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      The Holly Family of Barnstable Co. Massachusetts & Beyond  

                          First Generation

	1.	JOSEPH Sr. HOLLY was born about 1605 in England.1 He died in Dec 1647 in
Sandwich, Barnstable Co., MA.2

Joseph Holly (also called HOLWAY, HOLLOWAY) was a grantee of Dorchester,
Massachusetts in 1634.3He was in Weymouth, MA in 1639 and removed to Sandwich
prior to 1640.4 He mortgaged house and lands in 1639 (released 2 (1) 1640)5

In 1640 "Joseph Holloway of Sandwich in New England, millwright aged about
thirty five yeares sworn saith upon his oath that about nyne moneths since he
had certaine commodities of the wife of Thomas Richards of Weymouth that is to say
Kersey at 6s 6d p yard bayes at 4s 2d p yard and bynding lace at 7d a yeard when he
came to reckon for it and she did affirme that he had of her three quarters of a yard of
kersey more than he had & sayed it was so much upon the booke & would have been
payd for so much."6 7  Joseph also deposed "That in or about March last past he heard
the wife of Thomas Richards of Weymouth speaking of Henry Waltham William
Waltham say these words viz, The Walthams  are cozeners & cheaters.8 

Joseph was a freeman in Sandwich in 1643/44 and took the Oath of Fidelity
the same year.9

At the Plymouth Court of 6 June 1643 Joseph Holly was the complainant in two cases
of trespass - one against Joseph Hull and the other against Josiah Cooke.10

The inventory of Joseph Holly's estate was taken on 4 Dec. 1647 by Edward Dillingham
& William Newland.  It amounted to L205-6-10.  One of his assets was a "two years
and a half servis in a boy but hee is a very bad servant." The widow Rose deposed to
this inventory on 30th day of the 10th month Anno 1647.11 

 May of 1665, the following is recorded - "Whereas William Newland standth bound
vuto this Court in the sume of Three Hundred Pounts Sterling faithfully to pay and
make good unto the children of Joseph Holley, deceased, the sume of six score pounds
sterling, the court, takeing notice and being sertifyed by seueral writings vnder the hands
of the said children and otherwise that they, the said children of the said Joseph Holley,
Senr. deceased viz Joseph Holley junr, Mary, the wife of Nathaniel Fitzrandall
Sarah, the wife of Joseph Allin, Experience Holley and Hopestill the wife of Samuel
Worden, received theire severall ptes and portions of  the said sume viz eurey of them
twenty foure pounds, doe therefore fully and absolutely discharge the said William
Newland, hee, his heires, exequitors, and administrators, from the abovesaid bond and
obligation, haueing fully paied the same sume vnto the said children aboue 

It is probable that Joseph Holly's children were raised in the Quaker faith since their
mother & step-father were of this religious persuasion.  His daughters Mary &  Sarah
both married Quaker men.

JOSEPH married ROSE ALLEN, daughter of GEORGE ALLEN, about 1637. Rose was
born about 1610 in England. She died after 6 May 1695.
           ROSE ALLEN HOLLY married2 WILLIAM NEWLAND 19 May 1648
Sandwich, MA.13 William died in Apr 1694 in Sandwich, MA.14  Children of William
& Rose Newland15 i.  Mercy b 16 Apr 1649 m William Edwards,  ii. Rose m. Joseph
Buck, d. Sandwich 25 Nov. 1683, iii. Elizabeth d 4 Sept. 1658. William Newland had

William's will was dated 26 Aug. 1690 and probated 6 May 1695.  His heirs
were his wife Rose Newland who received the use of William's estate; son-in-law
William Edwards, daughter Mercy Edwards, brother John Newland, granddaughter
Elizabeth Edwards.  William specified that his daughter Mercy Edwards, after the
decease of Rose, was to have use of the lands and housing Rose Newland had use of
provided "she do and shall forsake that unclean spirit which hath led her into an unclean
conversation to ye great grieff of my heart and shall not concerne her self with any man
after ye manner of wife besides her husband William Edwards during his life." William
also requested that his body be decently buried "by ye advice and assistance of my
Deare friends ye people of God called Quakers in their Buring place in Sandwich." Rose
Newland was the executrix of her husband's estate and his brother-in-law 
William Allin and friend Edward Perry  were to be overseers.  The document was
witnessed by Robert Harper, Zechariah Jenkins and Daniel Butler.  The will was
approved in 1695 but only so far as real estate was concerned as "ye executrix being ded
before ye Testater...16.

