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Troy, NY 12180 

                        The Hudson Family

                         First Generation

	1.	DANIEL Sr. HUDSON son of  William was born about 1585 probably in
England.1  He married ANN JOCELYN, daughter of RALPH JOCELYN and MARY
BRIGHT  christened on 25 Aug 1588 in Roxwell, Essex, England.2 She was buried on 30
Sep 1653 in Epping, Essex, England.3

They had the following children:4
	2	F	i.    ELIZABETH HUDSON was christened on 22 Dec 1618 in Epping,
Essex, England.

+	3	M	ii.   DANIEL HUDSON was christened on 30 Jul 1616 and died on 11 Sep

	4	M	iii.   JOHN HUDSON was christened on 14 Oct 1621 in Epping, Essex,
England. He died after 1667.

	5	M	iv.   SIMON HUDSON was christened on 15 Dec 1622 in Epping, Essex,

	6	F	v.    HANNAH HUDSON was christened on 2 Jan 1624/1625 in Epping,
Essex, England. was buried on 15 Oct 1641 in Epping, Essex, England.

	7	M	vi.    RALPH HUDSON was christened on 23 Sep 1627 in Epping, Essex,
England. He died before 1642.

	8	M	vii.    NATHANIEL HUDSON was christened on 7 Dec 1628 in Epping,
Essex, England. He died before 1642.

9	M	viii.	WILLIAM HUDSON. named in 1642 will of
his Uncle Joseph Joslin.5

                          Second Generation

	3.	DANIEL HUDSON Jr. ( DANIEL Sr.WILLLIAM) was christened on 30 Jul 1620 in
Epping, Essex, England.6 He died on 11 Sep 1697 in Lancaster, Worcester Co., MA.7

Daniel Hudson came to America about 1640 and first surfaces at Watertown,
Massachusetts.8He was named in the will of his Uncle Joseph Joslin, of Granham,
Essex, in 1642.9A mason by trade, Daniel helped to build the first school house in
Cambridge, Massachusetts  in 1647. 10 In 1665, he purchased for L40, a proprietor's
right in Lancaster, Massachusetts  situated on Gibson's Hill, from Major Simon Willard
and soon afterwards became a resident of that town. 11 In 1672 William Clemance Sr.
sold all  his real estate in Cambridge and Billerica to Daniel  Hudson of Lancaster,
Massachusetts with the provision that Hudson maintain Clemance and his wife Ann.
12Note that Clemance could well have been a close relative of Daniel Hudson's wife.(If
Daniel's wife were a daughter of Clemance she was not the daughter of Ann Clemance
who was married 3 Apr. 1659 to Clemance as second wife, as Savage (1:408) tells us,
and this leaves the possibility that the relationship was with Ann whose name is shown
to have been Taylor at the marriage). 13In 1673, Daniel Hudson "of Concord,
sometimes of Lancaster" purchased 20 acres of land in Lancaster from John Moore,
deeding this tract in the following year when "late of Lancaster but now of 
Cambridge Village," to his son Daniel "who is about to be married to Mary Maynard, of 
Sudbury, daughter of John Maynard".14 On 6 Oct. 1690, Daniel Hudson, bricklayer,
was admitted as an inhabitant of Charlestown, Massachusetts.15  By 1692 he had
moved back to Lancaster, for in that year he and his two sons were ordered to take
safety at the garrison in Lancaster in time of danger .16  On 11 Sept. 1697, Daniel and
his wife Joanna, and two of their daughters and two of their grandchildren were slain by
the Indians at Lancaster.17

His will dated 2 June 1695, probated 14 Oct. 1697 mentions wife Johannah (sole
executrix), and three sons Nathaniel, Daniel & William.18  An agreement connected
with the settlement of the estate is signed by Nathaniel Hudson for himself and for his
brother Thomas; by Samuel Waters, in right of his wife Mary; by Jacob Waters, in
right of his wife Sarah; and by James Atherton, in right of his wife Abigail.19
     On 18 Mar 169l/2 Daniel Hudson & his two sons were ordered to repair to the
Roper garrison  house in Lancaster in time of danger however "at present they may
continue in their own house it having a good Fort." Daniel was a brickmaker who dug
clay for his bricks beside the highway a few rods west of the bridge over Roper's Brook. 
When the Indians did attack on 11 Sept 1697, both Daniel Hudson & Ephraim Roper's
garrison houses were burned by the Indians.20

DANIEL married JOHANNA. Johanna died on 11 Sep 1697 in Lancaster, Worcester Co.,
MA .21

