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                      CONTACT INFORMATION

              DORIS R.SHERIDAN, Troy NY 12180



                       First Generation

	1.	ROBERT MOON was born say 1623 probably in  England. He died before Jul 1698 in Newport, RI.

Robert Moon (e) was a tailor residing in the City of Boston before 12 Sept 1644 when he was mentioned as a witness.1

He is probably the Goodman MOONE who was a debtor of HENRY KIMBALL of
Watertown, MA in the inventory of Henry's estate dated 22 (5) 16482

On 21 Jan. 1650 he was mentioned as having paid a debt to the estate of Robert  Button .3

Robert Moone of Boston had accounts with William Gibbons and gave power of attorney to Joseph Howe on 3 Sept. 1645.4

In 1651 I, Robert MOONE of Boston, Taylor, and with the consent of my wife, have left to James Oliver, my house and garden in Boston, being bounded easterly with the highway and bounded northerly with Job end in 1658
in July or thereabouts......".5

Robert Moon removed to Newport, RI after l651/52.  In a deed dated 24 Feb. 1672/3 Thomas & Hannah Waterman of Aquidnessett deeded land in Newport to Peleg Sandford of Newport, land bounded on the east by land of Aaron Davis and on the west part of the hi-way and part on the land of Robert Moone, and on north by the common, and on the south by land of William Brenton, esqr, part on the land of the
said Robert Moone.6 On 25 Sept. 1674 William Brenton of Newport and resident of Taunton deeded Peleg Stanton of Newport, 25 acres in Newport bounded north or northerly upon land of Peleg Stanton lately purchased of Aaron Davis and the land of Robert Moone.7       

In 1677 Robert Moone once of Boston, but now of Rhode Island, or his attorney the plaintiff in a law case against William Rawson and/or John Pell defendants in an action of the case for refusing to deliver to Ebenezer Moone, attorney for his father
possession of a house and land lying at the south end of Boston near Capt. John Hull's house which is now in the hands & occupation of Rawson & Pell but properly the estate of Robert Moone.  The jury found for the defendants, costs of the Court.8



+	2	M	i.EBENEZER Sr. MOON was born on 7 Oct 1645.

	3	F	ii.MARY MOON was born about 1647.

At a trial taking place Oct. 1672 in Newport, RI Dennis Lannegan was
indicted for fornication committed with Mary, the daughter of Robert
Moone of Newport. Dennis was instructed to pay the Court 50 shillings
and fees. Mary Moone was indicted was discharged from paying fees.9 
	4	M	iii.SAMUEL MOON was born about 1649.

Samuel Moon is found in Newport, RI General Court Records of
Trials.  Samuel was to appear in court to give evidence in an action of debt, debt & damage  dated 30 July 1688 Joshua Brodbent vs Charles
Beere. Samuel did not appear 10

	5	M	iv.ROBERT Jr. MOON.
Robert Jr. married SARAH VIALL. Sarah was born on 14 Mar 1651/1652 in Boston, Ma.11

Sarah, a daughter of JOHN VIALL & MARY  of Swansey, MA was
mentioned in her father's will  as Sarah MOON.12 

+	6	M	v.JOHN MOON was born say 1660 and died in 1723.


At a Court Trial in Oct. 1676 Hannah Moone of Newport was indicted
for fornication with James Dunn of Newport. Dunn was sentenced to
be whipped with 15 stripes or pay 40 shillings.  Hanna was called to
Court but being sick did not appear. Robert & Ebenezer Moone paid
10 pounds each for Hanna's next Court appearance. Richard Dunn
promised to pay the 40 shillings for James Dunn.13

Hannah mentioned in this Court Record  is probably a daughter of
Robert MOONE but could be some other Moon daughter.

ROBERT also married (2) HANNAH. HANNAH died after 1710.

