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CONTACT: Doris R. Sheridan, Troy NY 12180


                         First Generation

	1.	NICHOLAS RICH was born about 1660. He died in 1720/1726 in Preston, New London Co. CT.

     Nicholas RICH was in Salem, MA in May of 1682 when he was fined for a
misdemeanor (1) He was a tax payer in Salem in 1683 (2)

On 13 July 1713 Nicholas & Grace Rich of Attleborough, MA  transferred
land to John Houghton Sr. of Lancaster, MA, acting for Hannah Lewis, the only
heir of Christopher Lewis (3)

On 16 Jan. 1689/98 Nicholas was accepted as a townsmen in Wenham ,MA.(4)_
On 26 Nov. 1713 Nicholas, house carpenter, and Grace Rich quit claimed about 50 acres of land in Attleborough, MA to Andrew Starkcy of that  place (5)  Nicholas and Grace were in Connecticut on 24 Oct. 1716 when Nicholas purchased for the sum of 18 pounds, land in Preston (6) This same day, Nicholas for love and good will, made over part of this land to Grace (7) On 5 June 1717 Nicholas sold a part of this land to Nicholas Cogswell of Preston, deed not recorded until 10 Oct. 1720 (8) On 13 Feb. 1717/18 Nicholas & Grace of Preston, CT sold all their rights in common or undivided land in Preston to James Tiler of Preston for L4.(9) On 2 Mar 1719/20 Grace Rich for love and affection, returned the land to Nicholas  which he gave to her 24 Oct. 1716 (10) 

Nicholas & Grace Rich were deceased by 21 Oct.1726 when Nicholas' children sold the Preston property.  The deed of sale mentions Samuel Ritch of Sutton, MA; David Ritch of Meriden, CT; Timothy Grarom & Abigail his wife of Wallingford, CT; James Tylar and Sarah his wife of Providence and Jonathan Ritch & John Green and Mary his wife of Preston, CT.(11)

NICHOLAS married (1) ABIGAIL GREEN, daughter of JOHN GREEN and MARY
WARREN. Abigail was born on 20 Feb 1660/1661 in Salem, Essex Co., MA.(12) She died  after 20 Feb. 1697 when Nicholas & wife Abigail & Peter Thomson sold land in Wenham to Joseph Herrick.(13)  

On  8 Aug 1693 an agreement was made to divide the property of  John Green
who died in the winter of 1690/91 in Salem, MA.  Abigail, wife of Nicholas
Ritch, received L4 in money and four acres of land upon which she and her husband were now living.(14)

NICHOLAS and ABIGAIL had the following children(15):

+	2	M	i.	SAMUEL RICH was born about 1683/1684 

+	3	F	ii.	ABIGAIL RICH was born on 2 Oct 1687 (16)  

+	4	M	iii.	DAVID RICH was born on 18 Jul 1695 (17) 

+	5	F	iv.	SARAH RICH.

+	6	F	v.	MARY RICH died before 2 Jun 1724.

+	7	M	vi.	JONATHAN RICH died after 1736.

NICHOLAS also married (2) GRACE, widow of CHRISTOPHER LEWIS about 1713. Grace
died before 26 Oct 1726.(18) Christopher Lewis died Malden, MA 8 Feb 1703/4.(19)

In 1713 Nicholas & Grace RICH of Attleboro, MA drew a deed,acting for Grace's daughter Hannah Lewis, the only heir of Christpher Lewis, transferring land in Lancaster, MA belonging to Christopher Lewis.(20)

                          Second Generation

	2.	SAMUEL RICH (NICHOLAS) was born about 1683/1684 in Wenham, Essex Co., MA. He died before 1 Apr 1729 in Sutton, Worcester Co., MA.

On 5 Mar 1708 Samuel RICH purchased from John Marsh 61-2/3 acres of land
located between Medfield & Mendon, MA.  This is now part of the Town of
Bellingham, MA.(21)  In 1719 Samuel was a petitioner for the founding of Bellingham.(22)

SAMUEL, a carpenter by occupation served as a constable for the Town of Mendon.

In 1720 SAMUEL RICH in partnership with Richard Waters purchased 600 acres
of land in West Sutton, MA  This same year Samuel sold his Mendon farm (23)

Samuel Rich’s house located in Sutton, MA was on the Douglas Turnpike
which ran from Hartford, CT to Providence, RI.  After Samuel died, his grandson Amos Rich turned the house into a tavern.  The house remained a tavern until 1835 when it was sold to Chandler Stockwell who owned it until 1886 when it was purchased by Monroe M. Wallace. The house remains under ownership of the Wallace family today.(24)

Samuel Rich signed the Covenant for the First Congregational Church in
Sutton, MA on 30 Sept. 1728 (25) 

Samuel & Elizabeth RICH were members, by letter, of the First Congregational
Church in the Year 1724 (26)

Samue; Rich died intestate.  His widow Elizabeth  Rich was appointed
administratrix on 31 Mar. 1729.  The bond of administration for 3000 pounds was signed by  Elizabeth, William King & Isaac Learned. The inventory was taken by William  King, Ebenezer & Isaac Learned on 18 Apr. 1729 and amounted to L1448:17s:2d (27)

On 25 March 1741 a bond was filed to release one of the heirs of Samuel Rich Sr. deceased.  This document named Israel Rich, Samuel Rich & Benjamim Marsh in behalf of Nathaniel Rich, all of Sutton, MA; Sarah wife of Zachariah Mason of Newport, RI; Priscilla, wife of Benjamin Sibley of Willington and Hannah, wife of Richard  Kidder of Dudley, MA.  These persons were the children of "our honored father Samuel Rich, late of  Sutton". The document was witnessed by  Jephthah Putnam & John Campbell.(28)

DAVIDSON,MARY (RICH) TAYLOR and NATHANIEL RICH (deceased) were heirs to
Stoughton’s  1000 acres of farmland owned by Samuel Rich Sr. (Worcester Deeds 26:259). This land had been sold to Richard Waters of Salem and Samuel Rich of Bellingham by William  Taylor on 8 Dec. 1720. The property later covered land in Sutton and West Sutton (29)

SAMUEL married (1) HANNAH MARSH on 29 Nov 1705 in Salem, MA.(30) Hannah was born on 18 Sep 1673 in Salem, MA.(31) Hannah was the daughter of SAMUEL MARSH & PRISCILLA TOMPKINS. She died on 30 Mar 1716 in Mendon, MA (32)

They had the following children(33)

+	8	F	i.      PRISCILLA RICH born 28 Sep 1706 

+	9	F	ii.     HANNAH RICH born 17 Jul 1708.

+	10	F	iii.	SARAH RICH born  3 Apr 1710 

+	11	M	iv.     SAMUEL Jr. RICH born 10 Jul 1712 

        12	F	  v.	ABIGAIL RICH born 6 Apr 1714 

	13	F	vi.	EUNICE RICH born  22 Mar 1715/1716 Mendon, MA.

SAMUEL also married (2) ELIZABETH TOMPKINS, daughter of JOHN TOMPKINS and
REBECCA KNIGHT, on 16 May 1717 in Salem, Essex Co., MA (34) Elizabeth was born on 14 Mar 1680/1681 in Salem, Essex Co.,MA.(35) She died after 1731 when as a member of the Sutton, MA Congregational Church, she is mentioned in a seating arrangement as “yea widdo RICH. (36)

SAMUEL and ELIZABETH had the following children: (37)

+	14	M	vii.	ELISHA  RICH born 23 Feb 1718 

+	15	M	viii.	ISRAEL RICH died about 1748/1749.

	16	M	ix.	NATHANIEL RICH born about 1720. died after  1741. On 19 Aug. 1740 Benjamin Marsh was appointed guardian of Nathaniel Rich, age 20 years, son of Samuel Rich, late of Sutton, MA.  In 1748 in the disbursement of father's estate he was referred to as deceased.(38) 

	3.	ABIGAIL RICH (NICHOLAS) was born on 2 Oct 1687 in Wenham, Essex Co., MA. She died on 18 Nov 1771 in Framingham, Hartford Co., CT and was buried in South Cem., Bristol, Hartford Co., CT.(39)

Abigail made her will 31 Jan. 1765. It was proved 22 Mar 1722. Her heirs
were daughters Isabel IVES, Abigail STONE and Elizabeth ADKINS; sons - Timothy
JEROME, Zerubbabel J. JEROME William JEROME & Samuel JEROME; husband
Jacob DEMING of Farmington, CT; Negro servants Rose & Prince were mentioned. 
Executor was William JEROME. The witnesses to the document were Joseph BYINTUN & Temperance JEARON.(40) 

Sir Winston Churchill’s American born mother Jennie JEROME descended from
Timothy JEROME of Wallingford, CT.  Preston, CT land records offer conclusive
proof that the wife of Timothy JEROME was Abigail RICH, daughter of Nicholas
RICH who settled in Preston, CT in 1716.

ABIGAIL married (1) TIMOTHY JEROME. Timothy born c1688/89 Isle of Wright (41) died on 23 Feb 1750, Ae 62.(42)

TIMOTHY and ABIGAIL had the following children(43)

	17	M	i.      TIMOTHY JEROME  bapt on 17 Oct 1713 in Windham Cong. Church.

	18	M	ii.	ZERUBBABEL JEROME was bapt on 3 Apr 1715 in Windham Cong. Church.




	22	M	vi.	WILLIAM JEROME was born on 28 Aug 1717 in Wallingford, CT.

	23	M	vii.	SAMUEL JEROME was born on 3 Nov 1728 in Wallingford, CT.

ABIGAIL also married (2) JACOB DEMING on 29 Mar 1752 in Meridan, CT.(44) Jacob died about 1749.(45)

	4.	DAVID RICH (NICHOLAS) born on 18 Jul 1695 in Wenham, Essex Co., MA.(46) He died on 4 Jun 1748 in Bristol, Hartford Co., CT.(47)

David RICH made his will 23 Feb. 1747/8 & mentions his wife Elizabeth, son
Samuel & daughter Sarah (48)

DAVID married ELIZABETH.(49)

They had the following children bo rn Wallingford, CT(50)

	24	F	i.      ABIGAIL RICH born 18 Sep 1717 
	25	M	ii.	DAVID RICH born 12 Jan 1720 

	26	F	iii.	ELIZABETH RICH  born on 8 Jan 1722 

	27	F	iv.	REBECCA RICH born  17 Aug 1723 

	28	M	v.	WILLIAM RICH born 12 Mar 1725/1726 

	29	F	vi.	PHOEBE RICH born 5 Feb 1726 

	30	M	vii.	SAMUEL RICH  born 27 Dec 1729/1730 

	31	F	viii.	SARAH RICH born 20 Feb 1732 


SARAH married JAMES TYLER (51)

They  had the following child ch Preston, CT(52)

	32	M	i.	SAMUEL TYLER was christened on 19 Nov 1727 

	6.	MARY RICH (NICHOLAS) died before 2 Jun 1724.(53)

MARY married JOHN GREEN on 2 Jun 1724 in Preston, CT.54

They had the following child b. Preston, CT(55)

	33	M	i.	JOHN GREEN was born on 16 Sep 1725 

	7.	JONATHAN RICH (NICHOLAS) died after 1736(56)

JONATHAN married SARAH.)(57)

They had the following children I-iii cr 2d Cong. Ch. Preston, CT (58)

	34	M	i.      SOLOMON RICH christened  10 Jul 1743 

	35	F	ii.	PRISCILLA RICH christened  10 Jul 1743 

	36	F	iii.	ELIZABETH RICH born  10 Jul 1743 
	37	F	iv.	ABIGAIL RICH born on 3 Oct 1719 Ashford, CT.

	38	F	v.	MARY RICH.

	39	F	vi.	SARAH RICH.


                        Third Generation

	8.	PRISCILLA RICH (SAMUEL, NICHOLAS) was born on 28 Sep 1706 in Wrentham, MA. She died 1 Feb 1782 75th Year Of Her Age in Willington, CT and was buried in Willington Hill Cem.(59)

SIBLEY & SUSANNA FOLLETT & died 2 Nov 1780 In 88th Yr. Of His Age in Willington, CT and was buried in Willington Hill Cem.(60)

BENJAMIN and PRISCILLA had the following children(61)

	41	F	i.	PRISCILLA SIBLEY  born  8 Aug 1725 Sutton

	42	M	ii.	BENJAMIN SIBLEY born  17 Aug 1727 Sutton

	43	F	iii.	ZERVIAH SIBLEY ch on 31 Aug 1729  Oxford, MA.

	44	F	iv.	HANNAH SIBLEY ch 10 May 1730 in Sutton, MA.

	45	M	v.	EZEKIEL SIBLEY  born  1731  Willington, CT.

	46	F	vi.	SUSANNA SIBLEY born 1733  Willington, CT.

	47	F	vii.	HANNAH SIBLEY born 26 Oct 1735 Willington, CT.

	48	M	viii.	EZRA SIBLEY  born 4 Aug 1738  Willington, CT.

	49	M	ix.	ABRAM SIBLEY born 2 Jul 1740 Willington, CT.

	50	M	x.	AARON SIBLEY born 2 Jul 1740 Willington,CT 

	51	M	XI.	MOSES SIBLEY born 9 May 1743 Willington,CT 

	52	M	xii.	JOSEPH SIBLEY born 19 Aug 1745 Willington,CT

	53	M	xiii.	SAMUEL SIBLEY born 14 Jun 1747Willington,CT

	54	M	xiv.	JONATHAN SIBLEY born 4 Nov 1750 Willington CT

	9.	HANNAH RICH (SAMUEL, NICHOLAS) was born on 17 Jul 1708 in Mendon, MA.

CROSBY, on 24 Dec 1728 in Sutton, MA.(62) Richard was born on 10 May 1705 in Billerica, MA.(63) He died in 1773. His will is dated 11 Mar 1773 and does not mention a wife.(64) 

RICHARD and HANNAH had the following children(65):

	55	F	i.      RACHEL KIDDER was born 8 Oct 1729 

	56	F	ii.	HANNAH KIDDER was born 8 Nov 1731 

	57	M	iii.	SAMUEL KIDDER was born 8 Feb 1734  

	58	F	iv.	EUNICE KIDDER was born 7 Dec 1735 

	59	M	v.	RICHARD Jr. KIDDER was born 9 May 1738 

	60	M	vi.	DAVID KIDDER was born 28 Jun 1740 

	61	M	vii.	BENJAMIN KIDDER was born 27 Dec 1743 

	62	M	viii.	NATHANIEL KIDDER was born  9 Dec 1746. He
died on 9 Dec 1756 in Dudley, Ma.(66)

	63	M	ix.	THOMAS KIDDER was born on 21 Aug 1750

	10.	SARAH RICH (SAMUEL, NICHOLAS) was born on 3 Apr 1710 in Mendon, MA. She died on 20 Dec 1790 in Medfield, MA.(67)

CLARK, on 25 Jan 1732/1733.(68)  Zachariah was born on 7 Jan 1702 in Medfield, MA.(69) He died on 4 May 1790 in Medfield, MA.(70)

ZACHARIAH and SARAH had the following children b. Medfield, MA(71)

	64	M	i.	ZACHARIAH MASON born 15 Oct 1733 

	65	M	ii.	AMOS MASON born 11 Apr 1735 

	66	M	iii.	JOHN MASON born 22 Jun 1738 

	67	F	iv.	MARGERY MASON born 26 Nov 1744 

	68	M	v.	JAMES MASON born 21 Sept 1750
	11.	SAMUEL Jr. RICH (SAMUEL, NICHOLAS) was born on 10 Jul 1712 in
Mendon, MA. He died after 19 Apr 1779 when he wrote his will and before 5 May 1789 when the will was probated.(72)

KING. Elizabeth was born about 1713 (calculated death vr). She died 20 Mar 1805 In 92d Year in Sutton, MA.(73)

SAMUEL Jr. and ELIZABETH had the following children. Sutton, MA(74)

	69	M	i.	SAMUEL RICH born 30 Jul 1735 

	70	M	ii.	BENJAMIN RICH born 20 Jul 1737 

	71	F	iii.	HANNAH RICH born 16 Apr 1738 

	72	F	iv.	ELIZABETH RICH born 29 Jul 1741 

	73	F	v.	SARAH RICH born 3 Apr 1743 

	74	M	vi.	DAVID RICH born 4 Mar 1744 

	75	M	vii.	JONATHAN RICH  born 20 Jul 1747 

	76	M	viii.	REUBEN RICH born 10 May 1752 

	77	M	ix.	AMOS RICH born 4 Sep 1757 

	12.	ABIGAIL RICH (SAMUEL, NICHOLAS) was born on 6 Apr 1714 in Mendon, MA. She died 2 Dec. 1803, ae 90 yrs  in Douglas, MA.(75)

ABIGAIL married WILLIAM DAVIDSON on 17 Apr 1744 in Sutton, MA.(76) WILLIAM died 22 Jan 1798, AE 81 yrs in Douglas, MA.(77)

1790 cn Douglas, . l male 16 & above, 2  females(78)

WILLIAM and ABIGAIL had the following children . Douglas, MA (79)

	78	F	i.	MARY DAVIDSON  born 10 Apr 1745 

	79	M	ii.	DOUGLAS DAVIDSON born about 1746.

	80	M	iii.	WILLIAM DAVIDSON born 12 Apr 1749 

	81	M	iv.	NATHANIEL DAVIDSON born 16 Dec 1750 

	82	M	v.	CALVIN DAVIDSON was born about 1751.

	83	M	vi.	SAMUEL DAVIDSON born 7 Sep 1753 

	14.	ELISHA RICH (SAMUEL, NICHOLAS) was born on 23 Feb 1718 in Mendon, Worcester Co., MA. He died after 1785.

Elisha Rich resided in Sutton and Oxford, MA. In 1758 Elisha, Israel and
Mary Rich released their interest in  land located in  Salem, MA to Joseph Very. This land had been the property of their grandfather John Tompkins and they were releasing their interest in their Uncle Nathaniel Tompkins estate. (80) 

