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        Descendants of Jacob & Mary (Lynd) Wortman of Nova
               Scotia & of Alexander & Sarah McNutt

                       First Generation

	1.	JACOB WORTMAN was born about 1770. He died in May 1867 in Truro, Colchester
Co. N.S. Canada.1

Jacob Wortman was in Colchester County, Nova Scotia before 1798 but his origins are 
unknown. According to the 1881 & 1901 Canadian Census Jacob's son James Wortman
was of Scotch ethnic origin.  

Colchester County is located in north central Nova Scotia.  The area was originally
known as Cobequid until 1780 when it was named after the town of Colchester,
England. Colchester was part of Halifax County until 1835  The County seat is the town
of Truro.

In 1838 Jacob lived in Earltown where he had a family of 12 persons according to the
census:  1838 Canada census 0-1-1-3-3-3 12 Earltown District Fam. #130.2

JACOB married (1) SARAH STEVENS, daughter of JACOB STEPHENS and RUTH
RICHARDSON, on 29 Mar 1798.3 Sarah was born on 1 Mar 1778 in Onslow, Colchester
Co. N.S. Canada.4 She died on 23 Sep 1804.5

They had the following children:6
	2	F	i.	RUTH WORTMAN was born on 16 Sep 1799.

	3	F	ii.   ABIGAIL WORTMAN was born on 8 Aug 1801 in Nova Scotia

	4	F	iii.   SARAH STEVENS WORTMAN was born on 21 Jun 1804.

JACOB also married (2) LYDIA WOODWORTH on 18 Nov 1805 in Cornwallis, N.S.7
Can. Lydia was born on 27 Jun 1807.8

JACOB also married (3) MARY LYND, daughter of JACOB LYND and MARY, on 4
Feb 1810.9 Mary was born on 6 Jan 1788 in Onslow Township N.S. Canada.10

They had the following children:11
	5	F	iv.	MARY ANN WORTMAN was born on 29 Oct 1810.

	6	F	v.	MARTHA WORTMAN was born on 3 Jan 1812.

	7	M	vi.	ISAAC WORTMAN was born on 31 Mar 1813.

	8	M	vii.	JACOB WORTMAN was born about 1815.

	9	M	viii.	JOHN WORTMAN was born about 1817.

	10	F	ix.	ELIZABETH WORTMAN was born in 1819.

	11	F	x.	AUGUSTA WORTMAN was born about 1821.

	12	M	xi.	WILLIAM JAMES WORTMAN was born about 1822.

+	13	M	xii.	JAMES WORTMAN was born on 22 Jan 1827 and died 29 Sep
1911 Ae 78.

	14	F	xiii.	EUNICE WORTMAN was born about 1826.

	15	F	xiv.	HANNAH WORTMAN was born about 1827.

	16	F	xv.	CATHERINE WORTMAN was born about 1829.

                           Second Generation

	13.	JAMES WORTMAN (JACOB) was born on 22 Jan 1827 in New Annan, Colchester Co.
N.S. Canada.12 He died 29 Sep 1911 Ae 78 in Central Onslow, Colchester Co. N.S.13
Canada and was buried in Burial Island, Onslow.14
According to the various Canadian census enumerations given below James Wortman
was born in Nova Scotia, was a farmer, of Scotch origin and professed the Baptist

1871 Canada cn Colchester Co. New Annan District Nova Scotia  Family #180 Serial
#163 WORKMAN: Mary ae 16, Henry ae 01, Moriah ae 14, Jacob ae 04, James ae 46
farmer, John ae 07, William ae 09, Margaret ae 38, Martha ae 12, Charlot ae 04,
Elizabeth ae 19, Eunice ae 01

1881 Canada cn Colchester Co. North River District Nova Scotia Fam. #79 District
#19, WORTMAN: Martha A. ae 21, William ae 18, John ae 16, David ae 14,
Charlotte ae 14, Unice ae 12, Margaret ae 06, Richard ae 06, James Married, ae 58,
birth year 1823, born Nova Scotia, farmer, Ethnic origin: Scotch, of Baptist religion
Margaret married ae 47

1891 Canada cn Index Colchester Co. North River Nova Scotia Fam. #43
WORTMAN: James  married ae 65

1901 Canada cn Index Colchester Co. Lower Onslow Nova Scotia Fam. #185
WORTMAN, James head, ae 74 birth date Jan. 22, 1827, born Nova Scotia, Natural
origin: Scotch,  Protestant, farmer, works for self, reads & writes English, does not
speak French, mother tongue English 

1911 Canada cn, Colchester, Lower Onslow -   James Wortman ae 89, born Aug. 1821
living with  M.Wilson his dau. & her McLaughlin children by first marriage   

JAMES married MARGARET PORTER in Sep 1853 in Earltown.15 Margaret was born
about 1833. She died  1891-1901.16

They had the following children:17


According to the 1871 census Elizabeth was born c1851 which would
be two years prior to her parents marriage or the possibility exists that
James had an earlier wife. Elizabeth died young.

