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                       ANCESTORS & DESCENDANTS

                            First Generation

	1.	CLEMENT II KING, was born say 1630 in England probably  the son of CLEMENT I
KING  & MARY RAYNOR  of Cripplegate, England.. He died about 1694 in Providence,
Providence Co., RI.1

Clement King was a constable in Marshfield, MA in the year 1668.  In this
office he was ordered to take into custody the goods of Capt. Nathaniel Thomas & his
son William Thomas and to dispose of them accordingly. The Thomas' were fined for
abusing Clement in the execution of his duty.2  Clement was proposed  a freeman in
Marshfield 7 June 1681 and admitted freeman 6 June 1682.3

Clement King of Marshfield, MA purchased land in Providence, RI from Ephraim
Carpenter on 27 May 1687, deed recorded 16 Apr 1712 witnessed by Thomas Olney &
John Whipple.4  In 1685 Clement King was ordered to sweep the meetinghouse for a
whole year and "do it well".5  The following letter mentioning Clement King was printed
in The Collections of Rhode Island Historical Society, Vol. #10:359/60: "Pawtucket
Men to Thomas 8 March 1688/89 - addressed - "ffor his Loving friend Captane
Nathaniel Thomas living at Marchfield - these with care" - Providence March ye 8th
1688 - Loving friend Captane Thomas wee pray you to doe us that kindness to deliver
all the rightings & deeds that is in your hand that doe Consarne our matter; to Clement
King; and wee whose names are here unto subscribed will see you satisfied for your
paynes; & wee pray you to send your mind by Clement King what you desier of us, ffor
your paynes; and wee will Take care that you may be satisfied and wee pray if you Can
doe any good in the matter by righting any letter to his Excellency or to Mr. Dudly
informing them how matters have bine Carried alonge, wee pray you do us that
Kindness if you are able to right; and if you plese and Can to returne your thoughts to
us, & soe wee rest your ffreends & sarvents s/Stephen Arnold, Nathaniel Waterman,
Thomas Ffield, Silas Carpenter, Timothy Carpenter, Peleg Rhoades."

Clement was a member of the 4th Company Train Band of Providence in January
1686.6  His name is on a tax list in August of 1688 rated 2s9d.7
Raymon Myers Tingley in his "Ancestors of Guilford Solon printed in 1935
says Clement King had three wives. Tingley says that he married (1) Johanna
Pratt 10 Jan 1655 in Plymouth; (2) Susannah Atwood 8 July 1666 and (3)
Elizabeth Baker in Ipswich, MA 5 Feb. 1672.  I could not find proof of any of these 

CLEMENT II married (1) SUSANNAH. Susannah supposedly died on 19 Jun 1669 in
Marshfield, MA.8 This may be in error as Marshfield VR may refer to a daughter of
Clement II.

They had the following children:

	2	F	i.	JOHANNA KING was born on 28 Sep 1655 in Marshfield, MA.9  She
died after 1695.

NOTE:  Both the King Genealogy and Mr. Tingley say that there was a
second  Johanna born Sept. 1674 in Marshfield.  I did not find this birth
in Marshfield printed VRS but if there were two Johannas the one born
in 1655 had to die young and it was the one born 1674 who married
Joshua Turner.

JOHANNA married JOSHUA TURNER. who died about 1695/1696.

Joanna Turner was granted administration of her husband's estate at a
meeting of the Providence Town Council 3 Mar 1695/96.10

	3	M	ii.	SUSANNAH KING was buried on 19 Jun 1669 in Marshfield,

CLEMENT II also married (2) ELIZABETH about 1670. Elizabeth was born say
1635. Elizabeth (King) Barnes died before 20 Dec. 1708 when an inventory was taken
of her estate.  Administration of the estate was granted to her eldest son John King
of Providence, RI.  Her inventory consisted of lands, clothing and other goods valued at
L112-7-10 .12

ELIZABETH married 2 THOMAS BARNES 12 Nov. 1694 Providence, RI.13
 Thomas died  8 June 1706 Swansea, MA14 The will of Thomas Barnes dated 7 May 1705 was
proved 3 July 1706. Among others mentioned was wife Elizabeth  to receive “things that were 
hers before Marriage”.15

    CLEMENT II and ELIZABETH had the following children:16

	4	M	iii.	JAMES KING died on 19 Nov 1756 in Gloucester, RI.

On 21 Feb. 1757 the Town Clerk of Gloucester received the following
"This may inform you that our ancient brother James King of
Gloucester, departed this life on the 19th day of November A.D. 1756,
which we desire you would enter on your records. To the Town Clerk
of Gloucester" s/Samuel, Mary, John, Joshua & Elizabeth Winsor.17
These could be James' in-laws by first marriage or just fellow church

JAMES also married (2) PERSIS TURPIN BROOKS, daughter of
WILLIAM TURPIN  on 13 Oct 1734 in Providence, RI.18

+	5	M	iv.	JOHN KING died on 18 Sep 1723.