Elisha Rich was a Lt. in the French & Indian War serving at Lake George in
the Year 1756 in Capt. Ebenezer Learned’s Company. His war record states he
was from Sutton, MA, age 38, born Bellingham, MA (81) 

For his service in the French & Indian War, Elisha was awarded a grant of
land located  in Gardener’s Canada Township of Roxbury which is now Warwick
Franklin Co., MA  In 1753, Elisha was a proprietor owning Lot 45 in the first
division of land.  Elisha’s son Thomas occupied this lot but it is believed
that Elisha never resided in the Town of Wawick as there is no documentation
in Warwick town records that places Elsha in the town.(82)

In 1740 Elisha and Mary Rich were members of the First Congregational
Church in Sutton, MA. (83)

Elisha served as moderator and selectman 1761 & 1763 for the Town of
Sutton, MA as well as on a committee to let or lease out yea burying place to
Mr. David Hall Jr. (84)

Elsha & Mary Rich were living on 6 Apr 1785 when they deeded land to Ebenezer Rich of Sutton, MA (85)  They are not in the 1790 census of Sutton or elsewhere.
Elisha married MARY DAVIS, daughter of SAMUEL DAVIS and MARY CHAMBERLAIN,
on 21 Dec 1737 in Oxford, Worcester Co., MA.(86) Mary was born on 18 Jul 1717 in Roxbury,Suffolk Co., MA.(87) She died after 1785.(88)

They had the following children(89)

+	84	M	i.      THOMAS RICH born on 29 Oct 1738 

+	85	M	ii.	ELISHA RICH  born on 7 Apr 1740 

+	86	M	iii.	NATHANIEL RICH was born on 20 Mar 1742 

	87	M	iv.	CHARLES RICH was born on 21 Apr 1744 Sutton, Worcester Co., MA. He died on 2 Apr 1767 in Warwick, Franklin Co., MA.(90)

+	88	F	v.	MARY RICH  born on 11 May 1746 

+	89	M	vi.	JACOB Sr. RICH  born on 15 Jul 1747 

+	90	F	vii.	ELIZABETH RICH  born on 8 Oct 1748

+	91	M	viii.	CALEB RICH  born on 1 Aug 1750 

+	92	M	ix.	EBENEZER RICH born on 18 Nov 1751  

+	93	F	x.	HANNAH RICH born on 1 Sep 1753 

11+	94	F	XI.	SARAH RICH born on 31 Jul 1755 

+	95	F	xii.	JUDITH RICH born on 8 Nov 1757 

+	96	M	xiii.	JOSEPH RICH born on 1 Mar 1759 

	15.	ISRAEL RICH (SAMUEL, NICHOLAS) died about 1748/1749.(91)

Israel married SARAH FAIRFIELD in Jul 1744 in Oxford, MA.(92) Sarah daughter of DANIEL FAIRFIELD & REMEMBER STEVENS was born 16 May 1725 Wenham MA (93)  Sarah m2 BENJAMIN  FITTS 31 Oct. 1749 Sutton, MA (94)

They had the following children.Sutton,MA (95)

	97	F	i.	LUCY RICH  born on 7 Apr 1745 

	98	F	ii.	SARAH RICH born on 3 Oct 1746 

	99	M	iii.	ISRAEL RICHborn on 20 Aug 1748 .

                        Fourth Generation

	84.	THOMAS RICH (ELISHA, SAMUEL, NICHOLAS) was born on 29 Oct 1738 in Sutton, Worcester Co., MA. He died on 22 Aug 1828 in Shoreham, VT.(96)

Thomas lived in Warwick, MA where he was active in town affairs. In 1776 he served as an inspector on the Committee of Correspondence & Inspection (97) On 11 Mar 1776 he was appointed member of the Committee of Correspondence, Inspection and Safety.(98)  In May of this year he was appointed representative to the General Assembly.(99) At a town meeting 4 July 1776 the townsmen voted whether or not to declare independence from Great Britain and Thomas voted yes.(100)  At the annual Warwick Town Meeting in 1777 Thomas served as moderator, was appointed selectman, a member of the Committee of Correspondence and representative to the General Court.(101)  In 1778 & 1779 he was again voted to serve as a representative to the General Court.(102) Thomas was a selectmen in 178. (103) Thomas erected a saw mill in Warwick on the south eastern end of Gale's Pond.(104) 

Thomas Rich served in the Revolution as a Lieutenant in Capt. Elided Right’s co. Minute-men, Col. Samuel William's regt. which marched 20 Apr 1775 in response to the alarm of 19 Apr 1775 from Northfield and Warwick to Cambridge; service 2 weeks; also ;1st Lt. Capt Reuben Petty’s 6th (Warwick) co.,6th Hampshire co. regt. of Mass. militia; list of officers chosen in said company, as returned by Phineas Wright and others, field officers of said regiment, dated 23 Apr 1776; ordered in Council, 7 May 1776, that said officers be
commissioned; reported commissioned 7 May 1776 also 1st Lt. 6th , Hampshire Co. regt.commanded by Lt. Col. Samuel William’s; regimental return dated Warwick 30 Dec. 1778; commissioned 10 May 1776.(105) 
In  1787 he removed from Warwick, MA to Shoreham,VT.(106) Thomas established a saw mill in or near the Village of Richville and assisted his brother Nathaniel in building a grist mill (107)  

1790 cn Shoreham, VT 2-2-6 (108)  
1800 cn Shoreham 1-0-1-0-1  1-2-2-0-1 (109)

NEWELL, on 9 Aug 1770 in Warwick, MA.(110) Millicent was born on 5 Aug 1754 in Dudley, MA.(111) She died on 31 Mar 1831 in Shoreham, VT.(112)

THOMAS and MILLICENT had the following children 1st 9 b Warwick, MA, others Shoreham,VT: (113)

	100	M	i.     CHARLES RICH  born on 13 Sep 1771                                                  A congressman from Vermont

	101	M	ii.	EBER or EBEN RICH born on 18 Jun 1773 

	102	F	iii.	JUDITH RICH  born on 1 Jun 1775 

	103	M	iv.	JOHN RICH born on 12 Dec 1777 

	104	F	v.	MILLICENT RICH  born on 18 Nov 1779 

	105	F	vi.	ANNA RICH  born on 14 Oct 1781 

	106	F	vii.	CLARISSA RICH  born on 29 Jan 1784 

	107	M	viii.	SAMUEL RICH born on 16 Jun 1785 

	108	F	ix.	BETSEY RICH  born on 27 Jul 1787 

	109	F	x.	LUCINDA RICH born on 31 Jul 1789 

	110	F	XI.	LUCILLA/LURETTA RICH born on 5 Aug 1791 

	111	M	xii.	EZRA RICH born on 13 Nov 1792 

	85.	ELISHA RICH (ELISHA, SAMUEL, NICHOLAS) was born on 7 Apr 1740 in Sutton, Worcester Co., MA. He died 16 Mar 1812 ae 71 yrs in Burlington, Bradford Co., PA and was buried in Glenwood Cem.,Troy, PA.(114)

Elsha was a Baptist minister in Framingham, MA before 1780, then removed to Chelmsford MA.(115) Elshae Jr. was apprenticed to a gunsmith at age 14 and practiced this trade
for many years prior to becoming a minister in the Baptist Church.(116)  

He was a Soldier of the Revolution enlisting 5 July 1777, discharged 10
Oct. 1780 serving at West Point; private in Capt. Timothy Paige’s Co. Col.
John Reed’s Regiment.(117) 

Elisha Rich came to Clarendon, Vermont from Massachusetts in 1777  In March of 1783 he  relocated to Pittsford, Rutland Co.,VT. He purchased land at a place called Furnace Flats and in  the fall built a grist mill. He owned 440 acres of land and built a small house.  On 8 Oct 1783 he purchased the  farm of Aaron Parsons  but did not move there until he sold 100 acres of land on 21 May 1784 to Thomas & Samuel Adams.  After moving to the Parsons farm 
he  planted a large orchard and kept thirty to forty swarms of bees.(118)   The Baptist Church of Pittsford was organized 2 Dec. 1784 and Elisha was its first minister.(119) The Rich family was still in Pittsford 14 Jan 1805.(120) 

 He settled near Troy, PA c1804 and became a member of the Baptist Church organized in 1808 with a total membership of eight people. The eight were Elisha Rich Sr. Elisha Rich Jr., Russell Rose, Moses Calkins, James Mattison, Phoebe Rich, Peggy Rich and Lydia Rose   He was called Elder and was the first person to be buried in Glenwood Cem.(121) Elisha donated land for the site of the Baptist Church in Troy.(122) 

1790 VT cn Pittsford, Rutland Co. 1-1-3 (123) 

1800 cn bid l m.16-25, 1 male over 45; 1 female under 10, 1 f 16-25, l f over 45 (124) 

EXPERIENCE PERHAM. Phoebe was born on 3 Oct 1743 in Grafton, MA.(125) She was living 16 Nov.1808 in Troy, PA. (126)

They had the following children (127)

	112	F	i.	PHOEBE RICH born 8 Sep 1767 in Royalston,VT.

	113	F	ii.	LYDIA RICH born  25Oct 1760 in Royalston, VT.

	114	F	iii.	RUTH RICH  born 5 Feb 1770 in Royalston, MA.

	115	F	iv.	MARY (POLLY) RICH born 26 Feb 1772.

AA	116	F	v.	OLIVE RICH born 18 Aug 1778 in Chelmsford, MA.

	117	M	vi.	ELISHA Jr. RICH born  10 Dec 1779  Clarendon, VT. He died 11 Oct. 1845, ae  65-10-1 in Troy, Bradford Co. PA and was buried in Glenwood Cem.(128).

	118	F	vii.	ESTHER RICH born 16 Jun 1782 in Clarendon, VT.

	119	M	viii.	INFANT RICH died  2 Apr 1767 in Wawick,

	86.	NATHANIEL RICH (ELISHA, SAMUEL, NICHOLAS) was born on 20 Mar 1742 in Sutton, Worcester Co., MA. He died about 1800 in Ticonderoga, NY.(130)

On 4 July 1776 at a Warwick Town Meeting the townspeople voted whether or not to declare independence from Great Britain, Nathaniel Rich, constable, voted yes.(131)

Nathaniel owned a saw mill probably at the east end of Stephen’s Pond in Warwick.132 In 1785 with his brother Thomas Rich both supposed to be great hunters, purchased a tract of land in Richville near Shoreham, VT and established another saw mill.(133) 
NATHANIEL married (1) PHOEBE PUTNAM , daughter of EDWARD PUTNAM , and RUTH
FULLER,on 25 Sep 1766 in Oxford, MA.(134) Phoebe was born on 2 Nov 1745 in Sutton, MA.(135)

Nathaniel was a selectman in Warwick, MA 1780-81. He owned a saw mill in Warwick, MA probably located on the east end of Steven’s Pond.(136) He removed to Shoreham VT in 1785 and established a saw mill there.(137)

NATHANIEL and PHOEBE had the following children b. Warwick, MA except #10 b Shoreham, VT (138)

	120	F	i.      MATILDA RICH  born 7 Apr 1768 

	121	F	ii.	MARY RICH born 31 Mar 1770 

	122	M	iii.	ELISHA RICH born 4 Mar 1772 

	123	M	iv.	NATHANIEL RICH born 4 Jan 1774 

	124	F	v.	SARAH RICH born  14 Jan 1776 

	125	F	vi.	PHOEBE RICH  born  21 Jan 1779 

	126	M	vii.	ESSAU RICH born 2 Mar 1781 

	127	F	viii.	ELIZABETH RICH born 10 May 1783 

	128	M	ix.	PUTNAM RICH was born about 1787- Living 1820 Potsdam, NY.(139)

	129	M	x.	LEARNED RICH born on 2 Sep 1788 

NATHANIEL also married (2) SYBIL HOLTON SHELDON 29 Apr 1791 Intentions.(140) Sybil was born 5 Dec. 1751 Northfield, MA daughter of JOHN HOLTON & MEHITABLE
ALEXANDER. (141) Sybil had m1 AMASA SHELDON 25 July 1771 Northfield, MA (142)  Amasa,son of Amasa  Sheldon & Sarah Bardwell  was bapt 24 Apr 1748 Bernardston, MA and died 1780, a Soldier of the Revolution.(143)  

NATHANIEL & SYBIL  had the following child born Shoreham.VT  (144)

	130	M	XI.	NIMROD RICH born 7 Apr 1794 

	88.	MARY RICH (ELISHA, SAMUEL, NICHOLAS) was born on 11 May 1746 in Sutton, Worcester Co., MA. She died on 16 Oct 1815 in Eddington, Penobscot Co., ME.(145)

Aug 1767 in Oxford, MA.(146) Samuel died on 28 Jan 1817 in Eddington, ME (147)

SAMUEL and MARY had the following children. Oxford,MA: (148)

	131	F	i.	MARY DAVIS  born 24 Feb 1768 

        132	M	ii.	SAMUEL DAVIS born  8 Apr 1769 He died on
31 May 1771 in his 3d year in Oxford, MA.(149)

	133	F	iii.	ZILPAH DAVIS born 13 Apr 1771 

	134	M	iv.	SAMUEL DAVIS born 17 Nov 1772 

	135	F	v.	RUTH DAVIS  born 26 Jul 1774 

	136	F	vi.	SALLY DAVIS born 8 Mar 1776 

	137	M	vii.	CALEB DAVIS born 5 Dec 1777 

	138	F	viii.	NANCY DAVIS born 11 Feb 1780 

        139	F	ix.	MARTHA (Patty) DAVIS born 19 Jun 1784 

	140	M	x.	EBENEZER DAVIS born 29 Apr 1787 

	89.	JACOB Sr. RICH (ELISHA, SAMUEL, NICHOLAS) was born on 15 Jul 1747 in Sutton, Worcester Co., MA. He died on 5 Mar 1817 in Warwick, Franklin Co., MA and was buried in Rich Family Cem., Warwick, MA.(150)

Jacob RICH Sr. was an influential man in the early years of Warwick, MA.
He owned a tavern, grist mill, gin mill, saw mill and clothing store. (151)

Jacob placed the following advertisement to sell a blacksmith shop in the Massachusetts Spy of 16 Jan. 1794  “To be sold or let by the subscriber in Warwick - A good Blacksmith Shop with a Trip Hammer, two fires, two good sets of tools and sufficiently stocked  with coal. It will be sold on reasonable terms and credit given on good security or the subscriber  would hire a good
journeyman who could be well recommended. JACOB RICH - Warwick 3 Dec. 1793“ 

He placed the following advertisement to hire a clothier in the Massachusetts Spy of  19 Sept. 1800: “WANTED IMMEDIATELY - A JOURNEYMAN CLOTHIER who is a good workman and capable of managing  the business with prudence and  dispatch -- to  whom a generous wage will be given, or the Mill, Press and Apparatus complete and in good order. together with a House and Barn and a few acres of  valuable land will be let or sold - the above premises are situated on a large road and an excellent stand for business. Apply to JACOB RICH near the
premises. Warwick 3 Sept. 1800. 
On 4 July 1776 at a Warwick Town Meeting the townsmen voted whether or not to declare  independence from Great Britain.  Jacob cast a yes vote.(152)   

At a meeting of the free holders and inhabitants of Warwick on 31 Mar. 1777, JACOB RICH  and BENJAMIN MAYO were chosen constables. (153)  

Jacob Sr. was an incorporater of the Warwick & Irving Gore Turnpike
Corporation, a stagecoach route which was established in 1804. He was one of the founders of  the Franklin Glass Company organized in 1812 which proved to be an unsuccessful venture and failed in 1815.(154) There are some pieces and fragments of glass made by this company on display at Memorial Hall Museum in Deerfield, Massachusetts.  There is also a kitchen settle on exhibit at Deerfield which belonged to Jacob.  The donor's card on this bench reads,”Owned by Jacob Rich who settled in Warlock about 1777 - the great grandfather donor Jasper L. GALE, Warwick, Massachusetts".

An item published in a local newspaper in 1876 stated, "We have just
rescued from the rubbish the old centennial sign of the old tavern on the brook towards Winchester, with its punch-bowl and junk bottle.  That was the house where the teamsters and those pork-raisers from Vermont and New Hampshire, who went to Boston to exchange it for rum and molasses took their flip in the brave days of old.  "Jacob Rich" was on that sign (155)
In Volume I Minutes of Warwick, MA. Jacob Rich is called Innkeeper in
the Year 1784 and in 1805 he was granted an innholder’s license.  Jacob's
tavern was located on the Brook Road in Warwick  near the Winchester, NH town
line.  Supposedly, it was a two story house with a flat roof and shed attached that burned to the ground about 1895.

The following letter written on 26 Mar. 1882 to George D. RICH of Meadow
Grove, NEB from Harriet A. Leland was printed in Julia Rich Hogan’s Nicholas
Rich Genealogy.156  "My dear nephew: I received your letter dated March 13 and will try to give you what information I can concerning your relatives, your grandfather RICH was among the first settlers in Warwick. He married MARY KENDALL of Athol, Mass.  Children were all born in Warwick, 8 sons and four daughters, but have not found the dates of their births. They belonged to the good old Puritanical stock......"  ".....I can just remember that your grandfather RICH died, he with his wife started to go to visit their son Jacob and they had gone a mile or two and he died in his carriage.  I had forgotten to tell you his name was Jacob.  He owned a farm and once kept a 
hotel which was a custom with farmers of olden times, he owned a grist mill, and I have heard it said of him when a poor man bought a grist he would say to his boys,”don’t take any toll of him.”He was called an honest upright man.....".