	18	F	ii.    MARY I. WORTMAN was born about 1854.

	19	F	iii.    MARIAH WORTMAN was born on 15 Apr 1858 in New Annan,
Col. Co. N.S. Canada.18 She died 18 Jul 1916 Ae 58 and was buried in
Aenon Baptist Cem N River Col. N.S.Can.19
Mariah married OTIS MCNUTT on 12 Jan 1878 in Truro, Col. Co.

	20	F	iv.	MARTHA A. WORTMAN was born on 17 Oct 1863 in New
Annan, Col. N.S. Can. She died in 1938 and was buried in Onslow {Burial
Island} Cem.21
MARTHA married (1) JOSEPH MCLAUGHLIN on 15 Jul 1882 in
Earltown, Col. Co. N.S.22
MARTHA also married (2) THOMAS L. WILSON on 3 Nov 1900 in
Truro, Col. Co. N.S..23 Thomas was born on 14 Oct 1867 in Masstown,
Col. Co. N.S.24

	21	M	v.	WILLIAM WORTMAN was born about 1863 in New Annan,
Col. Co. N.S.
WILLIAM married MARY ANNIE McNUTT on 20 Oct 1885 in
Masstown, Col. N.S.25 Mary was born about 1865, daughter of

	22	F	vi.	CHARLOTTE WORTMAN was born in May 1867. She was
living California 1946.26

1920 CA cn Alameda Co., Oakland, ED 34:15 GEAGAN: Matt ae 45
b US, parents b US, Lottie P. wife, ae 45 came to US 1889, Nat. b
Canada, English, father b NJ, mother b. Canada, PROVAN: William,
brother-in-law,  ae 64 born Scotland, parents born Scotland, Minnie, ae
46, sister-in-law, b Canada Eng., father b NJ, mother b. Canada, Frank
L. age 20, nephew, b ILL, father b Scotland, mother b. Canada  

CHARLOTTE married MATTHEW GEAGAN on 2 Oct 1898 in
Milwaukee, Wisconsin.27 Matthew was born about 1875 according to the
1920 census.

+	23	M	vii.	DAVID JACOB WORTMAN was born in May 1867 and died
on 25 Dec 1946.

	24	F	viii.	EUNICE WORTMAN was born about 1869.


An Elizabeth Belhumeur residing in Nashua,NH is  mentioned as a
sister to Richard Wortman in his obit of  1956.  Elizabeth not listed in 
Nashua City Directory but a John Belhumneur resided there. According
to 1930 census of Hollis, NH (Town adjacent to Nashua) Elizabeth had
a son John.

An Elizabeth b 6 Feb. 1880, died Aug 1964 NH place not given28 

ELIZABETH married JERRY BELHUMEUR.Jr. Jerry was born on
28 Dec 1886 in Winooski, VT.29

1920 MA cn Middlesex, Natick BELHUMEUR: Jerry ae 35 b VT
parents b. VT, Elizabeth wife, ae 36 came to US 1898 nat 1905 b Nova
Scotia, parents b Canada      

1930 Hollis, Hillsborough Co. NH ED 16:38 Belhumeur Jerry ae 43 b
VT father b VT, mother b Canada Eng., Elizabeth, wife,ae 43 b
Canada Eng, parents b Canada,Eng, John, son ae 10 b MA? 

	26	M	x.	HENRY WORTMAN was born about 1869.

+	27	M	xi.	JOHN WALKER WORTMAN was born on 20 Aug 1866 and
died on 4 Oct 1946.


According to the 1956 obit of Richard Wortman who died in Rutland,
VT he had a brother Charles of Toronto, Canada.

In the 1956 Toronto Can City Directory there is a  Charles  Wortman,
general secretary-treasurer of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, 74
Fulton Ave. and a C.Norman Wortman, salesman for Photo Engravers
22 Corrine Cres in Scarborough.   

	29	F	xiii.	MARGARET ANN WORTMAN was born on 31 Oct 1875 in
Earltown, Col. Co. N.S.. She was living 1946 in California.
Margaret married WILLIAM PROVAN. William was born c1856 in
Scotland according to 1920 census.  Child30 Frank Leonard Provan
born 1 Aug. 1898 Ill, died 17 Oct. 1948 Somona CA

+	30	M	xiv.	RICHARD E. WORTMAN was born on 7 Apr 1878 and died
on 29 Apr 1956.

