawkeye, also continuing the editorial charge of The Farmer. In consequence
of the ill health of the editor of the Hawkeye the management of the paper was placed in my hands
through the campaign of J.C. Freemont, in 1856. In the spring of 1857 having disposed of my
printing office which I had two years ago shipped from the east, I was temporarily engaged by the
purchaser, to follow it to Nebraska and there commence the publication of a weekly paper at
Plattsmouth, which was called The Plattsmouth Republican, a twenty-eight column Republican
paper. In consequence of poor health and hard work in that �embryo city� just rescued from the
hands of the Pawnee, and my engagement having expired, I resolved to return to Burlington,
Iowa where I was for four years engaged in the auction and commission business during the most
trying times  in consequence of the panic of 1857 and 1858.  
In 1861 I was burned out, suffering the loss of several years of hard earnings and soon after
removed to Chicago where I engaged for a time in the produce commission business  The same
year I sold out that business and bought a flour store and bakery on the west side continuing that
business about one year, and again sold out and accepted the position of commercial traveler for a
Lake street house. In this business I remained a little over three years visiting every place of any
note throughout the northwestern states. Resigning that position I was engaged to take charge of
an auction company, and visited most of the towns from Milwaukee to Lake Superior. In about
six months the house failed under heavy liabilities when I returned to Oshkosh, where I had
bought some property in the spring of 1866.  I was then engaged temporarily in the editorial
department of The Weekly Northwestern. In the fall of 1867 I opened an office as a real estate
and loan broker in which business I have now been engaged  for fifteen years up to the present
time May 1892      
In 1870 I buried my first wife, the loved companion of my travels and toils for thirty-five years. In
1872 I married Mary H. Killmer my second and present wife For several years business dragged
along heavily and the advance and prosperity of Oshkosh was a debatable question. Doubt existed
in the minds of many, but not in my mind. Even in its darkest days I thought I could see light. I
never lost hope not even confidence, ever feeling sanguine that a good degree of prosperity surely
was in store for us. The good time long hoped for seems now to be coming  after several years of
discouragement�s and doubts. I have loved the city of my adoption  and have never lost
confidence in its success, and now with higher hopes of the realization of my expectation I am still
struggling on to the end, now not far away  Thus do I stand after an active business life of fifty
years. Truly a long and eventful career. Always in comfortable circumstances but never rich and
never aspired to be so; and now that inexorable  �three score years and ten� precludes that idea of
attaining to wealth or much longer engaging in the active duties of life.  In the retrospective, as
with all, there is much to approve and much to regret. Life�s journey cannot be retraced; its scenes
and incidents whether of pain or pleasure, can only serve as obscure landmarks for those who are
traveling the same road. Such is a brief outline of a long and active life, and may the future be as
peaceful as the past has been eventful.    
During the fifteen years which have elapsed since the above was written, Mr. Harris has retained
a remarkable degree of physical and mental activity for one of his years and has until his final
illness  carried on the real estate and loan buiness  with which he has been connected for thirty
years. With the death of Mr. Harris the city loses one more of those sturdy, industrious 
pioneers, who aided in assisting the progress of Oshkosh from a small and insignificant lumbering
town to a city noted for its beauty and progress. 

Weekly Northwestern Sept. 27, 1897 - The funeral of the late O.H. Harris was held from his
late home 93 Merrit street at two o�clock Wednesday afternoon. Rev. L.C. Smith of the First
Presbyterian church officiated and he and several members of the church sang the hymn �Nearer
My God to Thee� which was Mr. Harris� favorite hymn. The pall bearers were A.H. Pease, 
J.J. Moore, F.M. Juttin, W.W. Wright, I.J.Beals and S. Palmer.

Watertown NY Daily Times 3 April 1911 - Double Funeral at the Henry Keep House - Mrs.
Jones, 95 years old and Mrs. Keller, 83 years old die there - For the first time in the history of 
the institution, a double funeral was held at 8 this afternoon at the Henry Keep  Home, Rev.
W.H. MacClenthen pastor of the Arsenal Street Methodist Episcopal Church, officiating at the
device over the bodies of Mrs. Perleyette H. Jones and Mrs.Emma J. Keller, who died  at the
Home within a few hours of each other, the death of Mrs. Jones  occurring  at 11 Saturday night
and that of Mrs. Keller at 6 Sunday morning. Mrs. Jones, whose age was 95, was the oldest
inmate of the institution. She was admitted to the Home 10 years ago, coming here from
Carthage.She was born in the town of Champion 1817, and lived practically all of her life in this
county., the greater part at Carthage. She is survived by one sister Mrs. Pringle of Carthage.
Mrs. Keller was the wife of Peter Keller who is an inmate at the home. She was born at Camden
and came to the home in 1889. Besides her husband she is survived by five children. She sustained
a shock on Saturday morning. Her age was 88 years. Both Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Keller were
members of the Methodist Episcopal church Interment was made in Brookside cemetary. 