1790  cn Warwick 4-4-5  (157)
1800 cn Warwick 2-2-2-0-1 (158)
1810 cn Warwick 0-1-3-0-1  0-1-1-0-1 Manufacturing Loom 1; Wool 60;cotton 6.8?; linen 50 (159)

The following is the listing for Jacob Rich of Warwick, Ma in the 1798
Massachusetts Direct Tax (160).

Schedule D - Dwelling Houses, Page 597, Hampshire County

Occupiers or possessors - JACOB RICH
OWNERS                  - JACOB RICH Valuation $1000
TOWNSHIP                - Warwick    Valuation revised $1100
HOUSES                  - 1 -2 acres

Schedule C. - Lands

OCCUPIERS               - Simon BORDEN & Jacob RICH
OWNERS                  - JACOB RICH
DWELLING HOUSES         - 1 for Simon BORDEN  - 50
LANDS                   - Simon BORDEN - 1 acre - 120 per acre
                        - Jacob RICH    - 200 + 40 + 30 - 66 + 14 acres
  ASSESSORS              - $130 (for land occupied by BORDEN)
                          $2480 (for 200); $200 (for 40); $150 (for 30) $66;
                          $14 (for 14)

VALUATION REVISED         $152.50 for land occupied by BORDEN
                          $3100 (for 200); $250 (for 40); $187.50 (for 30);
                          $82.50 (for 66); $17.50 (for 14)

WHOLE VALUATION:           $3040

JACOB RICH Sr. died intestate. His wife Mary and his son Elisha Rich were
appointed administrators of the estate on 2 Apr. 1817, document witnessed by
Ruben & Ebenezer Rich.  His estate consisted of land and personal estate
amounting to $16,451.53 and was inventoried on 31 May 1817 by Caleb Mayo,
Andrew Kendall  & Ashbel Ward.  Among Jacob's assets were 372 acres of land, the farm where Jacob Rich Jr. now lives and Pew #23 in the Meeting House.(161)

Jacob's death notice reads, "At Warwick on the 5th, Mr. JACOB RICH, age
71.  He was proceeding in company with his wife to visit a son, about 3 miles
distance and died without having any intimation of illness on his way."(Franklin Herald Tuesday 18 Mar. 1817, Vol. XXVI #319) 

In the Year 1855 Mrs. A. K. Miles, a descendant of the Kendall Family wrote
a genealogy in rhyme about the Kendall  Clan.  This is what she wrote about t0he family of JACOB & MARY RICH of Warwick, MA.

"Mary married one Jacob whose surname was Rich
       A tanner or farmer I cannot tell which.
      Their children increased to the number of eleven
       And plenty of bread to sustain them was given."

"The children of Mary and Jacob I'll write
       Lucinda, Charles, Mary, names hard to incite.
      Jacob, Olive, Reuben, Daniel and David appear
       Elisha, Eliza, Ebenezer are here."

On August 16-17 1975 the residents of Warwick, MA in celebration of our
nation's Bicentennial presented a drama called The Revolution Comes to Rev.
Lentil Hedge by Charles Morse & George Foot.  The production was held in Grace Field and the present townspeople, in colonial attire, played the parts of those long ago Warwick townspeople in the time period 1765 to 1777.  It was very impressive to see the actors come over the hill and down into the natural bowl where the field is located.  In my imagination, I could see 
the ghosts of JACOB RICH and his family in attendance - perhaps they were!!!

EVANS, on 4 Aug 1774 in Athol, Worcester Co., MA.(162) Mary was born on 26 Nov 1753 in Woburn, Middlesex Co., MA.(163) She died on 8 Sep 1839 in Warwick, Franklin Co., MA, ar 86 and was buried in Rich Family Cem., Warwick,MA.(164)

They had the following children (165)

+	141	F	i.	LUCINDA RICH  born  17 Aug 1775 

+	142	M	ii.	CHARLES RICH born 30 Jul 1777 

+	143	F	iii.	MARY RICH born  23 Sep 1779  

+	144	M	iv.	JACOB Jr. RICH  born 18 Jan 1782 

+	145	F	v.	OLIVIA RICH born in May 1784 

+	146	M	vi.	REUBEN RICH born 29 Apr 1786 

	147	M	vii.	DANIEL RICH born 30 Mar 1788 He died on 30 Mar 1788 in Warwick, Franklin Co.MA.

+	148	M	viii.	DAVID RICH born Apr 1789 

	149	M	ix.	ELISHA RICH born on 15 May 1791 He died 31 Dec 1863 AE 72 in Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH. (166)

In 1835 Elisha Rich was appointed Justice of the Peace in Winchester, NH (166a)

1850 NH cn, Cheshire Co. Winchester p.32 RICH: Elisha  ae 58 farmer,b MA,  Mrs. E. ae  48 b NH several unrelated persons in household

1860 NH cn Cheshire Co. Winchester p. 282 RICH, Elisha ae 66 farmer b MA,
Caroline ae 52, b  NH, several unrelated persons in household

Elisha married CAROLINE PARKER, daughter Of EZRA PARKER & CAROLINE GOLDSBURY on 29 May 1824 in Warwick, MA (167). Caroline was born 14 Dec. 1805 Winchester, NH. (167a) 

+	150	F	x.	ELIZA RICH born 3 Jul 1793 

+	151	M	XI.	EBENEZER RICH born 26 Nov 1795 

	90.	ELIZABETH RICH (ELISHA, SAMUEL, NICHOLAS) was born on 8 Oct 1748 in Sutton, Worcester Co., MA. She died on 25 Oct 1802 in Sutton, Worcester Co., MA.(168)

on 17 Aug 1767 in Sutton, MA.(169) Moses died on 23 May 1800 in Sutton, MA (170)

)1790 MA cn Worcester Co. Sutton,1-3-4 (171)

MOSES and ELIZABETH had the following children (172):




	91.	CALEB RICH (ELISHA, SAMUEL, NICHOLAS) was born on 1 Aug 1750 in Sutton, Worcester Co., MA. He died on 18 Oct 1821 in New Haven, VT (173)

A minister and early founder of the Universalist Church. Universalism  is a religious belief in the final salvation of all souls. Caleb was a Baptist prior to becoming a Universalist. See ht.:// on line for information on Rev. Caleb Rich. He was pastor of this church in Warwick, Mass. & Shoreham, VT.(174) 

He was a private in Capt. Eldad Wright’s co of  Minute-men, Col. Samuel William's regt. marched 20 Apr 1775 to the alarm of 19 Apr 1775 from Northfield and Warwick to Cambridge, service 3 weeks 2 days.(175) 

Prior to becoming a Universalist Caleb was of the Baptist faith.  Having served briefly in the siege of Boston, Caleb took a furlough and sent a substitute to the army to work for his brother-in-law to preach from house to house in Oxford MA and the surrounding towns.(176) 

In 1790 his household consisted of 2-3-7  Warwick .(177) 

1800   Warwick,  1 male under 10, 1 male 10-15; l male 16-26;1 male 
over 45 -- 3 females under 10, 2 females 10-15, 2 fem.. 16-26, 1 fem. 26-45 (178) 

1810 Bristol, VT 1-0-0-0-0-1  0-0-2-0-1-0 (179)

SMITH, on 22 Jan 1779 in Warwick, MA.(180) Electa was born on 12 Aug 1760 in Townsend, VT (181)  She died on 1 Apr 1822 in New Haven, VT.(182)

CALEB and ELECT had the following children b. Warwick, MA (183)

	155	F	i.      ELECTA RICH born 15 Apr 1781 

	156	F	ii.	TIRZAH RICH born 1 Jan 1783 

	157	F	iii.	RUBIA RICH  born  4 Dec 1784 

	158	M	iv.	CALEB RICH born 5 Sep 1786 

	159	F	v.	FANNY RICH born 19 Oct 1789 

	160	F	vi.	BETSEY RICH born  6 May 1791 

	161	F	vii.	MARTHA RICH born 17 May 1793 

	162	F	viii.	JERUSHA RICH born  18 Nov 1795 

	163	M	ix.	HIRAM RICH born 2 Jan 1799.

	164	F	x.	MARILLA RICH born  15 Dec 1801 

	165	F	XI.	ROSINA RICH  born 16 Nov 1805.

	92.	EBENEZER RICH (ELISHA SAMUEL, NICHOLAS) was born on 18 Nov 1751 in Sutton, orcester Co., MA. He died on 24 Jan 1811 in W. Sutton, Worcester Co., MA.184. On f5 Mar 1811 Ebenezer Jr. & Jacob Rich were  appointed executors of his estate, (184a)  

1790  Sutton 2-3-5 (185)_ 
1800  Sutton/Oxford, 1-3-0-0-1  0-0-2-1 (186)
1810  Sutton, 0-0-2-0-1  0-0-1-0-1 (187)

Ebenezer was a Soldier of the Revolution - on the list of those who
marched to Norse Neck under Col. Converse; failed to join regiment; drafted
into Capt. Reuben Sibley’s company. (188)

EBENEZER married (1) MEHITABLE who died before 1785 when Ebenezer married for  the second time.

They had the following children b. Sutton, MA (189)

	166	F	i.      MOLLY RICH born 28 Feb 1777 

	167	F	ii.	MEHETABLE RICH born 6 Dec 1778 

	168	F	iii.	LUCY RICH  born 1 Jan 1781 

	169	F	iv.	ELIZABETH RICH  born 21 Feb 1783 

EBENEZER also married (2) ISABEL TOWNE HOLTON, daughter of JACOB TOWNE &
MARY CAMPBELL,on 24 Jul 1785 in Sutton, MA.(190)

They had the following children b Sutton,MA (191)

	170	M	v.	EBENEZER RICH born  17 Jun 1786 

	171	M	vi.	JACOB RICH  born 11 Sep 1787 

	172	M	vii.	ELISHA RICH born  22 Dec 1788 

	93.	HANNAH RICH (ELISHA, SAMUEL, NICHOLAS) was born on 1 Sep 1753 in Sutton, Worcester Co., MA. She died 11 Oct 1838, ae 85 in Oxford, Worcester Co., MA. (192)

Hannah married ELIJAH DAVIS, son of SAMUEL DAVIS and RUTH LEARNED, on 29
Oct 1771 in Sutton, MA.(193)  ELIJAH was born on 8 Oct 1750 in Oxford, MA.(194) He died on 24 Sep 1842 in Oxford, MA. (195)

They had the following children b. Oxford, MA (196)

	173	F	i.      HANNAH DAVIS born on 11 Jan 1773 

	174	M	ii.	ELIJAH DAVIS born 28 Mar 1774 

	175	M	iii.	CHARLES DAVIS born 24 Nov 1775 

	176	M	iv.	EZRA DAVIS born 19 Sep 1778  He died on 27
Oct 1779 in Oxford, MAA.(197)

	177	M	v.	EZRA DAVIS born on 28 Jul 1780 

	178	F	vi.	BETSEY DAVIS  born 27 Feb 1783 

	94.	SARAH RICH (ELISHA, SAMUEL, NICHOLAS) was born on 31 Jul 1755 in Sutton, Worcester Co. MA. She died 21 Sep 1818 AE 63 in Oxford, Worcester Co., MA. (198)

Aug 1781 in Oxford, MA.(199) Learned was born on 2 Nov 1755 in Oxford, MA.(200) He died on 7 Nov 1811 in Oxford, MA.(201)

They had the following children b. Oxford, MA (202)

	179	F	i.	SARAH DAVIS born 22 Jan 1788 

	180	M	ii.	LEARNED DAVIS born 17 Jul 1789 

	181	F	iii.	OLIVE DAVIS born 22 May 1794 

	182	M	iv.	ASA DAVIS born 19 Feb 1797 

	95.	JUDITH RICH (ELISHA, SAMUEL, NICHOLAS) was born on 8 Nov 1757 in Sutton,Worcester Co.,MA.(203) She died 27 Apr 1842 ae 84 in Barre, Worcester Co., MA. (204)

on 21 Jan 1783 in Sutton, MA.(205) DANIEL was born on 7 Apr 1759 in Sutton, MA.(206) He died on 14 Dec 1852, ae 93-18-7 Barre, MA.(207)

1790  cn Worcester Co. Charlton, 1-0-3 (208)

1850 MA cn Worcester Co. Barre, 41 DANIEL HARWOOD, AE 91 living in household  of Isaac & Harriet Tucker (his daughter & son-in-law)

DANIEL and JUDITH had the following children (209)

	183	F	i.	MARY HARWOOD born 9 Nov 1783.


	185	F	iii.	HARRIET HARWOOD born 24 Apr 1793 in Barre, MA.

	186	F	iv.	CELIA HARWOOD born 2 Mar 1799 in Charlton, MA

	96.	JOSEPH RICH (ELISHA, SAMUEL, NICHOLAS) was born on 1 Mar 1759 in Sutton,Worcester Co., MA. He died 25 Mar 1813 ae 54 in DeRuyter,  NY and was buried in Old Burying.Ground., DeRuyter.(210)

1790  cn  Charlton,. 1-0-2 (211)_

    Joseph settled on Lot #36 in DeRuyter, Madison Co. NY in 1791 and was a DeRuyter juror 1807-1809. (212)

CONANT, on 5 May 1787 in Charlton,MA. )(213) Lodemia was born on 12 Dec 1762 in Dudley, MA.(214) She died 15 Oct 1814 ae 52 in DeRuyter, NY and was buried in Old Bury Ground, DeRuyter, NY. (215)
They had the following children b. Charlton, MA: (216)

	187	F	i.      SARAH RICH born 20 Jan 1789 

	188	F	ii.	MARTHA RICH born 1 Jul 1792 She died 22 Nov.1866, AE 74-4-0 in DeRuyter, NY and was buried in Old burying
Ground. (217) Martha married ELIAS P BENJAMIN. Elias died 27 Nov 1866 AE
83-7-0 in DeRuyter, NY and was buried in Old Burying Ground.(218)

                          Fifth Generation

	141.	LUCINDA RICH (JACOB Sr., ELISHA, SAMUEL, NICHOLAS) was born on 17 Aug 1775 in Warwick, Franklin Co., MA. She died 6 Dec 1855 AE 80 in Warwick, Franklin Co., MA and was buried in Warwick Cem, Warwick, MA. (219)

24 Sep 1798 in Warwick, MA.(220) Amory was born on 13 Jul 1776 in Warwick, MA.(221) He died 30 Sep 1852 AE 76 in Warwick, MA and was buried in Center Cem., Warwick, MA. (222)

Amory GALE operated a grist mill in Warwick, MA.  He was a selectman for three years and a major in the militia.(223) 

1850 MA cn Franklin Co. Warwick, 238 GALE: Amory  ae 74 farmer b MA, Lucinda ae 74 MA 

AMORY and LUCINDA had the following children kbk Warwick, MA(224)

	189	M	i.	AMORY Jr. GALE born 15 Oct 1800. He died on 20 Feb. 1873 in Medway, MA. (225) Amory Jr. married MARTHA LELAND.

	190	M	ii.	JACOB R. GALE born on 1 Jul 1802. He died on 20 Oct 1874 Medway, MA. (226)  Jacob married ALMA LELAND on 29 May 1831 Warwick, MA (227) She was born  c25 Dec. 1807 (cal. death VR) Holliston, MA dau. of PEARLY  LELAND & HANNAH & died 25 July 1871 Framingham, MA,AE 63-7-0.(228) 

	191	M	iii.	JONATHAN GALE born 8 May 1804  

	192	F	iv.	LUCINDA GALE born  13 Sep 1808 

LUCINDA married JONAS BANCROFT on 1 Dec 1833 in Warwick, MA. (229)
Jonas died on 25 Jul 1879.(230)

	193	M	v.	CHARLES GALE born 9 Jun 1811  He died
on 3 Aug 1814 in Warwick, MA and was buried in Center Cemetery, Warwick,
MA. (231)
	194	F	vi.	MARY GALE born  5 Jul 1814 in Warwick,
MA. She died in 9 Oct 1841 Warwick, MA, AE 27. (232)  MARY married ISAAC BAKER.

	142.	CHARLES RICH (JACOB Sr., ELISHA, SAMUEL, NICHOLAS) was born on 30 Jul 1777 in Warwick, Franklin Co., MA. He died on 17 Dec 1811 in Warwick, Franklin Co,MA and was buried in Warwick Cem., Warwick, MA.(233)

ELIZABETH MAYO, on 20 May 1807 in Warwick, MA. (234) Anna was born on 1 Mar 1787.235. She died on 2 Jan 1866 in Elyria, Ohio as Mrs. ISAAC METCALF.and was buried in Ridgelawn Cem.(236) SEE APPENDIX  FOR INFORMATION ON METCALF FAMILY

1810 cn  Warwick,  1 m under 10, 1 m 26-45  2 f under 10, 1 f 16-45 (237)

1820 cn Warwick, 0-1-0-0-0-0  1-1-0-2-0-0 (238)

On 24 June 1812 Caleb Mayo & Justus Russell, commissioners of the estate of Charles Rich late of Warwick gave notice that six months from 2 June is allowed for creditors to present and prove their claims at the dwelling house of JACOB RICH, Innholder in Warwick at specified dates. (239)

They had the following children(240)

	195	M	i.	CHARLES WILDER RICH born  2 Apr 1808 in Warwick, MA. He died on 28 Jan 1888 in Elyria, Ohio and was buried in Ridgelawn Cem.(241) Charles married ALBINA KITTREDGE on 11 Mar 1847 in Milo, Maine.(42) Albina ,daughter of RUSSELL KITTREDGE & LUCY HART was born 16
Apr 1827 Charleston, ME and  died 21 Nov. 1914 in Elyria, Ohio and was buried in Ridgelawn Cem. (243)

1850 ME cn Piscataquis Co. Milo 325 RICH: Charles W ae 42, farmer b MA,
Albina S. ae 23, MA, Charles ae 2 MA, METCALF Anna M. ae 63  MA, Joseph
M. ae 26, trader?,MA, Isaac S. ae 29,? engineer, MA 

1870 Ohio cn, Lorain Co. Carlisle, 42 RICH: Charles W.  ae 62, farmer b MA
$7000/$826, Albina, ae 43, keeping house b MA, Charles M. ae 22, engineer,  MA,Joseph, ae 19, MA, Mary A. ae 17 MA, Anna M. ae 13 MA, George W., ae 12 MA

1880 Ohio cn Lorain CO, Carlisle, 404b RICH: Charles W. ae 72  MA farmer,
parents b MA, Albina S. wife, ae 55, b ME, keeping house, parents b ME, Joseph
S., son, ae 29, b ME, farmer, Anna M., dau., ae 22, b ME, at school, George W., ae 21, ME, laborer VAN WORMIER: Lucy, ae 32 b Ohio keeping house       .