Rose (Allen) Holly is mentioned in Vol. 1/2:75 of Plymouth Colony Records
"A warrant to be sent forth to bring in the bodies of Jonathan Fish and Mary
his wife; Nathaniel  Fish; Jane, the wyfe of M. Wilm Wood, Rose, the wyfe of
Joseph Holly the wyfe of Richard Kerby, the wyfe of Michaell Turner & Joane
Swyft, widdow to give euidence in John Ellis & his wifes case - dated 20 Aug.

Rose was probably the Rose Newland who in 1651 was fined by the Court "for
not frequenting the public worship of God, contrary to order made June 6 of the present

In 1657 the Quaker movement began in Sandwich and Rose & William Newland
soon converted to this faith and became rabid Quakers.  In 1658 the Court fined the
Newlands for the following reasons:  "William Newland, for being att the meeting of
those called Quakers eighteen times, fined nine pounds; and for his wife being att the
said meetings twenty times, fined ten pounds; and for entertaining of John Copeland, and
another of those called Quakers, fined five pounds."18  At the Court of Oct. 1660,
William Newland & his wife were again fined for being at Quaker meetings.19 In 1660
William Newland was fined five pounds for "entertaining a strange Quaker called
Wenlocke Christopherson"20 

JOSEPH and ROSE had the following children:21

+	2	F	i. MARY HOLLY was born about 1638 and died on 12 Jul 1703.

+	3	M	ii. JOSEPH Jr. HOLLY was born about 1635/1640 and died in 1692.

+	4	F	iii. SARAH HOLLY was born about 1642/1643 and died in 1675/1680.

+	5	F	iv. EXPERIENCE HOLLY was born about 1644.

	6	F	v. HOPESTILL HOLLY was born about 1645/1646 and died on 13 Sep

                           Second Generation

	2.	MARY HOLLY (JOSEPH Sr.) was born about 1638. She died on 12 Jul 1703 in
Woodbridge, NJ.22

MARY married NATHANIEL FITZRANDOLPH in Nov 1662.23 Nathanielk son of
1642 in Barnstable, MA.24  Nathaniel died on 21 Nov 1713 in Woodbridge, NJ.25

They had the following children:26
	7	M	i.  JOHN FITZRANDOLPH was born on 1 Feb 1663 in Barnstable, MA.

	8	M	ii. ISAAC FITZRANDOLPH was born on 7 Dec 1664 in Barnstable,


            Nathaniel Fitz Randolph married2 JANE (CURTIS)HAMPTON, 12 Apr 1706
Haddonfield, NJ27

	3.	JOSEPH Jr. HOLLY (JOSEPH Sr.) was born about 1635/1640 in Sandwich,
Barnstable Co., MA. He died in 1692 in Barnstable, Barnstable Co., MA.28

In the Year 1664, Joseph Jr. served on the Plymouth Grand Jury and in 1670
he served in the office of constable.  On 8 May 1670 Hannah Hull, Joseph's
sister-in-law , made her choice of Joseph Holly Jr.  & Nathaniel Fitzrandall to be her
guardians.  Joseph Holly Jr. was the administrator of his father-in-law's estate and as
such Henry Cole filed a complaint against him to obtain damages of 20 pounds for the
non-delivery of a colt Cole had purchased from Capt. Hull. On 17 June 1681 Joseph
made bond for one Zachery  Allin (who was fined for selling whiskey to the Indians) and
appeared in court for default of payment.29 In the Year 1671 Joseph took the Oath of
Fidelity as a resident of Sandwich.30