On July 4th 1698, I, Hannah Moone of Newport on Rhode Island, widow and relict of Robert Moone, deceased, of said town, Tailor, have appointed Capt. Nathaniel Coddington of said town to be my true and lawful attorney giving and hereby granting unto my said attorney power, authority and special commission for me and in my name and to my use to aske, demand, sue for, levy, require, recover, and
receive of and from all and every person or persons in Boston in New England all such concerns, and singular such debtor, debts, thirds, dowers or sums of sumes of money or any estate whatsoever which is or here-after shall be due oweing, belonging or appertaining unto me by any manner of way -- witness my hand and seal July the fourth

Signed by the mark of Hannah Moone - witnessed by ?Rimley and John Coggeshall

Newport, Rhode Island, July 4th 1698 personally appeared before me, Hannah Moone, the widow and relict of Robert Moone, deceased and acknowledged the  within letter of  attorney etc.14

                        SECOND GENERATION

	2.	EBENEZER Sr. MOON (ROBERT) was born on 7 Oct 1645 in Boston, Suffolk Co., MA.15

DOROTHY TULLY. Rebecca was born say 1650  and died on 14 Aug 1728 in Newport, Ri.16

Rebecca Moone, wife of Ebenezer Moone mentioned in estate papers of John Peabody, as his daughter  20 Apr 1687. 17

EBENEZER and REBECCA had the following children:18

+	8	M	i.EBENEZER Jr. MOON born say 1680.

	9	F	ii.JANE MOON was born say 1682. JANE married JOHN MUSSEY on 2 Sep 1713 in Newport, Ri.

	10	M	iii.JOHN MOON was born say 1685. JOHN married MARY PHILLIPS on 5 Dec 1714 in Newport, Ri.

+	11	F	iv.ABIGAIL MOON was born say 1688.

	6.	JOHN MOON (ROBERT) was born say 1660. He died  c1732 in Portsmouth, RI.

Will dated 25 Sept. 1728, proved 10 July 1732 - Ex: Thomas Cory, son in law and wife Sarah - daughter Sarah Cory left dwelling house and a lot of land for life and then to  grandson John Moon if he be living or if not to his male heirs but if no heirs to grandson Thomas Cory.  Certain land to daughter Sarah Cory & her husband Thomas Cory and at their death to their heirs.  The following received household items:
grandson John  Moon, dau Abigail Vaughn. Five shillings each were left to daughters Martha Cory & Elizsabeth Moon.  To two daughters of son John Moon namely Hope & Abigail 5 shillings each  The residue of estate left to daughter Sarah Cory.19    

about 1684. Sarah was born say 1665 and died on 24 Jun 1732.20

They had the following children:21

	12	M	i.JOHN Jr MOON was born on 16 May 1685 in Portsmouth, Ri. JOHN married ABIGAIL BRIGGS, daughter of ENOCH BRIGGS and HANNAH COOK, on 30 Nov 1710 in Portsmouth, Ri.22

	13	F	ii.SARAH MOON. SARAH married THOMAS CORY, son of WILLIAM CORY and MARTHA COOK, on 28 Aug 1718 in Portsmouth, Ri23


	15	F	iv.MARTHA MOON. MARTHA married MICHAEL CORY, son of WILLIAM CORY and MARTHA COOK, on 15 May 1711.25 Michael was born on 21 Apr1666(26).


                         Third Generation

	8.	EBENEZER Jr. MOON (EBENEZER Sr., ROBERT) was born say 1680

EBENEZER Jr. married ELIZABETH about 1705. Elizabeth  was born say 1685 and  was probably the Elizabeth Moon living 1729 in Newport, Ri.27

EBENEZER Jr. and ELIZABETH had the following children:28

+	17	M	i.ROBERT MOON was born on 16 Oct 1706.

+	18	M	ii.EBENEZER III MOON was born on 30 Aug 1708 and died about 1777/1778.

	19	F	iii.LOIS MOON was born on 30 Sep 1711 in No. Kingston, Washington Co., RI.

	20	M	iv.ISAAC MOON was born on 25 Jun 1713 in No. Kingston, Washington Co., RI.

	21	M	v.JAMES MOON was born on 3 Feb 1715/1716 in No. Kingston, Washington Co., RI. He died about 1809 in West Greenwich, Kent Co., RI.29

James paid taxes in West Greenwich, RI  in 1774; had 3 males above
age 16, 1 male under age 16, 2 females above 16 and 4 females under
16 in household.30 JAMES married MARY.

