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                 Walter Wright of Andover Massachusetts  

                             First Generation

	1.	WALTER WRIGHT was born about 1642.1 He died on 26 Oct 1712 in
Andover, Essex Co., MA.2

In November of 1664 Walter Wright was on a jury to view the body of Peter
Allyn who was drowned .3Walter, a weaver, took the Oath of Allegiance in Andover,
MA on 11 Feb. 1678.4 Walter & Edward Whittingham were granted encouragement for
setting up a fulling mill. 5

On 29 Oct. 1678 Ensign Chandler accused Walter Wright of assaulting his
son William Chandler with a knife.  Chandler Jr. said that Wright came to him
and said he would shoot Chandler's horse as it trespassed on Wright's lot.
Chandler apologized but Wright said he would shoot the horse anyway as Chandler
would probably forget to tether the animal in the future and the horse had already cost
Wright 40 shillings worth of damages. Chandler called Walter a liar, grabbed him by the
coat and pushed him.  Walter Wright than stabbed young Chandler who retaliated by
striking Wright.  These two families were apparently feuding for some time before the
above incident as Chandler Sr. said he had met Wright on the highway riding his horse
and challenged him for a fight.  Wright refused the challenge and Chandler struck him
with a staff.  The Wrights and the Chandlers were apparently close neighbors.  Walter
Wright paid a fine for this offense6 

In March of 1681 Walter was involved in another court case regarding some
meadow land - Daniel Poore vs Walter Wright Trespass - verdict to plaintiff7

In the Year 1690 Walter Wright was a constable in Andover and on 4 May
1696 he, among others, had the liberty of catching fish at a place commonly
called the fishing place.  The fish could be sold to the townsmen and strangers at a price
not exceeding twelve pence 8

The Last Will & testament of Walter Wright:9

I, WALTER WRIGHT, of Andover in the County of Essex in the Province of
Massachusetts Bay in New England, weaver, being sick and weak in body but of
perfect mind and memory therefore calling to mind the mortality of my body do
make and ordain this my last will and testament and first of all I commit my
soul unto the hands of God that gave it; and my body I commit to the earth to
be buried decently in hope of a blessed resurrection unto life at the last day, and as for
my worldly estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me, I give and dispose of the
same in the following manner and form:

Imprimis - I give and bequeath to Experience my dearly beloved wife, the
uses of the lower room and chamber at the west end of my dwelling and in the
inner part of the cellar of the house; also ten bushels of Indian corn, five
bushels of English corn and three bushels of malt to be paid her yearly by my
son John Wright at or before the twenty-fifth of December; also I give her two cows
and four sheep and I order my son John to provide pasture for the cows in the summer
and in winter the sd cows and sheep; also I give her two hogs____hogg to be taken by
my son John and a third part of the fruit of the orchard and fifteen pounds of flax
______yearly and wood _____________as is necessary for her to be  also provided by
my son John; also I give her the use of all my household goods; my meaning is that my
wife shall have the several things before mentioned only during her widowhood; as for
the household goods my wife brought to me I give them to her to dispose of them where
and how she pleasith; also I order my son John to keep the two rooms in my house
aforementioned in good repair for my wifes use and to provide her a horse 
when she hath occasion for one; and also I give to my wife all the provisions that shall
be in my house at my decease.

Item - I give to my son John Wright, whom I likewise constitute, make and
ordain my sole executor of this my last Will & testament all my homestead on
both sides of the highway and my meadow in the rail? swamp next the land of
Thomas Carnik? and my meadow commonly called the Deer meadow; also four
acres of land on the west side of Shawshien River that was give me by my father
Johnson  and all my stock of cattle except which I shall dispose of in this my will.

Item - I give to my son Thomas (if he be living at my decease)  cow but in case of his
decease, I give the cow to his daughter Mary - the reason why I give my son no more is
because I have given him his portion already according to my ability.

Item - I give and bequeath to my son Walter five shillings, the reason why I
give him no more is partly because he hath been a disobedient son to me; partly because
I have taken sufficient care that he shall be well provided for during his life.

Item - I give and bequeath to my son Joseph the house and land which I bought of
Marble on the west side of Shawshin River and a pair of oxen and plow irons when he
comes of age & hoops for cart wheels & a young horse colt that came of the sorrel mare
and a draught chaine and ax.

