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1. NICHOLAS1 PATCH married  JANE (---). 

	Children of NICHOLAS PATCH and JANE (---) were as follows:

                               Generation 2

2. NICHOLAS2 PATCH (NICHOLAS1), christened 26 Jun 1697 in So. Petherton,
Somerset, England, died bef. 26 Nov 1673.1  He married on 17 Sep 1623 in Somerset,
	 	Nicholas had a grant of land at Salem 25 July 1639.3 In 1650 Nicholas
Patch was admitted to the Church at Salem, MA 4 and on 4 July 1657 Nicholas & his
wife Elizabeth were two of the founders of the church at Beverly, MA.5
	Nicholas PATCH died intestate. At a Court at Salem 26 Nov. 1673
administration of his estate was granted to his sons John & Thomas PATCH.  The
sons presented an agreement to divide their father's estate between them which the
Court allowed. John PATCH received four acres of meadowland by the Dodge Farm,
two acres by Longham and one acre adjoining Capt. Lothrop's by Samuel Corning's
farm and four acres, the house and land with the orchard except one acre which
Thomas Patch was to have for himself and children. Thomas also received 14 acres
of upland and five acres of meadow, one cow and three young cattle.  The household
stuff was divided between the brothers.6

+	3	i	JOHN3 PATCH, born 26 Dec 1623 in So. Petherton, Somerset,
+	5	iii	THOMAS3 PATCH, born abt. 1638. He married MARY SCOTT. 

                           Generation 3

3. JOHN3 PATCH (NICHOLAS2, NICHOLAS1), born 26 Dec 1623 in So. Petherton,
Somerset, England;8 died 1694 in Beverly, MA.9 He married  ELIZABETH
(calculated VR); died 14 Jan 1715 AE 85 years in Beverly, MA.10 
	Distribution of the estate of John PATCH is dated 11 Nov. 1695. The
estate was distributed to widow Elizabeth; sons Richard & Benjamin; daughters
Elizabeth (wife of Jonathan Boiles) & Sarah Patch. The latter was  to have land that
was next to some given to her by her grandfather. Jonathan Biles received land "on
the hill behind the now dwelling house" in right of his wife Elizabeth. Widow Elizabeth
was assigned the homestead for life.11
	The children of John PATCH viz John, Richard, Nicholas & Benjamin, & Sarah,
PATCH & Elizabeth BILES, among others are mentioned in the Last Will &
Testament of Richard Brackenbury of Beverly, Mass. dated 14 Mar. 1684 and proved
24 June 1684.  Richard Brackenbury was their grandfather, father of their mother
Elizabeth (Brackenbury) Patch.12 

	6	i	RICHARD4 PATCH, born 30 Apr 1648 in Salem, MA. He married on 8
Feb 1672/73 in Beverly, MA, MARIA GOLDSMITH14. 
	7	ii	SARAH4 PATCH, born 28 Jul 1650 in Salem, MA; died 10 Mar 1658
in Salem, MA15. 
	8	iii	ELIZABETH4 PATCH, born 6 Feb 1652 in Salem, MA. She married
on 15 Nov 1674 in Beverly, MA16, JONATHAN BOILES, born abt.
1744; died 1734 in Beverly, MA17. 
	9	iv	ELEN4 PATCH, born 1652/58 in Salem, MA; died 2 Feb 1658 in
Salem, MA18. 
	10	v	JOHN4 PATCH, born 1 Mar 1658 in Salem, MA. 
	11	vi	NICHOLAS4 PATCH, christened 12 Jul 1668 in Beverly, MA. 
	12	vii	SARAH4 PATCH   Sarah was single in 1695 when given land in
distribution of father's estate.
	13	viii	BENJAMIN4 PATCH, christened 4 Sep 1670 in Beverly, MA, died Jun
1730 in Beverly, MA19. He married on 16 Jul 1694 in Salem, MA,
SUSANNAH LEGROWE20, died 2 Nov 1733 AE abt 61 yrs 6 mos. in
Beverly, MA21   At the Essex Co. Court of 5 Sept. 1694 Benjamin
Patch and his now wife Susannah Legroe (of Salem) were fined
40s for fornication22