	196	F	ii.	ALMEDA RICH born  5 Oct 1809 in Warwick,
MA.(244) She died on 11 Feb 1899.(245) Almeda married (1) JAMES W.
SEARLES. (246)  She  also married (2) GILMAN RIDER. (247)

1850 ME cn Piscataquis,Milo, 325 SEARLES:  Almeda R., ae 40 b Ma, Lucy A.
ae  12 MA, James R.  ae 11, MA, Elizabeth R. ae 07 MA

1870 ME cn Piscatquis, Brownsville, 41 SEARLES: James R. ae 31, farmer b
MA, Harriet A. ae 28 keeping house, b ME, Kate F., ae 06 ME, Alfred R. ae  8/12 b ME RIDER: Almeda R. ae  60 widow no occupation, b MA

1880 ME cn Piscataquis, Brownsville, 166D SEARLES: James R. ae 41 b MA
farmer parents b MA, Harriet A., wife, ae 40 b ME keeps house, parents b ME,
Kate F. dau., ae 16 b ME, Alfred W., son, AE 10 b ME, RIDER: Almeda, mother,
ae 70 b MA parents b MA 

	197	F	iii.	ANNA ELIZABETH RICH born  21 Aug 1811 in Warwick,MA.(248)  She died 23 Jan 1897 AE 85  in Elyria, Ohio and was buried in Ridgelawn Cem.(249)

ANNA married ELIJAH DEWITT as 2d wife on 28 Sep 1853 in Elyria, Ohio.(250)
Elijah, son of  WAINWRIGHT DEWITT & SILENCE RAINEY was born  
22 May 1800 in Westminster, Windham Co.VT  and  died 18 Apr 1891 AE 90 yrs  
in Elyria, Ohio and was buried in Ridgelawn Cem.(251)

1850 Ohio cn, Lorain Co.Elyria DEWITT: Elijah ae 50 Druggist b VT, Elias
ae 48, b VT, Rollin G., ae  22, VT, Elijah D. ae 14 VT, Harriet ae 8, b VT; 
Elizabeth ae 4, VT BLATS, Susan, ae 18  b Germany 

1870 Ohio cn Lorain Co. Elyria, 476 DEWITT: Elijah, ae 70 Pres.? bank b
VT, Adieu E., ae 58, keeping house, b MA, Liz, ae 23, b Ohio, Elijah D., ae 18
Ohio, clerk in store

1880 Ohio cn Lorain Co., Elyria, 482c, DEWITT: Elijah, ae 80 b. VT Banker,
parents b VT, Annie, wife, ae 58 b MA, keeping house, parents b MA,
Elizabeth, ad ae 33 b Ohio,at home,  GAYLORD: Grace, Grd, ae 13 Ohio at
school,father b CT, mother b Ohio, DELLAFIELD, Elias ae 13 servant, b Germany, parents b Germany

	143.	MARY RICH (JACOB Sr., ELISHA, SAMUEL, NICHOLAS) was born on 23 Sep 1779 in Warwick, Franklin Co., MA. She died 24 Jun 1858 ae yrs  9 mos in Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH and was buried in Rich Family Cem.,Warwick, MA.(252)

1801 in Warwick, MA.(253) Elijah was born on 28 Mar 1774 in Oxford, MA.(254) He died 11 Aug 1861 AE 87 in Warwick, MA and was buried in Rich Family Cem., Warwick, MA.(255)

Elijah resided at Oxford, Rutland  Enfield, &  Warwick, MA. He was an excellent mechanic. (256)

1850 MA cn Franklin Co. Warwick , 238 DAVIS: Elijah  ae76 Mary ae 70 both b MA

ELIJAH and MARY had the following children(257)

	198	M	i.     JACOB R. DAVIS born 28 Jan 1802 Warwick,MA
JACOB married MARY STRATTON in Dec 1824.

	199	F	ii.	LUCINDA DAVIS born  24 Aug 1806.

LUCINDA married SAMUEL KENDALL on 3 May 1827 in Rutland, MA.(258)

	200	F	iii.	MARY DAVIS born  14 Sep 1818 in Rutland, MA.
MARY married ELBRIDGE A. DRURY in Jul 1847 in Shutesbury, MA.

	201	M	iv.	ELIJAH DAVIS was born in Jul 1820. He died young.

	144.	JACOB Jr. RICH (JACOB Sr., ELISHA, SAMUEL, NICHOLAS) was born on 18 Jan 1782 in Warwick, Franklin Co., MA. He died on 10 Mar 1826 in Warwick, Franklin Co., MA.(259)

            1810 cn  Warwick,  2 m under 10, 1 m 26-45  2 f under 10,1 f 10-16, 1 Fe 16-26 (260)

            1820 cn Warwick, 2-1-0-0-1-0  1-2-0-0-2-3 (261)

The inventory of Jacob Jr’s estate was taken 19 May 1826 by Ashbel Ward &
Amory GALE. The estate was valued at $596.27 in real & personal property.  The inventory of the estate of Jacob Jr’s father Jacob Sr. lists one of Jacob Jr’s assets as the "farm on which Jacob Rich Jr. now lives" and this is probably the same farm that the estate of Jacob Jr. valued at $392.67.Also listed in the inventory are a dozen blue edged plates.  I own two old white plates with blue edges given to me by a relative in Orange, Mass.  I was told these plates 
were very old but they have no markings.  I suspect that these might be part of the dozen plates mentioned in Jacob jar’s inventory.  The workmanship is very crude.

Hannah RICH was the administratrix of her husband's estate and on 19
June 1827 she posted a bond for the guardianship of her children.  Mary, Jacob & Charles Rich signed a document giving their mother full power to act for them on 14 June 1827.  This document was witnessed by Caroline Rich.(262)

Jacob Jr’s obit  This obit calls him  Lt. so he was probably a member of  the local militia. It is not known where Jacob Jr. is buried but in all probability he is interred in the Rich Family Cemetery in Warwick in an unmarked  grave.

HAYDEN, on 8 Sep 1805 in Dana, Worcester Co., MA.(263) Hannah was born on 12 Jul 1786 in Sutton, Worcester Co.,MA.(264) She died on 6 Oct 1881 in Chicopee Falls, MA  (265)

They had the following children(266)

+	202	F	i.	MARY KENDALL RICH born  1 Oct 1806 

+	203	M	ii.	JACOB RICH born 20 May 1808 

+	204	F	iii.	HANNAH BANCROFT RICH born 4 Nov 1809 

+	205	M	iv.	CHARLES RICH born  15 Jun 1812 

	206	F	v.	ELIZA ELVINA RICH born 11 Jan 1816  She died on 25 Jun 1886 in Chicopee, Hampden Co., MA (267)

1850 MA cn Wilbraham Hampden CO 27 MILLER:  Elijah ae 36, Elias ae 34,
Charles A. ae 12 MA, David ae 8 all born MA  Note: I think these two 
children are not Millers but Rich, children of Charles Rich.

1860 MA cn Hampden Co.  Chicopee, 115 MILLER, Elijah Jr. ae 46 farm
laborer b MA, Elias E. ae 44, RICH, Hannah ae 74, b MA, Charles A. ae 22,
clerk, b NH, David ae 18, NH, LAMPOON, Leland  ae 22 law clerk 
NORTON, Terraces N.(male) ae 26 sword mfg.

on 11 Oct 1835 in Warwick, MA (268) Elijah died 18 Mar 1890 ae 76 yrs 25 Days in Chicopee, MA (269) no children.

+	207	M	vi.	ORLANDO RICH born 22 Jan 1818 

+	208	M	vii.	AMORY GALE RICH born 12 Apr 1821 

+	209	F	viii.	LYDIA HAYDEN RICH born 15 Aug 1824 

	145.	OLIVIA RICH (JACOB Sr.,ELISHA, SAMUEL, NICHOLAS) was born in May 1784 in Warwick, Franklin Co.,MA. She died on 30 Oct 1869 in Mount Clemens, MI.(270)

on 13 May 1807 in Warwick, MA (271)  Ebenezer was born on 30 Jul 1783 in New Hampshire.(272) He died on 2 Jul 1865 in Mount Clemens, MI (273)

1810 MA cn Hampshire Co. Warwick,228 1 male 10-16; 1 male 26-45; 2 females under 5, 1female 16-26

1830 NY cn Ulster Co.Woodstock p.119 1 male under 5,2 males 10-15; 1 male 15-20; 1 male 30-40;1 male 40-50  1 fem.-10; 1 f. 15-20; 2 f 20-30; 1 f 40-50

Dr. Hall came to Warwick, MA in 1806 to teach at the Flower Hill School.  He
served as town Clerk in Warwick from 1808 - 1811.  He was an incorporater and
general superintendent at the Franklin Glass Co.  When this company failed in
1815 he took a position in a glass company in Keene, NH (274)

A few months later he removed to Woodstock, NY where he was superintendent for the Bristol Glass , Cotton & Clay Company in 1819.  He was a free spender buying such things as wine glasses, ribbons and silk.  He also practiced as a doctor in Woodstock to supplement his $600 per annum salary.  An old bill in the amount of .25 cents for treating a sick child was found in Woodstock and was issued by Dr. Hall.(275) Dr. Hall founded the Mount Clemens Glass Works
in 1835 This industry produced mostly window glass. Dr.Hall became interested  in making glass because medicine bottles of his day were  green and he felt they should be clear. He had some knowledge of chemistry and developed his own recipe for glass.  When the factory opened the doctors’ son Ebenezer Write Hall  Jr. and son-in-law Isaac Grovier were put in charge. The glass works stayed in business for eight years until the sands of the Clinton River proved 
poor quality the business was abandoned.276 Ebenezer was a founder of the Masonic Lodge in 1840 and served as grand master pro tem.277 Hall is mentioned among the vice-presidents of "The Clinton and Kalamazoo Canal Celebration in 1838 in Mt. Clemens. (278) 

EBENEZER and OLIVIA had the following children: (279)

	210	F	i.      ZEMARA HALL born on 14 Apr 1808 in Warwick, Ma, died single 03 Aug. 1896 Mount Clemens , MI (280)

	211	F	ii.	MARY E. HALL born 8 Mar 1810 in Warwick, MA
married Dr. JOHN FIERO d 1 July 1841, ae 36-7-4 (281)  Mary died 09 Jan. 1894, Detroit, Wayne Co. MI. (282)

	212	F	iii.	OLIVIA HALL born  23 Apr 1812 in Warwick, MA, d 08 Sept. 1881 Mount Clemens, MI. (283)  She married ISAAC J. GROVIER. (284)

	213	M	iv.	EBENEZER WRIGHT HALL born 23 Aug 1815 in Warwick, MA., died 21 Dec.1904 Mount Clemens, MI. (285) He married MARY ANN BEER 5 Oct. 1842 Macomb Co. MI. (286)

	214	M	v.	WILLIAM HALL born about 1817/1818 in New York, died 13 Feb.1883 Mount. Clemens MI. (287), married LETITA J. SHOOK (288)

	215	F	vi.	ELIZABETH RICH HALL born 8 Jul 1822 in Woodstock, NY.  died 03 Jan. 1903 Mount Clemens MI. (289) married .Feb.1848 Rev. THOMAS FORSTER. (290) Rev. Thomas was born Harrisburg, PA 15 Nov. 18, son of General JOHN FORSTER.(291)                                                
	216	M	vii.	JOHN HALL born in 1826 in Woodstock, NY, died 27 Feb. 1866 Chattanooga, TN. (292)

29 Apr 1786 in Warwick, Franklin Co., MA. He died 21 Feb 1863 ae 76 yrs, 20 Days in Richmond, Cheshire Co.,NH and was buried in Evergreen Cem. Winchester, NH (293)

Reuben RICH, a farmer, removed from Winchester to Richmond, NH in 1829. (294) 

Reuben’s second wife was the widow of his brother Ebenezer RICH.

1830 NH cn Richmond  2 males 10-15, 1 male 50-60, 1 female 10-15, 1 f 15-20, 1 f 50-60 (295) 

1840  NH cn Richmond 1 male 15-20, 1 male 20-30, 1 male 50-60, 1 f 15-20, 1 f 50-60 (296)

1850 NH cn Cheshire Co.,Richmond, 200 RICH, Reuben, ae 62 farmer b MA,Lewis G. ae 31,b MA, Caroline P. ae 28 b NH

1860 NH cn Cheshire Co. Richmond, Fam.#603:RICH: Reuben ae 74  farmer $1200 Real Estate $450.00 personal estate b MA, Harriet ae 65 MA, Lewis G. ae 42 MA
GOLDSBURY, on 9 Jan 1815 in Rockingham, VT.(297) Caroline was born on 20 Sep 
1787 in Rockingham, VT. (298) She died 29 Mar 1850 AE 62-6-9 in Richmond, NH 
(299) and was buried in Evergreen Cem.,Winchester, NH. (300)

They had the following children (301)

	217	M	i.     ALDIS  LOVETT RICH was born on 18 Oct 1816. He died on 8 May 1895 in Dowagiac, Michigan. (302)  Aldis  married MARIE FARR on 4 May 1841 in Chesterfield, MI.(303) Marie was  born 13 July 1822 Annsville, Oneida Co. NY. (304) and died 1902 Dowagiac,MI, daughter of SAMUEL FARR & SARAH HART. (305)  

1850 MI cn Macomb Co. Chesterfield, 183 FARR: Samuel ae 70 b MA, Sally  ae
67 b VT, Minor? A. ae  40 b VT, RICH: Aldis L. ae 34 farmer b MI, Marie ae 28 b MI, CRAWFORD Marie ae 18 b MI, RICH: Lovell ae 08 MI, Olivia ae 6, Louisa,
ae 4 MI, Lewis ae 02 MI, HALEY, William ae 18 NY    

	218	M	ii.	LEWIS GOLDSBURY RICH was born on 10 Oct 1818 in Winchester, NH.(306) He died on 28 Aug 1870 in Winchester, NH and was buried in Evergreen Cem. Winchester, NH.(307) Lewis married BARBARA WHIPPLE SPENCER  on 27 Mar 1870.(308)  Barbara was the daughter of Inquire Whipple and the widow of ELISHA SPENCER who she married in Royalston, MA 3 Apr 1838. and who died between 1850 & 1860.309 Barbara was born c1819 in NH.(310)

	219	F	iii.	CAROLINE PARKER RICH was born on 20 Jul 1821. She died on 2 Feb 1853. (311). Caroline married JOHN HUNT on 8 Apr 1851 in Lowell, MA.(312) They had a son born 8 Mar 1852 and died 11 Mar 1852. (313)

	220	F	iv.	LAURA MIRANDA RICH was born on 21 Sep 1824. She died single on 27 Feb 1844 in Winchester, NH and was buried in Evergreen Cem, Winchester, NH. (314)

REUBEN  also married (2)in Warwick, MA  HARRIET POND RICH on 5 Mar. 1851. Harriet, daughter of JOSEPH POND and JOANNA POMEROY,(315) Harriet was born in Warwick, MA 29 Mar.1795(315a). She died on 9 Oct 1864 in Richmond, NH and was buried in Evergreen Cem., Winchester, NH. (316)

1850 MA cn Franklin Co. Warwick MA:Fam. #9/11 RICH, Harriet ae 55 b MA
Harriet A. ae 22 b MA

	148.	DAVID RICH (JACOB Sr., ELISHA, SAMUEL, NICHOLAS) was born in Apr 1789 in Warwick, Franklin Co.,MA. He died after 5 Mar 1857 when he wrote his will and before 8 Feb 1859 when the will was probated in Grant Co. WI. The Reuben Rich Book gives his death date as d.1859,ae 66. (317)

David RICH lived in Warwick, MA where he had a half interest in a sawmill with his father. (318)  He removed from Warwick to Plattville & Lima, Wisconsin where he lived out his life.

1820 cn Warwick 1-0-0-1-1-0  0-0-0-2-0-0 (319)

1830 cn Warwick Males 1 under 5, 2 AE 5-10, 1 10-15, 1 20-30,  1 30-40, 1 40-50 Females 1 5-10, 2 20-30, 1 30-40, 1 70-80.(320)

1840 cn WI Males 1 un 5, 1 5-10, 2 10-15, 1 40-50 females 1 un 5, 1 40 50 (321)
1850 cn Grant, Lima p. RICH:. David ae 60, farm___b MA, Elizabeth ae 50 b VT, Lucas ae 20 MA, Elisha ae 15 MA,  Mary ae 14  MA, David ae 12 WI, Porter ae 10 WI

1870 WI cn Grant, Platteville, 29 RICH:  Elizabeth  ae 70 keeping house $800 born VT

David's Last Will & Testament was written on 5 Mar 1857 with a codicil added
the same day. The document was probated 8 Feb. 1859.  The will mentions his
wife Elizabeth and "heirs of my body” Lucius R., Elisha, Dwight Porter Rich &
Mary R. Hurlbut.  The codicil mention "my son" Albert Rich and "my son
Alonzo Rich.  Thomas R. Chesboro administered the estate and the will was
witnessed by Rodney Hurlbut & Harriet O. Culver.(322) The Reuben Rich Book gives his death date as died 1859, ae 66.

