First Generation

	1.	WALTER ALLEN was born say 1600-1610 in England. Walter Allen of Charlestowne,
haberdasher, died and was buried  8 July 1681.1

Walter Allen resided in Newbury, MA in 1640 and removed to Watertown, MA about
1662 at which time he was a proprietor.2In July of 1655 Walter Allen deposed that he
was in Barbadoes.3 He served on a coroner’s jury re drowning of Robert Barthits.4 On
2 Apr 1672 Walter Allen of Charlestown applied for discharge  from training because of
bodily distemper.5

  On 30 Apr 1665 Walter & wife Rebecca Allen sold land in Watertown to Simon
Coolidge.6  On 7 June 1665  Walter purchased land in Watertown Farms (now
Weston) from John Knapp. 7 On 21 June 1669 Joseph Crosby sold land to Walter
Allen farmer of Watertown8 In 1652 he purchased land of Anthony Dicks9 In 1665/6
Walter & Rebecca Allen sold to E. Boulton10 In 1669 Walter of Watertown sold land
to H. Boulton.11 In 1783 Walter sold land in Watertown to B. Sweetser.12  On 1 Oct.
1673 Walter conveyed lands in Watertown "by deed of gift to his sons Daniel & Joseph
Allen. 13 Soon after this last transaction Walter removed to Charlestown, MA where his
occupation was that of a haberdasher of hats14

His will is dated 19 Feb. 1679 and was probated Aug. 1681.  He
mentioned his wife Abigail and sons John (of Sudbury), Daniel & Joseph
inventory of his estate amounted to L312.15

WALTER married (1) REBECCA before 1640. Rebecca was born say 1615. She died on 6
Aug 1678 in Charlestown, MA.16

They had the following children:17

	2	M	i.	JOHN ALLEN was born say 1636. He died on 1 Dec 1711 in Sudbury,
JOHN married SARAH. Sarah died on 12 Jan 1702 in Sudbury, MA.19
John  m2 Mrs. Mary (Parmeter) Burke.  Mary, widow of Richard Burk
and daughter of John Parmenter & Amy was born 10 June 1644 in
Sudbury, MA.20 Mary Allen died Sudbury, MA 30 Aug. 1727, AE 82 21
On 19 Sept. 1727 Richard Burk of Brookfield, Hampshire Co. MA, John
Burk of Groton, MA, George Parmenter Jr. of Sudbury, MA, with Mary
his wife, conveyed land to Thomas Burk of Sudbury MA a quit claim of
all the interest that we have to any of the estate of our honored mother
MARY Allen of Sudbury, widow deceased, died possessed of.22

+	3	M	ii   DANIEL ALLEN was born say 1638 and died in 1705.
4	F	iii.ABIGAIL ALLEN was born on 10 Oct 1641 in
Newbury, MA.Not mentioned in father's will dated 1679

	5	M	iv    JOSEPH ALLEN, born say 1645, died on 9 Sep
1721 in Weston, MA.23 JOSEPH married ANNA BRAZIER on 11 Oct
1667 in Watertown, MA24 ANNA died in Sep 1720 in Weston, MA.25
	6	M	v.BENJAMIN ALLEN was born on 15 Apr 1647 in Newbury, MA. He
died on 20 Sep 1678 in Charlestown, MA.26
BENJAMIN married HANNAH BULLARD.6 Mar. 1668/9 Medfield,
MA27 Hannah daughter of  JOHN BULLARD & MAGDALENE
GEORGE  was born 1 Dec. 1645 Dedham MA.28

WALTER also married (2) ABIGAIL ROGERS on 29 Nov 1678 in Charlestown, MA.29
Abigail was born c1625 (cal. death record) and died on 28 Apr 1703, ae 78, in Watertown,

                          Second Generation

	3.	DANIEL ALLEN (WALTER) was born say 1638. He died in 1705 in Sudbury,
Middlesex Co., MA.

Daniel Allen resided in the Towns of Charlestown, Watertown, Lancaster &
Sudbury, Mass.