                         Third Generation

	23.	DAVID JACOB WORTMAN (JAMES, JACOB) was born 2  May 1867. 31He died on
25 Dec 1946 in Visalia, Tulare Co. CA and was buried in Visalia Cem.32

1900 CA cn Tulare Co.Visalia ED 71:1 WORTMAN, David b May 1867, ae 33 mar
15 yrs b Canada (English) parents b same, came to US 1882, 18 yrs in country, farm
laborer;Mary A. , wife, ae 43, mar 15 yrs, b Nov.1856 b CA, parents b MO, mother of
6 children 5 living; Earl , son b Jan. 1887, ae 13 b CA, father b. Canada, mother b
Missouri; Clyde , son b May 1889, ae 11, CA, Canada, MO; Harry , son b Sept. 1891,
ae 8 CA CAN MO; LEATHERS, Fannie, step-dau b Dec. 1881 CA, father b KY,
mother b MO

1920 CA cn Tulare Co. Visalia 8th precinct WORTMAN David , ae 52 came to US
1886?, nat 1896? b Canada, speaks English; parents b Canada, speak English,
lumberman in saw mill; Mary A. ,wife, ae 63, b CA; parents b 
MO; Harry , son ae 27 b CA, Earl , son ae 32 b CA

1930 CA cn Tulare, Exeter ED24:78 Fam.#168 WORTMAN,David ae 62 b Canada,
English, parents b. same, Mary wife ae 72 b CA parents b MO, Fam. #69 , D. Earl, ae
43, b CA, father b Can Eng. mother b CA,Myrtle D. wife, ae 40 b NEB, father b IN,
mother b Iowa, HOLMES, Melissa , mother-in-law, ae 70 b Iowa, parents b
Ohio,Family #170 WORTMAN, Harry  ae 38, CA, Can.Eng., CA, L. Miriam, wife, ae
25 CA,MO.MO, D. Emory, son, ae 07, b CA CA CA, KIRKMAN: Doris. step. dau.
ae 16 CA CA CA, Fam. #171 WORTMAN: F. Clyde, ae 41, CA CAN Eng.CA, Mary
Elizabeth, wife, ae 42 CA MN BELG. Della, dau., ae 17 b CA 

1880 CA cn Tulare, Kaneal, Township #1 10:56 LEATHERS
William  ae 35, farmer, b Kentucky, Mary A.  wife, ae 23 b CA parents b MO, Frank ,
son ae 04, James E.  son, ae 2   

Obituary Dave Wortman, 79, retired lumber dealer died yesterday morning at his home 
east of Vasalia.  He was born in Nova Scotia, coming to the United States and Vasalia
63 years ago.

On Feb. 9, 1886 he was married to Mary Anne Leathers in the Old Palace Hotel in
Visalia.  In 1917 he and his eldest son Earl established a lumber business here, the
father retiring in 1941.

He leaves his wife Mary Ann of Visalia, three sons D.E. Wortman and F.C. Wortman
of Visalia and Harry L. Wortman of Watsonville, a step-son James E. Leathers of
Visalia, a stepdaughter Mrs. Fannie Krentzlin of Visalia, his twin sister Lottie of
Oakland and three grandchildren Dave Wortman of Exeter and Mrs. Gertrude Lewis
& Mrs. Della Rothbun of Visalia.

Funeral services will be conducted at the Hadley Chapel on Saturday  morning at 10
o'clock with E.R. Connelley officiating. Interment will follow in the Visalia Cemetery 33     

DAVID married MARY ANN (PERKINS) LEATHERS on 9/11 Feb 1886 in Visalia,
CA34. Mary, daughter of SALMON D. & SUSAN E. PERKINS was born on 21 Nov
1857 in California.35 She died on 22 Jan 1949 in Visalia, Tulare Co. CA.

They had the following children:36

	31	M	i.	DAVID EARL WORTMAN was born on 2 Jan 1887.37 He died on 8
Aug 1966 in Visalia, CA.38
DAVID married MYRTLE D. HOLMES. Myrtle was born on 20 Sep
1889 in Nebraska.39 She died on 9 Nov 1960 in Tulare Co. CA.40

	32	M	ii.	FOREST CLYDE WORTMAN was born on
29 May 1889.41 He died on 3 Apr 1972 in Tulare Co. CA42
FOREST married MARY ELIZABETH LARGE on 26 Sep 1909.43
Mary was born on 15 Nov 1887.44 She died on 19 Jun 1946 in Vasila,

	33	M	iii.	HARRY L. WORTMAN was born on 14 Sep 1891.46 He died
on 17 Feb 1967 in Visalia, CA.47
Harry married Mrs. LORENE MIRIAM KIRKMAN 48Lorene died in
Aug 1982 in CA.49

	27.	JOHN WALKER WORTMAN (JAMES, JACOB) was born on 20 Aug 1866 in Staten
Island, NY.50 He died on 4 Oct 1946 in Concord, NH and was buried in Mechanicsville
Cem. Mt Holly VT.51