Joseph Jr's estate was settled 5 Sept. 1692.  His son Joseph received his
double portion of all housing & lands except meadow at Barnstable and one share of
land at Scauton Neck.  Joseph was to pay his sisters Sarah Allin, Mary, Hannah &
Rose Holly 18 pounds and his youngest sister Elizabeth Holly 23 pounds when she
became of age.  John, Samuel & Benjamin Holly (last two minors) all received land.
On 18 Oct. 1692 Samuel Holway (Holly) chose Barnabus Lothrop to be his guardian.
On 24 Feb. 1692, Thomas Tupper & Samuel Wing took an inventory of the estate31

JOSEPH married MARY HULL, daughter of Capt TRISTRAM HULL  and
BLANCHE, about 1661. Mary was born on 30 Sep 1645 in Sandwich, Barnstable Co.,

They had the following children:33
	10	F	i.  SARAH HOLLY was born on 25 Apr 1664 in Sandwich, MA.

+	11	F	ii. MARY HOLLY was born on 16 Feb 1665 and died in 1733.

	12	F	iii. HANNAH HOLLY.
HANNAH probably married EPHRAIM BULL on 20 Jun 1700 in
Kingstown, RI.34

+	13	M	iv. JOSEPH HOLLY was born about 1666/1667 and died about 1732.


+	15	M	vi. BENJAMIN HOLLY died in 1761.

	16	M	vii  SAMUEL HOLLY.

+	17	M	viii. JOHN HOLLY died about 1745/1746.

	18	F	ix. ROSE HOLLY was born say 1675 and was living 1740  .married
SAMUEL Jr. WORDEN #34- See Worden family by compiler

	4.	SARAH HOLLY (JOSEPH Sr.) was born about 1642/1643. She died in 1675/1680.

SARAH married JOSEPH ALLEN, son of RALPH ALLEN , in Jul 1662.35 Joseph was
born about 1642 and died in Sep 1704 in Dartmouth, MA.36

They had the following children:37

	19	F	i.  ABIGAIL ALLEN was born on 1 Apr 1663.

	20	F	ii. ROSE ALLEN was born on 1 Oct 1665.

	21	M	iii. JOSEPH ALLEN was born on 4 Mar 1667.

	22	M	iv. JOHN ALLEN was born on 15 Jul 1669.

	23	M	v. PHILIP ALLEN was born on 3 Jul 1671. He died D.Y..

	24	M	vi. WILLIAM ALLEN was born on 10 Aug 1673.

	25	M	vii. JOSIAH ALLEN was born about 1675.

	5.	EXPERIENCE HOLLY (JOSEPH Sr.) was born about 1644.

EXPERIENCE married JOHN GOODSPEED on 9 Jan 1668.38 John, son of ROGER
GOODSPEED & ALICE LAYTON was born 15 June 1645 Barnstable, MA39 John died
about 1718/1719.40

They had the following children:41

	26	F	i.  MARY GOODSPEED was born on 18 Feb 1669.

	27	M	ii. SAMUEL GOODSPEED was born on 23 Jun 1670.

	28	M	iii. JOHN GOODSPEED was born on 1 Jun 1673.

	29	F	iv. EXPERIENCE GOODSPEED was born on 14 Sep 1676.

	30	M	v. BENJAMIN GOODSPEED was born on 31 Mar 1679.

	31	F	vi. ROSE GOODSPEED was born on 20 Feb 1681.

	32	F	vii. BATHSHEBA GOODSPEED was born on 17 Feb 1683.

	6.	HOPESTILL HOLLY (JOSEPH Sr.) was born about 1645/1646 in Sandwich, Bristol
Co., MA. She died on 13 Sep 1715 in Stonington, New London Co., CT.42
about 1665. Samuel was born about 1645/1646 in Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., MA. He died
on 26 Aug 1716, ae 71 in Stonington, New London Co., CT.43 SEE WORDEN FAMILY

SAMUEL and HOPESTILL had the following children:44

	33	M	i.   	PETER III WORDEN was born about 1668 

	34	M	ii.	SAMUEL Jr. WORDEN was born about 1670 and died on 2

	35	M	iii.	ISAAC WORDEN was born about 1675 .

	36	M	iv.	THOMAS WORDEN was born about 1675 


	38	F	vi.	ROSE WORDEN.

	39	F	vii.	HOPESTILL WORDEN married JOHN HOLLY #17

	40	F	viii.	MARY WORDEN.

                         Third Generation

	11.	MARY HOLLY (JOSEPH Jr., JOSEPH Sr.) was born on 16 Feb 1665 in Sandwich,
Bristol Co., MA. She died in 1733 in Warwick, Kent Co., RI.45

