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Doris Sheridan
Troy, NY 12180
United States

                         Descendants of
                  JOHN I WEBB and ANN BASSETT

	The Genealogy of John Webb of Northampton, Massachusetts and his family is very well covered in The American Genealogist January 1947, Vol. XXXIII #3, Page 129 so in essence this genealogy will start with John WEBB of the third generation grandson of John WEBB I & his wife ANN BASSETT.  I have however added some information about the first John Webb's tavern.

1. JOHN I1 WEBB, born abt. 1615 in England; died 19 May 1670 in Northampton, Hampshire Co., MA. He married (1) abt. 1640, ANN BASSETT, born abt. 1620 in England; died 26 Aug 1667 in Northampton, Hampshire Co., MA, daughter of JOHN BASSETT and MARGERY (---).  He married (2) on 16 Oct 1667 in Northampton, MA, ELIZABETH SWIFT, christened 24 Mar 1640/41 in Dorchester, MA, died 28 Feb 1692
in Northampton, MA
	JOHN WEBB I of Northampton, Massachusetts operated what is said to be the first tavern in that town.  It was located on the west corner of Main and Old South Street. It was probably one and one half stories high with a beer or brew house at the rear of the building1
	The Court on 28 Sept. 1658 found it necessary for someone to keep an ordinary for entertaining strangers and they selected JOHN WEBB I for this task. He had "a license granted to him in that behalf, as also for the sellinge of wine, Cider or stronge Liquors; this license to continue for one year from this Court, provided the said JOHN WEBB doe not suffer any evil rules or disorder in his house during said Terme and that he doe behave himself therein."2 
	On 26 Mar 1667 the first Court held in Northampton met at Webb's Tavern3

	Children of JOHN I WEBB and ANN BASSET4

+	2	i	JOHN II2 WEBB, born abt. 1642 in Boston, Suffolk Co., MA. He married SUSANNA CUNLIFFE.
	3	ii	RICHARD2 WEBB, born abt. 1644; died 30 Oct 1651 in Boston, MA.
	4	iii	SARAH2 WEBB, born abt. 1646; died 29 Feb 1704 in Deerfield, MA. 
	5	iv	MARY2 WEBB, born 5 Feb 1647/48 in Hartford, CT; died 14 Mar 1676 in Northampton, MA.
	6	v	SUSANNAH2 WEBB, born abt. 1650; died 17 Oct 1651 in Boston, MA. 
	7	vi	LYDIA2 WEBB, born abt. 1652; died 26 Aug 1667 in Northampton, MA.
	8	vii	RICHARD2 WEBB, born abt. 1654; died 23 Aug 1700. 


	9	i	JEREMIAH2 WEBB, born 12 Jul 1668 in Northampton, MA; died 5 Mar 1734.
	10	ii	PETER2 WEBB, born 23 Jun 1670 in Northampton, MA; died aft. 26 Sep 1693. 

                         Generation 2

2. JOHN II2 WEBB (JOHN I1), born abt. 1642 in Boston, Suffolk Co., MA; died 3 Apr 1720 in Northampton, Hampshire Co., MA5. He married on 12 Dec 1665 in Northampton, Hampshire Co., MA6, SUSANNA CUNLIFFE, born 15 Mar 1644/45 in Dorchester, Suffolk Co., MA7; died 30 Oct. 1735,ae 90 in Northampton, Hampshire Co., MA, daughter of HENRY CUNLIFFE and SUSANNA (---)and widow of MATTHEW COLE9

	See The American Genealogist Article for more on John WEBB II and his family.
+	11	i	JOHN III3 WEBB, born 8 Jan 1667 in Northampton, Hampshire, MA. He married HANNAH CORNELLISSON.
	12	ii	HENRY3 WEBB, born 27 Nov 1668 in Northampton, MA; died 1712/14.
	13	iii	ANNA3 WEBB, born 24 Feb 1670/71 in Northampton, MA; died 7 Oct 1748. 