Hamilton Child, Gazetteer of  Jefferson County - Town of Champion  Leonard Harris was
born in Herkimer County in 1792 and when quite young his father settled in school district No 6
of  this town, west of Champion village, on a tract of 200 acres, which he purchased of the
Champion estate.  Here Leonard was raised amid the hardships and privations of pioneer life,
receiving such education as his surroundings afforded.  At the age of 20 he married Miss
Lucinda Thompson, of this town, and built him a log house on his grandfather�s farm in the
same neighborhood.  He lived here for two years, when he removed into a new frame building,
which he built on the same farm. This he occupied till 1849, when he purchased of the heirs of his
father�s estate, on the old State road, between Champion and Rutland, where he died Janaury 24,
1873.  The children born to him were as follows: Roena,who now resides at Natural Bridge, this
county; Alfred who died in 1858; Rachel, who resides in Wayne County; Clarissa, who lives in
Pulaski, Oswego County; Guilford, who resides in town; Lovica, who died in Chicago, ILL in
1874; Erastus, who is a resident of this town; Chester, who resides on his fathers homestead;
and Jane S.who lives at Copenhagen, Lewis County; Mr.Harris was a soldier of the War of
1812, and was a pensioner of that war at the time of his death. Mrs. Harris died in August 1831,
when their youngest child, Chester, was but one year old. He was married again in 1833 and his
widow survives him.   

NOTE: Index to Pensioners of the War of 1812: HARRIS, Leonard/Eunice WC23688 - SC
17450 Capt.Aaron Palmer & Capt. Roland Hall Co.NY Militia as a private.   .   

Watertown Daily Times 19 Aug. 1918 MRS. MARY  JANE PRINGLE PASSES AWAY -
Carthage Aug. 19 - Mrs. Mary Jane Pringle, widow of James A. Pringle , died at 9:30
Saturday evening at her late home in School street following an illness of two months, aged 87
years, one month and thirteen days.  She is survived by an invalid son James Pringle . The funeral
will be held Tuesday afternoon at 3 from her late home. Rev. Frederick Eastman assisted by
Rev. F.W.Freary of Newark, N.Y. a former pastor of Grace church, will officiate. Interment will
be in Fairview. Mrs. Pringle was born in Champion, the daughter of Mr.and Mrs. Asa Harris. 
When a child her parents moved to Harrisville. They were among the pioneer settlers of  in that
section and the village of Harrisville was named after her grandfather. In 1856 she was married to
James A. Pringle at Cape Vincent. After their marriage they lived in Watertown for a short time,
then moved to Carthage where Mrs. Pringle has lived at least 60 years.  She has resided in the
home in  School street over 30 years.  The house was built soon after the fire in 1885.  Mrs.
Pringle was an active and earnest member of the Episcopal church  She was also a charter
member of the Ladies auxiliary of the church. Despite her age she was progressive and alert
taking a keen interest in everything that was for the betterment of the community. She was
unusually well-read and posted concerning the questions of the day.    

Watertown Herald 4 Oct. 1895 - The death of Benjamin Stanton which occurred Friday - Copenhagen loses one of its oldest business men, and a man who enjoyed  the high respect and esteem , and confidence  of the community at large. Friday Mr. Stanton was to all appearances in good health, and was one of a large number who assembled to witness  the game of baseball  between the Copenhagen and Harrisville teams at the former place.  After witnessing the game for some time, he was taken violently sick, necessitating  his removal home in a carriage.  He soon became unconscious and remained in that condition until 2 a.m. Saturday when he breathed  his last. Mr. Stanton was a wholesaled  good natured man, and his sudden death is deeply lamented. He was 60 years old and a son of John Stanton and was born in the Town of Champion.  For the past 25 years he was engaged in the general mercantile trade in Copenhagen. He married Miss Harris of Champion, who survives. Also one daughter Mrs. Martin Hungerford of Copenhagan..      