John Walker Wortman applied for a pension to become a citizen of the United States on
26 June 1910 in East Wallingford, Rutland Co. Vermont.  He was of light complexion,
brown hair, blue eyes with a scar on face.  He stated he was born in Staten Island NY
on 20 Aug 1866, his parents being British Citizens, residents of Canada and were
temporarily in the US. They returned to Canada immediately after his birth. John stated
he had three children Theresa Murphy. b July 1887 in Canada, resident of Rutland,
Leonard Wortman b 1896 at said Mt Holly where he resides Dewey Wortman b 1898 at
said Mt Holly, VT where he resides. wife's name Margaret Ann born in Canada.  John
W. entered the US at Calais, Maine from St John's New Brunswick Canada in Nov.
1897, name of ship? forgotten.  John stated that from the time he was 21 years old he
thought he was a citizen and began voting in the US for about 20 years 
during which time he served as road commissioner in his town.  In 1916 he was told he
was not a citizen of the US because when he was born in Staten Island his parents were
only temporarily there on a visit.  John became a US citizen on 4 Oct. 1917 52

1900 VT cn Rutland Co. Mt Holly, 20 WORTMAN, John W. b Apr 1861, ae 39 mar
15 yrs, b Nova Scotia, parents b Nova Scotia, came to US 1882, 18 yrs in country, nat.,
farmer; Margaret A., wife born Mar 1861, married 15 years, mother of 6 children, 5
living, came to US 1888, 12 yrs in US, b.Nova Scotia, parents b.Nova Scotia; Theresa ,
dau. b July 1887, ae 12, Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia; Dora M. , dau.b July
1891, ae 08, N.S. N.S. N.S., Leonard ,son, b.Jan. 1896 ae 04 b VT, parents b Nova
Scotia; Dewey  son, b  Feb. 1898, ae 02, b VT

1920 VT cn Rutland Co., Mt Holly, ED 20:6A
WORTMAN, John W. age 53, came 1890, nat, 1915, b Canada, parents b Canada,
dairy farmer; Margaret A., wife, ae 51 came 1890 nat. 1913, b Canada    

Obituary: WORTMAN  John W. , 82 of 11 Clover street died yesterday morning at
11:30 o'clock at a hospital in Concord, N.H. as a result of injuries sustained in a farm
accident.  The body was brought to Rutland and will be at the Aldous Funeral Home on
Church street pending burial arrangements.

Mr. Wortman is survived by his wife; one daughter, Mrs.Fred Daniels of Rutland, two
sons, Leonard Wortman of Webster, N.H. and Dewey Wortman of this city; two
brothers Richard Wortman of Belmont and David Wortman of Visalia, Cal; also two
sisters who live in Los Angeles.53      

McNUTT and SUSAN NELSON, on 30 Dec 1885 in North River, Colchester Co. Nova
Scotia.54 Margaret was born in 1866.55 She died on 7 May 1959 in Rutland, Vt and was
buried in Mechanisville Cem. Mt Holly VT.56

They had the following children:

	34	M	i.	AUBREY WORTMAN was born in 1886. He died in 1915 and was
buried in Mechanicsville Cem Mt Holly VT.57

+	35	F	ii.  THERESA WORTMAN was born in Jul 1887.

	36	F	iii.  DORA M. WORTMAN was born in 1892. She died in 1907 and was
buried in Mechanicsville Cem.Mt Holly VT.58

	37	M	iv.	LEONARD T. WORTMAN was born on 6 Jan 1896. 59He
died in Nov 1967 in Springfield, MA60
Leonard married EDITH BENTLEY. Edith was born in 1894.61

+	38	M	v.	DEWEY WORTMAN was born on 20 Feb 1898 and died on 13
Feb 1970.

	30.	RICHARD E. WORTMAN (JAMES, JACOB) was born on 7 Apr 1878 in Colchester
Co.Nova Scotia, Canada.62 He died on 29 Apr 1956 in Mt Holly, VT and was buried in
Maple Grove Cem, East Wallingford, Vt.63

1891 Canadian Census Colchester Co. North River,Family #64 Richard Wortman, ae
14 residing with family of Charles Hoar ae 58 

1920 VT cn Rutland Co.Wallingford, ED138:168 WORTMAN:  Richard , ae 42, came
to US 1911 nat. 1917? b.Nova Scotia, speaks Scotch, parents born Nova Scotia, both
speak Scotch, laborer on dairy farm; Ida S. , wife ae 37, Clifford J. son ae 14 b
VT;William B. son, ae 11 b VT; Margurite dau ae 13 b VT; Irene S. dau ae 5 b VT;
Winifred, dau ae 2 b VT, Minnie ae 8.12 b VT

 Mt Holly Apr 29 - Richard E. Wortman, 78, for 60 years, a resident of Mount Holly,
died today at his home in Rutland after a long illness.M. Wortman, a farmer, was born
April 7, 1878, in Nova Scotia.

He leaves his wife the former Ida Stone; four daughters Mrs. Margaret Tabor of
Rutland,Mrs. Harold Armstrong of Belmont, Mrs. Lewis Coltey of Albany,
N.Y.and Mrs. Raymond Mack of Rutland; two sons Clifford of Mount Holly and
William of Belmont; a sister Mrs. Elizabeth Bellhumer of Nashua, N.H.; a brother
Charles Wortman of Torento, Canada, 18 grandchildren and 17 great-grandchildren.