Daniel Allen died before 7 Apr. 1705 when his son Elnathan Allen was named
administrator of his estate.  Elnathan & John Allen, husbandmen of Middlesex
County and Ebenezer Allen, husbandman of Stonington, Conn. put up a bond of
L80, document witnessed by Thomas Berry and Jane Davis. The estate was
inventoried on 23 Apr. 1705 in the amount of L46-16-06.  In the accounting of
the estate dated 6 May 1706, among others, Elnathan Allen mentions his Uncle
John Allen "my bondsman" and the widow his mother who both received payments
from the estate.31

about 1658. Mary was born on 30 June 1642 in Charlestown, MA.32  See “Thomas Wilder
of Lancaster, MA”following this Allen Genealogy.

Some genealogists have stated that Mary Allen, wife of Daniel was the
daughter of John Sherman of Watertown, MA, who in his will named his
daughter Mary Allen.  Mary (Sherman) Allen was the wife of Lewis Allen of
Watertown, who was her second husband.33  She married (1) at Watertown Henry
Freeman on 27 Nov. 1656.34  He died at Watertown 12 Nov. 1672.35
and sometime after this date she married Lewis ALLEN.  Mary
(Sherman) Allen died in Watertown 15 July 1703.36

Thomas Wilder's will dated 22 Jan. 1666 mentions that his daughter Mary
had already been provided for, but at the discretion of his executors she should have
more.37 Thomas Wilder had given Daniel & Mary Allen, by deed of gift 10 acres of
land in Lancaster, MA.  This latter deed was not on file at the Registry of Deeds in
Cambridge, Mass. but it may be elsewhere. 38The Wilders and Allens were close
neighbors in Lancaster, Massachusetts39

DANIEL and MARY had the following children:40

	7	M	i.DANIEL ALLEN was born on 1 Jul 1659 in Charlestown, MA. He died
on 23 Oct 1662 in Watertown, MA.

	8	F	ii.REBECCA ALLEN was born on 15 Jan 1660/1661 in Watertown, MA.
She died on 25 Jan 1660/1661 in Watertown, MA.

	9	F	iii.MARY ALLEN was born on 13 Aug 1662 in Watertown, MA. She died
on 14 Aug 1662 in Watertown, MA.

+	10	M	iv.SAMUEL ALLEN was born Say 1664.

+	11	M	v.ELNATHAN ALLEN was born on 11 Feb 1666 and died about 1734.

	12	M	vi.THOMAS ALLEN was born in 1670. He died on 6 Aug 1671 in
Watertown, MA.

+	13	F	vii.ABIGAIL ALLEN was born say 1672 and died on 12 Mar 1750/1751.

+	14	M	viii.EBENEZER ALLEN was born on 26 Dec 1674.

	15	F	ix.REBECCA ALLEN was born in 1677 and was christened on 3 Jun



	18	F	xii.MARY II ALLEN.
MARY II married THOMAS HOLYOKE on 4 Nov 1707 in Stonington,

                          Third Generation

	10.	SAMUEL ALLEN (DANIEL, WALTER) was born say 1664.

SAMUEL married (1) ELIZABETH GROUT, daughter of JOHN GROUT and SARAH
(BUSBY) CAKEBREAD, on 22 Dec 1683 in Sudbury, Middlesex Co., MA42 Elizabeth 
died on 28 Aug 1694 in Watertown, MA.43

They had the following children:44






SAMUEL also married (2) LYDIA HASTINGS, daughter of JOHN SEABORN

	11.	ELNATHAN ALLEN (DANIEL, WALTER) was born on 11 Feb 1666 in Lancaster,
Worcester Co., MA. He died in Shrewsbury, Worcester Co., MA.1 Oct. 1735 by being
thrown from a cart loaded with stalks, for some time  had numb palsey, age about 68

          We hear from Shrewsbury, that on the lst instant Mr. Elnathan Allen of that Town, a
person of good repute, about 67 or 68 Years of Age, as he was upon the hinder part of his
Cart loading it with Stalks, his little boy who stood before the Cattle, gave them a Stroke,
upon which their sudden raising up their Heads gave the Cart such a Motion that  Mr. Allen
pitch’d  down from it; and altho’ he had his Senses for some Time, yet he was in great
Extremity of Pain, and so continued till the next Day when he expir’d (Boston Post Boy 20
Oct. 1735).