	14	iv	EBENEZER3 WEBB, born 8 May 1673 in Northampton, MA; died aft. 1703 in Norwalk, CT.
	15	v	SARAH3 WEBB, born 28 Dec 1675 in Northampton, MA. 
	16	vi	MINDWELL3 WEBB, born 31 May 1678 in Northampton, MA.
	17	vii	MARY3 WEBB, born 20 Aug 1681 in Northampton, MA. 
	18	viii	THANKFUL3 WEBB, born 21 Apr 1684 in Northampton, MA; died aft. 1703 in Norwalk, CT. 

                        Generation 3

11. JOHN III3 WEBB (JOHN II2, JOHN I1), born 8 Jan 1667 in Northampton, Hampshire, MA; died 27 Jan 1711/12, AE over 80 in Springfield, Hampden Co., MA10 He married on 5 Mar 1692/93 in Dutch Ref. Churc, Jersey City, NJ11, HANNAH CORNELLISSON VAN HORN widow of JOHANNES CHRISTENSEN VAN HORN.  Hannah was  christened 10 Sep 1662 in Dutch Ref Church, New Amsterdam, New York12, died 11 Sep 1719 in Springfield, Hampden Co., MA13, daughter of CORNELIS MATTHYSSEN
and BARENTJE DIRCKS. Johannes C. Van Horn was bapt. 18 Mar 1657 in DRC of  New Amsterdam, NY14 and died  after 1686 when he was living in New Jersey and 5 Mar 1692/93 when his widow remarried,son of CHRISTIAN BARENTSEN VAN HORN.15.  Children (surname Van Horn)16 i. Christian bapt 16 Feb. 1683 DRC Manhattan, ii. Barent bc1690
	During the King Williams French & Indian War, JOHN WEBB (3) served as a soldier in Capt. BULL's Company of 90 men.  This contingent, in the Year 1689, marched to Schenectady, NY to defend the area. On 9 Feb 1690 the Indians attacked Schenectady and killed or captured many of the settlers. "John Webb  Souldier Belonging to Capt. BULL" was among the captured.17.  John  was taken to Canada and probably remained a prisoner for some time  before escaping.
	On 17 Sept. 1991 a play called Hearts on Fire written and directed by Maria Riccio Bryce was presented at Proctor's Theater in Schenectady,  This production dramatized the Schenectady Massacre and was most enjoyable.  Many local actors portrayed the soldiers involved in this event which brought to mind my ancestor John Webb III.
	The following is a letter written by PETER TILTON of Hadley, Massachusetts, Hampshire County State Legislator to SIMON BRADSTREET.  A copy of this letter was given to me by Mr. WILLIAM WEBB of Ventura, CA who did not state his source.
	"Honorable and worthy Sir: - The present necessity of this poor captive, the bearer hereof, JOHN WEBB, who was impressed on the country's service to Albany being taken captive by the French when Sineckdidye was destroyed, stripped of all he had, and carried captive to Canada where he was kept until lately, making his escape
with two Dutchmen, - which was done with much difficulty, for want of provisions to keep them alive on that longsome? journey, - his present necessity of somewhat for his relief and supply occasioneth me to give your honor the trouble of these lines, that you
would be pleased to favor, so far as to be instrumental, that what is due him from the country he may receive with anything more that the Lord may move the hearts of any, out of the charity,to bestow upon him."
	John remained in the State of New Jersey for a few years after his marriage but eventally returned to Massachusetts probably about 1696/97. His name is often mentioned in the Northampton Court Records.18
	On 12 Feb. 1711/12 widow HANNAH WEBB filed an inventory of her husband's estate which totaled 60.09 including house and four acres of land.19

+	19	i	CORNELIUS4 WEBB, born 23 Sep 1694 in Hackensack, New Jersey. He married MARY OSBORN.
+	20	ii	ANNA4 WEBB, born abt. 1695. She married JOHN HANCOCK.
	21	iii	EBENEZER4 WEBB, born 9 Feb 1700/01 in Springfield, Hampden Co., MA;20 died bef. Aug 1747 in Northfield, Franklin Co., MA21. He married abt. 173822, MIRIAM BURT, bapt. 2 Sep 1713 in Hatfield, MA.23
	22	iv	SARAH4 WEBB, born 21 Mar 1702/03 in Springfield, Hampden Co., MA.24 She married  JOSEPH JENNINGS, born 27 Apr 1704 in No. Brookfield, Ma, son of JOSEPH JENNINGS and ? (---).25 