His body will be removed to the home of his daughter Mrs. Armstrong in Belmont
early tomorrow where friends may call.  Services will be held Tuesday at 2:30 pm. in
the Community Church  in Belmont, the Rev. Robert Thurston officiating.  Burial will
be in Maple Grove Cemetery in East Wallingford.64           

RICHARD married IDA STONE on 27 Dec 1896 in Mt Holly, Rutland Vermont.65 Ida
was born in 1882.66 She died on 25 Dec 1959 in Mt Holly, Vt and was buried in Maple
Grove Cem. E.Wallingford, VT67

They had the following children:68
	39	M	i.	CLIFFORD J. WORTMAN was born on 15 Feb 1902. He died in 1964
and was buried in Maple Grove Cem. Wallingford, Vt.
CLIFFORD married HATTIE J. BULLEY. Hattie was born on 9 Aug
1899.69 She died in Jul 1978.70

	40	M	ii.	WILLIAM B. WORTMAN was born on 20 Sep 1903. He died
in 1986 and was buried in Maple Grove Cem., East Wallingford, VT.71
WILLIAM married ESTHER R.. Esther was born on 27 Dec 1911.72 She
died on 13 Jul 1988 and was buried in Maple Grove Cem. Wallingford, Vt.

	41	F	iii.	MARGARET DELIA WORTMAN was born on 23 Nov
1906.73 She died on 15 Apr 1998 in Rutland, VT74

	42	F	iv.	IRENE S. WORTMAN was born about 1915.76

	43	F	v.	WINIFRED N. WORTMAN was born on 4 Jan 1917.78 She
died on 18 Dec 1993 in Bellows Falls, VT and was buried in Maple Grove
Cem. E.Wallingford, VT.79
WINIFRED married LEWIS F. COLTEY. Lewis was born in Jun
1915.80 He died on 13 Dec 1962 and was buried in Maple Grove Cem.,
East Wallingford, VT.81

	44	F	vi.	MINNIE DORA WORTMAN was born on 9 Sep 1918 in
Wallingford, VT 82 She died on 25 Feb 2002 in No. Clarendon, VT.83
MINNIE married RAYMOND MACK. Raymond was born on 13 Sep
1912.84 He died in Apr 1973 in No. Clarenden, VT.85

                          Fourth Generation

	35.	THERESA WORTMAN (JOHN WALKER, JAMES, JACOB) was born in Jul 1887 in

               1910 VT cn  Rutland, Mt Holly,3 MURPHY:: Thomas ae 46, mar 7 years b NY,
parents b. Ireland, Thresa  wife, ae 24, mother of 2 children, both living, b. Nova Scotia,
parents b. Nova Scotia, speaks English, Clifford M. son, ae 08, b VT, father b NY, mother
b. Nova Scotia, Dorothy M. dau. ae 05, b VT parents g. NY, NS

1920 VT cn Rutland Co. Rutland ED129:38 MURPHYTheresa M. , head, ae 32 came
to US 1892 b Canada parents b Canada, waitress; 
Clifton M., son, ae 11, b VT mother b Canada, father b NY; Dorothy M.  dau. 
ae 10, VT,  GARDNER, Moses ae 38, lodger, b NY, parents b NY,checker on RR;
MURPHY, Charlotte ae 20, lodger VT, NY, NY waitress 

1930 VT cn Rutland Co. & City  ED 36:14b GARDNER  William  ae 68, ae 24 at
marriage b. NY, parents b NY, mason, construction MURPHY: Tessie  ae 42, ae 17 at
marriage, servant, born Canada French, parents born Canada French, came to US 1892
or?? housework for private family.

THERESA married (1) THOMAS MURPHY on 22 Oct 1904 in Mt Holly, VT.86

They had the following children:87
	45	M	i.	CLIFTON M. MURPHY was born in 1909.

	46	F	ii. DOROTHY M. MURPHY was born in 1910.

THERESA also married (2) FRED DANIELS.88 Fred was born on 13 Mar 1871. 89He
died in Dec 1966 in Rutland, VT.90

	38.	DEWEY WORTMAN (JOHN WALKER, JAMES, JACOB) was born on 20 Feb 1898
in Mt Holly, VT.91 He died on 13 Feb 1970 in Rochester, NY.92  
1920 NY cn Altona, Clinton Co. ED1:14 MYATT: Ike, ae 48, b NY speaks French,
same for parents, farmer menial laborer, Amelia, wife ae 57, NY, NY,NY, Albert, son,
ae 13 NY NY NY,  Frank, son ae 12, NY NY NY,RABIDEAU, Malinda, step-dau. ae
17, b NY, father b Canada, French, mother b NY; WORTMAN, Dewey,
step-son-in-law, ae 22 b VT, parents b Canada, French laborer, working out, Julia step
dau. ae 19 b. NY, father b Canada French, mother b NY   

DEWEY married (1) JULIA RABIDEAU abt 1917-1920.93 Julia was born about 1901.94

DEWEY also married (2) LENA BELLE RICH, daughter of FRANK A. RICH and
CORA ELIZABETH WORDEN, on 13 Jul 1936 in Orange, MA.95 Lena was born on 28
Jan 1900 in Phillipston, Worcester Co., MA.96 She died on 29 Sep 1973 in Orange,
Franklin Co., MA and was buried in Athol, MA.97

Lena B. RICH was employed as a cook for many years for a wealthy Boston family.
At the art of culinary she was a master.

