(1) Cornelius McManus, , was born in Ireland c1721. Cornelius McManus married (2)
Rebecca Norton c1746. Rebecca may have been the daughter of William & Rachel
Norton who had children baptized in the Albany Dutch Reform Church in the correct time
frame for them to be Rebecca's parents. 

Cornelius McManus appears on the militia rolls of Albany Co., Capt. Van Veghten's Co.
May 1, 1760 as age 39, b. Ireland and in Van Vrankens company. 1

      3*Hugh McManus                 b.     1747  
      4*Elizabeth McManus            b.     1749  
      5*Rachel McManus               b.     1751 
      6*Hugh McManus                 b.c    1753  
      7*Jemima McManus               b.     1756  
      8*William McManus              b.     1758

(3) Hugh McManus,(Cornelius), son of Cornelius and Rebecca (Norton) McManus,
was bapt. 14 June 1747 in Albany Dutch Reformed Church; witnesses: John & Nel.
Darby. 2 It is possible that the Hugh McManus of Brunswick may have been baptized
twice, first in the Dutch Reform Church in 1747 and later on in 1751 at St. Peter's
Episcopal Church of Albany so Hugh No. 3 & 6 may be the same person, or a first born
Hugh who died young plus another later born Hugh.  

(4) Elizabeth McManus (Cornelius), dau. of Cornelius and Rebecca (Norton)
McManus was bapt. 9 Apr. 1749, Wit: Lochlan Dyl/Elizabeth Norton.3  She may be the
Elizabeth McMansion who served as a sponsor along with Johannes Hydorn for Johannes,
son of Johannes & Catharina Smit, b. 29 Aug. 1791, bapt. 31 Aug. 4
(5) Rachel McManus (Cornelius), daughter of Cornelius and Rebecca (Norton)
McManus, was bapt. 23 June 1753 in St. Peter's Episcopal Church Albany, Albany Co.5
(6)  Hugh McManus (Cornelius), son of Cornelius and Rebecca (Norton) McManus,
was bapt. 14 Oct. 1753 in Albany, Albany Co., NY 6  Hugh died sometime after 31 Oct.
1825 when he witnessed the will of Nathan Betts of Brunswick.7and before 2 Sept. 1832
the date of his wife's will in which he was not mentioned.8 

Hugh married about 1775, (9) Mary, surname unknown, who was born about 1751. 
Mary died 9 Jul 1834 in Troy, Rensselaer Co., NY and was  buried in the family cemetery
in Brunswick 10 Jul 1834. Her remains were later removed to Oakwood Cem., Troy,
Rensselaer Co., NY. along with other members of the family.9 Mary's funeral was
recorded in Register #1, Records of St. John's Episcopal Church, South Troy, NY.  This
notice states that Mrs. McManus was 83 years old and the funeral was held 10 July 1834
by Rev. H.B. Judah.  

Corporal Hugh McManus served in Stephen L. Schuyler's Regiment of Albany Militia
during the Revolution.  His name is shown on a payroll list dated 11 Aug 1777.10

On 5 June 1788 Hugh McManus leased a 180 acre farm in the East Manor of
Rensselaerwyck.11 On 24 June 1796 Hugh leased 278 acres of land in the East Manor
(now in Town of Brunswick, Rensselaer Co. NY for a yearly rental of 22 bushels
buckwheat, 4 fat hens & one day's service.12 Mary McManus sold her 1/2 share of this
land to her son William McManus on 16 Jan. 1820.13 and Hugh McManus quit claimed
the other half of the property to William McManus on 2 Jan. 1823.14

Mary McManus wrote her Last Will & Testament on 2 Sept. 1832.  The document was
probated 1 July 1834.  Mary left land in Lansingburgh on the south side of  Hoosick St. to
her three grandchildren- Catherine Watts, William Coonradt & Mary Ann Coonradt. 
Mary left other assets to her sons Robert P. McManus, William McManus & John
McManus. Her granddaughter- Maria Dibble was left some furniture if she ever
returned to Troy but if not, this would go to- daughter-in-law Catherine McManus.
William Watts, husband of granddaughter Catherine Watts, & grandson John
McManus  Jr. were also named.  The will mentions a mortgage executed by Philip C.
McManus.  Mary's friend Thomas Read was named executor and the will was witnessed
by Caleb Putnam , Solomon Maye & Nathaniel M. Coffin, all of Troy, NY 15 The
heirs of Mary McManus are mentioned in a citation dated 31 July 1834.  This document is
difficult to read but they were John, William & Robert McManus, Catherine Watts of
? in the western part of the state; Mary & William Coonradt of_____Ct.; Maria
Dibble of one of the Sandwich Islands .16 

On 11 July 1836 William & Catherine Watts of Schroeppel, Oswego Co. NY, William
Coonradt of Palermo, Oswego Co. NY & John Glover & his wife Mary Ann Glover
of the State of Connecticut, sold the land in Lansingburgh left to them by Mary
McManus for the sum of $242.86 to Marwell Hawkins of Lansingburgh.17

In the 1790 New York State Census, Manor of Rensselaerwyck, page 37. the family of
Hugh McMonus is enumerated as follows:

        2 males under age 16
        2 males over age 16
        4 females

In 1800 Census for the Town of Troy,- Hugh MCMANNERS. page 84, is enumerated as

        1 male under age 16
        1 male of 26 and under 45
        1 male age 45 & above
        2 females under age 10
        1 female of age 10 & under age 16
        1 female age 45 & above
        3 Slaves

  Children: 2 
      10*Mary McManus             b.c       1776
      11*William McManus          b. 28 Nov 1780      
      12*John McManus             b.c       1782 
      13*Jane McManus             b. 26 Mar 1783  
      14*Anna McManus             b.  7 Jun 1785  
      15*Robert Patged McManus b. 24 Feb 1788
      16*Barbara McManus          b. 30 Jan 1792 
      17*Brittania McManus        b.  6 Mar 1795  

(7) Jemima McManus (Cornelius), daughter of Cornelius and Rebecca (Norton)
McManus, was bapt. 22 Aug. 1756 in St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Albany, Albany Co.,
NY, Sureties: John & Dorathy Carlinton & Mary Frazier.18 She married (18) Cornelius
Brower/Brouwer. They had a daughter Maria baptized in the Albany Dutch Ref Church
18 June 1787, born 16 May.19  

(8) William McManus (Cornelius), son of Cornelius and Rebecca (Norton) McManus,
was baptized 3 Dec. 1758 in Albany, Albany Co., NY.20 He married (19) Mary Veher
(Fare) 18 Jan. 1784.21
(10) Mary McManus,(Hugh; Cornelius), daughter of Hugh and Mary () McManus was
born c1776. She married (20) Philip A. Coonradt who was born 7 Nov 1772 (calculated
gs).  Mary died 6 Nov.1797, age 21 and was originally buried in the Third St. Cemetery in
Troy but was later removed to Oakwood Cemetery.22  Philip died 26 Feb 1842, age
69-3-19 in Brunswick, Rensselaer Co., NY and was buried in White Church Burying
Ground, Brunswick, Rensselaer Co., NY.23  His second wife Susannah d. 26 Mar. 1858
& is also buried in the White Church Cemetery .24

Philip A. Coonradt wrote  his will 9 Dec. 1840.  The document was proved 12 May 1842. 
He mentions infant son Elijah & infant dau. Rachel; wife Susannah,- daughters
Catherine, wife of William Watts; Anna, wife of Ambrose Goewey & children of
daughter Lydia. The executors were friends John File & Martin Springer and the
witnesses were: A.G. Deavitt & Philip Martin Springer.25 

Catherine Watts named in Philip Coonradt’s will. was his daughter by his first wife Mary
(McManus) Coonradt. 