Brattleboro Phoenix Apr 1889 Sarah Stockwell, familiarly called �Aunt Sally� was born in
Chesterfield, N.H. April 30, 1779. She was the tenth of eleven children of Abner Harris. Abner
was one of the early settlers of  the town and who emigrated from Woodstock, Conn. When a
mere child she rode from Chesterfield to the west part of Brattleboro riding in her father�s arms
on horseback. She afterward lived in Brattleboro a few years. She was married  to Arad 
Stockwell when only 16 years of age & been the mother of  10 children, 5 of whom are still
living; namely Mrs. Lucius Fox, 75 of Wilmington, VT; Arad Stockwell, 71; Mrs. Alfred
Simmons, 69; Mrs. Wm. Gould, 65; Mrs. John Miller, 61, all of Brattleboro. Two children
died in infancy at the age of three and two lived to age ? & 69 respectively. Her husband  a
working, respected citizen died 27 Feb. 1856, aged 83. For a number of years he had charge of
the town farm at Brattleboro, until they moved to her present  residence 46 years ago. She early
united with the Universalist church during the pastorate of  Wm. S. Ballou, the society�s pastor,
and she has lived a quiet but  ? Christian life  She has long been a habitual smoker of tobacco and
her life ?? other warning against its evils. E.W. Childs  in a bright and gossipy sketch of the old
lady contributed to a ? Ladies Illustrated Weekly says: Aunt Sally began smoking in childhood
and has since almost daily used a clay pipe, though about a year ago catnip was substituted for
tobacco. She did not seem to mind the change, however, and continued  to complacently puff
away at the harmless herb. She also drank tea and coffee all her life, and is still a lover of both. 
Her appetite is good and her general health better than for a year past. She sleeps well, sits up for
more than half the time and receives inquisitive visitors  from various sections of the country,
whose company she pretenses to enjoy, and she often amuses them with her homely and
oftentimes quick repartee.  Her memory of occurrences years ago is remarkably  good; she often
recalls her visit to Boston twenty years ago, and laconically remarked recently that she would like
to go again even now. On the receipt of an invitation from her nephew to attend the Lexington
(Ky) Centennial , she dryly remarked that she was sorry that it had  not come a few days earlier,
as now she had scarcely time to get ready. A prominent Massachusetts man called the other day
and when about to depart, asked the privilege of kissing her, that he might relate the
circumstances to his children. �Young man �, said the good old woman; shrinking  from his
approach --:young man have you a wife at home?� �Most certainly� replied he �Well then, content
yourself with kissing her.� was her quick response, and the gentleman returned  without the
coveted honor. She often asks to have the newspapers read to her, and she highly enjoys good
music. She resides with her two daughters Mrs. Miller and Gould, in a neat
cottage-house,painted white, shaded by towering maples, just out of the quiet little village of
West Brattleboro, and on the east side of the old stage-road to Wilmington. She is of medium
height , and is daily attired in a tasty black gown, which presents a striking contrast to her
snow-white hair.Her face is not so noticeably furrowed as might be supposed from her extreme
age. She does not use glasses and , finally, she is a mild-mannered highly  respected old lady.   
Amsterdam Evening Recorder 1 Sept. 1904.Mrs. Sarah Maria Harris, widow of John Horn
Striker, one of the best known residents of Tribe Hills, died at 9:30 o�clock this morning at the
family homestead at that place. Had she lived until January 17th next she would have been 93
years of age. Mrs. Striker had enjoyed excellent health for one of her years and was possessed 
of remarkable mental qualities. Wednesday morning she was attacked with a sinking  spell and
passed away as above stated. Mrs. Striker was born at Fonda and was a daughter of  Alvin and
Lavina (Fonda) Harris. On June 21 1838 she was united in marriage to John Horn Striker.  The
same year Mr. Striker bought a farm of one hundred and thirty eight acres at Tribes Hill which
he occupied  and where he died September 7, 1861.  Mrs. Striker and her husband were the first
promoters of  the establishment of the Presbyterian church at Tribes Hill. A meeting was called in
the school house June 5, 1841 and the Presbyterian society was organized as a church. On July
29, 1841 it was resolved to build a church. The church was erected the same year on land given
by Mr. Striker. Mrs. Striker was a woman of beautiful Christian character and esteemed by all
who knew her. Her demise will be a source of deep regret  to her wide circle of friends. Of a
family of nine children, four now survive. They are John R. of Saratoga, formerly of this city;
James and Charles E. Striker  of Tribes Hill, and one daughter Miss Mima S. Striker, also of
Tribes Hill. The funeral will be held at the house Saturday  afternoon at 3 o�clock The Rev.
Washington Frothingham of Fonda, pastor of the Presbyterian church at Tribes Hill will
officiate. Interment will be made in Pine Grove Cemetery at Tribes Hill.  . .