DEWEY and LENA had the following children:98
	47	F	i.	CORA MARGARET WORTMAN was born  in Orange,  MA. Cora
living Orange, MA 2006.

MACKENZIE and FRANCES LEE, on 30 Nov 1955 in Orange,
MA.99Richard was born in 1935.100 He died in 1960.101
CORA also married (2) GERAD TALBOT, son of APPOLONIER
TALBOT and MARIE LOUISE DUMAS, on 18 May 1962 in Orange,
MA102. Gerad was born on 12 Jan 1917.103He died in Nov 1979 in
Orange, MA.104
CORA also married (3) ANTHONY CATALDI, son of ORLANDO
CATALDI and LAURA PAOLI, on 22 Feb 1976 in Orange, MA105.
Anthony was born on 22 May 1927.106 He died on 19 Jul 2000 in Orange,



                           First Generation

	1.	ALEXANDER McNITT was born in 1656 in Laggan, Donegal, Ireland. He died on 10
Feb 1746 in Palmer, MA in his 90th year ďfrom the North of Ireland from the county of

Alexander was originally known as McNitt (form of MacNauchtan} but William
McNitt of third generation in America, who migrated to Nova Scotia, changed it to 
McNutt and the family was hereafter so called.   

Alexander McNitt came to Boston in 1720 with wife Sarah and youngest son Barnard.
Some of his other children followed later and settled in various places.109

ALEXANDER married SARAH. Sarah was born about 1660.110 She died 10 May 1744 In
84th Yr in Palmer, MA.111

They had the following children:112

	2	M	i.	          ALEXANDER McNITT was born Laggan, Donegal in Ireland.
He died in 1751 in Virginia.

	3	M	ii.	WILLIAM McNITT was born in Ireland.


+	5	M	iv.	BARNARD McNITT was born about 1700 and died on 16 Jan

	6	F	v.	JEAN McNITT.

                      Second Generation

	5.	BARNARD McNITT (ALEXANDER) was born about 1700 in Donegal, Ireland. He
died on 16 Jan 1773 in Palmer, MA.

See Chapters from V.V. McNitt, The MacNaucchtan Saga  - A story book history of an 
ancient clan and its branches with illustrations and biographies {Palmer Ma privately
printed, 1951) and The McNutt Family of Sangus Massachusetts, enclosed


They had the following child:113
	7	M	i.	ALEXANDER McNITT was born on 10 Dec 1726 in Worcester, MA.

BARNARD also married (2) JANE/JEAN CLARK on 19 Feb 1726/1727 in Middlesex
Co. MA.114 Jane/Jean was born in 1706 in Ulster, Ireland.115

BARNARD and JANE/JEAN had the following children116

	8	F	ii.	ELIZABETH McNUTT was born on 28 Mar 1729 in Palmer,

	9	M	iii.	DAVID McNUTT was born on 27 Apr 1731 in Palmer, MA.

+	10	M	iv.	WILLIAM MCNUTT was born on 25 Jul 1733 and died on 11
Jan 1823.

	11	F	v.	SARAH McNUTT was born on 29 May 1736 in Palmer, MA.

	12	M	vi.	JAMES McNUTT was born on 1 Jan 1739 in Palmer, MA.

	13	F	vii.	MARY McNUTT was born on 6 May 1741 in Palmer, MA.

	14	M	viii.	ADAM McNUTT was born on 16 Apr 1744 in Palmer, MA.

	15	F	ix.	MARGARET McNUTT was born on 15 Dec 1746 in Palmer,

	16	M	x.	ANDREW McNUTT was born on 15 Aug 1751 in Palmer, MA.

	17	F	xi.	JEAN McNUTT was born on 25 Aug 1754 in Palmer, MA.

	18	M	xii.	JOHN McNUTT was born on 25 Apr 1749 in Palmer, MA.

                     Third Generation

	10.	WILLIAM MCNUTT (BARNARD, ALEXANDER) was born on 25 Jul 1733 in
Palmer, MA. He died on 11 Jan 1823 in Onslow, Colchester Co. Nova Scotia117

William McNutt was a farmer and a carpenter.118 He took part with his brother James
in a relief expedition to Louisburg in 1755.119  He made exploratory visit to Onslow,
Nova Scotia with cousin Alexander in 1761.   