     21* Catharina Coonradt               b. 26 Sept. 1795

(11) William McManus (Hugh;Cornelius). son of Hugh and Mary () McManus, was
born 28 Nov 1780 in Brunswick, Rensselaer Co., NY,  and was baptized 8 July 1785.26 
William died 18 Jan 1835 in Troy, Rensselaer Co., New York and was buried 20 Jan 1835
in a cemetery on the McManus farm.  This cemetery was later excavated and all the bodies
were removed to a plot in the Oakwood Cemetery in Troy, Rensselaer Co., NY.27 His
funeral was conducted by Rev. H.B. Judah of St John's Episcopal Church in South Troy,

William  married 24 Feb. 1805 in Greenbush, Rensselaer Co., New York, (22) Catherine
Coons.29 She was the  daughter of Philip and Elizabeth (Wheeler) Coons, who was
born 25 Sept. 1784 and bapt. 31 Oct. 30  Catherine died 27 Nov 1839 in Galveston,
Texas. 31 

William McManus was a prominent lawyer in the Town of Brunswick & City of Troy,
New York for many years.  He served as justice of the peace, surrogate judge, district
attorney and as a member of the House of Representatives in the Congress of the
U.S. 1825 to 1827. In addition to his political activities William ran a brick yard, worked
as a surveyor and farmed the "drowned lands"(wet lands) between the Villages of Eagle
Mills & Clum's Corners in the Town of Brunswick.32 

William was educated at Lansingburgh Academy and started his legal career in the office
of John Bird of Troy, N,Y.33 

As a representative to Congress, William McManus put forth a preamble and resolution
proposing to amend the United States Constitution by providing on a certain day, the
people of the U.S. shall vote directly for president and vice president and that a plurality of
votes should constitute a choice.34 

William had visited Texas traveling with his daughter Jane & son Robert O. in the years
1833-35. With other partners, they had invested money in land to be used for German
colonization. This unfortunate investment was probably a financial disaster for William
McManus. Robert O. McManus remained in Texas but William returned to his home in
Rensselaer County where he died not long after. 35

On 16 Jan 1820 Mary McManus, wife of Hugh McManus of Brunswick sold her equal
half share of their land in Brunswick to William McManus.  The land was originally leased
from the Patroon Stephen Van Rensselaer on 24 June 1796,  This deed also included
Mary's land in the City of  Troy, Lot 228.  William was to pay the yearly rent & pay all
taxes on this property.36 
On 24 Nov. 1834 Jane E. McManus & Robert O. McManus all of Brunswick, children
of William McManus of Brunswick, for the sum of $1.00 sold & quit claimed their rights
in 272 acres of land in Brunswick to Philip C. McManus son of William McManus of
Brunswick, recorded same day. 37

On 14 May 1814 William McManus was subpoenaed to appear before the Supreme Court
on the first Tuesday in July at a circuit court to be held in Troy.  William was to testify as
to what he knew about a 'cause undetermined' between plaintiff James Jackson &
defendant William Swartwout. McManus, on 12 July 1814, received of John Dickinson
$3.75 for attending three days as a surveying witness under this subpoena.38

William McManus  was a surveyor for the City of Troy during the years 1816- 1819 39
His account book reflects many of his surveying activities in the early 1800s. 

 There were no slaves enumerated in the 1810 Census for William's household40but there
are several mentions of an Elijah in William's account book i.e. purchasing pantaloons,
trimmings etc.  It is very possible that Elijah was a slave. William's daughter Jane was an
advocate of slavery in her early years but became anti-slavery later on in her life according
to her obit in the New York Tribune (reprinted Troy Times).
William McManus died intestate. Estate papers for William  at Rensselaer County
Surrogate Court  consist of documents referring to the dower of his wife Catherine. 
These papers mention that William & Catherine were married in the winter of 1805.
Catherine petitioned for her dower rights on 24 Apr 1839. William had died in 1835 and
several witnesses swore to the fact that William had lived with Catherine as his wife for 20
or 30 years. One of the witnesses was their son Philip McManus who was age 30 in May

 On 10 Sept 1855 Philip McManus of Brunswick petitioned the court for administration
of the estate of Catherine McManus who had died about 1 Nov. 1839. Her survivors
were the petitioner her eldest son. and two other children not named.  This file contains a
document signed by Solomon Taylor in which he swore that on 24 Feb. 1805 William
McManus esq. of Troy and Miss Catherine Coons of Greenbush in the County of
Rensselaer who having agreed on being married, at their request, he had performed the
nuptial ceremony.42

Catherine Coons is mentioned as Catherine, wife of William McManus  in the will of
her father Philip Coons which was dated 11 Aug. 1832 and probated 20 Feb. 1843  The
petition for administration of Philip's estate dated 4 Jan. 1843 names, among others, the
children of Catherine, deceased daughter, namely Philip McManus of Brunswick,
Renss Co. N,Y, Jane Maria McManus of New York City & Robert O. McManus of
Texas 43

Catherine died in Galveston, Texas of yellow fever while visiting her son Robert O.W.
McManus on 27 Nov. 1839 as widow of William McManus, late of this city.44

     23*William Coons Telemachus   b. 30 May 1805  
     24*Jane Maria Elizabeth       b.  6 Apr 1807             
     25*Nicholas Wheeler Hugh      b. 30 Sep 1808  
     26*Robert O.W.                b. 12 Sep 1812     

(12) John McManus,(Hugh;Cornelius) son of  Hugh and Mary () McManus, was born
about 1782 and married (27) SUSANNAH WILLIAMS b. c1782, dau of John & Mary
(Love) Williams John died 5 Apr 1850 in Troy ,NY and is buried in Oakwood Cem.45 
Susannah died 9 May 1860, age 78 Oakwood Cemetery record  or age  81, burial permit.
In the Year 1808 John McManus lived in District 14 of the Town of Brunswick.  He was
the presiding justice for the first town meeting held in the town on the first Tuesday of
April 1807.47

1850 NY cn Rensselaer Co. Troy, 4th Ward, 174 McMANUS: Susannah, ae 68 b NY,
Maria ae 28, b NY

1855 NY cn Rensselaer Co. 4th Ward McMANUS: Susannah, ae 65 widow, 20 years in
town, born Montgomery Co. Maria, ae 34 b Montgomery Co. resided Troy 20 yrs
     28 Hannah Maria McManus    b. c1818 - 1821
     29 John McManus Jr.        b. c1822   died young               
(13) Jane McManus(Hugh; Cornelius), daughter of Hugh and Mary () McManus, was
born 26 Mar 1783 in Brunswick, Rensselaer Co., NY. She married (30) Hiram Clowes. 
Jane died 9 Apr 1815 in Troy, Rensselaer Co., NY.48  Hiram died 12 Sept. 1813 in
Chestnut Hills, near Philadelphia, PA.49  Jane & Hiram had no children.

Jane Clowes is often mentioned in the William McManus account book.  She borrowed
and repaid money several times from her brother and he from her.  William paid a black
woman $1.50 to work at her funeral on 12 Apr 1815.  He paid his mother Mary McManus
$2.00 for Jane's funeral expenses on 17 Apr 1815.

Jane McManus Clowes died intestate.  On 15 Jan. 1816 Robert P. McManus petitioned
the court for administration of her estate. This petition states Jane died without issue on 9
Apr. 1815.  The document lists her surviving kin as- Hugh McManus, her father & his
wife Mary; John McManus; William McManus; Robert P.McManus, the petitioner,
her brothers; Anne Coonradt, wife of Adam H. Coonradt & Brittania, wife of Lemuel
H. Sherman, her sisters; Catherine, wife of William Watts, daughter of her sister Mary
Coonradt deceased; and Maria Tomlinson, daughter of her sister Barbara Tomlinson,
(14) Anna MCMANUS (Hugh;Cornelius) daughter of Hugh and Mary () McManus,
was born 7 Jun 1785 in Brunswick, Rensselaer Co., NY, and married (31) Adam H.
Coonradt on 7 June 1803 in the First Presbyterian Church of Troy, NY.51  Anna died
before 1834 as she is not mentioned in the estate papers of her mother as are her children
William & Mary Ann Coonradt.  Adam H. Coonradt was born 13 Aug. 1783 and bapt. 14
Sept., son of HENRY & LEA COONRADT.52 
  children:  (COONRADT)
      32 William   living Palermo, Oswego Co. NY 1836
      33 Mary Ann  m. John Glover; living in CT. 1836

          3                    2         1             2
(15) Robert Patged McManus,(Hugh;Cornelius) son of Hugh and Mary () McManus, was
born 24 Feb 1788 in Brunswick, Rensselaer Co., NY.  Robert Patged died 2 Apr. 1840,
aged 49 years 2 months in Brookfield, CT. Robert's age at death does not agree with
church record of birth.53                                 
Robert P. McManus sold land on 22 Sept. 1830  to Philip  McManus. The land was
located in Troy on Hill Street and was sold for $500.54  He apparently removed to Brook-
field soon after. There is no probate record for him at Fairfield County Probate Court.
(16) Barbara McManus,(Hugh;Cornelius), daughter of Hugh and Mary () McManus
was born 30 Jan 1791/2 in Brunswick, Rensselaer Co., NY, and died before 1816 as she
was called deceased in the probate record of her sister Jane Clowes. She married 1 Nov
1806 in Lansingburgh Rensselaer Co., NY, (34) Gideon Tomlinson .55 Gideon, son of
Beach & Charity (Shelton) Tomlinson was born 19 July 1774 56 and died after 12 Mar
1816, when according to the William McManus account book, he paid Catherine
McManus $10.00 for board.