Item - I give to my son Benjamin forty pounds to be payed him by my executor
when he comes of age of one and twenty years and it is my will that my son
Benjamin shall be put to learn a trade when he is fourteen years old.

Item - I give to my daughter Elizabeth five shillings, she having received her portion
already according to my ability.

Item - I give to my daughter Dorothy a cow, I having given her her portion

Item - I give to my daughter Mary fifteen pounds in common pay, to be payd her within
two years after my decease.

Item - I give to my daughter Sarah a cow

Item - I give to my daughter Abigail fifteen pounds in common pay, when she
comes to the age of eighteen years or at her marriage and I do hereby revoke
and disallow all and every other former wills by me made satisfying and
confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament in witness
whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this thirty first day of January
in the year of our Lord 1711/12.
                                THE MARK OF WALTER WRIGHT

WITNESSES: Thomas Barnard, Joseph Osgood, John Johnson

WALTER married (1) SUSANNAH JOHNSON on 26 Feb 1667 in Andover, Essex Co.,
MA.10 Susannah, daughter of JOHN & SUSANNAH JOHNSON died on 3 Jun 1684 in
Andover, Essex Co., MA.11

WALTER and SUSANNAH had the following children:12

	2	M	i.    WALTER Jr. WRIGHT was born on 12 Feb 1668 in Andover, Essex
Co., MA. He died on 24 Dec 1736 in Andover, Essex Co., MA.13

	3	M	ii.   CHRISTOPHER WRIGHT was born on 27 Nov 1672. He died on
16 Jan 1672/1673 in Andover, Essex Co., MA.14

	4	M	iii.   JOHN WRIGHT was born 10 Feb. 1675 Andover, MA died on 9 Jun
1752 in Andover, Essex Co., MA.15
John married MARY WARDWELL, daughter of SAMUEL
WARDWELL and SARAH HOOPER, on 31 Aug 1697 in Andover,
Essex Co., MA.16 Mary was born on 3 Oct 1673 in Andover, Essex Co.,
MA.17 She died on 16 Feb 1754 in her 81st year in Andover, MA.18

	5	M	iv.	THOMAS WRIGHT was born on 4 Mar 1677/1678 in
Andover, Essex Co., MA.

WALTER also married (2) ELIZABETH (PETERS) SADY, daughter of ANDREW
PETERS and MERCY BEAMSLEY, and widow of JOHN SADY on 9 Sep 1684 in
Andover, Essex Co., MA.19 Elizabeth was born on 26 Aug 1662 in Ipswich, Essex Co.,
MA.20 She died on 31 Oct 1703 in Andover, Essex Co., MA.21 Elizabeth married 1 JOHN
SADY 25 Nov. 1678 in Ipswich, MA. 22 He died after Mar. 1682 when he paid a fine of 
4s6d to the Essex Court and before his widow married Walter Wright in 1684.23  Children
(Sady}i. John Jr. b. say 1679, died 13 Aug. 1702, ae abt. 24 Andover, MA.24  ii  Samuel b
say 1680 died 8 Oct. 1744 Medfield, MA..25 He mar. 25 Sept. 1704 Andover, MA  MARY
HAMDEN. 26 She died 18 Dec. 1763 Medfield, MA27
In March of 1681 Elizabeth Perkins, wife of Luke, was called before the
Ipswich Quarterly Court to answer charges for using "most opprobrious and
scandalous words of a high nature" against her relations, in-laws and
ministers. Elizabeth & John Sady were witnesses in this case. Elizabeth, age 19,
deposed that Israel Woodcock asked if he might gather pears in her orchard, etc. and
that Mrs. Perkins had said that she loved Mr. Woodcock above all others.  John Sady
deposed that he asked Luke Perkins what suet would cost per pound and Luke replied
5d.  His wife changed this price to 3d and Luke agreed. Sady implied that Mrs. Perkins
word was law to her husband.  John & Elizabeth further deposed that Mrs. Perkins
had told them that "Josiah Clark assaulted Mary Spaford and her husband was
troubled and asked his father how he could put up with it being a church member." The
Sadys also told the Court that Elizabeth Perkins said that her parents and Abraham
Jacob & Sarah Perkins "were of the company of Belial and she would be glad if they
were all tied back to back that she might see them carried to the gallows to be hung; that
her mother had one foot in hell already and the others would be there quickly."
Elizabeth Perkins  was sentenced to be whipped but this was commuted to a fine of 3li
28 In March of 1681, in another case, John & Elizabeth Sady confessed that they had
wrongly accused Martha Lamson, wife of John of stealing a fan from them.  They
apologized for this mistake. 29