                         Generation 4

19. CORNELIUS4 WEBB (JOHN III3, JOHN II2, JOHN I1), born 23 Sep 1694 in Hackensack, New Jersey;26 died 7 Jan 1777 in Springfield, Hampden Co., MA27. He married on 3 Dec 1719 in Springfield, Hampden Co., MA28, MARY OSBORN, born 8 May 1699 in Enfield, Hartford Co., CT29; died 24 Feb 1763 in Springfield, Hampden Co., MA30, daughter of SAMUEL OSBORN and SARAH PATCH. 
	CORNELIUS WEBB's occupation was that of carpenter and wheelwright and in this capacity he received three shillings for repairs to the house of HENRY WRIGHT in Springfield on 29 Jan. 1730/31.  He served as hog reeve in Springfield in 1720(31) .
	On 3 May 1727 he was before the court on account of a debt due JOHN PYNCHON.32  On 30 Sept. 1728 he sold for 24 pounds six acres of land in Springfield "being the land I now live on with house on it", together with 10 acres elsewhere33  On 2 Sept. 1734 he was before the court "for absenting himself from public worship"34. On 23 June 1746 a committee of the general court listed him as
a descendant "of ye soldiers yt were in ye Falls Fight under Capt.Turner" on 18 May 1676(35).  On 16 Feb. 1737/8 "Cornelius Webb of Springfield, wheelwright, eldest son of JOHN WEBB, late of Northampton deceased" sold one whole right of land in Falls Fight
Township, lately granted to officers and soldiers in Falls Fight.36  He appeared again in court on 13 Nov. 1750 and 12 Feb. 1754 because of debts owed.37  On 12 Nov. 1771 the road from Springfield,eastward ran past Cornelius Webb's old chimney 38