     35*Maria Morris Tomlinson               b. 20 April 1808

(17) Brittania McManus,(Hugh; Cornelius). daughter of Hugh and Mary () McManus,
was born 6 Mar 1795 in Troy, Rensselaer Co., NY, and married 16 Apr 1813 in Troy,
Rensselaer Co., NY,57(36) LEMUEL H. SHERMAN who was born 13 Sept, 1788 in
Brookfield, CT,  son of SAMUEL SHERMAN & BETTY HAWLEY.58

Brittania died 19 Sep 1883 in Brookfield, Fairfield Co., CT. Her official death certificate
filed at the Town Clerk's Office in Brookfield states that she was the daughter of Hugh &
Mary McManus.  It does not give Mary McManus' maiden name.  Lemuel H. died 7 Feb.
1869, age 80. 59  

1850 CT cn Fairfield Co. Brookfield, 158 SHERMAN: Lemuel ae 60, farmer, $10,000 b
CT, Britannia, ae 55 b NY, BLAKEMAN, Jacob, ae 30 laborer, b CT, JUDSON, Daniel,
ae 14 CT

1860 CT cn Fairfield Co. Brookfield, SHERMAN: Lemuel ae 71 farmer,
$10,000/$1,000, b. CT, Britannia, ae 65 b NY, THOMAS, Mary ae 17 b Eng,
STERLING, Percy, ae 10 CT. CRESEY,Eliza ae 17 b NY

1870 CT cn Fairfield Co. Brookfield, 11 SHERMAN: Britannia, ae 75 housekeeping,
$35,000/$14.,000, b NY, McMANUS Maria, ae 45 b NY COGGSWELL George, ae 12

1880 CT cn Fairfield Co., Brookfield, ED110:14 SHERMAN: Britannia, ae 85, keeps
house,  b NY, parents b England, McMANUS: Maria  ae 62, niece, housekeeping, b NY,
parents b NY

     The following are abstracts of the last wills & testaments of Brittania & Lemuel H .

      The Last Will & Testament of Brittania Sherman Book 2:452-58 - Fairfield, Conn.
Probate Court Brookfield District.

     Date written:  20 Sept. 1882

Legatees:  The Domestic & Foreign Missionary Society of Prot. Episcopal Church in the
United States of America for Domestic Missions $200; Domestic & Foreign Missionary
Soc. of the Prot. Epis. Ch in United States of America for Foreign Missions $200 & fund
for aged & infirm clergy and widows and orphans of clergyman of the diocese of Conn.
$1000 & St. Paul's Ch. Brookfield, Conn. $200

Robert O. W. McManus of Texas $200.00
Five unnamed children of- Robert O.W. McManus  $500

Walter S. Coonradt son of Henry L. Coonrad 600

Philip Coon W.T. McManus $400

Vesta Jones McManus $100.00

William Mount Storm $300 to be held in trust by a trustee appointed by Judge of
Probate for William's support $300,  This sum was assigned to Eddy T. Thomas by
William Mount Storm of New York City on 27 Nov. 1885 (Vol. 5:161-2 & Vol. 5:168).

Cora C. Hutchins bed & bedding

Candance V.B. Boorman $400, a tea set, largest gilt mirror hanging in north parlor & a
five piece ?

Abel L. Hawley rec'd a large upholstered chair belonging to  Brittania's deceased husband  

Mirinda Hawley widow of George $200 & a dressing table. 

Lemuel P. & Daniel Barnes children of Margaret Barnes deceased and to the son of
Theodore Barnes deceased $200 each.

Margaret Barnes dau. of  Daniel H.Barnes - a table

Eli Baldwin son of- Lucy Baldwin deceased $300 & a sofa & -Elijah son of Eli
Baldwin& Isaac R. Baldwin of Virginia, $300 each provided they pay their notes owed
to Brittania.

Cyrenes S. Peck $50 & a Buffalo robe

Eliza B. Sherman, Susan Banks and Caroline Sherman children of Abel & Sarah
Sherman  $100 ea.

Samuel Sherman son of Abel & Sarah Sherman an old fashioned inlaid side board

Ellen Porter dau of Mary Porter  $100

Eliza Lester widow of Edward Felix Lester the sum of $50.00

Mark William Lester son of Edward Felix Lester   $100

Catherine Jones of Fairhaven   $50.00

Executors: Cyrenus H.Peck & Horace Beers both of Brookfield, 
Witnesses: Joseph Wilson,& Herbert E. Landow, both of Brookfield, Conn. & William W.
Foote  Charlestown, West VA 

      On 1 Oct 1886 the executors of the estate of Brittania Sherman directed that the court
appropriate the sum of $75.00 for the care and protection of the burial lot in which
Brittania & her husband were buried and to pay this sum to the Warden's of St. Paul's
Episcopal Church in Brookfield for them to place in trust for the maintenance of said
burial lot. Following this information about the care of the burial lot is a list of names of
Brittania's survivors.  I have placed in parenthesis the relationship of these people to
Palmer Baldwin, Elijah S. Baldwin, Eli Baldwin, Mary Porter Cotton?, Eliza Lester,
George E. Porter; Ellen Porter, Jennie Wilmont, E.F,. Lester, Mark Lester, Eli Baldwin,
Attorney & General Guardian to Lester children, Samuel Baldwin, Elizabeth E. Baldwin,
Anna M. Baldwin ? M. Baldwin, Harriet  Baldwin Abigail Baldwin Jennie Tainter, Lucy
Hasbrouck, B. Eliza Sherman, Caroline Banks, Caroline Sherman, (relatives of Brittania's
deceased husband Lemuel H. Sherman).

Walter Coonrad, son of Henry (probably grandson of Anna McManus Coonradt)

Iona V. Marvin (dau of Philip Coons McManus)

Wm. Coons P.F.. McManus  - V.R. McManus

Jane M. Cazneau  (daughter of Brittania's brother William McManus both deceased
by 1886)

William Mount Storm (son of Jane McManus Storm Cazneau)

Estate of Robert O.W. McManus (nephew of Brittania, son of her brother William

     The next three persons are children of above Robert O.W. McManus:  C.B. McManus
R.C. McManus, S.J. Coxe

Catherine Jones; L.H. Baldwin, attorney for the above H. Barnes, George L.P. Barnes;
Abel S. Hawley; Theodore A. Barnes, Abel S. Hawley, administrator of the estate of
Miranda Hawley; C.V.B. Boorman;, Samuel Sherman, administrator on the estate of Abel
Sherman - accepted and recorded by order of the Court.(most or all of these persons
appear to be relatives of Lemuel Sherman husband of Brittania).