William was a grantee of the Town of Onslow, Colchester Co. Nova Scotia, Canada in 
1761 & 1769.120 He was the architect of first church in Onslow in 1770.121  

ELIZABETH, on 8 May 1755 in Palmer, MA.122 Elizabeth was born on 1 May 1737 in
Palmer, MA.123

They had the following children:124
	19	M	i.	          ABNER McNUTT was born on 29 Aug 1756 in Palmer, MA.

	20	F	ii.	SARAH McNUTT was born on 30 Jun 1757 in Palmer, MA.

	21	F	iii.	EUNICE McNUTT was born on 21 Oct 1759 in Palmer, MA.

	22	F	iv.	MARY McNUTT was born 1765, died 1765 in Onslow,
Colchester Co. Nova Scotia.

	23	M	v.	GIDEON McNUTT was born on 22 Sep 1766 in Onslow,
Colchester Co. N.S..

+	24	M	vi.	PHINEAS McNUTT was born on 11 Aug 1768.

	25	M	vii.	WILLIAM McNUTT was born about 1769 in Onslow,
Colchester Co. N.S..

	26	M	viii.	SAMUEL McNUTT was born on 5 Nov 1770 in Onslow,
Colchester Co. N.S..

	27	M	ix.	RUFUS McNUTT was born on 11 Aug 1771 in Onslow,
Colchester Co. N.S..

	28	F	x.	MARY McNUTT was born on  4 Aug 1773 in Onslow,
Colchester Co. N.S..


                           Fourth Generation

11 Aug 1768 in Onslow, Colchester Co. Nova Scotia.125

1838 Canada cn Onslow, Colchester Co. N.S family #189: Phineas MCNUTT  farmer,
1-0-1-0-0-1-3  persons in household  

SARAH BLAIR, on 12 Nov 1789.126 Joanna was born on 13 Nov 1773 in Onslow,
Colchester Co. Nova Scotia.127

They had the following children:128

	30	M	i.	          EPHRAIM HOWARD McNUTT was born on 13 Aug 1790.

	31	M	ii.	PHINEAS Jr McNUTT was born about 1791.

	32	F	iii.	SARAH McNUTT was born on 16 Mar 1793 in Onslow,
Colchester Co., Nova Scotia.

	33	M	iv.	JACOB McNUTT was born about 1793.

	34	M	v.	DANIEL E. McNUTT was born about 1795.

+	35	M	vi.	JOHN ANDREWS McNUTT was born about 1796 and died in

	36	M	vii.	WILLIAM McNUTT was born in 1799 in Lower Stewiacke
Nova Scotia.

	37	M	viii.	ALEXANDER McNUTT was born about 1806 in Lower
Stewiacke, Colchester, Nova Scotia.

	38	M	ix.	ABNER McNUTT was born about 1810.

	39	F	x.	KEZIA McNUTT was born about 1810.

	40	F	xi.	ELIZA McNUTT was born about 1818.

                          Fifth Generation

BARNARD, ALEXANDER) was born about 1796. He died in 1882.129

1838 Canada census, Colchester Co. Onslow, Family #205 JOHN McNUTT, farmer
2-1-2-3-0-1-8 9 persons in household

1871 Canada cn Colchester Co. Upper Onslow McNUTT: Charles, ae 31, John ae 75,
widower, John A. ae 25, mar. Mary Jane, ae 26 married

1881 Canada cn Colchester Co. North River, Fam. #83 McNUTT John A. ae 35, mar.
Irish descent, Baptist, John ae 88 widower, Irish descent

JOHN married ALICE McCALLUM. Alice was born about 1806130 She died 4 Apr
1870, Ae 64 in North River, Colchester Co. N.S. and was buried in Aenon Baptist Cem.
North River.131

They had the following children:132

	41	F	i.	           MARGARET McNUTT was born on 13 Mar 1828.

	42	F	ii.	ELIZABETH McNUTT was born about 1830 in North River,
Colchester Co. Nova Scotia.

	43	M	iii.	WILLIAM McNUTT was born on 1 Apr 1835 in North River,
Colchester Co., N.S..

+	44	M	iv.	THOMAS McCALLUM McNUTT was born about 1836 and
died in 1930/1931.