	6	M	v.	THOMAS KING died on 10 Oct 1722 in Providence, RI.

Thomas King's will was written on 1 Oct. 1722/23 and proved 11
Nov. 1722/23. His friend William Turpin, his executor, received L5
and other money.  Other heirs were his beloved brother John  who
received his chest, wearing apparel and husbandry tools; Thomas'
nephew Richard Harris Jr. received L10. The residue to be divided
among brother John King, John King's eldest son and the eldest son of
Thomas' brother Ebenezer King. Thomas King's brother Richard
Harris was also mentioned.  Inventory of the estate was taken 11 Nov.
1723 by  James Olney & Urian Davis and amounted to L12-19-00.19

	7	M	vi.	EBENEZER KING died on 27 Sep 1710 in Cambridge, MA.20
MANNING and ABIAH WIGHT, on 17 Dec 1699 in Cambridge,
MA.21 Hannah was born on 28 Mar 1675 in Billerica, MA.22 She was
living on 17 June 1729 when  Mrs. Hannah King of Tiverton, RI was
appointed administrator of the estate of her son Joseph King late of
Little Compton, RI who died intestate.  His inventory was dated 26
June 1729.  Hannah made an accounting of the estate on 25 July 1732
which included equal payments to Benjamin King, Samuel Cook,
Hannah Burley, and ye mother, Ebenezer's part in his mother's
	8	F	vii.	ELIZABETH KING died in 1722/1724.24
and ELNATHAN TEW.25 Richard was born on 14 Oct 1668 in
Providence, RI. & died about 1750.26 Richard was also married to
who died 6 Sept. 1724.27 Susannah died 25 June 1727.28

                          Second Generation

	5.	JOHN KING (CLEMENT II) died on 18 Sep 1723 in Providence, Providence Co., RI.

John KING, a weaver by occupation, was in Providence, RI on 3 Mar 1695 when he
served as one of the appraisers of the estate of his brother-in-law Joshua
Turner whose administrator was Johanna Turner.29  On 2 Dec. 1695 John purchased 
land in Providence from John Aldrich30 On 22 Apr 1697 John leased a 
dwelling house and 600 acres of land to Thomas Barnes for a period of two years.31 
On  7 June 1707 John King of Socanosset was appointed to the office of constable.32
On 11 Feb. 1707/08 John King's cattle mark was recorded as being "a forke on ye topp
of ye  right eare & a cropp on ye topp of ye left eare." 33 On 14 Jan 1725, John of 
Mashantatack gave notice that he had taken up a stray steere "of a Red Culler with a
star in his forhead and sum white about his Leggs being one yare and vantage old and
Eare marked with a fork in the Right Eare and a Crop of on the top of the Left Eare."34
The custom of ear marking cattle certainly cut down on disputes as to ownership of lost
or strayed cows.  On 14 Jan. 1707 John King of Providence purchased land in that town
from Andrew Harris for the sum of six pounds, transaction witnessed by Thomas
Vinsent & Jeremiah Rhodes.35

On 29 Oct 1707 John King appealed to the Assembly from the judgment of a court of 
common pleas wherein Joseph Carpenter of Musket Cove, LI had received judgment in
an action of trespass and ejectment.  The verdict was sustained by the Assembly and an
agreement was made between the parties that Carpenter would pay John King  for the
use of the children of William Vinson, deceased, L20 and King to give possession of
house and land, sued for and recovered by verdict.36

On 21 Nov 1711 John sold his house and 50 acres of land to John Stone for L72
and on 11 Mar 1718, he sold his brother Thomas King, 12 acres of land for L4.37

About the Year 1715, the widow of Joseph Aldrich was committed to the care of
John King of Mashantatuck and L4 was paid to him for keeping her.38 On 27 Oct. 1715
in a report of the Committee of Town Debt there is a notation, "to John King 
for keeping Mary Aldrich two years and two months L20-10-6 .39
On 14 Feb. 1718/19 John King, weaver, and Elizabeth his wife, deeded to Andrew
Harris his farm excepting "two poles square land where my father, my child and Joshua
Turner are buried".40

On 11 Nov. 1723 the administration of John King's estate was granted to his
widow Elizabeth King.41 The inventory of his estate dated 8 Nov. 1723 amounted to
L299-02-00 personal estate.  His real estate holdings were listed as follows on the
inventory of the estate:42

To the old farme bought of Joshua Westcott,  L600-00-00

To the home farme at soconauset,  420-00-00

To the land on the plaine against John Wheatons, 120-00-00

To the Land in Common Pautuxet - lands being three Eight
    parts of a Right, 70-00-00

To the quarter Right in Common within mashantatuck Lands
     which he bought of John Knowles,  03-00-00

John's inventory was taken by Peleg Rhodes, Samuell Fisk & John Stone.43  

On 10 Feb 1724 John King, son of John King Sr. deceased, stated that land of
deceased would be cut up and mangled if it should be divided among all the
children and that the children's interests would be prejudiced and their
portions would be so small.  It was ordered by the Court that after the widow's one third
were taken out, the balance would be entrusted to John Jr, he paying the council the
value of land.  The money would then be paid to widow for the bringing up of the

On 18 Mar 1738 Elizabeth King, widow, of Smithfield, RI sold land located in
Smithfield to her son Josiah King  for L200.  On 3 Mar 1755 administration of
the estate of Elizabeth King of Cranston, RI was given to her eldest son John,
inventory amounting to L319.15d.45

See Austin for more information on John King.