4. JAMES3 PATCH (NICHOLAS2, NICHOLAS1), christened 18 Sep 1626 in So.
Petherton, Somerset, England, died 10 Aug 1658 in Salem, MA.23 He married 

 	The will of James Patch is dated 7 Aug. 1658 & was proved at Salem 1 Nov.
1658, names wife Hannah, son James, daughters Mary & Elizabeth PATCH. Two
brothers Nicholas Woodbury & John PATCH are named overseers.24

	14	i	ELIZABETH4 PATCH, born 16 Jun  164 in Salem, MA. 
	15	ii	MARY I4 PATCH, born 21 May 1647 in Salem, MA; died 30 Oct 1648
in Salem, MA26. 
	16	iii	MARY II4 PATCH, born 6 Apr 1649 in Salem, MA She married on 28
Apr 1668 in Beverly, MA27, PAUL THORNDIKE, died bef. 2 Jan
1698. Paul’s estate was administered  by his widow Mary & son
Paul 2 Jan. 1698.  His heirs signed articles of agreement 27 Mar
1699 as follows: John Thorndike, eldest son of Capt. Thorndike,
Jonathan Billes as guardian to the youngest son Herbert
Thorndike, daughter Mary Thorndike, Samuel Goold in right of
his wife  Elizabeth, William Pride in right of Hannah his wife, &
Martha Thorndike.  The latter three were Paul’s daughters28
	17	iv	JAMES4 PATCH, born 21 Jun 1655 in Salem, MA; died Feb 1733/34
in Ipswich, MA29 He married (1) on 20 Dec 1680 in Beverly,MA30
SARAH BALCH GARDINER, died bef. Jun 171731. He married (2) in
Jun 1717, MARY THORNE widow of DAVID THORNE. Mary died 
Dec 1735 in Ipswich, MA32. 
	18	v	NICHOLAS4 PATCH, born 21 Oct 1657 in Salem, MA; died 16 Jan
1658 in Salem, MA33 

      HANNAH (WOODBURY) PATCH married (2) MARK HASCALL who died before  30
Mar 1669  when widow Hannah presented  an inventory of his

5. THOMAS3 PATCH (NICHOLAS2, NICHOLAS1), born abt. 1638; died 19 Feb 1721/22
age 83 years in Wenham, Essex Co., MA35  He married  MARY SCOTT, born abt.
1643; died 26 Sep 1723, age above 80 years36  in Wenham, Essex Co., MA, daughter
	Thomas Patch was a freeman in Beverly, MA in Mar of 1671.37 Thomas deposed
age c37.38  Thomas served on the Grand Jury Nov 1673 at Salem.39 He served as
tithingman in Salem, MA in 1677.40 Thomas deposed, age 40, in June 1679 and
deposed age 41 in Sept. 1679.41
	On July 12 1668 Thomas Patch & Mary his "wife having first been privately
examined in their knowledge & good affections & desires by ye Pastor (which is also to
understand of all ye are admitted to any of ye public ordinances above named) upon
their publick laying hold of ye Covenant & as above had their children  baptized"42 
	Thomas, Mary & Sarah  Patch were communicants of the Congregational Church
in Wenham.  Thomas was admitted to full communion in the Wenham Congregational
Church  1 Apr 1696.  In 1700 Thomas owned the covenant for the Wenham Church.
Thomas & Mary Patch were admitted to the Watch of the Church around this time.43
	Thomas Patch lived in Beverly on land inherited from his father.44 
	William & Thomas sons of Thomas Patch were baptized in the First Church of
Beverly 19:5m:1668.45
	Thomas Patch & Abigail Bosworth petitioned the Ipswich Court of 25 Sept.
1683 for administration of the estate of their brother Thomas Scott, deceased  the
court finding that administration had already been granted to widow of said Scott and
that the debts were greater than the credits and saw no reason to grant the petition.
This petition identifies Mary, wife of Thomas and the other two women
as "all reputed daughters of Thomas Scott Sr. of  Ipswich deceased and sisters of
Thomas Scott. Much about this case can be found in the Essex Quarterly Court