DAVID married (1) LUCRETIA  MAYO on 18 Nov 1814 in Warwick, MA.(323) Lucretia was probably the daughter of CALEB MAYO & MOLLY RICHARDS born about 1790 and died 5 Jan 1828 ae 38 in Warwick,MA and was buried in Center Cem., Warwick, MA.(324)

They had the following children b. Warwick,MA : (325)
	221	M	i.	DAVID ALONZO RICH born  Oct 1815 

	222	M	ii.	CHARLES ALBERT RICH born Jun 1819 He died on 18 May 1820 in Warwick. MA and was buried in Center Cem. Warwick, MA.(326)

	223	F	iii.	HARRIET M. RICH  born 3 May 1821. She 
died on 18 May 1821 in Warwick, MA and was buried in Center Cem., Warwick,
MA. (327)

	224	M	iv.	ALBERT RICH  born  8 Jan 1823 

	225	F	v.	LUCRETIA RICH born Sep 1825. She died on
11 Sep 1825 in Warwick, MA and was buried in Center Cem.,Warwick, MA.(328)

	226	M	vi.	HENRY RICH born 14 Sep 1827 He died on
24 Sep 1827 in Warwick, MA and was buried in Center Cem.,Warwick, MA. (329)

DAVID also married (2) ELIZABETH BASS CHESSBORO on 3 Aug 1828 in Warwick,
MA. (330)  Elizabeth, daughter of OBADIAH Jr. BASS & ELIZABETH ROWLEY & widow of GEORGE CHESSBO was born 26 May 1800 Shoreham, VT & d 6 June 1877, ae 77 Plattville,WI. (331) George died  W. son of SAMUEL CHESBORO & MARY was born Stonington, CT 17 Aug 1788 . (331a) George died after 1820 (331b)and before 16 Aug 1788 when Elizabeth remarried. They had one son Geoge L. born Stonington, CT 6 Feb. 1821.(331c) 

They had the following children b. Warwick,MA: (332)

	227	M	vii.	LUCAS RICH born  22 Jan 1829. He died in 1888 in Arbuckle, CA. (333)

	228	M	viii.	THEODORE R. RICH born 1830. He died on 6 Aug 1831 in Warwick, MA and was buried in Center Cem.,Warwick, MA. (334)

	229	M	ix.	ELISHA RICH born 1834. He died on 18 May 1931 in Arbuckle,CA.(335)

	230	F	x.	MARY D. RICH born  7 Nov 1836. She died on 21 May 1857 in McGregor, Iowa. (336)  Mary married RODNEY HURLBUT on 7 Apr 1856. (337)  Rodney, son of HOPHNI HURLBUT & LUNA SMITH was born 8 Feb. 1835 Medina, Orleans Co. NY.(338)  He was killed by Indians in Arizona in the spring of 1864.(339)  Rodney married 2 BELLE M. CARPENTER, dau. of L.B. CARPENTER in Elkader,Iowa  24 Nov. 1861.(340) Belle was born about 1841 in New York State.(341) BELLE married 2 Dr.ALBERT F. SAWYER 1887. (342)

	231	M	XI.	TIMOTHY DWIGHT RICH born 6 Jun 1838. He died on 10 Feb 1917 in Wiser, NEB. (343)  TIMOTHY married HELEN AMANDA HALL on 5 Sep 1860. (344)

	232	M	xii.	WALTER PORTER RICH born about 1840.

	150.	ELIZA RICH (JACOB Sr., ELISHA, SAMUEL, NICHOLAS) was born on 3 Jul 1793 in Warwick, Franklin Co., MA. She died on 5 Dec 1852 in Saline, Moreville, Michigan.(345)  Eliza married SAMUEL CULVER born about 1787. (346)

Samuel Culver owned the tannery and was supervisor of the town board in Woodstock (347. on the  Grand Jury.(348)  In 1827 Samuel Culver in possession of Woodstock Mill. (349)   Most Woodstock tanbark was stripped from the trees and went to local tanneries including one owned by Samuel, Philip & John Culver on the Tannery Brook.  In Feb of 1816  the Culvers paid $2.00 for 64 cubic feet of bark. The purchased hides after local animals were slaughtered. They sold finished leather in the town to local shoemakers and harnessmakers. 
They may have made shoes, for the glass company store records purchases of shoes from them (350) 

1820 NY cn Woodstock Males 2 15-16, 2 16-18, 5 18-26,1 26-45  females 1 over 45 (351)

1830 NY cn Woodstock Males  1 under 5, 1 5-10, 2 10-15, 1 40-50 females 1 under 5, 1 40-50(352)
1840 NY cn Woodstock Males 1 15-20, 1 20-30, 1 40-50 females: 1 under 5, 1 5-10, 1 10-15, 2 20-30, 1 30-40 (353)   

SAMUEL and ELIZA had the following children: (354)

	233	F	i.   MARY ELIZA CULVER born about 1825. She died in 1913 in Ypsilanti, Michigan.  Mary married H. H. TOOKER about 1866.(355)

	234	F	ii.  CAROLYN CULVER was born about 1826. Carolyn married DANIEL HOFFMAN in 1856 in Johnstown, MI. (356)

	235	F	iii.  HARRIET OLIVIA CULVER born 26 Apr 1833. She died on 14 Mar 1923 in Ypsilanti, Mich. (357)

	151.	EBENEZER RICH (JACOB Sr., ELISHA, SAMUEL, NICHOLAS) born on 26 Nov 1795 in Warwick, Franklin Co.,MA. He died 4 Jul 1847 AE 51 in Warwick, Franklin Co., MA where he is buried in the Rich Family Cem., ae 51. (358)

          1830 MA cn Warwick Males 2 5-10, 1 20-30, 1 30-40 females 1 under 5, 1 5-10, 1 30-40 (359)

          1840 MA cn bid males 2 10-15,1 40-50 females 1 under 5, 1 5-10,1 40-50 (360) 

Ebenezer Rich died by suicide by hanging at an apple tree.(361)  His son Alston was named administrator of his estate and his wife and four children were mentioned in the estate papers. A letter in the file from ? Rich of Biddeford ME mentions the writer’s sister Mrs. Cutting. Another letter from K.E. Rich says that Harriet Rich is his mother.(362)  

POMEROY on 12 Dec 1820 in Warwick, MA.(363)  Harriet was born in 1795& died on 9 Oct 1864 in Richmond, NH and was buried in Evergreen Cem., Winchester, NH. (364)

EBENEZER and HARRIET had the following children b Warwick,MA(365)

	236	M	i.	ALSTON RICH born  21 Sep 1821.  ALSTON married MARY S. DYER on 17 May 1845 Charleston, MA.(366)

	237	F	ii.	ANN WILLIAM’S RICH born  1 Jan 1823. Ann died 1897 Marshfield, MA. (367) ANN married (1) NELSON WARD CUTTING on 27 Aug 1843.Holden, MA (368) Nelson W. Cutting was born 30 June 1823 in Holden, MA, son of JOSEPH & SALLY CUTTING.(369) Nelson died  10 Dec.1856 Holden, ae 32-5-10.(370)

ANN also married (2) FREEMAN HOLMAN son of AARON HOLMAN & POLLY STOCKWELL on 10 Jan 1858.(371) Freeman was born 27 Mar. 1815 Millbury MA.(372) Freeman died 3 Aug.1888 Spencer, MA. (373)

 Ann married (3) BENJAMIN F LEWIS 5 Dec. 1889 Spencer, MA (374) Benjamin,
son of BELA & DORCAS LEWIS was born c1826 in Marshfield, MA and died
1895 New Bedford, MA (375) 
	238	M	iii.	EBENEZER KENDALL  RICH born  28 Aug 1824. He died on 28 Sep 1890 in Wenona, IL (376)

EBENEZER married JULIA PARMELIA BAKER on 20 Nov 1851 in Magnolia,
IL. (377)

	239	F	iv.	HARRIET ADELE RICH  born 9 Mar 1827. Harriet died 18 Jan. 1877, ae 45-3-10 Wales, MA.(378)

HARRIET married (1) EDWIN E. LAZELLE son of ALMON LAZELLE & NANCY  on 16 Jul 1851.Chicopee, MA.(379) HARRIET also married (2) HENRY TOWNSEND, son of JOSHUA
TOWNSEND & LUCY in Springfield, MA 22 Oct 1866.(380) HARRIET also married (3) WILLIAM BREWSTER about 1874. (381)

                           Sixth Generation

NICHOLAS) was born on 1 Oct 1806 in Warwick, Franklin Co.,MA. She died 6 Feb 1871 ae 64-4-5 in Barnard , VT. (382)

CROWELL, on 26 May 1830 in Warwick, MA. (383)  AMOS was born on 20 Oct 1803 in Monson, MA.(384)  He died on 23 Dec 1884 in Barnard, VT (385)

They had the following children Barnard, VT: (386)

	240	M	i.	AMOS FRANKLIN CARROLL born 24 Apr 1833.

	241	F	ii.	MARY ELLEN CARROLL born  24 Feb 1835 

	242	M	iii.	ORLANDO E. CARROLL  born  13 Feb 1837 

	243	F	iv.	HANNAH A.B. CARROLL born 23 Feb 1839.  She died young in Barnard, VT (387)

	244	F	v.	PACIA ANN CARROLL born 19 Feb 1842 

	245	F	vi.	SARAH ABBY CARROLL  born 1 Feb 1845, d 11 Mar1845 in Barnard, Vt.(388)

	246	F	vii.	SUSAN ABBY CARROLL born  31 Aug 1846 

	247	M	viii.	ELIJAH WILBUR CARROLL born 3 Sep 1847.

        248	M        ix.	 ALONZO C. CARROLL born 13 Apr 1851 He
died on 10 Oct 1851 in Barnard, Vt.(389)


	203.	JACOB RICH (JACOB Jr., JACOB Sr., ELISHA, SAMUEL, NICHOLAS) was born on 20 May 1808 in Warwick, Franklin Co., MA. He died on 28 Nov 1873 in Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH and was buried in Evergreen Cem, Winchester, NH.(390)

1850 VT cn Windsor Co. Barnard, 410 RICH: Jacob ae 40 farmer MA, Mary ae 32 NH,Adelaide ae 12, PA, Ellen ae 09 VT, Jacob ae 6 VT, John ae 03 MA

1860 NH cn Cheshire Co.  Winchester, 257 RICH: Jacob ae 52 laborer MA, Mary ae 42 VT, Ellen ae 18, VT, Jacob E. ae 16 VT, John K. ae 13 MA, Martha L. ae 7 NH  

on 24 Sep 1834 in Winchester,NH. (391)  Mary was born on 22 May 1818 in Townsend, VT. (392) She died on 19 Nov 1884 in Winchester, NH and was buried in Evergreen Cem., Winchester,NH. (393)

They had the following children (394)

	250	F	i.	MARY OPHELIA RICH  born  1 Nov 1835 in Winchester, NH.

	251	F	ii.	AMELIA ADELAIDE RICH  born  31 Oct 1837 in Covington,PA.

	252	F	iii.	ELLEN CAROLINE RICH  born on 22 Aug 1841 in Barnard, Vt.

	253	M	iv.	JACOB ELISHA RICH born  19 Jan 1844 in Barnard, VT. He died on 19 Dec 1904 in Westmoreland, NH.

	254	M	v.	JOHN HAZLETON RICH born 8 Mar 1847 Lowell, MA.

	255	F	vi.	MARTHA LUCY RICH born 30 Nov 1852 Winchester,NH

	256	M	vii.	ADELBERT F. RICH born 30 Nov 1852 in Winchester, NH

	257	F	viii.	MAADELENA JOELLA RICH born 7 Oct 1856 in
Winchester, NH.twin to vii died young

	258	M	ix.	ADELBERT FREDERICK RICH  born 15 Nov 1857 in
Winchester, NH.

	204.	HANNAH BANCROFT RICH (JACOB Jr., JACOB Sr., ELISHA, SAMUEL, NICHOLAS) was born on 4 Nov 1809 in Warwick, Franklin Co., MA. She died on 10 Apr 1881 Athol, MA (395)

HANNAH married SAMUEL SNOW BREWER, son of SAMUEL BREWER  on 16 Oct 1835  intentions Spencer, MA (396)  Samuel ,was born  c24 Feb.l808 probably in Spencer, MA & bapt. Spemcer, MA 14 May 1815  (396a). Samuel Jr. died 17 Apr 1888, ae 80?-1-25 in Athol, MA. (396b)  His bapt record states he was son of SAMUEL BREWER & SUSANNA FRENCH but his death record says his mother was TABITHA.  His father Ssmuel Nrewer Sr. had married (1) BETHIA SNOW in Brookfield, MA 28 Nov. 1790.(397) She died Spencer, MA 24 Feb. 1808.(397a) Samuel Sr m (2)SSUSANNAH FRENCH in 1810 in Oakham,MA (397b) Samuel Snow Brewer’s mother was probably Bethiah Snow who may have died in childbirth.(398)

1850 MA cn Worcester Co. Petersham, 316 BREWER: Samuel S. ae 41 farmer $1200 MA, Hannah, ae 40 MA, Samuel R. ae 06 MA, RICH: Hannah ae 63 MA

1860 MA cn Worcester Co. Petersham, 375 BREWER: Samuel S. ae 51 $1800/$510 Hannah B  ae 50, MA, Samuel R. ae 16 MA, George . ae 09 MA

1870 MA cn Worcester Co. Petersham, 183 BREWER: Samuel S. ae 62, $1800/$500, farmer b MA, Hannah ae 60 keeps house MA,George, ae 19, at home MA

1880 MA cn Worcester Co. Athol, ED838:198d BREWER: Samuel ae 72 retired farmer MA, Hannah ae 71 MA, George ae 28 MA wood turning manful.

They had the following children (399) 

	260	F	i.	BETHENIA BREWER born 1836 in Spencer, MA.

	261	M	ii.	SAMUEL R. BREWER born 16 Dec 1843.

	262	M	iii.	GEORGE BREWER born 11 Jun 1851 Petersham, MA


was born on 15 Jun 1812 in Warwick, Franklin Co., MA. He died on 2 Jul 1876 in
Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH and was buried in Evergreen Cem. (400)

Charles RICH  lived in Winchester, NH.  On the 1858 map of Cheshire Co.
NH, Town of Winchester, Charles is shown as living on Chapel Street between
Main & Michigan Streets.

According to family remembrances Charles was a mason by trade and went to
California in the 1849 gold rush. California had not received statehood at this time and Charles applied for a US passport 21 March 1849 stating thst he was born in Warwick, MA `5 Jun  1812, that he was s US citizen about to trsvel abroad.  The application says that Charles was age 36, 5’5-1.2“ in stature, hazel eyes, aquiline nose, small mouth, round short? chin, black hair, florid complexion, full face, large scar on left knee. (400a)      

The following are abstracts of census listings for Charles Rich and his

1850 NH cn Cheshire Co.  Winchester, 23:RICH: Charles ae 35 musical instruments  $800 real estate, Mrs. C.  ae 26   b MA, Rosalie ae 7 b NH, Otis ae 3 b NH, Charles ae 12 b NH, NASA: Alvin, ae 25 b NH, painter; GOLD: Susan ae 48 b NH 
1860 NH cn Cheshire Co. -  Winchester,48 RICH:Charles ae 50 laborer, $1500 Real Estate, $300 personal estate, b MA, Roxanne ae 38, wife, b ME, Rosalie S. ae 17, dau. b NH milliner, Otis R. ae 13, son b NH, Theresa H. ae 03 dau b NH, GOLD: Susan, ae 63, mother, b MA $300 per. estate 

1870 NH cn Cheshire Co. Winchester, 29 RICH: Charles ae 58 works in grist mill,$1600/$200, b MA, Roxanne G ae 49 keeping house b ME, Theresa E. ae 13 b NH, Mary E. ae 08 b NH.

1880 NH cn Cheshire Co. Winchester Family #104/25 RICH: Roxanne ae 57 keeping house,b ME, father b VT, mother b MA, Mamie E  ae.18  at home NH NH ME.GOULD: Susan ae 83, mother, MA MA MA

Charles RICH died intestate.  An inventory of his property was taken on
1 Sept. 1876 by Charles W. Scott, Henry Gould and Albert M. Howard.
Roxanne Rich was appointed administratrix of the estate. Charles' property was valued at $1029.29 (401) 

After the death of his first wife Lucy Adams Rich, Charles sent his two sons Charles Adams & Jacob David Rich to live with Elijah & Elizabeth Miller where they were living in 1850 & 1860 according to census of these years. 

Charles Rich of Winchester, NH was issued a patent for improvement in sash-holders dated 17 Sep. 1872. (401a).    

CHARLES married (1) LUCY ADAMS, daughter of AMOS ADAMS and MARY FASSETT,
on 18 Oct 1836 in Winchester, NH.(402) Lucy was born on 21 Oct 1817 in Winchester, Cheshire Co.,NH. (403) She died on 27 Jan 1842 in Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH. (404)

Before the turn of the century it was customary for many young women to
embroider samplers.  Many of these samplers were in the form of family records. Miss Lucy ADAMS of Winchester, Cheshire County, MA wrought her family sampler the Year 1835. Lucy’s handiwork was in the possession of my paternal Aunt Mrs. Lena BATTERSBY of Orange, MA for many years. She gave this sampler to me in 1974 and this is what led me on the hunt for my ancestry.