They had the following children:22
	10	F	i. ANNE HUDSON was born on 1 Jan 1648 in
Lancaster, MA. Anne (an Indian captive) & Abraham Joselyn who
were in Rowlandson's  Garrison House both died in the Indian massacre
in Lancaster 10 Feb. 1676  23

 "The humble petition of Dan Hudson senr. now of Concord June 18th
1677 - Whereas by ye awful hand of God Abra: Joyslin  who married
my daughter was slayn by ye Indians at Lancaster his wife carryed 
away captive by them at ye same time; who was soon after by ym
(them) kild: to this sayd Joyslin belonged a few cattle who were driven
away by ye enemye  wch after some time returned in a pittifull plight,
ye charge of wch I tooke upon  me & have since for yr (their) p'sevation
spent much care & pains: I doe humbly  request ye honoured Court to
considr me in these cattle I am emboldened to prsent this request to
your worships not only in regard of my relation to ye sayd Joyslin &
my low condition, but in yt I bestowed on my daughter in marriage one
cow, one mare with two hogs, he leaving no child to possess it he left
this I comit to your worships prudence & yt prperity may attend you in
ye management of your weighty affairs is ye prayer of him who is your
humble suppliant s/DAN: HUDSON SENR (Abstracts of Middlesex
Court Files 1677-75-3).24

ANNE married ABRAHAM JOSSELYN 29 Nov. 1672 in Lancaster,
MA25  Abraham was born about 1750 and was age 26 when he was 

	11	M	ii.	DANIEL HUDSON was born on 26 May 1651 in Lancaster,
MA. He died on 31 Jan 1731 ae 80 in Bridgewater, MA.27
Daniel married MARY MAYNARD, daughter of JOHN MAYNARD &
MARY AXTELL on 21 Jul 1674 in Sudbury, MA.28 Mary died on 4 Nov
1677 in Concord, MA.29

	12	F	iii.	MARY HUDSON was born on 7 Sep 1653 in Lancaster, MA.
She died on 10 Dec 1721, ae 68 yrs in Woburn, MA.30
Mary married SAMUEL WATERS on 21 Mar 1672 in Lancaster, MA.31

	13	F	iv.	SARAH HUDSON was born on 1 Jan 1656 in
Lancaster, MA. She died on 20 Jun 1709 in Charlestown, MA.32Sarah
married JACOB WATERS about 1675. Jacob died on 15 Dec 1714 ae abt
66  in Charlestown, MA33 

	14	F	v.	ELIZABETH HUDSON was born on 11 Jan 1658 in Lancaster,
MA. She died single as a captive, on 11 Sep 1697, ae 40 yrs  in Lancaster,

	15	F	vi.	JOANNA HUDSON was born on 6 Jan 1660 in Lancaster, MA.
She died single as a captive on 11 Sep 1697, ae 37 yrs,  in Lancaster,
	16	M	vii.	JOHN HUDSON was born on 10 Mar 1662 in Lancaster, MA. 

	17	M	viii.	WILLIAM HUDSON was born on 12 Jun 1664 in Lancaster,
MA. He died about 1729 in Bridgewater, MA.36

	18	F	ix.	ABIGAIL HUDSON was born on 7 Sep 1667 in Lancaster,
Abigail married JAMES ATHERTON on 6 Jun 1684 in Lancaster,
MA.38 James was born 7 May 1654 Lancaster, MA39 He died  1718 when
his wife was appointed executor of his estate.40 

+	19	M	x.	NATHANIEL HUDSON was born on 15 Mar 1671.


                           Third Generation

1671 in Lancaster, Worcester Co., MA.

Nathaniel Hudson was still in Lancaster, MA in 1695 when he was known by John
Johnson Jr. of Attleborough, MA .41

Nathaniel Hudson was in Lexington, MA on 22 Apr 1705 when he had three
children baptized.  In the Year 1709 he was in Billerica, MA. and was formerly of
Lancaster, MA, where he conveyed land in Lincoln, MA. to a Mr. Buss. Nathaniel had
land set off to him in Lancaster by virtue of the right of his father in 1718 & 1726 .42

Nathaniel was in Framingham, Mass. 22 May 1725 when he applied to
have his children baptized "the church was stayed and nothing was objected
against Nathaniel Hudson's children baptism.43

PRESCOTT, about 1693 in Lancaster, Worcester Co., MA. Rebecca was born on 16 May
1673 in Lancaster, Worcester Co., MA.44

Nathaniel and Rebecca had the following children:(last 3 are conjectural re Temple’s
History of Framingham, MA.)

	21	M	i. CHILD HUDSON died on 11 Sep 1697 in Lancaster, MA as a result of
Indian massacre.45

	22	M	ii. CHILD HUDSON died on 11 Sep 1697 in Lancaster, MA ass a result
of Indian massacre.46

+	23	M	iii. SETH HUDSON was christened on 22 Apr 1705 and died after 1774.