JOHN married (1) HANNAH.

JOHN also married (2) ELIZABETH about 1702. Elizabeth died on 27 Nov 1754 in
Cranston, RI.46

They had the following children:47
	9	F	i.	SARAH KING was born on 1 Apr 1703 in Providence, Providence Co.,
RI. She died  young.

	10	M	ii. JOHN Jr. KING was born on 13 Mar 1705 in Providence, Providence
Co., RI. He died on 13 Dec 1790 in Cranston, Providence Co., RI.48

	11	F	iii. HANNAH KING was born on 28 Feb 1706 in Providence, Providence
Co., RI.
HANNAH married JOHN Jr. BAILEY on 16 Feb 1727 in Portsmouth,

	12	F	iv. JEMIMA KING was born about 1707.
JEMIMA married JOHN WHEATON on 20 Nov 1724 in Providence,

	13	M	v. OBADIAH KING was born about 1708.

Obadiah was of Providence in 1752 when he was an executor of his
brother Isaac's will.

	14	M	vi. FEARNOT KING died on 23 Jul 1745 in Providence, Providence Co.,
and SUSANNA SPENCER, on 16 Jul 1732 in Providence, RI.52

+	15	M	vii. ISAAC KING was born about 1711 and died on 5 Jul 1757.

+	16	F	viii  SARAH KING was born about 1714 and died before 1760.

+	17	M	ix. JOSIAH KING was born on 3 Dec 1716 and died on 13 Apr 1800.


                         Third Generation

	15.	ISAAC KING (JOHN, CLEMENT II) was born about 1711. He died on
5 Jul 1757 in Scituate, Providence Co., RI.53

Isaac King resided in the Towns of Providence & Scituate, RI.  He was
admitted freeman in Providence 6 May 1729 and first purchased land in Scituate on 6
Nov. 1733 .54  

The first town meeting in Scituate was held on 18 Mar 1731 and Isaac King
with two others, was appointed a highway surveyor.55

Isaac King's will was dated 16 Apr 1752 and proved 1 Aug. 1757. It mentions
beloved wife Sarah who received personal items, livestock and the income from
the property; Samuel King (son) under 21, rec'd land and farm items; son Joshua King
rec'd land; daughters Mary, Elizabeth & Mercy rec'd household furniture that had
belonged to their mother, Isaac King’s first wife.  Other household items were to be
divided among wife Sarah, and four youngest daughters Sarah, Keziah, Lois &
Prudence; son Isaac Jr. inherited money and was to be put out to learn a trade when he
was of a suitable age.  This also applied to other children.  The widow Sarah and
Isaac's brother Obadiah King of Providence, RI were appointed executors of 
the estate.  Witnesses to the document were Peleg Moon, Stephen Williams, John
Vaughn & Gideon Harris. 56 The four younger children Nathan, Hope, Patience &
George were not yet born when Isaac made his will.

ISAAC married (1) ELIZABETH BATES, daughter of SAMUEL BATES and MARY
CORPE, about 1732. Elizabeth died about 1740.

ISAAC and ELIZABETH had the following children:57

+	19	F	i.  MARY KING was born on 23 Sep 1733.

	20	F	ii. ELIZABETH KING was born on 16 Dec 1734 in Scituate, Providence
Co., RI.

+	21	M	iii. SAMUEL KING was born on 5 Apr 1737 and died 1 Feb 1804 in 65th

+	22	F	iv. MERCY/MARCY KING was born on 21 Nov 1739 and died on 22
Mar 1792.

ISAAC also married (2) SARAH MOON, daughter of EBENEZER Jr. MOON and
ELIZABETH, on 26 Apr 1741 in Scituate, Providence Co., RI.58 Sarah was born on 2
Dec 1720 in No. Kingston, Washington Co., RI.59 She died about 1798 in Foster,
Providence Co., RI.

Inventory of the estate of Sarah (Moon) King/Jenks was taken on 21 Sept. 1798. Sarah
was of Scituate, RI but was residing in Foster, RI.  The appraisers were William
Blanchard & Thomas Parker.  Joshua King was administrator of her estate.60 

ISAAC and SARAH had the following children:61

	23	F	v.	MARGARET KING was born on 27 Jun 1742 in Scituate,
Providence Co., RI. She died before 1752.

Margaret was not mentioned in the will of her father in 1752 so she was
probably deceased by this date.

