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Doris Sheridan
Troy, NY 12180
United States

                         c1635 - 1720
     James Maxwell came to America prior to the year 1666.  He was born in  Dumfries
Scotland according to Ezra STILES (Franklin Bowditch Dexter, MA,Editor-,The Literary
Diary of Ezra Stiles (President of Yale College), D,D., L.L.D  New York, Charles
Scribner's Sons 1901), hereinafter Stiles).  Stiles' Diary quotes from a hand written
manuscript penned by the Rev. Samuel MAXWELL son of James who gave details
regarding his parents and siblings.
     The Town of Dumfries is located in the county and parish of Dumfries on the left bank
of the Nith River, nine miles from Edinburgh and 71 miles from Glasgow.  Caerlaverock
Castle south of Dumfries was the thirteenth-century stronghold of Maxwells and as such
besieged by Edward I of England (Roddy MARTINE,- Scottish Clan and Family Names,
Their Arms, Origins and Tartans, Secaucus, NJ, Chartwell Books, 1992}. From being
Sheriffs of Teviotdale, the Maxwells chief territory became Nithsdale from the 13th
century and the Solway Castle of Caerlaverock, their headquarters. The Maxwells served
frequently as Wardens of the West March and were fully engaged in the border struggles. 
The Fourth Lord Maxwell fell at Flodden. Among the Clan Maxwell's private feuds, the
Johnstons were their chief adversaries (Collins Guide to Scots Kith & Kin - A Guide to
the Clans & Surnames of Scotland {Glasgow: Harper Collins Publishers Revised 1989} p.
80). See C.L. Johnstone, The Historical Families of Dumfriesshire and The Border Wars
{Bowie, Md: Heritage Books 1994, Facsimile Reprint, original printed Dumfries Courier
& Herald Office 1889} for information about the various Maxwells involved in the border
wars of Scotland.
(1) JAMES MAXWELL was born about 1635 in Dumfries, Scotland, and died at Boston
in 1720, age 85 (Stiles, 228). He married (2) MARGERY CRUMP ancestry unknown.
MARGERY died after 15 Jan. 1673 when her daughter Mary was born and before 27 Feb.
1677/78 when her husband's daughter DORCAS by second wife was born. MARGERY
was supposedly age 38 at the time of her death (ibid, 228).  

     JAMES MACKWELL was admitted to the First Church in Boston on 6 Sept. 1666
(RICHARD D. PIERCE, Editor-,The Records of the First Church in Boston 1630-1868
printed in Publications of The Colonial Society of Massachusetts  {Boston 1961} Vol.
XXXIX:61).  On 27 Feb. 1697 JAMES was admonished and suspended from the Lord's
table for notorious drunkenness (ibid, 97). He was restored to the communion of the
church 24 Apr 1698 (ibid)  On 29 Dec 1706 James was again admonished publicly for
drunkenness with the consent of the church (ibid,102). He was restored to the
Communion of the Church upon "his publicke professing his Repentance for his sin of
Drunkenness" on 30 Mar 1707 (ibid 102). On 13 Feb 1714/15 James MAXWELL was
excommunicated for the sin of drunkenness before the church their consent expressed by
lifting up of hands". On 24 Apr 1715 James, on a solemn and serious
Confession, read before the church their consent expressed by the lifting up of hands, he
was admitted to the church again with a solemn warning against the sin of drunkenness

     James MAXWELL was a member of the Scott's Charitable Society in Boston in 001684
and probably earlier (Samuel G. DRAKE,- History & Antiquities of Boston From Its First
Settlement in 1630 to the Year 1770  -{Boston: Luther Stevens,1856)  454/5
hereinafter Drake).  This Society was instituted on 3 Jan. 1657 (David Dobson, -Scottish
Emigration to Colonial America (Athens & London, The University of George Press,
1994},36. It was open to men born in Scotland or their sons- (ibid,41).   Members
were admitted to the society with payment of 12 pence and six pence quarterly was to be
paid thereafter (Drake). On 6 Jan. 1657 it was agreed that "for the relief of themselves and
others, to make a box, into which everyone might deposite such contribution, as God
should move their hearts" (Ibid). Nothing was to be taken out of the box for seven years,
"the box being yet in its minority".  The keeper of the box was to be "of good report,
fearing God and hating covetousness" (Ibid). Meetings of the Society were suspended
during the Revolution and most of the resident members left the country and went to
Halifax, taking the records of the Society with them (Ibid).  