Elnathan Allen lived in Lancaster, MA with his family but by 1694 they
were in Watertown, MA where they remained until 1701/2.

Elnathan received land from his father in the northwest part of
Watertown in 169447  Elnathan removed to Sudbury, MA before
Nov. 1702 when his daughter Anna was born and remained there for several years
before removing to the Town of Hopkinton . On 24 Feb. 1717, Elnathan Allen & John
Wood of Framingham and James Wilson cut 100 cedar trees in Hopkinton without
permission from the authorities.  All three were sued and fined for this
misadventure.48In the Year 1720 Elnathan Allen and John Wood purchased land in the
Whitehall Section of Hopkinton.49 On 19 Aug. 1723 Elnathan's name can be found on a
petition of Hopkinton townsmen asking permission to hold a town meeting and elect
officers.50  Allen was a member of the Hopkinton Church of Christ on 20 Apr. 1724.51
and was the first town treasurer this same year 52Elnathan Allen removed to
Shrewsbury, Mass. where on 11 Oct. 1730 he was admitted to the Shrewsbury Church
from the Hopkinton Church.53 Elnathan was a selectman of this latter town in 
1730 & 173354 

On 19 Feb. 1728 Elnathan Allen sold land in Shrewsbury, 9th Lot to John
Crosby, witnessed by John Keyes55 

Edward NEWTON was granted administration of his father-in-law's estate on
5 Nov. 1735 with John Keyes & John Park as sureties, witnesses John
Chandler, 3rd & John Chandler, jr.  The administration papers say that Edward 
Newton was married to a daughter of Elnathan Allen, deceased and that the widow
and other children refused administration of the estate and that Elnathan's real estate
holdings were settled amongst themselves.56 

ELNATHAN married MERCY RICE say 1693. Mercy daughter of HENRY RICE and
ELIZABETH MOORE. Mercy was born on 1 Jan 1670 in Sudbury, Middlesex Co.,
MA.57 Mercy Allen, daughter is mentioned in the will of  her father  Henry Rice.58

She died 1727, AE 57 in Hopkinton, Middlesex Co., MA.59  There is a document in
Elnathan’s administration  papers dated 1735 that  says his widow refused administration of
the estate so either Mary did not die in 1727 or Elnathan remarried after her death.

They had the following children:60

+	24	M	i. OBADIAH ALLEN was born on 19 Jan 1694/1695 and died about

+	25	F	ii.ELIZABETH ALLEN.say 1700

+	26	F	iii.ANNA ALLEN was born on 7 Nov 1702 and died in 1757.

+	27	M	iv.ISRAEL ALLEN was born on 20 Dec 1705 and died in 1783.

	28	F	v.MARY ALLEN was born on 28 Feb 1707/1708. She died in d. young.

	29	F	vi.MARY II ALLEN was born on 14 Jul 1711 in Sudbury, MA.

+	30	F	vii.THANKFUL ALLEN was born on 9 Dec 1713 and died 8 Aug.1801
AE 88.