	MARY WEBB is mentioned in the minutes of a town meeting held in Springfield on 30 Nov. 1732.  WILLIAM WARRINER was granted the sum of nine shillings  for "his trouble about CORNWELIUS WEBB's wife".39
	Supposedly about the Year 1800, but probably later,  ABRAHAM WEBB, a grandson of CORNELIUS & MARY WEBB wrote a biography of his father DERIK WEBB.  Excerpts from this work were sent to me in 1981 by Mr. WILLIAM WEBB of Ventura, CA, a descendant of Derik who I am no longer able to contact.
	"My Dear Children, With a view to redeem a pledge, in the form of a promise some time ago made, not directly to you, but implied, and from a sentiment of conscious duty, I now attempt to give you a summary account of the life of your worthy Grandfather, Derick or Richard WEBB."
	"He was born in Springfield, County of Hampshire, and state of
Massachusetts on the 12th day of January, A.D. 1729 OS - one hundred and nine years from the first landing of the permanent settlers, the Puritans, so called, from England -- He was educated in the habits of economy and industry and in the strictest principles of the Christian religion, and early instructed in all the creeds and catachisms of the Presbyterian doctrine.  In a state of Mediocrity, simplicity
in manners, unambitious --- the current of his life was exempt from rivalry of fashions and follies, which the prevelence of custom,company and extended commerce have/since introduced in our country --
	"His father CORNELIUS WEBB, was a Mechanic, Carpenter and wheel-wright. by whose labor, together with that of his mother, whose maiden name was MARY OSBORN, supported their numerous family in comfortable and respectable lives, giving them that portion of learning that was common in those lines.  Regularly at
Church the boys appeared dressed in their home manufactured cloth; in summer with wide short kilts of brown tow cloth.  The girls with (rolls?) and hoops -- which for extravigence, really went beyond any absurdity of Modern female  (en giot?) Sleaves and Bunnets. But the Sabbath and the Sanctuary are the first objects of my Grand
Mother; and the love, and service of God and Saviour her joy and consolation."
	"In 1744, war was proclaimed between England and France -- The Government of Massachusetts resolved to invade Louisburgh.  Provincial Troops rendesvous and Volunteers flocked to the standard of Geo. 2.  Among these last was my father, then about 16 years of age.  He had a particular associate of a wealthy family by
the name of JOHN KING by whose influence he was led into this rash act, much against the will of his parents; but there was now no remedy -- This dear companion of his youth was what must ever be esteemed a bad character,volatile, profane, disobedient to his parents, generous to a fault; governing his passions by no reflections
nor his manners and morals by established rules -- After remained a short time in Boston, these provincials we ordered on board of transports and set sail for Cape Breten, where they arrived safe after a boistrous............."
	"So far concerning his brothers and sisters, as my father occasionally related to me, is all I know of them.  He had four brothers: MOSES, STEPHEN, AARON and REUBEN -- of their/Several pursuits, I believe my father knew but little, except MOSES and STEPHEN; it appears that MOSES left Cape Breton, immediately after the cessation of hostilities, which took place directly after the
surrender of that Island to the British -- With some others of his
acquaintance, he went to Halifax, where he married a widow of large fortune -- He was a handsome man, possessing a good natural understanding, which he improved by study.  He died not long after the close of the war of the revolution -- STEPHEN died young of the falling sickness.  AARON, by the advice of his friend, undertook a voyage at sea, for the benefit of his health -- he accidentally fell
overboard, near the harbor of New London, and was lost --REUBEN, the youngest, married when very young -- His wife was the daughter of an active and wealthy merchant at Norwich Landing, with whom he had served in the capacity of clerk; and soon after commenced the mercantile business on his own account.  Unfortunately for
him, the revolutionary war soon commenced which speedily put an end to his business and his hopes.  -- His situation in a seaport town, with a young and prepossessing family surrounded by the bustle and tumult of preparing to meet the enemy, so disagreeable to his feelings,induced him to abandon, for the present, his pursuits and
retire into the interior -- He came with his family, and joined my father  in the Town of Sunderland in Vermont.  -- I can remember him.  He was a man of good abilities, and a quiet and peaceful deportment -- He became a successful farmer and brought up a
large family which became very respectable -- But my limits will not permit me to enlarge -- It would seem like partiality and disrespect were I in this place, to omit to pay the passing tribute of a few words; and which you perhaps already ancicipating, respecting the female part of the family; I do not remember to have heard my father
speak of but his two sisters LEAH and MARGARET -- all I remember having heard about them was that they possessed great personal merit, were married, and in good circumstances."

	23	i	CHILD5 WEBB, born 20 Oct 1720 in Springfield, MA;  stillborn. 
	24	ii	MOSES5 WEBB, born 16 Mar 1723/24 in Springfield, MA.   Lived Halifax, Nova Scotia? according to Webb Biography.

	25	iii	AARON5 WEBB, born 24 Apr 1726 in Springfield, MA.   According to Webb Biography he died as result of falling overboard on a ship in New London Harbor near the close of the Revolution.

+	26	iv	DERRICK541 WEBB, born 6 Jan 1728 in Springfield, MA. He married REBECCA VAN ARNUM.
	27	v	STEPHEN5 WEBB, born 17 Apr 1730 in Springfield, MA; died 7 Jun 1763 in Springfield, MA; buried  in Chicopee St.Cem., Springfield, MA42.
+	28	vi	MIRIAM5 WEBB, born 13 Apr 1732 in Springfield, MA. She married EZRA BARKER.
+	29	vii	REUBEN5 WEBB, born 1733. He married HANNAH ARNOLD. 
+	30	viii	MARGARET5 WEBB, born 28 Aug 1735 in Wilbraham, MA. She   married JOHN STEVENSON.
+	31	ix	LEAH5 WEBB, born 8 Mar 1738 in Springfield, Hampden Co., MA. She married (1) JOSIAH II WARD. She married (2) OLIVER COOK. 