	24	M	iv. NATHANIEL HUDSON was christened on 22 Apr 1705 in Lexington,
MA. He died on 23 May 1753 in Marlborough, MA.47
Nathaniel  married JANE BANNISTER on 20 Dec 1725 in Marlborough,

	25	F	v.  ABIGAIL HUDSON was christened on 22 Apr 1705 in
Lexington, MA.

	26	M	vi.  JOHN HUDSON was born about 1713 and christened on 29
May 1725 in Framingham MA.  He died on 6 Aug 1799 in Berlin, MA.49

In 1755 John was in Capt. Samuel Howe’s company in the expedition
against Crown Point. He was also one of the Alarm men attached to
Col. Abraham William’s company in Marlborough in 1757. He was
likewise in service  at the commencement of the Revolution.50

1790 MA cn Worcester Co. Barre 1-0-1

John also married (2) BETHIA WOOD on 28 Mar 1784 in Marlborough,

	27	M	vii.	WILLIAM HUDSON was christened on 29 May 1725 in
Framingham, MA.
William married DORCAS WALKUP on 8 Mar 1747 in Framingham,

	28	F	viii.	JOANNA HUDSON ?? was christened on 29 May 1725 in
Framingham, MA.

Sarah married Daniel NEWTON 12 Dec 1728 53

                         Fourth Generation

probably about 1703 and was christened on 22 Apr 1705 in Lexington, Middlesex Co., MA.
Seth Hudson was living on 7 June 1774 when he declared his signature to be authentic on a
deed regarding land he had sold to James Stratton Jr. of Athol, MA.

Records of Seth Hudson Sr. & Seth Jr. are very confusing.  Seth may have been a
soldier at Fort Massachusetts but the records might refer to his son Seth Jr. who was a
known soldier & surgeon at this Fort. Some researchers think that Seth Sr. was the
infamous counterfeiter and rogue Dr. Seth Hudson but this has yet to be proven. I
personally think that the ‘rogue” was Seth Sr’s son Seth Jr.54

Seth was admitted to the church in Marlborough, MA 28 Feb. 1727.55

Seth Hudson, his wife and daughter Mary were dismissed from Westborough, MA 
church in 1754 .56

In Jan. 1760, Seth Hudson, Gentleman, was appointed moderator of Pownal NH (now in  
Bennington County, Vermont) first town meeting.57 He was an original proprietor of
Pownal but probably never resided there.  
Seth Hudson, wife Mary & daughter Jerusha, all of Templeton, MA were
warned out of town on 11 May 1766 .58

In April of 1769 Seth & Mary Hudson of Templeton, MA sold land to Joel
Grout of Petersham, MA  for L170, deed witnessed by Charles Baker? & Nathaniel ?. 
had purchased this land in 1765.59

   On 24 Nov. 1770 Seth Hudson of Templeton, sold land located in Athol, MA to James
Stratton Jr. of Athol for the consideration of 10 pounds, deed witnessed by Zara Hudson
and Samuel Humphrey, recorded 7 June 177460

HUTCHINSON, on 23 Dec 1726 in Salem, Essex Co., MA61 Mary was born on 21 Sep
1699 in Salem, Essex Co., MA62  

They had the following children:63

+	30	M	i. SETH Jr. HUDSON was born on 13 Apr 1728 and died in 1767.

	31	M	ii. JOSEPH HUDSON was born on 28 Feb 1730 in Marlborough, MA.

	32	F	iii. MARY HUDSON was born on 22 Oct 1732 in Marlborough, MA.

	33	F	iv. SUSANNAH HUDSON was born on 27 May 1735 in Marlborough,
MA. She died on 11 Jul 1735 in Marlborough, MA.64

	34	M	v. ENOS HUDSON was born on 30 Nov 1736 in Marlborough, MA.

+	35	F	vi. SARAH HUDSON was born on 3 May 1739 and died 22 Mar 1822,
Ae 83.

+	36	M	vii. EZRA HUDSON was born on 30 Jun 1744.