	13.	ABIGAIL ALLEN (DANIEL, WALTER) was born say 1672. She died on 12 Mar
1750/1751 in Stonington, Ct.61

Abigail married MOSES PALMER, son of MOSES PALMER and DOROTHY
GILBERT, on 1 Apr 1703 in Stonington, Ct.62 Moses was christened on 15 Nov 1674 in
Stonington, Ct.63 He died on 1 Aug 1744 in Stonington, CT.64

The will of Moses PALMER is dated 24 Aug. 1726 and was proved 11 Aug.
1744.  His heirs were wife Abigail, daughters Ame Tracy Dorothy Palmer, Mary
Palmer, Submit Palmer, Lois Palmer, Abigail Palmer, Son John Palmer; son-in-law
Jonathan Tracy - Receipts from Jonathan Tracy, Nemimiah Palmer and wife
Submit; Nathaniel Tracy in behalf of his wife not named .65

Moses Palmer was a member of Stonington First Church on 1 Apr. 170366

MOSES and ABIGAIL had the following children:67

	31	M	i.JOHN PALMER was born on 19 Jun 1705 in Stonington, Ct and was
baptized First Ch. of Stonington 29 July 1705.

	32	F	ii.AMIE PALMER was born on 3 Dec. 1706 in Stonington, Ct.and was
baptised First Ch. of Stonington 16 Feb. 1707

	33	F	iii.ABIGAIL PALMER was born on 16 Sep 1709 in Stonington, Ct. and
was baptized First Ch. of Stonington on 30 Oct. 1709

	34	F	iv.DOROTHY PALMER was born on 20 Nov 1711 in Stonington, Ct and
was baptized First Ch. of  Stonington 25 Nov 1711

	35	F	v.MARY PALMER was born on 28 Jun 1713 in Stonington, Ct. and was
baptized in First Ch. of Stonington 2 Aug. 1713

	36	M	vi.MOSES PALMER was born in Jul 1715 in Stonington, Ct sand was
baptized First Ch. of Stonington 17 July 1715, died young.

	37	F	vii.SUBMIT PALMER was born on 3 May 1718 in Stonington, Ct and
was baptized First Ch. of Stonington 5 May 1718 

	38	F	viii.REBECCA PALMER was born on 5 Apr 1720 in Stonington, Ct and
was baptized First Ch. of Stonington 19 June 1720

	39	F	ix.LOIS PALMER was born on 7 Mar 1722 in Stonington, Ct and was
baptized First Ch. of Stonington 26 Apr 1722

	40	M	x.MOSES PALMER was born on 2 Apr 1726 in Stonington, Ct and was
baptized First Ch. of Stonington  18 Apr. 1726.

	14.	EBENEZER ALLEN (DANIEL, WALTER) was born on 26 Dec 1674 in Watertown,

EBENEZER married ANNA PALMER on 5 Oct 1704 in Stonington, CT.68 Anna died on
24 Sep 1705 in Stonington, CT.69

They had the following children:70

	41	F	i.	ANNIE ALLEN was christened on 20 Jan 1706 in Stonington, Ct.

                         Fourth Generation

1694/1695 in Watertown, MA. He died about 1781 in Shrewsbury, MA71

OBADIAH married (1) SUSANNAH PRATT, daughter of JOHN PRATT and RUTH,
on 17 May 1720 in Framingham, MA.72 Susannah was born on 12 Mar 1693 in
Framingham, MA73 She died on 16 Feb 1740 in Shrewsbury, MA74

They had the following children:75

	42	M	i.DANIEL ALLEN was born on 1 Mar 1720/21 in Shrewsbury, Ma

	43	M	ii.OBADIAH ALLEN was born on 6 May 1723 in Shrewsbury, Ma.

	44	M	iii.JONATHAN ALLEN was born on 10 Jun 1725 in Shrewsbury, Ma.

	45	F	iv.LUCY ALLEN was born on 4 Aug 1728 in Shrewsbury, Ma.

	46	F	v.MIRIAM ALLEN was born on 4 Nov 1730 in Shrewsbury, Ma.

	47	F	vi.PERSIS ALLEN was born on 4 Aug 1735 in Shrewsbury, Ma.

Jr. and  daughter of SUPPLY WEEKS and SUSANNA BARNES, on 19 May 1741 in
Shrewsbury, MA.76 Jemima was born on 23 Feb 1700 in Marlborough, MA.77