The Last Will & Testament of Lemuel H. Sherman, Fairfield County Conn. Probate Court,
District of Brookfield, Vol. 2:452/58

Date of Will:  18 July 1865

Legatees  wife- Brittania Sherman - received the use of all property, both real & personal
during the course of her natural life
Lemuel Hawley Baldwin - nephew & godson - a note of hand drawn by him in Lemuel's
favor to be canceled

Sister Lucy Baldwin's children: Philo Baldwin, Speros Baldwin,, Isaac Palmer Baldwin, Eli
Baldwin, Elijah S. Baldwin & Betty Mary Porter all received $300 each after Brittania's

Sister Sally N. Benham rec'd $1000

Niece Candance V.B. Boorham $100.00
Brother Abel Sherman in trust for his 3 daughters or those surviving at the decease of
Lemuel & his wife,  the property known as Babbitt's Bridge situated on the Housatonic
River and more recently called Sherman's Bridge.
Abel S. Hawley, nephew $300

Frederick, Daniel, Lemuel P. and Theodore Barnes, children of niece Margaret Barnes
deceased $100 each

Hannah Maria McManus, niece of wife Brittania $100 

Eliza Crevey $300 (in appreciation for the time she lived with Lemuel's family) 

Cyrenes H Peck  $100

Jane M. Cazneau $100

    "Having in course of my life in various ways gifted and advanced the interest of my
relations and friends not named in this testament & consider that according to my means
and their circumstances I have testified both in life and death my appreciation of those
endeared to me by the ties of nature, of friendship and of reciprocal obligation and if in
any wise I have failed, I hope to be forgiven for my shortcomings even as I forgive all
those who have failed me in any duty of Christian good will towards me." Last token of
regard to Birdsey C. Lake of New Haven and Jane Sherman his wife, I further request my
executors to deliver to them for the benefit of the said Jane Sherman Lake note of hand
drawn by the said Birdsey C. Lake in my favor for the sum of one hundred dollars.

Executors:  Abel S. Hawley of Danbury & Cyrenus H. Peck
Witnesses: H.D. Noble, D.W. Noble, J.E.Goodhue

Codicil dated 5 Jan. 1869: In his will Lemuel had left the homestead to the lifetime use of
his wife Brittania.  The codicil leaves her the homestead outright.  He leaves his sister
Sally Benham an additional $1000.00. His beloved brother Abel Sherman receives
$300.00; nephew Samuel Hawley Baldwin $1000; the family Bible & three tablespoons
marked L.H.S.; Philo Baldwin an additional $500; Betsey Mary Hawley $500; Harriet
Baldwin, daughter of Matthew Baldwin deceased, $200; Jennie & Abigail, daughters of
Matthew Baldwin  by his first wife, $50 each;- Esther A. Goodhue, grand-daughter of
cousin Sherman Hawley $100; Trustees of the Aged & Infirm Clergy and Widow's Fund
of the Prot. Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Conn. $1000 to be held in trust by them
and their successors in office and the interest to be used annually for the benefit of the said
fund; residue of estate to wife Brittania.  The executors were:- Lemuel Hawley Baldwin,
Abel S. Hawley & Cyrenus H. Peck; witnessed by Bryant Smith, Philo C. Merwin,
Caroline Smith

Brittania is probably the Britt that William McManus paid  $.25 cents to, to visit her
mother on 14 Nov. 1812 .60

Brittania had no children but adopted two daughters Jane and Jeanette. Jane married 1n
1844 Birdsey Curtis Lake of New Haven CT.  The Lakes are mentioned in the will of
Lemuel H. Sherman.  Brittania & her husband also reared Thomas Sherman  b. Troy, NY
c1826, son of a slave mother & unknown father, who died 10 Mar 1864 while a soldier in
the Civil War.61       

(21) Catherine Coonrad5 (MCMANUS:Mary;William;Hugh;,Cornelius) daughter of
Philip & Maria (McManus) Coonradt was born 26 Sept. 1795 and baptized 1 Nov. 62 
She married (37) William Watts.  Catherine died  8 Feb. 1871.63 William  born c1783
and died  31 July 1863, ae 7564 

1850 NY cn Onondaga Co. Clay, 296 WATTS: William, ae 61 Mason, $500 b NY,
Catherine, ae 56, b. NY, William Jr. ae 36, Henry ae 7, Sidney, ae 26 b NY, Alvira, ae 16,
b NY, Mary ae 14 b NY

1860 NY cn Onondaga Co. Clay,126  WATTS: William  ae 73, mason, $500b NY,
Catherine ae 69, b NY

1870 NY cn Onondaga Co. Clay, 74 ENO, Myron ae 38 farmer $4400/$1200 b NY, Mary
ae 32, keeps house, b NY, Frank ae 09 at home, b NY, John ae 6, at home b NY,
WATTS Catherine ae 77 retired housekeeper, b. NY

(23) Philip Coons William Telemachus McManus,(William; Hugh: Cornelius (1), son of
William and Catherine (COONS) McManus, was born 30 May 1805 and was bapt. 21
July at Wynantskill Dutch Ref Church, Wynantskill, NY.65 He married (38) Elizabeth
McKERAN who was born about 1812. 66 Philip McManus died 12 Sep 1883 in Troy,
Rensselaer Co., NY and is buried in Oakwood Cem., Troy, Rensselaer Co., NY. 67
Elizabeth died 14 May 1842, in the 32d year of her age in Brunswick, NY and is buried in
Oakwood Cem., Troy, Rensselaer Co., NY.68

       He also married (39) Sarah who was born 1829 in Canada.  She died 23 May 1896,
age 78 in Troy, Rensselaer Co., NY and was buried in Oakwood Cem., Troy, Rensselaer
Co., NY.69

1850 NY cn Rensselaer Co. Brunswick Fam. #335/386 McManus Philip ae 45 farmer b
NY  STORM: William M. ae 24  surveyor b NY, Cora ae 16 NY

1855 State Census Brunswick, Renss Co. NY, 2d Election Dist., Family #140, not paged)
McMANUS: Philip, ae 50  farmer  resided in Brunswick, 34 years,Sarah wife, ae 27,
resident of the town 2 years, born Ireland (Cemetery records say b.Canada) & Iona V.,
child, age 2/12, b. Rensselaer Co. 

1860 NY cn Rensselaer Co. Brunswick, 1017 McMANUS Philip ae 55 $18,000/$750 NY,
farmer, Sarah ae 34 b Ireland, Ione V. ae 05 b NY

1880 NY cn Rensselaer Co. Troy, 10th Ward  McMANUS Philip C. ae 75 At Home, b
NY, parents born NY, Sarah, wife ae 59  keeps house, born  Ireland, parents b.Scotland, 
MARVIN, Iona V. dau. ae  24 b NY,  father b NY, mother b IRE, Edward  son (in-law),
ae 26, collar shop, b NY, 

Philip  McManus  graduated in 1826 in the first class of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in
Troy, NY. His degree was an A.B.,Agriculturist and his residence was Brunswick, N.Y. 70
Philip traveled widely and was an inventor.  He received a patent on 7 Dec. 1869 for his
invention of a potato digger.71

Obituary Troy Times 13 Sept. 1883 - Philip C.W. T. McManus died at his residence on
North Second St. yesterday, aged eighty years.  Mr. McManus was a graduate of the
Rensselaer  polytechnic institute, class 1826, the first class graduated from that famous
institution. The class numbered ten, and Mr. McManus was supposed to be the oldest
living graduate, although Dr. Bennet F. Root of Manchester, Mich. is not yet reported on
the register of the institute as dead.  It is supposed however, that he is not alive, as nothing
has been heard of him for a number of  years. Addison Hulburt, another member of the
class of 1926, is not yet reported as dead but his place of residence has been unknown for
many years and it is supposed that he too, has long since died. Mr. McManus formerly
resided in Brunswick on the farm now owned by the Hon. Moses Warren. He was a son
of Judge William McManus, who for many years, was a surveyor in the upper portion of
the city.  Mr. McManus had traveled extensively in this country and Europe, and devoted
considerable time to inventions. He leaves a widow and one daughter Mrs. Edwin W.
Marvin.  He sometime ago offered to bequeath to the young men’s association his
scientific works  and models, if the association would open its doors Sunday. Otherwise
he said he would leave them to the institute.