+	24	F	vi.	SARAH KING was born on 6 Sep 1743.

+	25	F	vii.	KEZIAH KING was born on 30 Apr 1745 and died before

+	26	F	viii.	LOIS KING was born on 15 Aug 1746 and died on 22 Mar

+	27	M	ix.	JOSHUA KING was born on 13 Jun 1748 and died in Apr

	28	F	x.	PRUDENCE KING was born on 23 Feb 1750 in Scituate,
Providence Co., RI.

+	29	M	xi.	ISAAC KING was born on 28 Dec 1751.
  30M	xii.	NATHAN KING was born on 6 Sep 1753 in Scituate,
Providence Co., RI. He died on 22 Mar 1830 in Collins, Erie Co.
NY.62Nathan married MARY VAIL about 1787 in Rhode Island.63 Mary
was born c1768.64 She died in 1842 in Collins, Erie Co NY.65

	31	F	xiii.	HOPE KING was born on 25 Nov 1755 in Scituate, Providence
Co., RI.

+	32	F	xiv.	PATIENCE KING was born on 25 Nov 1755 and was buried
27 Nov 1841 AE 86.

	33	M	xv.	GEORGE KING was born on 25 Nov 1755 in Scituate,
Providence Co., RI.

                            SARAH (MOON) KING married 2 as second wife, Apr 1760 in RI JOSEPH
JENCKES, son of  JOHN JENCKS and HANNAH BOOMER.66 Joseph was born abt
1714 and died 25 May 1784 Smithfield, RI, AE 70 67 Child: i.  Boomer Jencks born 19
Feb 1761 Scituate, RI, died 8  June 1847 Marlboro, Windham Co. VT.68 He
married on 5 Aug. 1780 in Scituate, RI, ANNA KING, dau. of THOMAS KING 
born 21 Jan. 1761, died 6 Mar 1839 in Marlboro, VT. 69 Boomer Jencks was a
soldier of the revolution.70 He enlisted in Cranston, RI, Jan. 1777 and served as a
private in Capt. Slocum’s Co. Col. Joseph Stanton’s RI Regiment.71 He enlisted
again in 1778 in Tiverton RI and served as a private in Capt. Benjamin Happin’s Co.
in Col. John Topham’s RI Regiment and took part in a skirmish at  Fogland Ferry
while on guard there.72 He was in the Battle of  Buttis Hill and then became one of
Gen. Lafayette’s Life Guards while at Tiverton.73 He received a pension  as a
resident of Marlboro, VT where he had moved in 1787.74 

           On 5 July 1765 Joseph Jenks, blacksmith, of Cranston, RI purchased land in Warwick,

            JOSEPH JENKS married 1 SARAH KING, daughter of JOHN KING - See #16

	16.	SARAH KING (JOHN, CLEMENT II) was born about 1714. She died before 1760.

on 18 Dec 1735 in Providence, RI.76 Joseph was born about 1714. He died on 25 May 1784
in Smithfield, Providence, RI. SEE #15 second marriage for Sarah (Moon) King

JOSEPH and SARAH had the following children:77

	34	M	i.	JOHN JENKS was born on 24 Jan 1736 in Cranston, RI. He died on 29
Jul 1739 in Cranston, RI.

	35	F	ii. ZERVIAH JENKS was born on 8 Oct 1738 in Cranston, RI. She died
on 29 Jul 1739 in Cranston, Ri.

	36	F	iii. SUSANNAH JENKS was born on 6 Jun 1740 in Cranston, RI.

	37	F	iv. WAITE JENKS was born on 4 Aug 1742 in Cranston, RI.

	38	M	v. SAMUEL JENKS was born on 17 Jul 1745 in Cranston, RI.

	39	F	vi. LYDIA JENKS was born on 31 May 1747 in Cranston, RI.

	40	M	vii. CALEB JENKS was born on 27 Jan 1759 in Scituate, RI.

	41	F	viii. SARAH JENKS was born on 18 May 1753 in Scituate, RI.

	17.	JOSIAH KING (JOHN, CLEMENT II) was born on 3 Dec 1716. He died on 13 Apr
1800 in Johnston, Providence Co., RI.78

JOSIAH married (1) HANNAH FIELD on 13 Dec 1741 in Providence, RI.79 Hannah died
about 1748.

They had the following children:80

	42	M	i.	ABNER KING was born about 1742.

	43	M	ii. REUBEN KING.

JOSIAH also married (2) MARY BORDEN, daughter of MOXEY BORDEN and
MERIBAH, on 23 Nov 1749 in Providence, RI.81 Mary died on 29 Aug 1810 in Johnston,,

JOSIAH and MARY had the following children:83

	44	M	iii. WILLIAM BORDEN KING was born in Sep 1751 in Johnston, RI.

	45	F	iv. HANNAH KING was born in Oct 1755 in Johnston, RI.


WILLIAM married ANNA DUNKIN on 11 Jul 1743 in Scituate, RI.84 Anna died on 19
Feb 1802 in Coventry, RI.85

They had the following children:86
	46	F	i.	SARAH KING was born on 7 Apr 1745 in Smithfield, RI.