+	37	F	viii. JERUSHA HUDSON was born on 7 Apr 1748 and died on 2 Feb

                           Fifth Generation

was born on 13 Apr 1728 in Marlborough, MA  probably the infamous Dr. Seth Hudson.
counterfeiter who died in Sept.1767 in Albany, NY.65

BARNARD, on 15 Jan 1749 in Deerfield, MA.66 Rebecca was born on 4 Oct 1727 in
Deerfield, MA.67 Rebecca was living in 1763 when she received communion in the
Petersham church.68

They had the following children: (probably not complete)

	38	M	i.	SETH HUDSON was born on 13 Apr 1757. He died 28 Nov. 1828, Ae
71 in Dummerston, VT69

Guardianship of Seth Hudson (of Pownal, NY) was granted to Sylvaneous Howe of  Petersham, MA 12 June 1772.70 

Seth was a soldier of the revolution. He enlisted at Petersham, MA in 1821. He applied for his pension  6 Apr 1818 Windham Co. VT, age 61.  In 1821 he had wife Abigail ae 72 and a daughter Susannah age 30 ”non compos mentis”71
1777 in Petersham, MA.72 Abigail, widow of JOEL SANDERSON
died  10 Nov. 1828 at Dummerston, VT.73 She married  JOEL
SANDERSON 2 Feb. 1774 Hardwick, MA.74 Joel , son of
NATHANIEL SANDERSON & MARY was born  11 Sept. 1745
Petersham, MA.75 He died 11 Aug. 1774, Petersham, MA.76 Abigail
and Joel Sanderson had one daughter Abigail born 30 Jan 1775, dau. of
the late Joel Sanderson.77

	39	M	ii.	ENOS  HUDSON was born 15 Jan. 1759 in Oakham, MA and died 13 May 1825, aged 68 in Evans Mills (Town of LeRay,) Jefferson Co. NY.78

 Enos was a soldier of the Revolution and received a pension for his
service. He applied 17 Apr 1818 for his pension from Madison Co. NY,
aged 59. He had lived at Oakham, MA at enlistment.  He was age 63 in
1820 with a wife age 67 and two grandchildren age 8 & 5.79

Joseph Craige  Oakham, MA  was granted guardianship of Enos
Hudson of  Hancock, MA on 7 Oct 177480

ENOS HUDSON married PATTY BROWN born 10 Sept. 1756 in
Rutland, MA  daughter of  GIDEON BROWN and DEBORAH
PARMENTER.81  Patty died  13 May 1825, age 68 yrs and is buried
at Evans Mills Cem. with husband.82

	35.	SARAH HUDSON (SETH, NATHANIEL, DANIEL, DANIEL Sr., WILLIAM) was born on 3 May 1739 in Marlborough, Middlesex Co., MA. She died 22 Mar 1822, Ae 83 in Stratton, Windham Co., VT.83

on 3 Nov 1756 in Petersham, Worcester Co., MA84 Joel was born on 6 Mar 1734/1735 in Lunenburgh, Worcester Co., MA.85 He died after 1800 probably in Richmond, Cheshire Co., NH where he was living when the 1800 census was taken.86 SEE GROUT FAMILY GENEALOGY BY COMPILER.

JOEL and SARAH had the following children:87

	40	F	i.  SARAH GROUT was born on 12 Feb 1757. 

	41	M	ii. ABEL GROUT was born on 19 Feb 1758 

	42	F	iii. UNITY GROUT was born on 14 Aug 1760 

	43	F	iv.  ANNIS GROUT was born on 25 Oct 1763 

	44	M	v.   JOEL GROUT was born on 22 Feb 1765  

	45	M	vi.  ELIJAH GROUT was born on 26 May 1767 
	46	M	vii.  NAHUM GROUT was born on 12 Feb 1769  

	47	M	viii. ELI GROUT was born on 16 Oct 1772 

	48	M	ix.   STEPHEN GROUT was born on 15 Apr 1774  

	49	F	x.    RHODA GROUT was born on 1 Jan 1778  

	50	F	xi.   SABRA GROUT was born on 1 Jun 1779 
	51	F	xii.  POLLY GROUT was born on 2 Nov 1780  

	36.	EZRA HUDSON (SETH, NATHANIEL, DANIEL, DANIEL Sr., WILLIAM) was born on 30 Jun 1744 in Marlborough, MA.

Ezra Hudson was one of the original proprietors of Pownal, VT. He is on a list of delinquent taxpayers in 1791 & 1793.88 

Ezra Hudson & wife Releaf from Petersham were warned out of Templeton, MA on 11 May 1766.89

Ezra was a private in the Revolutionary War. He served at various time
periods from 1780 to 1782 for the Town of Athol, MA.  He was 5'6" tall, dark hair, light or dark complexion, birth place Northboro, MA, occupation carpenter or housewright. His age was given, depending upon the record, as age 38, 36 or 33 90

1800 VT Cn Windsor Co. Barnard 1 male 10-16, 1 male over 45, 1 female over 45

1810 VT cn Windsor Co. Barnard 1 male over 45, 1 female 16-45, 1 female over 45

On Apr 20 1802 a Congregational Society was formed in Barnard, VT Ezra Hudson was one of the subscribers 91