     He was a doorkeeper for the General Court 1683 (Harriet Russell Stratton,- A Book of
Strattons {NY, The Grafton Press, 1908} Vol. 1:185 hereinafter Stratton).  From 1680
onward for a quarter of a century was a sealer of leather for the town of Boston (Report
of the Record Commissioners Boston Records 1660-1701, Vol. 7, pp
143,154,159,165,196,199,210,213,217,220, 222,225,229,234,239,243 &  Boston
Records 1700-1728, Vol. 8 pp 1,6,27). He may have held office of Informer on 13 Oct
1707 (Robert Francis Seybolt,- The Town Officials of Colonial Boston 1634-1775
{Cambridge:Harvard University Press, 1939,117).

     He took the oath of allegiance in Boston in 1678 (First Report of Records
Commissioners Boston 2d Edition 1881, Page 168). On Boston Tax Lists 1681,1687, and
a resident 1695 (Ibid 74,89, 165). In 1687 he paid 2 shillings taxes on 4 acres of land
(Ibid, 118). 

     MARGERY (Crump) MAXWELL gave birth, according to Samuel MAXWELL'S
manuscript, to 21 children including several sets of twins (Stiles, 228). She was supposed
to be 15 years old at the birth of her first child (Ibid). The births of four of these children
are documented in Boston Birth Records. The Maxwell manuscript also says that James
had 30 children and 23 of them died in infancy (Stiles, 228). Only three of James' thirty
children had issue (Ibid). These three would be Felex (Phyllis) by first marriage and Dorcas
& Samuel by second marriage.

  Children: (Boston Births, Marriages, Deaths,100,105,125,
      3 SARAH MAXWELL         b. 19 Oct 1666  
    X 4*FELEX MAXWELL         b. 22 Sep 1667  
      5*CHILD MAXWELL         b. 12 May 1671+ 
      6 MARY MAXWELL          b. 25 Jan 1673  
      7 JOHN MAXWELL          (may be unnamed child #5; grew to  adulthood but
                                                        died a bachelor  (Stiles Diary,228)

He also married between 1673 - 1678 (8) DORCAS STONE, daughter of DAVID and
DORCAS (FREEMAN) STONE, who was born 18 Dec 1652 in Cambridge, Middlesex
Co., MA (VRS,675).  DORCAS died about 1691 (Stiles,228). DORCAS supposedly had
nine children by JAMES, the births of six of these are recorded in Boston VRS.

  Children:(Boston Births, Marriages & Deaths,142,155, 163,170,181,183
   X  9*DORCAS MAXWELL        b. 27 Feb 1678  
     10 DAVID MAXWELL         b. 31 Aug 1679  died "a boy" (Stiles Diary)                                                        
     11 SUSANNAH MAXWELL      b. 27 Aug 1681  died 1698 (ibid)
     12 JAMES MAXWELL         b. 15 Feb 1684  lived to adulthood
                                                                                        but died single (ibid)
     13 SAMUEL MAXWELL            b. 12 May 1686  died young            
     14*SAMUEL MAXWELL            b. 30 Sep 1688  
     15 CHILD                     nothing further
     16 CHILD                     nothing further
     17 CHILD                     nothing further

     Stile's, in his  diary says that JAMES MAXWELL was married for a third time to a
thrice widowed woman (not named) who as a young woman was taken off a wrecked ship
near Plymouth in New England and then returned to England (Ibid 220).  She was a
Hebrician, perfectly understanding the Hebrew Bible having lived in England with a Jewish
family (Ibid).  She was married to a Mr. PARKER by whom she had a daughter Paltah
(Deliverance of God), then to a Capt. MANSFIELD and then to a Capt. DARREL (Ibid). 
She died about 1722 (Ibid). Mr. STILES obtained this information from a woman named
Molly BROWN, a descendant, of Boston and did not know just how much of the narrative
was true (Ibid).
(4) FELEX (Phyllis) MAXWELL, daughter of JAMES and MARGERY (CRUMP)
MAXWELL, was born 22 Sep 1667 in Boston, MA Boston (BBM,105) and married (18)
THOMAS PELLET about 1688. THOMAS was probably the son of THOMAS & MARY
PELLET, born  18 Apr 1666 in Concord, MA (VRS,12 spelled PLAT). FELES, wife of
Thomas PELET  died 1 Jan 1730, age 65 and was buried in Green Cemetery,
Glastonbury, CT.(Gs Inscriptions - Connecticut Genealogical Society Quarterly,
Nutmegger June 1988 #21, #1,45)  
   Children:(births & deaths  Concord VRS 32,35,39,43,48,53,62, 70,75, 76,77,79)

