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Doris Sheridan

                  WILLIAM KNAPP and JUDITH TUE

1. WILLIAM1 KNAPP (KNOPP), born  in England; christened 1 Jan 1580 in Bures, St Mary, England1; died 30 Aug 1678 in Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA2. He married (1) on 11 Jan 1606/07 in Wormingford, Essex, England, JUDITH TUE, christened 31 May 1589 in Wormingford, Essex, England3, died bef. 20 Jun 1651 when William made a pre-nuptial agreement with Priscilla Akers. Judith was daughter of JOHN TUE.4  He
married (2)  PRISCILLA AKERS widow of THOMAS AKKERS died after 16595
	WILLIAM KNOPP came to New England in The Winthrop Fleet in 1630 from Bures St Mary, County Suffolk, England6  He was a carpenter by trade.
	At a Boston, MA Court 30 Nov. 1630 it was ordered that "whosoever employs WILLIAM KNOPP or his son in any work shall pay one half of this  wages to Sr. RICHARD SILTONSALL or whoever buys boards of them shall pay half of the price to Sir RICHARD til the money he hath disbursed be satisfied"7
	On 26 Mar 1630/31 Sir RICHARD stated that WILLIAM KNOPP owed him the sum of L19-5 shillings.8 At a Court taking place at Newtowne on 7 Nov. 1634 WILLIAM was centured for swearing and ordered to appear at the next court.9
	On 7 Apr 1635 JOHN HAYNES and ROBERT FEAKES were to audit the accounts between EDWARD HOWE & WILLIAM KNOPP and present the case to the next court.10
	On 6 June 1637 in a Court held at Boston, WILLIAM was brought to task for his speeches criticizing the Governor (VANE).11
	On 1 June 1641 WILLIAM was fined 5 pounds for selling beer for two years without a license.12 On 13 Nov 1644 WILLIAM had a fine for some unknown crime reduced13

      William  was fined in Oct. of 1651 for “undecent words.”14 In 1656 the town was forced to support William becuase of his age and poverty.15  In 1656 William paid five shillings for a kiss with Phoebe Page and said “young men would only give a touch but
he would give her a cleaveing kiss.’16
	WILLIAM was a grantee in Watertown on 20 July 1626 where he owned lot 23 consisting of 30 acres.  By the Year 1649 WILLIAM KNAPP, carpenter, had been granted seven lots and purchased one.  His homestead consisted of 16 acres.17
	WILLIAM KNOPP's Last Will & Testament was dated 5 July 1655 but never proved. The document mentions his sons WILLIAM, JOHN, JAMES, ELIZEATH, MARY,ANE, & JUDETH KNOPE who were to divide the estate.  WILLIAM's widow received two pounds 10 shillings The document was witnessed by RICHARD BEERS, RICHARD BLOISS, & NATHANIEL SALISBURY.18 According to Middlesex Deeds 2:201:203 he died intestate and his estate was divided by court order.
	SEE NEW ENGLAND H&G REGISTER Oct. 1993, Pages 315-328 for more
information on WILLIAM KNOPP (KNAPP) OF WATERTOWN, MASS.  This article was published sometime after this KNAPP GENEALOGY was written.

	Children of WILLIAM KNAPP and JUDITH TUE19 

	2	i	ELIZABETH2 KNAPP, christened 10 Jul 1608 in Wormingford, Essex, England, buried 23 Feb 1661/62 in Bures, St. Mary, Suffolk, England. She married  JOHN BUTTERY, died bef. 1662.   On 27 Mar 1660 Elizabeth gave power of attorney to THOMAS DANFORTH &
JOHN PARMATER to receive legacies from her father's estate in
New England. Administration on her estate was granted 7 Jan 1662/3 to her daughter ELIZABETH, wife of Abraham IVE and an
inventory of L14-15s2d presented the same day 20

        3       ii       WILLIAM2 KNAPP, christened 3 Feb 1610/11 in Wormington, Essex, England, died 25 Sep 1676 in Watertown, MA21. He married (1)  MARY (---). He married (2)  MARGARET (---)died  Jan. 1702/322

.     + 4       iii      MARY2 KNAPP christened 19 Aug 1613 in Wormingford, Essex, England, married THOMAS SMITH.
	5	iv	 ANNE2 KNAPP, christened 24 Dec 1618 in Wormingford, Essex, England, died 20 Oct 1657  At Sea, NH. She married  THOMAS PHILBRICK, died 20 Oct 1657  At Sea.23