OBADIAH and JEMIMA had the following children:78

	48	M	vii.	SILAS ALLEN was born on 11 Mar 1742 in Shrewsbury, MA.

	49	M	viii.	ISRAEL ALLEN was born on 24 Apr 1745 in Shrewsbury,

50	F	ix.	SUSANNA ALLEN was born on 20 May 1747
in Shrewsbury, Ma. She died on 25 Apr 1752 in Shrewsbury, MA., ae
almost 579


MARY LEONARDSON, on 21 Nov 1723 in Marlborough, MA.80 Edward was born on 5
Oct 1701 in Marlborough, MA.81 He died in 1765 in Shrewsbury, MA.82
EDWARD and ELIZABETH had the following children:83

	51	M	i.EZEKIEL NEWTON was born on 13 Oct 1725 in Hopkinton, Ma.

	52	M	ii.SAMUEL NEWTON was born on 5 Nov 1727 in Shrewsbury, Ma.

	53	F	iii.MARY NEWTON was born on 16 Oct 1729 in Shrewsbury, Ma.

	54	F	iv.MARTHA NEWTON was born on 29 May 1732 in Shrewsbury, Ma.

	55	F	v.ESTHER NEWTON was born on 8 Sep 1734 in Shrewsbury, Ma.

	56	F	vi.EDWARD Jr NEWTON was born on 18 Jan 1737/1738 in
Shrewsbury, Ma.

Nov 1702 in Sudbury, Middlesex Co., MA. Anna was deceased by 29 June 1757 when
a document in her husband's probate papers regarding her dower rights in Amos Pratt's
real estate called her Anna Pratt late of Shrewsbury deceased.84 

ANNA married AMOS PRATT, son of JOHN PRATT and RUTH, on 12 Dec 1722 in
Sudbury, Middlesex Co., MA.85 AMOS was born on 26 May 1699 in Framingham,
Middlesex Co., MA. He died about 1748 in Shrewsbury, Ma.SEE PRATT FAMILY BY

AMOS and ANNA had the following children:86
	57	M	i.	ELNATHAN PRATT was born on 8 Dec 1723
in Shrewsbury, MA.

58	M	ii.	AMOS Jr. PRATT was born on 8 Oct 1725. 

59	M	iii.	ISAAC PRATT was born on 27 Jul 1727 in
Shrewsbury, MA. 

60	M	iv.	ALPHEUS PRATT was born on 7 Sep 1731 in
Shrewsbury, Worcester Co., MA. 

                                        61	F	v.	MERCY PRATT was born on 31 Aug 1733 in
Shrewsbury, MA.

	62	F	vi.	ANNA PRATT was born on 14 May 1738 in
Shrewsbury, MA. 

			   63        F         vii.	MARY PRATT was born on 19 Oct 1742 in
Shrewsbury, MA.

	27.	ISRAEL ALLEN (ELNATHAN, DANIEL, WALTER) was born on 20 Dec 1705 in
Sudbury, MA. He died in 1783 in Shrewsbury, MA.87

WHEELOCK and LYDIA RICE, on 14 Feb 1728 in Shrewsbury, MA.88 Elizabeth was
born on 1 Apr 1700 in Marlborough, MA.89

They had the following children90

	64	M	i.ELNATHAN ALLEN was born on 18 Nov 1728.

	65	F	ii.LOIS ALLEN was born on 21 Nov 1732 in Shrewsbury, MA.

ISRAEL also married (2) CATHERINE JOSLIN on 3 May 1764 in Westborough, MA.91

	30.	THANKFUL ALLEN (ELNATHAN, DANIEL, WALTER) was born on 9 Dec 1713 in
Sudbury, MA. She died 8 Aug.1801 AE 88 in Boylston, MA92

SARAH HAPGOOD, on 8 Mar 1738/39 in Shrewsbury, MA.93 Daniel was born say
1710. He died on 18 Oct 1779 in Boyleston, MA.94