  Children:  5
     40*Iona McManus             b.   Apr.1855

  (24) Jane Maria Elizabeth McManus, daughter of William and Catherine (Coons)
McManus, was born 6 Apr 1807 in Brunswick, Rensselaer Co., NY.72 She died 10 Dec.
1878 at sea.73 She married (1) 22 Aug 1825 in Troy, Rensselaer Co., NY, (41) Allen B.
Storm who was born about 1802.74   Allen B. Storm died 27 Nov 1838 in the 36th year
of his age, in New York City.75  William McManus & Allen B. Storm, attorneys at law
were listed in the 1829-1832 Troy City Directories as lawyers, office located 49 Congress
St.  Storm was not listed in the 1833 City Directory but William McManus was still at 49
Congress St. Jane had divorced Storm about 1831 according to various unproved sources.
The Chancery & Circuit Court records index 1800-1850 was searched for this divorce at
the N.Y. State Archives but it was not found

     In 1825 Jane McManus was a pupil at the Troy Female Seminary along with her cousin
Maria Tomlinson.  This school eventually became Emma Willard which is in existence
today 76

     She also married (2) (42) William Leslie Cazneau c1848-1850. He was born in
Boston, MA 5 Oct. 1807 and  died on the Island of Jamaica 7 Jan. 1876 77

     Her father's account book gives several references to Jane during the years 1812- 1816
when she was  age 3 to 9.  These references read:  

     13 Sept. 1813 - Cash pd for postage & Jane's books $.12.5
     11 May 1812   - Cash pd Preceptor for Jane  - $.37.5
     9 Oct. 1814   - Cash pd for trimmings for Jane's great coat.- $1.25
     25 July 1815  - cash pd for books for Jane Maria -   $.87.5
     9 Sept. 1815  - cash gave daughter Jane  -  $.12.5
     20 Dec. 1815  - cash pd Jane to buy silk  -  $.12.5
     25 Mar. 1816  - cash pd Sarah STARR for tuition  of Jane  -  $13.00
     8 May 1816    - cash pd for Jane Maria - a frock & thread   - $1.44

     Most of the following information was abstracted from -Destiny & Glory by Edward S.
Wallace, {Coward-McCann Inc., New York, 1957}, Chapter XII entitled The Female of
the Species, Page 244-275) and Jane's obituary (Troy Daily Times 2 Jan. 1879, Page 1:4
&  3:3).

     In 1833, along with the infamous Aaron Burr, his wife Madame Eliza Jumel, Jane's
father William & brother Robert O. as her partners. she invested money in a scheme to
settle German colonists in Texas. There is a historical marker at Matagorda, Texas at the
Site of Dream Colony, City Park, commemorating this German Colony.78 At this time
Jane met William Leslie Cazneau from Boston. whom she married c1848-1850, and
supposedly converted to Catholicism.  The colonization venture failed and Jane & her
father returned east but Robert O. McManus remained in Texas where he married and
raised a family. .

      Jane Storm worked as a newspaper reporter on the New York Sun. She carried on a
strong campaign on behalf of the annexation of Texas which had won its independence
from Mexico in 1836. Jane authored several books under the pseudonym Cora
Montgomery. Jane was supposed to be very beautiful as well as multi-talented.  

     Jane Maria traveled to Mexico via Havana, probably as a secret agent in 1846/47 to
deliver a message to General Winifred Scott , concerning the preliminaries of what was
afterwards known as the Trist Treaty and to inform Gen. Scott of the position of the
negotiations. 79

      Jane had many letters published in the New York Sun 1846 - 1848 regarding the
Mexican War .80 

     William McManus and his family were close friends of William L. Marcy, Secretary of
War, during the Mexican Conflict.  The following is a letter written to Marcy by Jane and
his reply to her requesting the discharge of an enlisted man named Corker from the army. 

Mrs. J.M. Storms Letter dated  New York June 4, 1847 - File #344 National Archives,
Washington, DC

It is said here Gov. Marcy  that not only did  applicant __ never receive them from your
department but that even an answer is seldom vouchsafed  nevertheless I shall venture to
press one case in which I feel  a strong interest on your attention - __ __ however, on that
account than from its own right to a hearing William.  William Corker, an educated
effeminate young Englishman enlisted in Capt. Postley‘s Company, 10th Regiment of
infantry commissioned by the redoubtable Col. Temple - in a fit of near desperation. His
friends, when they heard of this impudent step, came forward to re-establish his position
but could not succeed in getting his discharge,  Two men were offered to supply his single
place, but Capt. Postley (having occasion probably for one man in his company who could
write English, refused them and promoted  Wm. Corker to the magnificent post of 2d

A formal petition for his discharge is somewhere about the War Department and I write to
interest you to glance at it, and if so much mercy is to be found at Washington, decide to
spare from the service  a useless man.  Corker is no more fit for military hardship than an
80 year old woman and will be on the sick list three fourths of the time he is in the service. 
He would probably have answered to carry epaulets for  he is brave? and intelligent but is
perfectly unfit for real soldier service. May I expect the favor of a reply? Very respectfully,

J.M. Storms New York City

Washington June 11, 1847 - Letter to Jane M. Storm from William L. Marcy-(Secretary of
War - Mexican War)  NY State Lib. Manuscript Section File #7543

     I have your letter of the 4th inst. the ? with which it commenced is a very great slander
on me.  I give a great many favors - all I presume that I ought to grant, and as to
answering letters, nobody answers half as many as I do. I really take credit to myself for
my punctuality in replying to all letters requiring it.  There are a class to which the
following response is all which can be said.  "Your letter for application is received and
will be duly answered". This is superfluous work -The mails are tolerably regular - The
presumption is, as a letter duly mailed, is received - and still stranger, at the presumption
that I duly consider -it.  As you are -an old friend and not unpardonably  disposed, and are
therefore willing to believe that I spend all my leisure time in answering letters that require
no other answer than the stereotyped answer before stated - I need scarcely tell you that if
the Secretary of War was to give his personal attention to each application made for
discharge in an Army of forty thousand men he would certainly do nothing else.  If the
petition you mention was addressed to me it was referred to the proper bureau and
doubtless received the proper action.  Arbritary discharges are never granted - Sufficient
reasons must be- shown -- alleging is not showing

     You arraign Capt. Postley most unreasonably.  If Corker was the only man in his
Company 'who could write English' I think he was justified to be tenacious of him.  You
admit he is fit to carry epaulettes - would it not be right to retain him for that purpose. 
Still as your solicitude on the subject interests me, I will refer your letter to the Adjutant
General with a special request that it shall receive special attention.  Indeed it is to
be presumed the application had been well considered and duly replied to and those who
complain do so for want of knowledge.  The Adjutant General has given public notice that
in cases of applications for discharge of enlisted soldiers, if no letter in reply is received, it
is to be understood the application is not granted.  Silence in such a case, is a good - but
not perhaps a satisfactory reply.

                             Yours truly,
                             Wm. L. MARCY

Mrs. Jane M. STORMS

Letter to Jane M. Storms from War Department dated 14 June 1847. - National Archives
File #344


Your letter to the Sec. of War  of the 4th inst. applying for the discharge of Sergeant
William Corker of Company F,10th Infantry has referred to this office and in reply I have
respectfully to inform you, that after due consideration, it is regretted that due regard to
the public interest  and the economy of the service will not justify will not justify a
compliance with your wishes.

The very numerous applications for discharge upon grounds equally strong as the case
now presented compelled the Dept. long since to establish fixed rules touching the subject
which cannot be departed from without detriment to the Army especially  in the present
state of the service________I am Madam, respectfully, ROGER JONES

     There was a William Corker, Pvt. Old War IC=3:911 File #28432 NY 1848, Mexican
War Service and a Capt. Thomas Postley, Capt. widow Maria, Old War WC-360 file
#5096 NY Mex. War Service who received pensions as a result of their Mexican War
     Jane's second husband William Leslie Cazneau was appointed as Commissary General
of the Texas Army and served in the Mexican War with this rank.  Cazneau had moved to
Texas in the year 1830 establishing a general merchandising business.  He represented
Travis County in the 7th, 8h & 9th Congress in the Convention of 1845.82 In 1850 the
Jane & William became two of the first settlers of Eagle Pass, Texas located on the Rio
Grande River. In 1853 Cazneau was appointed as special agent of the United States to the
Dominican Republic .83

    The listing for Jane in the 1850 TX cn Eagle Pass at the Rio Grande, Bexar Texas, 289:

      Cazneau, William L. ae 37, merchant, $16,000, b. MA, Jane M. ae 37, $12,500,b NY
      VALDEZ, Favia, ae 30 cook b Mexico, Francisca, ae 30 cook b Mexico

     Jane wrote about her experiences on the frontier in a book entitled Eagle Pass or Life
on the Border originally printed  in the Fireside, a paper back series No. 18 dated 29 Sept.
1852 reprinted & edited with an introduction by Robert Crawford Cotner 1966 The
Pemberton Press, Austin, Texas.
     Jane Cazneau wrote her last Will & Testament in New York City on 27 Jan 1877
possibly while a guest at the Kensington  Hotel as the three witnesses to the document
were residents of  that hostelry.  She left all of her real and personal estate for the use of-
Mrs. Ann S. Stephens author, of New York City, who was a friend of Jane & her late
husband -General William Leslie Cazneau.  If Ann S. Stephens predeceased Jane, all
property was to go to Mrs. Stephens daughter Ann Sophia Stephens.  The will stipulates
that Ann Stephens was to see to the comfort and support of Jane's son William Mount
Storms during his lifetime and after his decease the proceeds of the estate were
bequeathed to Ann Stephens for her life time use.  After the elder Ann Stephens decease
everything was to go to her daughter Ann Sophia Stephens. If William Mount Storms
predeceased the elder Stephens, she received all of Jane's estate which would eventually
go to the younger Ann S. Stephens. The will contains a schedule of Jane's most valued
property namely:

(1) an estate known as Keith Hall in the Island of Jamaica, in the Parish of St. Catherine,
seven miles from Spanish Town containing about 800 acres of land, a large mansion, all
the furniture, livestock etc.  