        6        v        JOHN sr2 KNAPP, born  in England. He married SARAH YOUNG

.       7	vi	  JAMES2 KNAPP, born abt. 1627; christened 30 Apr 1626 in Wormingford, Essex, England; died abt. 1700 in Watertown, MA. He married  ELIZABETH WARREN.   Inventory of JAMES KNOPP of
Watertown is dated 22 Nov. 1700.24

	8	vii	JUDITH2 KNAPP, christened 16 Jul 1629 in Bures, St Mary, Suffolk, England. She married  NICHOLAS CADY of Groton, MA25

                           Generation 2

4. MARY2 KNAPP (WILLIAM1), christened 19 Aug 1613 in Wormingford, Essex, England. She married  THOMAS SMITH, born abt. 1600; died 10 Mar 1692 in Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA.26 
	MARY (KNAPP) SMITH was living 6 Apr. 1697 when THOMAS SMITH Jr. of Cambridge & his mother MARY SMITH of Watertown as executors of THOMAS SMITH Sr.’s estate, sold a house and land to TIMOTHY HAWKINS27 
	Children of MARY KNAPP and THOMAS SMITH28
	9	i	JAMES3 SMITH, born 18 Sep 1637 in Watertown, MA; died 1701. 
	10	ii	JOHN3 SMITH, born Nov 1639 in Watertown, MA; died Nov 1639 in Watertown, MA.
	11	iii	THOMAS jr3 SMITH, born 26 Aug 1640 in Watertown, MA
	12	iv	JOHN3 SMITH, born 10 Dec 1641 in Watertown, MA

	13	v	JOSEPH3 SMITH, born 10 Jun 1643 in Watertown,
	15	vii	EPHRAIM3 SMITH, born abt. 1646;
	17	ix	SARAH3 SMITH. 

6. JOHN Sr2 KNAPP (WILLIAM1), born  in England; christened 20 Jan 1622/23 in Wormingford, Essex, England; died abt. 1696 in Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA. He married on 25 May 1660 in Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA29, SARAH YOUNG died aft. 1696. 
	John, like his father, was a carpenter.
	On 7 Sept. 1641 in a court held at Boston, J- KNOPP & two others were admonished and dismissed for their distemper.30
	On 8 10m 1645 "Wm. POTTER of Watertown granted unto Nichoals CADEY and JOHN KNAPP his house in Watertown, house lott of eight acres adjoining unto JOHN BASSETTS lott and three acres meadow in the remote meadow bounded with ISAAC MIXTERS, East of JOHN WATERBURY west and south & dividends on the north. Also six Acres upland in the Liev of the township and a certaine ffarme be layed out according to his portion & this was by absolute deed of sale Witness Wm.
	"Nicholas CADYE for valuable consideration did grant assigne & mak over unto JOHN KNAP of Watertown all his rights & title in & unto a certain house & houses granted jointed to them both by a deed dated 8 (10) 1645 and this was by assignment dated 6 (  ) 1650 signed and marked & dtd in presence of Wm. ASPENWALL & THEOPILUS MANNING.32

       John Knapp Sr. along with his brother James Knapp in the year 1657 were convicted of thieving from at least seven people and for “inordinate life”.33 In 1686 John was convicted of fornication.34 
	John's will was dated 22 Jan. 1695/96 and the document was probated 27 Apr. 1696.  It mentions his loving wife SARAH KNAP who shall be maintained as long as she "shall bear my name".  Son HENRY KNAP received the whole estate and was to maintain his mother until her death or remarriage.  HENRY was to pay his siblings out
of the estate as follows:  JOHN KNAP one pound in the first year after death or remarriage of his mother; dau. SARAH PARK, one pound in the second year after aforementioned event;  one pound to  son ISAAC KNAP in the 3rd year after aforementioned event and two pounds to dau. MARY TOSER in the 4th year after preceding event; son JOSHUA one pound in the 5th year; four pounds to dau. ABIGAIL
KNAP in the 6th year.  Son HENRY KNAP was sole executor of the will and document was witnessed by SAMUEL JENISON, MARY SMITH, WILLIAM JENISON
	Inventory of the estate was taken by SAMUEL JENISON, JOHN BACON & DANIEL SMITH 9 Apr. 1696 and amounted to L65-15-00 and consisted of household and farm equipment and one dwelling house and orchard and about eleven acres of land all adjoining together at L48-00-00.35 

	Children of JOHN Sr. KNAPP and SARAH YOUNG36 
+	18	i	JOHN Jr3 KNAPP, born 4 May 1661 in Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA. He married SARAH PARK.
	19	ii	SARAH3 KNAPP, born 5 Sep 1663 in Watertown, MA. She married  PARK (---)37.
	20	iii	HENRY3 KNAPP   May be the HENRY KNAPP in York, Maine in 1704(38).

