Hutchinson Family of Salem Massachusetts  

                         First Generation

	1.	RICHARD HUTCHINSON was born about 1602. He died in 1682 in Salem, Essex Co.,

The English ancestry of Richard Hutchinson of Salem, Massachusetts  was printed in
the New England Historic & Genealogical Register of July 1868, Vol.22 in an
Article entitled The Hutchinsons of Salem, Mass.

Richard Hutchinson was an early settler of Salem, Mass. and lived  in the part of Salem,
Massachusetts  which is now Danvers.  In 1627 (should probably be 1637) it was
agreed by the town of Salem to grant  Richard Hutchinson  20 acres of  land in addition
to his shares on condition he set up ploughing. At this time there were only 30 ploughs
in all Massachusetts and the use of these implements were not familiar to all the
planters. 1   

Richard deposed giving his age as about 58 in Salem in a case Cromwell vs
Ruck 2Richard Hutchinson, aged eighty years, on 11 Feb. 1681/82 testified that he had
bought 150 acres of land of Mr.Stileman and sold half of it to Nathaniel Putnam.3
Richard Hutchhinson was granted 60 acres of land in Salem in 1636.4 On 25 Dec. 1637
he was granted 1 acre of marsh & meadow in Salem. Eight people were living in his
house at this time.5 Richard's house stood in the middle of Maple Street, west of the
Whipple Bridge near the junction of Vineyard & Maple Streets.6 

Richard's name can be found listed in a Catalog of names of persons who joined the
First Church in Salem in full communion on Apr 4, 1647.7

In Nov. 1660 Richard Hutchinson was a witness in a court case where
Richard Midleton was accused of stealing a scarf from the John Putnam house.8
In a court case in Nov. 1663 Mrs. Judeth Stileman v Richard Hutchinson for detraining
her thirds of land sold to defendant by her deceased husband.  This case was not suited,
the right party not being sued .9 On 1 Mar 1669/70 Richard was one of the signers on a
document which said the signers would not contribute to the New Meetinghouse being
considered to be built in Salem 10

Richard Hutchinson's will (no date) mentions wife Sarah, son John,,
son-in-law Anthony Ashby and my Daughter Abigail, his wife; my son-in-law
Daniel Boardman, and my daughter Hannah, his wife; my grandchildren Bethia
Hutchinson and Sarah Hadlock, each of them 10 acres of land; to Black Peter my
servant, 5 acres.  Sons-in-law Nathaniel Putnam, Thomas Hale & James Hadlock
each received 40s.  Son Joseph Hutchinson was sole executor and the document was
witnessed by James Bayley and Joseph Mazary The document was proved 23 Nov.
1682.  An inventory was taken 25 Sept. 1682 by John Putnam Sr. & Joshua Rea Sr.  It
amounted to L134-14s-3d.  Administration of the estate granted to relict Sarah and
Nathaniel Putnam 24 Aug. 1682.11 

RICHARD married (1) ALICE BOSWORTH, daughter of JOSEPH BOSWORTH, on 7
Dec 1627 in Cotgrave, Co. Notts, England.12 Alice died before 1668.13

Alice was a member of the First Church in Salem14 

RICHARD and ALICE had the following children:15

	2	F	i.	ALICE HUTCHINSON was christened on 27 Sep 1628 in No.
Muskham, Nottingham, England. She died about 1628 in No. Muskham,
Nottingham, England.

	3	F	ii.    ELIZABETH HUTCHINSON was christened on 30 Aug 1629 in
Arnold, Nottingham, England. She died on 24 Jun 1688 in Salem, MA.16

ELIZABETH married NATHANIEL PUTNAM. Nathaniel was bapt. 11
Oct. 1619 Astion/Abbotts Eng son of JOHN PUTNAM & PRISCILLA
GOULD.17 He died on 28 Jul 1700 in Salem, MA.18

	4	F	iii.      MARY HUTCHINSON was born on 28 Dec 1630 in No.
Muskham, Nottingham, England. 
THOMASINE DOWSETT,  on 26 May 1657 in Newbury, MA.19
Thomas died on 22 Oct 1688 in Newbury, MA.20 Mary died 8 Dec. 17l3 in
Boxford, MA.21  Mary married 2 WILLIAM WATSON 5 Feb. 1694/95
Topsfield, MA.22 William died 27 June 1710 Boxford, MA.23

	5	F	iv.       REBECCA HUTCHINSON was born about 1632 in England.
REBECCA married JAMES HADLOCK in May 1658 in Salem, MA.
24James  died on 3 Dec 1687 in Salem, MA.25

	6	M	v.	JOSEPH HUTCHINSON was born about 1633 in England. He
was living in Jan. 1716 but deceased by June 26 1716 when John  Houlton 
deposed that he saw Joseph  Hutchinson senr. late of Salem deceased sign a 
deed conveying two acres  of land to Thomas Haines.26  
JOSEPH also married (2) LYDIA BUXTON SMALL 28 Feb. 1678 in
Salem, MA27   Lydia was the daughter of  ANTHONY & ELIZABETH 
BUXTON and widow of  JOSEPH SMALL.

+	7	F	vi.	ABIGAIL HUTCHINSON was born on 25 Dec 1636 and died
in 1704/1710.