Watertown Daily Times 26 Apr. 1911- Mrs. Emma D. Waite, the oldest member of the First
Presbyterian church died at 9 this morning at her home 201 Sterling street, aged 90 years, seven
months and 25 days. Mrs. Waite�s death was not unexpected. She had been acutely ill for the
past ten days. For a year back a gradual decline in health had been apparent,due to the infirmities
incident to advanced age. She was in possession of all her faculties to a rather remarkable degree
until her late illness  and retained a lively interest in afffairs of the community, and world wide
matters as well  She was a woman who read a great deal and could converse fluently on current
topics making her  a most companionable old lady.She enjoyed the society of people and had
many friends in this city  among her neighbors and church associates. Mrs Waite was born near
Pleasant Lake in the town of Champion, Sept. 1, 1820 the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Fosket
Harris. Her father was the founder of Harrisville, Lewis county. She spent her girlhood in her
native town and was there married  to John T  Waite. They continued to live in Champion  until
1870 when they came to Watertown.  Mr. Waite  died Oct. 11, 1879 Since 1874 Mrs. Waite
lived in the house where she died.  As a resident of Champion and after coming to Watertown,
Mrs. Waite was a devoted worker in church and charity affairs. She was a woman of broad
sympathies and an unselfish nature and always found happiness of being of service to others. She
is survived by two daughters Mrs. Celia L. Pryor of Chicago and Mrs. Sarah J. Martin of this
city. One  brother Austin Harris of Harrisville, also survives. He is now 96 years of age. A sister
Mrs. Rachel P. Blanchard,died at Harrisville in February of this year, aged 96 years. The funeral
will be held from her late home Friday morning at 10:30, Rev. A.M. Brodie, D.D. pastor of the
First Presbyterian church officiating. The body will be taken to Champion for interment in the
village cemetery.

 (Watertown NY  Daily Times 10 July 1905)  Judge Charles D. Wright for two terms county
judge of Jefferson county and the oldest member of the Jefferson county bar, died about 9
yesterday morning at his residence 21 Clinton street, aged 88 years. He had been in failing health
for about a year and death was not unexpected. A loving and loyal friend; a just but kind judge,
and one of the most successful  and ablest lawyers of the county, he leaves a wide circle of friends
to whom his death comes as a personal sorrow.

     Judge Wright was born at Carthage 29 Aug. 1817, coming a few years later to this city,
which has since been his home, After receiving his education in the public schools, he commenced
the study of  law in the office of his step-father, Bernard Bagley, being  admitted to practice in
1839 and to practice  in the supreme court the following year. He immediately went into
partnership with Mr. Bagley under the firm name of Charles D. Wright, Attorney. They did a
very extensive business, often having a majority of the cases on the calendar. Mr. Bagley was the
trial lawyer, Mr. Wright taking care of the office preparation. As a safe counselor and office
lawyer he  stood in the county almost without a peer, industry, long experience and mental
adaptation  to that branch of the business  giving him that reputation  at the bar, while  the firm
was considered one of the strongest in Northern New York. In November 1859, Mr. Wright was
elected county judge, being honored with election to that office again in 1863. He performed his
work while on the bench  most acceptably to all, and in such a way as to win the respect and
esteem  of the whole community. About 15 years ago he retired from active practice, although he
continued to look after some legal business.

     Judge Wright was ever a staunch republican, casting his first vote  for president for William
Henry Harrison in 1840 and  voting at every state and national election since 1838. He was  a
devout Christian and a member of the St. Paul�s Episcopal church of  which he was senior warden
for many years.

     On Oct. 12, 1842 he married Miss Pamelia B. Shields daughter of Mr. & Mrs. James
Shields of Brownville, and Oct. 11, 1904 they celebrated their 61st wedding anniversary.