	21	iv	ISAAC3 KNAPP, born abt. 1670; died 8 Dec 1742 in Boston, MA; buried  in Granary Bury Gr., Boston, MA.39 He married  ANNE EATON.
	22	v	MARY3 KNAPP married  SIMON TOZER, died 30 Dec 1718 in Weston, MA40.
	23	vi	JOSHUA3 KNAPP, died bef. 1725. He married  SARAH BEAL. Sarah m2 JOHN BUSHER 8 July 1727 York, Maine41 Sarah was living in 1747 when she deeded land to her son Ebenezer.42

	24	vii	ABIGAIL3 KNAPP married on 30 Mar 1712 in Watertown, MA, BENJAMIN NEWTON43
	25	viii	JAMES3 KNAPP, died 1690.   "Isaac KNAPP of Salem and wife Anna grant land in Maine, west of Sowhegan, granted in right of his brother JAMES, who was in the Canada Expedition, now

                       Generation 3

18. JOHN Jr3 KNAPP (JOHN Sr2, WILLIAM1), born 4 May 1661 in Watertown,
Middlesex Co., MA; died 2 Feb 1733 in Newton, Middlesex Co., MA45. He married on 4 Aug 1686 in Newton, Middlesex Co., MA46, SARAH PARK, born 21 Mar 1665/66 in Newton, Middlesex Co., MA47; died 19 Dec 1717 in Newton, Middlesex Co., MA48, daughter of THOMAS PARK and ABIGAIL DIX. 
	JOHN KNAPP resided in Watertown and Newton, MA.  In the latter town he was assessed tax for one person and estate by the Commissioner in the Year 1688. In 1719 he was rated for two polls and taxed for real and personal property. Either John Sr. or his son John Jr. received payment on order of the selectman in 1714.49
	On 14 June 1729 John KNAPP Sr. and his children sold land in Newton to JONATHAN FULLER and RICHARD PARK jr.  JOHN's children as named in the deed were: JOHN Jr., husbandman; JONAS KNAP, housewright; DANIEL KNAP, husbandman; SARAH KNAP, LIDIA KNAP, & HANNAH KNAP, symsters, all of Newton and JAMES KNAP of Worcester, husbandman & EBENEZER KNAP of Weston, weaver (Town of Weston changed to Needham at end of deed). Witnesses to the deed were JOSEPH FULLER and EPHRAIM WILLIAMS.50