	8	F	vii.	HANNAH HUTCHINSON was born on 20 Jun 1639 in Salem,

On 27 Nov. 1663 Richard Hutchinson & Nathaniel Putnam  deposed
that they were at The. Bourman's house at Ipswich about a year past
and that Bourman agreed that if his son Daniel married the daughter of
Richard he would give a deed to his son for l/2 of his dwelling house
etc. upon condition that if Daniel died before his father without
children, Hannah the wife of Daniel was to be paid 100li jointure and
the whole estate to be at Thomas' disposal and that after Thomas & his
wife died Daniel received the other half with liberty to dispose of 200 li
in way of legacy; also that Bourman built a new house and gave Daniel
his choice of either the old or new house to live in.28 

MARGARET BOARDMAN  on 12 Apr 1662 in Ipswich, MA.29 Daniel
died 27 Apr. 1708 in Topsfield, MA.30

+	9	M	viii.	JOHN HUTCHINSON was born in May 1643 and died on 2
Aug 1676.

RICHARD also married (2) SUSANNAH, widow of Samuel  ARCHER on 2 Oct 1668.31
Susannah died on 26 Nov 1674 in Salem, MA.32

RICHARD also married (3) SARAH. Sarah was living as late as 22 Mar. 1683/84  when
Sarah Roots alias Sarah Hutchinson, testified in the case  Nathaniel Putman & Sarah Roots
alias Hutchinson  vs Joseph Hutchinson  a claim for her ,maintenance etc. in the estate of
Richard Hutchinson her late husband deceased.33    

Sarah married 1 JAMES STANDISH who died 1679.34 Sarah married 3 THOMAS
ROOTS died 1683 Salem, MA 35

                         Second Generation

	7.	ABIGAIL HUTCHINSON (RICHARD) was born on 25 Dec 1636 in
Salem, MA. She died in 1704/1710.SEE ASHBY FAMILY BY COMPILER

ABIGAIL married (1) JOHN LAMBERT on 14 May 1662 in Rowley, MA.36 John buried
on 6 Nov 1667 in Rowley, MA.37
JOHN and ABIGAIL had the following children:38

	10	M	i.	GERSHOM LAMBERT was born on 29 Jul 1664 in Salem, MA and
was christened on 12 Jun 1670 in First Ch. Salem, MA.

	11	F	ii.   ABIGAIL LAMBERT was born in Dec 1665 and was christened on
12 Jun 1670 in First Ch. Salem, Ma.

ABIGAIL also married (2) ANTHONY ASHBY as second wife, before Dec 1670.
Anthony was born about 1630. He died about 1708 in Groton, New London Co., CT.
On 13 July 1708 Elizabeth Ashby, administratix, and Samuel Utley, administrator, to
the estate of Anthony Asby deceased, gave bond in the amount of L300.  John Culver of
Groton and Thomas Shaw of Westerly were sureties.39  SEE ASHBY FAMILY BY

ANTHONY and ABIGAIL had the following children:

	12	F	iii.	ELIZABETH ASHBY was born about 1668.

	13	F	iv.	SARAH ASHBY was born on 16 Dec 1672 in Bradford, Essex
Co., MA40  

	14	F	v.	MARY ASHBY was born on 20 Dec 1674 in Bradford, MA.41


	9.	JOHN HUTCHINSON (RICHARD) was born in May 1643 in Salem Village, Essex
Co., MA. He died on 2 Aug 1676 in Salem, Essex Co., MA.42

On 26 Mar 1666 John Hutchinson, aged about twenty-three years deposed that
his father sent him to John Gold's to bring the mares home but the latter
refused to deliver them stating damage had been done to his hay for which he
required five pounds and saying that he had taken the cattle for strays 43

On 12 Aug. 1668 John Hutchinson of Salem acknowledged a debt of 8li-10s to
John How of Topsfield in consideration of a horse.If the horse lived to Barbados How
was to have his pay in tobacco & sugar but if the horse died, How was to have 
but 4li or if the horse was otherwise disposed of How was to have the money 44

On 30 Nov. 1670 John Hutchinson of Salem conveyed land to John Porter Sr.
of Salem, farmer.  This land had been a part of Richard Hutchinson's land that was
given to him by the town of Salem45 

On 1 Jan. 1670 John and his brother Joseph were given liberty to erect  a saw mill on
Beaver Dam in Salem.46

On 1 Dec. 1664 John Hudson, son of John Hudson of Bristol, England, aged
about 12 years, with consent of William Woodcocke of Salem, bound himself to
John Hutchinson of Salem, husbandman for 8-1/2 years. On 17 Dec. 1667 Hutchinson
made over the boy to Richard Swone of Rowley.  Witnesses to this agreement were
Richard Hutchinson & Thomas Hale.47

John Hutcinson died intestate.  Administration of the estate was granted
to widow Sarah Hutchinson 29 Nov. 1676. Sarah petitioned the court for a division of
the estate between herself and her child.  The child should have one-half of the land
when she became of age as may appear by two deeds given by her father and
father-in-law.  At Sarah's decease she should have as much of the other half of the land
to give her two-thirds of the whole.  The rest of  the estate should be the widow's own
except a feather bed to go to the daughter when of age.  The widow's father  Putnam &
father Hutchinson consented to the agreement and signed as witnesses. The court
allowed this agreement and Sarah was to bring up the child until she reached the age of
18 or married 48

PRINCE, on 2 Aug 1676 in Salem, Essex Co., MA.49 Sarah was born on 4 Sep 1654 in
Salem Village, MA.50

They had the following child:

	16	F	i.	SARAH HUTCHINSON was born about 1673 in Salem, Essex Co.,
MARTHA REYNOR, about 1691. Joseph was born on 8 Jun 1666 in

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