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        JAMES OSBORN and JOYCE SMITH & some of their descendants

1. JAMES1 OSBORN, born say 1620, died bef. 1684 in Hartford, Hartford Co., CT. He
married abt. 1645, JOYCE SMITH born say 1625.
	James Osborn was in Springfield, MA as early as 1643.  He was a proprietor
there in 1646 owning 40 acres of land at a tax rate of L00:11:04. James was
granted three acres of land on 8 Feb. 1654 and more land in 1655.1  	 
	On 11 Feb. 1666 James Osborn was fined 6d for not attending a town meeting.2
At this meeting James was censured for disadvantageous bargains and it was voted
that no one would bargain with him or his family without consent of two or three town
	James eventually removed to Hartford, CT where he died c16764  The following is
an abstract of his will: Osborne, James - Inventory L19-17-9 (of lands in Springfield &
Hatfield value not known); taken 14 June 1676 by Nathaniel Stanley & Philip Davis.
The children were James, Samuel & Sarah Osborne, Mary Brace & Elizabeth
Arnold; will and inventory approved Sept. 1676. "We whose names are underwritten
did hear Goodman Osborne say that his Desire and Will was that his wife should have
the Use of all his Lands while she lives, and after her decease it should belong to & by
his Will be given to his two sons James and Samuel and sayd he had intended to have
given his steere to his son-in-law Daniel Arnold, but his wife was not willing and he
would not trouble her, but would give him some of that Debt in Samuel Elmore"s hand."
Witnessed by Nathaniel Stanly, Siborn Nichols, Philip Davis . The Court ordered that
Daniel Arnold shall possess and receive 3 pounds of the Debts in Samuel Elmore's
hand. Court Record, Page 156-11 September 1676: Will & Invt. approved.
	In 1684 Charles Fere  purchased land from Gregory Gibbs and his wife Joyce
formerly the wife of James Osborn5 
	2	i	ELIZABETH2 OSBORN, born 27 May 1647 in Springfield, MA. She
	3	ii	MARY2 OSBORN, born 16 Mar 1649 in Springfield, MA. She married
on 20 Mar 1672 in Springfield, MA, THOMAS BRACY7. 
	4	iii	JAMES2 OSBORN, born 8 May 1654 in Springfield, MA; died 17 Dec
1721 in Springfield, MA8. 
	5	iv	SARAH2 OSBORN, born 3 Feb 1657 in Springfield, MA. She married
on 29 Dec 1687 in Springfield, MA, JOSEPH WRIGHT9. 
+	6	v	SAMUEL2 OSBORN, born 1 Feb 1663 in Springfield, Hampden Co.,
MA. He married (1)  UNKNOWN. He married (2) MARY BROOKS. He
married (3) SARAH PATCH. 