	Children of JOHN Jr. KNAPP and SARAH PARK51
	36	i	SARAH4 KNAPP, born 13 Aug 1686 in Newton, MA; died single 31 Oct 1755 in Newton, MA52.   Will of SARAH KNAPP:  In the name of God amen, I SARAH KNAP of Newton in the County of Middlesex and Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England, Single
Woman, being sick and weak but of a sound and disposing mind and
memory do thereunto make this my Last will and testament in
manner and form as followith - And first of all I commend my soul
unto the hand of my gracious Redeemer and my body I commit to the
dust by decent Christian funeral and as to my worldly estate or goods
I will and dispose of them after my just debts and funeral charges
being paid -- after the following manner viz: IMPRIMIS: My mind &
will is that not any of my brothers excepting my brother DANIEL
hereafter mentioned nor my sister nor the children of my deceased
brothers shall have any part of my estate for my mind and will is they
have had their full share already.  Item: I give and bequeath unto my
well beloved brother DANIEL KNAP (aforesaid) of Newton aforesaid
and to his heirs and assigns all my estate both real and personal of
what kind or denomination forever? for his extraordinary kindnesss
and services to me, he the said DANIEL paying all my just debts &
funeral charges before mentioned.  Finally I do hereby constitute my
loving brother DANIEL KNAP aforesaid to be sole executor of this my
last will and testament and I do hereby utterly disavow, revoke,
disannul? all and every other former testaments, wills, legacies and
bequests and executors ratifying and confirming this and no other to
be my Last will and testament, In witness whereof I have hereunto
set my hand and seal this twelfth day of July anno Dominion one
thousand seven hundred and fifty five and in the twenty ninth year of
his Majesty's reign.                              SARAH KNAP (her mark)  WITNESSES: JONATHAN FULLER, Jr.; JOSEPH ADAMS, ABR
	37	ii	JAMES4 KNAPP, born 21 Feb 1690 in Newton, MA. He married (1) on 2 Apr 1714 in Newton, MA,54 ELIZABETH BOND, died 12 Jan 1716 in Watertown, MA55. He married (2)  MARY FISKE, died 21
Feb 1732 in Watertown, MA56.
	38	iii	JOHN4 KNAPP, born 11 Dec 1688 in Newton, MA; died 26 May 1730 in Newton, MA57. He married on 13 Jul 1715 in Newton, MA58, MARY WHITNEY.   On 29 Oct. 1730 Lt. JOSEPH FULLER, THOMAS GREENWOOD & SAMUEL MILLER, JOHN PARK and DAVID
CLARK, all of Newton, Mass. were appointed to appraise the estate
of JOHN KNAPP, Jr. deceased.  One-third of this estate was to be
set off to the widow MARY KNAP and the remaining two-thirds  to the
children not named. On 26 June 1730 the widow MARY was
appointed administratrix of her husband's estate and gave bond of
$500 with SAMUEL MILLER & JOHN PARK, husbandman of Newton, as sureties - document witnessed by JONATHAN PARK & CHRISTOPHER BRIDGE. On 25 June 1730 SAMUEL MILLER, JONATHAN PARK & JOHN PARK presented an inventory in the amount of L532-05-6.  The administratrix made mention of an interest held in a parcel of land held in common with deceased brother by virtue of a claim from ISAAC KNAPP and also a bond from his father JOHN KNAPP's land. An accounting of the estate was given on 12 June 1732 and among other items there was the sum of
L40-0-0 paid to the administratrix for bringing up the deceased's four
youngest children.......the use of two-thirds of the place. She also
received the sum of L8-0-0 for "lying in with a posthumous child".59

	39	iv	JONAS4 KNAPP married on 6 Nov 1737 in Falmouth, Maine, MARY WRIGHT60.
	40	v	JONATHAN4 KNAPP, died Apr 1758 in Newton, MA61.
+	41	vi	DANIEL4 KNAPP, born abt. 1708. He married SARAH (---).
	42	vii	EBENEZER4 KNAPP married on 9 Sep 1734 in Newton, MA, ELIZABETH MASON.62
	43	viii	LYDIA4 KNAPP, died 29 Apr 1734 in Newton, MA.   Lydia was unmarried. See administration of her estate.63

	44	ix	HANNAH4 KNAPP married aft. 1729, MOSES ALLEN.   Lived in New Medfield, MA

	45	x	ISAAC4 KNAPP married  MARY (---). 

                         Generation 4

41. DANIEL4 KNAPP (JOHN Jr3, JOHN Sr2, WILLIAM1), born abt. 1708; died 2 Sep 1772 in ?? according to the two Knapp Genealogies but  a check of the vital and probate records in the towns where Daniel lived were negative.  He married on 30 Sep 1735 in Newton, Middlesex Co., MA64, SARAH (---), born abt. 1709; died 1797 according to the Knapp Genealogies.
	DANIEL KNAPP lived in the Towns of Newton, Worcester & Sutton, MA.
	DANIEL KNAPP lived in Newton, MA in 1755 when he was the sole legatee named in the will of his sister Sarah KNAPP, single woman previously mentioned.
	DANIEL KNAPP, wife & children were  warned out of Worcester, MA on 18 Aug. 1761.  DANIEL KNAPP of Worcester, MA was warned out of Sutton, MA on 6 Jan. 1767.65
	DANIEL KNAPP may have lived in Brattleboro, VT where some of his children resided but there are no deeds or probate records for DANIEL or his wife SARAH in this town.