EZRA married RELIEF ATHERTON on 23 Jul 1764 in Templeton, MA.92

They had the following children:93

	52	M	i.  EBENEZER HUDSON was christened on 14 Jun 1767 in Templeton,

	53	M	ii.  EZRA HUDSON was born on 10 Mar 1769 in Athol, MA.

	54	F	iii. MARY HUDSON was born on 17 Sep 1771 in Athol, MA.

	55	M	iv.   EBENEZER HUDSON was born on 8 Jan 1774 in Athol, MA.

	56	M	v.    LIBERTY HUDSON was christened on 15 Oct 1775 in Athol, MA.

	57	M	vi.   EBENEZER HUDSON was christened on 13 Oct 1777 in Athol, MA.

	58	F	vii.  AZUBA HUDSON was born on 4 Sep 1778 in Athol, MA.

	37.	JERUSHA HUDSON (SETH, NATHANIEL, DANIEL Jr.,  DANIEL Sr., WILLIAM) was born on 7 Apr 1748 in Marlborough, MA. She died on 2 Feb 1782 in Newfane, VT.

Salem Gazette 14 Mar. 1782:  In our last we mentioned the melancholy circumstance of
a house being burnt at New-fane, in the State of Vermont, and seven persons perishing
by means of that fatal accident; we have since been made acquainted with the particulars
relating to that most unfortunate event, which cannot fail of exciting the tear of
humanity, and filling our breasts with the most poignant sorrow for the distresses of an
unhappy family, who were awakened from their slumbers, by the approach of death
arrayed in devouring flames, from whom there was no escape. The house was built with
logs; it consisted of two apartments, in one of which was a fireplace and a door, or
outlet; there was no window in the building through which an escape could be made, nor
was there another door, it was occupied by Mr Henry Sawtell, his wife, four sons and a
daughter; the eldest of his children a boy of about 14 years of age: He had but lately 
removed his family from Templeton, in this county, where he and his wife were born,
and where their aged and now unhappy parents still live.  The house was burnt on the
night of the first inst., the neighbors who lived about 80 rods off, were led to a discovery
of this sad catastrophe the next morning, by the columns of smoke which were seen to
arise from the inside of the building. Mr. Sawtell and his family all lodged in the
apartment where the fireplace was. It is supposed that as the fireplace was very near to
the door, they could not make their escape by that way without encountering with the
flames, which is supposed, had got to a considerable height before they awaked; that
they did try to make an escape is highly probable from the circumstance of the 
remains of these people being found on the spot where the other apartment of the house
stood; the bones & cc of Mr. Sawtell, and several of his children were found in the
corner of the building, and it is conjectured that he was attempting to force a pillage
through the roof, but was suffocated before he could accomplish it; the wretched relicts
of Mrs. Sawtell (who to make this seem ? more wounding to our feeling was far
advanced in pregnancy) and a young child , which it is likely (from the situation of the
bones when discovered) that she held in her arms, were found between the remains of a
hogshead of salt and a barrel of pork, where it is probable she had taken shelter. 
Another circumstance which makes it appear highly probable that they could 
not make an early escape from their horrible situation, is, that the bones of a large dog, 
belonging to Mr. Sawtell, were also found among the ruins.  The bodies of this most
unfortunate family were chiefly consumed, what remained was collected together, and
put into a coffin of middling size, but it was but about two-thirds filled.  Before
interment, the coffin with its contents were carried into the meeting-house in that town,
attended by a large number of people; and an excellent sermon, suitable to the occasion,
was preached by the Rev. Mr. Taylor, from Luke xiii, 2,4,5. One of Mr. Sawtell's
children resided with its grandparents in Templeton; by which means its life was happily
saved. It is hoped the unhappy fate of these people, will induce all persons who settle on
new land, and are obliged to build log-houses for a temporary residence, to make more
than one outlet to their buildings, which may prevent a similar calamity.
HARRINGTON, on 4 Apr 1768 in Templeton, MA.94 Henry was born on 14 Sep 1745 in
Waltham, MA95. He died on 2 Feb 1782 in Newfane, VT.96
They had the following children:97

	59	M	i.  HENRY TERTIUS SAWTELL was born about 1769. He died in 1782
in Newfane, Vt.

	60	M	ii. LEVI SAWTELL was born Ab.1770.

	61	F	iii. JERUSHA SAWTELL was born about 1773. She died in 1782 in
Newfane, Vt.

	62	M	iv. RUFUS SAWTELL was born about 1774. He died in 1782 in
Newfane, Vt.




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