+	22	F	vi.ELIZABETH MOON was born on 6 Jun 1718 and died on 19 Oct 1773.

+	23	F	vii.SARAH MOON was born on 2 Dec 1720 and died about 1798.

	24	F	viii.MARTHA MOON was born on 4 Dec 1722 in No. Kingston, Washington Co., RI.
WATSON. Nicholas died before Jun 1817.31

+	25	F	ix.MARY MOON was born on 10 Nov 1723 and died on 6 Dec 1805.

+	26	M	x.PELEG MOON was born on 21 Sep 1725 and died on 12 Nov 1799.

	27	F	xi.MEHITABEL MOON was born about 1728 in No. Kingston, Washington Co., RI.

	28	F	xii.DESIRE MOON was born about 1730 in No. Kingston, Washington Co., RI.

Desire  married as 2d wife BENJAMIN BARBER on 28 May 1761 in
Richmond, Washington Co., RI.32 Benjamin, son of SAMUEL
BARBER & ANN COREY was born 30 May 1723 So. Kingston,
RI.33died on 16 Nov 1774 in No. Kingston, Washington Co., RI.34
Children born Richmond RI:35 i. Samuel b.1 May  1762,  ii. Benjamin
b. 10 June 1764, iii. Albro b. 9 Mar 1767, iv. Sarah b. 10 June 1770,
Desire b.2 Aug. 1772
	11.	ABIGAIL MOON (EBENEZER Sr., ROBERT) was born say 1688
Abigail was bapt 15th 4m 1715 and became a member of Trinity Ch in Newport36 Abigail received as member Trinity Ch in Newport 6 Oct. 1762 37

On 17 Sept. 1732 Abigail Pinneger testified in a dispute - Thomas Watson mariner  vs Mary Harwood widow and gentlewoman, both of Newport . Abigail testified that being at Mrs. Watson's school in company with Harrod, she heard sd Harrod say that
her Mother would not pay for her children learning to Dance, and Mrs. Watson made Answer that She would Learn them if she never had a Farthing - Verdict for the plaintiff.38 

Abigail Pinnegar of Newport, widow, vs Peter Wills, an Indian man, resident in sd Newport. marriner in the custody of ye sheriff for 3:17:6 pounds for one hat sold and delivered by the plaintiff, cash advanced in the year 1735 and "my charge for bringing
him back when he ran away" 1:2:6 pounds Docket #173.39        

ABIGAIL married WILLIAM PINNEGAR on 9 Apr 1713 in Newport, Ri.40 William  was born on 30 Jun 1690.(calculated gs). He was buried  3 Feb 1732/1733, Ae 41-0-3 in
Newport, Ri  Common Burial Grounds.41

William was a member of Trinity Ch in Newport on 28th 7 mo 171542

William was a hatter by occupation. Several cases in Newport Court in which William,  hatter was involved in regarding  collecting for his hat making services.

WILLIAM and ABIGAIL had the following children:43

	29	F	i.MARY PINNEGAR was born c21 Dec 1713. She was bur. 4 Jan 1714 AE 24 Days in Newport, Ri  Common Burial Grounds.

	30	M	ii.WILLIAM PINNEGAR was born c11 Dec 1718. He was bur. 12 Dec. 1718, AE 1 Day in Newport, Ri  Common Burial Grounds.

THURSTON on 8 Apr 1733 in Newport, Ri44. Joseph was born on 24 Sep
1706 in Newport, Ri. He died 4 Jan. 1758, AE 51 in Amsterdam.45

WILLIAM married KATHERINE BEARD on 22 Dec 1741 in Newport,
Ri.46 Katherine probably the daughter of CAPT. JOHN BEARD
& MARY was born c10 Jul 1721. She was bur.11 July 1762, AE 41-0-3 in
Newport, Ri  in Common Burial Grounds. 13 July47

	33	F	v.ELIZABETH PINNEGAR was born c17 Jul 1724 in Newport, Ri. She was bur. 17 May 1729 AE 4-10-0   in Common Burial Grounds, Newport,RI48

	34	M	vi.SIMION PINNEGAR was born c8 Oct 1729 in Newport.Ri. He was bur. 24 Oct 1729, 16 Days in Newport, Ri  Common Burial Grounds.