(2) The Esmerelda, an estate near San Domingo City, in the Island of San Domingo
containing about 20 acres.

(3)  A wharf in the City of San Domingo and a square of land in said city containing four
dwelling houses.

(4)  Mining rights, land grants and contracts, in the name of Jane's late husband.

(5)  A $10,000 claim against the Spanish Government for the spoliation of the Esmerelda
Estate by the Spaniards while cccupying San Domingo.

(6)  A tract of more than 40 acres of land at Samana Bay.

(7)  Jane's interest in a land grant of 11 square leagues of land in Waco, Texas, on the
Brazos River of which Jane's brother -Robert O.W. McManus owns one-half. Jane had
agreed with her brother Robert to give him one-half of the interest on this property as
compensation for his services.

(8)  About 1000 acres of land at Eagle Pass, Texas, composing an estate called Eagle
Pass. -Robert O.W. McManus acted as Jane's agent in regard to the Texas lands and had
been paid for this service by transfer of land on Cane Island in the Brazons River.

(9)  A tract of land adjoining Eagle Pass, called the Revas Grant which had been
transferred to Gen. Cazneau in payment of a debt.

     Jane named as executors of her estate,- Edward H. Dickerson, Mrs. Ann S. Stephens
and Ann Sophia Stephens.  Witnesses to the document were:- S.Z.N. Stark, F.W. Stark, &
Gertrude F. Stark, all residents of the Kensington Hotel in New York City.84

     This will was replaced by another will dated 21 Nov. 1878 and  the probate process
began in New York City in Feb. of 1879. In this document Jane gives her land in Jamaica
for the benefit of the Cazneau garden school; her property in the Dominican Republic to
her son William Mount Storms & his wife Annie Hasbrouck Storm. Jane’s land in Texas  
was left to her granddaughter Cora Hutchins.  Any proceeds from a claim against the
Spanish was to go to William Mount Storm whom the will refers to as “peculiar mental
condition of my said son having obliged me to make these special  and independent
arrangements in his behalf” Lemuel  H. Baldwin of New York City was the executor of
the will.85

       Jane Cazneau died from drowning when the Steamer ship Emily B. Sounder, bound
for Jamaica, floundered and sunk on 10 Dec. 1878.  All the passengers and the crew, save
two, died in this disaster.  Jane's daughter-in-law A.M. Storm, of the South died with her

       Children: by 1st marriage
     43*William M. Storm b. 2 Aug. 1826  

NOTE:    See Linda S. Hudson, Mistress of Manifest Destiny {Austin TX, Texss 
State Historical Society,2001} for much information about Jane McManus Storm
Cazneau. Also see  thesis of Patricia Crandall of Watertown, NY located at New York
State Library and Rensselaer County Historical Society. Mrs. Crandall received her
Masters for this work on Jane.                
(25) Nicholas Wheeler Hugh MCMANUS (William;Hugh;Cornelius), son of William and
Catherine (COONS) MCMANUS, was born 30 Sep 1808 in Brunswick, Rensselaer
Co., NY.  Nicholas Wheeler Hugh died 12 Feb 1813 and was buried in the McManus
Family Cemetery on the farm in Brunswick .87  

(26) Robert O.W. MCMANUS (William;Hugh;Cornelius), son of William & Catherine
(COONS) MCMANUS was born 12 Dec. 1812 at Troy, NY, and died 11 Dec. 1885 and
is buried at the State Cemetery, Austin Texas.88 

     Robert O.W. McManus married (1) 18 July 1838 in Liberty County Texas (44) 
born 24 June 1822 in Louisiana according to various census and died 1879.89 Robert
married (2)   3 May 1880 (45) MARY E. TURNER who was living  in 1880.90

Robert is mentioned once in his father's account book - on 14 Oct. 1814 Dr. Allen was
paid $2.00 for "enockelating Robert" 91

 Robert was in the Class of 1828 listed  as lawyer of Brunswick at the Rensselaer Institute
(founded by Amos Eaton, now Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute).92 In the Amos Eaton
Account Book recently transcribed by compiler, there is a non-dated note reading
“McManus  Old Book, page 5  have his father’s note written by him  also his engagement
to pay his sister’s debt”. This probably refers to a note of William McManus for tuition
etc. of Robert O.W. McManus and the debt of Roberts sister Jane Storm for tuition of her
son William Mount Storm who attended the Institute  

Robert traveled to the State of Texas with his father & sister in 1833 and remained there
where he was a surveyor and land owner. 

On 6 March 1836 he volunteered under William M. Logan and fought at the Battle of San
Jacinto and then was transferred to a scouting force raised by Erastus Smith.93

 1850 TX cn, Liberty 339 McMANUS:  Robert W. ae  37 surveyor b $25,000 b.NY
Sarah ae 27 b. Louisiana,  Catherine ae 10 b TX, William ae 07 TX  Volney ae 05 TX, 
Sarah J. ae 02 TX, Robert C. ae 6/12 TX  GREGORY  Charles ae 45 carpenter b NY    

1860 TX cn Liberty, 30/31 McMANUS  R.O. W. ae 47 farmer  30,000/10,000  b NY,
Sarah ae 38 b Louisiana, C.B. ae 20 TX, William P.F. ae 18 TX, Volney R. ae 15.  Sarah
J. ae 12 TX, Robert C. ae 10 TX, ALBRIGHT: John  ae 42 TN

1870 TX precinct 1 & 5 Liberty, 115 McMANUS: Robert, ae 57 farmer, $26,000/$1,000
b NY, Sarah ae 44 keeping house, Volney ae 22 farming TX, Cazneau ae 17 farming TX,
Sarah J. ae 20 At Home TX

1880 TX, Liberty, 232C McMANUS: R.O. W. ae 68 b NY farmer, parents b NY,  
Mary E.  wife, ae 24 b TX father b LA, mother b Ohio, TURNER: J.E.. MotherL ae 66 b
Ohio, father b VA, mother b Ohio, W.A, ae 25, BroL b TX works on farm b TX, father b.
LA, mother b. Ohio

   Children by 1st  marriage:94
    46.  Catherine         b. 3 Dec. 1839 mar Alexander McCormick
    47.  William P.F      b.c..1842/3     mar. Sarah Anderson
    48.   Volney R.        b.c. 1845      mar. Sarah Worthy
    49.   Sarah Jane       b.c. 1848      mar.  C.C. Coxe.            
    50    Robert 
            Cazneau.          b.c. 1850   mar. Martha Worthy                                        	

(28) Maria Hannah McManus  born c1818 - 1821 was probably the daughter of JOHN
McMANUS & SUSANNAH WILLIAMS   even though her place and date of birth
conflict in various records.  She died single 1 Feb. 1881, age 68 and is buried in the Laurel
Cemetery, Brookfield, CT.95  Her official death certificate in Brookfield, CT does not
name her parents.