	32	x	CHARLES5 WEBB, born 1741 in Wilbraham, MA; christened 2 Apr 1741; died 18 Jan 1742. 

20. ANNA4 WEBB (JOHN III3, JOHN II2, JOHN I1), born abt. 1695; died 6 Jul 1771 in Springfield, Hampden Co., MA43. She married on 19 Nov 1713 in Springfield, MA,44 JOHN HANCOCK, born 1688 in Farmington, Ct;45 died 10 Jul 1775 in Springfield, MA, son of THOMAS HANCOCK and RACHEL LEONARD46 John Hancock m2 MARTHA OLMSTEAD of Belchertown, MA - intentions dated 1 May 1773.47  Martha died 9 June 1776 West Springfield,MA.48

	Children of ANNA WEBB and JOHN HANCOCK 49
	33	i	MARY5 HANCOCK, born 22 Feb 1716 in Springfield, Ma. 

	34	ii	JOHN5 HANCOCK, born 20 May 1717 in Springfield, Ma.
	35	iii	ANNA5 HANCOCK, born 14 Jul 1719 in Springfield, Ma.
	36	iv	ABEL5 HANCOCK, born 19 Jan 1721 in Springfield, Ma.
	37	v	ABNER5 HANCOCK, born 9 Aug 1722 in Springfield, Ma.
	38	vi	JONATHAN5 HANCOCK, born 4 Aug 1724 in Springfield, Ma.
	39	vii	MABEL5 HANCOCK, born 3 Feb 1726 in Springfield, Ma. 
	40	viii	THOMAS5 HANCOCK, born 10 May 1727 in Springfield, Ma. 
	42	x	HANCOCK5 EXPERIENCE, born 2 Nov 1730 in Springfield, Ma. 
	43	xi	WILLIAM5 HANCOCK, born 26 Oct 1729 in Springfield, Ma. 
	44	xii	SILAS5 HANCOCK, born 29 Jul 1728 in Springfield, Ma. 
	45	xiii	ABIGAIL5 Hancock, born 12 Jan 1734 in Springfield, Ma. 
	46	xiv	MERCY5 HANCOCK, born 25 Aug 1735 in Springfield, Ma. 
	47	xv	MARTHA5 HANCOCK, christened 7 Nov 1742 in Springfield, Ma. 

                           Generation 5

26. DERRICK 550 WEBB (CORNELIUS4, JOHN III3, JOHN II2, JOHN I1), born 6 Jan 1728 in Springfield, MA; died abt. 1800 in Plattsburgh, NY51. He married  REBECCA VAN ARNUM, christened 20 Jun 1736 in Dutch Reform Church Kinderhook,  Columbia Co.Ny52, died 30 Sep 1824 in Plattsburgh, NY, daughter of ISAAC VAN ARNUM and JANNETJE (---)53. 
	Derik WEBB served at Fort Massachusetts during the French & Indian War. On 11 July 1755 his name appears in a letter from Isaac WYMAN, Commander of the Fort to Col. Ephraim WILLIAMS listing the soldiers serving at the fort at that time54 . On 10
May 1756 Derik was on a list of persons who subscribed to Spencer PHELPS, Lt. Gov. and Commander-in-chief of the Province of Mass.Bay to build a fort at West Hoosick (now Williamstown, Ma) He subscribed the amount of 0-1-1055  Derick's name was on a list of soldiers who were treated by surgeon Seth HUDSON at the block house at
West Hoosic and other places from 12 June 1755 to 1 Apr 1767. Derik was treated twice by Dr. HUDSON in 1755 or 1756.56 Derik was a holder of a houselot when the Town of Williamstown was incorporated in 1765.57 Derik WEBB, Cent is on a muster roll of the company of Capt. Ephraim WILLIAMS from 23 Sept 1754 until 20 Mar 1755. This list consists of the names of all men who had been subsisted at Fort Mass. for 981 weeks and five days at the public expense of 699-10s-9 lawful money at that time.58
	Derik WEBB made his home in West Hoosick on the plateau west of Green River and east of the northeast quarter of the village plat. This was a first division 50 acre lot 34, high ground that skirted the meadow lots on lowest Green River and on the Hoosick
as far as Noble Bridge. He also owned meadow lot #14. Derick WEBB removed from West Hoosick (which later became Williamstown, MA) and was a resident of Sunderland, VT in the first company of settlers there in 1766. He sold his Williamstown lands in July of 1768 and was called of"Sunderland in the province of New York so called." In 1766 Derick was the holder of household 59 in Williamstown and sold it to
Joel SIMONDS for 40 pounds in 1768.59