	47	M	ii. AMAZIAH KING was born on 8 Jul 1746 in Gloucester, RI.

	48	M	iii. JOHN KING was born on 11 Mar 1749 in Gloucester, RI.

	49	M	iv. ZERVIAH KING was born on 27 Feb 1751 in Scituate, RI.

	50	F	v. SUSANNAH KING was born on 4 Jan 1753 in Scituate, RI.

	51	F	vi. ANNE KING was born on 7 Apr 1754 in Scituate, RI.

                          Fourth Generation

	19.	MARY KING (ISAAC, JOHN, CLEMENT II) was born on 23 Sep
1733 in Scituate, Providence Co., RI. She was living in 1792  when  she  was witness to
a deed in which Thomas Stafford sold his share of his father's land in Guilford to Isaac

GREENE, on 18 Jan 1753 in Scituate, Providence Co., RI.88 John was born on 5 May
1735 in Warwick, Kent Co., RI.89 He died in 1785 in Guilford, Windham Co., VT.90SEE

There are two John Staffords listed in the 1774 Census of Rhode Island  - 
one with 2 males above 16, 5 males under 26, 1 female above 16 and 1 female under 16 
The other listing does not list  the female under 16.  This may be a duplicate entry 

John STAFFORD and his family came to Guilford, VT from Rhode Island about
the Year 1780.91All of John's children were probably born in Scituate, RI and their
births are also recorded in the Guilford Town Clerk's Office.  In the pension record
previously mentioned Stukely Stafford states "that he had no record of his birth except
one in his Bible which was several years since transferred from an old family Bible in
the hands of his brother in the State of New York." This probably refers to his brother
Isaac Stafford of Preston, NY.  The Bible is printed in DAR Bible Records, Vol. 90,
NY State Library.

The Last Will & Testament of John Stafford is filed at Windham,
Marlborough District, Vermont Probate Court in Brattleboro, VT.  The document
is dated 13 Jan. 1785 and was probated 8 Apr. 1785.  John Noyes was the
executor and the will is abstracted as follows: "To Mary Stafford, my loving
wife, all household stuff and movable estate during her natural life and after her decease
said estate be equally divided amongst all my children.  Then I give to my loving wife
Mary Stafford the use and enjoyment of one third of my homestead farm in said
Guilford during her natural life. "I give to my sons John, Samuel, Stukely, Job and
Obadiah and the children of my daughter Lydia Moffet/Muffet deceased, five
shillings apiece."  I give unto my two sons Isaac and Thomas my homestead farm to be
equally divided between them allowing to my said wife her third part during her life as
aforesaid." My will is that if my son Thomas shall not accept the half of my said
homestead farm as above said, my will is that I give the said to my son John
STAFFORD." Witnesses: Rufus Fish, Amos Noyes, Samuel Fish.

The inventory of John's estate was taken 9 Apr. 1785 and amounted to
L116-9-6.  Edward Barney and Rufus Fish were appraisers.  On 6 Nov. 1786, John
Noyes was appointed guardian of Job Stafford, aged 20 years .92

JOHN and MARY had the following children:93

	52	M	i.  JOHN STAFFORD was born on 25 Jul 1754.

	53	M	ii. SAMUEL STAFFORD was born on 23 Jan 1756 

	54	M	iii. STUTLEY STAFFORD was born on 8 Nov 1758.

	55	M	iv. ISAAC STAFFORD was born on 2 Sep 1763 

	56	M	v. THOMAS STAFFORD was born on 4 Jun 1765 .

	57	M	vi. JOB STAFFORD was born on 11 Feb 1767 

	58	M	vii. OBADIAH STAFFORD was born on 27 Feb 1769.

	59	F	viii. ELIZABETH STAFFORD was born on 22 Oct 1773 in Scituate, RI. 

	60	F	ix. LYDIA STAFFORD died before 1785.

	21.	SAMUEL KING (ISAAC, JOHN, CLEMENT II) was born on 5 Apr 1737 in Scituate,
Providence Co., RI. He died 1 Feb 1804 in 65th Yr in Scituate, Providence Co., RI.94

Samuel King was a soldier of the Revolution serving as a private in Rhode Island95
SARAH, on 2 Dec 1759 in Scituate, RI.96 Freelove was born on 17 Jun 1739 in Scituate,

They had the following children:98
	61	M	i.  ISAAC KING died 27 June 1830, AE 61-8-5 in Scituate, RI.