                         Generation 2

6. SAMUEL2 OSBORN (JAMES1), born 1 Feb 1663 in Springfield, Hampden Co., MA;
died 17 Jun 1713. He married (1)   UNKNOWN, died 10 Jun 1685 in Springfield, MA.10
He may have married (2) on 14 Nov 168811 in Windsor, CT, MARY BROOKS.  He
married (3) on 7 Sep 169312 in Enfield, Hartford Co., CT, SARAH PATCH, born 8 Dec
1666 in Wenham, Essex Co., MA13; died 6 Jul 1748 in Somers, Tolland Co., CT.14
	Samuel Osborn lived in Springfield, MA and Enfield, CT.
	On 9 Dec. 1687 Samuel Osborn of Enfield, CT whom the town had admitted as
an inhabitant was granted 30 acres of field land, 4 acres of meadow land and a home
lot of 10 or 12 acres "where he can find it free and out of the reserved lot, he coming to
the place to dwell there next summer and continuing for seven years"15  Samuel was
granted 70 acres of land in the second division of land in Enfield.  Samuel, called
bricklayer) sold the above four acres of land to William Booth on 16 Dec. 1712
(recorded 12 June 171716  The 70 acres of land in the second division "which he never
took up" descended to Samuel Jr. who sold it to Benjamin Thomas 6 Feb. 1716/17,
recorded 18 Nov. 1723.17  Samuel Sr's home lot of 12 acres was sold by his
daughter-in-law Esther Osborn to Ephraim Pease on 22 Jan, 1744, recorded next
	On 1 Apr 1700 the Town of Enfield, CT granted Samuel Sr. liberty to make
100,000 boxes on the common.19  Samuel was appointed fence viewer on 10 Mar
1704.20 In 1707 Samuel was a dissenter against "vindicating the town rights against
Windsor or any other encroachments"21 
	The administration of Samuel Osborn's estate was granted to Samuel Osborn
Jr. of Enfield, CT on 11 Dec. 1713.  The inventory was taken 20 Aug. 1713 by
Joseph Sexton, Zachariah Booth and Isaac Pease.  The value of the estate was
L107:18:6 with debts owed totaling L47:19:2 and debts due L10:12:09.  The free
movable estate totaled L55:11:03.  The order of distribution of the estate was dated 2
Feb. 1713/14 and names Hannah Osborne now Hannah Hale, relict to deceased (this
should be Sarah) Samuel Osborn, eldest son of deceased; daughters Sarah, Mary
& Hannah.22
	Sarah was probably the Sarah Patch admitted to full communion in the
Congregational Church in Wenham in April of 1693.23

Sarah Osborn married (2) 17 Dec. 1713 in Enfield, CT THOMAS HALE24. Thomas was
baptized 19 Jan. 1650/51 Hartford, CT.25, died 22 Apr 1725 Enfield,CT, son of
	On 24 June 1725 Samuel & Esther Osborn of Enfield, CT conveyed 40 acres of
land north of spring meadow land to Sarah Haile Samuel's mother. Samuel Jr. was a

	7	i	CHILD3 OSBORN, born 2 May 1685 in Springfield, MA; died 2 May
1685 in Springfield, MA. 

	8	i	SAMUEL Jr.3 OSBORN, born 1 Dec 1694 in Enfield, CT, probably
the Samuel Osborn of Sarah Osborn bapt in First Ch. of Salem on 5
July 170129,died 1733/34 in Enfield, CT.   Samuel Jr's will is dated 18
Apr 1733 and presented for probate 28 Aug. 1734; mentions widow
Esther who was administratrix & children Samuel, Hannah &
Esther30   On 22 Jan. 1744 Esther Osborn, widow of Samuel,
cordwainer sold 12 acres homelot with dwelling house in Enfield  to
Ephraim Pease (excepting house which was sold to Israel Pease),
recorded 23 Jan. 174431 Samuel Jr. married ESTHER EGGELSTON
                              15 May 1719 Enfield, CT32  Children born Enfield, CT33 i. Samuel
b.8 May 1724 ii. Esther b. 24 Oct. 1726, iii. Hannah

	9	ii	SARAH3 OSBORN, born 25 Oct 1696 in Enfield, CT; died 24 Feb
1750 in Somers, CT34, married LUKE PARSONS, son of SAMUEL
PARSONS & HANNAH HITCHCOCK 13 Sept. 1716 Enfield, CT.35
                               Luke was born 4 Jan. 1696 Enfield, CT36 and died 8 July 1769
Somers, CT37 Children:38 i  Luke Jr. born 12 Apr. 1724 Somers, CT,
ii. Miriam born 6 Mar. 1729 Somers, CT - 5 others39

	10	iii	MARY3 OSBORN, born 8 May 1699 in Enfield, Hartford Co.,

	11	iv	HANNAH3 OSBORN, born 24 Oct 1701 in Enfield, CT probably the
one who died 15 Oct 1776 in Stafford, CT.40 m. July 1725 Enfield,
CT41 JAMES PASCO  bapt 14 Apr 1700 Salem, MA son of HUGH
PASCO & MARY PEASE42 Children b Windsor, CT 43i.  Hannah
born 15 Aug. 1726, ii. Elizabeth born 29 Jan. 1729 iii.  James born 28
Mar 1731 iv.  Jonathan   v. Jonah born c1740

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