     Besides his wife Judge Wright is survived by one son Charles Edwin Wright of Boston ,
and a daughter Mrs. George F. Clark of this city.

     The funeral will be held from the house, 21 Clinton street, tomorrow afternoon at 3, Rev.
Warren E, Saphore officiating. Burial will be made at Brookside.

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several  weeks at Rome, under treatment for what was supposed to be a cancer on the cheek, and was returning to his home in Champion, when stopping for the night  with his nephew Arnold M. Harris,Esq. of the American Hotel, he sank away to his final rest, as but a few can go, leaving none other than sad, but pleasant recollections, from all who
knew him. He leaves a wife, children, and a long line of other relatives and friends to mourn his loss. The funeral will be attended from his son�s residence Guilford Harris, Esq. in Champion, Sunday at 2 o�clock P.M.  Also see sketch from Hamilton Child, page 57 
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l/2 of the dwelling house. Daughters Clarissa, Lovica, Jane, Rowena, Rachel received money, gr-daughters Rosanna A., Rosaline & Ava E., children of Leonard�s deceased son Alfred, received cash. Leonard� three sons Guilford, Erastus & Chester were bequeathed a 435 acre farm in Town of  Champion and his personal estate was to be divided
among the three sons. Witnesses to the document were F. Lansing & Nelson Rogers & Hamilton Child 1:351 & 1850 NY cn Jefferson Co., Champion, 392 HARRIS:: Leonard ae 56 farmer $14,000? NY, Enice ae 47 NY, Chester ae 21, laborer, NY, Erastus ae 23 NY, Jane S  ae 11 NY
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250.    See note 252
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RIGHT: John ae 26 Merchant, b Ohio 1855 NY cn Jefferson Co. Wilna, 207:    ANDRUS Riley ae 45 Tavern Keeper, Amanda, wife ae 44, Danford, son ae14 all born Jefferson Co. NY and in town 3 years 253 VR - both parties of Champion NY-by Rev. Folsom
254.    VT Phoenix 8 Jan. 1864- At So Windham Dec. 15 - MARY FARR, widow of Abraham FARR, aged 99 years, 4 months - The deceased with her husband were among the first settlers of the Town of Windham.  In the days of her strength she possessed a remarkable business
tact and was highly esteemed as a neighbor and friend.  She left five living children (having buried four), thirty grandchildren, fifty-six great-grandchildren and four great-great-grandchildren making
90 living descendents at the time of her decease.  To her might truly be applied Job 5-25;26 
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290. The Foster Family of Martha�s Vineyard
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314.      Death Record Sacket�s Harbor NY  says parents are Abner & Sylvia Harris, birthplaces not known - Obit Watertown Daily Times 7 Oct. 1899 In Sacket�s Hargor NY, Oct. 6, 1899 Lucinda Burr, aged 81 yrs, 4 mos and 20 days. Funeral from her late home Sunday  3 pm, private, Friends invited, Interment Sackets Harbor NOTE:   The William
Harris Family Record says Abner had a daughter Mrs.Burr of Sacket�s Harbor.  Sackets Harbor is a village of the Town of Hounsfield in Jefferson Co.The 1850 census of Adams has Lucinda
Burr, ae 30 (place of birth not given), Oscar, ae 7, Edwin H. ae 4. Lucinda was living alone in the 1870 census of Hounsfield, ae 47, born NY.Lucinda living alone in 1880 cn Hounsfield, ae 50, b
NY, father b MA, mother b CT
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316.     1855 NY State cn Jefferson Co., Hounsfield, 32 HOLBROOK: Sylvia Ann, ae 30, b St. Lawrence Co., in town 20 years, milliner Walter, ae 5, son, b Jefferson Co. WALDRON ? ae 19, boarder, HARRIS: Sylvia, ae 76, born VT mother