          On 17 Feb 1881 Samuel Sherman of Brookfield, CT was appointed administrator of
Maria’s estate  On 28 Oct. 1882 Maria’s personal estate worth $1925.84 was distributed
to her only heir her Aunt Britannia Sherman of Brookfield, CT. Maria was called H.
Maria McManus. 96 On 28 Mar. 1881 Samuel Sherman filed for letters of  administration
in Rensselaer County NY  on the estate of Maria McManus , late of Brookfield, CT as
Maria had an interest in some property in Rensselaer Co.97

(35) Maria Morris TOMLINSON,(MCMANUS: Barbara;Hugh;Cornelius), dau. of
Gideon & Barbara (MCMANUS) TOMLINSON was born in Connecticut 20 Apr
1808 and died in Lahainaluna Maui, Hawaii on 20 Feb. 1837.98 

     Maria was a pupil at the Troy Female Seminary in 1825 99

     Her obituary reads:  "At Lahainaluna, Maui, Feb. 20, 1837 - Mrs. Maria M. Dibble,
wife of the Rev. Sheldon Dibble, missionary at that place, aged 28 years and 10 months. 
She was born in Connecticut and became a disciple of Christ when about 20 years of age
and entered with the church under Rev. Mr. Beaman of Troy, N.Y. She was married in the
fall of 1830, sailed from New Bedford, the following winter and arrived at the Sandwich
Islands the next June.  She spent the first part of her missionary life at Hilo, Hawaii and
the last two years at Lahainaluna.  She was the mother of three children, one of whom, a
daughter died before her.  The other two, a daughter and a son survive.
The Kingdom of Christ was engraved in her heart and she rejoiced in making any sacrifice
which might promote it.  She prayed much and was docile as a child resembling Mary at
the feet of her Lord hearing his words.  Her life was useful, her death triumph and her
memory blessed. - Ke Kumu Hawaii.

   Maria married (51) Rev. SHELDON DIBBLE in the fall of 1830.100 Rev. Sheldon
Dibble was born 23 Jan. 1809 in Skaneateles, NY.101 He died 22 Jan 1845 in Lahainaluna,
on the Island of Maui in Hawaii, about 37 years old.102

    Rev. Dibble was a missionary and spent many years in the Sandwich Islands (now
Hawaii) where he removed with his bride Maria Tomlinson soon after his marriage. 103 
Sheldon m2 (52)  ANTOINETTE TOMLINSON, daughter of ZACHARIAH &
HANNAH TOMLINSON. Antoinette was born about 1809 and died 10 July 1897 in
Washington, D.C.104

1850 NY cn, Oneida Co., Kirkland, 423 DIBBLE: Antoinette, ae 41 $1400, b NY, Maria
ae 18, born Sandwich Islands, Seymour ae 8 b Sandwich Islands, Clarissa ae 6 b Sandwich

1860 NY cn, Oneida Co. Kirkland, 62 DIBBLE: Antoinette ae 51 Widow and Owner,
$1500/$2900 b NY, Seymour H. ae 18, college student b. Sandwich Islands, Clara H, ae
16, pupil, b. Sandwich Islands, THOMLINSON: Hannah ae 72, mother /$1000 b. CT

1870 CT cn, Hartford Co., Hartford, Ward #4, 668 INCH: Philip ae 33 Navy b
Washington, Clara, ae 26 keeping house, born Honolulu, Agnes ae 4 b RI DIBBLE:
Antoinette ae 62 b NY

1880 DC, Washington 80a INCH: Philip ae 41 b DC Chief Engr. US Navy parents b.
England, Clara H. wife, ae 36 b. Sandwich Islands, keeping house, parents b NY, Mary  A
dau. ae 14 b RI At School father b DC, mother b S.I., Robert A. son, ae 07 b RI, father b
DC, mother b S.I. DIBBLE: Antoinette MotherL, ae 70 b NY, At Home, parents b NY,
LENON: Emma, ae 22 b MD, servant, parents b. MD


       53 * Maria Cushman Dibble    born 18 June 1832 in the Sandwich Islands. 106 Maria
C. died   18 Jan. 1862. 107 Maria married Rev. JAMES PIERREPONT  5 Oct. 1852.108
James was son of HEZEKIAH PIERREPONT & MARY MALLORY  born in
Pittsford, NY 28 July 1819.109  He died 1885, ae 65 in San Francisco, CA.110
Children:111 i.  Maria Grace. born 27 Mary 1854, mar. Egbert D. Haven 1892112 ii. Mary
L. born 22 June 1856, mar. Rev. James L. Drum 1874.113iii. Clara S. born 13 May 1859

       54.   Daughter Dibble              died before 1837
       55.   Son Dibble


        56   Seymour H. Dibble          born c1843, died 29 June 1887 Washington, DC115.
Seymour H. married MARY JENKINS116
        57    Clara H. Dibble            born cDec. 1843 117, died  22 Dec. 1921118  She
married PHILIP INCH born c1839.119 Philip died 19 Oct. 1898.120

(40) Iona V. MCMANUS,(Philip;William;Hugh; Cornelius), daughter of Philip & Sarah
MCMANUS was born cJune 1856121 She died in Providence, Rhode Island, 13 April
1938.122  Iona married (45) Edwin W. Marvin 26 June 1880.123 Edwin was born cMay
1851.124   He d. 20 May 1914 in Saratoga Springs. NY125 

(42) William M. STORM (MCMANUS: Jane;William;Hugh;Cornelius) son of Allen B. &
Jane Maria (MCMANUS) STORM was born in Troy, NY 2 Aug. 1826 .126William died
about 1901.

          William M. married 1 (46) CORA HAYNER, daughter of HENRY HAYNER
of Brunswick, NY in 1850.127 Cora was born c1834 and died c1860.128

He married 2 (47) ANN ELIZABETH HASBROUCK, daughter of JOHN
HASBROUCK & PHEBE FIELD. She was born 22 June 1813 129 She died on the ship
Emily Sounder with her mother-in-law on 10 Dec. 1878.130

William M. Storm was a very unusual and apparently eccentric person as one can tell by
the two wills of his mother Jane previously mentioned.  The following newspaper
interview is a firsr person of his life - Troy Daily Press, Monday January 26, 1891

The ups and downs of an eccentric Trojan  Inventor - Born in Troy and educated in Spain 
- Roughing it in Texas- some of his curious inventions  Here and Elsewhere - Now living
life of a recluse in the heart  of the city - Notable career of his mother - 

In a little room on the top floor of  Kreiger’s Hotel, No. 180 Congress St. his only
companion a lonesome looking cat, lives one of the strangest  men Troy has ever
produced.  One might travel the world over and still not find another  with a history so
strange.  There is no carpet on the floor  of the little apartment he calls his home for the
time being, and the furniture consists of a single bed, A wooden wash stand, a table, three
hardwood chairs  and a small old fashion cylinder stove.  The stove pipe runs out through
one of the upper panes in the window sash and carries forth its load of smoke and heat
into the chill air without the aid of a chimney. Like its owner it is a very curious
independent sort  of an affair, and cares not a fig of what the great world may think of it. 
Here in this strange sort of a home lives this most peculiar man.  It is seldom that he goes
out to mingle with his fellow men, but once he was a great traveler.  He is his own cook
and chambermaid  and the foot of either woman or man, seldom crosses his threshold .
When he looks out of his window he sees only the red tin roof an adjoining building or the
blue skies.

Tall, sinewy, with face and hands bronzed from exposure to the suns of  other climes, his
short hair well sprinkled with silver and a stubby gray mustache covering his firm straight
upper lip, in solitude and happy in his quietness and his cat lives , lives William Mt. Storm,
the father of 300 inventions.