They had the following children:95

	66	M	i.LEVI WHITNEY was born on 5 Dec 1739 in Shrewsbury, MA

	67	M	ii.TIMOTHY WHITNEY was born on 25 Oct 1743 in Shrewsbury, MA.

	68	M	iii.DANIEL Jr WHITNEY was born on 4 Sep 1746 in Shrewsbury MA.

	69	F	iv.SARAH WHITNEY was born on 9 Sep 1749 in Shrewsbury, MA.


                                First Generation

	1.	THOMAS WILDER  of Shiplake, Oxford, England died on 23 Oct 1634 in Shiplake,
Oxfordshire, England. 96

PAYNE, in Jan 1619 in Shiplake, Oxford, England.97  Martha died on 20 Apr 1652 in
Hingham, MA.98

Martha came to New England in the ship Confidence 11 Apr. 1638 with daughter Mary
from Shiplake, Oxford, England, spinster.99 She settled in Hingham, MA  Her sons
Thomas & Edward were already settled in New England.

THOMAS and MARTHA had the following children: (probably not complete)

	2	M	i.  EDWARD WILDER died on 18 Oct 1690 in Plymouth, MA.100

+	3	M	ii. THOMAS WILDER was born about 1619 and died on 23 Oct 1677.



                         Second Generation

	3.	THOMAS WILDER (THOMAS) was born about 1619. He died on 23 Oct 1677 in
Lancaster, Worcester Co., MA.101

Thomas Wilder admitted to Church of Boston Mar 1640.102
Thomas was a freeman 16 June 1641.103

Thomas Wilder deposed Middlesex Court 19 apr. 1654 ae 33 or 35 Court Files of
Middlesex County 1649-1675.104

Thomas Wilder's will was dated 22 Jan. 1666 and was probated 4 Mar.1667/68 His
loving wife Ann & son Thomas Wilder were executors and his heirs were wife, and
children Thomas who was to receive a double portion, John, Nathaniel and Elizabeth
and Ebenezer.  His daughter Marie/Maryhad already been provided for but at the
discretion of his executors should have more. The will was witnessed by Simon
Willard, Joseph Rowlandson & Ralph Houghton. The inventory of the estate was
taken 28 (9m) 1667.105  

Gavestone Old Common Burying Ground Lancaster MA " Sacred to the memory of
Thomas Wilder from Lancaster in England, who first settled in Hingham, in 1641, and
came to this Town, July 1, 1659 and died Oct. 23, 1667, leaving three sons viz.
Thomas, John and Nathaniel, for whom are derived all of the name of Wilder in this
Town and vicinity.       

THOMAS married ANNA. ANNA died on 10 Jun 1692 in Lancaster, Worcester Co.,

Anna was admitted to church 7 (3) 1650.107

THOMAS and ANNA had the following children:108

+	6	F	i.  MARY WILDER was christened on 3 Jul 1642.

+	7	M	ii. THOMAS JR. WILDER was christened on 4 Sep 1644 and died 7 Aug
1716 Abt 70 Yrs.

+	8	M	iii. JOHN WILDER was born about 1646 and died on 9 Jan 1718.

	9	F	iv. ELIZABETH WILDER was born about 1648.

+	10	M	v. NATHANIEL WILDER was born on 3 Nov 1655 and died 31 July
1704 Ae 54.