Lucy’s needlepoint is in its original walnut wooden frame but is in poor
condition.  Most of the original stitching around the border of the work is
still intact though faded.  The diamond shaped designs are done in the colors
yellow, white, blue and orange.  Much of the letters and dates in the family
record were worn and had to be placed over a lighted lamp shade to be read.  I inked in the letters and numbers that were legible before there outlines became completely unreadable.   Someone else, other than Lucy, embroidered the dates of events that occurred after Lucy’s demise. This may have been done by one of her sisters. 

Lucy ADAMS of Winchester, NH never dreamed in the Year 1835 that more
than  150 years later her family sampler would be hanging in the home of her
great-great granddaughter in Troy, New York.

CHARLES and LUCY had the following children (405)

+	263	M	i.	CHARLES ADAMS RICH born  28 Jun 1837 

+	264	M	ii.	JACOB DAVID RICH born  3 Nov 1841 

CHARLES also married (2) ROXANNE GOULD, daughter of OTIS GOULD and SUSAN
BENT, on 7 Oct 1842 in Winchester, NH. (406)  Roxanne was born on 24 Mar 1821 in Vasselboro, Maine. (407) She died on 12 Aug 1904 in Winchester, NH and was buried in Evergreen Cem.,Winchester, NH. (408)

They had the following children: (409)

+	265	F	iii.	ROSELLA/ROSETTA SUSAN RICH born 30 May 1843 

	266	M	iv.	OTIS RENZI RICH  born 11 May 1847 Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH. He died on 17 Jun 1864 in Petersburg, VA and was buried in Evergreen Cem., Winchester, NH. (410)

Otis was a New Hampshire Volunteer serving in the Civil War in the 5th
Regiment, Co. F.  He enlisted 5 Jan. 1864, was mustered in the same day as a
private.  He was killed 17 June 1864 near Petersburg, VA. (411)

	267	M	v.	E. RICH born 15 Aug 1851 

	268	F	vi.	LENA R. RICH born 15 Aug 1856 .

+	269	F	vii.	THERESA HELENA RICH born  15 Aug 1856 

+	270	F	viii.	MARY EMERY RICH born 5 Aug 1861 

	207.	ORLANDO RICH (JACOB Jr.,JACOB Sr., ELITE, SAMUEL, NICHOLAS) was born on 22 Jan 1818 in Warwick, Franklin Co., MA. He died on 5 Nov 1880 in Newberg, Yamhill Co., Oregon where he is buried in Friends Cemetery.(412)

1850 Ohio cn Grafton, Lorain Co. 499 RICH: Orlando, ae 33 carpenter & joiner, b MA, Marietta ae 30, b MA, Hannah A ae 6 ,b O, Amos B. ae 2 b O 

1860 Ohio cn, Lorain Co. Grafton, 254 RICH: Orlando, ae 42, farmer, $1420 b MA, Hannah, ae 34 NY, Edwin, ae 13, b. NY,  Amos ae 12 O,  Hannah, ae 9, , Anna A. ae 2 O, Mary J. ae 10/12 O, FARNSWORTH, Emma, ae 16, domestic, b O

1870 MA cn, Hampden Co., Chicopee, 298 MILLER: Elijah, ae 56, farmer $500/$100 b MA Elias  E. ae 54 keeps house MA, RICH: Hannah ae 84 MA, Jacob D. ae 29, $600, $625, NH, Vienna E. ae 24 keeps house, MA, Ruby L ae 03, MA, Anna ae 12 Ohio, ORLANDO, ae 52 b MA, SMITH, Susan, ae 18 domestic MA

1880 OR can Yamhill Co. East Chehalem, 390b RICH: Orlando, ae 62 wheelwright b MA father b MA, Mary Ann, ae 52, b ME father b MA

ORLANDO married (1) MARIETTA B. ROGERS on 30 Jul 1840 in Springfield, MA.(413)
Marietta died on 4 Nov 1854 in Grafton, Ohio. (414)

They had the following children: (415)

	271	M	i.	AMOS BURTON RICH born 23 May 1848.

	272	F	ii.	HANNAH MARIE RICH born about 1850.

	273	M	iii.	ORLANDO Jr. RICH  born about 1854. He died on 26 Mar 1858 in Grafton, Ohio. (416)

ORLANDO also married (2) ANNA MARIE WEST CORNWALL on 8 Mar 1855 in Grafton,
Ohio . ANNA died on 19 Nov 1861 in Grafton, Ohio. (417)

ORLANDO and ANNA had the following children: (418)

	274	F	iv.	MARY J. RICH born 1 Sep 1859. She died on 4 Feb 1863 in Millgrove, Ohio. (419)

	275	F	v.	ANNA AMELIA RICH born  15 Dec 1857 in Gratin, Ohio.

	276	M	vi.	ANSEL C. RICH born  14 Jan 1856 in Grafton, Ohio. He died on 9 Apr 1858 in Grafton, Ohio. (420)

         ORLANDO also married (3) ORPHA E. WARRINER on 12 June 1862 in Chicopee, MA (421) Orpha, dau. of GAD WARRINER  & ABIGAIL CARPENTER, born abt 1831 in Agawam MA.(422)  Divorced

ORLANDO also married (4) ELIZA GOSS SAWIN  on 23 Nov. 1870 W Boylston, MA.(423)  Eliza daughter of ASA  GOSS & HEPZIBAH , was born 15 Nov. 1807 in Harvard, MA.and died on 16 Jun 1873 in Sterling, MA.(424)

ORLANDO also married (5) MARY ANN SAWYER, daughter of EBEN SAWYER & ABBY
M. SIMPSON? 26 Apr. 1874 in Chicopee, MA. (425) Mary Ann was born c1826 Montville, ME and  was living 1880 in Yamhill Co. Oregon per census.

	208.	AMORY GALE RICH (JACOB Jr., JACOB Sr., ELISHA, SAMUEL, NICHOLAS) was born on 12 Apr 1821 in Warwick, Franklin Co., MA. He died on 2 May 1887 in Paso Robles, CA.

RICH: died of heart disease - Paso Robles May 2 - This morning A.G. Rich, aged 65 years died at the Wintroll house of heart disease.  He lately purchased 200 acres of land on the Eureka rancho where he was building a house.  He came to town to see a doctor, went to bed, and was  seen no more until 5 a.m.When found he was in the act of arising, his body, being still warm.  From letters found it is ascertained that he had children at San Jose and Los Angeles.(426) 
AMORY married ELLEN BLESSINGTON. ELLEN daughter of CHARLES BLESSINGTON & ELLEN MURPHY was born on 25 Dec 1824 in Ireland. She died 25 Mar 1912, AE 87-3-0 in San Francisco, CA. (426a)

In this city March 25 Mrs. Ellen B., wife of the late Amory G. Rich, and beloved mother of A. Gale, George O., Frank Elmer, and Rev. E.L. Rich, Mrs. Julia A. Smith, and Mrs. Nelly L. Neale, a native of Ireland aged 87 years and 3 months. Funeral Wednesday March 27, at one  o'clock from the chapel of Halsted & Co. 1122 Sutter St. interment private.(427) 

AMORY and ELLEN had the following children (428)

	277	M	i.      AMORY GALE RICH born about 1848 in VT.

	278	F	ii.	JULIA A. RICH born about 1851 in VT

	279	F	iii.	ABBY RICH born about 1853 in VT

	280	F	iv.	NELLY L. RICH born about 1859 in Mt. View, CA 

	281	M	v.	CHARLES S. RICH born about 1861 in CA

	282	M	vi.	GEORGE O. RICH born about 1863 in CA

	283	M	vii.	ELLSWORTH L. RICH born  11 Jan 1867 in Mountain View CA.

	284	M	viii.	FRANK ELMER RICH born about 1868 in CA

	209.	LYDIA HAYDEN RICH (JACOB Jr., JACOB Sr., ELISHA, SAMUEL, NICHOLAS) was born on 15 Aug 1824 in Warwick, Franklin Co., MA. She died 20 Sep 1858 AE 34-1-5 in Petersham, Worcester Co., MA. (429)

LYDIA married HIRAM H. GAGE, son of NATHAN GAGE & SARAH on 2 Sep 1843 in
Springfield, MA. (430) Hiram H. born 14 Nov 1822 Wendell, MA. (431) He died Athol, MA  2 June 1883.(432)  Hiram married 2 on 31 Dec. 1858 in Athol, MA HARRIET TWITCHELL FAY, daughter of  BENJAMIN M. TWITCHELL & HARRIET and widow of JAMES SULLIVAN FAY. (433)  Harriet was born about 1825 in Athol, MA. (434) Harriet married l JAMES SULLIVAN FAY 31 May 1848 in Athol, MA.(435) James Fay, son of JOSIAH FAY & MOLLY died 10 Jan.1857 Athol, MA.(436). Harriet Gage died 1889 Athol MA.(437)

1850 MA cn Worcester Co. Petersham, 317  GAGE:, Hiram H. ae 27 shoemaker bMA,Lydia H. ae 25,MA, George ae 01 MA 

1860 MA cn Worcester Co. Athol, MA, 417 GAGE: Hiram H. ae 37 b. MA, Harriet A ae 35 MA George ae 11 MA, FAY: Sarah ae 9 MA, Mary A. ae 07 MA, GAGE:  Jennie E. ae 5/12 MA, FAY: Molly ae 87 MA, WHITE: Smith, ae 20 farm laborer b ME

HIRAM and LYDIA had the following child (438):

	285	M	i.	GEORGE HIRAM GAGE  born  23 Oct 1848 in Petersham, MA.

                        Seventh Generation

	259.	JACOB ELISHA RICH (JACOB, JACOB Jr., JACOB Sr., ELISHA, SAMUEL, NICHOLAS) was born on 19 Jan 1844 in Winchester, NH. He died on 6 Dec 1904 in Westmoreland, NH. (439)

Jacob E. RICH  was the first cousin of his wife Rosella Susan RICH.

1870 NH cn Cheshire Co. Winchester, 29 RICH: Jacob E. ae 25 works in saw mill, b NH Rosalie 23 house keeping b NH, Ulna R. ae 2 NH, Jacob O. ae 4 NH

GOULD, on 9 Mar 1865 in Brattleboro, VT. (440) Rosella  was born on 30 May 1843 in Winchester, Cheshire Co.,NH.(441) She died on 23 May 1901 in Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH.(442

They had the following children: (443)

	286	M	i.     JACOB OTIS RICHborn 25 Aug 1865 W.Swanzey NH.

	287	F	ii.	LUNA ROXANNE RICH born 11 May 1868 Winchester, NH.

	288	F	iii.	MAADELEINE ROSINA RICH born 20 Apr 1883 W. Swanzey, NH.

	289	F	iv.	IRMA ADALAIDE RICH born 20 Apr 1883 W.Swanzey,

	263.	CHARLES ADAMS RICH (CHARLES, JACOB Jr., JACOB Sr., ELISHA, SAMUEL,NICHOLAS) was born on 28 Jun 1837 in Winchester,Cheshire Co., NH. He died 7 May 1911 ae 73 yrs 11 mos. in Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH and was buried in Winchester, NH, Evergreen Cem.(444)

The following are census abstracts for Charles A. & Laura A.Rich

1870 NH cn Cheshire Co. Richmond, 04 RICH: Charles H, ae  33, farmer $400/$300 b NH ,Laura A ae 28 keeping house b NY, Charles A ae 07 b NH, Frank A. ae 04 NH, Laura M. ae 02 NH

1880 NH cn Cheshire County, Town of Keene, NH, Ward #4, RICH: Charles A ae 44,
huckster, b NH, parents b. NH,, Laura A. wife ae 37 keeping house, b NY father b NH mother b MA, Bertia A. (male) ae 17 son works on farm, b MA NH NY, Frank A ae 14 son b NH NH NY, Male L  ae 12 ad School NH NH NY

1900 NH cn Cheshire Co. Winchester. ED45:8a RICH: Charles A. b June 1837 ae 62, mar 1 year, b NH father b NH mother b NH, hardware dealer, Martha E. wife, b Aug. 1852 ae 47, b VT parents b VT, housework.

1910 NH cn Cheshire Co. Winchester 101a RICH: Charles A. ae 72, mar 2 mar 10 yr. b VT, MA, NH, Martha wife ae 67, mar, b VT, parents b. VT, LOVEJOY: Harriet M.mother-in-law, ae 84, widow, mother of 4 children, 3 living b. VT, VT MA

1900 VT cn Washington Co. Cabot 14 CUTLER: Laura A. Head b Sept. 1843, ae 5l? widow children,b NY father b MA mother b NH MILES: Wesley servant, b Jan. 1849 ae 51 b. VT,father b England, mother b ? farmer
CHARLES ADAMS RICH sold land in Winchester, NH to the Keene Savings Bank on 27
Sept. 1909, deed signed by Charles A. & Martha E. Rich which mentions land that was formerly conveyed to Mary Jane Rich  by Amos A. Tucker (445) On May 2 1911 Martha E. Rich conveyed land to Bert C. Rich, Frank A. Rich & Mabel Castaw all of them heirs of Charles A. Rich's estate." She is referred to as the widow of Charles A. Rich, late of Winchester, deceased.(446)  Mabel Castaw sold her 1/3 portion of this land to her brothers Bert & Frank Rich on 28 Oct. 1911. (447)

Obituary -  "Charles A. RICH died last Sunday morning at his home on Aschuelot Street.  He had been ill for eight days with uremia. He was 73 years of age.

Mr. RICH was born in this town, a son of CHARLES & LUCY (Adams) RICH and
practically all of his life he made his home in this town.  In his early life
he was a peddler of small wares, termed Yankee notions which in those days was
quite an industry.  He also ran a saw mill more or less. In recent years he had conducted a hardware store on Elm Street.  He was a member of no fraternal
order or church but was a great student of the Bible and a regular attendant at church and Sunday School.

Mr. RICH was three times married, first to Laura Davis of this town, by whom
he had three children, B.C. Rich of Whitman, Mass. Frank A. Rich of
Phillipston, Mass. and Mrs. Nelson Castor of East Sullivan.  His second wife
was Lucy Lyon of Winchester and his third wife who survives him was Mrs. Martha Haskell, also of this town.  He leaves, besides those mentioned, a brother J.D. Rich of Chicopee Falls, Mass., a half-sister Mrs. Helena Eaton of Winchester, a step-daughter Mrs. John Sutphen  of So. Dakota, 10 grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

The funeral will be held Wednesday afternoon at three o'clock at the
Congregational Church.  Rev. C.E . Gould of the Methodist Church officiating.
The burial will be in Evergreen Cemetery. (448)

COMBS, on 28 Mar 1861 in Winchester, NH.(449) Charles divorced Laura in Keene NH on 22 Oct. 1882 on charges of abandonment and refusal to cohabit.(450) Laura was born on 5 Sep 1843 in Syracuse, Onondaga Co., NY. (451) She died on 16 Jul 1903 in E.Sullivan, Cheshire Co.,NH (452)

Laura Ann DAVIS/RICH m2 ERASMUS CUTLER. They lived in Cabot, VT where Erasmus 
died 18 Sept. 1899, aged 89 years.(453) Laura m3 Wesley F. MILES  in Cabot, VT on 7 Feb.1902.(454) Wesley predeceased Laura 

Laura A. (DAVIS) RICH was the original owner of the Rich Family Bible
which is now in possession of compiler. A tax notice was found in this Bible
dated Oct. 1881 for property located in Keene apparently owned by Laura. This
notice advised Laura that her taxes were delinquent in the amount of $6.65
which included $6.50 State, County, City & Highway Taxes and .15 cents School
Tax.  Laura was listed in the 1883-1884 Keene City Directory as RICH, Laura A.,widow, residence Court St. Corner North. This was the only Keene CD she was listed in. She probably called herself widow as divorced women were not
considered respectable in 1880.

It is said that Laura enjoyed painting china vases and dishes which is
probably so as this was a common hobby for women in this era.  The compiler owns a couple of pieces of hand painted china which may be Laura's work.

Laura's obit reads as follows: "Mrs. Laura A. MILES, widow of the late
Wesley T. MILES of Cabot, VT died from the result of a fall at the house of her daughter Mrs. NELSON CASTOR, East Sullivan, Sunday, aged 60 years.  She leaves three children Frank A. Rich of Phillipston, Mass., Bert C. Rich of East Whitman, Mass. and Mrs. Nelson Castaw (should be CASTOR) of East Sullivan, all by her first husband.  The funeral services will be held at the home of Mrs. Castaw Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock.  Friends are invited.(455)

CHARLES and LAURA had the following children (456)

	290	M	i.	SON (Stillborn) RICH born  3 Jun 1861 Winchester, NH.

+	291	M	ii.	CHARLES BERTON RICH born 6 Jul 1862 

+	292	M	iii.	FRANK A. RICH born 24 Feb 1866 

+	293	F	iv.	LUCY MABEL RICH born 24 Jul 1868 

WHITTAKER and HARRIET PRATT, on 7 Jan 1885 in Winchester, NH.(457)  Mary was born on 20 Nov 1846 in Greenwich, Washington Cony.(458) She died on 20 Jan 1898 in Winchester, NH and was buried in Evergreen Cem., Winchester, NH. (459)

CHARLES also married (3) MARTHA E. LOVEJOY HASKELL, daughter of JACOB B.
LOVEJOY and HARRIET BAILEY, on 28 Jun 1899 in Winchester, NH. (460) Martha was
born on 22 Aug 1852 in Hardwick, Vt.(461) She died on 23 Oct 1940 in Winchester, NH. (462)

	264.	JACOB DAVID RICH (CHARLES, JACOB Jr., JACOB Sr., ELISHA, SAMUEL,NICHOLAS) was born on 3 Nov 1841 in Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH. He died on 10 Apr 1925 in Chicopee, Hampden Co., MA. (463)

LYONS, on 8 Jun 1866 in New Haven, CT. (464) Vienna was born on 8 Apr 1845 in Granby, MA.(465)

JACOB and VIENNA had the following children (466)

	294	F	i.	RUBY LUCY RICH born 23 Jan 1868.

	295	M	ii.	LESTER DAVID RICH born  26 Aug 1871.

	265.	ROSELLA SUSAN RICH (CHARLES, JACOB Jr., JACOB Sr., ELISHA, SAMUEL,NICHOLAS) was born on 30 May 1843 in Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH. She died on 23 May 1901 in Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH. SEE NUMBER 259

on 9 Mar 1865 in Brattleboro, VT. JACOB was born on 19 Jan 1844 in Winchester, NH. He died on 6 Dec 1904 in Westmoreland, NH.