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HARRIS: Adaline ae 35 keeps boarders b MA, Nancy, ae 72 born MA, other boarders not related 390.  1850 MA cn Suffolk,Boston, Ward #9, 224 Boarding House - HARRIS: Leonard, ae 69 Eating House b VT, Nancy ae 58 b MA, Charles L ae 29, Emeline ae 25, Adeline ae 23 Caroline ae 20 Henry W. ae 22 all born MA; 1860 MA cn Suffolk Co. Boston, Ward #7, 31 HARRIS: Leonard ae 72 merchant b VT, Nancy ae 67 b MA,
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393.   Cohasset VR Bk, 138:231 died 12 Oct. 1861, ae 32-10-0, single,born Cambridgeport, died of inebriation, clerk, residence Cohasset MA, father Leonard Harris born Chesterfield, NH, mother Nancy Harris born Newton, MA
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409.   William Harris Family Record says Mary L. married J.M. Fox of NY City & 1870 NY cn New York Co., Manhatten, Ward #16, Dist. 7,  FOX: John M. ae 42, Real Estate, Mary L. ae 33, keeps house, William ae 13, HARRIS: Elizabeth, ae 28, Francis W. ae 31 no occupation, Francis, ae 03, JONES: Rose, ae 20, black, servant,
RICE, Mary ae 29, black servant.  1900NY cn, NY, NY ED 668:50A: FOX: John M. b Nov.1832, ae 68 mar 40 years Warden b VT, parents b VT, Mary L. wife, b.Apr 1837, ae 63, mother of  l living child b NY parents b NY, Frank W., son, b. Feb. 1872, ae 28 b NY,
bookkeeper father b VT, mother b NY 
410.   Obit - New York Herald 13 Apr 1901- Suddenly, April 11, John M. Fox, warden Workhouse, B.I., in the 76th year of his age. Relatives and friends are respectfully requested to attend the funeral services at the above ,on Sunday April 14, at 10
A.M.Interment Monday Canandaigua, N.Y. Launch leaves 52d street E.R. at 9 a.m ;70th st, 9:30 a.m. Tammany Hall and Mohician Club, Twenty Second Assembly District - The funeral services for John M. Fox,our late member will be held at the Residence,Workhouse, Blackwell�s Island on Sunday April 14 at 10 a.m.. Boat foot of East 70th st.
Respectfully Michael Haggerty Vice Chairman Tammany Hall.John J. Harrington President Mohican Club  
411.   Watertown City Directory & Hamilton Child & 1880 NY cn Jefferson Co. Watertown Hotel run by A.C. Andrews HARRIS: Frank W.  ae 44 Livery Stable, b NY parents b NY, E.T., wife, ae 40
NY NY NY, E.W. dau. ae 04 NY NY NY, L. W. dau ae 02 NY NY NY-- Newport News, Daily Press 6 Feb. 1921 �The funeral of Frank W. Harris, who died yesterday, will be held tomorrow afternoon from the residence 126 Thirty-fifth street at 3 o�clock. Rev.M.T. Wellford will
conduct the services.  Mr. Harris, aged 85 years and a pioneer citizen of this city, died at his home at 10:30 yesterday morning after being ill only four days with pneumonia.  He was one of
the best known of the older residents of the city.  He is survived by two daughters, Miss Eleanor W. Harris and Miss Louise Harris both of this city, and two sisters and one brother, both of New York state.  Mr. Harris was a foreman in the shipyard up to five years ago at which time he retired.  His wife died 12 years ago. She was the sister of Mrs. W. A. Post. ........�    
412.   1900 VA cn Newport News county and city,Ward #6 HARRIS: Frank b Dec. 1835, ae 64, mar.40 years, ship�s carpenter, b NY, parents b NY, Eliza, wife, b July 1849 ae 60, mother of two children, both living, b NY parents b NY, Julia, dau. born  ? 1878, ae 22, single b NY, parents b NY,  Louisa, dau. born June 1879, ae 21, single, b NY, parents b NY & Newport News Daily Press 23 Mar. 1909 �On Sunday afternoon at 3 o�clock,after a short illness, Eliza T. wife of Frank
W. Harris died from pneumonia at her home 126 Thirty-Fifth street.  She is survived by her husband and two daughters Misses Eleanor and Louise.....burial Greenlawn Cem.
413.   See Note #411
414.   Ibid
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419.   Obit - NY Times 22 Mar. 1916 - Mrs. Hannah E. Ferdon, widow of Stephen Ferdon died on Monday at her home in Bayonne, New Jersey in her 74th year