	63	M	iii. EZEKIEL KING.

	64	F	iv. ZILPHA KING was born on 15 Jun 1761 in Scituate, RI.

	65	M	v  ESECK KING was born on 17 Mar 1771 in Scituate, RI.

	66	M	vi. RUFUS KING was born on 2 Dec 1777 in Scituate, RI.

	67	F	vii. SUSANNA KING.

	68	F	viii. SARAH KING.

SAMUEL also married (2) DINAH BURTON about 1800. DINAH died before 1805.

	22.	MERCY/MARCY KING (ISAAC, JOHN, CLEMENT II) was born on 21 Nov 1739 in
Scituate, Providence Co., RI. She died on 22 Mar 1792 in Liverpool, Nova Scotia.99

WESTGATE, on 25 Nov 1762 in Providence, RI.100 Richard was born on 26 Sep 1739 in
Warwick, RI. He died in Nov 1766 in At Sea.101

RICHARD and MERCY/MARCY had the following children:102

	69	F	i.	MARY CARDER was born on 31 Aug 1763 in Providence, RI.

	70	M	ii. RICHARD iv CARDER was born about 1765. He died on 19 Jun 1834
in Pleasant River Nova Scotia.

	24.	SARAH KING (ISAAC, JOHN, CLEMENT II) was born on 6 Sep 1743 in Scituate,
Providence Co., RI.

SARAH married JOSEPH Jr. BOWEN on 29 Jun 1769 in Scituate, RI.103

They had the following children:104

	71	F	i.	RACHEL BOWEN was born on 19 Jan 1771 in Scituate, RI.

	72	M	ii. JOSEPH BOWEN was born on 3 Aug 1773 in Scituate, RI.

	25.	KEZIAH KING (ISAAC, JOHN, CLEMENT II) was born on 30 Apr 1745 in Scituate,
Providence Co., RI. She died before 1782.

DOROTHY SMITH, on 27 May 1767 in Smithfield, RI.105 Stephen was born on 4 Aug
1747 in Smithfield, RI.106 He died on 18 Oct 1813 in Southwick, Hampden Co. Ma.107

1774 Rhode Island Census, Town of Smithfield, 103 Stephen Aldrich 1 male above 16,
3 males under 16, 2 females under 16, 1 female above 16  

1790 RI census Gloucester, 30  3-0-4 

Stephen Aldrich was a Soldier of the Revolution serving as a private in the
Rhode Island militia.

A sergeant in Capt. Philip Amidon's Co., Col. Nathan Tyler's regiment; enlisted 28 July
1780, discharged 8 Aug. 1780, service  15 days, on an alarm at Rhode Island 108

Will Hampden Co. PR dated 15 Oct. 1813 Southwick, MA mentions my beloved sons
Isaac, Sylvaneous, Stephen, Laban, Noah, Asahel, and Almon; beloved daughters
Lois, Robey, Lydia, Keziah, Jerusha, Lucilia, Roxena 

STEPHEN and KEZIAH had the following children:109

	73	M	i.	WESTON ALDRICH was born on 2 Jan 1768/1769 in Smithfield, RI.

	74	F	ii. LOIS ALDRICH was born on 22 May 1770 in Smithfield, RI.

	75	F	iii. ROBEY ALDRICH was born on 15 Oct 1771 in Smithfield, RI.

	76	M	iv. ISAAC ALDRICH was born on 15 Oct 1771 in Smithfield, RI.

	77	M	v. GEORGE ALDRICH was born on 17 Apr 1773 in Smithfield, RI.


	79	F	vii. LYDIA ALDRICH was born on 2 May 1777 in Smithfield, RI.

	80	M	viii. SYLVANUS ALDRICH was born on 15 Feb 1779/1780 in
Smithfield, RI.

	81	M	ix. ABEL ALDRICH was born on 29 Dec 1780 in Scituate, RI.

	26.	LOIS KING (ISAAC, JOHN, CLEMENT II) was born on 15 Aug 1746 in Foster,
Providence Co., RI. She died on 22 Mar 1833 in Preston, Chenango Co., NY and was
buried in Foster Cem., Preston, NY110

COVELL, about 1764. Joseph was born on 10 Oct 1745 in Scituate, Providence Co., RI.
111He died on 19 Jan 1831 in Preston, Chenango Co., NY and was buried in Foster Cem.,

Joseph Slater resided in Foster, RI until c1775 when he removed to
Guilford, Windham Co., VT where he remained until c1814 when he again uprooted his
family and moved to Preston, Chenango Co., New York.  He is probably the Captain
Joseph Slater who settled in Preston on the farm east of Stead's farm.113

Joseph served in the Revolutionary War as a private in Capt. Comfort
Starr's Company in 1780.114  The Slafter Memorial, Page 51 states that Joseph
declined to receive a pension for his services saying that his services were freely given
and he was not in need of  aid.  I could not prove this statement but assume that Rev.
Slafter was told this by a Slater descendent prior to 1869 the publication date of his

There is no probate record for Joseph at the Chenango County Surrogate
Court located in Norwich, NY.