	269.	THERESA HELENA RICH (CHARLES, JACOB Jr., JACOB Sr., ELISHA, SAMUEL,NICHOLAS) was born on 15 Aug 1856 in Winchester, Cheshire Co.,NH. She died on 21 May 1930 in Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH. (467)
SNOW, on 30 Sep 1875 in Brattleboro,VT.(468) Alfred died on 21 Jan 1908 in Orange, MA. (469)

ALFRED and THERESA had the following children Winchester,NH (470)

	300	F	i.	FLORENCE L EATON born  7 Dec 1876 

	301	M	ii.	CHARLES ALEXANDER EATON born  17 Sep 1878 

	302	F	iii.	ZETTA HELENA EATON born 15 Apr 1883 

	303	F	iv.	PERSIS ROSELLA EATON born 31 May 1888 

	270.	MARY EMERY RICH (CHARLES, JACOB Jr., JACOB Sr., ELISHA, SAMUEL,NICHOLAS) was born on 5 Aug 1861 in Winchester, Cheshire Co..NH. She died on 14 Nov 1903 in Winchester, Cheshire Co.,NH. (471)

HATTIE EUNICE THOMPSON, on 10 Aug 1882 in Winchester, NH.(472)  John was born on 27 Aug 1863 in Mena, WI. (473) He died on 14 Nov 1903 in Winchester, NH. (474)

They had the following children (475)

	304	M	i.      DONALD BERNARD METCALF born 8 Dec 1884.

	305	M	ii.	CHILD METCALF died as an infant.

	306	M	iii.	CHILD METCALF died as an Infant.

	307	M	iv.	CHILD METCALF died as an  Infant.

	308	M	v.	JOHN LEON METCALF  born 23 Nov 1887 

	309	M	vi.	CHARLES RICHARD METCALF born 30 Mar 1891 

	310	F	vii.	FRANCES METCALF was born on 24 Nov 1893 in

	311	F	viii.	LENA METCALF born 20 Dec 1898  She died on 6 Dec 1900 in Winchester, NH. (476)

                        Eighth Generation

	291.	CHARLES BURTON RICH (CHARLES ADAMS, CHARLES, JACOB Jr., JACOB Sr.,ELISHA0, SAMUEL, NICHOLAS) was born on 6 Jul 1862 in Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH. He died on 6 Jul 1936 probably in East Whitman, MA.and is buried Colebrook Cem. (477) 

CHARLES married NELLIE M.LOVEWELL in 4 Sept. 1889 Reading, MA (478)  Nellie M. dau  of JAMES LOVEWELL & SARAH J. was born 8 Mar 1870 Hanson, MA and died 14 Jan. 1908 and is buried in Colebrook Cem. Whitman, MA. (479) 

1900 MA cn, Plymouth Co., Whitman, ED1153, 17a RICH: Bert b July 1863, ae 36, m 11 yrs,teamster, b MA, parents b NH, Nelly, wife, b. Ma 1872, ae 28 mar 11 yrs, b MA parents b MA, Leon son, b July 1890, ae 9 b MA, Bertha, dau., b. Feb. 1894, ae 6 b MA, Ethel, dau., b. Sept. 1899, ae 8/12 b MA

They had the following children: (480)

	312	M	i. LEON CHARLES RICH was born 25 July 1890 Reading, MA.(481) He died in 1945 per Mrs. Woodward’s letter. Leon  m c1913 FLORENCE E. born c1889 in MA per 1930 census. 

	313	F	ii.BERTHA GEORGEANNA RICH was born 24 Feb.
l894.Rockland,MA, died 13 Apr.1983 in Brockton, MA & is buried Colebrook
Cem. Whitman, MA. (482)  Bertha  married after 1930 WILLIAM RUSSELL WOODWARD, son of CHARLES E. WOODWARD & NELLY BOWDITCH born 8 Nov. 1892 in
Brockton, MA. (483)  He  died 1 Sept. 1971 in Milford, MA and is buried in
Colebrook Cem., Whitman, MA. (484)

	314	F	iii.ETHEL RICH was born in Sept.1899 and  died in 1960 per Mrs. Woodward’s letter. ETHEL married about 1916 CARL  LINWOOD HUNT b 18 Mar 1892 Abington, MA. (485)

	292.	FRANK A. RICH (CHARLES ADAMS, CHARLES, JACOB Jr., JACOB Sr., ELITE,SAMUEL, NICHOLAS) was born on 24 Feb 1866 in Winchester, Cheshire Co., NH.486 He died on 27 Feb 1941 in Orange, Franklin Co., MA and was buried in Winchester, NH. (487)

FRANK and CORA RICH lived in Warwick, MA from the time of their marriage until 
1895 when they settled on a farm in Phillipston MA.  Their daughter Alice was born in Warwick  but their other children were born in Phillipston.  In 1917 they moved to Orange, MA where they spent the remainder of their lives
Frank's obit notice was printed in the Athol Daily News of 28 Feb. 1941 and
reads "Frank Arthur Rich, 75, of 120 Cheney St., Orange, Mass. died last night at his home  after a short illness. He was born in Winchester, NH and had lived in Orange for the past 22 years.  He was the son of Charles A. and Laura (Davis) Rich. He is survived by his wife Cora Elizabeth (Worden) Rich.  The funeral will be held Sunday at 2 p.m. at the JP Higgins Funeral Home,with Earl W.Douglas, pastor of the Congregational church officiating. Burial will be in Evergreen Cemetery, Winchester, NH."

Frank was an avid Gardner and enjoyed working around his Cheney Street residence.

1900 MA cn Worcester Co.Phillipston, 1: RICH: Frank, born Feb.1866, ae 34, b NH, father b MA, mother b NH, farmer, Cora E. wife born Nov. 1870, ae 29  married 6 years, mother of 5 children, 3 living, Alice M. dau.. born Sept. 1894, ae 5, born MA, Arthur W. son, born June 1897, ae 3, b MA, Lena Belle, dau., born 1900, ae 3/12 born MA  

1910 MA cn Worcester Co. Phillipston, 19c RICH: Frank A., ae 44, mar.16 yrs, b MA parents b MA, farmer, Cora E. wife, ae 38, mar 16 yrs, mother of 7 children, 5 living b MA, father b VT mother b MA, Alice M. dau.. ae 15 b MA, Arthur W. son, ae 12 MA, Lena B. dau. ae 10 MA, Virgil M. ae 08 MA, Charles B. ae 03 MA, DEAN: Warren, ae 25 b Canada English, parents born Canada English, farm laborer? Note: Warren should be Loren. 

1920 MA cn Orange, Franklin Co, 120 Cheney St. ED:127:395  RICH, Frank A. ae 53 b NH occupation: Lumber Dealer, owns sheds?, Cora E., wife, ae 49 b MA, Arthur W son, ae 22, b MA, laborer, ? Electric, Lena B. dau.. ae 19,b MA,  waitress in restaurant, Virgil M., son, ae 17,  laborer, foundry, b MA, Charles B., son, ae 13, son b MA

1930 MA cn Franklin Co. Orange, 2501 RICH: Frank A. ae 64 b married at age 27, b NH,father b NH, mother b VT Wood worker, Cora, wife, ae 59 married at age 22, b MA, father b MA, mother b MA, Arthur W. ae 32, single,baker b MA parents b A WARDEN: Minnie,,cousin, ae 70 single b MA  

WORDEN and ELLEN MARIE GROUT, on 28 Oct 1893 in Warwick, MA. (488) Cora was born on 16 Nov 1870 in Warwick, Franklin Co., MA. (489) She died on 27 Oct 1949 in Orange, Franklin Co., MA and was buried in Winchester, NH, Evergreen Em.(490)

Core’s obit reads "Orange, Oct 28 - Services for Mrs. Cora E. Rich, age 78, who died yesterday at the home of her son-in-law and daughter Mr.and Mrs. Ray Battersby of 120 heney Street will be Sunday afternoon at 2 at Higgins Funeral Home.  Burial will be Sunday afternoon in Winchester, NH. Mrs.Rich was born in Warlock. Her husband Frank A. Rich died in 1941.  She leaves another daughter Mrs. Alice M. Dean of Chesterfield; two sons Virgil of Schenectady, NY; and Charles of Orange; eight grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren; a sister Mrs. Marie Wilson of Northboro, two brothers Edward  Worden of Orange and Clifford of Moncton, N.B.(491) 

Cora did home nursing for many of her elderly relatives and enjoyed gardening.  She was an excellent cook.

FRANK and CORA had the following children: (492)

+	315	F       i. ALICE MAY RICH born 17 Sep 1894                         

	316	F	ii ELLEN RICH born 1896 in Phillipston MA. died at birth
	317	F	iii.MARY RICH born 1896 Philipston MA.(twin to ii. died at birth

The twins are buried under a tree on the family farm in Phillipston, MA.

	318	M	iv.ARTHUR WORDEN RICH was born on 22 Jun 1897 in Phillipston, Worcester Co., MA. He died single on 20 Sep 1936 in Orange, Franklin Co., MA as a a result of an automobile accident. (493) Arthur registered for the draft in WW in Athol, MA.  He was born 22 June 1897, was living in Phillipston, MA, father born Winchester, NH, Arthur worked for the Union Twist & Drill Co. in Athol, MA. His nearest relative was his father Frank Rich of Phillipston, MA. He had blue eyes, brown hair.

+	319	F	v.LENA BELLE RICH born 28 Jan 1900                         

+	320	M	vi.VIRGIL MARCUS RICH born 1 Feb 1902 

	321	M	vii.CHARLES BAXTER RICH born 18 Nov 1906. He died on 20 Oct 1983 in Zephyr Hills, Florida.(494)  Charles married JANET WOODARD, daughter of LEON M. WOODARD and JANE S.. AVERY Janet was born on 29 Jan 1916.(495) She died on 19 Oct 1985 in Zephyrhills, Florida.(496) No Children

	293.	LUCY MABEL RICH (CHARLES ADAMS, CHARLES, JACOB Jr.,JACOB Sr., ELISHA,SAMUEL, NICHOLAS) was born on 24 Jul 1868 in Richmond, Cheshire Co., NH. She died in 1951 in Keene, Cheshire Co., NH and was buried in Evergreen Cem., Winchester, NH.(497)

The Castors resided in Keene, Winchester & Sullivan, NH. Their name was also
spelled Castaw. From an article dated about 1946 in the Keene Sentinel (date cut off article found in Rich Family Bible) - CASTORS OBSERVE 61st ANNIVERSARY OF WEDDING - Mr. Mrs. Nelson Castor of Monadnock Court, who were married in Keene Jan. 1, 1884, observed their 61st wedding anniversary in their home on Monday. Mr. & Mrs. Ray R. Battersby, a nephew and niece of Orange, Mass. who were married Dec. 30, 1944 were week-end guests of the Castors.  Mr. & Mrs. Castor received many messages of congratulations and also gifts from their relatives and friends.

LUCY married NELSON CASTOR on 1 Jan 1884 in Keene, NH.(note above article) Nelson was born in Aug 1864 in Highgate, VT son of LEWIS CASTOR & MARIE MARTIN. (498) He died in 1947 in Keene, NH and was buried in Evergreen Em., Keene, NH.

They had the following children( 499)

	322	F	i.	LAURA MAY CASTOR born 16 Jan 1885 in Keene, NH. She died 8 Sept. 1957 in Concord, NH and was buried in Meetinghouse Cem, E. Sullivan, NH.(499a)
Laura married (1) WINFIELD C. CHASE on 25 Jun 1904. (500) Laura also married (2) FRANK LESLIE BARDWELL, son of FRANK BARDWELL and FLORA ELLA DAVIS, on 15 Apr 1909 in Keene,NH.(501) Frank was born on 8 Jun 1884 in Sullivan, NH (502). He died in Jan 1964 in New Hampshire.(503) Child: i.Harold 

	323	M	ii.	HARRY CLYDE CASTOR born 22 Dec 1888 in Highgate, VT. He died on 26 Nov 1889 in Winchester, NH. (504)

+	324	M	iii.	CLYDE NELSON CASTOR born 6 Apr 1894 

                       Ninth Generation

	315.	ALICE MAY RICH (FRANK A., CHARLES ADAMS, CHARLES, JACOB Jr., JACOB Sr.,ELISHA, SAMUEL, NICHOLAS) was born on 17 Sep 1894 in Warwick, Franklin Co., MA. She died on 14 Oct 1957 in Keene, Cheshire Co.,NH (505)

Alice May RICH had a fine singing voice and played the organ professionally. She was very active in her church group.  The DEAN Family lived on a farm in
Halifax, VT for many years which was the scene for yearly family reunions when
compiler was a child.

ALICE MAY married LOREN EDWARD DEAN, son of THOMAS F. DEAN and MARY, on 8 Oct 1912 in Palmer, MA (50) Loren was born on 9 Aug 1881/1882 in Dean, Nova Scotia.(507) He died on 11 Nov 1961 in Hanover, NH (508)

They had the following children (509)

+	325	F	i.	EDITH DEAN born 5 May 1914 

+	326	M	ii.	EDWARD L. DEAN born  2 Oct 1920
+	327	M	iii.	FRED E (twin) DEAN born 16 Nov 1922.

+	328	M	iv.	FRANK (twin) THOMAS DEAN born 16 Nov 1922.

+	329	M	v.	JAMES DEAN born 11 Jan 1925.

+	330	M	vi.	JOHN DEAN born about 1934.

	319.	LENA BELLE RICH (FRANK A., CHARLES ADAMS, CHARLES, JACOB Jr., JACOB Sr.,ELISHA, SAMUEL, NICHOLAS) was born on 28 Jan 1900 in Phillipston, Worcester Co., MA. She died on 29 Sep 1973 in Orange, Franklin Co., MA and was buried in Athol, MA.(510)

Lena B. RICH was employed as a cook many years for a wealthy Boston family.
At the art of culinary she was a master.

McNUTT, on 13 Jul 1936 in Orange, MA. (511) Dewey was born on 20 Feb 1898 in MT Holly, VT. (512) He died on 13 Feb 1970 in Rochester, NY.(513) The marriage ended in divorce. Dewey m1 JULIA RABIDEAU

1920 NY cn Altona, Clinton Co. ED1:14 MYATT: Ice, ae 48, b NY speaks French, same for parents, farmer menial laborer, Amelia, wife ae 57, NY, NY,NY, Albert, son, ae 13 NY NY NY, Frank, son ae 12, NY NY NY,RABIDEAU, Malinda, step-d. ae 17, b NY, father b Canada, French, mother b NY; WORTMAN, Dewey, step-son-in-law, ae 22 b VT, parents b Canada, French laborer, working out, Julia step d. ae 19 b. Ny,father b Canada French, mother b NY   

DEWEY and LENA had the following children(514)_

+	331	F	i.	CORA MARGARET WORTMAN was born on 11 Apr 1937.


BATTERSBY and LEILA MOORE, on 30 Dec 1944 in Orange, MA.(515) Ray was born on 6 Jan 1894. (516) He died on 20 Sep 1973 in Orange, MA.(517) Ray registered for WW1 draft in 1917/18 in Athol, MA. He was born in Athol, MA 6 Jan. 1894. He was a laborer employed in Athol, nearest kin was his mother not named.(518) 

	320.	VIRGIL MARCUS RICH (FRANK A., CHARLES ADAMS, CHARLES, JACOB Jr., JACOB Sr., ELISHA, SAMUEL, NICHOLAS) was born on 1 Feb 1902 in Phillipston,, Worcester Co., MA. He died on 17 Dec 1975 in Albany, Albany Co., NY and was buried in Troy, NY, St. Mary's Cem. (519)

ROSANNA MURPHY, on 4 May 1929 in Albany, NY.(520) Anna May was born on 11 Dec 1907 in Albany, Albany Co., NY. Anna May died 3 Jan. 2004 in Troy NY, Heritage House Nursing Home.

They had the following child:

	333	F	i.	DORIS ROSE RICH was born on 25 Jul 1930 in Albany, Albany Co., NY and was christened about 1951 in St. Ann's RC Church., Albany, NY. Doris married JOHN JAMES SHERIDAN, son of JOSEPH SHERIDAN and
HELEN HURLEY, on 27 Jan 1962 in Albany, NY. JOHN was born on 2 Mar 1919 in Troy, Rensselaer Co., NY. He died on 26 Apr 1998 in Troy, Rensselaer
Co., NY and was buried in St. Mary's Cem..COMPILER OF THIS GENEALOGY

	324.	CLYDE CASTOR (LUCY MALE RICH, CHARLES ADAMS, CHARLES, JACOB Jr.,JACOB Sr., ELISHA, SAMUEL, NICHOLAS) was born on 6 Apr 1894 in Keene, NH. (521) He died on 14 Nov 1969 in Honolulu, Hawaii.(522)

Clyde was a veteran of World War I serving in Europe.