	Children of THOMAS PATCH and MARY SCOTT47 
+	19	i	SARAH4 PATCH, born 8 Dec 1666 in Wenham, Essex Co., MA. She
married (1) SAMUEL OSBORN. She married (2) THOMAS HALE. 
	20	ii	WILLIAM4 PATCH, born 1668; christened 19 Jul 1668 in Beverly,
MA; died 1 Nov 1742 “suddenly” in Beverly, MA48 
	21	iii	THOMAS Jr. 4 PATCH, christened 19 Jul 1668 in Beverly, MA, d
	22	iv	MARY4 PATCH, born 3 Feb 1669 in Wenham, MA. 
	23	v	THOMAS4 PATCH, born 19 Jul 1674 in Wenham, MA; died 7 Oct
1754, AE 80 in Wenham, MA49. 
	24	vi	TIMOTHY4 PATCH, born abt. 1676; died 16 May 1751 in Wenham,
MA50 He married on 18 Nov 1705 in Beverly, MA51, ELIZABETH
POWLAND, died 6 Sep 1742 in Wenham, MA52 
	25	vii	JAMES4 PATCH, born 31 Mar 1678 in Beverly, MA; died 1 Apr 1757
AE 80 yrs in Beverly, MA53 James married REBECCA BILES 22
Dec. 1700 Beverly, MA.54  Rebecca daughter o JONATHAN BILES
& ELIZABETH PATCH was bapt 21 Apr 1678 Beverly, MA.55

	26	viii	STEPHEN4 PATCH, born 12 Apr 1680 in Wenham, MA; died 25 Jan
1748/49, AE 69 yrs in Wenham, MA56 He married  RUTH (---), born
abt. 1677; died 13 Aug 1727, AE 50 yrs  in Wenham, MA57 
	27	ix	ISAAC4 PATCH, born abt. 1682; died 12 Jul 1762 in Groton, MA. He
married on 12 Jul 1762 in Groton, MA, EDITH EDWARDS, born abt.
1682; died abt. 178258   The Essex Co. Court of 29 Mar 1709 fined
Isaac Patch, late of Wenham & his now wife Edith Edwards 40s

         28       x.     SIMION4 PATCH, born abt. 1686; died 13 May 1749, ae 63 yrs in
Wenham, MA60 He married on 4 May 1712 in Wenham, MA61,
MARTHA GOLDSMITH, died 1 Mar 1747/48 in Wenham, MA62 

                       Generation 4

19. SARAH4 PATCH (THOMAS3, NICHOLAS2, NICHOLAS1), born 8 Dec 1666 in
Wenham, Essex Co., MA; died 6 Jul 1748 in Somers, Tolland Co., CT.63 She married
(1) on 7 Sep 1693 in Enfield, Hartford Co., CT, SAMUEL OSBORN,64 born 1 Feb 1663
in Springfield, Hampden Co., MA65 died 17 Jun 1713, son of JAMES OSBORN and
JOYCE SMITH.  She married (2)  THOMAS HALE, christened 19 Jan 1650/51 in
Hartford, CT, 66died 22 Apr 1725 in Enfield, CT 67SEE OSBORN FAMILY BY
29	i	SAMUEL Jr. 5 OSBORN, born 1 Dec 1694 in Enfield, CT                               
30	ii	SARAH5 OSBORN, born 25 Oct 1696 in Enfield, CT
31	iii	MARY5 OSBORN, born 8 May 1699 in Enfield, Hartford Co., C
32	iv	HANNAH5 OSBORN, born 24 Oct 1701 in Enfield, CT 

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