 Derick lived in Charlotte, Chittenden Co. VT in March of 1766 but left and returned to this area in March of 1767 but again left and returned the following May.60 He eventually settled in Charlotte in 1784 for a few years.61On 7 Jan 1771 Richard MORRIS, attorney to and on behalf of JOSEPH BRADLEY,DIRCK WEBB, ISAAC HILL and other settlers & inhabitants on a tract of land called Sunderland petitioned for
confirmation of the land grant thereof 62 In 1785 the proprietors of Plattsburgh,NY set apart 997 acres of land as gift lots to the first persons who settled on the patent. Derick WEBB received 81 acres in Lot #863  Derick served as overseer of the poor in 1786.64 
	Derick WEBB was captured by the British or Indian forces 6 Oct 1778 at New Haven (VT), Otter Creek, age 48, of New York.65 On 22 Apr 1780 his name was on a list of prisoners wishing to go to Maul Bay. He was age 50, a carpenter, taken at Otter
A story which may be fiction with some half truths is told about Derick in a local history. This might refer to event mentioned in previous paragraph. Supposedly, Derick in one of his temporary residences in Charlotte, Vt took his children out to Hill's bay to see the lake where they were captured by a party of Indians. Webb was taken to Canada and there detained for several months. The children were left on the shore. The Indians visited Mrs. WEBB in her cabin and destroyed household effects preparatory to burning
the building. Mrs. WEBB begged them not to burn her home and she was told that they were under strict orders to burn the place but after setting it on fire they would leave immediately giving her a chance to put out the fire which she was able to do.67  The aforementioned article says Derick was a German but this is not so.
	On 29 Oct. 1782 Derick WEBB of  Pownell, VT for the sum of 25 pounds sold land in Sunderland, VT to Ruth WELLS, wife of David WELLS of Fairfield, CT, deed recorded 21 Nov 1783.68  

Derick Webb’s name was on a list of delinquent taxpayers for Bennington County Vermont on 25 Apr. 1791 (Vermont Gazette 9 May 1791)

By the year 1791 Derick was living in Plattsburgh, Clinton Co.
NY with a household consisting of three males over age 16 and three females.69
	50	iii	ISAAC6 WEBB, born abt. 1766 in Williamstown, Ma. 
	51	iv	ABRAHAM6 WEBB, born abt. 1771 in Sunderland, Vt. He married abt. 1793, HESTER McCREEDEY, born abt. 1775; died 1866 in Plattsburgh, Ny. 

28. MIRIAM5 WEBB (CORNELIUS4, JOHN III3, JOHN II2, JOHN I1), born 13 Apr 1732 in Springfield, MA; died 26 May 1754, AE 23 in Wilbraham, Ma71. She married  EZRA BARKER, died 29 Sept 1801 AE 80 in Wilbraham, Ma72 Ezra m2 ANN WARRINER 22 Aug. 1757 Wilbraham, MA73 Children surname Barker74  i. Clement bc 1760, d. 12 Mar  1767, AE 7, ii. Ira bc 1768, d. 16 Sept.1775, AE 7, iii. Apollis

	Children of MIRIAM WEBB and EZRA BARKER75 
	52	i	Child6 (---), died 24 May 1754 in Wilbraham, Ma. 

29. REUBEN5 WEBB (CORNELIUS4, JOHN III3, JOHN II2, JOHN I1), born 1733; christened 9 Dec 1733 in Longmeadow, MA76; probably living 1800  He married on 2 Jun 1766 in Norwich, CT77, HANNAH ARNOLD. born say 1735. 