                         Third Generation

	6.	MARY WILDER (THOMAS, THOMAS) was christened on 3 Jul 1642

1658. Daniel was born say 1638. He died in 1705 in Sudbury, Middlesex Co., MA.109

DANIEL and MARY had the following children:110

	12	M	i.  DANIEL ALLEN was born on 1 Jul 1659 in Charlestown, MA. 

	13	F	ii. REBECCA ALLEN was born on 15 Jan 1660/1661 in Watertown,
MA. She died on 25 Jan 1660/1661 in Watertown, MA.

	14	F	iii. MARY ALLEN was born on 13 Aug 1662 in Watertown, MA. She
died on 14 Aug 1662 in Watertown, MA.

	15	M	iv. SAMUEL ALLEN was born say 1664.

	16	M	v. ELNATHAN ALLEN was born on 11 Feb 1666 in Lancaster,
Worcester Co., MA. 

	17	M	vi. THOMAS ALLEN was born in 1670. He died on 6 Aug 1671 in
Watertown, MA.

	18	F	vii. ABIGAIL ALLEN was born Say 1672. 

	19	M	viii. EBENEZER ALLEN was born on 26 Dec 1674 in Watertown, MA.

	20	F	ix. REBECCA ALLEN was born in 1677 and was christened on 3 Jun
1677 in Charlestown, MA.


	22	F	xi  LYDIA ALLEN.

	23	F	xii. MARY II ALLEN.

	7.	THOMAS JR. WILDER (THOMAS, THOMAS) was christened on 4 Sep 1644 in
Charlestown, MA. He died 7 Aug 1716 Abt 70 Yrs in Lancaster, MA and was buried in Old
Common Burying Ground.111

THOMAS married MARY, surname not given on 25 Jun 1668 in Lancaster, MA.112

THOMAS and MARY had the following children:113

	24	F	i.  MARY WILDER was born about 1675.

	25	M	ii. JAMES WILDER was born on 28 Apr 1680 in Marlborough, MA.

	26	M	iii. JOSEPH WILDER was born on 5 Jul 1683 in Lancaster, MA.

	27	F	iv. SARAH WILDER was born on 22 Jan 1685 in Lancaster, MA.

	28	F	v. ELIZABETH WILDER was born in 1687.

	29	F	vi. ANNA WILDER was born about 1689.

	8.	JOHN WILDER (THOMAS, THOMAS) was born about 1646. He died on 9 Jan 1718
in Lancaster, MA.114

HANNAH, on 17 May 1672 in Lancaster, MA .115  Hannah was born on 10 Feb 1658 in
Lancaster, MA. 116  
She died on 4 Jan 1737/1738 in Lancaster, MA.117  Hannah married (2) JOHN
HOUGHTON born about 1650, died 3 Feb. 1736/37 in 87th year in Lancaster, MA.118

JOHN and HANNAH had the following children:119

	30	M	i.  JOHN WILDER was born on 5 Nov 1673 in Lancaster, MA.

	31	M	ii. THOMAS WILDER was born on 2 Mar 1676 in Charlestown, MA.

	32	M	iii. HANNAH WILDER was born on 31 Oct 1679 in Lancaster, MA.

	33	M	iv. JAMES WILDER was born on 28 Jan 1680/1681.

	34	M	v. RBENEZER WILDER was born on 23 Jun 1683 in Lancaster, MA.

	35	F	vi. ANNA WILDER was born in 1690.

	10.	NATHANIEL WILDER (THOMAS, THOMAS) was born on 3 Nov 1655 in
Charlestown, MA. He died 31 July 1704 Ae 54 in Lancaster, MA.120

MARY PRESCOTT, on 4 Nov 1673 in Lancaster, MA.121 Mary was born in

They had the following children:123

	36	M	i. NATHANIEL WILDER was born about 1675. He died on 19 May
1679 in Sudbury, MA.124

	37	M	ii. EPHRAIM WILDER was born on 16 Apr 1677 in
Sudbury, MA. He died on 13 Dec 1679 in Sudbury,MA125

	38	F	iii. MARY WILDER was born on 12 May 1679 in Sudbury, MA.

	39	F	iv. ELIZABETH WILDER was born on 14 Feb 1680/1681 in Sudbury,

	40	M	v. JONATHAN WILDER was born on 20 Apr 1682 in Lancaster, MA.
He died 17 Aug. 1707, Ae 22 Slain By Indians 126

	41	F	vi. DOROTHY WILDER was born about 1686.

	42	M	vii. NATHANIEL WILDER was born about 1688.

	43	F	viii. EUNICE WILDER was born about 1690.

	44	M	ix. OLIVER WILDER was born about 1694.




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