	Children of DANIEL KNAPP and SARAH (---)66

+	55	i	BEULAH5 KNAPP, born 9 Jun 1736 in Newton, Middlesex Co., MA. She married OLIVER COOK.
	56	ii	ISABELL5 KNAPP, born 15 Jan 1738 in Newton, Middlesex Co., MA.
	57	iii	DANIEL Jr5 KNAPP, born 4 Feb 1742 in Newton, Middlesex Co., MA; died abt. 1778 in Oakham, Worcester Co., MA. He married on 26 Apr 1763 in Sutton, MA67, HANNAH LYONS.   DANIEL KNAPP Jr. lived in Newton, Petersham & Sutton, Mass.  On 8 May 1764 DANIEL
KNAPP, wife HANNAH and child EDWARD were warned out of Petersham, MA.68  In March of 1778 SIMEON MORY of Royalston, MA was appointed guardian of DANIEL KNAPP jr's minor children, Daniel & Edward, age 14, Rebecca, ae 12 and Jerusha, ae 8,document witnessed by LEVI LINCOLN and JOSEPH WHEELER.69  Daniel jr’s son Edward Knapp was born 23 Sept.1763 and died 23 Mar 1821 in Delaware Co. Ohio He married Esther 25 Nov 1790 in Brattleboro, VT and was a Soldier of the Revolution.70

	58	iv	DEBORAH5 KNAPP, born 15 Jan 1743/44 in Newton, Middlesex Co., MA. She married abt. 1769, SAWYER WRIGHT. son of THOMAS WRIGHT & ABIGAIL SAWYER, born Harvard,MA 12 May 1736 (VR).   During the French & Indian War Sawyer Wright was at the surrender of Crown Point and Ticonderoga in 176071. Sawyer was in Brattleboro, VT (then Cumberland Co. NY) in 1771.72 He was living in Brattleboro in 1791 with a household of l male over 16, 1 male under 16 and 4
females.73 In 1800 he was living in Schaghticoke, NY74 Children75 i.
John b 27 June 1770, d 21 Jun 1851 So. Sodus, Ny, m. Ruth Willard
7 July 1775 Dorchester, MA, d. Sept. 1861 Olivet, MI, others

+	59	v	JAMES5 KNAPP, born 16 Jan 1746 in Newton, Middlesex Co., MA. He married (1) JERUSHA LYONS. He married (2) POLLY
	60	vi	JONAS5 KNAPP, born 6 Nov 1749 in Newton, Middlesex Co., MA.   Probably the JONAS mentioned in land records in Brattleboro, VT.  There is no probate record for him at Windham County VT Probate Court in Brattleboro.  On 1st Tuesday of Nov. 1787, JONAS KNAPP of Brattleboro recovered judgement against Israel FIELD of
Brattleboro for sum of L5-5-6 cost of suit. "Body of the said Israel and him commit to the Keeping of the goal in Westminster in the County
of sd within the said prison who is hereby commanded to recover sd
the said Israel & him safely keep until he pay the full sum
aforementioned with your fees on that he be discharged by the said
JONAS or otherwise by order of law (:) fail not and make due return
to me according to law within sixty days from this date" - dated
Brattleboro the 2d day of December 1786 (Micah TOWNSEND clerk
of the Court). The cost L7-13-6 survey bill of seven acres 3/4 of land
survey to JONAS KNAPP beginning south east corner of land lately
Israel SMITH & BENJAMIN WELLS sworn in to appraise sd real estate to satisfy an execution in favor of JONAS KNAPP against Israel FIELD; record recorded 12 Mar 178876  On 24 June 1788 EPHRAIM KNAPP, Yeoman sold land in Brattleboro to BENJAMIN GOULD, both of Brattleboro; land beginning northeast corner of Lot C land Wells sold to Israel SMITH; land joins to land of BENJAMIN GOULD , then west & north then north again and east to JONAS KNAP's land etc. 10 acres - deed witnessed by SAMUEL WARRINER & DEBORAH ESTHERBROOKS; signed by EPHRAIM &
RUTH KNAPP, recorded 26 Aug. 178877  On 29 Nov. 1792 BENJAMIN GOULD sold land in Brattleboro to JONAS KNAPP of Brattleboro for L3-10-00; 10 acre lot; land abutted north & west on said JONAS' land & south & east on BENJAMIN GOULD's land; deed witnessed by Samuel WARRINER & CHLOE WARRINER; recorded 13 Jan. 179378.  On 25 October 1795 JONAS KNAP sold land in Brattleboro to BENJAMIN GOULD of Brattleboro for L130 lawful money; land beginning at northeast corner of a tract of land lately conveyed by mortgage to WILLIAM JINKS to OBADIAH JINKS
formerly occupied by EPHRAIM KNAP; witnessed by SIMPSON
ELLIS  & SAMUEL KNIGHT; recorded 25 Oct. 179579

	61	vii	LYDIA5 KNAPP, born 13 Jul 1752 in Newton, Middlesex Co., MA. 