1774 cn RI Scituate Joseph Slaughter Jr. 1 male above 16, 2 males under 16, 1 female
above 16 and 4 females under 16 totaling  8 persons in household (p124)

1790 VT cn 2-5-5-0-0 Guilford, Windham Co.VT (49c)

1800 VT cn Windham Co. Guilford, 1 male 10-16, l male 160-26, 1 male over 45, l
female 16-26;1 female over 45 (p.138b)   

1810 NY cn Chenango Co.Norwich 201110--201000 (p.227)

1820 NY cn Chenango Co, Norwich 5l001--00001 (p. 382)

Joseph SLATER's first 8 children were born in Foster, RI - the others in
Guilford, VT. 

JOSEPH and LOIS had the following children:115
	82	M	i.  ISAAC SLATER was born on 28 Jan 1765 

	83	F	ii. KEZIA SLATER was born on 29 Jun 1766 .

	84	F	iii.BARBARA SLATER was born about 1767. .

	85	F	iv. AMY SLATER was born on 11 Aug 1769 .

	86	F	v. RUTH SLATER was born in 1773 


	88	F	vii. MARY SLATER.

	89	M	viii. JONATHAN SLATER was born on 19 Jan 1776 

	90	M	ix. JOSEPH SLATER was born on 7 May 1778 .

	91	F	x. LOIS SLATER was born on 20 Apr 1780 

92	M	xi. ISRAEL SLATER was born on 7 May 1782 

93	M	xii.	NATHAN SLATER was born on 17 Jun 1784
in Guilford, Windham Co., VT. 

	94	F	xiii. CHLOE SLATER was born on 17 Jun 1784 

	95	M	xiv. MOSES SLATER was born on 8 Oct 1787 .

	27.	JOSHUA KING (ISAAC, JOHN, CLEMENT II) was born on 13 Jun 1748 in Scituate,
Providence Co., RI. He died in Apr 1814 in Providence, Providence Co., RI.116

Soldier of the Revolution, private RI enlisted 1778 as a private in Capt. Pecks co., Col.
Mathewson's regt. of militia.117

1790 RI cn, Providence Co., Foster, 29 - 3-4-2

JOSHUA married MARTHA PEARL on 20 Sep 1768 in Scituate, RI.118

They had the following children:119

	96	M	i.	ENOCH KING was born on 15 May 1769 in Scituate, RI.

	97	F	ii. SALLY KING was born on 27 Oct 1771 in Scituate, RI.

	98	M	iii. ISAAC KING was born on 23 Jun 1776 in Scituate, RI.

	99	M	iv. GEORGE KING was born on 21 May 1778 in Scituate, RI.

	100	M	v. NATHAN KING was born on 10 Sep 1780 in Scituate, RI.

	101	M	vi. JOSHUA Jr. KING was born on 25 May 1783 in Foster, RI.

	102	F	vii. MARY KING was born on 20 Sep 1787 in Foster, RI.

	103	M	viii. ARNOLD KING was born on 2 Sep 1790 in Foster, RI.

	29.	ISAAC KING Jr.(ISAAC, JOHN, CLEMENT II) was born on 28 Dec 1751 in Scituate,
Providence Co., RI.

Applied for a Revolutionary War Pension from Paris, Oneida Co. NY in 31 Aug.1832,
AE 80 yrs,  8 mos. He enlisted Smithfield, RI and again later at Woodstock, CT. He
lived at Gloucester, RI during the revolution. He was born Scituate, RI 28 Sept. 1751.
After the revolution he lived at Providence,RI for 12 years, then removed to Windham
Co.VT for six years and in 1816 removed to Sherburne in Chenango Co.NY for 8 years.
then to Paris in Oneida Co. NY.120

1790 RI cn Smiithfield, Providence Co. 40: Isaac King 1-3-4 


ISAAC also married (2) KETURAH APPLEBY, daughter of JAMES APPLEBY and
DORCAS PAINE, on 1 Oct 1775 in Smithfield, RI.122 Keturah was born on 10 Jun 1759
in Smithfield, RI.123

They had the following children:124

	104	F	i.  AMY KING

	105	M	ii. ISAAC KING.

	106	M	iii. JOSHUA KING was born about 1780 according to 1850 census. He
died 22 Jan. 1853, AE 73 in Sherburne, NY and was buried in Quarter
Cem.125 He married PERLINA

1850 NY cn Chenango Co, Sherburne, 263 KING: Joshua, AE 70 b
RI, Perlina, ae 70 RI

	107	M	iv. THOMAS KING was born about 1783 according to 1850 census. He
married BETSEY.

1850 NY cn Chenango Co., Guilford, 287 KING: Thomas, ae 67
farmer, RI, Betsy ae 53 NY, Thomas J. ae 24 NY, Eunice ae 20 NY,
Elizabeth H. ae 13 NY, Chas. B. ae 24 NY