 	According to DAR Application papers National Numbers 92529, 382537 & 455556 (members all blood relations) Reuben Webb was born 1735 in England and died 1813 in Arlington, VT.  There is no proof cited in these papers for these dates. Reuben does not appear in the 1810 or later census of Arlington or Sunderland Vermont or nearby
towns.  He may have been living with his son Reuben Jr. in 1800 as the census gives one male over 45 living in the household who may be Reuben sr. Hannah Ward, according to  DAR papers was born 1746 and died 1783. Again not one shred of proof is given for these dates.
	I have examined the Arlington & Sunderland cemetery records at Martha Canfield Library in Arlington,VT, the land records for the towns of Arlington & Sunderland, the Manchester District,Bennington Co. probate records and have found nothing to either
prove or disapprove the dates in DAR Application papers. I believe Reuben to be the Reuben Webb discussed in the Abraham Webb Biography. 
      Reuben WEBB was probably the Reubin WEEB living in Arlington, Bennington Co. Vermont in 1790 with two males over 16, two males under 16 and three females in his household78  

	Reuben WEBB purchased land in Norwich, CT from Daniel KELLY, both of Norwich, for the sum of 15 pounds on 15 July 1767. The land consisted of 1/2 of a lot of land on the west side of the great river.79 Reuben spelled Rubin sold this land to
William HUNTINGTON, both of Norwich for the sum of 65 pounds on 26 Mar 177280
	Reuben was back in Sunderland, VT by 19 Nov 1776 when he purchased land in Sunderland from Henry ADAMS, both parties of Sunderland.81
	On 21 Sept. 1784 Reuben WEBB of Sunderland purchased lot 7A in Arlington, VT; land bordered the town of Sunderland for seven pounds from Austin Sele.82 Reuben sold this land to Isreal SPINK 12 Mar 1795 for 20 pounds.83
	Reuben's name can be found on a Grand Tax list for the Town of Arlington in 1787 when he paid taxes of 5:0.84

Reuben or his son Reuben jr of Arlington “professes to be of the same Way of Thinking with us of the South Society in Sunderland , “ per Jacob Sherwin, pastor of the church Dated at Sunderland, March 14, 1792. Recorded March 18, 1792.85

	Reuben may be the Rubin WEBB who served in the French & Indian War for 15 months from  2 Dec 1754 to 12 Mar 1755 as a private under Capt. Joseph DWIGHT.86
	Reuben served in the Revolutionary War. His name is on a payroll list for the Sixth Regiment of Vermont commanded by Lt. Lemuel BRADLEY for service in the Alarm of Oct 1780. He served 12 days and received 0-16-0 wages and rations, & l-10 travel time
for a total of 2-6-0.87 

The Abraham Webb Biography says that Reuben had a large family. This may or may not be true.  I have only found four children belonging to Reuben Sr. but the biographer might have confused Reuben Sr. with his son Reuben Jr. who did have a large family of children or Reuben Sr. had more children not recorded.
	53	i	HANNAH6 WEBB, born 17 Jul 1767 in Norwich, Ct. 
	54	ii	CAROLINE6 WEBB, born 5 Jul 1769 in Norwich, Ct. 
+	55	iii	REUBEN Jr. WEBB, born 2 Oct 1771 in Norwich, Ct. He married (1) SUSANNAH RUTH SEELEY. He married (2) SALLY (---). 
30. MARGARET5 WEBB (CORNELIUS4, JOHN III3, JOHN II2, JOHN I1), born 28 Aug 1735 in Wilbraham, MA. She married  JOHN STEVENSON, born 21 Aug 1729 in Springfield, Ma89; died 21 Jun 1777 in Springfield, Ma Of Small Pox, son of BENAJAH STEVENSON and PRISCILLA (---)90. 
	Margaret might have been the Margaret Stephenson whose intention  of marriage to JOHN BARBER was dated 12 Sept. 1777 West Springfield, MA91  

	56	i	JOHN6 STEVENSON, born 15 Aug 1758. 
	57	ii	ABNER C.6 STEVENSON, born 22 Sep 1759. 
	58	iii	LUCY6 STEVENSON, born 25 Oct 1760. 
	59	iv	LOUISA6 STEVENSON, born 4 Feb 1762. 
	60	v	EUNICE6 STEVENSON, born 24 Jun 1765. 
	61	vi	EUNICE6 STEVENSON, born 7 Feb 1769. 