WALTER and ELIZABETH had the following children:30

	6	F       	ELIZABETH WRIGHT was born on 20 Jul 1685 in Andover,
Essex Co., MA. She died on 22 Oct 1754 in her 70th year  in Reading,
Elizaabeth married NATHANIEL PARKER on 6 Oct 1702 in Andover,
Essex Co., MA.32

+	7	F	vi.	DOROTHY WRIGHT was born on 23 Jul 1688 and died on 15
Nov 1773.

	8	M	vii.	JOSEPH WRIGHT was born on 20 Oct 1693 in Andover,
Essex Co., MA.

At an Essex Co. Court of 29 Dec 1713 Joseph Wright of Andover &
now wife Sarah Chandler, the family being sick, were fined 30s each
JOSEPH married (1) SARAH CHANDLER on 12 Jan 1712/1713 in
Andover, Essex Co., MA.34 Sarah died on 15 Mar 1736/1737,ae abt 44
years in Woodstock, CT.35

JOSEPH also married (2) ELIZABETH CHAMBERLAIN on 5 Dec
1737 in Woodstock, CT.36  Elizabeth died on 28 Dec 1746 in Woodstock,
JOSEPH also married (3) HANNAH GRISWALD ASHLEY on 10 Oct
1747 in Woodstock, CT.38

	9	F	viii.	SARAH WRIGHT was born on 20 Mar 1695.

	10	F	ix.	ABIGAIL WRIGHT was born on 31 Jan 1698/1699 in
Andover, Essex Co., MA. She died on 1 Aug 1726 in Woodstock, CT.39
ABIGAIL married SAMUEL LILLY on 7 May 1716 in Reading, MA.
40Samuel was buried on 29 Apr 1774 in Stafford, CT.41

WALTER also married (3) EXPERIENCE HILLER on 23 May 1704 in Andover, MA.42
Experience died on 16 Feb 1724/1725 in Andover, MA.43

                             Second Generation

	7.	DOROTHY WRIGHT (WALTER) was born on 23 Jul 1688 in Andover, Essex Co.,
MA. She died on 15 Nov 1773 in Andover, Essex Co., MA.44

SARAH HOOPER, on 25 Nov 1706 in Andover, Essex Co., MA.45 William was born on
9 Nov 1679 in Andover, Essex Co., MA.46 He died on 22 Apr 1751 in Andover, Essex Co.,

WILLIAM and DOROTHY had the following children:48

	11	M	i.	WILLIAM WARDWELL was born about 1707/1708. 

	12	M	ii.   THOMAS WARDWELL was born on 3 May 1709 in Andover,
Essex Co., MA. 

	13	M	iii.    JONATHAN WARDWELL was born on 16 Dec 1711 in Andover,
Essex Co., MA. 

.	14	F	iv.     SARAH WARDWELL was born on 1 Jun 1714 in Andover, Essex
Co., MA. 

15	F	v.	        DOROTHY WARDWELL was born on 30 Jan 1715/1716 in
Andover, Essex Co., MA. 

	16	F	vi.     PHEBE WARDWELL was born on 3 Oct 1717 in Andover, Essex
Co., MA. .

	17	M	vii.     JOHN WARDWELL was born on 9 Oct 1719 in Andover, Essex
Co., MA.

	18	F	viii.     HANNAH WARDWELL was born on 6 Jul 1721 in Andover,
Essex Co., MA.
	19	M	ix.       ELIAKIM WARDWELL was born on 22 Jan 1723 in Andover,
Essex Co., MA.   

	20	M	x.         NATHAN WARDWELL was born on 15 Aug 1724 in Andover,
Essex Co., MA. 

	21	F	xi.         MARY WARDWELL was born on 17 Feb 1727 in Andover,
Essex Co., MA. 

	22	M	xii.         JOSHUA WARDWELL was born on 6 Dec 1728 in Andover,
Essex Co., MA.

	23	F	xiii.	ABIAH WARDWELL was born on 22 Apr 1731 in Andover,
Essex Co., MA. 

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