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1. BERNARD1 THOMPSON, born perhaps in Cury, Kilcommick, Longford, Ireland. He
married  MARY McANERNEY, born abt. 1793 perhaps in or near Cury, Kilcommick,
Longford, Ireland1; died 14 Oct 1862 in Albany, Albany Co., NY; buried  in Albany, NY,
St. Agnes Cem.2 
	Bernard Thompson probably never came to the United States.
	Mary McAnerney Thompson probably immigrated to the US with her daughters
Mary and Bridget Thompson.  In the 1855 census of Albany3, Mary, widow, age 60 was
living in the household of Patrick Dowd as his mother-in-law. She had been a resident
of the City of Albany for one year. Catherine Dowd , wife of Patrick had, according to
this census, been living in Albany for nine years. Catherine may have been the first of
the family to immigrate, her mother and sisters joining her in Albany a few years later.
In 1860 Mary Thompson, widow, age 66, was living with the Walls family in the same
dwelling house as Catherine Dowd. Mary may have been related to the Walls family
although I did not find a connection. Ann, wife of William Walls was nee Malone
according to the death certificate of her daughter Mary Walls who died single 15 Feb.
1894.4  When Mary Thompson died she was residing at No. 4 Hawk St. where
members of the Dowd family also lived.
	Mary's death notice reads  "On the 14th inst. Mary Thompson aged 69 years.
Funeral this afternoon at 3 o'clock from her late residence No. 4 Hawk St. Mary's death
is not recorded in the office records of St. Agnes Cem. but her death date and the
words Co. Longford are inscribed on her tombstone.5
	Mary's surname is probably a variant spelling of McEnerney/McInerney.  According
to family tradition Mary was of Scotch extraction.  She may have been what is known
as Scotch-Irish.  

	2	i	BRIDGET2 THOMPSON, probably born abt. May 1821 perhaps in
Cury, Kilcommick, Longford, Ireland6; died 19 Apr 1909 in Albany,
Albany Co., NY; buried  in St. Agnes Cem., Menands, Albany Co.,
NY.7   In 18558 Bridget Thompson, ae 27 and Mary Thompson, ae
17, both residents of Albany, NY for one year, were working as
servants in the household of Tobias VanSchaick, gentleman, on
Lumber St. in Albany.  In 1900 Bridget born May 1821, living in US
since 1850 was residing at 107 Bradford St.  Mrs. James McCann,
age 35 and her daughter Catherine, age 10 were boarding with
Bridget.9  Mrs. McCann was Mary, daughter of Bridget's sister Mary
(Thompson) Murphy. In the Year 1902 Bridget Thompson became a
resident of the Little Sisters of the Poor on Central Ave. in Albany. 
The social worker for the present nursing facility called Our Lady of
Hope Residence located in Latham, NY informed me that Bridget's
admitting record gives her parents as Bernard & Mary (McAnerney)
Thompson and says she resided 52 years in he US.      
+	3	ii	CATHERINE2 THOMPSON, born abt. 1830  perhaps in Cury,
Kilcommick, Co. Longford, Ireland. She married PATRICK DOWD. 
	4	iii	JAMES2 THOMPSON, born abt. 1833  perhaps in Cury, Kilcommick,
Longford, Ireland; died 12 Feb 1893 in Troy, Rensselaer Co., NY;
buried  in St. Agnes Cem., Menands, Albany Co., NY. He married
before  1860, BRIDGET NEW, born abt. 1832  in Co. Westmeath,
Ireland10; died 16 Jan 1908 Ae 76 in Troy, Rensselaer Co., NY,
daughter of JOHN NEW and MARY WALL.11   James is probably the
James Thompson who declared his intentions to become a US
citizen on 31 Mar 1855 in Lake Co IL and as a resident of Albany, NY
was naturalized  on 20 Oct. 1860 witnessed by Bridget Thompson.12 
The county clerk clerk at Lake Co. Ill could not locate a declaration of
intentions for James  The following advertisement was placed in the
Boston Pilot newspaper of 6 Dec. 1856 "of Kate and Bridget
Thompson of Curry Parish, Killcommick (Co. Longford) when last
heard of were in Albany.  Information received by their brother James
Waukegan, Lake County, Ill."13  In the Boston Pilot of 24 Jan. 1857
James placed the following advertisement searching for his wife's
relatives, "Of John New or his brother-in-law James Noonan, or Peter
Duffy, all from near Mullinger (Co. Westmeath). Please address their
brother-in-law James Thompson, Waukegan, Lake County, Illinois". 
James and his wife Bridget were in Albany, NY by 1860 and later
removed to Troy, NY  In 1880 James was a dealer in hides and
tallow.  James Thompson's age conflicts in every record I have seen
regarding him.  He was age 36 in 1860, age 50 in 1875, and age 65
in 1880 and age 60 when he died in 1893.    
+	5	iv	MARY2 THOMPSON, born abt. 1837 in Cury, Kilcommick, Longford,
Ireland. She married JAMES H. MURPHY. 

Generation 2

3. CATHERINE2 THOMPSON (BERNARD1),prhaps born c1830 in Cury, Kilcommick,
Co. Longford, Ireland14; died abt. 1862/63 in Albany, Albany Co., NY.15  She married
on 23 Feb 1852 in St. Joseph's Ch., Albany, Albany Co., NY16, PATRICK DOWD, born
abt. 1831 in Albany, Albany Co., NY17; died abt. 1855/56 in Albany, Albany Co., NY18,
son of LAWRENCE DOWD and MARY (---). 
	6	i	LAWRENCE3 DOWD, born 19 Nov 1853 in Albany, NY; christened
27 Nov 1853 SP: Michael Dowd/Bridget in St. Joseph's Ch Albany,
	7	ii	MARY ANN3 DOWD, christened 9 Sep 1855 in St. Joseph's  Ch
SP:James ?/Mary Thompson.   In 1865 a Mary Dowd, age 09, born
Albany, was living in a Catholic orphanage. She was not in the
orphanage in 1870  according to census..

5. MARY2 THOMPSON (BERNARD1), perhaps born abt. 1837 in Cury, Kilcommick,
Longford, Ireland20; died 22 Aug 1874 in Albany, Albany Co., NY; buried  in Albany,
NY, St. Mary's Cem.. She married on 2 Jan 1859 in Albany, NY, St. Mary's Ch., JAMES
H. MURPHY, born abt. 1838 in Co. Longford, Ireland; died 11 Nov 1903 in Albany,
Albany Co., NY; buried  in St. Mary's Cem., Albany, NY, son of BERNARD MURPHY

	8	i	BERNARD3 MURPHY, born 5 Jul 1860 in Albany, Albany Co., NY;
christened 8 Jul 1860 in St. Mary’s RCC, Albany, NY SP: Thomas
Murphy/Bridget Thompson
	9	ii	MARY ELIZABETH3 MURPHY, born 16 Feb 1863 in Albany, Albany
Co., NY. She married JAMES McCANN. 
	10	iii	CATHERINE3 MURPHY, born 15 Oct 1866 in Albany, Albany Co.,
NY; christened 21 Oct 1866 in St. Mary’s Ch., Albany, NY SP: Arthur
McCann/Catherine Collins 
	11	iv	JAMES3 MURPHY, christened 13 Jun 1869 in St. Mary’s Ch., Albany,
NY SP:John McGirk/Bridget Murphy, died 3 Mar 1941 in Albany,
Albany Co., NY
	12	v	ROSANNA3 MURPHY, born 5 Jul 1873 in Albany, Albany Co., NY.
She married (1) JOHN DENNIS MAHAR. She married (2) EDWIN 

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