                         Fourth Generation

	17.	ROBERT MOON (EBENEZER Jr., EBENEZER Sr., ROBERT) was born on 16 Oct 1706 in No. Kingston, Washington Co., RI.

Robert Moon was made Freeman in North Kingston on 30 Apr 1734 49

ROBERT married ANN TRIPP, daughter of  JOB TRIPP in Jun 1729 in No. Kingston, Washington Co., RI.50

They had the following children:51

	35	M	i.ROBERT Jr. MOON.





	40	M	vi.JOHN MOON.

	41	M	vii.JOB MOON.

	18.	EBENEZER III MOON (EBENEZER jr., EBENEZER Sr., ROBERT) was born on 30 Aug 1708 in No. Kingston, Washington Co., RI. He died about 1777/1778 

Ebenezer Moon III of North Kingston was admitted freeman 30 Apr 1734.52 Ebenezer's will was dated 30 Mar 1772 and proved 2 Feb. 1778 at Exeter, RI.  wife Elizabeth and children Asa, Daniel, Thomas, Ezekiel, Abigail, Rebecca, Mary & Sanford are mentioned 53

DEAKE and MERCY LEWIS, on 12 Jun 1735.North Kingston,RI54

They had the following children:55

	42	M	i.ASA MOON.


	44	M	iii.THOMAS MOON.




	48	F	vii.MARY MOON.

	49	M	viii.SANFORD MOON.

                F       ix.  ELIZABETH MOON

                M.       x.  EBENEZER MOON

	22.	ELIZABETH MOON (EBENEZER Jr., EBENEZER Sr., ROBERT) was born on 6 Jun 1718 in No. Kingston, Washington Co., RI. She died on 19 Oct 1773 in Warwick, Ri.56

ELIZABETH married JOHN Jr. JOHNSON on 10 Jul 1737 in No. Kingston, Washington Co., RI.57

JOHN jr. and ELIZABETH had the following children:58(May not be complete)

	50	F	i.SINDONA JOHNSON was born on 9 May 1738 in Warwick, Ri.

	51	F	ii.SUBMIT JOHNSON was born on 27 Mar 1744 in Warwick, Ri.

	52	M	iii.ISAAC JOHNSON was born on 22 Apr 1755 in Warwick, Ri.

	53	F	iv.ELIZABETH JOHNSON was born on 8 Jun 1760 in Warwick, Ri.

	23.	SARAH MOON (EBENEZER Jr., EBENEZER Sr., ROBERT) was born on 2 Dec 1720 in No. Kingston, Washington Co., RI. She died about 1798 in FOSTER, Providence Co., RI.

Inventory of the estate of Sarah (Moon) King/Jenks was taken on 21 Sept. 1798. Sarah was of Scituate, RI but was residing in Foster, RI.  The appraisers were William Blanchard & Thomas Parker.  Joshua King was administrator of her estate.59   See King Genealogy by compiler

SARAH married (1) ISAAC KING, son of JOHN KING and ELIZABETH, on 26 Apr 1741 in Scituate, Providence Co., RI.60 Isaac was born about 1711. He died on 5 Jul 1757 in Scituate, Providence Co., RI.61

ISAAC and SARAH had the following children:62
54	F          i.MARGARET KING was born on 27 Jun 1742 in
Scituate, Providence Co., RI..

55	F	ii.  SARAH KING was born on 6 Sep 1743 in Scituate,
Providence Co., RI.

56      F         iii.  KEZIAH KING was born on 30 Apr 1745 in
Scituate, Providence Co., RI. 

57	 F	iv.  LOIS KING was born on 15 Aug 1746 in FOSTER,
Providence Co., RI.

	    58	M	v.   JOSHUA KING was born on 13 Jun 1748 in
Scituate, Providence Co., RI. 

	                                      59	 F	 vi.  PRUDENCE KING was born on 23 Feb 1750 in
Scituate, Providence Co., RI.

	            60	M	vii.ISAAC KING was born on 28 Dec 1751 in Scituate, Providence Co.,

61	        M	viii.NATHAN KING was born on 6 Sep 1753 in
Scituate, Providence Co., RI.

62	         F	  ix.HOPE KING was born on 25 Nov 1755 in Scituate, Providence Co., RI	

63	F	x.PATIENCE KING was born on 25 Nov 1755 in
Scituate, Providence Co., RI
	64	M	xi.GEORGE KING was born on 25 Nov 1755 in Scituate, Providence Co., RI.