                       Generation 5

55. BEULAH5 KNAPP (DANIEL4, JOHN Jr3, JOHN Sr2, WILLIAM1), born 9 Jun 1736 in Newton, Middlesex Co., MA; died 26 Dec 1782 in Brattleboro, Windham Co., VT. She married on 20 Jan 1757 in Newton, Middlesex Co., MA, OLIVER COOK, born 1 Jun 1735 in Newton, Middlesex Co., MA; died 4 Jan 1813 in Brattleboro, Windham Co., VT; buried  in Meetinghouse Cem, Brattleboro, VT, son of JOSEPH COOK and MINDWELL HYDE. SEE COOK FAMILY BY COMPILER

	71	i	HANNAH6 COOK, born 13 Mar 1758 in Newton, Middlesex Co., MA
	72	ii	CALEB6 COOK, born 19 Feb 1759 in Newton, Middlesex Co., MA.
	73	iii	SARAH6 COOK, christened 2 Jun 1765 in Sutton, Worcester Co., MA

	74	iv	BEULAH6 COOK, christened 2 Jun 1765 in Sutton, Worcester Co., MA.
	75	v	CALEB II6 COOK, bapt 13 Sep 1767 in Sutton, Worcester Co., MA.   May be the same Caleb born in 1759.

	76	vi	JOSEPH6 COOK, born bef. 1765.
	77	vii	EPHRAIM6 COOK, died abt. 1812 in Brattleboro, Windham Co., VT.

      78        viii        OLIVER jr6 COOK  

59. JAMES5 KNAPP (DANIEL4, JOHN Jr3, JOHN Sr2, WILLIAM1), born 16 Jan 1746 in Newton, Middlesex Co., MA; buried 22 Nov 1822 in Meetinghouse Cem, W.Brattleboro, VT80. He married (1)  JERUSHA LYONS, died 4 Apr 1770 in Sutton, MA81, daughter of EDWARD LYON and REBECCA BOYDEN.  He married (2)  POLLY DUNKLEE. He married (3)  MOLLY REDFIELD, born 2 Jul 1773; died 30 Sep 1810, ae 7382  in Brattleboro, VT, daughter of LEVI REDFIELD and SYBIL WILCOX. 
	James KNAPP lived in the first district of Brattleboro.83  He lived northwest of the Meetinghouse towards Wicopee Hill. His two brothers in law Sawyer WRIGHT & Oliver Cook lived nearby.84
	EDWARD LYON of Oakham, MA, father of JERUSHA KNAPP, in his will dated 5 Nov. 1773, probated 27 Dec. 1773 bequeathed property to grandson ELIJAH KNAPP, son of Jerusha KNAPP deceased.85The Division of SAMUEL LYONS estate dated Jan. 1796 (brother of Jerusha),mentions heirs of Jerusha KNAPP.86

	79	i	ELIJAH6 KNAPP, born 2 Nov 1767 in Brattleboro, VT. 


	80	i	JAMES6 KNAPP, born 1 Apr 1781 in Brattleboro, VT. 
	81	ii	JESSE6 KNAPP, born 20 Jul 1784 in Brattleboro, VT. 

	82	i	SIBYL6 KNAPP, born 1 Nov 1793 in Brattleboro, VT. 
	83	ii	JULIA6 KNAPP, born 12 Oct 1794 in Brattleboro, VT. 
	84	iii	FANNY6 KNAPP, born 10 Mar 1796 in Brattleboro, VT. 
	85	iv	DARAXA6 KNAPP, born 14 Jul 1797 in Brattleboro, VT. 
	86	v	LEONARD6 KNAPP, born 20 Jan 1799 in Brattleboro, VT. 
	87	vi	HORACE6 KNAPP, born 11 Nov 1800 in Brattleboro, VT. 
	88	vii	OREN B.6 KNAPP, born 5 Jun 1802 in Brattleboro, VT. 
	89	viii	POLLY6 KNAPP, born 8 Nov 1804 in Brattleboro, VT. 
	90	ix	GRATIA6 KNAPP, born 22 Oct 1805 in Brattleboro, VT. 
	91	x	WELTHEA6 KNAPP, born 1 Oct 1807 in Brattleboro, VT. 
	92	xi	RICHARD6 KNAPP, born 4 May 1809 in Brattleboro, VT. 

Sept. 2004 by Doris R. Sheridan

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