He was born on Second Street in this City, Aug. 2, 1836 (Note should be 1826).  He is the
son of Allen B. & Jane Storm.  His father was a New York City man and died when his
boy was only six years old. His mother was Jane McManus, a daughter of  William
McManus who was twice mayor of Troy (note this statement is untrue); served a term
in Congress from this district and at one time held the office of State Astromener. William
L. Marcy studied law in his office. The mother of William Mt. Storm was noted in literacy
circles in her time, and she too, had an eventful and romantic life.  After the death of her
husband she went to New York and was for a time engaged upon the various newspapers
of the day.  She was for a time on the Sun, with Moses Y. Beach and wrote articles on the
Mexican War for Horace Greeley, who was then on the New Yorker.  One of her exploits
was landing at Vera Cruz in a surf boat with a picked crew from an American man-of-war,
securing the information she wanted, and returning safely to the vessel.  Horace Greeley 
sent her to Africa to write stories of articles on that country.  These things were proudly
related by her son to a reporter from this paper last evening.  Mr. Storm also said that his
mother  entered the city of Mexico with Gen. Winfield Scott and helped prepare the treaty
with this country.  The rest of the strange story the recluse tells in this way:

 “I went with my mother to Africa.  I was very young at the time.  At Gibraltar we were
entertained by Counsel General Sprague.  On the way home again spent some time in
Gibraltar and Mrs. Sprague who was a famous Spanish beauty, treated us very kindly.  My 
mother was then thinking of sending me to Paris to be educated but Mrs. Sprague got her
to change her mind and send me instead to the college of St. Augustine in Cadiz, Spain. 
There at the age of 16 I was graduated at the head of my class, and the Board of Directors
voted me a premium extraordinary for proficiency in the Castilian language.  I then
returned to this country.  When I was 20 my mother married Gen. W.L. Cazneau
who was born in Boston.  He was afterward appointed minister plenipotentiary to San
Domingo.  Retiring  from office he bought a castle on the Island of Jamaica where he died
in the early part of 1879.  My mother came back to this country after his death for a visit
and in December of 1879 sailed for Jamaica to sell her property and come back to her
native country to end her days.  But the vessel went down in a storm on the voyage out
and only two men of all the crew and passengers were saved.  My life has been spent in
Texas and New York principally. My grandfather with President Austin of Texas once
owned ninety-nine square miles of fine land in that country.  While in Texas I passed much
of my time in surveying.  The United States government once sent me there to survey  and
make maps of the mouths of the rivers emptying into Galveston Bay.  These place were
full of stumps at that time, and they checked the full flow of the waters.  I used in this
work a clipper built after my own design in New York.   Of course I had many strange
experiences there but it would fill a paper to begin to tell them for I never knew when to
stop when I get started on that subject.  I also had a government contract in Texas to
carry the mail from Galveston to the head waters of the Trinity River.  Once I heard of a
number of old soldiers who wanted to locate bounty claims.  I fitted out an expedition of
sixteen men and went out at their head  to locate the claims.  We had a great experience
one way and another on that journey.  The red skins were pretty thick there  in those days,
and while we were not so much afraid of losing our lives, we had to keep our eyes open or
they would steal a blanket from under you while you slept.

When I was 24 years old I married Cora, the daughter of  Henry Hayner of Brunswick.
He then lived on a farm that had belonged to my people for generations.  Old Judge Wool,
who had an office on Congress St. in those days  came out to Brunswick at my request an
married us.  We remained here for a year and then went to New York, where I obtained a
place as examiner in the custom house.  Ten years later my wife died, leaving me with one
child, a daughter.

Oh yes, I have invented a great many different things -- 300 or more. Many of them I
cannot myself remember.  Of course many of them did not amount to a great deal, and
only few were ever  patented; still I have, at different times, taken out patents in the
United States, England, France and Belgium.  One of my best inventions was what I called
a cloud engine.  On the theory usually accepted by engineers, James Watts and Dr. Black
simultaneously discovered latent heat.  I delivered an address at the American Institute in
New York and published a pamphlet showing that there is no such thing as latent heat, but
what was so called was only combined electricity.  Thus I claimed that steam and air
formed a cloud which had  force to drive an engine. I patented this idea to prove my
theory correct .  This was in 1858 and the matter attracted attention all over the country 
at the time.  I also had an electric motor.  I can take from the sky, air and earth positive
and negative currents of electricity and drive an engine.  This, also, have I demonstrated,
but I never brought the facts before the public.

About 1850 Congress passed a bill offering $3500 in gold to anyone who would present
the best plan to convert the old Harper’s Ferry Rifles into breach loaders for rapid firing.  I 
went to work on the problem.  The test was made at West Point and I was successful.  I
went to Harper’s ferry afterward at the request of the secretary of war and showed the
master armorer how to make the special tools to do the work.  I then went to Washington
and got my reward.  I carried the $2500 in gold away in a valise and it was a pretty good
load to.  I got out a patent on breech loading rifles afterward.

I have also patented at different times in years back several revolvers.  The revolving
hammer on the old fashion “pepper box” revolver was mine.  A method of blowing up 
ships was another one of my inventions that was successful.  Later I had an invention , a
tub set in the center of a ship which would save them from sinking, raise automatically a
flag of distress in case of danger and save people and valuables put into it by means of 
air-tight compartments, Yes, I’ve been a wanderer, a rolling stone all my life.  I’ve been
rich and poor again half a dozen times.  Perhaps some other time I will give you more in
detail of something of my wanderings and inventions.  I don’t always like to talk of them
but occasionally I take a notion to chat.  Its hard for me to tell a connected story , for
when I get thinking of all that is past, events crowd upon my mind so fast that I lose track
of myself.  I have been back in Troy this last time for about two years.”

1850 NY cn Rensselaer Co. Brunswick McMANUS: Philip  ae 45  farmer, b NY,
STORMES: William ae 24 surveyor b NY, Cora, ae 16 NY

1870 NY cn NY City Ward 12, 37 STORM: William ae 44 Engineer b NY, Anna, ae 55 b
NY - living in what appears to be a boarding house.

1900 NY cn, Rensselaer Co, Troy ED:106:2 Rensselaer Co. Home STORM: William
born Aug. 1826, ae 73, b NY

William M. Storm patents taken from  the United States Patent indices at New York State

#9654     Process for mixing air and steam 5 Apr, 1853 (Class 6, Vol. 1:94

#13598   Engine, gas method of actuating 22 Sept. 1855 (Class 6)

#13660  Cartridge fire extintinguishers 9 Oct. 1855 (Class 5)

#12355  Steam generator 6 Feb. 1855  (Class 6)

#14420  Fire arms, revolving - 11 Mar. 1856 (Class xix)

#15090  Ships & other vessels, safes for 10 June 1856 (Class vii)

#15259  Pressure indicator and regulator 1 July 1856 (class vi)

               Fire arms, breech loading 8 July 1856 (class vi)

#18163   Steam and hydral generating - 10 Nov. 1857 (Class 6)

#21473  William M. Storms assigned to A. Cummings - stamping milk cans 7 Sept.  
                   1858 (Class xxii)

#24414  William M. Storm of New York City  - fire arms - breech loading 14 June 

#25147 William M. Storm of  NY City -steam generator - 16 Aug. 1859

#28111 William Mount Storm of NYC - valve for steam boiler, safety - 1 May 1860

#2607   William Mount Storm of NYC - skin cartridge - 27 Oct. 1861

#48,494 William Mt Storm of Harlem, NY assignor to self & C.J. Fergerson - 
                         spikes, RR - 27 June 1865

#48,777 William Mt. Storms assigned to self & R. C. Mitchell NYC - engine, 
                           steam - 11 July 1865

#49,199  Roller Steam 1 Aug. 1865

#54,438  William of Harlem, NY - submarine explorer 1 May 1866

#57,009   of  NYC, process for refining liquor - 7 Aug. 1866

#64,456   of  NYC - proof meter and register for alcoholic spirits and other 
                               liquids  - 7 May 1867

#64, 457  Same as previous

#83,743   William Mt. Storms of NYC & George H. Ennis of Hudson Co. NJ
                             Machine for fulling and felting hat bodies - 3 Nov. 1868

#75,707     Clothes wringer (antedated 10 Mar. 1868) 17 Mar. 1868

#132,740    brush loading fire arms - 5 Nov. 1872 (of NYC) Vol. 26:10l 
                                      (Official Gazette 2:508)

#168,678   William Mt. Storm assignor to self and William L. Williams NYC
                                air injector for aero-steam engine - 11 Oct. 1875 Vol. 352:115

196, 373     for aging liquor- 23 Oct. 1877, Bk. 729:210 - Official Gazette  12:68

   Child of William Mount Storm & Cora Hayner

        48* Cora Cazneau Storm born c1851

(48) Cora Cazneau Storm daughter of WILLIAM MOUNT STORM & CORA
HAYNER was born c1851 probably in Brunswick, NY.  Cora was living in 1894 in NY

Cora had lived in Jamaica with her grandparents 1870 - 1874. according to court records
of Bexter Co. TX.

Cora Storm married JOHN D. HUTCHINS in 1870132


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  (51)  Sinclair Hutchins
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