SARAH also married (2) JOSEPH JENKS, son of JOHN JENKS and HANNAH
BOOMER, in Apr 1760 in RI.63 Joseph was born about 1714 and died on 25 May 1784 in Smithfield, Providence, RI.64 Joseph m1 SARAH KING, daughter of JOHN & ELIZABETH KING on 18 Dec. 1735 Providence, RI.65  

On 5 July 1765 Joseph Jenks, blacksmith, of Cranston, RI purchased land in Warwick, RI.66

JOSEPH and SARAH had the following child67

	65	M	xii.	BOOMER JENKS was born on 19 Feb 1761 in Scituate, Providence Co., RI. He died on 8 Jun 1847 in Marlborough, Windham Co., VT.68 Boomer Jenks was a soldier of the Revolution.  He enlisted in Cranston, RI Jan.1777 and served as a private in Capt. Slocum's Company, Col. Joseph Stanton's RI Regiment.  He enlisted again in 1778 in Tiverton, RI and served as a private In Capt. Benj. Happin's Co. in Col. John Topham's RI Regt, and took part in a skirmish at Fogland Ferry while on guard there.  He was in the battle of Buttis Hill and then became one of Gen. LaFayette's Life Guards while at Tiverton.  He received a pension as a resident of Marlborough, VT where he had moved in 178769
BOOMER married ANNA KING, daughter of THOMAS KING  on 5
Aug 1780 in Scituate, RI.70 Anna was born on 21 Jan 1761.71 She died on 6 Mar 1839 in Marlboro, Vt.72

	25.	MARY MOON (EBENEZER Jr., EBENEZER Sr., ROBERT) was born on 10 Nov 1723 in No. Kingston, Washington Co., RI. She died on 6 Dec 1805 in Cheshire, Berkshire Co., MA.73

RICHMOND, on 18 Aug 1749 in Richmond, Washington Co., RI.74 Peter was born on 1 Jun 1728 and  died on 21 Feb 1808 in Cheshire, Berkshire Co., MA.75

Peter was a Baptist minister in Warwick, RI and Cheshire, Mass.

PETER and MARY had the following children:76

	66	F	i.ABIGAIL WORDEN was born on 19 Sep 1750 in Coventry, Ri.

	67	F	ii.ESTHER WORDEN was born in Apr 1753 in Coventry, Ri.

	68	F	iii.LUCINDA WORDEN was born on 21 May 1755 in Coventry, Ri.



	71	M	vi.RICHMOND WORDEN was born on 29 Apr 1758 in Coventry, Ri.


	73	M	viii.PETER vi WORDEN was born on 5 Mar 1761 in Coventry, Ri.


	26.	PELEG MOON (EBENEZER Jr., EBENEZER Sr., ROBERT) was born on 21 Sep 1725 in No. Kingston, Washington Co., RI. He died on 12 Nov 1799 in Berlin, Rensselaer Co., NY and was buried in Mattison Hollow, Berlin, Rensselaer Co., NY in his 73rd year.77

Peleg Moon registered a brand mark for his cattle on 26 Apr. 1758.78  

Peleg was in Stephentown, Rensselaer Co. NY in 1787 when his name appears on a tax list.79

In the 1790 census of Stephentown, Rensselaer Co. NY, 1 male over age 16 in household, 3 females (Page 48).

PELEG married SARAH BAXTER on 28 Jan. 1753 Newport, RI .80

They had the following children:81

	75	M	i.WILLIAM MOON was born about 1753/1754.

	76	M	ii.THOMAS MOON was born on 9 Mar 1755 in Middletown, Ri.

	77	F	iii.ALMY MOON was born about 1757.

	78	F	iv.ESTHER MOON was born on 13 Aug 1759 in Ri.

	79	M	v.BENAJAH MOON was born about 1761 in Ri.

	80	M	vi.UNKNOWN MOON was born about 1763.

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