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            James Mycall & Mary Farr of Lynn Massachusetts  

                           First Generation

	1.	JAMES MYCALL was born about 1630/1640 probably in Scotland. He died probably
about 1659/60.

James Mycall may be the James Mackrall who was captured at the Battle of
Dunbar on 3 Sept. 1650.  Sixty two Scots were assigned to the Iron Works at Lynn.
James Mackall  was employed at the Iron Works as a forge hand under John
Vinton where he possessed a musket, bandolier and sword belonging to the company.1

One  James Mackell came on the Sarah & John of London bound for New England,
master John Greene sailed Dec 8, 1651 - with Scots prisoners taken in the English Civil
War.  These men were sold as indentured servants for a term of seven years and many
were employed by the Company of Undertakers at the Iron Works in Lynn, Mass.(now
Saugus). The prisoners were marched from Boston to Lynn.  After their arrival William
Emmory & James Mackall received "two stuffed suites." 2

STOWERS, on 10 Nov 1657 in Braintree, Norfolk Co., MA.3 Mary died  1716/1717 in
Groton, MA.4

Mary's will is dated 5 Dec 1716 and was proved 7 Mar 1717/18. She mentions son
Benjamin Farnsworth who received 16 pounds payed for him to Justinian Holden in
1688 and the following year one years board which is 10 pounds and one acre of
meadow willed to him by his father Matthias  Farnsworth, deceased. Mary's Great
Bible & household goods, debts & moveable effects were left to son Samuel
Farnsworth who was appointed executor.  Witnesses to the will were Ephraim Sawtell,
Samuel Thatcher & Daniel Farnsworth.5 

JAMES and MARY had the following children:

	2	F	i.	REBECCA MYCALL was born  c20 Jan 1658/9 in Braintree, Norfolk
Co., MA6 She died on 28 Jan 1732 age 73 yrs & 8 days  in Braintree,
Norfolk Co., MA.7
Rebecca married RICHARD 2d THAYER, son of RICHARD Jr.
THAYER and DOROTHY PRAY.  Richard was born on 31 Aug 1655 in
Braintree, Norfolk Co., MA.8 He died on 4 Sep 1705 in Braintree, Norfolk
Co., MA.9

	3	M	ii.    JAMES Jr. MYCALL was born  c20 Jan. 1658/59 (twin) in
Braintree, Norfolk Co., MA.

between 1660 & 1672. She was married to Matthias by 27 Nov. 1672 when he was
called brother-in-law in the estate papers of Mary's brother John Farr.  An agreement
was made to  distribute the estate among "his mother Elizabeth Farr and two
brothers Joseph &  Benjamin and three sisters, Mary, Elizabeth & Sarah, the
sisters all married and one of them living at Grawton  John's estate was distributed to
"Nicholas Hutchin, his brother-in-law", to "John Holmes, his brother-in-law," to
Mary Clarke, a motherless child & cousin to John Farr," to Joseph & Benjamin,
and to "Matthias Farnsworth, brother-in-law"10  Matthias Farnsworth was born
probably in England c1611.11 He died  Jan. 1668/9 in Groton MA.  His will was dated
15 Jan. 1688/89 and his estate was appraised 4 Feb.1688/89.  Matthew said he was
about 77 years of age.  He left l/3 of his estate to his wife as long as she remained his
widow.  His son Matthias Jr. received land including his fatherís homestall and other
lands, son John received five acres of land and ten shillings, sons Benjamin, Samuel
and Jonathan also received land.  Matthiasí daughter Robison, was left one cow,
daughter Thatcher received 20 shillings  and daughter Stoon one cow and twenty
shillings.  Daughter Abigail Farnsworth inherited  12 pounds.  Matthias Farnsworth
Jr., Nathaniel Lawrence and Jonas Prescott were executors. 12  

i.  Elizabeth mar James Robertson, ii. Matthias Jr., iii. John, iv. Joseph  b. 16 Nov.
1657 Lynn MA.14  died 8 Oct. 167415

Children of MATTHIAS & MARY FARR MYCALL (presumed)i.16 Mary  b. 12
Oct. 1660 Lynn MA17, mar. Samuel Thatcher 11 Apr. 1676 Lynn MA,18 ii.  Sarah
mar. Simon Stone, iii. Benjamin iv. Samuel b. 8 Oct 1669 Groton, MA, v. Abigail b 17
Jan. 1671 Groton MA, mar.John Hutchins, vi. Jonathan b. 1 June 1675 Groton MA, vii.
Joseph 2d b 1677 died 20 Feb.1686/719

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