HOLLY, on 20 Feb 1693 in Yarmouth, Barnstable Co., MA.46 Peter III was born about
1668 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA. He died on 18 Nov 1732 in Warwick, Kent Co., RI.47

PETER III and MARY had the following children:48

	41	M	i. 	JUDAH WORDEN .

	42	M	ii.	PETER IV WORDEN was born about 1697 in Westerly,
Washington Co., RI. 

	43	F	iii. 	MARY WORDEN.

	13.	JOSEPH HOLLY (JOSEPH Jr., JOSEPH Sr.) was born about 1666/1667. He died
about 1732 in Sandwich, MA.

The will of Joseph Holway of Sandwich, Ma was dated 4 Oct. & proved 27 Dec.
1732 and gives to loving wife Ann the improvement of real and personal estate
as long as she remains Joseph's widow; also mentions sons Gideon who was
executor & Joseph; four daughters Reliance, Mary, Anne & Meribah 49

TURNER born 17 Oct. 1670 at Sandwich, MA.50 Ann survived her husband.

They had the following children:51
	44	M	i. 	JOSEPH HOLWAY was born on 6 Nov 1694 in Sandwich,

	45	F	ii.	RELIANCE HOLWAY was born on 16 Feb 1696 in Sandwich,

	46	F	iii.	MARY HOLWAY was born on 18 Jun 1699 in Sandwich, MA.

	47	F	iv.	ANNE HOLWAY was born on 1 Jun 1702 in Sandwich, MA.

	48	M	v.	GIDEON HOLWAY was born on 5 Oct 1704 in Sandwich,

	49	F	vi.	MERIBAH HOLWAY was born about 1706.

	15.	BENJAMIN HOLLY (JOSEPH Jr., JOSEPH Sr.) died in 1761.

Benjamin Holloway's will was dated 23 Sept. 1761 and proved 19 Oct.
1761.  It mentioned children Joseph, William, Benjamin, Samuel, Silence,
Penelope, Hannah, & Daniel and wife Penelope 52

Patience's will was dated 18 Oct 1773 & proved 11 Jan 1774.53

PENELOPE. Patience died 20 Nov 1773 in Exeter, RI.54

BENJAMIN and PATIENCE had the following children:55

	50	M	i.  BENJAMIN Jr. HOLLY was born on 30 Dec 1714.

	51	F	ii. EXPERIENCE HOLLY was born on 4 Jul 1716. She died on 21 Jan

	52	M	iii. JOSEPH HOLLY was born on 10 Feb 1717.

	53	F	iv. PENELOPE HOLLY was born on 12 Jan 1719.

	54	M	v. WILLIAM HOLLY was born on 18 Feb 1721.

	55	M	vi. SAMUEL HOLLY was born on 18 Feb 1721.

	56	F	vii. HANNAH HOLLY was born on 3 Apr 1723. She died on 7 Dec 1724.

	57	F	viii. HANNAH HOLLY.



	17.	JOHN HOLLY (JOSEPH Jr., JOSEPH Sr.) died about 1745/1746.

John's will was dated 25 Jan. 1745 & proved Charlestown, RI 2 Mar 1746.
It mentions children John, Joseph, Mary, Thankful & Hopestill.56

On 22 Jan. 1716/17, among others, John Holloway in right of his wife
Hopestill of Westerly, RI being a daughter of Samuel Warden deceased, was
notified that Isaac Warden administrator of Samuel's estate was to give an
accounting of sd esate.57

JOHN married HOPESTILL WORDEN, #39 daughter of SAMUEL WORDEN and
HOPESTILL HOLLY. Hopestill probably died before 25 Jan 1745 as she was not
mentioned in husband’s will of that date..

JOHN and HOPESTILL had the following children:58
	60	M	i.  JOHN HOLLY.


	62	F	iii. MARY HOLLY.



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