420.   NYC Herald 22 Oct. 1865 - Married: on Wednesday Oct. 18 by the Rev. Dr. Stryker,  Winfield S. Ferdon to Miss Anna E., daughter of the Hon. Morgan L. Harris, esq., all of this this city. No cards & 1870 NY cn, NYC Ward #20, 320 FERDON: Winfield S., ae 28, Collar ?? $2000 b NY, Anna, ae 27, b NY
421.   LDS Submission & obit New York Herald  2 Aug.1911 Ferdon: Winfield S. on Monday July 31, age 72. Interment (private) at Greenwood Cemetery.
422.   1910 NY cn Richmond, Northfield Township, ED1314, 300a
423.   New York Herald 24 Feb. 1902- Morgan L. Harris Jr. son of the late Hon. Morgan L. Harris Feb.
22, 1902. Funeral private. Interment Canajoharie.
424.   New York City Herald  4 Sept 1867 Married On Thursday Aug. 29th by the Rev. John Arrell Morgan L. Harris, jr and Medora F. Russell, both of this city - Boston papers please copy. 
425.   1900 NY cn, New York Co., Manhatten, ED925:19 HARRIS: Morgan, b Feb. 1843, ae 57,, mar 34 yrs, b NY, parents b VT, bookkeeper, Eudora F. wife, b Jan. 1850, ae 50, mar 34 yrs, l child living, b. NH, parents b VT, Jennie A. dau, b. Oct. 1868, ae 31,
single, b CT,father b NY, mother b NH
426.   Utica Observor 25 June 1926 Pauline Harris widow of Esias F. Fox, died  today at her home, 1430 Taylor Avenue, this morning . Her death followed a stroke of apololexy which she suffered a week ago. Mrs. Fox  was born in Canajoharie in 1845 daughter of 
the late Morgan L. and Jane Ann Roof Harris. She married Mr.Fox in 1869.They resided in this city about 52 years. A daughter Pauline died  many years ago. A son W.J. Fox died last September. Mrs.Fox was a member of Trinity Church. Surviving are a sister Mrs. B.J. Schafer of East Orange N.J. and a brother Horatio Harris ofWashington,D.C. and two grandchildren Donald and Anna Fox of this city.
427.   NYC Herald 23 March 1867 Married: On Tuesday March18, by Rev. W. H. Waldron, Esaias T. Fox of Canajoharie to Miss Pauline, daughter of  Morgan L.Harris of Lexington Ave, New York. No cards.
428.   New York  State Dept. of VRS fiche death index & Obit  see page 52
429.   1930 District of Columbia, Washington, 13a LAWLESS: Julia H. ae 50, Ruth C., dau. ae 21, Van Ness, son,ae 12, HARRIS: Horatio, father, ae 82 all born NY
430.   NY City Marriage Index on line
431.   1880 NY cn NY  Co. NYC ED:606:26 HARRIS: S. Horatio, ae 32 b NY, bookeeper, parents b US, Jennie, wife, ae 32, b NY keeping house, NY NY, B. Elmer, son, ae 4 NY NY NY, E. Julia, dau. ae 1 NY , NY NY& 1900 NY cn NY Co., Manhatten, ED:615:10b: HARRIS: Horatio S. b Dec. 1849, ae 52, mar. 24 years, b NY, parents b NY, occupatiom:??, Jane E. wife, b Dec. 1849, ae 52, mar 24 yrs, mother of 3
living children,  NY NY NY, Elmer B. son, b May 1876, ae 24 NY NY NY Julia L. dau., b 1879, ae 21, NY NY NY, Arnold, son, b 1881, ae 19, NY NY NY data base assorted NY State Marriages on film
432.   1930 NJ cn Essex Co., East Orange, NJ, ED:380:9b SHAFER: Jenny, ae 78, widow, b NY, parents b NY, Morgan R., son, ae 54, mar 25? yrs,NY NY NY, social worker,Victor F.son,  ae 51, single, Leona A. dau-in-law, ae 51 mar 30 yrs, b Canada,parents b Canada
433.   NY Herald 16 Sept. 1874 SHAFER- HARRIS - On Monday September 14 by the Rev. D.F. Bottome , Benjamin J. Shafer, of Jersey City to Miss Jennie A. daughter of Hon. Morgan L. Harris of New York. Elmira and Watertown papers please copy. Note: William Harris Record says Mrs. Shafer of 541 Manhatten ave. New York was a dau of Morgan L. Harris
434.   LDS Submission
435.   Per 1860 & 1870 census
436.   Should be Hounsfield, Jefferson Co. NY Alvin Harris & Benjamin Sawyer (his father-in-law)were living side by side in the 1830 NY cn Jefferson Co. Hounsfield, .190
437.   This date is in error