     19 SUSANNAH PELLET       b. 18 Jan 1689+ m. JOHN WICKHAM                                                                                                          
20  Feb 1715/16 Glastonbury (VRS)
     20 MARY PELLET           b. 14 Jan 1691+ m. STEPHEN SHIPMAN
                                                                           1 Nov. 1721 Glastonbury, CT (VRS)
     21 DORCAS PELLET          b. 19 Apr 1694  
     22 SARAH PELLET           b. 26 Nov 1696  
     23 ABIGAIL PELLET         b. 25 Sep 1699  m. WILLIAM WICKHAM
                                                                            21 May 1718 Glastonbury, CT (VRS)
     24 ELIZABETH PELLET      b. 21 Feb 1701+ 
     25 THOMAS jr PELLET      b. 22 Jan 1704+ 
     26 MARGERY/MARGARET PELLET   b.  1 Dec 1707  d. 11 Apr 1711
     27 JONATHAN PELLET       b. 27 Dec 1710  d.  4 Feb 1710+
     28 SAMUEL PELLET         b. 29 Apr 1712  

(5) CHILD  MAXWELL, descendant of JAMES and MARGERY (CRUMP)
MAXWELL, was born 12 May 1671/1672 in Boston, MA.  A child of bro. MAXWELL
named ______bapt 12 day 3 mo. 1672 (BBMD,125). This may be son JOHN
was born 27 Feb 1678 in Boston, Suffolk Co., MA (BBMD,142), and married 15 Feb
1699 in Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA (VRS,Bk.2:6) (29) THOMAS STRATTON, son
of JOHN and MARY (SMITH) STRATTON, who was born 26 Oct 1670 in Watertown,
Middlesex Co., MA (VRS Bk.1:32).  
     Thomas STRATTON and his family lived in the Western Precinct of Watertown.  On 1
Dec. 1727 Thomas was chosen Surveyor of Highways.  In 1731 the town paid him for
timber from his farm for a bridge near Deacon LIVERMORE's mill.  He was still residing
in Watertown when "consideration of ye petition of Thomas STRATTON and others was
adjoined to ye next selectman's meeting". The petition did not come up at the next
meeting, and Thomas's name does not appear on the town or church records

  Children: (born Watertown, MA -ibid & VRS Bk. 2:15,22,29,32,37,39)                                                    
     30 JAMES STRATTON              b. 29 Jun 1700  
     31 THOMAS STRATTON             b. 12 Feb 1701/2  
     32 DORCAS STRATTON             b.  2 Mar 1704/5  
     33 MARY STRATTON               b.  8 Jan 1705/6  
     34 DAVID STRATTON              b. 20 Nov 1708  
     35 SAMUEL STRATTON             b. 19 Oct 1709  
     36 EBENEZER STRATTON           bapt. 12 Jul 1713
     37 EBENEZER II STRATTON        bapt. 15 May 1715                   
     38 MERCY STRATTON              bapt. 13 Jan 1716/17                                                                       
born 30 Sep 1688 in Boston, MA, and married 6 Apr 1711 in Charlestown, MA, (39)
SEFERANH TREADWAY (VRS.227).  SEFERANH died 18 Apr 1712 and was buried
in Granary Burying, Boston, MA as  Seferanna MAXWELL w. Samuel Apr 18, 1712, AE 
23 y. (Gravestone Inscriptions and Records of Tomb Burials in the Granary Burying
Ground, Boston, Mass. {Salem, Essex Institute, 1918}165.) 
Samuel died 5 May 1778 in Rehoboth, MA (Providence Gazette 9 May 1778 “Died here in the 90th year of his age Elder Samuel Maxwell, a gentleman of a christian, catholic and amiable character.)”  Rev. Samuel was "a pious man and lived to be of a good old age, in the south part of Rehoboth where he left numerous descendants"  (Josiah P.TUSTIN.- Discourse delivered at the dedication of the New
Church Edifice of the Baptist Church and Society in Warren, RI, May 8, 1845 {Providence, H.H. BROWN, 1845} p. 166 hereinafter Tustin) 

     SAMUEL MAXWELL lived in Boston and Newport, RI where his children were born.
He was ordained a Baptist minister in Swansea, MA 18 Apr 1733 (Stiles Diary,12). He
announced his preference for keeping the Seventh day as the Sabbath 6 Aug. 1738 (Ibid). 
He was dismissed from Swansea Church 5 Apr 1739 and accepted a call to the Baptist
Church in Rehoboth, MA on 25 Sept. 1745 and installed 25 Dec. (Ibid). On 8 Jan 1753 he
declared for Paedobaptism on 8 Jan. 1753 (Ibid). and left the Rehoboth Church 4 Apr.
1754 (Ibid). He later preached in Warren, RI (Ibid). In Warren he baptized about 50
persons (Tustin,166). 

     According to the Stiles Manuscript he was the father of seven children which is
confirmed through vital records. 