	108	F	v.  KATHERINE KING. Katherine married LEVI
DAVIS c2 Nov. 1808 in Pomfret, CT.126

	109	M	vi. JASON KING.


	111	M	viii  PAOLIS KING was born on 24 Mar 1791 in Smithfield, RI. He died
16 Mar. 1872, Ae 79 Yrs., 11 Mos. in Sherburne, Chenango Co, NY and
was buried in Tilletson Cem.127

1850 NY cn, Chenango Co. Colombus, KING: Paolis, ae 59 b RI,
Mary ae 57 ,Joseph ae 21 RI, Mary ae 23, Fuller ae 16 NY 

PAOLIS married MARY MATTHEWS. Mary was born in Jan 1794. She
died 1 Sept. 1866, Ae 72-8-0 in Sherburne, NY and was buried in Tillotson

	112	M	ix. JEREMIAH KING was born on 17 Aug 1796 in Smithfield, RI.
JEREMIAH married SALLY. Sally was born about 1801

1850 NY cn Chenango Co., Plymouth, ae 28 KING: Jeremiah, ae 53
farmer, $200, b RI, Sally ae 49 b CT, Franklin ae 11 NY, Francis, ae
11 NY, Gurdon, ae 08 NY

1870 cn Chenango Co. Plymouth KING  Jeremiah, ae 73 farmer b RI,
Sally ae 69 b CT 

	113	M	x. JOHN KING was born about 1795 according to 1850 census    He
married ELIZABETH. Elizabeth was born about 1810.

1850 NY cn Oneida Co, New Hartford, KING: John, ae 55 laborer b
NY, Elizabeth ae 40 NY

1860 NY cn Oneida Co., Paris KING: John ae 71 farmer $1500 b RI,
Elizabeth ae 50 b NY

	114	F	xi. JAMES KING was born about 1795 according to 1850 census. He
married MARY

1850 NY cn Oneida Co. Paris, 185 KING: James, ae 55, farmer, $600
b RI, Mary ae 36 NY, SMITH: Almira ae 17 b NY, PERKINS:
Nathan ae 27 farmer NY, Abigail ae 17 NY, Charles ae 17 NY

	115	F	xii. MARGARET KING.

	116	M	xiii. JORDAN KING was born about 1800 according to 1850 census. He
married SYLVIA

1850 NY cn Oneida Co. Paris, 227 KING, Justus? ae 50 farmer $180
b RI, Sylvia, ae 42 NY, Julia ae 12 NY, Caroline ae 9 NY, Cordelia ae
06 NY, Lauraette ae 02 NY 

	117	M	xiv. APPLEBEE KING was born about 1803 according to 1850 census.
He married CLARISSA

1850 NY cn Chenango Co., Smyrna  KING: Appleby ae 47
blacksmith, $300 b CT, Clarissa  ae 49 b VT, J.D. ae 14 b NY, N.E. ae
09 NY, H.M. ae 06 NY

1880 NY cn Chenango Co. Smyra, Appleby King, father, ae 77 b NY
living with Almon King family 


	32.	PATIENCE KING (ISAAC, JOHN, CLEMENT II) was born on 25 Nov 1755
in Scituate, Providence Co., RI. She died in Plymouth, Chenango Co. NY and was buried 27
Nov 1841 ae 86 in Aldrich Cem..129

PRISCILLA PAINE, on 20 Jun 1778 in Smithfield, RI.130 Benjamin was born on 30 May
1753 in Smithfield, Ri.131 He died 10 Apr 1831 Ae 78 in Plymouth, Chenango Co., NY and
was buried in Aldrich Cem.132

They had the following children:133

	118	M	i.  NATHAN ALDRICH was born on 4 Mar 1777 in Gloucester, RI.

	119	M	ii. BENJAMIN ALDRICH was born on 2 Nov 1778 in Gloucester, RI.

	120	F	iii. ELIZABETH ALDRICH was born on 6 Dec 1780 in Gloucester, RI.

	121	F	iv. KEZIAH ALDRICH was born on 18 Feb 1783 in Gloucester, RI.

	122	F	v. PATIENCE ALDRICH was born on 7 Apr 1785 in Gloucester, RI.,
died single 25 Feb. 1848, AE 62-10-20 & bur Aldrich Cem.Plymouth,
Chenango Co. NY.134

	123	F	vi. PRISCILLA ALDRICH was born on 21 May 1787 in Gloucester, RI.

	124	F	vii. SARAH ALDRICH was born on 15 Sep 1789 in Norwich, NY.

	125	M	viii. ESECK ALDRICH was born on 17 Jun 1791 in Norwich, NY.

	126	M	ix. SAMUEL ALDRICH was born on 23 Nov.1793 in Norwich, NY.

	127	M	x. GEORGE ALDRICH was born on 24 Jan.1797 in Norwich, NY.

	128	F	xi. RUTH ALDRICH, was born 13 Sept. 1810

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