	45	F	v.	SARAH McNUTT was born on 28 May 1838 in North River,
Colchester Co. N.S..

	46	M	vi.	CHARLES McNUTT was born about 1840 in North River,
Colchester Co. N.S..

	47	M	vii.	ABNER McNUTT was born on 28 Mar 1843 in North River,
Colchester Co. N.S..

	48	M	viii.	JOHN A. McNUTT was born on 29 Nov 1845 in North River,
Colchester Co. N.S..

	49	M	ix.	RUFUS McNUTT was born on 18 Sep 1847 in North River,
Colchester Co. N.S..

	50	M	x.	OTIS McNUTT was born on 4 Mar 1853 in North River,
Colchester Co. N.S..

                        Sixth Generation

North River, Colchester Co. Nova Scotia.133 He died in 1930/1931.134

1871 Canada cn Earltown, Colchester Co. Fam. #62 McNUTT: Benjamin ae 07, Susan
ae 33, Caroline ae 12, Thomas ae 38, Joseph ae 09, Martha ae 05, Mary ae 02

1881 Canada cn Earltown,District 19 Colchester Co Fam. #197 McNUTT, Bond, ae
20, farmer,Irish, Baptist Benjamin, ae 18, farmer, Irish, Baptist Margaret ae 15,Irish,
Baptist Mary ae 12,Irish, Baptist Thomas ae 48 born 1833, born Nova Scotia, Baptist,
ae 48, farmer mar,Irish descent, Marian ae 47 mar, 1834, b Nova Scotia, Irish, C

1901 Canada cn Earltown, Fam. #58 McNUTT: Thomas ae 68,born Nova Scotia,
Scottish, Presbyterian, farmer, can read & write, speaks English, does not speak French
Miran, wife, ae 66 ,born Nova Scotia, Scottish, Presbyterian,can read & write, speaks
English, does not speak French, LYNDS, Sophia, adopted  dau., ae 23, single, no birth
date, b.Nova Scotia, Scottish,Presbyterian, can read & write, speaks English, does not
speak French, Thomas, adopted son b 1898, ae 03, b Nova Scotia, Scottish descent,
Presbyterian, English, does not speak French,  John, adopted son, ae under one year, b
Nova Scotia, Scottish, Presbyterian    

1911  Canada cn North River Poll District, 9 McNUTT: Thomas born Feb. 1833 ae 78
born Nova Scotia, ??? Sylpha housekeeper, born 18 Oct. 1879, ae 32 Nova Scotia,
Thomas, lodger b. Dec. 1898, ae 13, Nova Scotia, Janie, lodger, b. Mar. 1901, ae 10, 
Nova Scotia, Freda, lodger, b. Aug 1906, ae 05, Nova Scotia George, lodger, b. May
1911, ae l/12 Nova Scotia

Thomas C. McNUTT is remembered as being a very active man into his old age and
was well known throughout his community for the horses he kept135.

Zilphia Archibald was Marion McNutt's niece, daughter of her sister Esther Christie
Archibald. She joined Thomas' household when his second wife Marion became
bedridden.136   When Marion died apparently Zilphia became involved with Thomas
but it is thought that they never married. He may or may not have been the father of
Zilphia's children but referred to them as such.137 Zilphia had two sons Thomas & John
by other relationships prior to her association with Thomas C. McNutt. 138    

THOMAS married (1) SUSAN NELSON. Susan was born about 1837. She died on 22
Aug 1872 in North River, Colchester Co. N.S. and was buried in Baptist Cem. Aenon, Ae

They had the following children:140

	51	F	i.	           CAROLINE McNUTT was born in 1858 in Onslow.

	52	M	ii.	JOHN BOND McNUTT was born on 11 May 1862 in Nutby.
Colchester Co. N.S..

	53	M	iii.	BENJAMIN McNUTT was born on 20 Apr 1863 in Nutby,
Colchester Co., N.S..

	54	F	iv.	MARGARET McNUTT was born in 1866. She died on 7 May
1959 in Rutland, Vt and was buried in Mechanisville Cem. Mt Holly Vt.
WORTMAN and MARGARET PORTER, on 30 Dec 1885 in North
River, Colchester Co. Nova Scotia. John was born on 20 Aug 1866 in
Staten Island, NY. He died on 4 Oct 1946 in Concord, NH and was buried
in Mechanicsville Cem. Mt Holly VT.  SEE WORTMAN FAMILY BY

	55	F	v.	MARY B. McNUTT was born about 1869.

THOMAS also married (2) MARION ARCHIBALD, daughter of DAVID
ARCHIBALD and SARAH HAMMOND, on 10 Dec 1874 in Truro, Colchester Co.
N.S.141 Marion was born on 28 Apr 1835.142 She died on 6 Oct 1907 in Upper North
River, Colchester Co. N.S.143

THOMAS had a relationship with ZILPHIA ARCHIBALD, daughter of  ESTHER
CHRISTIE ARCHIBALD. Zilphia was born about 1879144 She died on 29 Sep 1959 and
was buried in Earltown Village Cem.145

They probably had the following children:146

	56	F	vi.	JANE McNUTT.

	57	F	vii.	FREDA McNUTT.

	58	M	viii.	WILFRED GEORGE McNUTT was born in 1911 in Nutby,
Colchester Co. N.S.

	59	M	ix.	MILTON LLOYD McNUTT was born in 1917 in Earltown,
Colchester Co. N.S.

	60	M	x.	HENRY W. McNUTT was born about 1923 in Earltown,
Colchester Co. N.S.

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