  Child: (Born Boston, MA - VRS)
      40*SAMUEL jr MAXWELL            b.  2 Mar 1711+ 

He also married 11 Aug 1720 in Boston, MA, (41) HANNAH BASTOCK (VRS).
HANNAH was probably born 28 July 1688 in Boston, daughter of PHILIP &
MARGARET (Thomas) SQUIRE (VRS, 88) and widow of THOMAS BOSTOCK who
she married 3 May 1711 in Boston (VRS,33).

SAMUEL & HANNAH MAXWELL along with JOHN COLE witnessed the will of
MARTHA CARPENTER of Swansea, MA dated 2 Sept. 1734  (Bristol Probate Vol.

  Children: (#1-2 born Boston, MA  (VRS) others b Newport, RI = Arnold's Vital Records
Vol. 4:105)

     42*JAMES MAXWELL                b. 23 Jun 1721  
     43*HANNAH MAXWELL               b. 18 May 1723
     44 DORCAS MAXWELL               b.  7 Feb 1725
     45 PHILIP MAXWELL               b. 23 Jul 1726
     46*SQUIRE MAXWELL               b.  3 Sep 1729
     47*JANE MAXWELL                 b. 23 Sep 1731  

(40) SAMUEL jr MAXWELL, son of SAMUEL (James) and SEFERANH
(TREADWAY) MAXWELL, was born 2 Mar 1711/1712 in Boston, MA, and mar 14 Oct
1741 in Barrington, RI,(48) SARAH TIFFANY (Arnolds VRS 6:14).  SARAH died 22
Jan 1743/1744 in Rehoboth, MA (VRS,851).  
He also married 24 Oct 1745 in Rehoboth, MA, (49) widow ESTHER (ESTHER)
HAMMOND (Hammon). Esther (Hester) was the widow of JOHN HAMMOND who
died in Rehoboth c1740. HESTER was administratrix of his estate on 12 July 1740 (H.L.
Peter ROUNDS,- Abstracts of Bristol County Massachusetts Probate Records
1687-1745 {Baltimore, Genealogical Publishing Co., 1987}299)  Children surname
Maxwell (Rehoboth VRS,679) i. Sarah b. 25 Oct. 1746, died young ii. -Sarah b. 18 Feb.
1748/9, iii. Esther b. 12 Nov. 1751, iv. John b. 26 June 1754

MAXWELL, was born 23 Jun 1721 in Boston, MA, and married 18 May 1749 in Boston,
MA, (49) HANNAH COUNABELL who was born 13 Oct 1729 in Boston, MA, daughter
of Samuel COUNABELL (Edwards J. Connable,-, Genealogical Memoir of Cunnabell,
Conable or Connable Family, John Cunnabell of London, England and Boston,
Massachusetts and his Desendants 1650-1886 {Jackson, MI, Daily Citizen Book Printing
House, 1886}, 51). HANNAH married as her second husband (50) MICHAEL
FRIZZLE of Bernardston, MA (Ibid). Children surname MAXWELL (Ibid)  i.- Hannah b.
13 Mar 1750 Halifax, N.S., ii. Mary b. 15 Feb 1751 Halifax, iii. Philip b. 22 Dec. 1753
Rehoboth, iv. Squire b. 29 Apr 1756, v. Elizabeth b 7 Oct. 1759, vi. Samuel b 20 July
MAXWELL was born 18 May 1723 in Newport, RI.  She may have been the HANNAH
MAXWELL who married (51) WILLIAM SALISBURY in Newport, RI 29 of?? no
month or year given (Arnolds VRS Vol. 4:42).

MAXWELL, was born 3 Sept. 1729 in  Newport, RI and his intentions of marriage to
(52) JOANNA WESTCOTT were dated 5 May 1750 in Rehoboth, MA (VRS,476).-
Children surname MAXWELL born Warren, RI - Arnolds VRS Vol. 6:80) i. James b 8
Aug 1752, ii. Level b. 29 Sept. 1754, probably others

                                                                     (47) JANE MAXWELL, daughter of SAMUEL (James) & HANNAH (SQUIRE)
MAXWELL was born 23 Sept. 1731 in Newport, RI and married (53) NOAH MILLARD 9 Feb. 1748/49 in Rehoboth, MA (VRS,252)Children surname MILLARD (12 b
Rehoboth VRS 683, i. Dorcas/Darkis b 22 Mar 1748/49, d. 16 Dec. 1758 (ibid ,853) ii.Sarah b. Aug 1751, iii. John? d 3 Sept 1754 (Rehoboth VRS,853) iv. Noah jr b. 10 Oct1758 Rehoboth (IGI Submission) v. Samuel b 1761 Scituate, RI (ibid) 
Researched 1997/8 by Doris R. Sheridan