CLYDE married EMILY STERNA BLANCHARD, daughter of ARTHUR WILLIAM BLANCHARD and ANNA S. NELSON, about 1924. (523) Emily was born on 4 Apr 1892 in Massachusetts.(524) She died on 28 Mar. 1985 in Los Angeles, CA. (525)

They had the following child b Los Angeles CAZ: (526)

 	334	F	i.	HELEN MAURINE CASTOR born 23 Jan 1925
                          TENTH GENERATION

	325.	EDITH DEAN (ALICE MAY RICH, FRANK A., CHARLES ADAMS, CHARLES, JACOBJr., JACOB Sr., ELISHA, SAMUEL, NICHOLAS) was born on 5 May 1914 in Dean, Nova Scotia. She died in Dec 1979 in Charlemont, MA (527)

EDITH married ENRICH J. CETTO, (Ernie) son of ENRICO CETTO and MARIE, on 2 Jun
1934  (528) Enrico was born 13 Dec. 1910 and died 10 Mar 1998, AE 87.(529)

They had the following children(530)

	335	M	i.	PAUL CETTO.

	336	M	ii.	ERNEST CETTO.

	337	M	iii.	JEAN CETTO.

	326.	EDWARD L. DEAN (ALICE MAY RICH, FRANK A., CHARLES ADAMS, CHARLES,JACOB Jr., JACOB Sr., ELISHA, SAMUEL, NICHOLAS) was born on 2 Oct 1920 in Baldwinsville, MA. He died on 18 Jul 1997 in Midland, Sebastian, AK.(531)

EDWARD married (1) EDITH(532)
They had the following children (533)

	339	F	ii.	SUSAN DEAN.

	340	M	iii.	EDWARD DEAN.

EDWARD also married (2) MARY R. CAMPBELL. (534)

EDWARD also married (3) GLADYS.

	327.	FRED E (twin) DEAN (ALICE MAY RICH, FRANK A., CHARLES ADAMS, CHARLES,JACOB Jr., JACOB Sr.,ELISHA, SAMUEL, NICHOLAS) was born on 16 Nov 1922 in Baldwinsville, MA. Living 2004 Shelburne, MA

FRED married BLANCHE YARTER on 25 Jun 1949 in Schenectady, NY .(535)  Blanche
daughter of CLIFFORD YARTER and EFFIE  LAWRENCE was born 31 Dec. 1934 Hudson alls, Washington Co. NY and died 2 Sept. 2003 Greenfield, Franklin Co. MA.(536)

They had the following children(537)

	341	F	i.	BETTY A. DEAN.(Mrs. Frank of Castleton, NY 

	342	M	ii.	SIMON L. DEAN.(living Caldwell,Ohio 2003

	343	M	iii.	ALLEY E. DEAN (Brandon, VT 2003}.

	344	M	iv.	RONALD DEAN (of Fort Carson CO 2003).

	345	M	v.	IVAN E.DEAN. (of Coral Springs FL 2003)

	346	F	vi.	NANCY L. DEAN (Mrs. Law of Uptown, MA 2003) .

	347	F	vii.	SUSAN J. DEAN. (Mrs. Kings of Altamont NY 

	348	M	viii.	DOUGLAS  L. DEAN (of Charlemont MA 2003).

	349	M	ix.	ERIC R. DEAN (of Charlemont, MA 2003).

	350	M	x.	BRIAN F. DEAN(of Lexington, NC in 2003}.

	351	M	XI.	CRAIG M. DEAN  (of Delanson, NY in 2003}.

                F       xii.     JOAN MARIE DEAN, died young                        

                F       xiii.    CAROL M. DEAN (Mrs. Perry of Middleton,WIS in 
	328.	FRANK (twin) THOMAS DEAN (ALICE MAY RICH, FRANK A., CHARLES ADAMS, CHARLES, JACOB Jr.,JACOB Sr., ELISHA, SAMUEL, NICHOLAS) was born on 16 Nov 1922 in Baldwinsville, MA. Frank died 27 Sept. 2005 Chesterfield, NH (Brattleboro Reformer 29 Sept.2005)

and MARGERY MANSFIELD  on 9 July 1947 in Massachusetts.538 Jeanette was born on 23 Oct. 1911 in Keene, NH. She died  7 Nov. 2004 in Chesterfield, NH and was buried Freidsam Cem. 

They had the following children(539)

	352	F	i.	JANE DEAN married ? ANDERSON

	353	M	ii.	THOMAS DEAN.

	329.	JAMES DEAN (ALICE MAY RICH, FRANK A., CHARLES ADAMS, CHARLES, JACOB Jr., JACOB Sr., ELISHA, SAMUEL, NICHOLAS) was born on 11 Jan 1925 in Halifax, VT. JAMES married ELSIE WALDEN on 18 Oct 1952 (540) both living Florida 2008

They had the following child (541)

	354	F	i.	JUNE DEAN of Lulu,GA 2004 JUNE married DEAN VAN ALSTYNE(542)

	330.	JOHN DEAN (ALICE MAY RICH, FRANK A., CHARLES ADAMS, CHARLES, JACOB Jr., JACOB Sr., ELISHA, SAMUEL, NICHOLAS) was born about 1934 in Halifax, VT. Living Maine 2008

JOHN married 1  MADELINE SWALLOW on 3 Jul 1954.(543)

They had the following children: (544)


	356	F	ii.	FEMALE DEAN.

	357	F	iii.	FEMALE DEAN.
                 m2  VERNA divorced 1976

                 other marriages and other children unknown

	331.	CORA MARGARET WORTMAN (LENA BELLE RICH, FRANK A., CHARLES ADAMS, CHARLES, JACOB Jr., JACOB Sr., ELISHA, SAMUEL, NICHOLAS) was born on 11 Apr 1937 in Orange, MA.Living Orange Mass. 2008  

FRANCES LEE, on 30 Nov 1955 in Orange, MA.(545) Richard born in 1935. and died in 1960. (546)
They had the following child (547)

	358	M	i.	ROBERT MACKENZIE was born on 28 Aug 1957 in Greenfield, Ma. ROBERT married DAWN GOODWIN. (548)1 son Robert Jr.

LOUISE DUMAS, on 18 May 1962 in Orange, MA (549) GERAD was born on 12 Jan 1917. He died in Nov 1979 in Orange, MA. (550) Marriage ended in divorce.

They had the following child (551)

	359	M	ii.	PAUL A. TALBOT was born on 6 Nov 1962 in Greenfield, MA (552) Paul married DIANE GROUT. Divorced. (553)2 daughters Elizabeth & Amanda

PAOLI, on 22 Feb 1976 in Orange, MA.(554)Anthony was born on 22 May 1927.(555)
He died on 19 Jul 2000 in Orange, MA (556)


Elyria, Lorain Co. Ohio Democrat, 26 Nov.1914

Albina K. Rich passed peacefully away at her home just south of Elyria early last Saturday morning  following an illness of two weeks.    

She had reached the ripe old age of 87 years Mrs.Rich died on the farm to which she came with her husband and children a half century ago. It was only of very recent years that fire destroyed the old homestead in which so many of the  happy years of her life had been spent . It was always her wish to end her days on the old home place with fond associations and family ties. Coming to Elyria to make her home when the place was but  a little village clustering about the court house square a mile away. She lived to see the flourishing city  grow to her very door.  Mrs. Rich was dearly loved by a large number of friends for her  Christian character. She had the rare gift of drawing to her not only  those of her own generation but those younger and to the latter, she was fondly known as “Grandma Rich” Her birthday anniversaries from year to year were made by her friends and family very happy events in her life, the more so as advancing age restricted her usual activities.

The funeral services were held from her late home,  Monday afternoon at  2  o’clock Rev.J.H.Grant of the First Congregational church officiating. In connection with the beautiful tribute to the character of the deceased and the worth of her life in the community, Rev. Grant  read the following historical sketch prepared by members of the family “Albina Somerset Kittredge was born in Charleston, Maine April 16th 1827.  The family soon removed to Milo, Maine. She attended the academy in Charleston and later studied with her uncle
Calvin Bickford, in Warren Maine. 

At the age of fifteen  she joined the Baptist church in Milo. This being the only church in town people of all denominations joined  in its worship and worked harmoniously  in the common cause. The little church was financially weak and could not support a settled pastor, but visiting
ministers of whatever denomination,occupied its pulpit, and when no minister was present Mr. Charles Rich  often read a sermon. Both Charles Rich and Albina Kittredge sang in the choir. The ministers were generally entertained  in the home of Mr Kittredge who kept the general store in the village.

Albina Kittredge’s religion was a very vital part of her life and when she taught in Killmonic, Maine, she opened school with prayer every morning.

At the age of twenty she married Charles Wilder Rich who was nineteen years older than herself. In referring to her marriage she was accustomed to say later in life that she was sure she was guided to this decision in answer to prayer. He had been for seventeen years  the head of the household of his widowed mother, and in the place of a father to the six younger brothers and
sisters.  Before his marriage his brothers and sisters  had all left for school or business or homes of their own, but the “Intervale  Farm”, with the little old unpainted  house.with its wide open fireplace was always home to them all.

Six children were born to Mr.& Mrs. Rich in Milo, one of whom died in infancy.Mary Rich Andrews died in Elyria in 1880 leaving one child, Susie Andrews Manuel, now living in Cleveland.  Anna Rich Leadingham died in Pomona Cal  in January 1913  leaving six children.

Mr. & Mrs. Rich moved to Elyria in December 1864, where his sister Mrs.Anna DeWitt, and his brother Isaac S. Metcalf, had previously settled , and to which a year earlier the youngest brother Eliab W. Metcalf, came with his family. Here they joined the First Congregational church, of which up to the time of her death Nov. 24, 1914, she was a faithful and devoted member. She was also a member of the Sunday school, either as scholar or teacher, until the infirmities of  age prevented her attendance.She taught for some years, a class of boys, in each of whom, she always retained an affectionate interest, and some of whom in mature manhood, gave frequent expression to their regard for her  and their gratitude for her influence in their lives.

She kept up through all the years regular and systematic Bible study and lived her long life of nearly eighty-eight years in constant dependence upon  God and assurance of his love and care.

In 1888 her husband  was taken from her by death. Since that time she continued to live  in her own home on the farm  just south of Elyria,where she had the devoted care of her son and daughter, Mr. & Mrs. Geo. W. Rich and their daughter.

She is survived by a sister, Mrs.Mary Lawton of Folsom,CA.,two brothers John H. Kittredge, of Kansas City, KA., and Calvin B. Kittredge of Needham,Mass, and three sons, Chas. M. Rich of Grand Rapids, Mich., Jos. S. Rich of Duluth, Minn. and Geo.W.Rich of Elyria, besides nine grandchildren, three great grandchildren, many nephews and nieces and a host of friends who can
never lose  the influence of her unselfish and devout personality.

The services were largely attended. The three surviving sons of the deceased Charles Rich, Joseph Rich and George W. Rich, were all able to be present. The music of the service was sung by the younger kin-folk of the deceased.  Rev. and Mrs. Harlan Metcalf and  Mr  John Manuel of Cleveland and  Dr.H. Metcalf of  Elyria.  At the grave the service was conducted by Rev.Irving W. Metcalf of Oberline, a nephew of the deceased.

A wealth of beautiful flowers filled the room where the casket was placed the well-known  love of the deceased for them being remembered at this hour.       .  
Elyria Republican 28 Jan. 1897 - DEATH OF ANNA ELIZABETH DEWITT -

Mrs. Anna Elizabeth Ricb died Saturday January 23d in her 86th year. Mrs. Dewitt was born in Warwick, Mass. August 27, 1811.  Her father died when she was but a few months old  and about ten years later,  her mother was married to Isaac Metcalf, Royalston, Mass. who moved to Boston in 1826 and conducted a private school.  She was for some years an assistant teacher in her father’s school, and after his death in 1843, she and her oldest sister , Mrs. Ryder, established a private school  of their own.  Later she transferred her school  to Bangor, Maine, where she was a popular and successful teacher for some twelve years In 1848 she became an assistant principal  of Westfield Academy, Westfield, N.Y. and three  years later took charge of a young ladies
seminary in Racine, Wisconsin where her home was in the family of Rev. T. N. Hopkins, pastor of  the Presbyterian church. In 1852 Mr. Hopkins accepted a call to what was then the Presbyterian church of Elyria, now the Congregational church, and the following summer vacation Miss Rich who came to Elyria to visit the family of Rev. Mr. Hopkins became acquainted with
Dr. Elijah DeWitt, to who she was married September 28, 1853.  From that time until her death her home was in Elyria. Mrs. DeWitt was a woman of  the finest  qualities of mind and heart and she retained her keenness  of  intellect and the full possession of her faculties to the day of  her
death  In her earlier years she was a writer of ability and wrote a novel depicting  New England home-life which had a large circulation at  the time and has been for many years in print. She was an extensive reader and with her husband always kept thoroughly informed  as to what was going on in all parts of the world, watching with special interest the progress of missionary work
throughout  the world. She had a highly cultivated literary taste and never lost her interest in the best of literature.  Mrs. DeWitt was one of the oldest members of the First Congregational Church of Elyria. In connection with Mrs. Abigail Monteith, she was one of the founders of the Woman’s Foreign Missionary Society of her church, She was its president for many years, and at
the time of her death was president emeritus and was all her life a zealous and faithful  worker in the church and Sunday school.  While she was a teacher in Boston she had charge of two Sunday Schools, one of them a mission school.  For many years after coming to Elyria she taught large classes of young men in the Sunday school, and members of these classes, now widely scattered ,
have often come to call upon her when they have returned  to Elyria in these later years.

Miss Elizabeth DeWitt and Mrs. Hattie DeWitt Gaylord of Columbus, Ohio are the survivingmembers of Dr. DeWitt’s family, the late Charles W. Rich of Elyria was Mrs DeWitt’s oldest brother and of the other brothers and sisters survivors are Mrs. Ryder who now lives in Brownville, Maine in her 88th year and Mr. I.S. Metcalf and Mr. E.W. Metcalf of Elyria,Ohio.

The funeral was held at the family residence on Broad street which had been her home during her entire married life, on Tuesday  afternoon January 26th  The services were conducted by her nephew Irving W. Metcalf , of Pilgrim church,Cleveland and her grandson Rev. William C. DeWitt of St. Andrew’s Protestant Episcopal church, Chicago.      

NOTE: The following from Julia Rich Hogan “Anna was probably the author of  Home and second edition of Joys and Sorrows of Home under the pen name of Anna Leland taken from her mother’s diary. A copy of the latter volume is in the Rare Book Department of the Boston Public Library, giving the pen names used in the book and the real name as furnished by Mrs. Jasper Leland of Winchester, N.H. (557)

 Two of Elijah DeWitts children from first marriage are buried in Ridgelawn Cem. Elyria, Ohio as follows:  

     Rollin DeWitt died 25 Mar 1882, ae 55
     E.  DeWitt died 7 Apr 1877, ae 27
Anna Mayo Stevens Rich married Isaac Metcalf 1 March 1821 in Royalston, Worcester Co. MA. (558) Isaac son of PELATIAH  METCALF & LYDIA ESTEY  was born 3 Feb.1783 in Royalston, MA. (559) Isaac died in Boston, MA 17 Apr. 1830, ae 47. (560) He had m1 Lucy H. Heywood who died 29 June 1820, ae 33 in Royalston, MA. (561)

Isaac Metcalf & Anna Mayo Stevens Rich  had the following children(562)

          i.     ISAAC STEVENS METCALF, born 29 Jan. 1822 in Royalston , MA He died 19 Feb. 1898 probably Elyria,Ohio (563) He m1 ANTOINETTE  BRIGHAM PUTNAM 5 July 1852 Elyria, Ohio.(564) He m2  HARRIET HAWE (565)

1870 Ohio cn, Lorain Co. Elyria, 471 METCALF: Isaac ae 48 land dealer $49,000/$10,000 b Ma, Antoinette ae 41 keeping house, b NH, Wilder S., ae 14 bME, Charles R., ae 12 b Ohio, Marion, ae 10 b. Ohio , Anna M. ae 07 b Ohio. John M. ae 05 b Ohio, Paul H. ae 03 b.Ohio, Ethel, ae 3/12 b Ohio., HALE: Emmeline, ae 18 domestic, b Ohio, HOFFMAN, Catherine ae 18 domestic, b.Germany 

1880  Ohio cn Lorain Co., Elyria, METCALF:  Isaac ae 58, b MA, miller,  Harriet, wife ae 29, b England  keeping house, Charles R. son, ae 13, b Ohio works in mill, Marion, dau. ae 21 b Ohio, Anna, dau. ae 17 Ohio at school, John, son, ae 15 Ohio, at school, Harland, son, ae 12, Onio, at school,  Eva, dau. ae 10 Ohio at school, Emily, dau. ae 08, Ohio at school, Nettie, ae 06, dau. Ohio, Ralph, son, ae 01, Ohio NEUFER: Ann, ae 15, servant, b Ohio parents b Germany        

          ii.      JOSEPH  MAYO METCALF, born  25 July 1823 Royalston, MA  .

          iii.     LUCY HEYWOOD METCALF, born 20 May 1824 in Royalston, MA

           iv..    ELIAB METCALF, born  18 Apr. 1827. (566) He died 24 Nov. 1899 in Elyria, Lorain Co. Ohio and is buried in  Ridgelawn Cem. (567)

1880 Ohio cn Lorain Co., Elyria, 488c METCALF: Eliot, ae 52 b MA, broker, parents b MA, Maria, wife ae 50, b CT, keeping house,  parents b CT, Irving, son, ae 22, b ME, student,  Edith, dau. ae 20 b ME at school, Wilmott, son, ae 19 b ME, at school, Maynard, son, ae 12, b ME            

                  NOTE: See obits of Albina Rich & Anna Elizabeth DeWitt preceding for information on Isaac S.& Eliab Metcalf. 

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M. Simpson?)
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