31. LEAH5 WEBB (CORNELIUS4, JOHN III3, JOHN II2, JOHN I1), born 8 Mar 1738 in Springfield, Hampden Co., MA; christened 28 May 1738 in lst Church, Springfield, Hampden Co., MA. She married (1) on 27 Dec 1759 in Springfield, Hampden Co., MA, JOSIAH II WARD, born 20 Oct 1738 in Springfield, Hampden Co., MA, died Guilford, Windham Co. VT at the close of the Revolution, son of JOSIAH I WARD and HANNAH
SMITH.  She married (2)  OLIVER COOK, born 1 Jun 1735 in Newton, Middlesex Co., MA; died 4 Jan 1813 in Brattleboro, Windham Co., VT; buried  in Meetinghouse Cem, Brattleboro, VT, son of JOSEPH COOK and MINDWELL HYDE.

	62	i	JOSIAH III6 WARD, born 20 Apr 1760 in Springfield, Hampden Co., MA. He married (1) SARAH COOK. He married (2) HANNAH FIELD. 

	63	ii	ITHAMAR6 WARD, born 2 Mar 1762 in Springfield, Hampden Co., MA; buried 3 Sep 1763 in Old Cemetery, W.Springfield, Hampden Co., MA.
	64	iii	MIRIAM6 WARD, born 27 Mar 1764 in Springfield, Hampden Co., MA. She married JOHN ACKLEY.
	65	iv	ELAM6 WARD, born 27 Nov 1765 in Springfield, MA; christened 7 Sep 1766 in Springfield, MA.
	66	v	JARED6 WARD, born 27 Dec 1767 in Springfield, Hampden Co., MA. He married (1) HULDAH COLLINS. He married (2) ASENATH
	67	vi	ITHAMAR6 WARD, born 23 Nov 1769 in Springfield, Hampden Co., MA; christened 7 Oct 1770 in W. Springfield, Hampden Co., MA. 

                            Generation 6

55. REUBEN Jr6 WEBB (REUBEN5, CORNELIUS4, JOHN III3, JOHN II2, JOHN I1), born 2 Oct 1771 in Norwich, Ct; died 23 Nov 1850 in Arlington, Vt; buried  in Village Cem. Arlington, Vt.93 He married (1) on 6 Feb 179894 in Sunderland, Vt, SUSANNAH RUTH SEELEY, born 13 Apr 1773 in Sunderland, Vt95; died 15 May 1817 in Sunderland, Vt, (Gs. op cit, 45th year of her age), daughter of AUSTIN SEELEY and ANNA (---).  He
married (2)  SALLY (---), born abt. 1786; living 1850 in Sunderland, VT, AE 6496


	68	i	AUSTIN7 WEBB, born 26 Feb 1798 in Sunderland, VT. 
	69	ii	ABEL7 WEBB, born 8 May 1800 in Sunderland, Vt. 
	70	iii	JEREMIAH7 WEBB, born 11 May 1803 in Sunderland, Vt. 
	71	iv	WILLIAM AUGUSTUS7 WEBB, born 21 Jul 1805 in Sunderland, Vt. 
	72	v	MIRIAM ANNA7 WEBB, born 19 Sep 1807 in Sunderland, Vt. 
	734	vi	REUBEN7 WEBB, born 26 Jan 1810 in Sunderland, Vt. 
	74	vii	SUSANNAH RUTH7 WEBB, born 19 Feb 1812 in Sunderland, Vt. 
	75	viii	SOPHIA7 WEBB, born 9 Sep 1815 in Sunderland, Vt. 


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